Joseph Goebbels, the notorious Nazi propagandist (a job which today would be called “spin doctor”) came up with a theory in the 1930’s called the BIG LIE: the bigger the lie you tell people, the theory went, and the more you repeat it the more likely people are to believe it. Goebbels might be gone but his theory is not.

Can we expect politicians at the local level; be they school boards, municipal leaders or whatever to not practice the Big Lie when it is rampant at our national level.

In the most recent past it was Weapons of Mass Destruction. Then “credible” evidence linking Iraq and al Quad to attacks on America. Saddam, without a doubt, was a thug, but according to the bi-partisan 9/11 Commission no credible evidence existed and we were mislead. America’s leaders retreated from the war on terror and the hunt for bin Landen to settle an old score against a family enemy. And the Big Lie is trumpeted as the truth.

Now we must save Social Security from total disaster and rather than seek a common sense solution to what may or may not be an unsolvable problem we once again see our national leaders relying on the Big Lie. Rather than addressing a realistic solution we are presented with one that will enrich the rich and to hell with the rest.

According to the Washington spin doctors there is only one solution and that is the administrations. A solution that enriches the brokers and other fee takers without consideration of the long term result on the majority of Americans.

Have we heard Washington suggest that they quit transferring Social Security Trust funds to the General Budget. Of course not. This would mean a short fall in general revenues of billions and then how would we pay for a needless war and the pork barrel projects so dear to the heart of congress. Have we heard that be raising the cap to $140,000.00 would cover 43% of the projected short fall. Of course not and totally removing the cap would undoubtedly resolve any short fall projections but that would mean that the multi-millionaire political contributors would have to pay to support the masses. Could we allow that to happen? Don’t be naive.

There are common sense solutions to our problems, both those real and imagined but it is easier to protect political futures by the Big Lie than it is to be honest with and work for all the citizens. No matter how many experts come forward with realistic and reasonable solutions they will be ignored and the Big Lie will be sounded again and again.

Then again, maybe Joseph Goebbels was full of it: no matter its size or frequency, the Big Lie didn’t help him for long. Maybe the same fate will befall his latter day imitators. We certainly hope so.

Gene Rennels
1008 Allen Ave
West Chicago, IL 60185