Letter About McAuley School

To Whom it may Concern:

This letter is from Fay Stone, Superintendent, Principal and teacher at McAuley School for 28 years. I have just read the Web Page of your district and wish to send you the information I know from my years at McAuley.

1. We have two inspection letters, dated, which confirm that the building is ASBESTOS FREE. The basement is dry-wall.

2. Lead based paints were discontinued in 1970. McAuley has been repainted twice since that time, the last time in 1988. If there is any leaded paint, it is three layers deep, which indeed may be peeling, since Dist 33 has not maintained the exterior.

3. We were told when we used the building (last Fall) that the water pump was broken, so we rented a porta potty and brought our own water for the day. The circuit breaker is in a back basement store room, and no one would have walked through that moldy mess in the basement to fuss with a circuit breaker, IF they knew where they were

4. At Consolidation in 1989, District 33 SIGNED A CONTRACT agreeing to keep up the premises and the building, which is to be used ONLY for educational purposes. The contract further states it cannot be sold, nor can the land, and it is all on the National Register of Historic Places. This designation was given in 1982, which I personally sought for several reasons. McAuley was one of the first (1853) and was the last one room school operating in the Midwest (until 1989).

5. There have been several attempts to restore this building, to be used as a museum. The McAuley School Restoration Group, and local residents and the local Rotary Club have been rebuffed or ignored by the District Administration. Since District 33 is happily using the millions of dollars of assessed valuation, which comes from all the industrial property that once was District 27, I sincerely believe that a small amount of that income should be used to fulfill your obligation to maintaining this historical site.

6. I am requesting again that this historically and architecturally significant building and grounds be protected, preserved and restored, as was agreed to by Jon Hennig, former Dist 33 Superintendent, and your School Board. The contract is official and iron clad. To ignore its contents any longer is to invite legal action, which is not an act anyone wants. Please consider how the Board may cooperate with the Restoration group to make this museum something for the future generation of children of West Chicago to see as the beginnings of education in the United States. Contact: McAuley Restoration Group, Donna Hopkins, St Charles, Il

7. May I have the courtesy of a response?

Fay Stone