Dear Readers of the We-Go Web,

I would like to respond to Dr. Leman’s letter of the 17th of February. I am the founder of McAuley School Rescue and Restoration Group and take exception to the insinuation that we somehow caused water damage to McAuley School.

In September our members held a white elephant sale and membership drive at the school. Since it was a beautiful fall day we set up our sale items and refreshments out side of the building. We also had a portable restroom on hand since we had been told a year earlier that the well pump was broken. We didn’t even turn on the lights inside the building since there was no need to do so.

The fact of the matter is that when an antique building is not maintained for over twelve years, it starts to deteriorate. Last March a family of raccoons chewed its way through the roof and took up residence in the attic. The wooden steps and trim are rotting since the paint has been failing for the last few years. Many of the windows are cracked or missing. The security lights no longer work and the burglar alarm is no longer tied into the police or fire departments. And a huge pile of dumped brush has been growing to the extent that a carelessly thrown cigarette could ignite the brush and the school could go up in flames.

McAuley School Rescue and Restoration Group was formed to help rescue the building from further deterioration, however district officials have not let us get involved. Some members of the West Chicago City Council have expressed interest in fixing up the building so that it could be used by the community. The Rotary Club asked me to speak to their members about the school and what they could so to help fix up the building. So it begs the question, “Why is there oppostion to saving the little red schoolhouse, the symbol of education for so many people in America?”

Donna Hopkins
McAuley School Rescue and Restoration Group