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27 Dec
none Around and About in West Chicago - 27 Dec 2012
  • Pat Quinn’s Operation Homefront progra
  • Reverend Denise Griebler
  • New Year’s Eve Services
  • Impending Elementary School Teachers' Strike
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  • noneWinter Break
  • Updates on School Safety
  • D33 Dispatch
  • Negotiation Updates
  • Emergency Closing Information
District 33 Teacher’s Union (ETAWC) Delivers Intent to Strike Notice
none"On Friday, December 21, 2012 the Elementary Teachers Association of West Chicago (ETAWC) delivered an intent to strike notice to West Chicago Elementary School District 33. The delivery of this notice sets in motion a 10 day period after which the teachers are legally permitted to strike. This means the teachers can strike as early as Monday, January 7, 2013, the first day that classes resume after the winter break."
Wildcat Preschool is Coming
none"The preschool begins Tuesday, February 26th at the high school and ends Wednesday, May 29th. Morning sessions run Tuesday to Thursday from 8:55 a.m. to 10:25 a.m. and cost $60. The afternoon sessions run Tuesday through Thursday from 11:20 a.m. to 1:05 p.m. and cost $190. Preschoolers need to be close to potty trained and between the ages of 2 ˝ and 5."
Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network
none"The City of West Chicago honored Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network, the not-for-profit organ procurement organization, at the December 17, 2012 City Council meeting with a Proclamation commending its work in DuPage County."
Royal Polish Voted Best Decorated Downtown Business Window
none"Downtown businesses across Chicagoland have decked their halls with holiday lights and greenery, but one business in downtown West Chicago was voted the People's Choice winner in the Frosty Fest Window Decorating Contest because of an added dose of "sweet whimsy"."
none Proposal may bring legal battle, new taxes to St. Charles
none"The East Gateway Business District Plan puts the words "blighted" and "eminent domain" in writing for the first time in public discussions about the future of Charlestowne Mall.  Fewer than 20 stores are occupied in the large indoor shopping center on Route 64. The nearly 80 percent vacancy rate cited in the study translates to job and sales tax losses for the city."
none Quinn remains optimistic on pension reform
none"Legislators initially were scheduled to return to Springfield beginning Jan. 2 and hold session every day through Jan. 9, when a new crop of lawmakers is set to be sworn in and the reset button is hit on legislation. But both chambers have shortened their schedules, meaning it will be even more difficult to hammer out an agreement in the time frame set by Quinn."
none Hospitals, insurers back Medicaid expansion in Illinois
none"With attention turning in 2013 to how states will implement the health law, Gov. Pat Quinn is pushing legislation to establish a state-run health insurance exchange to help middle-class citizens and small businesses, along with a multi-billion-dollar expansion of Medicaid to cover the poor. While the state's Democratic leaders generally have supported the new health care law, neither proposal will be a slam dunk for passage."
none Unemployment down in 11 of 12 Illinois metro areas
"After a couple of years of declines, state government added 300 jobs and local government added 200 jobs in the past year. The figures combined were the fastest-growing industry sector, according to the report...  Retailers added 300 jobs in the past year, reflecting traditional holiday hiring. Employment also increased in tourism, business services, manufacturing and information technology.  Construction employment was down 200 jobs, as typically occurs in winter, and education and health-care employment dropped by 300 jobs."
none “Right to Work” Laws Explained - TruthOut
"To put it simply, a right to work law states that employees cannot be compelled to pay union fees and dues, even if they are covered under a union contract. The idea is that even if a union is operating in a given workplace, people shouldn’t be forced to join to keep their jobs, or ordered to join the union if other workers want to organize. "
none Opinion: A Christmas Prayer for North Korea's Christians - Wall Street Journal
"How dangerous is it for Christians in North Korea? In a report this year, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom describes "the arrest, torture and possible execution" of Christians, Buddhists and others conducting clandestine religious activity in the North. It cites several widely reported cases of persecution of Christians, including the public execution in 2009 of Ri Hyon Ok for the crime of distributing Bibles. In keeping with the regime's policy of punishing wrongdoers' families, Ri's husband and three children reportedly were dispatched to a political prison. "
none Money trumps guns in FreedomWorks coup attempt - Daily Kos
none"To recap: a major tea party group, which claims to be totally grassroots and not at all astroturfy, went through a coup carried out by a former House majority leader, his wife, and a gun-wielding aide, only to have the coup reversed through millions funneled through secret "corporations" by a donor whose business is for-profit cancer treatment (which is in no way related to FreedomWorks' fierce opposition to health care reform). Republicans certainly do put the fun in dysfunctional."
Frank Luntz: “The public wants guns out of the schools, not in the schools. I don’t think the NRA is listening.” - ClassWarfareExists
Dang Wabbit"The study, which was conducted in May by GOP wordsmith Frank Luntz, revealed the following data points as well:
  • 74 percent of NRA members believe concealed carry permits should only be granted to applicants who have completed gun safety training.
  • 68 percent of NRA members believe concealed carry permits should only be granted to applicants who do not have prior arrests for domestic violence.
  • 63 percent of NRA members believe concealed carry permits should only be granted to applicants 21 years of age or older.
  • 75 percent of NRA members believe that concealed carry permits should be granted only to those applicants who have not committed any violent misdemeanors."
26 Dec
none District 33 teachers could strike as early as Jan. 7
none"Members of the Elementary Teachers Association of West Chicago voted Dec. 12 in favor of filing their intent to strike, but they didn't officially give the papers to the district until 2:30 p.m. Friday. That's because union officials were hopeful there could have been compromise with the school board ... "We want to compromise and the board has pushed us into this corner because they will not meet us halfway," Kosmach said. "We're asking for compromise on both sides.""
Waterleaf chef quits amid COD faculty complaints
none"Other auxiliary enterprises funded by taxpayers are also costing the college more than they are generating revenue. In 2012, the WDCB jazz radio station lost $592,000, the MAC lost $519,000, and the six-room Inn at Water's Edge hotel, staffed periodically by COD hospitality program students, lost $152,000."
none University of Illinois considers changes in code on cheating
"The potential changes in the code's academic integrity section follow one of the biggest college cheating scandals in years, an investigation that last summer found more than 100 students cheated on take-home tests. But the changes also come at a time when students in general have increasingly more ways to cheat or cut corners and, particularly for students accustomed to success, pressure to do so."
none Illinois lawmakers face decisions on health care
none"Consumer groups and the insurance industry are warring over whether the state should be able to negotiate with insurers to get lower premiums for people participating in the insurance exchange. It’s not clear where the governor stands, but it would be difficult to pass a bill over the industry’s objections."


none January summit to focus on life with wildlife
"The cohabitation of suburbanites with non-domesticated furry, four-legged critters will be the focus of the 10th annual DuPage Environmental Summit, set for Jan. 9 at Benedictine University in Lisle.  Experts will address the shared local habitat that in recent years has seen growing deer, beaver and coyote populations — along with the occasional wolf, cougar and possibly bobcat."
none Fares to rise on Skyway, CTA and Metra in 2013
none"Anones of Jan. 1, the privately run Chicago Skyway will raise the toll for cars nearly 15 percent: to $4 from $3.50.   Two weeks later, the Chicago Transit Authority will increase rates on passes used by more than half its bus and rail riders. Seniors, some travelers from O’Hare, and Soldier Field Express bus riders also will see fare jumps.  And on Feb. 1, Metra is increasing the price of its 10-ride ticket — for the second year in a row."
none 6 Ways to Juice Up the Labor Movement - AlterNet
none"The second thing Lerner suggests is a re-politicization of bargaining. “We need bargaining not to just be about workers but what's good for the community,” he says, “So that we're bargaining for broader issues, especially in the public sector. So that it's not bargaining for the few, it's bargaining for the many.”"
none New 'Queen James Bible' Removes References to Homosexuality From Scripture - Religion Today
none""We wanted to make a book filled with the word of God that nobody could use to incorrectly condemn God's LGBT children, and we succeeded," state the publishers of the "Queen James" version, which was published at the end of November. "You can't choose your sexuality, but you can choose Jesus. Now you can choose a Bible, too.""
Illinois clergy voice support for gay marriage - Chicago Tribune
none""Standing on these beliefs, we think that it is morally just to grant equal opportunities and responsibilities to loving, committed same-sex couples.," the declaration stated. "There can be no justification for the law treating people differently on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.""
none Silencing the Science on Gun Research - Journal of the American Medical Association
Dang Wabbit"Health researchers are ethically bound to conduct, analyze, and report studies as objectively as possible and communicate the findings in a transparent manner. Policy makers, health care practitioners, and the public have the final decision regarding whether they will accept, much less act on, those data. Criticizing research is fair game; suppressing research by targeting its sources of funding is not.  Efforts to place legal restrictions on what physicians and other health care practitioners can and cannot say to their patients crosses an even more important line."
22&23 Dec
The WeekEnd
none This Week in West Chicago
none No change in DuPage ballot provider
none"Members of the election board decided to rebid the printing contract that Liberty Systems has had since April 2009 after the pact was mentioned in a report critical of the commission's ethics and procurement practices."
Property tax burden grows for homeowners
Kruse House"Statewide, the share of property taxes paid by homeowners rose by 7.4 percentage points, a Daily Herald analysis of Illinois Department of Revenue records shows. And it's a bigger slice of a bigger pie, with taxes paid to the state's 6,000-plus units of government rising nearly $9 billion over the same decade... Countywide, residential property value increased 26 percent while commercial and industrial properties lost an estimated 19.6 percent and 13.2 percent of their values, according to the group's analysis."
none Suburban Chicago teachers file intent to strike
none"Teachers in a suburban Chicago school district have given notice they could strike as early as Jan. 7... A union official said teachers had been hopeful they could reach a compromise with the school board over key issues, particularly regarding health insurance premiums. But she said no compromise had been reached as of this week.  The school board president said the district must cap the amount it pays for health insurance in order to balance the budget. "
Gun background checks jump in Illinois
Dang Wabbit"Illinois State Police information provided to The Associated Press shows that 12,557 checks were conducted through the state's Firearms Transfer Inquiry Program between Friday and Tuesday. There were 6,870 checks during she same period a year earlier."
none Jump Start Illinois: Perspectives on helping kids succeed in school and life
"Nearly 60 young children and their families in the Springfield area, and close to 4,000 in Illinois, are in danger of losing their seats in Early Head Start and Head Start programs if the President and Congress don’t act quickly to avoid the spending cuts."
none Iowa court: Woman can be fired for being ‘irresistible’- Raw Story
"The Iowa Supreme Court — comprised entirely of men — ruled Friday, 7-0, that a dentist was within his right to fire an assistant when he and his wife deemed her a marriage threat, reported the AP.  Melissa Nelson, 32, had been an employee of James Knight, 53, for a decade."
none Court puts hold on gay conversion therapy ban - LA Times
none"Therapists, minors and their parents, represented by a Christian-rights group, sued the state on the grounds the new law violates free speech rights.  A district court judge refused to block the ban, and the law’s opponents appealed to the 9th Circuit.  The three-judge panel has scheduled a briefing over the next several weeks but has not indicated when it might rule."
none 11 Years of Police Gunfire, in Painstaking Detail - NY Times
none"The average number of bullets fired by each officer involved in a shooting remained about the same over those 11 years even with a switch to guns that hold more bullets — as did officers’ accuracy, roughly 34 percent. This figure is known in police parlance as the “hit ratio.”  “The data shows that the New York City Police Department is the most restrained in the country,” said Paul J. Browne, the department’s chief spokesman. “What these reports don’t show are the thousands of incidents where police were confronted with armed criminals, and they did not return fire.”"
The Science of Why We Don't Believe Science - Mother Jones
"You can follow the logic to its conclusion: Conservatives are more likely to embrace climate science if it comes to them via a business or religious leader, who can set the issue in the context of different values than those from which environmentalists or scientists often argue. Doing so is, effectively, to signal a détente in what Kahan has called a "culture war of fact." In other words, paradoxically, you don't lead with the facts in order to convince. You lead with the values—so as to give the facts a fighting chance."
20 Dec
none Around and About in West Chicago - 20 Dec 2012
  • Special Services for Christmas
  • District 33 Town Meeting
  • Holiday Concerts
  • Farewell to Reverend John Dumke
none D94 - School Security Precautions - Moses Cheng, Principal
none"A general veiled message about Dec. 21st was discovered early today in a bathroom at Community High School. While the investigation into this message by our Deans and School Resource Officers have led us to believe that the safety of our students and staff is not in jeopardy, we will be proactively taking extra steps to bolster our security. For tomorrow, Friday – Dec., 21, 2012, there will be additional police officers from the West Chicago Police Department patrolling the campus and in the building as students arrive for school. Additionally, safety plans have been reviewed with Administration and Security personnel to ensure that procedures for accessing the building are followed and enforced. Again, while we believe that there is no imminent danger posed, we understand that the recent tragedy in Connecticut and the purported threats associated with the December 21st ancient Mayan prediction may leave some feeling uneasy about rumors that are continuously being passed around. Therefore, these proactive steps have been taken as a response to ensure the safety of all at CHS."
Mayoral Candidate Update - a source near city government
none"This morning Ruben Pineda, Nick Dzierzanowski, and Wayne Woodward filed their petitions for Mayor. As all three were present at 8am, there will be a lottery on Dec. 28th at 2pm to determine the order in which their names will appear on the ballot. I've heard that Bill Spelman is not planning on filing/running.  Someone named Robert Wagner recently pulled petitions to run for Mayor.
none Courtroom cameras denied again in DuPage
none"Kleeman also entered a standing order allowing him the discretion to rule on all future media requests to record the Plackowska case without holding a hearing — unless the media making the request asks for a hearing.  "We would virtually double the number of court appearances, and I don't know what the point would be," he said."
none Unions blast state on plans for underfunded pensions
none"Moreover, the group said the plan Quinn was advocating would “cause deep harm to working and retired state employees and teachers, negatively impact the Illinois economy and yet still not solve the state’s primary pension problem — the failure to regularly fund its annual required contributions.”  The unions said their offer to require state workers and teachers to pay 2 percent more toward their retirement was conditional upon the state making an “ironclad guarantee” in state law that government fund its pension obligations."
none Quinn gets go-ahead to close Illinois prisons
none"The court ruling allows Quinn to shutter Tamms, the women's lockup in Dwight, juvenile centers in Murphysboro and Joliet, and three inmate halfway houses to save money in a budget crisis.  "The taxpayers of Illinois are the real winners today," the Democratic governor said in a statement. "Our state is facing unprecedented financial pressures and closing these facilities is one part of the long-term solution.""
Unions propose paying more to fix pension crisis
none"We Are One Illinois said workers would be willing to contribute an additional 2 percentage points of their salaries toward their pensions if they secured an “ironclad” guarantee that the state would make its required pension contributions.  The coalition also called for ending numerous business tax breaks, as well as imposing some new taxes, that it said could raise $2 billion annually toward paying down pension debt."
none Gov. Quinn lukewarm to state union employees pension plan
none"The cornerstone of the We Are Illinois plan called for state government employees and suburban and downstate teachers to “gradually pay 2 percent more of their salaries into their pensions,” which the coalition says would raise $10 billion over 30 years.  In return, the unions want an “iron-clad guarantee” that the state will fund their pension plans in a fiscally responsible manner.  “We are here today to firmly rebut the allegations that public employees and their unions are unwilling to tackle the state’s pension problem,” said Michael Carrigan, president of the Illinois AFL-CIO."
none WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Thursday, 20 Dec 2012
none Va. Paper Apologizes for Anti-Union Cartoon
"No one “turned their backs” on unions in Michigan. That state’s so-called right to work (for less) law was rammed through over the protests of thousands of rank-and-file union members.  The insinuation that organized labor killed American manufacturing is despicable. We’re losing our capacity to build things because on an economic race to the bottom, fueled by Gordon Gekko-like greed at the top."
none Religious Leaders Push Congregants on Gun Control
Dang Wabbit"A group of clergy members, representing mainline and evangelical Protestants, Catholics, Jews and Muslims, plans to lead off the campaign in front of the Washington National Cathedral at an event on Friday timed to mark the moment a week before when a young gunman opened fire in a school in Newtown, Conn.  The cathedral will toll its funeral bell 28 times, once for each victim, including 20 children, 6 teachers and school administrators and the mother of the killer, as well as the gunman, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, who shot and killed himself."
none The Unequal State of America: The economics paper that rattled Washington - Reuters
none"This September, the CRS followed up with a 65-year retrospective by Hungerford on whether tax cuts for the rich help the economy. "Analysis of such data suggests the reduction in the top tax rates (has) had little association with saving, investment, or productivity growth," he wrote. "However, the top tax rate reductions appear to be associated with the increasing concentration of income at the top of the income distribution.""
18 Dec
none West Chicago Elementary School District 33: Board of Education & ETAWC Negotiations - FB, Susan Dieterle Stibal
none"Please consider attending this Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at the Middle School Library beginning at 7:00 p.m. to better understand the financial constraints West Chicago School District 33 is facing. Offers from both the Board of Education and from the Teacher's Union can be downloaded from the left side of this link:"
District 33 Assures Safety is Top Priority
"It has come to our attention that rumors have been circulating around our school community about December 21, our last day of school before winter break, and winter solstice, which marks the end of one of the cycles in the ancient Mayan calendar.... District 33 and West Chicago Police are implementing all security measures available to ensure that students and staff are safe!  To View District 33 Emergency Management plan click here."
Dist 33 NewsBites
  • Town Hall Meeting
  • Chorus Concert
  • Emergency Management Plans
  • Emergency Closing Inf
  • Winter Break
Counseling Resources
none"This morning we are remembering those who lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. This is a difficult time for students, staff and parents and we would like to remind you that the Community High School Guidance and Counseling Department is available if assistance is needed. Do not hesitate to contact the Guidance and Counseling Department at 630-876-6305 if students are in need of assistance. Additionally, the DuPage Mental Health Department has a 24 hour Crisis Unit that can be reached at 630-627-1700 for anyone needing assistance."
School Security
"We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you that Community High School continues to work proactively to make our school as safe as it can be for our students.   The recent tragedy in Connecticut and the purported threats associated with the December 21st ancient Mayan prediction that have been circulated at other schools and districts have given us cause to review our security procedures,  review our crisis plan, and to actively monitor entrances and hallways throughout the day.  Please know that we have staff members available for your son or daughter in our Counseling Department should they have any concerns or anxieties related to these situations.  If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us at 630.876.6300."
Chamber Choir to sing on WLS-TV 11 a.m. news! - Becky Hall
none"Tnoneomorrow, Wednesday, December 19th, the Community High School A Cappella Chamber Choir will sing holiday songs on the 11 a.m. broadcast of the WLS news. They will also be taping another song for future broadcast.  Set those DVR's and enjoy the holiday cheer they will bring to you tomorrow!"

junior softball program - FB, Bob Miessler
"We-Go is looking for junior softball players! PLEASE pass on to anyone you may know locally, that we're looking for 7-8 year old girls to build our junior softball program. Great fun, awesome coaches, and a fundamentals/sportsmanship coaching philosophy.  We're kicking off our FREE (if you're planning on playing in West Chicago) winter softball training in January at the Wego HS field house, so please message me if you are interested or know someone in that age bracket who'd like to play. Regan will be excited to meet new teammates!  Juniors is the future of West Chicago softball!"

none West Chicago teachers threatening to strike
none""This is a teaching body that does not feel valued, and we are reacting to a school board that's literally pushing us out the door," Mary Catherine Kosmach, the union's chief negotiator, said Thursday. "We must have a fair agreement. If it were not for the board's unwillingness to compromise, this type of action wouldn't be necessary."
Contested mayoral races abound in DuPage
nonenone"Hopefuls have until the end of the day Dec. 26 to enter contests for municipal, park, library and fire district boards.  But after just one day of filings, contested mayoral races will occur in Bensenville, Bloomingdale, Lombard, Roselle, Warrenville, West Chicago, Winfield and possibly Villa Park."
Wheaton Academy overcomes Marmion’s fast start
none""We were rattled with their pressure," Warriors senior guard Collin Roy. "We had to adjust and we came out second quarter and adjusted pretty well."  Roy helped lead the comeback with a game-high 18 points as he was able to knife through the pressure for several baskets."
none Governor, mayor want assault-weapons ban
Dang Wabbit""It's time that we as a city have an assault weapons ban, it's time that we as a state have an assault weapons ban, and it's time that we as a country have an assault weapons ban," Emanuel said at a Chicago Police Department graduation and promotion ceremony. "And I would hope the leadership in Congress now will have a vote of conscience. It is time to have that vote.""
none Illinois lawmakers: Don't let Connecticut shooting engulf gun talk
none"Rep. Brandon Phelps sponsored a narrowly defeated concealed-carry bill last year. The Harrisburg Democrat says the Connecticut tragedy shows no law can keep all guns away from evil-doers. He says a sensible conceal-and-carry law is the state's best option."


none Michigan’s Lame Duck Hatches New ‘Financial Martial Law' - AFL-CIO
none"In November, voters repealed Gov. Rick Snyder’s (R) “financial martial law” powers... But after November's repeal, lame-duck legislators made a few cosmetic tweaks, called it "brand new" and approved it in the closing hours of the session. Using the same tactic Republican lawmakers used to block a citizens' veto of the "right to work" law, they included an appropriation that would prevent a second defeat at the polls. Spending bills, for the most part, are legally shielded from referendums.
none “In the beginning”...bringing the scrolls of Genesis and the Ten Commandments online | Official Google Blog - Google Official Blog
"The Israel Antiquities Authority is launching the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library, an online collection of some 5,000 images of scroll fragments, at a quality never seen before. The texts include one of the earliest known copies of the Book of Deuteronomy, which includes the Ten Commandments; part of Chapter 1 of the Book of Genesis, which describes the creation of the world; and hundreds more 2,000-year-old texts, shedding light on the time when Jesus lived and preached, and on the history of Judaism."
none On the Road to Peak Stupid - TPM
"It’s true that in some cases, if a dozen or more people can rush a gunman with a semi-automatic rifle all at once and coordinated there’s some chance they’ll overpower him. It’s also pretty certain a bunch of those people will get killed. Probably most. Possibly all. But please don’t conclude by putting this forward as some sensible approach to school massacres after dismissing others as unrealistic or impractical.  The whole lump of nonsense makes me wish purveyors of over-cleverness and hack think tank denizen garbage could be sent to a time out."
15&16 Dec
The Weekend
none This Week in West Chicago
Negotiation Updates from West Chicago District 33 Board of Education
none"The Board of Education values and supports our teachers. We are proud of our teachers. We are also proud of our own track record and demonstrated commitment to education and fiscal responsibility."
Dist 94 - board Meeting Agenda
  • noneFirst Round Interviews for Superintendent Conducted Week of January
  • Second Round Interviews for Superintendent Conducted Week of
    January 21
  • 2013-2014 School Calendar
  • Resolution Supporting Governmental Self-Insurance Pooling
none"Help facebook!! Otis is missing. He slipped out of his collar and took off after a coyote earlier this morning. He has not made it home yet. He was last seen this morning heading NW across the fields about a mile west of County Farm and Hawthorne in West Chicago/­Winfield. Otis is an english mastiff, so he is ginormous, stands about 34" and weighs about 210lbs. Tawny in color with a black mask on h
is face and a patch of white on his chest. Otis is extremely friendly and will approach anybody. He has severe allergies, so please do not feed.  It is very possible that he is walking with a severe limp on his left hind due to aggravating his hip dysplasia. He may have met someone on the prairie path this morning and they took him home. If anyone his seen his please call 630-675-6304."
Holiday Giving - April Murphy
none"Santa would have been awed by Wayne Township General Assistance Director Juanita Martinez today. Tons of toys and food were acquired over the past months and where quickly distributed without reindeer or sleigh. The General Assistance staff and many volunteers and donations made a Happy Holiday for many people. It made my holiday special just watching the love and work by so many good people."
none Dist. 33 teachers file strike notice
none"“This is a teaching body that does not feel valued, and we are reacting to a school board that’s literally pushing us out the door,” Mary Catherine Kosmach, the union’s chief negotiator, said Thursday. “We must have a fair agreement. If it were not for the board’s unwillingness to compromise, this type of action wouldn’t be necessary.”"
none Illinois credit outlook drops as talk of business taxes surfaces
none"The warning shot from Moody’s Investors Service came as Gov. Pat Quinn said Friday that he and lawmakers were weighing a menu of new taxes to shore up funding for the public works plan that he indicated is running low on funds.  The estimated $250 million to $300 million a year shortfall is due to a lengthy delay in launching video gambling at bars and restaurants across Illinois, as well as a higher than expected number of communities opting to ban the machines."
none Illinois lawmakers hope to OK gay marriage in January
none"Two Illinois lawmakers said Thursday that they will seek to legalize gay marriage when the General Assembly reconvenes early next year — a push that comes just 18 months after the state started allowing civil unions for same-sex couples."
none Michigan Republicans Re-Pass Anti-Union Law That Voters Repealed Just Six Weeks Ago - ThinkProgress
none"Not content to push through an anti-union “right-to-work” law, new restrictive abortion policies, and an anti-Sharia law, Michigan Republicans are now pursuing a revamp of a law voters rejected at the polls barely more than a month ago. Michigan’s House Republicans today passed a new version of the “emergency manager” law that voters repealed via ballot referendum in November. The initial version gave broader powers to state-appointed emergency managers who oversee townships that are struggling financially."
none Gay marriage backers say General Assembly close to tying the knot - Chicago Tribune
none"The move carried the practical effect of mobilizing gay activists to lobby lawmakers over the holidays but also represented a tossing down of the gauntlet on the issue, revving up opponents for an intense battle. The legislation would allow same-sex marriages and protect the right of religious institutions to either consecrate or not consecrate such weddings, but many church leaders from a variety of faiths have rallied staunch opposition."
none Twelve facts about guns and mass shootings in the United States - Washington Post
Dang Wabbit"Only with gun violence do we respond to repeated tragedies by saying that mourning is acceptable but discussing how to prevent more tragedies is not. “Too soon,” howl supporters of loose gun laws. But as others have observed, talking about how to stop mass shootings in the aftermath of a string of mass shootings isn’t “too soon.” It’s much too late."
How to siphon votes away from blue states - Washington Post
none"Pennsylvania is a blue state — a majority of voters cast ballots for both Obama and House Democrats in 2012. But because Republicans controlled the legislature and drew the district lines, they’ve managed to gerrymander things so that they now control 13 of 18 congressional districts. (This is a fairly common practice.)  The end result? Under Pileggi’s initial plan, Romney would have won 13 electoral votes and Obama would have won seven — even though Obama carried the state."
Rove Group’s IRS Filing Promised ‘Limited’ Election Work - TPM
none"In the confidential document, Crossroads GPS acknowledged that it intended to influence elections. “Consistent with the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the organization may, in the future, develop and/or distribute independent political communications,” it said. But, the group added, “[a]ny such activity will be limited in amount, and will not constitute the organization’s primary purpose.”"
13 Dec  
none Around and About in West Chicago - 13 Dec 2012
  • Chriustmas Activities
  • Frosty Fest Winners
  • School Concerts
  • Consolidated Election on Tuesday, April 9
none After Prom Fundraiser
none"Ten percent of all proceeds made between 5:00pm to 8:00 pm on Tuesday, December 18th will be donated to CHS' All Night Long Committee to be used to help subsidize the boat and bus costs for CHS students to have a safe, affordable, and chaperoned after prom party."
First United Methodist Church Celebrates the Season of Giving
none"Last, but not least the UMCW, along with the First United Methodist and Congregational Men, host a Breakfast with Santa to benefit the West Chicago food pantry.  All proceeds are donated to the Neighborhood Food Pantries, which in turn supplies West Chicago’s local pantry and assists the growing number of people who are no longer assured of three meals a day."
New Filing Dates for Nominating Petitions
none"The City of West Chicago has announced that City Hall will be closed for election purposes, as well as for other City business, on December 24, 2012 due to the passage of State legislation changing the deadline for filing petitions for the 2013 Consolidated Election from December 24, 2012 to December 26, 2012."
none Labor board reviewing contract offers in District 33 dispute
none"She has said the union has offered “economic concessions that would guarantee significant long-term savings for the district in salary and retirement costs.” Instead, she said, the board has rejected those offers."
none Supporters say they're close to passing gay marriage in Illinois
none"The legislation would allow same-sex marriage and protect the right of religious institutions to either consecrate or not consecrate such weddings, but church leaders from a variety of faiths have rallied staunch opposition."
Lower Great Lakes levels reveal shipwrecks
none"Sections of the 290-foot steamer Aurora and parts of at least four other shipwreck hulks were exposed by the receding waterline at Grand Haven near the edges of Harbor Island. The Aurora is in the Grand River, which flows into Lake Michigan nearby.  At the time of its launch in 1887, the Aurora was considered to be the largest wooden steamship traveling the Great Lakes, according to Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates."
Illinois Supreme Court rules Quinn can close state prisons
none"A spokeswoman for Quinn said the ruling was "encouraging news for Illinois taxpayers who will no longer be on the hook for spending millions of dollars we don't have on half-empty, unnecessary and very expensive facilities." Spokeswoman Brooke Anderson said once fully implemented, the closures will save taxpayers an estimated $100 million a year."


none NYC Teacher Pension Fund Pledges $1 Billion to Investments in Post-Sandy Rebuilding
"In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the New York City Teachers Retirement System today pledged $1 billion in new investments for infrastructure projects, including improvements to transportation, power, water, communications and housing in New York City and throughout the state that was hit hard by the massive November storm."
none Bill O'Reilly Attacks Christians Who Aren't Freaking Out About Non-Existent War on Christmas - Alternet
nonenone"O’Reilly’s bold new strategy to persecute those on the Christian home front who are insufficiently outraged about the war is almost certain to backfire. Apathy in the ranks is--as history instructs us--often a result of war fatigue or low morale, and attacking these dissidents rarely strengthens the overall resolve. Then again, since this war is entirely fictional, the repercussions are, well, also non-existent."
Planned Parenthood sues over medication abortions - Chicago Tribune
none"The law requires doctors and patients to take a series of steps before a woman can receive the medication abortion, including verification that the patient is having the procedure voluntarily."
none Ku Klux Klan protests Westboro Baptist Church - Washington Post
"Dennis LaBonte, who told CNN he was a military veteran and the “imperial wizard” of a KKK chapter, said the approximately 10 members of the group came in “support of the troops.”... WBC member Abigail Phelps said the KKK “have no moral authority on anything.”
WikiLeaks Reveals Santa's Naughty List - Rooster Teeth Shorts
"WikiLeaks is at it again. No playground is safe this Christmas."
11 Dec
none Sister Cities Makes a Holiday Donation
"WCSC [West Chicago Sister Cities] has donated three German film DVDs and three German opera DVDs to the Library’s already extensive collection of entertaining and educational DVDs. Two of the operas donated are on the current Lyric Opera season schedule, Hansel and Gretel and Die Meistersinger"
Grant Provides For Additional Police Hours
none"The West Chicago Police Department announced that Campaign #1 of the Illinois Department of Transportation funded grant was successful in educating the motoring public on child restraint, seatbelt, speeding, and alcohol related violations."
WaterSense At Work Guide
"Commercial and institutional users of water include a wide range of businesses and organizations. Facilities such as schools, hotels, retail stores, office buildings, and hospitals account for up to 17% of publicly-supplied water use and 18% of energy use in the United States."
none Lego fans flock to Cantigny show
none"Visitors were treated to a series of displays and scenes built entirely from Lego blocks and figures. Many of the scenes were connected by moving trains. All exhibited a staggering amount of detail."
none Concealed carry: Court strikes down Illinois' ban
Dang Wabbit""We are disinclined to engage in another round of historical analysis to determine whether eighteenth-century America understood the Second Amendment to include a right to bear guns outside the home. The Supreme Court has decided that the amendment confers a right to bear arms for self-defense, which is as important outside the home as inside," the judges ruled."
Quinn hopes lawmakers to send him gay marriage bill next month
none"“I hope that bill goes forward,” Quinn said when asked about the possibility of the measure being passed before new lawmakers are sworn in Jan. 9. “It’s the House that probably the key arena at this time, and I think we’ll see how the members look at that issue. They should study it carefully and vote their conscience.”:
Ousted U.S. Rep Joe Walsh holds last town hall meeting
none"More than 100 mostly ardent supporters squeezed into the Wauconda American Legion Hall to hear Walsh, R-McHenry, rail against President Obama, big government and politicians of both parties... Walsh spoke nostalgically of an America he described as much more self-sufficient and independent than today."
none Experts: Recession worst 'fiscal cliff' outcome for Illinois
none"But more unpredictable — and perhaps more worrisome — is what impact another recession, spurred by the possible federal free fall, would have on Illinois. The state could lose an additional $1 billion because of sagging tax revenue beginning next month and running through at least mid-2014."


none Protesters urge Hultgren to pull Social Security, Medicare off 'cliff'
none"About 35 protesters turned up at U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren’s Geneva office Monday to urge the congressman to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  “This is what we want taken off the table,” said John Laesch, co-chairman of the Northern Illinois Jobs With Justice group, from a make-shift table outside of the Republican congressman’s 14th District office."
none Breaking: Gov. Snyder Signs Both Michigan 'Right to Work' for Less Bills
none"Gov. Snyder showed his true colors today: He’s a puppet of extreme donors, and he is willing to ignore and lie to his constituents. His action will undoubtedly please the Koch Brothers and corporate CEOs, but it will diminish the voice of every working man and woman in Michigan."
none UCC Collegium: U.S. failure to ratify U.N. disabilities treaty is 'ignoble, disconcerting wrong' - United Church of Christ
"As national officers of the United Church of Christ, we condemn the moral failure of the United States Senate to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on Dec. 4 as an affront to justice, accessibility, and full inclusion everywhere, and as an embarrassment to the United States government at home and around the world... None other than the inclusive ministry of Jesus Christ, who taught forthrightly of God's priority invitation to the "lame, maimed and blind" (Luke 14), compels us, as leaders of an accessible-to-all Christian denomination of 5,100 U.S. congregations, to speak as one  faithful voice against the outrageous political posturing that has led to this bewildering fiasco."
none Some Better Targets for the People Who Hate Government - Common Dreams
none"A lot of them hate government. Their comments are sprinkled with colorful references to taxes, waste, and socialism.  Countering with facts and statistics doesn't seem to work. Instead, listening to their rants can be educational for a progressive, because the anti-government sentiment highlights the masterful job done by conservatives and the wealthy over the years, as they have basically convinced much of America to argue against themselves on matters of politics and the economy."
08&09 Dec
The WeekEnd
none This Week in West Chicago
10  7pm» City Development Com
12  5pm» Trinity Advent Soup Service
13  7pm» Knit Night
14  7pm» Local Music Night
  • noneBand Concert
  • Orchestra Concert
  • Emergency Closing Info
  • D33 Dispatch
  • Press Releases
  • Middle School Transition Activities for 6th and 7th
Changes to Occupancy Regulations
none"A recent amendment to City code requirements will streamline procedures and increase efficiency related to occupancy regulations, while requiring that life safety measures be in place before occupancy. Life safety measures are usually identified as smoke and CO detectors, GFCI outlets in kitchens and bathrooms, and other issues such as open wiring that present a threat to life safety."
none DuPage Republicans, Democrats to face off in township races
nonenone"“They (Democratic leaders) flex their muscles because Obama carried it (DuPage) and because Tammy Duckworth won,” Durante said. “But they shouldn’t take credit for that. The candidates won those races — not the Democratic Party of DuPage County.”"
Roskam: Obama support will wane without push for cuts
none"Polls released this week show the public sides with Obama in the negotiations with Congress.  By 65 percent to 31 percent, voters support Obama’s push in deficit-reduction talks to allow tax rates paid by families with annual incomes exceeding $250,000 to rise as scheduled at year’s end, said a Quinnipiac University poll released today."
none West Chicago teacher union, school board prepare to make final offers
none"West Chicago Elementary School District 33 teachers and their supporters packed a school board meeting and planned a walk through the city's downtown with flashlights to show solidarity as their union battles over contract negotiations with the district.  More than 100 teachers, and some parents, many wearing blue shirts and pins that said "negotiate solutions" came to Thursday's regularly scheduled board meeting."
Test scores show how west DuPage schools rank
none"However, as schools move away from what State Superintendent of Education Christopher Koch in a statement called the "punitive and one-size-fits-all nature of No Child Left Behind," there will be less of an emphasis on adequate yearly progress in Illinois. "We expect this is the last year reporting on AYP," Fergus added."
none Researcher finds rare Abraham Lincoln records
none"He found the paperwork in several battered volumes. They contained Lincoln's official signed pay and mileage accounts with check numbers, date of issue, amounts and miles traveled.  One entry shows Lincoln collected about $2,000 in salary for January through August of 1848. He received an additional $1,300 for travel. "


Kirk to return to Senate on Jan. 3
nonenone"Hultgren said there were plans for a “big party and celebration when he comes back,” and that lawmakers from Illinois may gather in or near the Senate chamber to welcome him... Hultgren said he had not visited with Kirk, a fellow Republican, but had talked to him a few times on the phone since he was stricken."
none What Obamacare means for businesses: Facts vs. fiction
none"So if your employer, particularly if your employer has 25 or fewer employees, is telling you that your hours have to be cut or your job is in jeopardy in 2013, they are likely very full of shit. Because their profits are not endangered now. They're not making smart business decisions. They're making vindictive political ones."
More Walmart suppliers found making clothes at site of deadly fire in Bangladesh - Daily Kos
none"Scott Nova, executive director of the Workers Rights Consortium, told Steven Greenhouse that "It stretches credulity to think that Walmart, famous for its tight control over its global supply chain, didn’t know about this." It does indeed, but that's Walmart's M.O. Whether it's a factory in Bangladesh making clothes for five different Walmart suppliers or a warehouse in California moving goods exclusively for Walmart, the retail giant exerts tight control while blaming abuses on a maze of subcontractors, as if those subcontractors weren't entirely beholden to Walmart."
none Jon Stewart Rips Fox News' Annual 'War On Christmas' Coverage Once Again (VIDEO) - Huffington Post
none""noneIt's as though the 'War on Christmas' has become a rote observance, devoid of all itsnone original spiritual meaning," Stewart joked.  But no matter how hard Fox tries to convince its viewers that Christmas is under attack, Stewart can't help noticing that the holiday gets bigger and longer every year."
none When a Tax on the Rich Is Actually a Tax on the Rich - FAIR
none"Or, to put it another way: According to the Congressional Research Service, the most significant contributor to the growth in inequality from 1996 to 2006 was dividends and capital gains. That income has enjoyed a massive break over the past dozen years."
Corporate Media Gives Up on Factchecking - Common Dreams
"Blaming a lazy or partisan public for politicians’ lies seems more than a little odd, especially since there are people whose job it is to hold politicians accountable: Those people are called “journalists.” And if they do not make politicians pay a price for lying, those politicians are not likely to stop any time soon."
06 Dec
none Around and About in West Chicago - 05 Dec 2012
  • Bombard Retirement
  • 14th annual Breakfast with Santa
  • Tree of Memory Ecumenical Service
  • Trinity Lutheran Church Christmas Choral Celebration
none Library District Strategic Plan 2012-2017
none"“We are excited to implement this new plan to be able to continue providing responsive and innovative 21st century library services to the patrons of the West Chicago Public Library District,” said Coleman.  The new Strategic Plan is available for review on the Library website at"
Sounds of the Season Ring Out
none"The Chamber Choir from Community High School District 94 and the Wheaton Academy Kantorei Singers set a lovely backdrop as almost 300 patrons enjoyed holiday cookies and hot cider. Santa did his part, as well, listening attentively to the heart-felt wishes of many good little boys and girls as parents snapped away on their cameras."
West Chicago Park District E-News and Updates
  • noneBreakfast with Santa
  • FREE Family Zumba Party
  • Calls From Santa
  • Noon Year's Eve Celebration
  • Holiday Camp
none West Chicago schools among many dealing with labor discord
none"District 33 teachers said Tuesday they plan to makes their voices heard at the next school board meeting, then march through downtown West Chicago. This follows an announcement by the school board Monday night that teachers and administrators were at an impasse after 14 months of negotiations."
DuPage County prosecutor launches appeals unit
none"The unit is taking over some work previously hired out to the state’s appellate prosecutor’s office, which represents all Illinois counties other than Cook — and, now, DuPage — in appeals court.  Berlin said the change would give his office “vertical control” over how appellate issues are argued — and teach lawyers steps they can take to prevent cases from being returned in the first place."
none Judge moves to dismiss suit to close locks in Asian carp case
none"In the opinion and order issued Monday, U.S. District Judge John Tharp Jr. acknowledged that the court was "mindful of, and alarmed by, the potentially devastating ecological, environmental and economic consequences that may result from the establishment of an Asian carp population in the Great Lakes."  But, Tharp said, it would be beyond the court's authority to order the Army Corps of Engineers to separate the Chicago Area Waterway System from Lake Michigan because the corps has been directed by Congress to sustain through navigation in that area."
New Illinois pension fix floated
"State workers, teachers, university employees and legislators would have to kick in more money from their paychecks each year to underwrite their pensions, and some of them would have to wait longer to retire. The plan also would rein in cost-of-living increases that have exponentially increased the pension burden on taxpayers and set a 30-year target date for fully funding the financially bedraggled systems."
Illegal immigrant driver's license measure sails through Illinois Senate
none"The proposal, sponsored by Senate President John Cullerton, D-Chicago, would allow an estimated 250,000 undocumented immigrants in Illinois to be eligible for the special, three-year licenses to drive a vehicle... But Sen. Chris Lauzen, R-Aurora, spoke stoutly against granting driving privileges to people who are breaking the law by being in the country illegally. Moving Illinois into this territory, Lauzen said, would mean “we have the cart before the horse.” "


none Illinois House allows prison cuts to stand
none"Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn won a contentious legislative battle over prison closures - along with ability to direct millions in state money toward child services - on Wednesday, capping off a shortened veto session that featured a new pension proposal and movement on a plan to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses."
New conservation officers all military veterans (video)
none""After all the time away from our families, now all the hard work has paid off,” Mueller said.  Before becoming an CPO, Mueller spent four years in the U.S. Marine Corps, including three tours of duty in Iraq.  “To come back, get my college degree and to get this job is a dream come true,” he said."
Cost savings unclear on new pension plan
"Illinois House sponsors of a comprehensive pension reform proposal acknowledged Wednesday that they do not know how much the plan would save or if it can survive a court challenge... In a significant departure from previous proposals, the latest House plan does not offer public employees a choice among retirement benefits. Senate President John Cullerton, D-Chicago, has insisted that such a choice is crucial if pension changes are to withstand a court challenge. The state Constitution contains a clause stating that public pension benefits cannot be diminished or impaired."


none Senate OKs drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants
none"In exchange, those motorists would have to undergo rules-of-the-road training, take a vision test and show proof of auto insurance. The licenses couldn’t be used to purchase firearms, to board aircraft or register to vote."
none Papa John's, Applebee's And Others Pay Huge Price For Anti-Obamacare Politicking - Forbes
"According to YouGov BrandIndex, a leading marketing survey that measures brand perception in the marketplace (called “Buzz”), Papa John’s had good reason for concern as the pizza chain’s brand identity has plummeted from a high of 32 on election day, to a remarkably low score of 4 among adults who have eaten at causal dining restaurants during the past month."

Texas Church Offers Firearms Classes to Defend Against Imaginary Bands Of Mexicans - alternet
Dang Wabbit"In Texas, where it’s legal to carry guns into any church without a specific no-firearms policy, Heights Baptist in remote San Angelo began offering concealed carry classes in June. The class was a response to security concerns among congregants."

none Fox News chief’s failed attempt to enlist Petraeus as presidential candidate - Washington Post
"So in spring 2011, Ailes asked a Fox News analyst headed to Afghanistan to pass on his thoughts to Petraeus, who was then the commander of U.S. and coalition forces there. Petraeus, Ailes advised, should turn down an expected offer from President Obama to become CIA director and accept nothing less than the chairmanship of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the top military post. If Obama did not offer the Joint Chiefs post, Petraeus should resign from the military and run for president, Ailes suggested."
04 Dec
none District 33 Declares Impasse
none"The Board declared it was at impasse after more than 14 months of negotiations between the parties, and after more than 2 months with a federal mediator failed to produce an agreement. The contract between the school district and its 280 teachers expired on August 30, 2012."
Community High School Accepts the Invitation to Join the Upstate Eight Conference
none"At the November 27, 2012 Board of Education meeting, the Board of Education of Community High School District 94 voted in favor of accepting the invitation to join the Upstate Eight Conference.  Beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, Community High School will be a full member of the Upstate Eight Conference and will be participating in its conference athletic and activities events.  Dr. Moses Cheng, principal of Community High School stated, “We look forward to a new beginning in a conference that provides outstanding competition and opportunities for the students of Community High School District 94.”"
The Public Hearing is tomorrow! FB, Save the Wiant House
none"Please plan on attending the Public Hearing at City Hall on Tuesday Dec 4th at 7:00 PM. West Chicago’s city aldermen need to hear and see community support for this project. They are not in favor of it. Without your support, the community will lose this landmark that has contributed significantly to our city’s heritage for over 140 years. Let’s not lose it on our watch."
  • District 33 declares impasse with teachers
    none"West Chicago Elementary School District 33 teachers and the board of education declared an impasse Monday night after failing to reach an agreement.  The declaration comes after 14 months of negotiations and two months spent with a federal mediator."
  • West Chicago schools latest to be hit with labor discord
    "She said the union has offered “economic concessions that would guarantee significant long-term savings for the district in salary and retirement costs. Instead, she said, the board has rejected those offers and continues to make essentially the same radical demands it started with. “We are very frustrated by a school board that is insisting on harsh and unnecessary take-aways on insurance, retirement and salary — cuts which are way too deep and divisive.”"
DuPage no longer a GOP stronghold?
nonenone"Still, Dillard and others acknowledge that the voter makeup in DuPage is different from what it was just a decade ago. “In the old days, there was a large portion of DuPage that voted straight Republican,” County Board Chairman Dan Cronin said. “Now you are not going to get a pass just because you are a Republican candidate. You have to earn it.”  Amy Rohrer, the executive director of the DuPage Democratic Party, says she believes Republicans are going to have a tougher time because older, more conservative voters are being replaced in the electorate by young people who have more progressive views."
Mooseheart cries foul at losing basketball players from Sudan
none"It turns out that 6-feet-7-inch Mangisto Deng, 7-footer Akim Nyang, 6-feet-8-inch Makur Puou and 6-feet-4-inch Wal Khat are also talented athletes.  Three of them were placed on the Mooseheart basketball team, where their size has inspired a school with about 112 students and scant hoops pedigree to dream of glory."
none Illinois GOP support helps move immigrant driver's licenses
none"Illinois legislative Republican leaders' support of allowing illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses should help move the issue.... The plan awaiting a Senate floor vote would allow the 250,000 illegal immigrants who are already driving the chance to be tested, licensed and buy insurance."


none Report: Overtime costs at Tamms prison skyrocket
none"The Tamms Correctional Center in Alexander County has 208 guards and supervisors in its maximum-security unit that houses 138 inmates. Yet state payroll records show that that security staff has clocked at least $884,000 in overtime over a one-year period ending Nov. 12, the Belleville News-Democrat reported."
Plastic bag recycling plan scrapped in legislature
"In his veto message, Quinn said he did not believe the bill would boost recycling. He also said he did not like the fact that the bill would have prevented local governments from enacting even stricter regulations, including an outright ban on plastic shopping bags... Sen. John Millner, R-Carol Stream, said he thinks few communities will enact plastic bag recycling programs or other restrictions on their own, particularly with government budgets stretched to the limit. He voted in favor of the override.  “This will take plastic bags out of landfills,” he said."
Boxscore Illinois State Redbird Gymnastics adds four to roster for 2013-14
"Bossle will join her sister, Jenna, on the Redbird roster next season and will look to make an immediate impact. A product of West Chicago Community High School, she competed at the club level for Phenom Gymnastics. Bossle was a 2012 regional qualifier and placed fourth at state in the all-around competition. In 2011, she also qualified for regionals and finished sixth on vault and beam.  “Kristyn is a powerful gymnast that will help us right away, especially on vault and uneven bars,” Conkling said. “Kristyn has the same work ethic as her sister, Jenna, both in the classroom and in the gym. We know that she will be a valuable addition to our team.”"
none WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Monday, 3 Dec 2012
none Papa John's Obamacare Stance Costs Company Its Reputation: Study - Huffington Post
none"The national pizza chain's YouGov BrandInsight Buzz score -- which the site uses as an indication of brand favorability -- dropped to four at the end of November, down from 32 on election day."
none World's 2012 Daniels of the Year: Chinese Christian Activists in Prison -World
"Millions more Chinese Christians aren’t activists, but some suffer for embracing a faith outside government control. During the past 18 months, harassment against Christians—including hundreds of arbitrary detentions—has risen sharply in some regions... But despite a year of intensified crackdowns, increasing arrests, and a renewed government call to exert control over Christians, scores of believers have refused to retreat from the mouth of the lion’s den. 
none McCain Once Offered Identical Assessment As Susan Rice On Benghazi Attack - Think Progress
hypo-crat"Just three days after the Sept. 11 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said there were “demonstrations” at the U.S. diplomatic mission there and that the attackers “seized this opportunity to attack our consulate.” McCain also said during this Sept. 14 press conference on Capitol Hill that he wasn’t certain whether al-Qeada perpetrated the assault.  Yet McCain has been leading a smear campaign against U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice for essentially making the same assessment two days later on the Sept. 16 Sunday talks shows."
Republicans not handling election results well - Public Policy Polling
none"49% of GOP voters nationally say they think that ACORN stole the election for President Obama. We found that 52% of Republicans thought that ACORN stole the 2008 election for Obama, so this is a modest decline, but perhaps smaller than might have been expected given that ACORN doesn't exist anymore."
01 Dec
none This Week in West Chicago
03  7pm» City Council Meeting
04  7pm» District 94 School Board
05  5pm» Trinity Advent Soup Service
06  7pm» City Infrastructure Com
       7pm» District 33 School Board
       7pm» Knit Night
08  5pm» Seasonal Songs
PUBLIC HEARING to appeal the denial of demolition of the Wiant house by the City of West Chicago! - FB, Save the Wiant House
Tuesday  7:00pm - West Chicago City Hall,
  • "A Public Hearing brought to the Historical Preservation Commission by the City of West Chicago. The Commission previsously denied the application for demolition of this Historical Site in the Turner Historic District. Now, the City is attemping to appeal the decision. Preserve our history. Save the Wiant house! For more info, see our website at Commuity support is needed at this hearing!!!"
  • Picture of plaque
    "We believe this means something to our community. Tell our city government it must mean something to them too! Public Hearing December 4, 2012, City Hall. — at West Chicago, IL 60185.
  • Old Print of Wiant House
    "An illustration ot the Wiant House from the Combination Atlas Map of DuPage County (Thompson Brothers and Burr), published in 1874."
Community High School District 94 Meeting Agenda December 4, 2012
  • Proposed 2012 Property Tax Levy
Holiday Inn Trailer - FB, Barb Laimins
none"Come and Join in the fun Saturday, December 8th as the audience interacts with the Movie - Holiday Inn. Who will be Baby New Year?  Need tickets - Let me know."
Frosty Fest 2012 - FB, West Chicago Rotary Club
none"Ruben Pineda and Don Earley were tagged in West Chicago Rotary Club's album Frosty Fest 2012."
none Small dog killed in Warrenville coyote attack
nonenone"The dog’s remains were later found and police officials said it had been killed by a “single coyote” that “had been present in the area for a number of months.”  The home is near the Fermilab property, which features acres of open space that abuts the neighborhood where the dog was killed."
none Dog killed by coyote in Warrenville
nonenone"The owner contacted police when the dog did not return. The dog was found later, apparently the victim of a coyote attack. Perry said it is the first report this year of a fatal coyote attack in Warrenville.  Perry declined to give any details about the size or breed of the dog, or the exact location. He urged residents to show caution."
none Environmentalists question coal mine planned for Canton
none"Plans for a new mine operated by Springfield Coal Co. are drawing concerns from environmentalists who cite hundreds of violations at an existing mine.  Environmental activists say they are worried that the Industry Mine’s past, which includes numerous citations for polluting area streams, will be the future for the proposed North Canton Mine."
none Chrysler factory workers to receive $1,750 bonus checksss - Democratic Underground

From The Detroit News:

"This waiver of the four-quarter requirement is made in recognition of the tremendous contribution you have all made to the performance of our facilities and to the revival of Chrysler," CEO Sergio Marchionne said in a message to workers Friday morning. "You have also demonstrated a great level of commitment and cooperation in building a solid future for our company."

From The Detroit News:

""This waiver of the four-quarter requirement is made in recognition of the tremendous contribution you have all made to the performance of our facilities and to the revival of Chrysler," CEO Sergio Marchionne said in a message to workers Friday morning. "You have also demonstrated a great level of commitment and cooperation in building a solid future for our company.""
AFL-CIO Demands 'Unionmade' Stop Its Fakery - AFL-CIO
none"When pushed, Nolan wrote, Unionmade admitted “some of the brands we carry are union made, many are not.” In a September Huffington Post column, professor Peter Dreier at Occidental College described his discovery of the not-union-made phenomenon and his interview with Unionmade's Todd Barket: "So isn't the store's name, Unionmade, a bit misleading? "  "It had nothing to do with unions," Barket said. "I'm surprised that people took the name literally.""
"This waiver of the four-quarter requirement is made in recognition of the tremendous contribution you have all made to the performance of our facilities and to the revival of Chrysler," CEO Sergio Marchionne said in a message to workers Friday morning. "You have also demonstrated a great level of commitment and cooperation in building a solid future for our company."

From The Detroit News:

Church group plans to appeal Santa Monica Nativity scene ban - LA Times
none""This is a victory for atheists, anti-Christians and people who don't believe the 1st Amendment belongs as much to religious speakers as it does to secular and anti-religious speakers," William J. Becker Jr., an attorney for the committee, said in a statement. "The Grinch hasn't stolen Christmas. He has stolen our liberty.""
none How Drug Company Money Is Undermining Science - Scientific American
"The entanglements between researchers and pharmaceutical companies take many forms. There are speakers bureaus: a drugmaker gives a researcher money to travel—often first class—to gigs around the country, where the researcher sometimes gives a company-written speech and presents company-drafted slides. There is ghostwriting: a pharmaceutical manufacturer has an article drafted and pays a scientist (the “guest author”) an honorarium to put his or her name on it and submit it to a peer-reviewed journal. And then there is consulting: a company hires a researcher to render advice."
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