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31 July
none New Record for WegoNews readership
noneIn the week from Jul 24, 2012 to Jul 30, 2012 there were 1,556 unique vistors to WegoNews. 
Robert H. Belding, 93
none"Robert H. Belding, 93, of Crystal Lake died Wednesday, July 25, 2012 at the Springs of Crystal Lake.  He was born November 23, 1918 in West Chicago, IL. He married Barbara Geister on July 18, 1943 in Elgin.  Robert served in the U.S. Army during World War II with the 545 Field Artillery Batallion."
none"The festival will be held on August 17th at Community High School and showcase our fall athletic programs.  The night’s festivities will begin at 4:30 p.m. and end at the conclusion of the varsity football scrimmage at 8:30 p.m.  We encourage everyone to come out and support our athletic program and kickoff another great year of Wildcat Athletics."
Poms win Youth Group Heritage Award
none"On July 15th, the Community High School Poms participated in the Railroad Days Parade.  It was important to the Poms members to walk rather than ride on a float so they could exhibit their skills.  The team was very excited to participate in the Railroad Days parade and show community pride."
District 94 - Special Board Meeting Agenda
noneAugust 1 & 2, 2012 – 6:30 – 9:30 p.m.
"Closed session for the purpose of self-evaluation, practices and procedures or professional ethics, when meeting with a representative of a statewide association of which the public body is a member."
Community Video to Focus on Personal Stories of July Storm
none"... due to the number of people who have contacted City Hall to express interest in communicating their personal experiences and thankfulness to all those who worked so hard with recovery efforts, as well as sharing their personal photographs of the storm, the City is inviting anyone interested to participate in a community video, After the Storm, at National Night Out."
Real Character of Theatrical Performers
none"Professional photographer Mike Smith has a passion for people, the real side of people that is revealed when they let their inner “characters” come out to play.  His “Characters” exhibit, on display throughout August at Gallery 200, 200 Main Street, West Chicago, reveals the whimsical interaction between theatrical models and the unassuming lens of a still camera without the illusion of digital effects."
none Quinn pushes for assault weapons ban
Dang Wabbit"He sanoneid in a letter to all state lawmakers that he supports the U.S. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, but the “proliferation of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines undermines public safety and the right of personal security of every citizen.”"
Union: Guards at 7 Illinois prisons searched
"Illinois authorities took the unusual step of searching guards and other prison employees for contraband as they left at least seven facilities last week, sparking worker allegations that the checks may have been reprisals for complaints about overcrowding and understaffing and inside information leaked to the news media, workers and union officials told The Associated Press."
none Report: Illinois lottery manager short $100M on profit
"Northstar promised $825 million in net revenue when it took over the lottery in July 2011. A Tribune analysis found it had collected $726 million by the end of June.  That could mean hundreds of millions of dollars in penalties. The same month the company got the contract, it began seeking a reduction in what it promised. An arbitrator will decide the matter."
none Quinn calls special session Aug. 17 to deal with pensions
"Quinn issued the call Monday, saying he wants the General Assembly to convene “for the purpose of considering any legislation, new or pending, which addresses pension reform.”  But Senate President John Cullerton, D-Chicago, said Quinn should withdraw the special session proclamation to save the state money."
none Chick-Fil-A Owner Fires Woman In Order To Make Her A Stay At Home Mom - Addicting Info
"This came after 5 other female employees found themselves demoted or terminated in the past year despite high performance metrics. The owner allegedly made it clear to Ms Honeycutt as well as others that the termination was a move designed to force Ms Honeycutt into a role as a stay-at-home mother."
none Church that barred black wedding affirms commitment to equal treatment - CNN Religion blogs
"Bufkin portrayed the move to deny the black couple a chance to marry in the church as the work of a small minority whom he called "radicals" and who he said made mostly anonymous calls to their pastor to complain about the black couple's wedding.  Bufkin said he did not know who exactly was behind the calls."
none Eight More Ways Women Will Benefit Under Obamacare Starting Tomorrow - Think Progress Health
none"When eight Obamacare regulations go into effect tomorrow, 47 million women will benefit from the guaranteed coverage of preventive services — including contraception coverage — without co-pays... The Center for American Progress graphic breaks down what will be covered and how women will benefit:"
Republicans Want Off The Hook For Voting For Defense Sequester - TPM
none"Back in November, Boehner accepted partial ownership.  “I would feel bound by it,” he said. “It was part of the agreement. And so either we succeed or we are in the sequester. The sequester is ugly. Why? Because we don’t want anybody to go there. That’s why we have to succeed.”  Now that a bipartisan agreement to avoid “going there” appears out of reach, Republicans are trying to wash their hands of their role in creating the sequester — even ones who voted for the debt limit deal."
28 July
none This Week in West Chicago
30  4pm» Gamer’s Haven
02  7pm» City Infrastructure Com
       7pm» District 33 School Board
       7pm» Knit Night

Recommended Reading for Adults

  • noneForgotten Country by Catherine Chung
  • Midnight in Austenland by Shannon Hale
  • Go Down Together: the true, untold story of Bonnie and Clyde by Jeff Guinn
  • National Night Out
    none"Residents are asked to lock their doors, turn on their outside lights and spend an evening with neighbors and police at National Night Out, scheduled on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. at Reed-Keppler Park located at 129 W. National Street. Music, free food, soft drinks and gifts will be part of the celebration. "
  • Coyote Sightings
    "Coyote sightings in West Chicago have caused concern among some members of the community prompting the City of West Chicago to provide an information source intended to educate the public."
  • Opportunity for Educational Enrichment
    "Last month the ribbon was cut on a new business at 946 N. Neltnor Blvd. in the Tower Station shopping center. Kumon of West Chicago brings after-school math and reading enrichment programs to students from preschool through the 12th grade.".
none West Chicago cancels Mexican Independence Day celebration
none"“I thought that with him being our new mayor the community would be more involved,” said Valeria Lopez, West Chicago’s executive office manager, deputy city clerk and the city’s liaison on the volunteer-based event committee.  The city took over a resident-led celebration in 2008, but canceled its first attempt due to flooding. The city dropped the celebration again in 2011 because of heavy rains."
none Quinn, Durbin irked with Va. lawmaker over prison sale rejection
nonenone"“Frankly, I do not trust the (Justice) Department or the Administration to enforce the law forbidding the transfer of Guantanamo Bay detainees to the United States,” Wolf wrote Holder. Wolf also noted the Republican-led House had previously voted to hold Holder in contempt over the failed Fast and Furious gun-walking program."
More than 70% of Illinois land suffering extreme drought
none"Illinois is one of the hardest hit states. It saw its percentage of land in extreme or exceptional drought balloon from 8 percent last week to roughly 71 percent this week, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor report released Thursday.  The report shows the range of the drought in the continental U.S. has increased only slightly in the past week."
none Weapons seized at southern Illinois prison
none"A shakedown of cells at a prison in southern Illinois turned up weapons and other contraband and set off another round of warnings over the potential impact of closing some of Illinois' prisons as a way to address the state government's spiraling budget problems... Quinn's office argues the state's prison system can absorb the loss of Tamms and says closing it and the all-female Dwight Correctional Center will save an estimated $48 million."
none DuPage job fair links unemployed veterans with job opportunities
none"The “Hiring Our Heroes” job fair, hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s National Chamber Foundation, brought 90 employers to the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn. The event was designed to help veterans and their spouses network with potential employers in many fields."
How hospitals - and their corporate owners - come up with those names
"According to a Cadence press release, “‘Cadence’ is defined as a rhythmic sequence or movement, and evokes an orchestration, steady progression and confidence of action. Together, these concepts form the Cadence Health brand promise and define the experience patients can expect.” So far, however, the individual hospitals continue to operate as “Central DuPage” and “Delnor.”"
none Coyotes spotted in West Chicago
none "Residents with small pets are being warned in West Chicago after coyotes have been spotted in the area... Caution should be taken in a suburban setting with regard to pets such as domestic cats and small dogs. Reported attacks on humans appear to be rare."
none AFSCME challenges transfers from JDC - State Register Journal
"The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is questioning the move. Moving more residents where another former JDC resident broke her leg after employees misused a lift is a mistake, AFSCME said.  The department said AFSCME is attempting to discredit all community-based settings because of an isolated incident, DHS spokeswoman Januari Smith said."
none Federal Court Rules Against Birth Control Mandate - TPM
none"Carter-appointed Judge John Kane ruled (PDF) that Hercules raised serious enough questions about the validity of the mandate under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to be given injunctive relief. The 1993 law says the government may not “substantially burden a person’s exercise of religion” — that laws that clash with religious freedoms be justified by compelling government interest and be narrowly tailored to meet that interest."
none Bombshell: Koch-Funded Study Finds ‘Global Warming Is Real’, ‘On The High End’ And ‘Essentially All’ Due To Carbon Pollution - TPM
none"CALL me a converted skeptic. Three years ago I identified scientific issues that, in my mind, threw doubt on the very existence of global warming. Now, after organizing an intensive research effort involving a dozen scientists, I’ve concluded that global warming is real, that the prior estimates of the rate were correct, and that cause is human."
The flood of falsehoods about the health care law - Politifact
none"The Affordable Care Act, the Democrats' health care law, has often been defined more by falsehoods than truths.  Claims that the law is a "government takeover of health care," that it contains "death panels" and that it will put a 3.8 percent tax on home sales have frequently drowned out true claims about what the law actually does."
26 July
none Around and About in West Chicago - 26 July 2012
  • District Community Theatre 2012 Summer Production, “Honk”
  • Game Day U.S.A. Midwest National Championship
  • Summer Camp Olympics
  • National Night Out Against Crime
none Library Teens Go Gardening
none"As part of the statewide summer reading program, “Reading Is So Delicious,” the West Chicago teens have joined forces with West Chicago’s “People Made Visible” organization to maintain a plot at the community Keeper’s Garden located across from St. Michael’s United Church of Christ on Washington Street."
  Mexican Independence Day Celebration Cancelled
none"The City of West Chicago has announced the cancellation of the 2012 Mexican Independence Day Celebration which was previously scheduled for Sunday, September 16, 2012 due to an insufficient number of volunteers to help plan and run the event, as well as a lack of vendor interest."
  • Mosquito Spraying
    noneThe next District-wide truck spraying by the West Chicago Mosquito Abatement District will be Wednesday evening (7/25), weather permitting. This application is a public health measure because of the increased risk of West Nile virus detected in the adult mosquito population.
  • Heat Advisory
    "A heat advisory remains in effect today until 10:00 p.m. Please take necessary precautions."
none DuPage rivers good, could be better, report says
none"River Prairie Group officials said the nutrient pollution comes mostly from fertilizer runoff — either directly into the watenonerways or through wastewater that is collected and treated by wastewater facilities. While phosphates and nitrates aren’t toxic, they feed algae and aquatic plants. If there’s overgrowth, it could result in low levels of dissolved oxygen, which is harmful to aquatic life, according to the report.  The report also states that chloride levels in Salt Creek and both DuPage River branches are “often in violation with the national aquatic life criteria” because of the use of road salt during the winter."
none Quinn signs high-risk loan protections measure into law
none"Under thnonee measure, which goes into effect Jan. 1, lenders will face new limits on fees and penalties they can charge when a loan is issued. They will no longer be able to charge prepayment penalties for borrowers who pay off their loan ahead of schedule, and are banned from structuring loans so payments balloon toward the end of a mortgage."
Illinois sees more bank closings than openings in last year
none"Illinois tied for 16th with the most net branch closures, at 22, as 62 new banking centers opened in the state but 84 closed.  Among individual institutions, Bank of America closed the most, a net 157 nationally.  Consumers' embrace of technology is making it possible for banks to shrink their branch networks."
none West Chicago Cancels Mexican Independence Day Festival
none"WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports it would have been the fourth year for the Mexican Independence Day festival in West Chicago, but officials said Thursday it was being cancelled, due to an insufficient number of volunteers to run it, and vendors to sell food and other goods during the event.  Deputy City Clerk Valeria Lopez said more than half of West Chicago’s 27,000 residents are Mexican American, so she was surprised not many people wanted to be part of the celebration."
Aviation Pros DuPage Airport Will Serve as Transportation Hub for 2012 International Ryder Cup Event
none"DuPage Airport is preparing to accommodate the 2012 Ryder Cup, a global sporting event taking place Sept. 28-30 at Medinah Country Club in suburban Chicago. The airport expects increased traffic during the event to include Ryder Cup players, among them the most elite golfers from the U.S. and Europe, as well as thousands of spectators and reporters."
Suburban Life Publications West Chicago cancels Mexican Independence day celebration
none"The decision came after an insufficient number of volunteers to plan and run the event along with a lack of vendor interest, according to a statement from the city.  However, Acting Mayor Ruben Pineda plans to improve participation next year by making the event “rain or shine.”" Pro-Pak Industries Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary
"Innovative Development Takes Pro-Pak Industries, Inc. and its Three Divisions into their Third Decade of Providing Utility Marking and Safety Products.  By ingeniously developing new products from the same raw materials, a West Chicago, Illinois firm continues to evolve as it celebrates 20 years in business during 2012."
none For-Profit College Reform: How Democratic Power Lobbyists Helped Water It Down - TruthOut
"Last week, Charles Smith wrote in this column about the problems and pitfalls of for-profit colleges -including how their business plans took advantage of students and reaped billions of dollars in federal student loans, only to leave many students with heavy debt and often unusable degrees. In 2010, the Obama administration set out to get control of this industry, but found that some of their closest Democratic associates were hired to stop or at least water down some of the hard-hitting reforms. Other close colleagues actually had monetary investments in this industry and the administration was deluged with calls and meetings to curb the reforms."
none Caterpillar strike in Joliet turning into test case for U.S. labor relations - Journal Star
none"The strike recently brought editorial comment from the New York Times entitled “Caterpillar Capitalism,” focusing on a company that, despite making $4.9 billion in profits last year, is seeking concessions from 780 union workers at the Joliet plant."
none School supt.: Churches opposed to homosexuality not welcome - Baptist Press
none"The head of Miami-Dade County Public Schools wants to evict a Southern Baptist church that rents space in one of its buildings because of the congregation's opposition to homosexuality.  Supt. Alberto Carvalho released a statement to a local television station alleging that Impact Miami's opposition to homosexuality "appears to be contrary to school board policy as well as the basic principles of humanity.""
Jon Stewart Slams You-Didn’t-Build-That-Gate In Romney, Fox News’ Faces (VIDEO) -
none"Jon Stewart doesn't cotton to that, though: "Making a big deal out of a misstatement is a great way to win a news cycle... But this ain't a gaffe and Mitt Romney's not having a little fun with it. This deliberate misstating and misrepresentation of Obama's position is now the centerpiece of Romney's campaign.""
NRA Members Agree: More Gun Regulation Makes Sense - ThinkProgress
Dang Wabbit"The poll, which sampled 945 gun owners around the country and had a margin of error of +/- 3, also found broad support gun-owners for the principle that “support for 2nd Amendment rights goes hand-in-hand with keeping illegal guns out of the hands of criminals.” In fact, more NRA members (87 percent) supported the statement than non-NRA members (83 percent). One wonders if the views of its supporters will be heard at NRA headquarters, as the organization opposes laws that attempt to implement several of the positions that Luntz’ poll established gun-owners support."
24 July
none Winners Announced in 2012 Fine Arts Fiesta
none"Every year, artists with a West Chicago connection, are offered a wonderful venue to show their work and receive public acclaim through a People’s Choice Award in several categories. This venue is the Fine Arts Fiesta held at Scout Cabin at Reed-Keppler Park during West Chicago’s signature summer event, Railroad Days."
Iron Chef Comes to the West Chicago Public Library
none"Based on the popular Food Network program Iron Chef: America, five teams totaling 28 teens had 90-minutes to prepare a three-course meal with each dish to contain the secret ingredient, in this case lime.   With unbelievable creativity, each team created three amazing dishes for the judges to taste."
none Quinn signs disabled parking crackdown measures
"Starting Jan. 1, fines for unauthorized use of placards for people with disabilities will increase from $500 to $600. Fines for those who make counterfeit placards or use the parking passes in the absence of a qualified holder double from $500 to $1,000. Additionally, doctors who submit false paperwork to help someone get a handicap plate or placard who doesn’t need it will face a new $1,000 fine. Penalties increase for repeat offenders... Meanwhile, Quinn’s action also eliminated the parking meter fee exemption for those with disability placards."
Quinn seeks disaster designation for rain-starved Illinois counties
none"If Vilsack grants Quinn's latest request, nearly every one of the state's 102 counties would be eligible for special USDA grants and loan programs.  In his letter, Quinn says farmers in Illinois are experiencing significant losses due to "persistent" and "unprecedented" heat and drought."
none Illinois Lottery reports $2.67 billion in revenue
none"Illinois Lottery officials say sales for the fiscal year that ended June 30 topped $2.67 billion, a nearly 18 percent increase over the previous year .. Lottery officials say out of the $2.67 billion taken in, $708.6 million went to "good causes," including nearly $640 million to public schools."
Illinois sees boost in tourism during 2011
none"The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity said Monday the state saw an 8.4 percent bump in tourism last year. Visitors generated $31.8 billion for the state economy. The more than 93 million visitors break the previous record of 91 million visitors in 2006. About 1.2 million tourists visited Illinois from abroad. That's up 6 percent and at its highest level since 2008."
Suburban Life Publications West Chicago offering swim night for special needs families
none"Families with special needs are invited to an evening of swimming, water games, music and ice cream at Turtle Splash Water Park, 129 W. National St., West Chicago this weekend.  The free event hosted by the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association is scheduled from 7 to 9 p.m. Sunday." Spraying Scheduled After Increase in West Nile Virus Activity
none"On Wednesday, July 25, Clarke Mosquito Control (the contractor providing mosquito control service this year) will conduct a spray treatment of the Wheaton, West Chicago and Glen Ellyn Mosquito Abatement Districts to reduce the number of adult mosquitoes in the area. Applications are typically made from dusk until 2 a.m. In case of rain or other unacceptable weather condition, the treatment will be rescheduled."
none 10 Facts About the Minimum Wage - AFL-CIO
none"Today marks the third year minimum wage workers haven't seen a raise. While the price of just about everything else has skyrocketed (milk, eggs, health care, college), full-time minimum wage workers are barely making more than $15,000 a year. Here are 10 facts you need to know about the minimum wage."
none Syrian Conflict Draws In Christians - Wall Street Journal
"As clashes between government forces and rebels spread over the weekend from the capital Damascus to the northern city of Aleppo—Syria's two largest urban centers that are home to sizable Christian communities—the Christians and other minorities are being forced to take sides.  Several Christian residents and antiregime activists in Damascus say the regime is now arming male loyalists in parts of the capital dominated by Christians and Druze and Shiite minorities."
none Ahead Of Voter ID Trial, Pennsylvania Admits There’s No In-Person Voter Fraud - TPM
none"The state signed a stipulation agreement with lawyers for the plaintiffs which acknowledges there “have been no investigations or prosecutions of in-person voter fraud in Pennsylvania; and the parties do not have direct personal knowledge of any such investigations or prosecutions in other states.”  Additionally, the agreement states Pennsylvania “will not offer any evidence in this action that in-person voter fraud has in fact occurred in Pennsylvania and elsewhere” or even argue “that in person voter fraud is likely to occur in November 2012 in the absense of the Photo ID law.”"
Experts’ Best Guesses On Romney’s Swiss Bank Account - TPM
none"Daniel Shaviro — a tax expert at NYU who’s been documenting and explaining Romney’s tax strategies — floats this theory: What if Romney’s wealth empire is so vast that his money managers simply overlooked the trivial interest he earned on this account until the federal government came knocking at UBS’ door."
21&22 July
The Weekend
none This Week in West Chicago
23  7pm» City Public Affairs Com
24  4pm» Tween Scene
25  6pm» Library Lawn Parties
       6pm» Library Lawn Parties
26  7pm» City Finance Com
       7pm» Knit Night
none Gov. Quinn adds teeth to Open Meetings Act
none"“In order for government of the people to work, especially in the 21st century, we’ve got to have electronic democracy,” Quinn said. “We’ve got to make sure the websites of our units of government are available to the people with as much information as possible.”"
Gary Sinise's Lt. Dan still standing up for veterans
"Sinise returns with his Lt. Dan Band to headline Rockin' for the Troops, a one-day concert benefiting Naperville-based Operation Support Our Troops-America, Saturday, July 21, at Cantigny Park in Wheaton."
[See also: Rockin' for the Troops concert supports programs for military, families . - Bob]
none Quinn signs 'Julie's Law' to stiffen consequences for extreme speeders
none"The law, which takes effect July 1, 2013, bars judges from giving court supervision, a form of probation, to drivers found traveling more than 25 mph over the limit on a nonrural road or more than 30 mph on a highway. The previous law allowed the probation for drivers caught driving up to 40 mph over the limit."
none Illinois child welfare agency starts round of layoffs
none"The Department of Children and Family Services must find ways to absorb nearly $86 billion in budget cuts, a reduction of 6.8 percent... That will require slashing most of the agency's work that isn't required by law or court order — primarily prevention efforts and services to troubled families where safety concerns aren't severe enough to warrant removing a child."
none Quinn: Take up pensions as well as Smith case in August
none"There seems to be general support in the legislature for cutting pension costs by reducing cost-of-living increases for retirees. But Democratic leaders also want to make schools gradually take over the cost of providing pensions for teachers.   Republicans have balked at that ideaa, and there has been no movement on the issue in weeks."
none Cybersecurity Bill Backed By Obama Won’t Protect U.S., Experts Agree - TPM
"including the November 2011 case when a hacker known as “pr0f” successfully accessed the control systems of several water treatment plants in South Houston, Texas, and posted photos of his work online, as well as a condemnation of the Department of Homeland Security for downplaying the issue of lax security on such pieces of critical infrastructure.  The president also pointed to a massive malware campaign targeting U.S. natural gas pipeline computers that the Department of Homeland Security said had been going on since at least December 2011.  But those incidents are pittance compared to attacks that are likely to be attempted in the near term, according to the president."
none Religious and Free-Market Fundamentalism Have More in Common Than Their Fans in the Tea Party - TruthOut
"Indifference toward the plight of the uninsured illustrates another salient feature of fundamentalism: obliviousness towards the social costs of ideological purity. This trait is not merely reflected by attitudes towards health care. Free-market fundamentalists are unfazed by the fact that wealth inequality has soared in recent decades, largely due to laissez-faire economic policies."
none Cap and Trade Resurrected? Some States Awaken to Its Economic Benefits - Truth Out
none"Hibbard says the RGGI study is unique because it examines cap and trade strictly from an economic angle. It doesn't consider environmental impacts or whether the program is crucial for curbing global warming pollution.  "We just looked at the [auction] money and the impact of those dollars. We found that there's absolutely an economic return for collecting cap and trade revenues. And that's true almost regardless of how you use them," he says. That includes in states like New York, which used tens of millions in cap-and-trade money to plug budget gaps."
Romney To Release Misleadingly Edited Obama Video As An Ad - TPM
none"If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that."
19 July
none Around and About in West Chicago - 19 July 2012
  • Heavy Duty Clean Up
  • Wayne/Winfield Area Youth/Family Services Intergenerational Social
  • St. Mary’s Parish Blood Drive
  • “Godspell”
  • Garden Conservancy Open Garden Day
  • Question of Building a Community Center
none More Than a Picnic Table - The Library as “Third Place”
none"Last year, almost 150,000 people walked through the doors of the Library in West Chicago.  This new outdoor space literally moves the Library “beyond the walls,” offering the opportunity to serve many more people without their ever having to walk through the doors. Stop by, have a seat, sip a cool drink, read, chat, relax.  We hope you like it enough to let it become a “third place” for you, a place that enriches your life and where you get more than you imagined!"
Commander Eric Shipman Graduates From the 249th Session of the FBI National Academy Program
none"City of West Chicago Police Chief Laz Perez is pleased to announce the recent graduation of West Chicago Police Commander Eric Shipman from the FBI National Academy Program at Quantico, Virginia."
Local Music Night
  • nonenoneRoger Kotecki (7:00)
  • Cassandra Vohs-Demann (7:30)
  • The Wacky Keys (8:00)
none Closing DuPage County youth home saves millions, judge sayss
none"However, Elsner pointed out that the partnership with Kane this year is expected to save DuPage an estimated $1.9 million.  Keeping the youth home open would have cost DuPage about $3.2 million annually. But now, Elsner said he's requesting a $1.3 million budget for the next fiscal year to pay for housing youth offenders.  County board member Paul Fichtner said the amount of money saved through the deal has exceeded expectations."
none In first day, 14K sign up for U. of I.'s free online courses
none"Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller, a Stanford University professor, said there were 14,000 registrations for the U. of I. courses. The most popular is a course on developing applications for smartphones, followed by a computer science class on parallel programming. Other subjects include organic chemistry and planet Earth."
Flick it and ticket: Crack down on cigarette-tossing motorists
none"“We’re also planning to reach out to Lake County residents so they’re aware there’s a traffic law against this,” Hunter said. “We want everyone to be sensitive to the drought conditions when depositing lit cigarettes.”  Hunter said improper cigarette disposal is a violation of the Illinois Litter Control Act and is punishable by a fine of up to $1,500."
Quinn signs bill outlawing phone 'cramming'
nonenone"The charges usually go unnoticed by consumers, who are typically billed anywhere from $5 to $45 for services ranging from calling cards to voice mail and extended warranties they never signed up for.  Attorney General Lisa Madigan estimates cramming impacts as many as 20 million households across America each year, raising $2 billion for companies she calls "scammers."" Suburban man accused of child porn says he doesn't want bail
"A suburban West Chicago man jailed on child pornography charges says he doesn't want his family to bail him out.  A DuPage County judge set bond at $100,000 for Jeff Evitt."
none Drought worse than most think, farmers told
"“They’re down there six feet, looking for moisture, and it’s dry as a bone,” said Gartner. “Everybody talks about it. It’s worse I think than the markets have realized, and it’s going to have huge implications, not just for us, but for prices in the grocery stores and many things we’re not even thinking of.  “It’s definitely a historic drought,” said Gartner."
none Gary Sinise says band will offer something new at Rockin' for the Troops at Cantigny
none"The star of “CSI: New York,” Sinise and his Lt. Dan Band is headlining the seventh annual Rockin’ for the Troops concert, set for Saturday at Cantigny Park in Wheaton. Tickets cost $25; parking costs $10. Proceeds from the show benefit the programs of Operation Support Our Troops America. The gates open at noon; the beer garden opens at 3 p.m."
none Report: The Stimulus Successfully Saved Teaching Jobs - Think Progress
"Of course, this hasn’t stopped the economy from bleeding education jobs anyway. Last year alone, local governments cut 130,000 teaching jobs. In the last three years, government have shed more than 300,000 teaching jobs ... And, as recent research confirmed, public sector job cuts ripple through the economy, taking private sector jobs along with them."
none Church reveals reason behind leader's resignation - Tribune
"When the rape accusation came to Metropolitan Jonah’s attention in February 2012, the bishops said he failed to share the information with them. He also allegedly discouraged the accuser and her relative from mentioning the allegation and arranged to transfer the priest without warning his superiors of the circumstances."
none A Guide To Consumer Brands Helping Bankroll Right-Wing Attack Ads - Think Progress"
none"From Marriott Hotels to Brawny paper towels, and from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Coachella music festival, corporate executives at these organizations have given millions of dollars to groups like Mitt Romney’s Super PAC Restore Our Future.  Some corporations, like Waffle House, give direct donations to conservative attack ad groups like Karl Rove’s American Crossroads.  The following list of consumer brands either have leaders who wrote checks to outside right-wing attack ad groups or gave money directly from the corporation. Only entities that gave $25,000 or more were included in this guide."
17 July
none DuPage election panel scrutinizes PR firm contract
none"The bipartisan panel that oversees the DuPage Election Commission for years has been using Republican strategist Dan Curry as the agency’s spokesman. Curry’s company, Reverse Spin, is being paid $3,000 a month by the commission but does not currently have a contract... Still, Terrill said she doesn’t see the need for the commission to use a public relations firm when staff can email news releases to the media and put information on the agency’s website."
none Officials: Search of Lake Calumet turns up no Asian carp
none"A federal and state plan calls for intensive searches in the Chicago waterway system whenever three consecutive rounds of sampling detect genetic material from bighead or silver carp.  Authorities are trying to prevent the plankton-hungry carp from reaching the Great Lakes, where scientists say they could destabilize the food chain."
University of Illinois to offer free online courses
none"By teaming up with Coursera, one of several new online education companies, the university will dip a toe into a fast-growing trend in higher education to offer free courses to an unlimited number of students. It's a low-risk venture compared with the U. of I.'s failed and expensive Global Campus online initiative from several years ago."
 none State launches new promotion for local food products
none"After nearly 30 years in business, her products now sell in Springfield and Peoria, she said, but it is difficult for a small produce farm to reach much beyond regional markets... The agency also has set up a pledge website."
Suburban Life Publications Police arrest third suspect for alleged role Target thefts
none"Arturo Garcia, 19, 30 W279 Pomeroy Street, West Chicago, was charged with burglary at 3 p.m. July 5 at the police station, 211 N. Riverside Ave., police said.  Edgar R. Aguilar, 22, of 609 E Blair St., West Chicago and a 14-year-old, also from West Chicago, with burglary for three thefts at Target as well, police said."
none Economic Mobility More Hollywood than Reality - AFL-CIO
"Only four percent of those raised in the bottom quintile make it all the way to the top as adults, confirming that the "rags-to-riches" story is more often found in Hollywood than in reality. Similarly, just eight percent of those raised in the top quintile fall all the way to the bottom."
none After 2-year review, Boy Scouts decide to stick with ban on gays; critics voice dismay - AP
Boy Scouts"Smith said the committee, comprised of professional scout executives and adult volunteers, was unanimous in its conclusion — preserving a long-standing policy that was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2000 and has remained controversial ever since.  As a result of the committee’s decision, the Scouts’ national executive board will take no further action on a resolution submitted at its recent national conference asking for reconsideration of the membership policy."
none Romney’s Bain Yielded Private Gains, Socialized Lossess - Bloomberg
"What’s clear from a review of the public record during his management of the private-equity firm Bain Capital from 1985 to 1999 is that Romney was fabulously successful in generating high returns for its investors. He did so, in large part, through heavy use of tax-deductible debt, usually to finance outsized dividends for the firm’s partners and investors. When some of the investments went bad, workers and creditors felt most of the pain. Romney privatized the gains and socialized the losses."
  Did Obama Say, ‘If You’ve Got a Business, You Didn’t Build That’? - ABC News
none"If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help.  There was a great teacher somewhere in your life.  Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive.  Somebody invested in roads and bridges.  If you’ve got a business. you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen."
56 Republican Quotes Against Mitt Romney Every American Should Take Seriously - Addicting Info
none"Despite this, even Republicans aren’t thrilled about having Romney as their dear leader. In fact, Republicans seem to only be pushing Romney out of sheer desperation. They are so desperate to make President Obama a one term President that they are willing to support a man who they know is completely wrong for America and unqualified to lead."
14&15 July
The WeekEnd
none This Week in West Chicago
16  4pm» Gamer’s Haven for Seniors & Teens
       7pm» City Council Meeting
17  4pm» Kitchen Science (For Ages 6-9)
       6pm» Iron Chef: Teenager
       7pm» District 94 School Board
18  4pm» Tween Scene
       6pm» Library Lawn Parties
       6pm» Library Lawn Parties
19  1pm» What’s on the Menu? (For Ages 6-9)
       7pm» District 33 School Board
       7pm» Knit Night
       10:30pm» Storytime at Cantigny (For the Whole Family)
20  3pm» The Arts Hour
21  1pm» Get Your Game On! (For Ages 8-12)
Fireworks Cancelled for West Chicago's Railroad Days
none"The City of West Chicago has announced the decision to cancel the fireworks scheduled for dusk at Railroad Days on Saturday, July 14, 2012 due to the prevalent drought conditions. noneAccording to West Chicago Fire Protection District Chief Robert Hodge, "For the safety of the residents and their property and for the preservation of the beautiful park that we enjoy, the Fire District has recommended cancellation of the fireworks.""
Library Challenges Data Error in West Suburban Living Magazine
none"Approximately 33% of West Chicago’s population are library district card holders, and they check out an average of 28.2 items per year, as reported to the Illinois State Library in their Illinois Public Library Annual Report (IPLAR) last year. The magazine incorrectly reported that the average annual circulation was only 1.9 items"
Thank you! - FB, Mimi Greenberg-Boby
none"I would like to thank the Streets Department from City of West Chicago for the work they do. The 3 inches rain last night came so heavy & fast that the street flooded all the way up the parkway. This morning, crews from the city came & raked the debris from the parkway. This is something that we have been left to clean up in past years. They saved our aching backs today."
none West Chicago fireworks canceled
none"Meanwhile, the festival, which opened on Thursday, continues from noon to midnight Saturday and 3 to 10 p.m. Sunday at Reed-Keppler Park, at National and Arbor streets."
DuPage still reeling from July 1 storm
"“There is extensive damage here, and I expect it will be very expensive,” said West Chicago City Administrator Michael Guttman. While an official estimate hasn't yet been determined, he said the cost of the town's cleanup could surpass $200,000."
DuPage: Storm cleanup bill hits $3.1 million
none"DuPage County officials estimate cleanup costs related to the powerful July 1 storm will be at least $3.1 million.  But that amount falls sign  ificantly short of the $17.3 million threshold the county needed to reach to qualify for federal assistance. As a result, municipalities, townships and park districts in DuPage are stuck with the tab for their cleanup efforts."
none Editorial head at Journatic says he's leaving company
none"Fourcher's announcement came the day after the Chicago Tribune said it would suspend its use of Journatic content to produce editorial material for its suburban TribLocal publications after the discovery of plagiarized and fabricated elements in a story published this week."
Report says Asian carp could reach all 5 Great Lakes in 20 years
none"But the study led by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, which included two U.S. Geological Survey scientists, found that there would be enough food to feed the fish, especially in Green Bay, Saginaw Bay, Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie.  Water temperatures would also not be too cold to stymie survival, according to the report."
none Future of controversial natural-gas plant up to governor
none"Thnonee ICC said Ameren and Nicor would have to pay a total of 84 percent of the cost of the plant’s construction because that’s the amount of synthetic natural gas they would buy from the plant, said ICC spokeswoman Beth Bosch.  Each of the companies would have to pay 42 percent of the construction cost."
none Women’s Inequality Linked to Soaring Population  - TruthOut
"In his new book, "State of the World 2012: Moving Toward Sustainable Prosperity" , Robert Engelman, president of the Worldwatch Institute, outlines nine population strategies that he argues will effectively halt population expansion just short of that figure."
none In Germany, Ruling Over Circumcision Sows Anxiety and Confusion - New York Times
"Their quandary is indicative of the confusion that has been sown by the ruling on June 26 by a court in Cologne that, while not enforceable outside that region, has sent ripples of anger and anxiety throughout the country and beyond. It has raised vexing questions about the boundaries of religious practice and freedom in an increasingly secular Germany."
none Top Ten Federal Tax Chartss - Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
none"In recognition of Tax Day, we’ve collected our top ten charts related to federal taxes.  Together, they provide useful context for the coming debates about how to reduce soaring budget deficits and reform the tax code."
Cannabis could be used to treat obesity-related diseases - Telegraph
Marijuana Leaf"Researchers have discovered two compounds from cannabis leaves that can increase the amount of energy the body burns.  Test in animals have already shown the compounds can help treat type two diabetes while also helping to reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood stream and fat in key organs like the liver."
12 July
none Around and About in West Chicago - 12 July 2012
This is the best coverage of the recent storm and the upcoming local festival. - Bob
none Gratitude For Recovery Efforts and Community Resiliance
none"noneAs West Chicago regroups from the events of the devastating storm of July 1, 2012 which wreaked havoc for tens of thousands of its residents, I want to recognize and deeply thank the many dedicated organizations and individuals who took swift action to respond to our crisis and support our recovery."
Calling All Actors for "Actor's Nights" in September
none"West Chicago's Gallery Theater presents a second season of "A Night of Scenes", giving actors an opportunity to put together the scene they have always wanted to act in an intimate theater setting."
none Third teen charged in West Chicago picnic stabbing
none"Flores is one of three men accused of trying to rob the victim as he picnicked with his girlfriend about 7:30 p.m. June 24 at Pioneer Park, 479 W. Forest Ave. Authorities said the trio demanded money, then beat the victim in the face and body before one of Flores' co-defendants stabbed him twice in the chest with a steak knife — all in daylight hours."
Railroad Days the perfect outing for families on a budget
none"West Chicago’s Railroad Days began as a way to celebrate the role railroads played in the formation and development of the community.  But now in its 38th year, the festival long ago stopped being about railroads."
none Illinois inmates may be receiving illegal unemployment benefits
"To receive state unemployment benefits, one must be looking for a job and available to work.  Both those requirements are hard to fulfill in a prison cell.  So in hopes of reducing fraud, the Illinois Department of Employment Security has begun making a weekly comparison of its beneficiaries against the records of 70,000 inmates in state penitentiaries and county jails.  The project, which started two weeks ago at the urging of state legislators, already has identified 420 people who were receiving unemployment benefits while incarcerated, according to department spokesman Greg Rivara."
none Morgan County FutureGen plans on track, CEO says
none"The goal is to start construction of the $1.65 billion project in late 2013 and to begin carbon storage and power production in 2017, alliance CEO Ken Humphreys said Wednesday... The U.S. Department of Energy is analyzing preliminary design and geological data from a deep-well test to determine whether a site in northeast Morgan County can safely store millions of tons of carbon dioxide."
Illinois looks for inmates collecting unemployment
"Now the department will check to see if they might have been only briefly locked up and were still eligible, or if they really weren't available to work, Rivara said. Availability to work is a key part of the criteria to determine unemployment eligibility."
none For the first time in a century, cities grow faster than 'burbs
"The city of Chicago added nearly 9,000 people last year compared to annual losses of roughly 20,000 in the last decade — a time when the suburbs exploded in population. Between 2010 and 2011, both Chicago and its suburbs each grew by about 0.3 percent, according to an analysis by the Brookings Institution, a Washington-based policy research group."
MarketWatch Sims Recycling Solutions to Pursue e-Stewards Certification
none"The company's facilities currently have ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and R2 certifications and EPSC RVQP in Canada. With the addition of the e-Stewards certification, Sims will maintain the highest level of certification in the electronics recycling industry. Sims supports the most responsible global recycling practices and is the industry leader in creating safe workplaces for our employees and supporting responsible recycling legislation."
none Yahoo Hack: Check To See If Your Email And Password Were Leaked - TPM
"Were your email login and password among the around 450,000 that were apparently hacked and posted online by a hacker group late Wednesday? Check for yourself by using the following free script developed by Sucuri, a California-based cyber security firm."
none As long as the rich can speculate on food, the world's poor go hungry - National Times
none"Speculation on food prices was big business after the US lifted its ban on the practice in 2000. About $13 trillion surged into food commodities from 2006, and then out again in 2008, and then back in again by 2011. That's why we should reverse the WTO's ''market access'' agenda and support peasant agriculture - rather than global agribusiness - and reimpose the ban on food speculation."
none Texas Charter Schools Allegedly Funneling Religion Into Lessons - TPM
"The school’s website also shared a video, now removed, featuring parents describing how the Truth Campus had taught their children “all the wonderful things that God is doing for them in their lives.” The school additionally informed students that, for 45 minutes on Mondays starting last February, students would need only to “bring a Bible and a notepad.”"
none Romney’s Bain Capital invested in companies that moved jobs overseas - Washington Post
"These political attacks have often focused on Bain’s involvement in specific business deals that resulted in job losses.  But a Washington Post examination of securities filings shows the extent of Bain’s investment in firms that specialized in helping other companies move or expand operations overseas."

Three Fibs Mitt Romney Tells About His Business Record - Think Progress"

  • noneMitt Romney left Bain Capital later than he claims.
  • Mitt Romney said he created 100,000 jobs at Bain.
  • Mitt Romney said his business investments aren’t responsible for outsourcing jobs
10 July
none 2nd Mosquito Spray
none"Due to the increased presence of West Nile virus in the mosquito population in the area during this drought, the West Chicago Mosquito Abatement District (WCMAD) will perform the second District-wide truck spraying on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 between dusk and approximately 2:00 AM."
Calling All Actors for "Actor's Nights"
none"Almost all actors have a role or a particular scene they would love to play. For others, it might be a favorite scene they would like to repeat. West Chicago’s Gallery Theater presents a second season of “A Night of Scenes”, giving actors an opportunity to put together the scene they have always wanted to act in an intimate theater setting."
none More suburban roads buckle in heat
none"The latest pavement failures, reported Friday afternoon and evening by state and local officials, occurred at:... Route 59 at Smith Road in Wayne... Most of those roads are the responsibility of IDOT, which dispatched maintenance crews Friday to make the necessary repairs, officials said. Repairs typically take a few hours to complete."
none West Chicago Park District plans Railroad Days 5K run/walk
none"The race will circle through several West Chicago streets, including National Street, Arbor Avenue, West Hawthorne Lane, Ingalton Avenue, Grand Lake Boulevard and Fremont Street. The registration deadline closed June 22."
none State Police flip on whether to probe why sheriff's teenage son had access to police database
none"Sheriff Zaruba wouldn’t tell us why he helped his son obtain LEADS access, or explain why the privilege was needed in the first place. He also was tight-lipped when it came to the subjects of any LEADS searches his son may have conducted.  As overseers of the system, the State Police also has the power to find out who or what Patrick Zaruba has looked up and determine if those searches were legitimate."
Fermilab's Tevatron laid groundwork in search for 'God particle'
none"“It’s responsible for the giving other particles mass,” said theorist Joe Lykken, “The Higgs energy field is like a sticky molasses that slows other particles from moving at the speed of light.”  The Higgs boson is the particle that helps transmit mass from the Higgs field to other particles. Without it, the entire universe would behave as photons do, whirring through space too fast to interact, too fast to build atoms, molecules, or planets."
none State warns about potential for fish kills from heat
none"Summer fish kills are reported almost every year, and most are caused by low oxygen levels in the water, the release said. As temperatures rise and less rain falls, the water levels and oxygen levels drop in ponds, lakes, rivers and streams, resulting in increased stresses on fish. Algae blooms are also typical and further deplete oxygen levels in bodies of water, according to the department. "
none Asian carp to be served free at Taste of Chicago
none""Guests will be able to sample this healthy, tasty fish free of charge near the Taste entrance at Congress Parkway," the department statement said. "The Shedd Aquarium and Army Corps of Engineers will also be there to show not only how good these can taste, but the important work that we are doing in terms of protecting the Great Lakes from these fish.""
Quinn to unveil $1.6 billion in transportation projects
none"Almost 100 arterial street resurfacing projects in Chicago, 15 initiatives to speed the flow of freight and passenger trains through bottlenecks in northeastern Illinois and safety enhancements for pedestrians and bicyclists are included in $1.6 billion worth of transportation improvements set to begin this summer, the governor's office is expected to announce Tuesday."
none Drought losses building up across Illinois
"“The price of corn drives the price of corn-based products for consumers,” said Hutjens.  Corn for December delivery sold at about $7.30 a bushel on the Chicago Board of Trade on Monday compared with $5.95 a bushel during the final week of June. Analysts said the higher prices eventually will show up in supermarket and restaurant prices."
none Hidden Government Scanners Will Instantly Know Everything About You From 164 Feet Away - Gizmodo
"The small, inconspicuous machine is attached to a computer running a program that will show the information in real time, from trace amounts of cocaine on your dollar bills to gunpowder residue on your shoes. Forget trying to sneak a bottle of water past security—they will be able to tell what you had for breakfast in an instant while you're walking down the hallway."
none Federal hearing officer rules against Indiana abortion law - Trib
none""Through its appeal, the State was continuing its attack on women's rights and attempting to restrict access to basic, lifesaving services such as Pap tests, breast exams, STD testing and treatment, and birth control," Betty Cockrum, chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood of Indiana, said in a statement.  While Planned Parenthood officials had feared they might have to close some of the organization's 28 clinics in Indiana or suspend some services because of a loss of Medicaid funds, that has not happened so far. Cockrum has said about 9,300 women rely on Planned Parenthood for their health care."
Some Lutherans back Catholic position on contraceptive mandate - State Jiournal Register
none"Harrison, 50, said the 2.3-million-member synod doesn’t oppose contraception overall, but it does oppose the emergency-contraception products known as Plan B and Ella because of the possibility that they can prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in a woman’s uterus.  The St. Louis-based synod, which includes more than a dozen churches in the Springfield area, considers that result to be equivalent to an abortion, he said."
none Your Cell Phone Is Snitching On You To The Cops, Congressional Investigation Finds - TPM
none"The requests for user data took the form of various official and quasi-official orders — such as subpoenas, court orders, warrants and “emergency letters,” the latter of which aren’t as difficult to obtain, nor as regulated, as other types of requests.  The carriers defended turning over user data, including location data obtained using built-in GPS devices in cell phones, by stating that they complied with privacy, wiretapping and electronic communications laws."
The GOP’s crime against voters - Washington Post
none"Prodded by GOP political activists, the Justice Department under Bush conducted an extensive, nationwide, five-year probe of voter fraud — and ended up convicting a grand total of 86 individuals, according to a 2007 New York Times report. Most of the cases involved felons or immigrants who may not have known they were ineligible to vote.  Not one case involved the only kind of fraud that voter ID could theoretically prevent: impersonation of a registered voter by someone else. Pennsylvania and other voter ID states have, in essence, passed laws that will be highly effective in eradicating unicorns."
07&08 July
none This Week in West Chicago
02  2:30pm» Summer Blood Drive
       7pm» City Council Meeting
03  7pm» District 94 School Board
05  7pm» City Infrastructure Com
       7pm» District 33 School Board
       7pm» Knit Night
West Chicago Rotary Installs New President
rotary"Melody E. Coleman, Administrative Librarian at the West Chicago Public Library District, was installed as the new president of the Rotary Club of West Chicago on June 27."
Fear Factor Challenge at the West Chicago Public Library District
none"Brave souls, aged 8-12 years old, tackled such tests as the blind-folded, fingers-only chocolate rice pudding filled with candy worms challenge, the baby food taste test and, for the finale, the most disgusting green jello filled with cottage cheese and black olives."
Metra Solicits Public Input for New Strategic Plan
none"Furthering its goal of soliciting input and engaging in dialogue with its major stakeholders, Metra is asking its riders, the public, elected officials and others for their help as it begins to craft its first strategic plan in several decades"
Career News - June 2012
none"Attached you will find the June addition of Career News with some great opportunities!  Summer is a great time to explore!!!!  A huge thank you to Susan Rylowicz for volunteering to put together this newsletter."

Community High School District 943 - FINANCE COMMITTEE

  • noneJuly 11, 2012 7:30
  • 11-12 Budget
  • 12-13 Budget
  • Capital Program
  • Other
none DuPage housing group, feds nearing repayment deal
none"The DuPage Housing Authority won’t be required to pay a lump sum amount to the U.S. government after mismanaging more than $10 million in federal funding.  Instead, the Wheaton-based agency is expected to use its nonfederal sources of revenue to gradually return money to its operating fund so it can “benefit the people who need it most,” federal officials said."
Low-interest loans available to repair storm damage
"Disaster recovery loans can help pay for repairs not covered by insurance or help handle immediate costs until insurance payments come in. The treasurer’s office deposits funds into eligible banks to bring down the interest rates and keep the loans affordable, Butterfield said.  Nine banks in DuPage County are approved state depositories. Four of them have shown interest in offering disaster recovery loans, but the treasurer’s office is awaiting confirmation of which banks will be participating in the program."
none Change in Trib Local
none[In case you arenoticing the lack of links to Trib Local, it is because the Trib has outsourced reporting to the Phillipines and locally generated items are no longer posted.  They will be covering things like City Council meetings when the official minutes are found by a reporter's bot in Manilla ... I'll not be linking to two week old news.  Sorry. - Bob]
WGEM Firecracker Regulars: Chicago team makes trip every year
"For the West Chicago Sharks, they've never missed a Firecracker and the meet is their only outdoor event of the summer.  Dan Johnson has coached the team for almost four decades and says the Sharks look forward to the five hour trek for several reasons.  Most notably, Johnson explains that the meet is organized better than most."
none Quinn orders new look at deaths of disabled people
"Gov. Pat Quinn on Friday issued an executive order aimed at plugging a gap that had allowed the deaths of disabled people to go uninvestigated by state officials even when there had been an allegation of abuse or neglect pending when the person died."
Quinn signs super PAC campaign finance law
none"Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill Friday that lifts the state’s campaign contribution limits to candidates once big money starts flowing into a state or local political contest, a move one watchdog group decried as effectively ending limits in any major race."
1,500 ComEd customers still without power - WGN video
"The storms, packing 90 mph winds, downed trees and utility poles. ComEd says it has replaced more than 307,000 feet of overhead wire and cable, enough to stretch from Wrigley Field to the Wisconsin state line."
none First and last days of school to get longer in Illinois
none"... Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill Thursday that requires the first and last days of school to be no shorter than five hours. This essentially ends the long-standing tradition of having short days at the beginning of the school year and only a couple hours of classes on the last day."
none Union fights to keep O'Hare janitor jobs
none"The Service Employees International Union is appealing to the mayor and the city inspector general to head off a $99 million bid from a company that union leaders accuse of undercutting competitors by planning to replace veteran custodians and window cleaners with cheaper labor."
Wal-Mart: 50 Years of Gutting America's Middle Class - Common Dreams
none"In exchange for the many middle-income jobs Walmart eliminated, all we got in return were low-wage jobs for the workers who now toil in its stores. To get by, many Walmart employees have no choice but to rely on food stamps and other public assistance.  Walmart's history is the story of what has gone wrong in the American economy."
none Wisconsin abortions drop more than 7 percent in 20111 - Rockford Register Star
none"It marks the second year in a row that abortions have gone down. Prior to an increase between 2008 and 2009, abortions had dropped for five straight years.  The rate of women aged 15-44 who had an abortion in 2011 was 6.3 per 1,000, down from 6.8 per 1,000 the year before. That is well below the national rate of 16 per 1,000 as of the most recent data available from 2008."

5 Ways Republicans Have Sabotaged Job Growth - Think Progress

  1. noneFilibustering the American Jobs Act
  2. Stonewalling monetary stimulus
  3. Threatening a debt default
  4. Cutting discretionary spending in the debt ceiling deal
  5. Cutting discretionary spending in the budget deal
The Dog That Voted and Other Election Fraud Yarns - Mother Jones
none"It was a startlingly lurid picture—and the latest chapter in a long-simmering feud between Republicans, who claim that fraud is rampant in US elections, and Democrats, who say such charges are merely an excuse to suppress the vote. Still, there was something different about this episode. It wasn't just a one-off bit of bluster during a bitter recount battle. That would have been politics as usual."
05 July

Staying Safe in the Heat -

  • Consider going to one of the DuPage County cooling sites  (Call the site first, to ensure it is open).
  •  Check on children, the elderly and those with functional needs to make sure they're staying safe.
  •  Ensure that your pets' needs for water and shade are being met.
  •  Review the heat safety tips and suggestions on this checklist from the American Red Cross.
Pic of Reed-Kepple Park - Donna May
  • ‘Fingers crossed,’ DuPage towns clean up
    "For many towns, the focus has been on clearing debris from roads and other public areas, and taking down dangling and potentially dangerous tree limbs. The next step is to gather brush piled along residential streets."
  • Residents tell their stories of storm’s hits and misses
    "Neighbors say the family was home at the time of Sunday’s storm, but everyone had taken cover in the basement. No one was hurt.  Ben Stibel, 16, who lives next door, was on his family’s patio removing deck chairs when he saw the trees coming down.  “It was kind of like a domino effect. It was one tree after another,” he said."
DuPage won’t change ballot provider — for now
none"Members of the revamped election board said Monday they want to rebid the multimillion-dollar printing contract Liberty Systems has had since April 2009. The four-year deal, which expires in April, was one of 12 contracts highlighted in a recent report critical of the commission’s procurement and ethics practices."
none State revenue growth might not continue
none"Most of the increases in personal and corporate income taxes were because of the increase in tax rates, COGFA concluded.  However, state sales taxes also showed a $393 million increase for the year, and the sales tax rate was not increased.  COGFA revenue manager Jim Muschinske said Tuesday the agency did not have a breakdown of sales tax information to explain why Illinois revenues remained strong during the recession, outside of noting that “auto sales held up pretty darned well last year.”"
Quinn signs 3 laws for veterans on 4th of July
none"Under a new law sponsored by Republican state senators Pamela Althoff of Crystal Lake and Miek Fortner of West Chicago, veterans will receive a special distinction on their driver's licenses and identification cards so they are easily identified by state agencies. The Illinois Secretary of State will make the change by Jan. 1, 2015."
Bills to require more info on state leases expected to resurface
none"Legislation aimed at disclosing more information about the owners of state-leased buildings and the third-party contractors who manage them is expected to resurface by the legislature’s fall veto session.  Two bills sponsored by state Sen. Susan Garrett, D-Lake Forest, sailed through the Senate during the legislative session that ended on June 1, but went nowhere in the House because of a clerical error."
none Illinois, other states slow to hike minimum school dropout age
none"One of the biggest concerns nationally is the cost. If states simply force unwilling students to spend an extra year or two in school, many teens could stay until they are 18 but still leave without a diploma because of poor grades. And extra counseling and remedial courses to help are expensive.  Twenty-nine states let students leave school before they turn 18. Obama urged lawmakers to require them to stay in school until graduation or age 18."
none Power still out in West Chicago: 'People are taking care of each other'
"The Hams and their neighbors worked outside in the heat on Wednesday, continuing to clear the uprooted old trees and negotiate with ComEd on which trees to cut in order to restore power.  Richard Ham said this is the worst power outage he has seen in the 24 years the couple has lived there."
none 2000 Still Without Power After Sunday Storms, But Taking It All In Stride
"Though they were without power for days, neighbors in one hard-hit part of West Chicago have high praise for ComEd crews who’ve been working around the clock.  As WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports, ComEd said Thursday that its crews had restored power to more than 99 percent of the customers throughout Northern Illinois who lost power during a fast-moving storm this past Sunday."
none How Many Jobs Will the U.S. Lose if Romney Is Elected? - AFL-CIO
"Over the past few decades, we have seen a substantial rise in the share of janitors and security guards who are employed by service contractors. These outsourced workers receive lower pay, unionize at substantially lower rates, and are paid lower union wage premia. [Evidence suggests that benefits decrease with outsourcing, both in an absolute sense and in relation to wages.]"
none Sexuality among key issues Episcopalians will confront at General Convention - Indianapolis Star
none"The two main issues to be discussed at the convention go back to the sexuality issue, said Peter Theusen, chair of the department of religious studies at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. These topics include consideration of a proposed liturgy for the blessing of same-sex unions, as well as the recommendation by the Executive Council not to adopt the Anglican Covenant, which aims to unite the global Anglican Communion."
none dcwg
"Under a court order, expiring July 9, the Internet Systems Consortium is operating replacement DNS servers for the Rove Digital network. This will allow affected networks time to identify infected hosts, and avoid sudden disruption of services to victim machines... This page describes how you can determine if you are infected, and how you can clean infected machines. To check if you’re infected, Click Here."
none States Bucking ‘Obamacare’ Are Among Those With Highest Rates Of Uninsured - TPM
"But many of the states with high-profile conservative governors vowing to stand athwart the ACA’s progress, by refusing to expand their Medicaid programs and erecting hurdles to establishing insurance marketplaces, would stand to gain the most from successful implementation of the law."
03 July

Around and About in West Chicago - 03 July 2012

  • National Pilgrim Virgin Statue of the United State
  • Rail Crossing Improvements EJ&E Railway
  • West Chicago Park District monthly senior citizen social
  • Vacation Bible School
  • 19th annual Fine Arts Fiesta
none Susan Dieterle Stibal - Pic1, Pic2, Pic3, Pic4, Pic4, Pic5
  • Restoration of ComEd power could take days
    "By Monday afternoon, the number of customers without electricity was down to 94,000, ComEd reported.  Of these, 67,000 were in ComEd’s north region stretching from Wheaton up to the Wisconsin border."
  • Arboretum offers tips for handling damaged trees
    none"“Pruning when high winds rip large limbs off a tree can help improve the tree’s structure by removing branches that are weak, dead or diseased,” Plant Information Specialist Doris Taylor of the Arboretum Plant Clinic, said in a written statement. “It is imperative to prune branches with jagged cuts and hanging branches as soon as practical.”"
none West Chicago City Council approves filming on Chicago Avenue
none"The use of 114 Chicago Ave., West Chicago, as a film set will continue through Aug. 20, it was announced in the May 21 meeting minutes by the West Chicago City Council.  The city council approved the filming on an 11-2 vote. Aldermen Nicholas Dzierzanowski and H. Ronald Monroe cast the dissenting votes, and Alderman Kurt Meissner was absent."
none 43,000 ComEd customers still without power
"About 1,400 local technicians and 600 workers from neighboring states, including Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin, are being deployed in the region today, Hernandez said. Crews have restored power to more than 300,000 customers since Sunday's storm."
Quinn faces deadline on gambling expansion
none"A month after approving a new Chicago casino, four other new casinos and slot machines for horse racing tracks, state lawmakers sent the paperwork to the governor late last week.  The move set in motion a 60-day time limit for Quinn to act; otherwise the gambling proposal automatically becomes law Aug. 28."
Quinn's decision to close prison means pain, betrayal to Tamms
""We all know the governor has hard choices to make," said Lamar Houston, 60, Tamms' assistant mayor and the local school board president who works as a lineman for a regional electric cooperative. "In this state, we all have to accept responsibility for budget shortfalls. But you don't take it out on a county with such high unemployment.""
none Fermilab gives final report on hunt for Higgs boson
none"They haven’t found the particle, but months of scouring the data collected by experiments on the Tevatron collider at Fermilab has all but confirmed their predictions."
Illinoisans are consuming less beer
none"The industry group says annual consumption in Illinois fell by three six-packs per person from 2007 to 2011.  Across the state, people consumed about 56 six packs in 2007, and that fell to about 53 six packs in 2011, according to the group."
none Tens Of Thousands Still Without Power After Storms
"ComEd said as of 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, approximately 29,000 customers remained without power, most of them in the northern and western suburbs. More than 600 crews were working to restore service to customers still affected by Sunday’s storm."
none State retirees could benefit from health care decision
"No one knows how much the state will charge for retiree health care premiums. Under a bill recently signed by Quinn, premium-free health care for retirees with 20 years of service will be eliminated. The Department of Central Management Services is supposed to come up with a formula for how much retirees will pay in premiums. That amount will be based on each retiree's pension amount.  Whether state retiree insurance is competitive with what retirees could get under the Affordable Care Act could factor into whether they choose the state health care or the better COLA."

WHAT’S NEW   Robert L. Park Friday, 3 July 2012

none Made in America: Here's What You Say - AFL-CIO
"Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve highlighted American products, jobs and stories for our Made in America series, and we asked for your thoughts. Earlier in June, we rounded up what you told us are your favorite USA-made goods, here. This time around, there have been lots of great comments supporting Buy American, and a few questions."
none Presentation focuses on churches' role in political corruption - State Journal Register
none"But Stahlman particularly has churches in mind, saying they have sat idly by as state legislators have given themselves higher pensions and redirected charitable contributions away from Alzheimer’s research, charities for the homeless, cancer organizations and others to fund state programs."
none Bill O’Reilly Apologizes For His ‘Idiot’ Supreme Court Prediction - TPM
none"“Okay, I’m not really sorry,” he said. “But I am a man of my word, so I apologize for not factoring in the John Roberts situation. Truthfully, I never in a million years thought the Chief Justice would go beyond the scope of the Commerce Clause debate and into taxation. I may be an idiot for not considering that.”  O’Reilly blamed the “kooks” at MSNBC and the “smear site” Media Matters for making a big deal of his March Supreme Court prediction and demanding an apology."
  Is Obamacare’s Individual Mandate Really The Largest Tax Hike In The History Of The World? (CHART) - TPM
none"In the wake of the decision, Rush Limbaugh said, “what we now have is the biggest tax increase in the history of the world.”  But when you compare the projected revenue effect of the individual mandate to the actual revenue effects of other, actually large tax increases, the claim becomes laughable."
30 June & 01 July
none Next Week in West Chicagto
02  2:30pm» Summer Blood Drive
       7pm» City Council Meeting
03  7pm» District 94 School Board
05  7pm» City Infrastructure Com
       7pm» District 33 School Board
       7pm» Knit Night

West Chicago Gets hit by severe weather - FB,

Great Duck Pluck Fundraiser!! - FB, Rosemarie Gray Nolazco
none"The Great Duck Pluck Fundraiser! All proceeds benefit the West Chicago Community Theatre's production of HONK!. Funds will be used for production costs, props, set design and costumes. Each duck costs $5.00. All ducks will then float down the water slides at Turtle Splash Water Park at 7pm on Sunday, July 15. Three ducks will be "plucked" and the 1st prize is $500.00 cash, 2nd prize is $250.00 cash and 3rd prize is $100 cash. Please message me if you would like to purchase a duck or two!!!"
none DuPage Sheriff's son given access to drivers license records
none"The “less than full access” that the now 19-year-old Patrick Zaruba continues to have allows him to view — but not input data to — the Law Enforcement Agencies Data System, which contains information about every licensed driver in Illinois."
none 206,000 ComEd customers lose power
"The line of storms produced wind gusts of 90 mph in Winfield in DuPage County about 12:25 p.m., knocking down trees and damage roofs. The storm produced 80 mph winds in Elmhurst, and 61 mph winds at O'Hare International Airport, 75 mph winds in West Chicago, as well as 1.5-inch hail in Wheaton. For details, check the Chicago Weather Center blog."
St. Charles may cancel fireworks show
"The fireworks are set off on Boy Scout Island, which is an area that juts out from the land along the Fox River, near a boat launch. Because the area is so close to the park, other landscaping, a golf course neighborhoods and the downtown, Young said officials are worried about fire safety."
Chicago Park District says it is 'ill-suited' to care for Viking ship
"The district argued in a petition filed Thursday in Cook County Circuit Court that for financial and functional reasons, the century-old replica would be better off in the hands of non-profit Friends of The Viking Ship Inc."
[Older residents of WC may remember the years this boat spent stored on the West Side. - Bob]
Congress approves deadline for Asian carp report
none"Congress has approved a measure requiring the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to quicken development of a strategy for keeping the Great Lakes free of Asian carp... If signed by President Barack Obama, the measure will set an 18-month deadline for the Army corps to finish its Asian carp plan."
Quinn signs bill cutting lawmakers' pay
none"Gov. Pat Quinn today signed a measure into law that requires lawmakers to take furlough days and skip cost of living raises in the budget year that begins Sunday... It’s estimated the moves will save taxpayers about $900,000 at a time when the state is struggling under billions of dollars in debt."
none Tamms state prison for sale to federal government
"In a letter dated Friday and obtained by The Associated Press, Quinn tells the director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons that the 14-year-old supermax lockup would be a “valuable addition” to the U.S. correctional system.   “Tamms is located in a rural area without major growth around the perimeter of the facility, which adds to the secured environment, but it enjoys access to the Interstate system located only a few miles away,” Quinn wrote to federal prisons director Charles Samuels."
none Freeport Jobs To Be Outsourced At Bain Capital Company, Employees Want Romney To Step In - Progress Illinois
none"In response to more than 170 impending layoffs at Sensata Technologies, a Bain Capital-owned plant slated to be outsourced, a collection of community, religious, and labor leaders have promised to ban together and fight back to save the Freeport jobs.  “When I found out that my job was going to be shipped overseas to China ... at first I was angry, now just five or six months away from unemployment, I’m scared,” said Cheryl Randecker, a Sensata employee who has worked at the plant for 33 years. “As a single mother, I don’t just worry about myself, I actually worry about my daughter.""
Will Obamacare Kill Jobs? A New Study Says No - Forbes
"The nonpartisan Urban Institute decided to find out. It did so by looking at what has happened in Massachusetts, whose health reform law, passed in 2006, is broadly similar. It found no evidence whatever that health care reform, and mandated coverage, killed jobs:"
none Small fire at Kane County religious center investigated - Tribune
"Local authorities are working with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to investigate the fire because of the fire occurring at a religious institution, Gengler said.  The center is run by followers of Hindu spiritual leader Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, known to followers as Amma, meaning mother in several Indian languages."
none Unpopular Mandate - The New Yorker
none"But, whatever the motives of individual politicians, the end result was the same: a policy that once enjoyed broad support within the Republican Party suddenly faced unified opposition—opposition that was echoed, refined, and popularized by other institutions affiliated with the Party."
Darrell Issa Puts Details of Secret Wiretap Applications in Congressional Record - Roll Call
none"The May 24 letter to Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), ranking member on the panel, quotes from and describes in detail a secret wiretap application that has become a point of debate in the GOP’s “Fast and Furious” gun-walking probe.  The wiretap applications are under court seal, and releasing such information to the public would ordinarily be illegal."
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