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30 Aug

Around and About in West Chicago - 31 Aug 2011

  • Chief Ron Ackerman
  • Tuition-free adult classes of English as a Second Language
  • WeGo Drama presents “With Their Eyes”
  • Historical Society Annual Ice Cream Social and Silent Auction
  • First Place for the Legislative Map in Ohio


  • noneSt. Andrew’s Golf & Country Club 85th Anniversary
  • Master Club Fitter and Master Club builder
  • Top 20 Hispanic–owned businesses in Illinois
  • Contributing  to West Chicago Organizations
The Case for the West Chicago Community Recreation Center -
none"Since 1990, the population of West Chicago, Illinois, has doubled, necessitating more community services and, specifically, greater demand for parks and recreational facilities among our seniors, adults and youth. This greater demand was emphasized in 2008 when more than 70 percent of West Chicago residents asked for new indoor recreation space and expanded outdoor recreation facilities, according to a community-wide survey."
none Flu Vaccine Clinic at Neighborhood Resource Centers
none"The West Chicago Police Department will be partnering with Kid Care Medical to provide flu vaccines to children and adults at two Neighborhood Resource Centers (NRCs).  The vaccinations, which are $5 for children and $18 for adults, or free with the AllKids Card through Medicaid, are being offered on the following dates at the listed locations: 
  • September 27, 2011 at the Main Park NRC from 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
  • September 28, 2011 at the Riverwoods NRC from 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and the Main Park NRC from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m.
  • October 4, 2011 at the Riverwoods NRC from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Appointments may be made in advance by calling (630) 231-3304 between 3:00 - 6:00 p.m., or by leaving a message. Walk-ins are also welcome."

Special Events Celebrate West Chicago's Multi-cultural Roots
"West Chicago celebrates its multi-cultural roots this fall with two special events. An Oktoberfest-style community dinner, planned for Friday, September 9, 2011, will honor twenty-seven guests from West Chicago’s sister city, Tuafkirchen (Vils), Germany who arrive on September 2, 2011 for a ten-day visit."
none State Rep. Ramey charged with DUI
none"Carol Stream Police Chief Kevin Orr said Ramey was stopped at 2:10 a.m. Sunday because “he was basically crossing over the centerline on Lies Road” near Bedford Drive.  Orr said Ramey failed four field sobriety tests, before being taken to the police station, where a breath test recorded a .179 percent blood-alcohol concentration, more than twice the legal threshold."
none Hultgren town meeting overflows with opinions
none"Hultgren heard from both sides of the debt ceiling issue, including beliefs about who would be and should be taxed under both Democratic and Republican philosophies. Some came to the meeting with signs that said, “Tax Wall Street millionaires,” and “Jobs Now. No tax breaks for the wealthy.”"
[See also previous posting, Town Hallers Embarrass Rep. Over Bush Tax Cuts. - Bob]
State lawmakers send electric rate bill to Quinn
none"It’s the latest battle over a bill that has raised the hackles of consumer groups because of rate increases they say are overly generous to utility companies and supporters of the measure contend are needed to finance a so-called modern “Smart Grid” that can monitor energy use and reduce waste. The $3 billion, 10-year plan also would give ComEd and Ameren money for basic infrastructure."
New law meant to help smokers kick habit
none"The smoking-cessation programs that insurance companies would be required to offer coverage on include various medical treatments and counseling by physicians."
none Republican state Rep. Randy Ramey cited for drunken driving
none"After being stopped, Ramey told police he had been drinking, failed four field-sobriety tests and registered a .179 blood-alcohol level, which is more than twice the .08 legal driving limit, Carol Stream Police Chief Kevin Orr said."
none Bus service has bumpy start in suburban schools
none"Illinois Central officials said the company has "pulled in numerous additional veteran staff members to our West Chicago-Batavia location in order to alleviate the busing problems as quickly as possible.""
DuPage County Republican chairman Ramey apologizes for DUI stop - Tribune
"“I regret and take full responsibility for my actions, and I am prepared to face the consequences,” Ramey said in a statement. “I am deeply sorry to disappoint my family and my constituents.”"
Changing FOIA
none"Gov. Pat Quinn’s signing of House Bill 1716 amended the state’s Freedom of Information Act laws in four areas... Creates “recurrent requesters” who submit more than seven requests in a week, 15 in a month or 50 in a year and allows government to delay responding to their FOIA requests."
West Chicago Public Library to Survey Patrons
none"The Board of Trustees of the West Chicago Public Library District is conducting a Library Patron Survey online through the Library's web site from September 6 through September 26. You are encouraged to take the survey at ..."
none Separation of Great Lakes, Mississippi River watersheds sought
none"In a letter obtained by The Associated Press, the officials invited colleagues in 27 other states to join a lobbying campaign to separate the two watersheds, contending they have as much to lose as the Great Lakes do from migration of aquatic plants and animals that can do billions in economic damage and starve out native species."
Roskam: Days when government could just write disaster relief check are over
none"Still, he said, “My hunch is that a lot of folks in the middle are saying, ‘Ok, yeah I get that, I understand that’s an obligation of government. But where are you going to come up with (the money)?  Roskam’s comments came as Illinois' two U.S. senators and 17 members of the state's congressional delegation signed a letter to President Barack Obama in support of Gov. Pat Quinn’s request for a federal disaster declaration for three western Illinois counties impacted by storms and flooding late last month. Roskam and U.S. Rep. Judy Biggert, a Hinsdale Republican, did not sign the letter."
eMoneyDaily Siemens (NYSE:SI) Continuing Solar Mission
none"Raj Batra, president, Industry Automation division Siemens (NYSE:SI) said that, “This is a proud day for Siemens as our West Chicago operations will continue to position the company as a leader within the solar industry, and further support the demand for new, clean sources of energy in the US. The production of our solar inverters is helping to transform the American manufacturing landscape from one of blue-collar to green-collar jobs.”"
none Catholic Charities to appeal foster-care ruling
"In his ruling, Schmidt said no one, including Catholic Charities, has a legal right to a contract with state government. He did not address the more sensitive issue of whether a state contractor that refuses to serve gays and lesbians is violating the state’s new civil unions law.  The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services ended $30 million in contracts with Catholic Charities in four church dioceses in July, but Schmidt had temporarily reinstated them while he considered the case."
none CEOs Rake in More than Their Corporations Pay in Taxes - AFL-CIO
none"“Executive Excess 2011: The Massive CEO Rewards for Tax Dodging“ shows the 25 tax-dodging CEOs the IPS report spotlights averaged $16.7 million in pay last year, well above the $10.8 million Standard & Poor’s 500 CEO average. Most of their companies registered substantial profits. Yet these same companies actually came out ahead at tax time. They collected, on average, $413 million in refunds from the IRS."
none Tax Break for Clergy Questioned - Wall Street Journal
"However, some experts are concerned that the new ruling opens the door for the allowance to be applied to multiple homes used by leaders of wealthier ministries.  John "Buck" Chapoton, a former assistant secretary of the Treasury for tax policy, said he believes the decision to broaden the parsonage allowance to include multiple homes "invites abuse.""

Three Charts to Email to Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law - TnoneruthOut

  • "Government spending increased dramatically under Bush. It has not increased much under Obama."
  • "Peoplewho claim that Obama "tripled the deficit" are either misled or are trying to mislead."
  • "The leveling off on the right side of the chart shows what happened as the stimulus started to wind down: job creation leveled off at too low a level."
29 Aug
none Town Hallers Embarrass Rep. Over Bush Tax Cuts - You Tube,
none"Rep. Randy Hultgren (R-IL) was confronted by constituents at a town hall in Geneva over the Bush tax cuts failing to create jobs. The Congressman was stumped and tried to change the subject. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down."
[Would anybody like this openned up as a discussion topic? - Bob]
none Bus Update - Sunday, August 28, 2011
none"Shortly before 1 PM today, I had a conversation with IL Central Director of Operations, Ron Howard, who reported that his company still did not have drivers assigned to all our routes.  They will continue to work through the day in an attempt to cover all routes."

District 33 "News Bites"

none Suburbs fight to keep foreclosed homes maintained
"Feltner, of the Woodstock Institute, said there's a few key ways to tackle the problem. First, every community should have a vacant property registry. Residents should report vacant properties to their local government, but those governments should also be proactive in communicating with the post office, local police and utility companies that already have extensive vacant property lists.  Next, local governments must take the time to go through the legal process and force the responsible parties to the surface. At that point they can be held accountable to local ordinances through fines, condemnation or whatever other measures local laws provide for."
none Problem Solver: West Chicago man upset when dogs called 'pit bulls'
none"Tom Stephenson had his homeowners insurance rescinded on his home in West Chicago, Ill., after his insurance company said he had two pit bulls. But Stephenson has two American Staffordsire Terriers that he says are not pit bulls."
none D303 board took step away from book banners
none"Yes, at its Aug. 15 meeting, it finally was the school board’s turn to weigh in on the formal complaint filed by D303 parent Jennifer noneNazlian. Of course, her protest only came after Fox News nitwit Glenn Beck slammed the book for being a liberal tool of the devil.  To recap, Nazlian declared the paragraph beginning with “Sometimes people discriminate against immigrants” was “so far from the truth,” and she also took issue with a second passage that read, “Jen’s athletic shoes might cost a lot more if they were made in the United States.” Instead, Nazlian said, “We should be buying things locally.”"
Number of young Hispanics in college surges
none"The 24 percent increase — about 350,000 additional young Hispanics in college in 2010 compared to the year before — was reported Thursday in a study of Census data by the Pew Hispanic Center. It’s the largest such increase on record, and is noteworthy because it’s substantially higher than the 7 percent increase in the overall population of Hispanics that age."
none Metra bans laminated passes to deter counterfeiting
none"About 60 percent of Metra riders use monthly passes. Others purchase 10-ride tickets or one-way tickets.  Metra riders generally use clear plastic sleeves, provided by Metra, to protect the paper passes from wear and tear. Conductors can remove the passes to inspect them if they look suspicious, spokeswoman Meg Reile said."
none Lawmaker: Veto could lead influence on contract process
"Schoenberg said a veto override — a clear possibility because SB 178 was approved with veto-proof majorities in the Senate and House — would pave the way for more political influence in the contracting process. The result would be reduced savings for state taxpayers, he said.  “This could open a Pandora’s box of other disgruntled vendors,” he said."
none Church takes step to remove ‘Heavenly Father’ from constitution - The Courier-Journal
"According to a United Church of Christ spokesman, it isn’t news that the liberal Protestant denomination is moving to delete a reference in its constitution from "Heavenly Father" to "Triune God." Decades of theological change lay behind it. Yet now it is putting the change on record."
none Consumer Spending Rebounds - REUTERS
none"The Commerce Department said on Monday consumer spending increased 0.8 percent on strong demand for motor vehicles, after slipping 0.1 percent in June.  Economists had expected spending, which accounts for about 70 percent of U.S. economic activity, to rise 0.5 percent.  When adjusted for inflation, spending rose 0.5 percent last month, the largest gain since a matching increase in December 2009, after being flat in June."
Mass Marketing Goes Platinum - TruthOut
none"Advertising Age, the marketing industry's top publication, has curtly declared that "mass affluence is over." Nearly half of consumer spending today is done by the richest 10 percent of households, and the richest of these richies are deemed to be the most desirable of consumers."
27&28 Aug

This Week in West Chicago

none Winfield leaders say video gambling will help fix roads
none"“I would only vote in favor of it if it were allocated specifically to road repair,” Reyes said. “I am not in favor of wasting any more new revenue on pet projects, silly studies or things that are unnecessary, such as the Riverwalk. We need to give every new revenue source to road repair.”"
none Girls volleyball preview | Players to watch
none"Julia Conard, West Chicago, Sr., OH
Illinois recruit helped put West Chicago back on the map last year."
none Illinois professional licenses website to undergo revamp
none"The site will be designed to give consumers more useable information about licensed professionals and businesses. They include barbers, banks, veterinarians, and architects.  Officials say it will be easier to navigate.  It will also be more convenient to find license applications, renewal forms and other information needed by agency-regulated professions to comply with state law.  The website's URL is "
Law helps Illinois patients denied insurance claims
none"The law, signed Friday, brings state law into line with consumer protections required by the federal Affordable Care Act [AKA ObamaCare - Bob].  The new law also extends appeal rights to consumers whose coverage has been rescinded and consumers who've been denied a benefit due to a pre-existing health condition."
none Schmidt denies regional superintendents' request for pay
none"Illinois’ regional school superintendents might turn to the legislature next after Sangamon County Judge John Schmidt ruled Friday that he does not have the power to force the state to pay their salaries."
none Protecting the Rights of Pregnant Women - AFL-CIO
"Working women make up nearly half of the American workforce. Three quarters of women in today’s workforce will become pregnant while employed. Nearly 30 percent of employed women in the United States take prenatal leave. But for too many women workers, pregnancy leave is simply not affordable. And for low-wage workers like Victoria, it is especially hard."
none Presbyterians Meet To Consider Leaving Church Over Gay Clergy, Other Issues - Huffington Post
none"The Fellowship of Presbyterians plans to continue its meeting Friday to discuss how to reform a denomination that the group's leaders say has become "deathly ill" from declining membership, theological disagreements, increased bureaucracy and, most recently, the contentious debate over gay clergy."
none Congress Passes Socialized Medicine and Mandates Health Insurance -In 1798 - Forbes
"In July of 1798, Congress passed – and President John Adams signed - “An Act for the Relief of Sick and Disabled Seamen.” The law authorized the creation of a government operated marine hospital service and mandated that privately employed sailors be required to purchase health care insurance.  Keep in mind that the 5th Congress did not really need to struggle over the intentions of the drafters of the Constitutions in creating this Act as many of its members were the drafters of the Constitution."
26 Aug

Dear Parents/Guardians: - Moses Cheng
none"As you know, there have been issues with bussing both yesterday and this morning.  We want you to know that the missed routes and late pick-up times are not acceptable to us as well.  Illinois Central is a new bussing company that District 94 has contracted with this year and we are meeting with them this morning to rectify the problems.  It is our priority that students are transported to and from school safely and in a timely manner.  We apologize for the difficulties that have been created and thank you for your understanding and patience with this matter."

Market Day
none"Hoping everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing summer!!! Market noneDay will be in full swing for our first September sale on Thursday, September 8th. Stock up on those lunch items for your children.... Our first sale will be Thursday September 8th at 5:00 p.m. in Commons.   You must place your order by:  Monday, September 5th at 11:00pm CST.  Pick up time is 5:00-5:45 p.m."

  • With any $90 purchase on and promo code: SEPBONUS, customers will receive a Free Apple Pie. 
  • Click on the following website to access Market Day to place your order:
Currently Two Openings on West Chicago Commissions Volunteers Neededdd - FB, Mike Kwasman
none"The City of West Chicago invites residents to consider making a difference for the environment or the arts in the community through public service as a volunteer on either the Environmental or Cultural Arts Commission. There are currently two vacancies in both Commissions."
  • Two Commission Openings
    none"The City of West Chicago invites residents to consider making a difference for the environment or the arts in the community through public service as a volunteer on either the Environmental or Cultural Arts Commission. "
  • Audition Call for The Gallery Theater
    none"The Gallery Theater announces auditions for the mystery spoof Test of Wills. Auditions will be held at Gallery 200/STUDIO, 203 Turner Court, in West Chicago on September 12, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. and September 15, 2011 at 7:00 p.m."
none Will tollway expansion create 120,000 jobs? bs?
none"While projecting construction jobs is fairly straightforward, permanent jobs — some of which are based on expectations of economic development — are a different animal, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign economist Fred Giertz said.  Overall, it’s best to take such job projections with a grain of salt because “almost every estimate is exaggerated for political reasons,” Giertz noted. “The multipliers are wildly optimistic.”"
DuPage leaders: O’Hare bypass not enough
none"As for the long-sought western terminal at O’Hare, there’s uncertainty about when it would be built. It hasn’t been determined who would pay for it.  “I don’t think there’s any doubt that there’s going to be western access,” Soto said. “The question is whether it’s going to include an international terminal or whether it’s going to be a parking facility with people movers.”"
Hultgren addresses Elgin chamber on jobs, D.C. politics
nonenone"Hultgren touched on several issues during the 50-minute chat. He said he voted opposite party lines and against extending the debt ceiling because the final version didn’t include a balanced-budget amendment."
["Opposite party lines" doesn't describe it.  He voted the Tea Party line. - Bob]
none Just hop the train? Fare hikes likely from Metra, too
none"The first is that the troubled economy has caused revenue from the RTA sales tax to plummet. That sales tax is the major funding source for Metra, Pace and the Chicago Transit Authority.  The projected cumulative shortfall in sales tax revenue, from 2008 to 2013, is $350 million, according to Metra.  A second factor is the cost of diesel fuel. This year, diesel fuel will cost Metra about $18.3 million more than budgeted."
none Fox Valley officials break ground for Red Gate Bridge
none"The ceremony came 83 years after such a bridge first was proposed, in the city of St. Charles’ comprehensive plan for 1928. In fact, the ground was being broken about a month after preliminary work for the bridge construction — cutting down trees and moving soil with some equipment much beefier than a hand-operated shovel — had begun on the other side of the Fox River."
Tollway OKs 87 percent toll increase
none"“I don’t want to understate (the cost), but it is what it is,” Weisner said. “The last time I bought a pack of gum it was more than (the cost of the toll increase).”  The 15-year program calls for rebuilding, widening, expanding and overhauling large chunks of the tollway system’s 286 miles of highways: "
none Tolls to rise next year, as construction program begins
none"Destined to pay nearly twice as much in tolls starting Jan. 1, drivers may begin seeing something for their money next spring when work begins on ramps connecting the Tri-State Tollway (Interstate 294) and Interstate 57.  But the biggest traffic project — the rebuilding and widening of the Jane Addams Tollway (Interstate 90) — isn’t scheduled to start until 2013. And yes, that’s the same Jane Addams now being resurfaced, only to be torn up again."
none Appeals court panel won't close Chicago locks over carp -- yet
none"Although the 7th Circuit of Appeals upheld the lower court’s ruling, it disagreed with U.S. District Judge Robert M. Dow’s opinion that the “plaintiffs cannot establish a showing of irreparable harm.”  “We are less sanguine about the prospects of keeping the carp at bay,” the panel wrote. “If the invasion comes to pass, there is little doubt that the harm to the plaintiff states would be irreparable.”"
Quinn defends need for toll increase on eve of vote
none""The tollway has to do what's necessary to protect safety, lessen congestion, make sure that we have roads that are efficient," Quinn said at an unrelated news conference. "Clearly there is public support for making sure that we do this and do it right."  The tollway is seeking to hike the basic I-PASS rate from 40 cents to 75 cents, an 87.5 percent rate increase. Tollway board member Bill Morris has said that big of a jump is unnecessary and argues a 15-cent increase is all that's needed at this time."
none Local jobless rates improve in 11 Illinois metro areas
"Employment was down in local government, construction, tourism and information services. The local rates include Sangamon and Menard counties.  Job growth was fastest in Peoria, where total employment of 184,800 in July was up 3.5 percent from a year earlier. The state employment agency attributes most of the growth to a rebound in manufacturing."

WHAT'S NEW   Robert L Park   Friday, 19 Aug 11

none AFL-CIO head: Labor to ditch Democrats - Politico
"The growing rift between labor and their Democratic allies was on full display Thursday, as AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told reporters that labor groups are planning to scale back their involvement with the Democratic Party in advance of the 2012 elections.  Going forward, Trumka said, the labor movement will build up its own political structures and organizations rather than contribute to and depend on the Democratic Party’s political operation."
none Elmhurst College asks prospective students about sexual orientation - Chicago Sun Times
none"The question will appear on applications for those freshman and transfer students hoping to start in the fall of 2012. Like admissions questions about race, ethnicity or religion, answering the question is completely optional and does not affect admission decisions. Students can check “yes,” “no,” or “prefer not to answer.”  Those who answer “yes” may be eligible for a scholarship worth up to one-third of tuition, not unusual because about 60 percent of incoming students receive some type of scholarship aid, Rold said."
none 100+ CEOs promise no campaign donations - CNN Money
none"It's unclear exactly how much of an impact -- if any -- Schultz's CEO pledge might have. But a relatively small number of Americans do wield an outsized influence when it comes to political donations.  Only 0.04% of Americans give in excess of $200 to candidates, parties or political action committees -- and those donations account for 64.8% of all contributions."
24 Aug

Around and About in West Chicago - 24 Aug 2011

  • Ladies Auxiliary of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6791 65th Anniversary Open House  
  • West Chicago Sister Cities Host Oktoberfest Dinner
  • Historical Society Hosts Annual Ice Cream Social and Silent Auction
  • West Chicago Public Library Recycling
  • 46th Annual New Teachers Luncheon
none Cronin seeking support on DuPage youth home plan
none"But in a surprise 8-8 vote, the DuPage board’s finance committee on Tuesday night failed to give Cronin permission to negotiate a possible agreement with Kane.  Some board members expressed concern that they might be forced to approve the final agreement — even if the financial terms end up being unreasonable. Others pointed to the fact that several judges and law enforcement officials want to see DuPage’s youth home stay open."
none COD campus features new, revamped buildings
none"Now completed is a state-of-the-art homeland security training facility, a culinary and “hospitality center,” a new student hall and a revamp to one-half of the school’s  Berg Instructional Center.  The new construction and renovation is paid for with money raised by a $183 million tax increase approved by voters."
Illinois revokes licenses of 11 health care workers convicted of sex offenses, violent crimes
"The 11 consisted of six physicians and five nurses, and more revocations are expected throughout the week, state officials said... Their crimes included child pornography, battery of a patient and aggravated criminal sexual assault, according to the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation."
Roadside Safety Checks to Promote the Safety and Well-being of Motoring Public
none Other states angling for Illinois businesses
none"Quinn, for his part, talks up Illinois’ successful bid last year to keep Navistar International Corp.’s headquarters in state and bring about 1,000 jobs with it from Indiana.  For months now, though, a number of Illinois businesses have said they just might leave if the state doesn’t listen to their complaints."
Judge delays ruling in regional school superintendents' lawsuit
none"Schmidt said he understands that the superintendents are not being paid, but said the lawsuit involves constitutional issues and he doesn’t want to make a ruling until he’s seen the state’s written arguments. He told attorneys for the state they could not have until Monday to file as requested."
none Perry, Kaisch Deny Jobless Workers $731 Million in Jobless Help - AFL-CIO
none"Just in case anybody wondered if Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) give a whit about jobless workers in their states, we’ve got an answer. They don’t.    Both let a Monday deadline pass to apply for hundreds of millions of dollars—$555 million in Texas and $176 million in Ohio—in federal funds for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits. The money was part of the 2009 economic stimulus package."
none Scientists hint Higgs boson “God particle” may be a mirage - Reuters
none"CERN's statement said new results, which updated findings that caused excitement at another scientific gathering in Grenoble last month, "show that the elusive Higgs particle, if it exists, is running out of places to hide.""
none Bernie Sanders Demands Regulators Enforce Law on Oil Speculation - TPM
none"He cited secret data collected by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission which showed that Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and other banks and hedge funds dominated oil markets in 2008 when prices rose sharply and topped $140 a barrel. The records - first made public by Sanders - shed light on the role of speculators at a time when oil prices soared and the pump price for gasoline spiked to around $4 a gallon."
National Science Foundation Clears 'Climate-Gate' Scientist Of Any Misconduct - TPM
none"In a memo Tuesday, the NSF's Inspector General's office said that "the research in question was originally completed over 10 years ago. Although the subject's data is still available and still the focus of significant critical examination, no direct evidence has been presented that indicates the subject fabricated the raw data he used for his research or falsified his results.""
[After exhoneration by 5 independent investigations, is it about time for Faux News, Limbaugh, Inoufe and all other climate change deniers to apologize to this man? - Bob]
22 Aug
none Library Recycling Event
none"The West Chicago Public Library District will be collecting noneold cell phones and dead household batteries for recycling during the months of August and September of 2011. Members of the Library Green Team will then deliver these items to the DuPage County SCARCE (School & Community Assistance for Recycling & Composting Education) facility in Glen Ellyn.  To learn more about specialized recycling programs visit"
An Introduction to Happy House -
none"A small hot dog joint a little west of the Windy City, Happy House sells true Chicago style hot dogs with Vienna beef plopped right in the center of a golden..."
[This has only 36 views and deserves a lot more. - Bob]
Wall Photos - FB, Mike Kwasman
"West Chicago thanks all that rode to find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes."
Oktoberfest Dinner - FB, Melissa Birch
Sponsor: Sister Cities
Location: VFW Post 6791, 431 N Neltnor Blvd
Time: ‎6:00PM Friday, September 9th
Roadside Safety Checks
none"A Roadside Safety Check will be conducted by the West Chicago Police Department and the DuPage County Sheriff’s Department during the month of August 2011... The safety check will be used to detect persons who are operating a motor vehicle with defective equipment, have no valid driver’s license or permit, no proof of insurance or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs."
none Man hospitalized after found running naked around W. Chicago High School football field
none"According to West Chicago firefighter Kevin Siercocuck, the man, who looked to be in his 40s, had stripped off his clothing and was attempting to play football. Siercocuck said the man appeared to be under the influence of drugs at the time and was taken to Central DuPage Hospital for treatment."
Area existing home sales leap 19.2% over 2010
none"Existing home sales in the area spiked 19.2 percent in July compared to a year ago, the Illinois Association of Realtors reported Thursday.  In the nine-county Chicagoland area, 6,625 single family homes and condominiums were sold during the month, at a median price of $182,500. This price is down 5.4 percent compared to last year in July when it was $193,000."
none Girls volleyball preview | Players to watch
none"Julia Conard, West Chicago, Sr., OH
Illinois recruit helped put West Chicago back on the map last year."
An Old-Fashioned Country Fair at Kline Creek Farm
none"Get the picnic basket ready, hitch up the horses, and straighten your bonnet — the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County’s Kline Creek Farm in West Chicago invites you to a country fair! Join the fun on Sept. 3 and 4 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Reservations are not needed for this free event."
none Quinn signs law to reduce transportation costs for businesses
none"Gov. Pat Quinn signed the bill into law today during an appearance in East Alton. It allows the Illinois Department of Transportation to issue permits for the larger loads for travel on state highways if the load is going less than 5 miles and won't harm pavement conditions.  Previously, such loads had to be broken into separate shipments to meet truck weight limits, increasing costs."
none Illinois scientific surveys hit funding roadblock
none"The Illinois Natural History Survey, Illinois State Water Survey, Illinois State Geological Survey, Illinois State Archaeological Survey and Illinois Sustainable Technology Institute last year shared a state appropriation of $15.8 million."
Report: Purchase points moved to avoid Chicago tax
none"The strategy makes no difference for a retailer such as a grocer, where customers leave the store with the product. But Illinois is among a few states that apply sales tax where an offer is accepted rather than where a product is delivered to a customer. A sale based on an order that is delivered later can be accepted away from the store."
none Illinois scientific surveys hit funding roadblock
none"“Our funding is in the budget implementation bill,” Miller said. “It’s complicated. I’ve been in state government 26 years, and I’d never heard of (the budget implementation bill) until two years ago.”  Miller said the House and Senate disagreed this spring over some items in the bill.  “The disagreement was not over our funding,” he said. “They just ran out of time to resolve all those issues in that bill.”"
none One in Four California Families Can't Afford Food for Their Kids - TruthOut
"One in four California households with children reported food hardship, according to a new analysis of Gallup data released last Thursday by the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC)... “It sends a clear signal of economic distress, particularly for families with children,” noted James Weill, president of FRAC. “The answers to the question reveal there are times that these families are going without eating a meal, or the parents are skipping a meal for their children, or children are skipping meals.”"
none Why Is the Military Spending Millions on Christian Contractors Bent on Evangelizing US Soldiers? - Alternet
none"The site regularly used by Fort Sill, for example, is Oakridge Camp & Retreat Center, which has received over $500,000 in DoD contracts and has hosted approximately 60 retreats. Oakridge not only requires its employees to be Christians, but even goes as far as requiring on its employment application that the applicant state their views on issues such as abortion and homosexuality. While a private religious organization is free to impose a religious test on its staff, it is quite a different matter for a DoD contractor to do this. And, in the case of Oakridge, it is not only the facility's staff who must adhere to the its Christian beliefs, but all of its guests as well, including the soldiers attending Fort Sill's Strong Bonds and Spiritual Fitness retreats."
What is Dominionism? God, Guns and Greed - PoliticusUSA
Vogue CoverMichelle Bachman"This will be the season, even more than 2008, of Dominionist Trojan Horse candidates. With the struggling economy, angry electorate and greedy corporations lurking at the door, our nation is vulnerable to a takeover masquerading itself as common sense values from the heartland. "
none Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2 Trillion From Fed - Bloomberg
none"Two weeks after Lehman’s bankruptcy in September 2008, Morgan Stanley countered concerns that it might be next to go by announcing it had “strong capital and liquidity positions.” The statement, in a Sept. 29, 2008, press release about a $9 billion investment from Tokyo-based Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc., said nothing about Morgan Stanley’s Fed loans.  That was the same day as the firm’s $107.3 billion peak in borrowing from the central bank, which was the source of almost all of Morgan Stanley’s available cash, according to the lending data and documents released more than two years later by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission."
20&21 Aug
none Next Week in West Chicago
22  10am» Children’s Story Hour
       1:30pm» Children’s Farm Chores
       7pm» City Public Affairs Com
25  1:30pm» Children’s Farm Chores
       7pm» City Finance Com
27  12pm» Annual Salad Luncheon
       1:30pm» Blacksmithing Demonstrations
       8pm» Volunteer Native-Plant-Nursery Workday
Coffee with the Mayor - FB, Annie Ooton
none"Coffee with the Mayor this morning was an enlightening and positive experience. I will be attending more often and would encourage others to do so as well if you can. It was nice to see someone from District 94 there and disheartening and frustrating to see that not one of the highest paid administrators from District 33 could bother to show up. Thanks Mike and Mr. Early and Al Murphy and those whom I've forgotten for doing what you do."
none Proposed toll hike drawing crowds, prompting rift at agency
none"The 35-cent toll hike would fund the tollway's proposed $12 billion construction program for the next 15 years. It's twice as big as the tollway rebuilding program launched in 2004.  The program includes billions for maintenance of the 286-mile system, including the rebuilding and widening of the Jane Addamss Memorial Tollway (Interstate-90)."
none DuPage groups work to provide school supplies for families in need
none"After mini-shopping sprees, many students eagerly await a chance to show off their new fashions.  However, for an increasing number of children in DuPage County, it also brings with it the fear of showing up without even the most basic necessities, such as school supplies. But many of the county’s school districts and charitable organizations hope to ease that fear for as many children as they can."
Kane officials have questions about taking DuPage’s juveniles
none"Early versions of the plan involve Kane County receiving a daily, per-inmate fee to take all of DuPage’s juvenile offenders. In trade, DuPage County would also receive a daily fee to take Kane’s work release inmates. The deal was pitched as a money-saver for DuPage and a revenue-generator for Kane."
none Regional school chiefs sue to get paid by state
none"The elected school chiefs inspect local public schools, do employee background checks, certify teachers, operate area alternative schools and more. But Quinn calls them unnecessary bureaucrats and halted more than $10 million to operate their offices for the budget year that began July 1."
High-tech police training center to open at College of DuPage
none"Dubbed the “Immersive Interior Training Lab,” it’s part of the new Homeland Security Education Center at College of DuPage, a $25 million facility designed to provide realistic training for police, firefighters and other first responders."
none How Washington Could Create Jobs Right Now - TruthOut
"I especially like this one: "Kick any CEO off of federal advisory boards or jobs councils who has: (1) not created net new American jobs over the past five years, or (2) is expanding the company's foreign workforce at a faster rate than its domestic workforce. Replace them with CEOs who are committed to investing in America. Shame is a good motivator.""
none Did Rick Perry Turn Texas Public Schools Into Creationism Indoctrination Centers? - TPM
none"But Perry's precise words -- "in Texas we teach both creationism and evolution in our public schools" -- weren't exactly spoken in error. Texas biology teachers must teach evolution, can't teach Creationism, and can't teach Intelligent Design or any other forms of crypto-Creationism. But the state's curriculum does require schools to teach students to analyze and critique all scientific theories. And that means conservatives like Perry can pretend a loophole exists."
none Electric cars get a charge out of Portland street - SF Gate
none""noneThe biggest unknown right now is driver behavior, and all the factors that go into what a driver is willing to do," said Shad Balch, a spokesman for General Motors, which is selling the all-electric Chevrolet Volt. "All of these things will help drive what we do next as far as creating a market for electric vehicles.""
The MI GOP freakout cont'd: Robocalls warn against identity theft from signing petitions-AUDIO link - Daily Kos
none"This is an identity theft alert. Petitions are being circulated door-to-door and at public locations throughout the county that require your name, your address and your signature. The State of Michigan does not require a license or bond for signature gatherers and anyone can collect signatures regardless of their police record."
[When a group resorts to this, do you conclude that THEY THINK they have no good arguments that could convince you they are right?  The Reps should spend some of those millions on commercials repudiating this. - Bob]
19 Aug
none Hultgren gets cheers, boos during tax talk in Geneva
none"Some constituents held signs that read “Where are the jobs?” and “Tax Wall Street Millionaires.” Others stood outside with a greeting of “Throw the bum out” while passing out literature with a photo altered to show President Barack Obama with crossed eyes and a Hitler-esque mustache."
[Hultgren is NOT a member of the House TeaParty caucus, but unless (or until) he has the guts/will to defy them, does it really matter? - Bob]
DuPage Housing board adopts ethics ordinance
none"Peter Lennon, the authority’s interim executive director, said the measures bring the Wheaton-based agency into conformance with what DuPage County government is doing.  “A lot of these policies are based upon a review of DuPage County’s policies,” he said.  The new policies, which include stricter travel guidelines, are being praised by county board Chairman Dan Cronin."
Islamic group seeks exception to DuPage height rules
"Meanwhile, a collection of Islamic organizations in the Chicago area is calling on DuPage to consider modifying a 36-foot height restriction in unincorporated residential neighborhoods to make the rule “more accepting” of religious design elements.  The Muslim Educational and Cultural Center of America is one of two Islamic groups to be denied a height variance request this year by DuPage."
none Catholic Charities loses ruling on foster care
none"But Schmidt wrote in his ruling released Thursday that the longevity of the relationship between the state and Catholic Charities in Joliet, Peoria, Springfield and Belleville did not entitle them to automatic renewal of their contracts.  "No citizen has a recognized legal right to a contract with the government," Schmidt wrote."
none Constituents at Sandwich town hall session press Rep. Hultgren to tax the rich
none"A number of his constituents sent a clear message to U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren on Wednesday night — go ahead and raise taxes.  “Stop coddling the mega-rich,” said David Edelman, an Oswego resident, quoting America’s wealthiest taxpayer, Warren Buffett. “Everyone understands we have a problem, and the solution is shared sacrifice.”  Edelman and about a hundred others crowded the chambers of the Sandwich City Council on Wednesday for an hour-long townhall-style forum with Hultgren..."
DuPage environment panel mulls flood issues
none"Overdevelopment is part of the problem, the group says. There are certain areas where they think anyone planning to build should be fully informed of the site’s potential — even if it’s relatively minor — to experience a catastrophic flood. Commissioner J. David Mullan said the discussion needs to convey that possibility, rather than centering on 100- and 500-year floods."
none Under new law, don't do the crime if you can't pay for cops' time
none"Under the new law, anyone found guilty of dealing drugs or an associated crime will face additional fines. In addition to helping fund law enforcement agencies, who will receive the fine revenues, officials hope the measure will be an added deterrent to dealers."
White questions exempting Amish photos on ID cards
"Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White says lawmakers may want to reconsider a new law that paves the way to exempt the Amish from having pictures on identification cards.  White says he doesn't understand how the cards can be used as identification if there are no pictures. White's office issues state identification cards and drivers' licenses."
IBM returns $30M to U. of I. for abandoning supercomputer project
none"The computer giant dropped out of the project to build one of the world's fastest supercomputers, saying it requires too much nonefinancial and technical support. The move leaves the university looking for someone to build the $300 million-plus system it still hopes to deliver by the fall of 2012.  University officials say the goal of building a sustained-petascale supercomputer remains achievable in a timely manner. Melchi says it is still too early to say who the next vendor will be."
none State GOP committee to impose term limits on members
none"“If the Republican Party wants to again become the majority party in Illinois, we have to be open and welcoming to new voters and new ideas,” Oberweis said. “I want to let them know that this is not a closed society like it used to be under Mr. Kjellander and Cellini and so on, that we welcome new ideas.”"
none Highway workers back toll increase to fund major roadbuilding effort - Beacon News
"Cory Johnson is a union representative and Yorkville resident who came to a public hearing at the Kane County Government Center on Tuesday to support a new capital plan for the Illinois Tollway — and the higher tolls proposed to finance the plan...  It would go a long way toward putting construction workers, engineers and other professionals back to work, he said.  “Good jobs don’t grow on trees,” he said. “They grow when we build things.”"
none Summary Judgment in Catholic Charities Case against DCFSS - ACLU
none"The primary goal in foster care and adoptive services must be the best interest of the children in need of loving, secure homes. The State has a responsibility and constitutional obligation to assure that all decisions about foster and permanent homes for children are made in the best interest of the child – not other factors including the religious views of the contractual provider."
none We have been here before - The Economist
"THERE have been some sweeping historical claims made in the wake of last week's unrest, with commentators of left and right decrying an unprecedented collapse in moral standards, parenting and discipline among the young. There have been cultural claims too, with calls to blame African-American rap music from broadcast."
A ‘policy-induced slowdown’ - Washington Post
"In other words: Growth is weak and policymakers are hurting rather than helping. The debt-ceiling debate hurt. The dithering response to the euro zone’s debt crisis hurt. And the expected austerity in both the United States and Europe is going to hurt even more."
17 Aug

Wisconsin Recalls over... score Rep-4 and Dem-5 ... Reps Claim Victory. If so, the loser is reality.  Five is greater than Four. - Bob (BS, MA math NMU)

*  *  *  *


Around and About in West Chicago - 17 Aug 2011

  • Memorial Garden in Reed-Keppler Park
  • Wildcat Sports Festival
  • Uttarayan Style Kite Flying Festival
  • Brilliance in Business Awards Program
none DuPage’s youth home debate continuess
"But on Tuesday, Berlin joined a list of judges and law enforcement officials who say it would be better to set aside money in the 2012 budget to keep the DuPage facility open.  “We’ve made tremendous progress with our juveniles in this county,” Berlin said. “We have a great juvenile justice system. We’re recognized leaders.  “If there’s a way to make cuts elsewhere and use that money to keep it (the youth home) open, I think that’s the way to go,” he said."
none Illinois students inch up ACT scores
none"Results of the ACT college entrance exam offered a sobering portrait of students ending their high school years, with only a quarter of graduates who took the test nationwide posting scores high enough to be considered college-ready in all main academic areas."
West Chicago Police and YMCA Partnered to Provide Youths with a Week of Fun in a Safe Environment

Model trains stolen at DuPage County Fair and more

  • none"Two model trains were stolen from display cases at the DuPage County Fair between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. August 14."
  • "A 19-year-old-woman of the 1200 block of Elizabeth Street in West Chicago was arrested at 10:08 p.m. August 4 in the 600 block of Delles Road and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis."
  • "Two 20-year-old-women were arrested at 6:12 p.m. August 2 in the 400 block of S. County Farm Road. Both women, of the 300 and 400 blocks of Stimmel Street in West Chicago were charged with retail theft."
none Illinois denies tax exemption to Chicago, Naperville hospitals
none"Northwestern Memorial's Prentice Women's Hospital in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood, Edward Hospital in Naperville and Decatur Memorial Hospital in Decatur were informed of the decisions Tuesday morning, Revenue Department officials told The Associated Press.  They follow last year's Illinois Supreme Court ruling that found a central Illinois hospital wasn't doing enough free or discounted treatment of the poor to qualify for an exemption, obligating it to pay $1.2 million in local property tax payments per year."
  • Quinn goes after gambling bill at state fair
    none""I don't think we can have what's called cannibalization of gaming in Illinois, where there's so many different places there's gambling that it ends up hurting the overall product," Quinn said. "We have to do this in a prudent way."  Lawmakers haven't sent the gambling bill to Quinn out of fear he will veto it, and the governor continued his practice of picking apart the measure without saying whether he would reject it or sign it."
  • Quinn to Rahm: Slow down on Chicago casino
none Test shows quarter of Illinois students college ready
"The graduates appear to be least prepared for college science courses. Only 28 percent of the 2011 Illinois graduating class scored high enough to predict they may get a C or better in the typical college freshmen biology course."
none Lawmakers extend status quo for state employee health plans
none"State officials received the go-ahead Tuesday to work out extensions of temporary contracts with Health Alliance and several other insurance companies so health plans serving almost 200,000 state employees, retirees and dependents can continue through June 30."
none Election Day Registration People’s Veto Campaign - AFL-CIO
"After Maine Gov. Paul LePage and the state legislature repealed the state’s Election Day voter registration earlier this year, the Protect Maine Votes coalition, which includes the Maine AFL-CIO, went to work gathering signatures to put repeal of the measure before voters this fall. Last week, the coalition submitted 69,296 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office, well above the 52,277 needed for the referendum to qualify."
none Catholic Charities, Illinois make arguments in adoption lawsuit - Rockford Register Star
none"“There has to be grounds in Illinois law for (canceling the contracts),” said Thomas Brejcha, an attorney for Catholic Charities. “There is none.” 
Attorneys for the state said state law does not allow discrimination against gay couples. They also said it is the state’s prerogative to set out contract terms within the boundaries of the law.  “Contracts must contain a provision to comply with civil unions,” said Assistant Attorney General Deborah Barnes. “Catholic Charities aren’t required to provide adoptive or foster care. They are completely free not to enter into contracts.”"
none Warren Buffet Calls Out GOP Over Taxes - NY Times
none"“I have worked with investors for 60 years and I have yet to see anyone – not even when capital gains rates were 39.9 percent in 1976-77 – shy away from a sensible investment because of the tax rate on the potential gain. People invest to make money, and potential taxes have never scared them off.”"
David Stockman bombshell: How my Republican Party destroyed the American economy. - Think Progress
"The “debt explosion has resulted not from big spending by the Democrats, but instead the Republican Party’s embrace, about three decades ago, of the insidious doctrine that deficits don’t matter if they result from tax cuts.”"
15 Aug
"Community High School District 94 in West Chicago would like to invite the community to our 2nd Annual Wildcat Sports Festival. 
     Friday - August 19, 2011,
     4:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Click here for full schedule and details
We look forward to seeing all of you there!!"
none 16th Senior Lifestyle expo
"The West Chicago Park district is planning a day trip to the 16th annual Senior Lifestyle Expo, Chicagoland’s largest event for active adults 50 and over on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Drury Lane Theater and Conference Center. The $5 fee covers admission and transportation."
none Roadway Safety Campaign
none"The West Chicago Police Department announced that Campaign #7 of the Illinois Department of Transportation funded grant was successful in educating the motoring public on child restraint, seatbelt, speeding, and alcohol related violations."
West Chicago Police and YMCA - Week of Fun in a Safe Environment
none"A successful partnership between the B.R. Ryall YMCA of Northwestern DuPage County and the City of West Chicago Police Department's Neighborhood Resource Centers resulted in over 100 West Chicago children enjoying a weeklong adventure of fun with friends."
none Grants allow Illinois parks to hire 760 teen workers
none"Gov. Pat Quinn’s budget spokeswoman Kelly Kraft said Quinn set aside $8 million from his discretionary money to pay for the jobs through the Illinois Youth Corps program.  That money — which aimed to create 3,100 new jobs — wasn’t available to spend until the state’s fiscal year began July 1, well past the time most districts do their summer hiring."
none Metra eyes lesser cuts, but fare hikes loom larger
none"The commuter rail agency’s directors threw cold water on a plan floated last month to cut 31 weekday trains on 10 of Metra’s 11 lines. They seemed more receptive to a less-severe option, introduced Friday, that calls for trimming weekend service on three lines and two little-used daily runs."
Hultgren shares views on debt, jobs
none"Asked about unemployment, he reiterated his stance that increased taxes will only hurt, and said lawmakers can help businesses by “reigning in bureaucracy.”"
[OK, so he doesn't have a jobs bill... he's offerening lower taxes for corps and lead paint toys for your kids... isn't that enough? - Bob]
none Quinn signs Let Them Rest in Peace Act
none"The measure updates the Let Them Rest in Peace Act, spearheaded by Quinn while he was still lieutenant governor and enacted by former Gov. Rod Blagojevich in 2006. Keeping with the spirit of the old law, it bans picketing 30 minutes before and after military funerals, but it keeps protesters further at bay by increasing the distance they must maintain from 200 to 300 feet."
none Preservation group lists top Illinois success stories
none"“Everybody is suffering from drying up sources of funding,” Peters said. “But a lot of these projects actually were done by communities where state funding was not key.”  He said private funds and community support will play an increasing role in preservation efforts in Illinois and elsewhere."
none Victory for Workers’ Rights in Santa Barbara ‘News-Press Mess’ - AFL-CIO
"During the past five years, McCaw has proved to be one of the most blatantly anti-union employers in California, if not the whole country. She has racked up more than 25 violations of federal labor law, lost four trials before federal labor law judges, and two out of four appeals so far, with two still pending before the NLRB. One judge cited News-Press management for its “widespread, general disregard for the fundamental rights of the employees.”"
none News: Fall From Grace - Inside Higher Ed - Inside Higher Ed
"The professors were not disavowing the role of God or of their church, but were arguing that modern science challenges traditional, literal readings of the Book of Genesis in ways that may require theological shifts.  Nonetheless, the reaction from readers of The Banner, as expressed in many (but not all) comments on the website, was clear: no deviation from Genesis as literal truth could be tolerated."
none Fox News falls for Islamic ban on padded bras hoax
none"Salon reports that the story originated on an Onion-like satirical site in Pakistan called Roznama Jawani.  Today Roznama Jawani carries headlines such as “Columbus Sends Message from Grave. Regrets Finding America” and “Intel’s latest AI Chip Inspired by Indian Prime Minister”."
Most Americans can't afford a $1,000 emergency expense - TPM
"Alternatively, 12% of the respondents said they would have to sell or pawn some assets to come up with $1,000 and 9% said they would need to take out a loan. Another 9% said they would get a cash advance from a credit card, according to the NFCC."
13&14 Aug
Dow 36,000: The New Strategy for Profiting From the Coming Rise in the Stock Market (Paperback) - Amazon
[I will trade a printout of the Ryan Budget for a lightly used copy of this... even up. - Bob]

Next Week in West Chicago

none Metra board shows little support for cutting weekday trains
"Metra’s board today threw cold water on a proposal unveiled last month to eliminate 31 weekday trains.  Board members took no formal vote but expressed disfavor with any significant service cuts.  “We’re not in the business of cutting service,” board member Jim LaBelle said."
none Illinois' local governments to get review
none"Illinois officials hope a new commission can come up with ways to trim the state's huge number of local government agencies... Illinois has more than 7,000 units of local government, from counties to townships to mosquito-abatement districts. That's far more than any other state."
Quinn signs law allowing use of recycled asphalt
none"The measure allows the Illinois Department of Transportation to use asphalt made from recycled roofing shingles.  House Bill 1326 also instructs IDOT to use recycled materials in its projects as much as possible, a move Quinn's office says will save $8 million a year."
IDOT official suspended after seat-belt violation
none"The State Journal-Register reports that the deputy director of traffic safety at the Illinois Department of Transportation is being disciplined for allegedly driving without wearing a seat belt.  Roy Dolgos, 66, was given a 15-day suspension without pay after the Aug. 1 traffic stop by Springfield police, the newspaper reports."
none House leaders mum on pension reform negotiations
none"Madigan and Cross co-sponsored Senate Bill 512 in the House, which gives state employees three options for their pensions:
  * Keep the same level of benefits but pay more;
  * Accept the reduced benefits approved last year for new employees; or
  * Choose a defined-contribution plan commonly known as a 401(k)."
Illinois gambling bill still up in the air
none"The legislation would allow for five new casinos, expanded gambling at 10 existing casinos and the addition of slot machines at racetracks, including at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield. Among the new gaming facilities would be Chicago’s first casino, an element strongly supported by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  Supporters of the measure are outpacing opponents in calls and emails to the governor’s office. A Quinn spokeswoman said 11,064 people have expressed support, while 2,961 are opposed."

WHAT'S NEW   Robert L Park   Friday, 12 Aug 11

none Union: 'Very high' chance of strike by teachers - Chicago Breaking News
"The union now must reach a higher threshold of 75 percent of members voting to strike. And the reforms lengthen the timeline, requiring steps that would take four to six months before a union can strike after an impasse has been reached.  While acknowledging that heading to a strike is now a longer process, Lewis said the 75 percent threshold can be reached."
Hot Dog! Working Families Bring the Heat to Lawmakers
"The West Virginia AFL-CIO and allied groups are holding 10 “Help the Really Rich Hot Dog Sales” around the Mountain State Saturday and Sunday. In honor of the 76th anniversary of President Franklin Roosevelt’s signing of the Social Security Act, the dogs will go for just 5 cents each—don’t know if chili and slaw are extra."
none United Nations Affirms the Human Right to Blaspheme
"Late last month, the UN issued a new statement on the extent of freedom of speech under international law. It says that laws restricting blasphemy as such are incompatible with universal human rights standards.  The statement came from the Human Rights Committee, the body of eighteen “independent experts” mandated to monitor compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, or ICCPR, the 1966 human rights treaty that provides for freedom of opinion and expression and other fundamental rights."
none Who’s Really Responsible For U.S. Debt Downgrade - TPM
"Now that Standard & Poors has confirmed that the chorus of default doubters in the GOP was part of what spooked them into downgrading the U.S. credit rating, Republicans will do all they can to pretend that they never questioned the risk of missing payment obligations, or allowing borrowing authority to lapse. But they sure did! Here's a long, partial timeline of influential Republicans either vouchsafing default, or downplaying the consequences of passing the August 2 deadline without raising the debt limit."
12 Aug
none Events in DuPage Forest Preserves: Aug. 22 – 28
22  10am» Children’s Story Hour
       1:30pm» Children’s Farm Chores
25  1:30pm» Children’s Farm Chores
27  1:30pm» Blacksmithing Demonstrations
       8pm» Volunteer Native-Plant-Nursery Workday
Reminder: Seventh Annual Family Golf Outing
nonenone"There are NO tee times, so it's first come, first putt.  Feel free to invite and challenge your friends!!!"
Town Hall Meeting - FB, Susan Dieterle Stibal
noneTime:  Wednesday, August 17 · 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Location:  West Chicago Fire Protection District Station, 21651 Atlantic Drive
"We are interested in receiving your input for future planning at the West Chicago Park District. Accurately identifying the recreational needs of the community is the purpose of these meetings."
Washington Street Pavement Rehabilitation Project Enters Stage 2
none"Stage 2 is tentatively scheduled to begin between the dates of Monday, August 15, 2011 and Friday, August 19, 2011, weather permitting. All construction is scheduled to be completed by October 2011.
none Far fewer foreclosures in suburbs, but it’s false hope
none"DuPage County as well as the state overall saw record decreases in foreclosures during July compared to a year ago, according to a report expected to be released today by RealtyTrac Inc.   Other suburban counties also saw large drops ranging from 40 percent in Lake County to 57 percent in Kane County. DuPage County dropped 64 percent."
none Hultgren shares views on debt, jobs
none"Hultgren, who garnered tea party support when running for the office, said he was frustrated the debt ceiling issue was not addressed sooner. While he said he did not want to see the country default, he also wanted structural changes to rein in spending sooner rather than later.  “I said we have to make sure we have real cuts right now because people don’t trust us to say, ‘Yeah we’re going to cut in 10 years,’” he said."
Washington Street Pavement Rehabilitation Project Stage 2
none DuPage County eyes ways to grow greener: recycling, conservation
none"Among the suggestions that already have been addressed are the green roof recently installed atop the cafeteria area of the Jack T. Knuepfer Administration Building, the business center of the county complex in Wheaton. The county’s vehicle policies have been amended to boost the segment of hybrid and alternative-fuel trucks and cars in the fleet. Currently more than one-third of the 500 road vehicles are earth-friendly."
none Safe haven law for abandoned newborns expands
none"“Every parent wants their child to be raised in a healthy, happy environment,” said Gov. Pat Quinn, who signed the measure into law today at the University of Illinois-Chicago. “Expanding our safe haven laws to include universities and Illinois State Police facilities will help make sure that more parents are able to relinquish infants in a safe and legal way.”"
none Illinois Warrior Assistance Program helps veterans
none"A state program offers confidential help for veterans who might be suffering from such injuries as post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury.  The Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs says its Illinois Warrior Assistance Program offers confidential help for veterans trying to transition back to their everyday lives."
none Kirk encouraged by makeup of budget 'super committee'
none"On the federal budget, the first-term senator pointed in particular to two of the 12 members of the congressional “super committee,” Sens. Max Baucus, D-Mont., and Rob Portman, R-Ohio. Both have “extremely good records when they’ve been allowed to build a bipartisan consensus,” he said."
none The Next Labor Vs. GOP Fight: Ohio - TPM
"Over in Ohio, where Gov. John Kasich passed similar legislation, labor and other liberal groups have pursued a different tack under that state's election procedures: Triggering a referendum for this November, in which voters will be able to strike down the legislation directly, and which has in fact placed the very law itself on hold pending their decision."
none Willow Creek pastor clarifies stance on gays - Chicago Breaking News
none"“We challenge homosexuals and heterosexuals to live out the sexual ethics taught in Scriptures, which encourage sexual expression between a man and a woman in the context of marriage,” said Hybels, senior pastor of Willow Creek. He added that the Bible prescribes “sexual abstinence and purity for everyone else.”  This week, Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks Coffee Co., canceled his scheduled appearance after a petition posted at asked him to denounce Willow’s views about homosexuality before speaking there."
none How Almost Everyone Just Got Screwed In One Chart - MoveOn.Org
"The devil is in the details. Here’s a comparison of what is in the debt deal from last week, both for the haves and for the have-nots."
Congressional Democrats On The Comeback In The Polls - TPM
"Gallup also asked registered voters how a Tea Party endorsement would affect their likelihood of voting for a congressional candidate. The effect is nearly 2-to-1 negative, with 42% saying they would be less likely to vote for such a candidate versus 23% saying they would be more likely. About a third say it would make no difference or are unsure."
10 Aug
none Around and About in West Chicago - 10 Aug 2011
  • Elementary School District 33 Transportation
  • Rep Randy Ramey Seventh Annual Family Golf Outing
  • Washington Street Pavement Rehab Project
  • Potential Acquisition of 151 West Washington Street
  • Citywide Metering infrastructure

August E-Newsletter

  • Ethics Reform Package
  • Governor Signs Two of My Bills
  • Upcoming Events
none City Honors Retiring Fire Chief
none"In a special presentation at the West Chicago City Council meeting on August 1, 2011, an Official Proclamation was read honoring West Chicago Fire Protection District Chief Ron Ackerman on the occasion of his retirement after 31 years of service to the community."
none School Bus Route Information
none"West Chicago Community High School  has contracted with a new bus company, Illinois Central, and as a result there will be some changes from the previous bus service.  Route numbers and pick-up locations  will remain the same, but some pick-up times have been revised to an earlier schedule.  Be certain to check the ( school web site for the revised pick-up times.  Also, bus information will be available in the commons during Orientation Days on the August 9th (freshmen only), and August 10th and 11th (sophomore-senior)."
Morning Bus Routes
Afternoon Bus Routes
none Free Saturday program lets kids get physical
"Designed to improve the overall health and fitness of children in the West Chicago community, kids ages 5-12 will be movin’ and groovin’ to a healthier lifestyle Saturday mornings beginning Sept. 3 and running through Oct. 29, from 9-11 a.m. The first session kicks off at Turtle Splash Water Park, 129 W. National Street. All other sessions will meet in the Middle School gym, 238 E. Hazel St."
none You paid $1.7 million for legislators' mileage, daily allowance
none"“A democracy isn't cheap to run,” said Republican state Rep. Mike Tryon of Crystal Lake. “I don't think the taxpayers expect you to eat the cost of the mileage or the cost of living in Springfield. Your costs of doing the job need to be reimbursed.”  But some government watchdog groups argue that legislators already are being reimbursed for doing the job."
How many civil union licenses have been issued in suburbs?
none"In DuPage County, 110 couples had received civil union licenses, and 1,176 couple had received marriage licenses... Not all of the couples getting civil unions are same-sex pairs, officials said."
DuPage might pay regional superintendent’s salary
none"DuPage already is contributing $30,000 to Ruscitti’s annual salary. If the latest proposal is adopted, it would cost the county an additional $42,500. DuPage would try to recoup the money later from the state.  Board member Don Puchalski says the county’s financial support makes sense considering the size of Ruscitti’s office and the number of services it provides."
none Schools crack down on parents over fees
none"Illinois law states school districts can’t punish or discriminate against students if parents don’t pay fees, but oversight is limited and only minor penalties apply if districts violate the law, the Tribune has found."
Free Saturday program lets kids get physical
none"Participants will be divided in age appropriate groups and must wear gym shoes. A healthy snack will be provided each week. In addition, an informational packet with a variety of daily activities will also be given to every child at the end of each session. Children keeping track of their daily activity will receive points to redeem for prizes."
West Chicago community plans Sept. 11 observance for 10th anniversary
none"Designed for children and adults, the Observance aims to educate, inspire and commemorate the events of that fateful day, while paying homage to the fallen. In addition, the ceremony will pay tribute to our daily heroes who risk their lives every day to protect us and our nation including our armed forces, police officers, and fire protection personnel. "
WC United Girls Soccer Win 3V3 Trifecta
none"The West Chicago U12 girl’s 3v3 soccer team has started off the 3v3 season with a perfect record of first place finishes! The girls competed in the Kick-it 3v3 sectional tournament in Des Moines, Iowa and went undefeated to win the tournament."
none New Illinois law to require chip scans for pets
nonenonenone"Shelters also are required to reach out to the person registered with the animal’s microchip by phone or e-mail. Currently they only need to send a letter, a process that can be ineffective if the owner has moved.  Quinn says pets are part of people’s families and the state wants to do everything possible to reunite lost animals with their owners. Quinn’s own dog, Bailey, recently died."
Hultgren, state legislators address senior issues
none"Hultgren talked in general terms about the challenges to sustaining Medicare. Hultgren affirmed his pledge that he would not support any changes to Medicare that would affect anyone over 55.  Hultgren said there is no truth to stories that say there is an effort by some members of the House to kill Medicare."
[Maybe not kill it, but end Medicare as we know it.... - Bob] Synergy Builders Thanks Everyone who Participated in Facebook Raffle for a Brand New IPAD 2
none"Synergy Builders, a design-build home remodeling company held its Facebook raffle for a brand new IPad 2. They would like to thank everyone who participated and helped in spreading the word about Synergy Builders. The winner of the brand new IPad 2 was Barbara from West Chicago. They are also thankful to those who posted comments on the FaceBook wall and encourage everyone to enter in our upcoming raffle that will be held on December 5th 2011."
ThomasNet Industrial News Room American Standard Circuits Adds Manufacturing Processes
"American Standard Circuits, Inc. (ASC) has announced the addition of a new Tin Lead plating process, as well as a hot oil reflow process to their operations. These newest additions to their operation comes on the heels of their polyimide qualification under MIL-PRF-55110, Amendment 3 and MIL-PRF-31032, and serves to further underscore their significant commitment to, and participation in the manufacture of product for the Military/Aerospace market sector."
none Unstable building causes traffic issues in St. Charles
none"After a passerby Monday night noticed water leaking from the first-floor ceiling of the building at 117 W. Main St., the fire department discovered two columns in the middle of the building failed and dropped about 18 inches, according to Bob Vann, building and code enforcement division manager for the city... An eastbound lane on Main Street (Route 64) also is closed to minimize vibrations to the unstable building, Vann said."
Law to bring back Illinois doctor database
none"The law brings back a popular web-based tool available in Illinois for about two years. The state was forced to halt the feature when the Illinois Supreme Court struck down a medical malpractice reform law in its entirety. The doctor profile tool went dark when the court found the law unconstitutional."
none State officials eye downgrade impact
none"Treasurer Dan Rutherford said investors on Monday were leaving the domestic stock market and buying up U.S. Treasury investments, which had the effect of driving down interest rates paid on them.  Part of the treasurer’s investment portfolio includes U.S. Treasuries.  “It absolutely will hurt our returns, but we don’t know what the impact will be,” Rutherford said.  “In June of this year, we made $50 million worth of interest.  We are nowhere near that going into August.”"
none What America Wants From The Super Committee - By The Numbers - TPM
"In the CNN poll, 63% of Americans supported "increases in taxes on businesses and higher-income Americans," vs. 36% opposed. 66% agreed with "raising taxes for upper-income Americans" in the Gallup survey, including 45% of Republicans and 37% of Tea Party supporters. The Marist poll showed support for two types of new revenues: increasing taxes on those making more than $250,000 got 68% approval, and eliminating subsidies for oil and gas companies got 60%."
08 Aug  
none Town Hall Meeting - FB, WeGo For Fun
none"Certainly, we are focused on bringing a new recreation center to West Chicago, and also concerned about expanding the opportunities at several of our fine parks.  How do you feel, what do you think the needs are for the next 25 years; what amenities do you think are important?  Please join us at the next Town Hall Meeting, share your input and hear what plans are evolving."
none Small changes can be big deal to Hispanicss
none"“It’s not that what we have is different,” Lisle Savings Bank President Jim Renn acknowledges. “It’s just having the Hispanic community know that the doormat is out to them.”  Renn hopes the bank’s tweaks — displaying bilingual signage and offering Spanish language publications in the lobby — will be seen as “a way to be a bit ahead of the curve and court that business.”"
none Like to Sing?
none"The First United Methodist Church of West Chicago invites residents of the community to join the Chancel Choir for the First United Methodist Church of West Chicago. The Director of Music is Ron Benner. Choir rehearsal resumed on Wednesday, September 7, 2011, 7:30 p.m. at 643 E. Washington St., West Chicago. You don't need to read music, although that is always a plus. The Chancel Choir rehearses on Wednesdays and sings during the 10 a.m. Sunday worship service; with a warm-up starting at 9:00 a.m."
none Low enrollment leaves empty EIU dorms
none"No layoffs are planned but open positions on the dorm's staff will remain unfilled for the time being.  The university's freshmen enrollment dropped by approximately 200 students in fall 2010 after declining by about 100 students the year before."
Illinois surgery centers slip on infection control
none"The reports, obtained by The Associated Press through the Freedom of Information Act, describe other serious problems seen during the past year by inspectors trying to stop the spread of dangerous bacteria and viruses:..."
Quinn signs law to help sex trafficking victims
none"The bill allows prostitution defendants who are the victims of trafficking to file a moti
on to have their convictions vacated. The measure also creates a filing timeline for victims, who officials say may endure years of abuse before seeking help."
none State pharmacists question Medicaid rate changes
"But officials at the Department of Healthcare and Family Services say Illinois’ debt-riddled state government needs to save money, and the proposed rates are in line with what the private sector pays.  The department proposed the new rates, which would cut reimbursement rates for Medicaid patients’ prescription drugs by 4 percent, on July 29."
none Why Unions Matter: The Numbers - Mother Jones
none"…[Prior to 1973,] unions offered an alternative to an unbridled market logic, and this institutional alternative employed over a third of all male private sector workers. The social experience of organized labor bled into nonunion sectors, contributing to greater equality overall. As unions declined, not only did the logic of the market encroach on what had been the union sector, but the logic of the market deepened in the nonunion sector, too, contributing to the rise in wage inequality."
Verizon Workers Strike from Mass. to Va. - Time
none"Verizon said it was asking for changes in the contract because its wireline business has been in decline for more than a decade as more people switch to using cell phones exclusively. It had 25 million landlines at the end of the second quarter, down from 26 million at the end of 2010. It has been selling off some of its landlines to other phone companies."
[As I understand it, Verizon turned $24 Billion in profit, $0.00 in federal income tax (+$1.4 Billion refund) and seeks rollback in pay for workers. - Bob]
none The abortion that Mitt doesn't talk about anymore - Salon
none"A close relative had died many years earlier in a botched illegal abortion, shaping Romney's stance in favor of safe and legal access to abortion for all women. But in the many years since that revelation, even as Romney flipped his position and became an ardent opponent of legal abortion, the details of his young relative's story, including even her name, have never been reported."
none Deceptive Absentee Ballot Mailers Appear to be Coordinated Hoaxes - Brad Blog
none"AFP deception is not limited to vote-caging and wrong-date ballot mailings. In Detroit, MI earlier this year, AFP sought to effectuate their opposition to the planned Detroit River International Crossing Bridge by mailing fake eviction notices, which deceptively informed homeowners that their homes would be taken by the MI Department of Transportation."
Paul Ryan Signals Willingness To Raise Revenues, Shifting Positions Following Downgrade - Think Progress
none"This willingness to consider revenue increases appears to be a significant shift in position for Ryan and the GOP, who have previously insisted that any tax reform be “revenue neutral,” i.e. offset every dollar in revenue increases with cuts to tax rates, ensuring no extra money flows into the Treasury."
06&07 Aug
This video was just posted by a friend of a friend (only 6 views) ... please check it out and pass the link around. (See also this to see the guy's serious stuff.)  - Bob

Next Week in West Chicago

none Zeppelin airship lumbers across suburban skies
"The Zeppelin is not to be confused with a blimp because the airship's hull is made of a state -of-the-art laminate material from the same company that creates the NASA space suits, and is filled with nonflammable helium.  Farmers Flight Operations Specialist David Finney also touted the unique stability of the airship that is based on a rigid inner structure made of aluminum and carbon fiber."
Roskam more interested in making Obama look bad
none"You and your fellow Congress members are hired by your constituents with our votes. Unfortunately, the one with the most money always gets the most votes, and when you get to Washington, you pay back your donors by protecting their tax breaks."
none The Green Disciples Adopt-a-Highway
none"Last year at Blooming Fest, the Green Disciples signed-up to clean the roadside on Washington St. from Route 59 east to Prince Crossing Road. The second organized cleanup was held on Saturday, July 16, 2011. The day warm and humid, but a determined group of nine cleaned both sides of the roadside and filled three two bags with garbage."
none Local lawmen give support to conceal carry
Dang Wabbit"The opinion is not unanimous of course. Aurora Cmdr. Joe Groom said he shared the concealed carry question at a meeting of department leaders. In a city with a history of gun violence, the leadership’s opinion was split, Groom said. Personally, Groom has no problem with concealed carry.  “The bad guys are going to carry the guns regardless,” Groom said."
none West Nile mosquitoes found in Aurora area
none"Mosquitoes taken in a trap on the East Side of Aurora have tested positive for the West Nile virus, the Kane County Health Department said Friday.  This is the first positive test reported in the county this year. Health officials noted that so far there have been no reported West Nile cases in humans, and no birds have tested positive in the county."
none Only U.S. harmonica company to close Rockford facility
none"The company on Thursday sent out an email to customers explaining that another company, as yet unnamed, had purchased the rights to produce the B-Radical harmonica, an innovative instrument created by the company’s founder, Brad Harrison.  The company had marketed the B-Radical as the Steinway of harmonicas and targeted professional players who have long complained about the inconsistent quality of standard, mass-produced instruments."
none 30 Years Ago Today: The Middle Class Died - TruthOut
none"From time to time, someone under 30 will ask me, "When did this all begin, America's downward slide?" They say they've heard of a time when working people could raise a family and send the kids to college on just one parent's income (and that college in states like California and New York was almost free). That anyone who wanted a decent paying job could get one. That people only worked five days a week, eight hours a day, got the whole weekend off and had a paid vacation every summer."
Activist group rallies for jobs - Beacon News
"The members meet every month when the unemployment numbers are released to help raise awareness and to advocate for policies that create sustainable living wage jobs.  “We’ve gotten a lot of support,” said Laesch, a former Democratic candidate for the 14th Congressional District. “It lets us know we’re not alone.”  And he isn’t."
none Lutheran Split Over Gays and the Bible Shakes Up Multibillion-Dollar Social Service Network - Urban Christian News
"The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, a theologically conservative denomination, said Wednesday that direct work with its larger and more liberal counterpart, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, has become "difficult if not impossible," because of doctrinal conflicts, including the 2009 decision by liberal Lutherans to lift barriers for ordaining gays and lesbians."
none The Conservative States of America - The Atlantic
"Conservatism, at least at the state level, appears to be growing stronger. Ironically, this trend is most pronounced in America's least well-off, least educated, most blue collar, most economically hard-hit states. Conservatism, more and more, is the ideology of the economically left behind.  The current economic crisis only appears to have deepened conservatism's hold on America's states. This trend stands in sharp contrast to the Great Depression, when America embraced FDR and the New Deal."
Doocy Revives "Bogus" Cost-Per-Job Math To Attack Stimulus - Media Matters
none"The remainder, about 24 percent, was spent on projects such as infrastructure improvement, health information technology and research on renewable energy.  The White House points out that Recovery Act dollars didn't just fund salaries -- as the blog item implies. Lumping all stimulus costs together and classifying the total as salaries produces an inflated figure."
05 Aug

Events in DuPage Forest Preserves: Aug. 15 – 21

Commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the September 11th - FB, Mike Kwasman
none"As plans for the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on America are being finalized in West Chicago, the community is asked to provide their written memories or reflections on the fateful day for a multi-media presentation which will be part of “Remembering 9/11: A West Chicago Observance”, to be held at Reed-Keppler Park on Sunday, September 11, 2011."
none Kotecki to leave DuPage forest board seat
none"Kotecki said he’s announcing his decision early so potential candidates have ample time to mount a campaign.  “This is a job which deserves somebody who understands all that it involves,” Kotecki said.  West Chicago Alderman Al Murphy and advocate Shannon Burns, also of West Chicago, both already announced that they will run for the District 6 seat."
DuPage sheriff: No cuts to ‘stretched’ staff, please
none"This year, Zaruba was forced to cut costs within the department to raise the roughly $350,000 needed to pay for seven positions that weren’t included in the county’s current budget.  “I implore you to fully fund these positions in 2012,” Zaruba said to county board members."
COD, Glen Ellyn agree to deal — for now
none"But unresolved is the matter of who has jurisdiction of the campus. College officials have maintained that the school is not subject to local building codes, and that the school’s peer review inspection process goes above and beyond what the village would require. The village has sought written assurances from the college’s architects and engineers in the form of certificates of compliance to verify the buildings comply with local codes."
none Mighty Methodist and Congregational Float Builders
none"The first United Methodist Church of West Chicago entered its first float in the City of West Chicago’s centennial celebration parade in 1949. The church has continued the tradition by entering floats in the annual Railroad Days parades."
Annual Salad Luncheon Featuring Author, Jane Rubietta
none"The United Methodist and Congregational Women will host their annual Salad Luncheon on Saturday, August 27, 2011 at 12:00 p.m. The luncheon will be held at the First United Methodist Church located at 643 E. Washington St. in West Chicago. This event is free and open to all women in the community. If you plan on attending please call 630-231-3344 to reserve your seat at the luncheon."
none  Add mosquitoes to a wet July's legacy
none"But though the mosquitoes are bad this year, the numbers are on par with what the region saw last year, according to George Balis, a 20-year entomologist for Clarke, a Roselle-based company used for mosquito abatement in the collar counties of DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry and Will."
none Illinois moms to try to break breast-feeding record
"Breast-feeding moms across Illinois plan to join an international attempt to break a world record.  The "Big Latch-On" is part of the World Health Organization's World Breastfeeding Week and is being sponsored, in part, by La Leche League USA."
IRS says tax scams targeting poor and elderly on the rise
none"“While most return preparers are honest and provide an excellent service, a few unscrupulous return preparers file false and fraudulent returns to defraud the government and their clients. Don’t forget that even if you pay someone to prepare your tax return you, the taxpayer, are ultimately responsible for all of the information on that tax return."
none State working on way to pay regional school superintendents
none"Legislation being drafted by the governor's office “will address ways in which we can be paid starting in November or December,” the Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools said in a prepared statement.  Among duties of the regional offices are inspecting schools to make sure they’re safe, checking the backgrounds of school employees, training bus drivers and offering GED programs for students who have left school."
Recession forcing more people to move in together, census suggests
"The trend of friends and family members moving in with each other to save money is something social-service agencies in the Springfield area have noticed for several years.  Data released this week from the 2010 Census appears to document how the recession that began in 2007 has slowed a decades-long decline in average household size in Illinois and many other parts of the country."
none Don’t Pass Colombia Deal Until Real Changes are Made - AFL-CIO
none"Although the administration of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has abandoned the heated, anti-union rhetoric of his predecessor and has engaged in apparently good-faith efforts to improve the environment for working men and women, Trumka said, Colombia is still the most dangerous place in the world for union members.  The 51 trade unionists killed in 2010 represented an increase over the murders of trade unionists in 2009 and 17 have been killed in 2011, including 10 just since the announcement of the Obama administration’s “Labor Action Plan,” in April."
none Dead Babies Pills: China’s New Stamina Enhancer - Weird Asia News
none"When the hospital has a deceased baby case, the staff, who are openly involved, are instructed to immediately  notify the medicine company.  The documentary team reveals the super secret process of how the Dead Baby Pill is made."
[I so hope this is not true. - Bob]
none Wisconsin Capitol worker charged with popping protester's balloon - Chicago Breaking News
none"Prosecutors have charged a state Capitol worker with disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon for using a knife to pop a protester's balloon and then slamming her into a bathroom door.  Ron Blair, the state Department of Administration's assistant facilities director, could face up to nine months in jail and $1,000 in fines if convicted of the misdemeanor count. Blair, 56, stood mute during his initial court appearance Thursday.
[Is this guy also guilty of taking a protestor's Tootsie Roll Pop and throwing it on the ground? - Bob]
The Hidden History of ALEC and Prison Labor - TruthOut
none"At the Union Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison in Florida, inmates from a nearby lower-security prison manufacture tons of processed beef, chicken and pork for Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises (PRIDE), a privately held non-profit corporation that operates the state’s forty-one work programs. In addition to processed food, PRIDE’s website reveals an array of products for sale through contracts with private companies, from eyeglasses to office furniture, to be shipped from a distribution center in Florida to businesses across the US."
03 Aug
none Around and About in West Chicago - 03 Aug 2011
  • Farmers Airship Eureka
  • Sabbatical Send Off for Father John
  • Fourth Annual Secret Garden
  • First United Methodist Church Rummage Sale
  • Mexican Independence Day celebration
Call for Volunteers - Wildcat Boosters
none"We know it's still early August and summer is in full swing....but the new school year is just around the corner and the Wildcat Boosters are getting ready for another successful year!  We are looking for smiling faces to staff our outdoor concession stand for the fall football season on the following dates:
     August 19, September 2, September 16, October 7, and October 14. 
You will not be expected to work every date, but we won't say no if you want to!  We need  a pool of 50 volunteers by August 7.  We already have six people so hurry up before all the slots are filled! Reply to for further information."
Sanitary Sewer Smoke Test
none"In its ongoing efforts to improve the City of West Chicago's infrastructure, the Public Works Department will be conducting a program to identify locations where storm water is entering the City sanitary sewer system.  The smoke testing will be started in mid to late August and is anticipated to be completed by early September. Additional notification will be provided by door hanger cards 24 - 72 hours before the smoke testing is to start in your area and s­­­igns will be posted at highly visible intersections when the crews are testing."
none Ball Horticulture fundraiser supports DuPage extension programs
none"The organization will host “An Evening in the Garden” from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Friday at Ball Horticulture, 622 Town Road in West Chicago, to help raise money for University of Illinois Extension programs.  Lovers of gorgeous gardens and summer nights are invited to enjoy wine, hors d'oeuvres and live music for the group's second annual event."
West Chicago football parents in row with county fair over parking duties
none"Because of what he says were insufficient workers, he said he had to shift workers from other areas of the fair to make up for the gap.  But one of the parents, Cathie Sanzeri, said that decision was McGuire’s and that it was unnecessary because they met the terms. She said both sides agreed that four students and a parent would suffice for the early morning shift.  McGuire said DuPage fair officials had yet to determine how much they would pay. Sanzeri said she did not expect the full $10,000 that had been promised to the booster club, but that they should be paid for their two days of work."
Are state worker punishments fitting the crimes?
none"Grana isn’t alone. In other cases, disciplinary recommendations by Meza’s office were either ignored or reduced as well, allowing rule-breaking employees to serve suspensions, resign with benefits or simply move to another department without repercussion."
none West Chicago football parents in row with county fair over parking duties
none"DuPage County Fair officials say they fear they were taken for a ride by a group of West Chicago High School football parents who promised that players would handle parking lot duties, then did not supply the necessary bodies to do so."
UMCW Hold Annual Rummage Sale
none"The United Methodist and Congregational Women will hold their annual rummage sale on Friday, August 12, 2011 from 6 to 9 p.m. and on Saturday, August 13, 2011 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The sale will be held at the First United Methodist Church located at 643 E. Washington St. in West Chicago."
West Chicago Park District paves path for Easton Park Trail
none"West Chicago Park District crews paved the way for a new adventure trail in Easton Park as part of a $32,000 Illinois Youth Recreation Corps grant awarded to the district from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR)."
Chicago’s top movie location scouts: Who they are, what they do and how they shape some of Hollywood’s biggest movies
"Just a standard roundabout, near a standard business park, surrounded by a standard rural Midwestern flatness, sandwiched between Illinois Route 38 and Fabyan Parkway. As traffic circles go, it’s nothing special. Certainly nothing super. In fact, the only distinction to this patch of nondescript blacktop is that it is tucked alongside the DuPage County Airport, found in West Chicago, and being used in the next Superman movie."
none Kane, DuPage propose regional youth home
"Under the proposal announced by DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin and Kane board Chairman Karen McConnaughay Tuesday, DuPage’s juvenile offenders would be housed at the Kane youth center in St. Charles Township, and Kane’s adult work release program would be housed at the current DuPage Youth Home in Wheaton."
none Turkey salmonella cases found in Will, DuPage
none"Illinois cases range from a 3-year-old to a 60-year-old. The state Department of Public Health says they have occurred in Oak Park and in the following counties: Cass, DuPage, Madison, Peoria, Will and Williamson.  Department spokeswoman Melaney Arnold says the first illness in Illinois began in March, while the last reported case was June 29."
COD to offer degree in homeland security
none"In addition, six new courses move the provided training beyond the certificate level: Multiculturalism and Diversity in Criminal Justice, Continuity of Operations, Critical Incident Management, Disaster Management and Response, Introduction to Intelligence for Homeland Security and Introduction to Bio-Security and Bio-Terrorism."
none Quinn signs measure requiring safer soccer goalposts
none"Quinn on Tuesday signed "Zach's Law," which requires all moveable soccer goals made or sold in Illinois to be tip-resistant. Quinn says improperly secured soccer goals are a "serious threat" to young athletes.  Zachary Tran of Vernon Hills died in 2003 when a goalpost fell on him at a suburban Chicago soccer practice."
none Pat Quinn signs law increasing gun violence penalties
Dang Wabbit"Under the law, signed Tuesday, felons convicted of unlawful use or possession of a weapon face two to 10 years behind bars.  Additional violations by felons caught with guns while on parole or supervised release will carry a sentence of three to 14 years in prison."
Hospitals, physicians worried about debt-reduction deal
"Spokesmen for Illinois hospitals and doctors say Tuesday’s debt-reduction package could lead to further cuts in Medicare and Medicaid funding that would harm hospitals and make it harder for poor and elderly patients to get health care."
none Right-Wing Money Fuels Fight Against Wisconsin Recalls
none"As the election draws near, right-wing money is flooding into the state at an unprecedented rate.  Just recently, Americans for Prosperity and the Koch Brothers purchased $150,000 worth of airtime.  Yesterday, the Presidential Coalition, an affiliate of the conservative group Citizens United, announced a $270,000 ad buy.  A last minute Tea-Party and right-wing spending influx is expected."
none Federal Judge Grants Injunction Against Kansas Law Barring Funding for Planned Parenthood  - RH Reality Check
none"Planned Parenthood argued that the provision unconstitutionally imposes additional conditions of eligibility for a federal program that are not required by federal law and contended that as a result of the law it would be forced to close one or more clinics and raise fees."
Brothers' Keepers - Foreign Policy
"Given many evangelicals' commitment to baptizing the Founding Fathers and praising the cross as a "statue of liberty," it may seem strange that they have greeted the pro-democracy movements agitating the Middle East and North Africa with distinct ambivalence. But if it's surprising, that's only because so many observers of American politics are out of touch with the evangelical worldview, particularly evangelicals' understanding of themselves as embattled outsiders who have much to lose when democracy doesn't go their way."
none ALEC, Republicans Beat Up On Kids in Special Ed - The Progressive
"Working off ALEC’s proposed legislation--recently leaked by a whistleblower to the Center for Media and Democracy, and viewable on the web site ALEC Exposed--Republicans are pushing private-school voucher bills for kids with disabilities in states across the country.  At first glance, these bills don’t seem all bad... Advocates for the disabled strongly oppose special ed voucher legislation—and not because the vouchers drain resources from the public schools.  What a lot of people don’t understand, says Jeff Spitzer-Resnick, managing attorney for Disability Rights Wisconsin, is that disabled students who take advantage of special ed vouchers forfeit their rights under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act."
01 Aug
  • Change of Ownership at the Sandpiper Restaurant
  • Jonathan Roth - classical guitarist and teacher
  • Augustino’s Rock & Roll Deli - Gluten Free Products
  • DuPage National Bank - 120th Anniversary
  • Apartment Fire Update - FB,Mike Kwasman
    none"Apartment management has paid to have the 11 remaining families stay at the Red Roof Inn overnight, so the Community High School Gym will not be needed."
  • Fire at Riverwoods - FB, Mike Kwasman
    "Late Sunday afternoon, firefighters responded to 1641-1643 Windsor Drive in the Riverwoods Apartment Complex as a fire had broken out in the basement storage rooms; there are no injuries, though early reports indicate that there is relatively significant smoke damage to the 24 units in the building. The Red Cross is now at the scene, and the High School has agreed to provide temporary lodging, if necessary."
none Father, son rescued from burning building in W. Chicago
none"About 50 firefighters from eight departments responded to the blaze about 5:30 p.m. and found smoke billowing from the front of the building. Firefighters reached the trapped father and middle school-aged son with a ladder. Neither was injured, according to fire officials... The fire was contained to the first-floor storage room, where it started and was brought under control in about 20 minutes, Stott said."
none Lauzen eyes congressional run
none"State Rep. Randy Ramey, R-West Chicago, who serves as chairman of the DuPage County Republican Party, said Lauzen’s potential candidacy comes as a bit of surprise.  Ramey said he had understood that Lauzen was looking at several possible races to run in, but had been leaning most strongly toward seeking the Kane County Board Chairman post...“I think he’s done a good job in Springfield,” Ramey said. “But because of some of the stances he holds on issues, he’s not been able to get a lot done there (in the Democrat-dominated Illinois General Assembly.)"
NIU Today Story on Illinois legislative redistricting focuses on NIU physicist, State Rep. Mike Fortner
none"“It Can Take a Scientist to Help Understand Redistricting,” reported by Kristen McQueary, also appeared in the New York Times and in an audio format on  Chicago public radio station WBEZ.  Fortner, the former mayor of West Chicago, was elected to the Illinois General Assembly in 2007. He came to NIU as a postdoctoral student in 1987 and began teaching here in 1993.
none German-made airship set to give Chicagoans a lift next weekendd
"The Eureka is on a six-month barnstorm covering 26 states. Tours will be offered in the Chicago area Friday through Sunday, Loya said. The airship will be based at DuPage Airport in West Chicago."
Father, son rescued from burning building in W. Chicago
none"A West Chicago father and son were rescued from a third-floor balcony Sunday night after a fire inside an apartment building filled the stairwells with heavy smoke, preventing them from escaping, according to fire officials."
none Los Angeles Janitors Fight for Their Jobs - TruthOut
none"Over 1,400 Los Angeles janitors, members of United Service Workers West SEIU, protested the firing of immigrant workers by Able Building Maintenance... The janitors are not working for the low wages that are common in the worst workplaces. Union janitors make more than minimum wage and have medical and other benefits. That's what people are trying to defend - jobs capable of supporting families. That is the goal of most unions and most working people. Immigrants are no different."
none The Four Big Problems With — And Four Silver Linings Around — The Debt Limit Deal - TPM DC
none"In the end, this plan guarantees that most of the savings come from programs that don't really need, and can't easily afford, to be cut. It doesn't change the nature of government, as conservatives might want, and it doesn't take the "deficit" issue off the table, as battle-weary liberals might want. In that way, it's just sort of mean. It also contains zero guarantees that we'll see any fresh sources of federal revenues."
News photographer arrested on Long Island for videotaping policeice - Poynter
"Despite being a credentialed member of the press and standing in a public area around other people, he was arrested and charged with obstruction of governmental administration. In May, a woman in Rochester, N.Y., was arrested on her lawn after videotaping police. Gizmodo reported last year that more people are being arrested for videotaping police, often under laws that prohibit eavesdropping without all parties’ consent."


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