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30 June


West Chicago
High School
Students Prove to be Financially Smart!
"Not only did the West Chicago team win first place in the "Suburban High School Region" within that session, but they also came out ahead of 5,006 student teams to win first place in the State, awarding them a trip to New York to visit the floor of the New York Stock Exchange."
  National Night Out Adds Coloring Contest
"This year’s event will be bigger and better than ever before, according to organizers, and will include a flashlight walk, movie in the park, pool party and a softball game. National Night Out will take place on Tuesday, August 4, 2009 from 6:00 until 8:30 p.m., in a new location at Reed-Keppler Park (129 W. National Street)."
Man gets 81 years for murdering St. Charles pizza delivery woman
"The murder was captured in a 90-second audio recording. Hassan, who realized she was in trouble, had redialed her attorney; the lawyer's 24-hour answering service recorded the call.  Each blow is audible. More than once, Hassan asks, "What are you doing? Stop it! Help!" The recording ends with her anguished moans."
District To Break Ground On Honey-Processing Facility
"Celebrate a groundbreaking with the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County for its honey-processing facility at Kline Creek Farm in West Chicago on July 11 from 10 to 10:30 a.m. Learn about the importance of bees for both native plants and agriculture, and discover educational opportunities the facility will provide."
Pizza delivery woman's killer gets 81 years
"A man who beat a widowed St. Charles mother of four to death with a hammer while she was delivering pizza was sentenced Monday to 81 years in prison. Bradley Justice, 31, of Sandwich, Ill., showed no emotion when DuPage County Judge Peter Dockery sentenced him for the Nov. 2, 2006, murder of Karen Hassan, 41. Hassan was beaten in a parking lot near West Chicago while delivering a pizza that Justice had ordered."
What They
Think -
INX International Earns Rexam BCE Award
"In conjunction with Klaas Moser, Rexam BCE’s Ink & Coating Specialist, the Charlotte facility of INX International and the INX manufacturing site in Rochdale, England, worked with Alex Folloso and his team of chemists at the R & D department in West Chicago, Illinois, to optimize the rheology of the whole system in a matter of days.  After making the bases in Rochdale and Charlotte and shipping them to Rexam, Tim Sullivan and John Shireman of INX helped match and blend the correct colors on site."
Foster Announces $2,643,885 for Health Care Centers in Aurora, Elgin and Rock Falls
"Today, Rep. Bill Foster (IL-14) announced that three health centers serving the 14th District in Aurora, Elgin and Rock Falls would receive a total of $2,643,885 from the Recovery Act Capital Improvement Program (CIP).  This funding was made possible by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which Foster voted for."
Ramey Comments on FaceBook
"Governor says he is prepared to be in Springfield all summer to get a balanced budget. If he would have listened to our suggestions, this would have been finished by now. Sorry Governor, no tax increase."
Raising Campaign Funds on FaceBook
We raised $500 just from Facebook fans last night... I intend to be on the statewide ticket in 2010 -- but I need your help to beat tomorrow's midnight fundraising deadline. Can I count on your immediate support? Click here:
[I'm hearing low level rumblings among Republican friends that they want to know what office Mr. Birkett plans to run for. - Bob]
[Birkett has issued another $800 dollar in 8 hours challenge. - Bob]
Toledo Church Rally To Promote Guns As Part of ‘God’s Will’ Is An Insult To All Faiths and Religions - Gun Guys
"“It is an embarrassment to people of faith that pray for peace and non-violence to have gun proponents use a house of worship to encourage the ownership and defend the use of weapons.  “Firearms are not sacred relics of worship. They are tools of violence- lethal products designed to kill and injure human beings, to destroy lives, and cause terror in our communities."
Screamin' Seafaring Tale Wins Bad Writing Contest - CBS News
"The contest, a parody of prose, invites entrants to submit bad opening sentences to imaginary novels. It is named after Victorian writer Edward George Earl Bulwer-Lytton, who opened his 1830 novel "Paul Clifford," with the much-quoted, "It was a dark and stormy night ...""

29 June

PRIDE Award from Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists
"The West Chicago Police Department has achieved a 148% increase in DUI arrests from 2007 to 2008. The total number of arrests increased from 75 in 2007, to 186 in 2008. "I am proud of the efforts of our Police Department in keeping our roadways safer, and commend them for achieving this prestigious award from the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists," said Mayor Mike Kwasman."
West Chicago Public Access Playback - June 29- July 5


6:00 PM

COD Career Paths


6:30 PM

COD Inside Studio 180


7:00 PM



7:30 PM

Women In History


8:30 PM

RR Days Activities '04

Foster Statement on Energy Legislation
"As a scientist, I believe that climate change is real and that action is necessary. It is also crucial that we restructure our energy systems to increase efficiency and reduce our dependence on imported sources. However, I have always believed we have a responsibility to act in a way that comes with the lowest possible cost to the economy."
Study finds widening generation gap in US - Associated Press
"On the other hand, older adults end up having less leisure time than expected. While 87 percent of those under 65 think they will have more time for hobbies and other interests in older age, only 65 percent of older people report having it. Life at 65 and older also fell below expectations when it came to time with family, travel, having more financial security and less stress."
Pelosi: 'Remember These Four Words For What This Legislation Means: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, and Jobs.' - Sustainable Business
""This is the moment when we can unleash private sector investment in clean energy to create millions of new jobs and make America the global innovation leader. It will promote clean energy technology - made in America. It will put America in the lead in the global competition."
Health-Care Market Characterized By Consolidation, Not Competition - TPM
"But the notion that most American consumers enjoy anything like a competitive marketplace for health care is flatly false... Premiums have gone up over the past six years by more than 87 percent, on average, while profits at ten of the largest publicly traded health insurance companies rose 428 percent from 2000 to 2007."

26 June

Local Sighting
I have dependable sources that report having seen former City Council member, Gene Wind, around town.  He and former mayor Paul Netzel were the causes of my involvement in local government.  Be nice to him anyhow. - Bob
Fish Sighting
Paul Bauer, former West Chicago Planning Commission and Fire Board member, claims he caught this is 45" and 30 pound fish on on 8 lb test line.  However, Homeland Security bomb damage assessment experts, using my 3'2" estimate of Paul's height and standard physiological metrics determined that it is much smaller. - Bob
I'll be at the Kruse House Museum this Saturday - Becky Hall
"This Saturday, June 27th, I'll be one of the docents at the Kruse House Museum here in West Chicago. We'll be open from 11 to 3 so stop by if you'd like a tour!"
Parade Dates 2009
"It's that time of year again! Below are this year's parades and dates- please consider joining us for just one or two."
DuPage Habitat for Humanity breaks historic ground
"Green and blue painted shovels moved piles of earth at in West Chicago June 24, symbolizing the beginning of construction on the largest project in the history of DuPage County Habitat for Humanity, the Pioneer Prairie.  The groundbreaking marked the beginning of work on 11 green residences that will stand on the corner of Sherman and Pomeroy, the first undertaking by the local habitat chapter focusing on sustainability and efficiency."
Are we ready for e-smoke?
"Up close, each cigarette includes an LED tip that lights up when the smoker takes a draw. Unscrew the metal cigarette and inside is a battery, a microprocessor that controls heat and light, a sensor that detects when the smoker is taking a puff, a heater to vaporize the nicotine and a cartridge that holds the nicotine in propylene glycol so it doesn't come out in the vapor."
Foster Announces More Than $500,000 for Twin Rivers Head Start in Aurora
"“As a parent, I know the importance of making sure our children are equipped for educational success, and this preparation starts during a child’s early years,” said Foster.  “This funding will support our families and will help ensure that our kids have the skills needed to best prepare them for educational success.”"
WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 26 Jun 09
Group causes controversy by urging undocumented immigrants to boycott U.S. Census - Fontana Herald News
"The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders is urging undocumented immigrants to boycott the 2010 U.S. Census, alleging that the statistical value of millions of invisible residents will move legislators toward comprehensive immigration reform... The coalition urges Obama to stop deportations, and the group’s ultimate goal is to have immigration reform adopted by March 31, 2010, and that is only possible through the boycott, the coalition said."
Fire Care -
"What if we ran the fire department like we run the health care system? At HAARM, they do. "
Justices Rule Lab Analysts Must Testify on Results  - New York Times
"In February, the National Academy of Sciences issued a sweeping critique of the nation’s crime labs. It concluded, for instance, that forensic scientists for law enforcement agencies “sometimes face pressure to sacrifice appropriate methodology for the sake of expediency.”   Cross-examination of witnesses, Justice Scalia wrote, “is designed to weed out not only the fraudulent analyst, but the incompetent one as well.” He added that the Constitution would require allowing defendants to confront witnesses even if “all analysts always possessed the scientific acumen of Mme. Curie and the veracity of Mother Teresa.”



25 June

DuPage board chair Schillerstrom to run for governor
"Schillerstrom, who was first elected to head the county board in 1998, flirted with a run for governor in 2006, but backed out.  He all but declared his second bid this time in May.  But since then Republican power brokers have been hoping to limit the field of GOP contenders as more and more politicians jump in. With former Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich facing corruption charges and current Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn floating tax hikes, GOP brass view the coming election with promise."
C.O.D. Goes ‘Green’ to Keep Up With Industry Demand
"Green course offerings include a review of green roof technology and rain gardens, instruction on using sustainable materials in interior design, and a review of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification process. Students also learn about renewable energy technology, including wind turbines and solar power.  “We are one of the first schools to develop this type of curriculum,” said Branislav Rosul, Electronics Technology program coordinator, who said the classes are the result of student interest and requests from businesses."
"Peickert stated that "House Republican leader Tom Cross has ruled with an iron fist making sure no Republicans voted for the Governor's proposal yet not a single Republican, including Cross, has offered a solution to the problem. Meanwhile, they are using partisan gridlock to win the right to smugly point fingers come election time.""
Lesbians' testimony exposes church rift - The Clarion-Ledger
"In its Book of Discipline, the church states that it considers the practice of homosexuality "incompatible with Christian teaching." It also states, "We implore families and churches not to reject or condemn lesbian and gay members and friends."  In testifying at the conference, Campbell and Sappington were part of a roster of witnesses invited to speak about their struggles to be accepted by various congregations before finally finding a church home. The speakers included a teen in foster care and an interracial couple."
Army bans embedded Stripes reporter in Mosul - Army Times
"The Army has barred a reporter for the Stars and Stripes newspaper from covering an Iraqi-based unit operating in the still-violent Mosul region because he “refused to highlight” positive news during an earlier visit, the independent newspaper reported Tuesday.  The commander of the 1st Cavalry Division’s 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, Col. Gary Volesky, also complained that reporter Heath Druzin “would not answer questions about stories he was writing.”"
"While insurance carriers have been promising to provide their customers with a certain level of coverage, they have actually been paying out-of-network claims at a lower level. The result of this practice is that American consumers have paid billions of dollars for health care services that their insurance companies should have paid."
[Reading a Senate Staff Report is not light, easy reading, but this one really shows how the insurance companies steal from "We the People" and should have no more rights than Robber Barons, bank robbers, and child molesters. - Bob]



24 June

Around and About in West Chicago - 24 June 2009
  • Wayne and Winfield Townships General assistance
  • Green Disciples Group Bike Ride
  • Peace Players, a summer camp for the performing arts
  • West Chicago Rotarian of the Year Award
DuPage County briefs - Crash investigation continues:
"West Chicago police Tuesday were trying to determine what caused a car to crash into the rear of a parked semitrailer truck on Monday afternoon. The truck was parked legally on the shoulder of eastbound North Avenue, just east of Prince Crossing Road, when it was struck about 1:40 p.m. by a Mercedes-Benz."
Revenue shortfalls make DuPage cautious
"Revenues that fell 30 percent below projections last month has DuPage County readjusting its budget and putting the brakes on plans to borrow for capital improvement projects.  May revenues came in at $9.2 million, finance department officials announced during a quarterly budget update at Tuesday's county board meeting. Sales tax revenue was off by $1.5 million, and fees from the recorder's office were off by $1.9 million. Delays in state reimbursements also accounted for the revenue decline."
Crash seriously injuries one person in West Chicago
"A car crash in West Chicago closed down two lanes of traffic on eastbound Route 64 (North Avenue) for part of the afternoon Monday and seriously injured one person, according to police."
11 affordable green homes to be built in Illinois
"Local leaders, along with DuPage Habitat for Humanity residents, plan to break ground Wednesday on the new $3 million development in the Chicago suburb of West Chicago. The neighborhood is a partnership among Habitat for Humanity, the College of DuPage and the electric utility ComEd."
West Chicago Creates "Brilliance in Business Awards" to Salute West Chicago Businesses
Foster Votes to Increase Funds for Families of Vets Killed in Service and Wounded Vets
"“As the cost of everyday items like food, housing and medicine increase, it is important to ensure that the veterans benefits earned by those who have been wounded or the families of those killed in battle can keep up with the prices of basic necessities,” said Foster.  “Making sure benefits match current living expenses is simply the right thing to do for our veterans and their families.”"
Roskam Introduces Medi-Fraud Alert
"“Waste, fraud and abuse in our current government healthcare programs is shockingly high and places an enormous burden on both the U.S. taxpayer and our healthcare system,” said Congressman Peter Roskam."
[Since the waste, fraud and abuse is being committed by private corps, how is this an argument against a public option?  Please see Politco's Frank Luntz warns GOP: Health reform is popular which states, "You can’t blame it on the lack of a private market; in case you missed it, capitalism isn’t exactly in vogue these days. But you can and should blame it on the waste, fraud, and abuse that is rampant in anything and everything the government controls."  Rep Roskam appears to be using the talking points. - Bob]
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
" ... to fly the flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of: Staff Sergeant Joshua A. Melton, United States Army - Hometown: Carlyle, Illinois"
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"... to fly the flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of: Staff Sergeant Paul G. Smith, United States Army - Hometown: East Peoria, Illinois"
Defense Department-Certified Agency Newsletter Suggests Killing Democrats - Talk to Action
"As noted in the Newsweek story, last fall - as the presidential election was heating up, retired Colonel E.H. "Jim" Ammerman, in the official September 2008 newsletter [ PDF of newsletter ]  of his Department of Defense approved chaplain endorsing agency, published a letter which suggested, per the advice of a fabricated Abraham Lincoln quote, that four US Senators should be be "arrested, quickly tried and hanged!!!"..."
Woman Pleads Guilty In Drunken Breast-feeding Case - CBS News
"A North Dakota woman accused of breast-feeding her 6-week-old baby while drunk has pleaded guilty to child neglect.  Twenty-six-year-old Stacey Anvarinia could face up to five years in prison when she's sentenced on the felony charge in August."
Dave Lindorff: The Simple Answer to America's Health Care Crisis, Medicare for All - BuzzFlash
"What this means is that right off the bat, if the politicians in Washington were to simply thumb their noses at the insurance industry, and at the greedy docs and drug companies who are paying millions in legal bribes to protect their stake in the lucrative medical game, and if they were to extended Medicare to all of us, we could immediately eliminate $500 billion from the nation's collective medical bill, because that's how much more cheaply Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA are able to treat patients than the private sector."


23 June  
Two New Activities During Railroad Days
"The younger crowd, ages 14 through 17, has the opportunity to get “downright dirty” in the Mini Mudder’s Volley Ball Tournament Friday, July 10, at Reed-Keppler Park. Playing time begins at 4 p.m. The event is limited to 8 teams. The charge is $85 per team, with the registration deadline of Friday, June 26."
Brilliance in Business Awards
"“Today more than ever, businesses both large and small are challenged to step-up to the pressures of a demanding marketplace through ingenuity, innovation and sheer grit, if they are to survive. West Chicago has many such businesses, and intends to salute them through this annual program,” said Mayor Mike Kwasman."

"Artists must live, work or go to school in West Chicago to be eligible to exhibit artwork and have it judged for one of the People’s Choice Awards. First, second and third places will be awarded in four categories; crafts, photography, fine arts and student art."

CN critics: Accident raises safety issues
"Several tank cars on the Canadian National Railway train derailed and exploded on the edge of Rockford Friday, killing one woman.  A coalition that opposed CN's recent purchase of the Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway line that swings around Chicago says the accident supports its contention that CN trains aren't safe enough."
A 'more complete' ethics policy at COD
"The policy would essentially prohibit trustees and employees from campaigning on campus or using college resources for political campaigns.  The college is currently looking into whether the faculty association misused its rented office space to promote activities of its political action committee."
Crash seriously injuries one person in West Chicago
"A car crash in West Chicago closed down two lanes of traffic on eastbound Route 64 (North Avenue) for part of the afternoon Monday and seriously injured one person, according to police."
2 suburban banks told to shape up
"DuPage also must raise capital to meet higher minimum standards. It lost $134,000 in the first quarter, compared with a $51,000 loss in the same period a year ago. DuPage couldn't be reached for comment."
The Party of "No" Solutions here in Illinois and in D.C.
"Illinois is next to last in state bureaucracy with a $3 billion payroll (54 workers per 10,000 compared to a national average of 85). If ALL jobs in Ilinois were eliminated, the state would still face a $6 billion deficit. Get to work and offer solutions not campaign rhetoric."
The "Largest Assault On Democracy" Will Only Cost Households $175 Per Year
"For months, we've heard dire warnings from members of the Illinois congressional delegation about the economic dangers of a nationwide cap-and-trade bill to limit carbon emissions... would cost individual homeowners as much as $3,100 a year in additional taxes. GOP Rep. Peter Roskam, no friend of the environment himself, has repeated the same misleading statistic... So the richest Americans would pay $245 a year to help prevent an environmental and economic catastrophe. The poorest would actually save money on their energy bills by the year 2020."
22 June  
Trinity Lutheran Church - Garage Sale
  • "331 George Street, West Chicago
  • Friday 6/26 and Saturday 6/27, 9am to 2pm

We have so many items that we will have it in the garage and in the basement."

2009 Mosquito Update
"Earlier this year, the West Chicago Mosquito Abatement District (WCMAD) released its 2009 Mosquito Season Update. The Update includes information on the West Nile Virus (WNV), with an overview on the efforts of the District to control nuisance mosquitoes,..."
Regulators order 2 Chicago-area banks to shape up
"Similarly, in an agreement signed May 7 but released last Friday, DuPage [National Bank of West Chicago] also must raise capital to meet higher minimum standards set by the OCC; find a "competent" permanent president, chief financial officer and senior loan officer; formulate a plan to deal with its foreclosed real estate; improve its underwriting practices; boost its reserves for potential loan losses; beef up its internal audit procedures; and develop a program to comply with the Bank Secrecy Act, including procedures for determining whether customers appear on any terrorist watch lists."
Mother Allegedly Kidnaps Son In Presence of DCFS Worker
"Chicago police are trying to locate a mother who allegedly kidnapped her 1-year-old son Monday afternoon during a supervised visit with a Department of Child and Family Services worker, officials said.  The incident took place at a McDonald's restaurant on the 5200 block of West Chicago Avenue, at about 1 p.m., said Police Officer Ron Gaines."
DuPage County briefs - Habitat ready to break ground:
"DuPage Habitat for Humanity will break ground at 9 a.m. Wednesday, June 24, on a $3 million neighborhood of affordable energy-efficient houses in West Chicago. DuPage Habitat, College of DuPage and ComEd are working together to build 11 houses near the intersection of Lyman and Brown streets."
4:09PM - Crash shuts down two lanes of traffic on Route 64
"The crash took place in the area of Prince Crossing Road and North Avenue.  A semi-truck was involved in the crash.  The West Chicago Police Department is clearing the scene of the crash. The other car involved has been removed from the scene."
Foster Announces $699,600 in Recovery Act Funds for Aurora Job-Training Program
"Today, Rep. Bill Foster (IL-14) announced that the Quad County Urban League in Aurora will receive $699,600 in competitive grant funding from the Department of Labor to support its YouthBuild program. The grant is made possible by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which Rep. Foster voted for."
On Terrorist Watch List, but Allowed to Buy Guns - Democratic Underground
"People on the government’s terrorist watch list tried to buy guns nearly 1,000 times in the last five years, and federal authorities cleared the purchases 9 times out of 10 because they had no legal way to stop them, according to a new government report."
FTC prepares to crack down on bloggers compensated for post - Chicago Tribune
"What some fail to realize, though, is that such reviews can be tainted: Many bloggers have accepted perks such as free laptops, trips to Europe, $500 gift cards or even thousands of dollars for a 200-word post. Bloggers vary in how they disclose such freebies, if they do so at all.  The practice has grown to the degree that the Federal Trade Commission is paying attention. New guidelines, expected to be approved late this summer with possible modifications, would clarify that the agency can go after bloggers — as well as the companies that compensate them — for any false claims or failure to disclose conflicts of interest."
19 June  
Convoy of classic military vehicles to roll through suburbs
"This time, the convoy will drive north on Route 59 and turn west onto Route 38, both of which closely follow the path of the old Lincoln Highway.  Most of the vehicles in the convoy are from World War II, but there are a few from the Korean and Vietnam wars, as well as some more contemporary vehicles."
Planter's Palette to host garden walk
"Twelve suburban and country gardens in St. Charles, Bartlett, West Chicago, Glen Ellyn and Wheaton will be featured. From small lots to 5-acre gardens, younger gardens to established landscapes, and sun-filled gardens to cool shaded retreats, there is a garden for every interest. There is even a vegetable garden that has been tended for more than 50 years!"
St. Charles schools move forward on suicide plan
"The plan stems from a summit on suicide prevention conducted by district officials. The forums involved community-based organizations, law enforcement, faith-based organizations and family members of students who have committed suicide."
Green Sundays
"The Green Disciples, a small group ministry focused on reducing, reusing and recycling for a greener future, encourages those that are able to walk or ride bicycles to church services during the summer.  The Green Disciples are hosting a group bike ride after the church service and ice cream social on June 28, 2009 (approximately 11:30 a.m.)."
Aerial Treatment for Gypsy Moth Adults in June
"The next treatment phase will target the insects as they emerge from their cocoons as adult moths during the last week of June or the first week of July. Approximately 987 acres in woodlands at 12 forest preserves will receive aerial applications of Disrupt II, a product that mimics the female gypsy moth’s pheromone, a natural occurring “perfume.” The synthetic pheromones will confuse male gypsy moths and prevent them from finding and mating with females, leading to a reduction in egg masses that create the next generation of pests."
Act of kindness
"I read "Violent act inspires an act of kindness" (Page 1, June 8). If only this country had more people like Omar Gutierrez, what a great place it would be. It is a refreshing story rather than all the other things we read about here in Illinois. God bless Gutierrez.
-- Mike Wiley, West Chicago "
WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 19 Jun 09
Conservative media still promoting Obama birth certificate conspiracy theories - Media Matters
"Throughout the past year, conservative media figures have advanced various versions of the discredited myth that Barack Obama has not produced a valid birth certificate, is not a natural-born U.S. citizen, and is not eligible to be president."
9 Conservative Myths About Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism - AlterNet
"This is terrorism we're dealing with. We can't afford to let ourselves be distracted by spin. We will not be able to respond effectively until we're able to deal in facts. The sooner we shoot down these myths, the sooner we'll be able dispel fear, think clearly and start having some real, honest conversations about the actual threats we face."

18 June

District 33 Announces West Chicago Middle School Class of 2009 Honor Students
"The following students are being recognized as High Honor students of the 2009 graduating class of West Chicago Middle School. The students listed below have made the High Honor Roll, receiving all A's in achievement and all 1's in effort during each quarter of the 8th grade year.

Kristyn Bossle, Carla Dannug, Vishal Disawar, Molly Mcghee, Taylor Myers, and Jovany Zuniga. "

Events at Turtle Splash Water Park
"The West Chicago Park District is hosting three Community Evening events at Turtle Splash Water Park in Reed-Keppler Park, 129 National St. “The purpose is to assist and promote organizations in the community and have fun at the same time,” explained Jodi Krause, district superintendent of recreation."
Lois Raebeck of Heights, Actress, Musician, Dies - Brooklyn Daily Eagle - Brooklyn,NY
"A native of West Chicago, Illinois, Lois came to New York in 1943 to accept a vocal scholarship with Francis Rogers of the Juilliard School of Music. In 1946 she received a B.S. from Columbia University, and in 1948 a master’s degree from Columbia’s Teachers’ College."
Plan to Reform Redistricting Methods
"In addition to ensuring that a map met all federal requirements, points would be awarded based on equal population, compactness, competitiveness, respecting minority voting strengths and considering political boundaries...The three best scoring maps would go to the House and Senate for consideration. If a map does not receive a supermajority vote in both chambers, the best scoring map would be automatically certified by the Secretary of State."
Wayne teen charged with reckless homicide
"Onofrio J. Lorusso, of the 4N000 block of Honey Hill Circle, was charged with four counts of reckless homicide and 12 counts of aggravated driving under the influence... One passenger, Cameron Goode, 18, of West Chicago, died at the scene. A 16-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl, both in the back seat, were seriously injured."
Rallies planned against state cuts
"These "Day of Action" rallies are open to anyone in the community to join us and speak up against the budget cuts that will have such a devastating impact on the community," stated Amy Emerson of Illinois Action for Children. "Over 80,000 families will lose their child care which will affect 150,000 children in Illinois."
Teen driver in fatal DUI faces 16 charges - Chicago Breaking News - Tribune
"Hallock ordered Lorusso to surrender his passport and to be outfitted with an alcohol-monitoring anklet should he post  bail. His attorney, Vincent Solano, said Lorusso recently graduated form St. Charles East High School, where he played hockey and was planning on attending college this fall."
New website aimed to educate on gerrymandering
The Senate Republican Caucus has launched a new website to support the call to end the political gerrymandering of the state.
Blue Cross Gives High Marks to Employees Who Drop Costly Policyholders, a Controversial Practice Called Rescission - Bulldog Reporter
""These practices reveal that when an insurance company receives a claim for an expensive, life-saving treatment, some of them will look for a way — any way — to avoid having to pay for it," said Stupak, chairman of the commerce committee's Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations."
Religious right leaders say it is anti-Christian to oppose hate - Examiner
"In the war of ideas those who believe only they have Truth on their side often find they provide the best ammunition for their opponents. This is certainly true in the hysterical reaction on the extreme religious right’s opposition to hate crime legislation. They worry that prohibiting the encouragement of violence against certain groups will have a "chilling effect" on religious free speech."
Hurley to host Grabaawr kick-off - Ironwood Globe
"Buses with hundreds of bicyclists from throughout the Midwest will begin rolling into Hurley on Saturday, marking the kick-off of The Great Annual Bicycle Adventure Along the Wisconsin River 2009.  The Grabaawr, a 500-mile bicycle tour, has been in existence for 24 years and this is the first time Hurley has been designated the starting point for the seven-day cycling tour through much of Wisconsin. The tour will end in Muscoda."

17 June

Around and About in West Chicago - 17 June 2009
  • Habitat for Humanity Groundbreaking Ceremony
  • Dean Family Benefit Mini Mudder’s Volley Ball Tournament
  • Marine Lance Cpl. Adam Boswell
  • Reverend Travis Else at Faith Community Church
Foundation for Educational Excellence Promotes Summer Reading
"Staff members volunteer their time to read books to children two different
times during the summer, once in June and once in July. At the end of each
program, every child chooses a special book to take home. As many children
do not have books at home, this program provides books to start a home
library, and books to share with family and friends."
Kristyn Bossle was left off the 8th Grade High Honor Roll.  I apologize to Miss Bossle, her friends, and her relatives.  The correction has been made.  Sorry. - Bob
DuPage kills work force housing proposal - again
"The proverbial dead horse was beaten to a pulp at Tuesday's DuPage County Board development committee meeting. A week after voting to move the controversial work force housing proposal to a panel that has no regularly scheduled meetings and no plans to convene, the development committee voted 6-1 to reject the plan."
Upgrades in DuPage Airport's future
"Bird showed aldermen the long-range master plan of the airport, which includes closing the runway closest to Route 64 between St. Charles and West Chicago and moving the buildings there to the southeast part of the airport.  The runway in the southeast part, now the airport's main runway, would be strengthened and widened, and new buildings there would house those facilities currently along Route 64."
DuPage panel scraps housing plan
"Opposed in its draft form by Naperville City Manager Doug Krieger and other municipal representatives, and hounded by charges of poor communication and other allegations, the proposal's aim was to establish an inventory of housing that police officers, firefighters, teachers and other middle-income workers with jobs in the county could afford to buy so they would be able to live near their workplaces."
New Anglican Church poses dilemma - Washington Times - Washington Times
When 232 delegates to the ACNA convention at St. Vincent's Cathedral in Bedford, Texas, approve the organization's constitution and canons on Monday, Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Duncan will become archbishop for this "emerging" 39th province of the communion, consisting of several groupings that have left the Episcopal Church over issues related to sexuality and biblical authority."


Roskam Claims That Public Option Is Not Going To Be Optional -
"As we previously noted, the Lewin Group report found that 120 million people currently in the private market would voluntarily switch to the government-sponsored health insurance if it had the same payment rates as Medicare (and therefore lower premiums than the private insurers).  What Roskam ignores is that, if the government's coverage turns out to be problematic or inadequate, any number of those 120 million could always return to the private market."
[Apparently, Roskam wants Insurance corp lobbyists to make your medical decisions. - Bob]

16 June

Family Fitness Challenge 2009
"The purpose of the four-month long challenge is for families to become involved in activities that lead to a healthy life style, explained Jodi Krause, West Chicago Park District Superintendent of Recreation. Families earn points for various activities and events, with the opportunity of receiving a prize at the end of each month or the grand prize at the finish of the challenge."
West Chicago Public Access Playback - Jun 15- Jun 21


6:00 PM

COD Images


6:30 PM

COD Inside Studio 180


7:00 PM



7:30 PM

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Ex-W. Chicago school officials may face suit
""The amended complaint asks for relief against the people who unlawfully diverted the money," Rooney said. "It doesn't mean they are really bad people. I just think they got terrible advice.""
Foster Announces Aid for Small Businesses
"The Recovery Act has given the Small Business Administration (SBA) the authority to create a new type of loan.  The newly launched America’s Recovery Capital (ARC) program allows small businesses to take out loans of up to $35,000 to pay down existing business debts.  Borrowers pay no interest on the ARC loans and repayment does not begin for one year."

15 June

Seatbelt Safety Campaign Successful in West Chicago
"The West Chicago Police Department announced that Campaign #3 of the Illinois Department of Transportation funded grant was successful in educating the motoring public on Seatbelt Safety and Awareness"
Coyote Sightings Prompt Reminders for Safety of Small Pets
"Coyote sightings in West Chicago have caused concern among some members of the community prompting the City of West Chicago Police Department to gather and disseminate information intended to educate the public."
[Please check out recent picture from Ashland Daily News article, Bear and Cat Stroll - Bob]
West Chicago teen killed in DUI crash
"Cameron Godee, 18, of West Chicago, was pronounced dead on the scene.  A 16-year-old boy in the back seat was taken to Central Dupage Hospital in Winfield, while a 17-year-old girl, also in the back seat, was taken to Delnor and later to Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove."
Would your lawmaker support public health insurance?
"Bill Foster, a Geneva Democrat, did not directly say whether he would support public health insurance as an option.  He issued a statement that he "is opposed to mandating a government-run, single-payer system. He believes that health-care reform must reduce the overall costs placed on middle-class families and employers, especially small businesses. With the economic crisis still upon us, and a looming deficit, Congressman Foster prefers common-sense reforms this year.""
A true distance classic as frosh sets 5000 record
"At 2:14.90 in the 800, West Chicago junior Annette Eichenberger finished behind only Wisconsin state champ Katie Hill. Eichenberger looked good for a late surge then "I kind of felt my legs lock up a little bit," she said."
Teen killed in alcohol-related crash
"The preliminary investigation showed that a 2005 Ford Explorer was southbound on Royal Fox when it lost control and went off the road, striking two trees. The vehicle was wedged against a tree, and fire personnel had to use extrication tools to remove the occupants."
West Chicago teen killed in St. Charles crash
"A West Chicago teen was killed Sunday morning when the car he was riding in smashed into a tree in St. Charles. The front seat passenger, Cameron Godee, 18, 2800 block of Mansfield Court, was pronounced dead at the scene, shortly after a Ford Explorer hit a tree in the 3100 block of Royal Fox Drive, St. Charles police said."
We Can Learn from Iran's Heroes
"Despite a media blackout, Iranian citizens are risking their lives to use online tools like You Tube and Twitter to tell their story to the rest of the world. Some of these protesters have been beaten, jailed or killed for their efforts.  It is a stark reminder that we should never take for granted our right to vote – and that we should avoid becoming apathetic amid our distrust of the corruption-plagued government that has inflicted Illinois for the past six years."
Ending Gerrymandering Critical to Budget Discussions
" “The crisis we face in Illinois is a direct outgrowth of the fact that legislative districts have been gerrymandered to fix the election results and insulate lawmakers from the voters.”"

"Redistricting was part of the Reform Commission Report but has not been taken up in debate. The Republicans have been proposing the Iowa model so there won't be so much gerrymandering. The Dems won't call the bill." - Rep Randy Ramey

Too Poor to Make the News  - NY times
"In some accounts, the recession is even described as the “great leveler,” smudging the dizzying levels of inequality that characterized the last couple of decades and squeezing everyone into a single great class, the Nouveau Poor, in which we will all drive tiny fuel-efficient cars and grow tomatoes on our porches."
Newly Released Detainee Statements Provide More Evidence of CIA Torture Program
"In previously released versions of the documents, the CIA had removed virtually all references to the abuse of prisoners in their custody; the documents released today are still heavily redacted, but include some new information."
Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) unloads on President Obama - The Weekly Standard
[With his "In a bow to our worst enemies, the President is showing ..." the representative has joined the Alan Keyes wing of the IL Republican Party, the lunatic fringe... it is time for an apology. - Bob]
12 June  
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Dozens protest potential state cuts for DuPage shelter
""We think there are many things to look at, in terms of cutting, before (Gov. Patrick Quinn) dips into these social service agencies," said state Sen. John Millner, a Carol Stream Republican. "I don't agree with it and I think it's wrong.""
Daniels, Pankau eye county chairman's seat
"Since Chairman Robert Schillerstrom announced he may seek the Republican nomination for governor in 2010, the list of names mentioned as possible GOP chairman candidates has grown to include state Sen. Dan Cronin and no fewer than six county board members.  Pankau confirmed Thursday she is "seriously considering" whether she wants to seek the job."
Will DuPage GOP split over gov's race?
"With potentially three DuPage GOPers running, however, there is concern that a bitter primary could washout the Republicans' suburban base for the general election.  Dillard says he is hoping he can convince Schillerstrom and Birkett to back off their potential bids for that reason."


Dream Wheels - Augustinos Rock 'N' Roll Deli West Chicago cruise night:
"This rock 'n' roll deli hosts a cruise night from 5 to 9 p.m. Tuesdays through Sept. 22 at Augustinos Rock 'n' Roll Deli, North Avenue and Illinois 59 in West Chicago. All cars, trucks, motorcycles, military, street machines welcome. Music and awards each week."
Rep. Foster Announces Rural Development Grant for Prophetstown
"Today, Rep. Bill Foster (IL-14) announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has awarded the City of Prophetstown with a Rural Business Enterprise Grant worth $99,500.  “These funds are vital in promoting the economic development of Prophetstown and Whiteside County,” said Foster.  “According to the USDA, this project will save 113 jobs and assist 33 businesses while revitalizing downtown Prophetstown.”"
State Democrats cut human services, increase budget pressure
"The budget appropriates almost 90 percent of the funds requested by Governor Quinn. Unfortunately, it is primarily Illinois’ social services that lose out — these programs were only funded at 50 percent of the level originally proposed."
Arkansas Tea Party Rally to feature speaker who says thousands will be dead in streets in revolt - The Examiner
"He apparently believes that by posing as an historical revolutionary figure that his hate speech is more palatable. From the recent murder of a health care provider in Kansas to this week’s killing at the U.S. Holocaust Museum the cries of revolution continue to be treated as marching orders by some leaving us all in peril."


GRABAAWR® - GReat Annual Bicycle Adventure Along the Wisconsin River
"GRABAAWR® starts at the head-waters of the magnificent Wisconsin River near the upper Michigan border. It follows the 427-mile length of the river as it winds through the northwoods, the central sands area and Wisconsin's Dairyland. The overnight stops this year will start in Hurley then on the Lac du Flambeau, Tomahawk, Wausau, WI Rapids, Mauston, Baraboo and finish in Muscoda."

11 June

West Chicago Middle School 3rd Quarter Honor Roll
"Students are credited in two areas. The area of Achievement indicates the student's grades average "B" or above. Students are also graded in the area of Effort, with "1" being the highest grade. Students making High Honor Roll received all A's in achievement and all 1's in effort."
Police beat - St. Charles
"Marinella Ercolano, 31, of the 100 block of Heritage Woods Drive in West Chicago was charged June 4 with retail theft, according to a police report. Store security at Von Maur, 3810 E. Main St., observed Ercolano place a baseball cap, two men's shirts and a pair of men's shorts in a two-person stroller and exit the store with her three children without paying for the items."
Ethan Hastert explains run for Congress
"Of course, the first thing Hastert will have to contend with in the 14th District is his surname. Where once it was a guarantee of success, Hastert admits there is still some lingering disappointment over the last election. Dennis Hastert resigned his seat in 2007 after nearly 21 years, triggering a special election in the district, which Geneva businessman Bill Foster won."
A little more time for affordable housing
"If enacted, the newly created overlay zones would clear the way for workforce housing — lower-cost homes intended to enable teachers, nurses, police officers, firefighters and other middle-class wage earners to live near where they work."
"Currently, DuPage County does not charge anything if a FOIA request is under ten pages. If it is more than ten pages, there is a charge of eight cents per page. However, the requestor can ask to waive the fees if they are a non-for-profit and/or the requested data will be used to benefit the public"
Foster continues to stand up for area auto dealers
"As part of his continued effort to ensure fair treatment of area auto dealers, Congressman Bill Foster (IL-14) became a co-sponsor of H.R. 2743, the Automobile Dealer Economic Restoration Act today, legislation that is co-sponsored by a group of bipartisan lawmakers, including Rep. Don Manzullo (IL-16)."
Petition seeks to allow Bible in schools - Idaho Statesman
"The “Initiative Allowing School Boards to Permit the Bible to be Studied as Literature and for its Influence on History” would allow school boards to offer elective classes that study the Bible in a nondoctrinal manner, Seldon said in an interview Tuesday.  “Our schools are falling apart,” said Seldon, a Boisean and a retired educator who has twice run unsuccessfully for the Legislature. “We need to get back on track with what the Founding Fathers intended for education to be biblically based.”"
[Would it help if I made bold face the obvious inconsistency in this short passage? - Bob]
Bakery Allegedly Discards Employee's Severed Arm - CBS News
"The union said that while Rilles was being taken to a hospital someone tossed his arm into the garbage. It says the bakery then cleaned the machinery and continued production.  Police found the arm the next day, the union said, but doctors were unable to reattach it."
Wash. Judge: Blaring Car Horn Is Not Free Speech - CBS News
"She parked in front of his house at 5:50 a.m. the next day and leaned on her horn for 10 minutes straight. He called the police, but she repeated the honking two hours later.  Immelt was cited for a noise violation but appealed on free-speech grounds.  Judge Richard J. Thorpe ruled Monday that "Horn honking which is done to annoy or harass others is not speech.""

10 June

Around and About in West Chicago - 10 June 2009
  • Union Pacific Railroad crossing on Roosevelt Road
  • Flag Day is Sunday
  • Community Fellowship Church Vacation Bible School
  • Newly appointed Commissioner of the West Chicago Fire Protection District
June E-Newsletter
"The Commission studied six broad categories they believed would comprehensively address reform. Those categories are: Campaign Finance, Procurement, Enforcement, Government Structure, Transparency, and Inspiring Better Government.       I am disappointed the General Assembly did not allow these reform measures to be heard and debated on the House floor. "
[Rep Ramey provides an interesting list of "fund sweeps", diversions of money from dedicated state accounts to other purposes.  I recommend that you check these out. - Bob]

West Chicago
High School
American Association of Physics Teachers ward to Outstanding Physics Students
"Jenna Bossle (West Chicago); Alyssa Crisostomo (Carol Stream); Mike Guevara (West Chicago); and Rebecca Howe (West Chicago) have been selected as the Outstanding Physics Students at CHS. Students received a Certificate of Achievement and a gift membership to the American Association of Physics Teachers."
Study says DuPage should keep convalescent center
"The convalescent center in Wheaton is home to 310 residents needing long-term care. The center also supports 50 residents who need short-term care.  With an annual operating budget of $32.5 million, the center employs 506 people - 374 of whom are full-time. The county covers about $2.4 million in operating costs each year, but pays all capital improvement costs."
How About We Force Government to ‘Sacrifice’? - FaceBook
"We deserve a government that takes less of our money and spends it wisely.  We deserve a government that gets out of the way of job creation and lets our employers prosper.  We deserve leadership that says “No” to the special interests so that government serves the taxpayers."
God is a hit man for hire. A Baptist prayer for God to kill President Obama. - The Beattitude
"Drake said on “The Alan Colmes Show” that unless Obama repents, he is praying that God will kill the president. He believes that is what happened to slain abortion provider George Tiller. It worked on Tiller, why not the president?"

[See also 'God's hit list' from the Orange County Register. - Bob]

Okla. braces for challenge to Ten Commandments law - Associated Press
""Although I'm not going to commit to any course of action today, we at the ACLU are looking at the developments at the state Capitol concerning that monument," Thornton said.  The state bill, approved overwhelmingly last month by the Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Brad Henry, authorizes the placement of a privately funded a 3-by-6-foot Ten Commandments monument on the State Capitol grounds."
Daley, Obama at odds over picket line... Chicago Sun-Times
"The Obama administration is boycotting a U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in Providence, R.I., this weekend to avoid crossing picket lines and taking sides in a decade-long labor dispute between the local mayor and firefighters union."

09 June

West Chicago Provides Residents Wildlife Management Option
"The City of West Chicago has entered into a wildlife management agreement with On Target Animal Control. The purpose of this agreement is to provide the residents of West Chicago with a service to remove wild animals from their residences."
Notice to West Chicago Service Clubs
"The City of West Chicago will be installing a new monument sign at the corner of Illinois Route 59 and Main Street at the east gateway to the downtown district. The sign, which will contain a double-sided LED component, will serve as a communication tool for City programs, information and activities."
Local landscape still changing for bird-lovers
"In March, several major conservation groups and government wildlife agencies teamed up to release "The State of the Birds." It's an enlightening but sobering report that explains what bird species are in trouble and why. Out of the 800 species you could hope to see in the United States, 67 are listed as federally endangered or threatened. An additional 184 are on a watch list due to their small distribution, high threats or declining populations."
Study: Megachurch attenders tend to be younger and less likely to give, volunteer - Associated Press
"The survey also found distressing news for a movement that took off in the 1980s and remains influential in evangelical Christianity: megachurch-goers volunteer less and give less money than other churchgoers."
Starbucks settles with NLRB over unfair labor practices... CCH Business & Corporate Compliance
""Faced with the prospect of having its widespread union-busting campaign exposed in a public hearing," the IWW says, Starbucks agreed to remedy the alleged violations committed against workers in the ongoing union campaign. It was the sixth such settlement in three years, the union noted."
Bear Cub Spotted With Head Stuck In Feeder - CBS News
"A landowner in the northwestern part of the state told the state Department of Natural Resources about the cub over Memorial Day weekend. But the mother was so protective that DNR officers couldn't get near the cub, who was still able to climb a tree."
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"... to fly the flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of: Sgt. Justin J. Duffy, United States Army - Hometown: Moline, Illinois"

08 June

West Chicago Public Access Playback - Jun 8- Jun 14
"This week we start a new series of programs called "Outspoken". This program was created for another Public Access Cable Channel but is being provided to CableCom by the show's host and originator, Karon Gibson, RN.Outspoken provides a look at many health, family and lifestyle issues. CableCom is grateful to Karon for sharing this program with our West Chicago viewers."
Girls Soccer Wins State 3-0
"In a stunning shutout Saturday afternoon, the Lady Warriors convincingly won the 2009 IHSA Class 2A State Title. They beat the Lemont High School Indians 3-0. They finished the season at 22-3-2.  The three senior captains Jenn Lee, Leah Fortune and Becca Long led the way just hours after Wheaton Academy's graduation ceremony."
District 33 Future Problem Solvers Place at State Competition
"The highest honor was awarded to Marissa Borchering from Currier School, taking 2nd place for competitive scenario writing the first year District 33 participated in this section of the competition. In the same competition, Alex Ortiz, also from Currier School, took 3rd place in the state. Their coach is Mrs. Kerry Duffey."
West Chicago High School Graduation - A Picture Gallery
"West Chicago High School held its graduation ceremony for the Class of 2009 at the school on Sunday, June 7."
STATE SOCCER: Warriors capture Class 2A title
"Jenn Lee scored twice Saturday but her first goal was all Wheaton Academy needed to capture the Class 2A state championship in Naperville.  Lee netted the eventual game-winner midway through the first half en route to a 3-0 win over Lemont in the  title game at North Central College."
500 veterans gather at Cantigny to remember D-Day
""We, the Europeans and the world owe a debt of gratitude to these veterans," retired Army Brig. Gen. David L. Grange, brigadier general said at the unveiling and dedication of one of the Higgins boats that was used to deliver soldiers onto beaches in various battles of the Second World War. "They created a day of victory and gained a foothold.""
65th Anniversary of D-Day and LCVP Dedication at Cantigny Park
"More than 6,000 people turned out at Cantigny Park in Wheaton on June 6 to honor nearly 500 World War II veterans on the 65th anniversary of D-Day.  As part of the ceremony, Cantigny's First Division Museum unveiled a rare WWII landing craft that is now be part of the museum's permanent collection."
Schakowsky stays put, won't run for Senate
"While testing the waters, Schakowsky's polling pointed to her having a "strong chance" of winning a Senate race. But she said the time it would take to raise the $10 million needed for the primary and another $16 million for the general election would basically leave her absent for House committee and floor work.
Rep. Foster Honors Service Members Who Fought on D-Day
"On the eve of the 65th anniversary of the Normandy invasion, I want to thank our World War II service members, especially those who gave their lives, for fighting so valiantly on D-Day. As beneficiaries of the actions taken by the greatest generation, I encourage all Americans to reflect on the courage and patriotism they showed."
Lupine Junefest to include scenic bike tours
"The one-day festival, designed to lure tourists to town early in the season, features a full day of activities from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  The tall lupine wildflower makes the backdrop for the festivities, its blooms of purple, pink and white blanketing roadsides in the area in spring."
05 June  
Currier School Artists win Metra Safety Poster Contest
"Kevin Siu, a first grade student at Currier School placed first in his age group. Kevin will receive a new laptop computer, have his artwork displayed in Metra's safety calendar and on over 2,500 posters distributed throughout Illinois. Winning second place in her age group is Currier School 3rd grade student Alejandra Montoya."
  • WHEN: JUNE 9
  • TIME: Girls 6pm, Boys 7pm

WE DESPERATELY NEED ABOUT 30 VOLUNTEERS TO HELP WITH THE PROCESS: TIME: 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM  Please contact Jerry Krieg or Don (Doc) Nielsen as soon as possible if you can help! and

Roosevelt Road closing east of Geneva
"Bill McCroskey, a Union Pacific Railroad assistant track manager in West Chicago, said the crossing "is a very busy intersection" for both trains and cars. The closing is necessary, he said, because the rubberized crossing there is wearing down, putting pressure on the wooden railroad ties, "which are about to burst.""
Railroad to close portion of Roosevelt Road
"The posted detour will use Kirk Road to Fabyan Parkway for both eastbound and westbound Roosevelt Road.  For information, visit the DuPage County Road Construction Web page at
Community calendar for week of June 4
  • "Women’s classes
    “Women Who Wonder Why,” 6 to 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays, Wayne/Winfield Area Youth/Family Services office, 27W031 North Ave., West Chicago. Discussion of concerns and issues important to women. $25 per session. Pre-class consultation, $13. Register at (630) 231-7166."
  • Teen anger class
    6 to 7 p.m. Wednesdays, Wayne/Winfield Area Youth/Family Services office, 27W031 North Ave., West Chicago. Ten sessions, $25 per session. Register at (630) 231-7166.
  • Nature workday
    9 a.m. to noon Saturday, June 6, West DuPage Woods Forest Preserve, Route 59, north of Roosevelt Road, West Chicago. Register at (630) 933-7681.
Rep. Foster Announces Congressional Art Contest Winners
"Ariel Liu of Illinois Math and Science Academy took first place, Kristi DiFluvio of St. Charles North took second place, and Olivia Villalobos of Aurora East and North Aurora resident Chris Starai both earned honorable mentions.  Photos from the ceremony can be viewed HERE."
Roskam Advances Rail Security Legislation
"The Roskam Amendment requires the DHS to conduct public hearings with local transit authorities in the five largest urban areas on current funding, protocol and cooperation practices.  DHS will then have to respond by recommending changes to public law for Congress to enact."
[Oh Great!  Security officials holding more meetings and less time out hunting bad guys. - Bob]
WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 05 Jun 09

04 June

  • *SPS HOTLINE, 1.630.482.9696 – call for any reason
  • *DEPRESSION SCREENING - our office during Summer break by appointment
  • *24/7 HOTLINES;
    • 1.800.273.TALK (8255)
    • 1.800.SUICIDE (784.2433)
    3rd Monday of each month, 7pm
    1st Wednesday of each month, 7pm
Cantigny to celebrate 65th anniversary of D-Day
"With roughly 350 World War II veterans planning to attend - including more than 60 who participated in the D-Day invasion - the gathering is expected to be one of the biggest anniversary events in the nation.  "This might be their last big hurrah," said Steven Hawkins, director of information management with the First Division Museum. "At the rate they are passing away, to get more than 200 of them together at one spot again is going to be nearly impossible.""
Reform: How your elected officials did
"Some progress was made, but our fears also were realized: Some key reforms were abandoned because they threatened leaders' political power."
[Basically, all of our Republican representatives voted yes on everything except limiting campaign contributions. - Bob]
Dist. 303's third forum focuses on suicide support outside of school
"One of the more innovative suggestions involved contacting businesses that serve as summer hangouts for area youth (malls, fast food restaurants, movie theaters) and providing them with literature they can insert into the shopping bags of youths they encounter."
Foster Announces More Than $4 Million for Dixon
"Today, Rep. Bill Foster (IL-14) announced that the City of Dixon has received a Public Water Supply Loan worth $4,134,201 for the construction of new water treatment facilities.  The zero percent interest loan was made possible by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which Foster voted for."
Roskam Statement on Iranian Nuclear Energy
"Supporting Iran’s “legitimate [nuclear] aspirations” ignores all recent history and smacks of the same naive and misguided approach that allowed for North Korea to gain nuclear power ..."
[Just a reminder, Korea got nuclear weapons during Bu$h's cowboy diplomacy.  I, for one, am not comfortable with a return to that.- Bob]
Honoring Officer Alejandro "Alex" Valadez
"... fly the flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of: Officer Alejandro "Alex" Valadez, Chicago Police Department"
Harvard to Endow Chair in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies - New York Times
"The visiting professorship was made possible by a gift of $1.5 million from the Harvard Gay and Lesbian Caucus, which will formally announce it at a dinner on Thursday, after Harvard's commencement exercises. With the gift, Harvard said it would regularly invite "eminent scholars studying issues related to sexuality or sexual minorities" to teach on campus for one semester, according to a draft of a university press release."
Stopping the Desecration of Mountaintop Removal - Jim Hightower
"The industry rationalizes its greed in the name of creating jobs for this hard-hit region — but mountaintop removal relies on dynamite and huge machines, not workers. In fact, thousands of mining jobs have been lost as corporations switched to this method. In all of Appalachia, there are only 19,000 jobs connected to every form of surface mining — and the tiniest fraction of those are in mountaintop removal."


03 June

Around and About in West Chicago - 03 June 2009
  • Hawthorne’s Backyard Bar & Grill
  • Passport to Adventure
  • 24th annual Law Enforcement Run for Special Olympics
  • Danny and the Twisters at Santo Maria’s Italiano Ristorante
  • Transportation Funding from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act
New Statement on Incident Last Week
"Recently, the media has sensationalized an unfortunate incident that occurred last week at West Chicago Middle School. Last Tuesday, after dismissal, one student put another student in a choke hold in an activity called "tap out." This is a DANGEROUS activity where the one being choked taps the leg of the other when he gives up and wants to be released."
[You are encouraged to read the entire statement and contrast its calm and concerned tone with the innuendos of the published accounts. - Bob]
House rejects state income tax hike
"Others in Cross' party were celebratory. "People say 'just stop the spending,' and I agree with them. I claim a victory here for those folks," said Rep. Randy Ramey (R-Carol Stream)."
Funding cuts endanger range of services
"The Association for Individual Development is still dealing with its massive $750,000 cut in state funding last year that resulted in a hiring freeze. This year, the Aurora-based organization worries that as much as 50 percent of its funding from the state could be cut, AID President Lynn O'Shea said.  "We are very, very concerned about our grant-funded programs. Any program that was funded 100 percent by state funding likely would be the first to be cut," she said."
State OKs 2 measures targeting CN
"Senate Resolution 273, sponsored by Sen. Linda Holmes, D-Aurora, is aimed at President Barack Obama, and asks him to consider local communities when filling the vacancy on the federal Surface Transportation Board. The three-seat board, which oversees all rail transactions in the United States, has been down one member since W. Douglas Buttrey resigned in March."
Ash borer spreading on Aurora's West Side
""There was a report of a dead tree in the Foxcroft subdivision last week," Meyer said. "A tree specialist determined it positively had been affected by ash borers."  Further inspection detected evidence of the beetle in about one-third of the parkway trees in the subdivision,..."


Message From Illinois to Obama and Washington Lawmakers: Approval ...
"SR 273 was co-sponsored by Senators Dan Duffy (R-Barrington), Randy Hultgren (R-Naperville), Chris Lauzen, (R-Aurora) and Pam Althoff (R-Crystal Lake). HR 68 was co-sponsored by Representatives ...  Randy Ramey, (R-West Chicago), ... Mike Fortner (R-Chicago), and House Republican Leader Tom Cross of Oswego."
"HB 4051 passed unanimously in the Illinois Senate 57-0, finally ending a three-year power struggle regarding the DuPage Election Commission's destruction of OUR public records. Last month, the bill also passed unanimously in the Illinois House 117-0. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is expected to sign the bill into law shortly."
We Need Honest and Effective Leadership - Facebook video
"In his meeting with the Elk Grove Township Republican Organization, Joe discussed the need for honest and effective leadership in Illinois to solve our economic problems -- not tax increases."


02 June

Relay for Life 2009 - Sharon Garcia's FaceBook Page
This is a group of 8 pictures from the "Trinity Lutheran Walkie Talkies" from the all night walk.  Others with pictures posted are invited to send me a link. - Bob
Just For Kids Fishing Derby at Blackwell Forest Preserve
"Anglers 15 and under are invited to join the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County’s “cast” for a “reel” good time at the 23rd-annual “Just for Kids Fishing Derby” on Sunday, June 14 from 8 a.m. to noon at Silver Lake at Blackwell Forest Preserve in Warrenville."
1979 Dodge Tradesman 100 - Van Rewind You Voted, We Listened
"A `69 Dodge 340ci engine was removed from a willing donor, which was then disassembled, cleaned, and machined at Adrian's Competition Motors in Berkeley, Illinois. Ron Watts from West Chicago, Illinois, performed the final assembly of performance components"
Rep. Bill Foster Announces $933,000 in Recovery Act Funds for Elgin Armory
"Today, in a visit to the Elgin Armory, Rep. Bill Foster (IL-14) announced $933,000 will be spent on modernizing the facility while at the same time creating local jobs and growing the economy."
Recovery Projects in the 14th
"In an effort to maximize transparency, the office of Rep. Foster has created a google map to represent where funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is going within the 14th District.  To view the map, click here."
Anti-abortion and violence in the US - BBC
"According to data gathered by the National Abortion Federation, a pro-choice group, there had been at least nine killings in anti-abortion protests, 17 attempted murders and 400 death threats.  Bombings and arson attempts of abortion facilities also happen on a regular basis with cases often reaching double figures every year. "
[Argue "lone wolf" if you wish, but there is no reasonable denial that Sunday's murder of a doctor that performs abortions is domestic terrorism. - Bob]
Anti-Gay Marriage Pro-Prop 8 Leader Called For Antiabortion Martyrs - Talk to Action
"But the anti-gay marriage rhetoric of TheCall events is inevitably accompanied by inflammatory antiabortion rhetoric. Engle and his disciples have a history, going back by some reports at least to 2002, of issuing calls from onstage, before crowds of thousands at TheCall events, for acts of Christian martyrdom, antiabortion violence, to end legalized abortion in America."



01 June

West Chicago Public Access Playback - Jun 1- Jun 7
"Here is this week's selection. Top pick this week is Yesterday Today. It's a brand new edition of a great program made specifically for CableCom."
Artist Duo Arrives at West Chicago's Gallery 200 for Monthlong Show
"The artist duo will host an opening reception, Mary & Mary, on Friday, June 5, 2009 from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. Their work will be on display from June 5 – June 28, 2009, with ten percent of their sales donated to the DuPage Convalescent Center in Wheaton, IL where Martinec works."
Ramey Votes Against Irresponsible Budget Plan
"I did not vote to support this budget choice because I do not think it represents the most financially responsible budget for the citizens of Illinois," Ramey said. "Under this budget, the money will run out in 3 months and legislators will have to face tougher budget decisions in the near future."
Temporary Budget Proposal
“After six years of the backroom, shady dealings of Governor Blagojevich, the Democrats still proposed and passed a budget that lacks transparency. By making lump sum appropriations instead of identifying each line item, they essentially were able to hide where your tax dollars are being spent,”
Dist. 33 officials 'grieved' over incident that injured student
"Isidro was walking in the parking lot when another seventh-grader came up from behind and placed him in a choke hold, his mother said. Despite Isidro's efforts to give up, the other student choked him until he lost consciousness and fell face down on the concrete.  Superintendent Ed Leman said he doesn't believe the other student was trying to physically harm Isidro."
Ash borer infestation in Aurora
"Officials said a a dead tree was reported last week and that a tree specialist determined it positively had been affected by the invasive beetle.  Further inspection detected evidence of of the emerald ash borer in about one-third of the parkway trees in the subdivision."
[Insecticide Fact Sheet about EAB provided by Edith Maka, Community Trees Advocate at The Morton Arboretum - Bob]
Quinn makes clear he's no reformer
"After two governors consecutively faced corruption charges, we had this one moment to seize. This one moment to stop the madness of money's overarching influence in our elections.  In this most essential area, Quinn, who had vowed to lead, failed.  "I think it's the best we can do at this time," he said as he turned his back on every Illinoisan who has supported real campaign donation limits."
West suburbs: Help notes - West Chicago
"We Go Together for Kids and Literacy DuPage offers tutor training from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday and from 6 to 9 p.m. May 18 and June 1 in West Chicago Public Library, 118 W. Washington St. Registration is required. Call 630-416-6699."
Capital Cooperation
"Republicans were able to work with the Governor and his party on some key issues this year – passing two separate capital construction programs and supporting a supplemental spending plan that enabled the state to capture critical federal economic stimulus dollars."
  • The Cato Institute's Generous Funding of Patrick Michaels -
    "In an affidavit (pdf) explaining his move and opposing the Greenpeace application, Michaels stated that "public disclosure of a company's funding of New Hope and its employees has already caused considerable financial loss to New Hope..."
  • Religious school grads likelier to have abortions - MSNBC
    ""This research suggests that young, unmarried women are confronted with a number of social, financial and health-related factors that can make it difficult for them to act according to religious values when deciding whether to keep or abort a pregnancy," said the study’s author, sociologist Amy Adamczyk of John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the Graduate Center, City University of New York."



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