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29 May

D-33 statement regarding injured student
"The Chicago Tribune article referenced above describes an incident that occurred between two students at dismissal time outside of school on May 26. It does not appear to have been a fight, but one student was assailed by another."

West Chicago
High School
Student-of-the Month for June 2009
"Kim is an active athlete as well. She has been a four-year member of the Golf team acting as captain her senior year. She has received the All-Conference Honorable Mention award in Golf. Kim has also played Badminton for four years."
Tri-Cities in 60 seconds - Parking ticket amnesty
"West Chicago's parking ticket violation amnesty program continues through Sunday. The amnesty program allows you to clear all parking tickets by paying 50 percent of the outstanding fines. To check for outstanding tickets issued to a specific license plate number or find out how to pay up, visit and click on the Parking Ticket Violation Amnesty Program link found under Current News."
College achievers: School's out of session
"At the NJCAA women's national championship on May 2-7 the lady Chaps finished third. Elizabeth Micheletti (Glenbard West) was national runner-up at No. 1 singles, and the team of Micheletti and Jennifer Green (West Chicago) were runner-up at No. 1 doubles."
West Chicago Middle School student is beaten, and school has few answers
"Isidro Velazquez has a brain bleed, a fractured sinus and several facial abrasions, said Kristine Cieslak, medical director of the pediatric emergency room at Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield, where the 7th grader was Thursday... His parents allege their son was a victim of an assault on school grounds Tuesday after school was dismissed."
Skeletal remains not those of missing St. Charles man
"“DNA has ruled it is not John Spira,” said Dawn Domrose, public information officer with the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office, on Thursday.  Spira, 45, was last seen Feb. 23, 2007, at Universal Cable Construction near West Chicago, which Spira co-owned. A fire in September 2007 totaled the business."
Tribune applauds Radogno; exposes phony campaign reform
"In the first editorial, the Tribune commends Radogno for saying Senate Republicans won't even talk about raising taxes until majority Democrats change business as usual in Springfield."



28 May


West Chicago
High School
Student-of-the Month for May 2009
"Stuart was a member of the State championship Economics Challenge team, the first team to ever compete in the challenge from our school. His economic knowledge, especially his expertise in the investment component of economics, greatly helped the team dominate the competition and qualify for the regional competition in Texas.”
Anti-reform campaign finance bill advances in senate
"The measure won committee approval over the objections of the Illinois Reform Commission, the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform and Change Illinois. Majority Democrats on the Executive Committee passed out the loophole-laden measure on an 8-5 vote with all Republicans on the committee voting against the bill."
General Accuses WH of War Crimes - Washington Post
""In order for these individuals to suffer the wanton cruelty to which they were subjected, a government policy was promulgated to the field whereby the Geneva Conventions and the Uniform Code of Military Justice were disregarded. The UN Convention Against Torture was indiscriminately ignored.  there is no longer any doubt as to whether the current administration has committed war crimes. The only question that remains to be answered is whether those who ordered the use of torture will be held to account.""
""This citation and fine from OHSA is important because it shows that Walmart could have prevented this death, but did not. Walmart had a responsibility to ensure its workers were safe, but instead put profits ahead of people, and failed its employees, and its customers."

27 May

Around and About in West Chicago - 27 May 2009
  • American Cancer Society Relay for Life of West Chicago/Warrenville
  • Annual Touch-A-Truck Event
  • West Chicago Garden Club Garden Contest
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6791 and Ladies Auxiliary Installation of Officers

West Chicago
High School
"These students and their parents were invited to attend a breakfast ceremony in their honor on Thursday May 28th at Community High School. The nominating teachers and the school’s administration were in attendance to present the awards, say a few words about each student’s success, and present a small gift."
Touch-a-Truck Fun for the Whole Family
"Touch-a-Truck returns to Reed-Keppler Park, located at National and Arbor Streets, on Saturday, May 30, 2009 from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. in the parking lot of the Turtle Splash Water Park."
Fertilizer & Weed Control Application Notice
"The following facility/school will receive a fertilizer and weed control application on any of the following dates: May 30 & 31, 2009"  ... Little Woods, Anderson, North High School.  * Hours of application will be Dawn till Dusk.  Inclement weather dates: June 6 & 7.  For questions or concerns- please call John Hilliard 630.327.2632.
DuPage County brief:
  • Crash injures Aurora man:
    "One person was injured Tuesday in a crash in West Chicago that closed Route 59 for more than four hours. Police said the accident occurred at 10:39 a.m. at the intersection of Route 59 and Garys Mill Road."
  • Prostitution sting nets nine:
    "They were all charged with solicitation of a sexual act for allegedly offering an undercover female Aurora police officer money in exchange for sexual favors... Those charged with solicitation are: ... Alfonso Gonzalez, 48, of the 100 block of East Galena Road, West Chicago..."
Dist. 303 to let students discuss their own struggles
"Students will offer their own consumer report of St. Charles Unit District 303's suicide prevention efforts tonight at the second in a series of meetings addressing the problem.  One of the most common suggestions following the first summit two weeks ago was having more students attend to provide input."
Possibilities of nanotechnology presented at Fermilab
"This lecture will describe the design of molecules for self-assembly into nanostructures that can function as bioactive materials to signal cells in regeneration, or hybrid materials to optimize charge and energy transfer"
West Chicago man wielding 6-foot-long branch is charged with assault in Worth
"Ray Sehweil, 38, was clearing landscape debris from a yard next door to the victim's residence this month when he threw a large amount of branches and sticks in the man's driveway, police said. Sehweil chased the homeowner when the man confronted him, police said."
The Southern
Retired Golconda judge considers U.S. Senate run
"Lowery said reducing government spending will be his main priority.  “When you run into a financial situation where your expenditures exceed your income you do the normal thing and cut back,” he said. “That’s what government ought to be doing.”"
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"...  to fly the flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of: Spc. David Schaefer, United States Army - Hometown: Belleville, Illinois

26 May

West Chicago Police Respond to Personal Injury Traffic Crash
"On Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 10:39 a.m., the West Chicago Police Department and Fire Protection District responded to Route 59 and Garys Mill Road for a personal injury traffic crash."
West Chicago Public Access Playback - May 25- May 31


6:00 PM

City Council (5/18/09)


7:00 PM

Judy Gardner Talks Real Estate


7:30 PM

Musical Memories of Our Century

Henry Coburn Death Notice: - Kalamazoo Gazette
"His passion was farming, and he was also an avid sports fan; but most of all he loved spending time with his family. He was a self employed farmer during his working years;..."
[While a teen I spent entire summers cultivating corn on my uncles farm in an area where almost every farm was a relative.  With this, there is only one survivor of my father's generation. - Bob]
'Perfect storm' surrounding contaminated home's clean up
"Tronox is the company responsible for removing the radiation contamination from her home. It filed for bankruptcy protection in January. Riess filed a claim for the damage to the house against Tronox through the corporation's insurance carrier, AIG.  "They're not cooperating," Gloor said.  Meanwhile, Tronox officials said they have offered to finish any restoration work on Riess' property and cap the well, even though they claim no responsibility for the well. They contend the well is clean, but Riess said no one has ever tested it to prove that."
Burris on tape: Promises to 'do something' for Blagojevich
"In a Nov. 13 conversation recorded by the FBI, Roland Burris told Rod Blagojevich’s brother he feared he’d “catch hell,” with the public if he gave the governor money at the same time he was lobbying for a Senate seat appointment.  Still, Burris ends the call with a promise: “I will personally do something OK? And it will come to you before the 15th of December.”"
The Key to Real Reform: People, Not Laws : Joe Birkett for Illinois
"As a career prosecutor and administrator of a 180-person office for the past 12 years, I’ve come to believe that the missing ingredient in the formula to clean up corruption is political courage. Voters who want to end the corruption cycle in Illinois must seek out leaders who are honest and willing to speak out against wrongdoing when they see it, even when it involves political allies."
Latest Job Numbers Bleak for Illinois (Second Item)
"As has so often been the case since 2003, Illinois also lags behind most other large states. While Illinois does better than economically distressed Michigan (12.4% job loss) and Ohio (5.4% job loss), Illinois ranks below every other state that has at least three million workers: which not only includes southern and western states like California, Texas, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, but also includes northeastern states like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania."
  Cheney's speech ignored some inconvenient truths - McClatchy
"A Pentagon study released last year, based on a review of 600,000 Iraqi documents captured after the U.S.-led invasion, concluded that while Saddam supported militant Palestinian groups — the late terrorist Abu Nidal found refuge in Baghdad, at least until Saddam had him killed — the Iraqi security services had no "direct operational link" with al Qaida."
25 May


Rep. Foster To Attend White House Signing Ceremony for Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights
"“After this bill becomes law, card companies will no longer be able to participate in unreasonable practices like retroactive interest hikes on existing balances or due-date shifting.”"
Rep. Foster Announces $500,000 Grant for Northern Illinois University
"“After receiving funding for a similar program for children, I am pleased that NIU has been granted additional funds to support programs that are of vital importance to our blind and visually impaired citizens.”
Editorials Rip Democrat Stall on Reform
"The Tribune used its front page to expose phony reform strategies being employed in Springfield as Senate President John Cullerton and House Speaker Michael Madigan seek to run out the clock on critical reforms, including ending the legal fixing of elections through partisan gerrymandering, campaign finance reform and anti-corruption proposals."
"“So I’m really disappointed that the majority on the Rules Committee was just entirely dismissive about it, sort of plugging their procedural ears and unwilling to offer the opportunity to simply have a debate in the people’s House."
[Also known as "Leave NO Slutty Heiress Behind," this proposal would save Paris Hilton millions of dollars in taxes when her parents die. Persons inheriting less than $2,000,000.00 would see no tax cut. - Bob]



22 May

Reminder: Memorial Day Program - Gene Rennels
"For you West Chicagoans and others in the area. There will be a Memorial Day program at Oakwood Cemetery. 10 a.m. Monday May 25 2009. Hope to see all of you there. "
Trial of Brian Dugan - Don Earley
"Our State's Atty Birkett could save the taxpayers of DuPage County 8 million dollars if his office would accept the guilty plea of Duncan [sp].  If found guilt and given the death sentence with appeals he would most likely die of natural causes on death row. If he was sentenced to life without any possibility of release he would live as long. So what is to be gained with the expenditure of 8 million dollar for a trial."
Greener Landscsapes Day - Edith Makra, Community Trees Advocate
May 30, 2009 - 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.*
DuPage County Fair Grounds
Available For Purchase By Cash or Check:
  • Rain Barrels from The Conservation Foundation made of recycled storage bins in black, slate, terra cotta and blue for $70
  • *Native Plants for immediate purchase or order at various prices from Applied Ecological Services, Inc., Jack Pizzo and Associates Ltd. and Possibility Place Nursery
West Chicago fire investigated
"A fire left a townhouse uninhabitable Thursday on the 400 block of Kammas Court in West Chicago, fire officials said. No one was hurt in the fire, which was contained to a basement room and discovered by a resident shortly before 7 p.m."
11th annual St. Charles Art Show to feature student mosaics
""We want kids to be enthused about the arts," Elizabeth Bellaver, a Fine Art Show committee member, said. "The more kids who have the opportunity to use their creativity, the better."  Students from Norton Creek Elementary School in West Chicago and Haines Middle School in St. Charles had the opportunity to work with Pam Maxwell, a professional artist, to design the mosaics which will become permanent installations in their schools. "
Faculty group denies misuse of COD resources
"Hansen argued the faculty association's Friends for Education PAC only used the faculty association's office as an address because "I felt it was important that we always be accessible to" the election commission and county clerk "and not hidden behind a mailbox number.""
Flyers home opener kicks off with unique promotions
"If a Flyer hitter slams a homer over the fence, and the fan manages to catch the ball while stuck to the wall, the fan will win a $25,000 car from Fox Valley Volkswagen, which has showrooms in Schaumburg and West Chicago."
New visitor guide unveiled by county
"The colorfully redesigned publication provides travelers with information on accommodations, attractions, shopping, dining, sports and recreation, services, transportation, and events in the DuPage area."
Put driveway into overdrive
"While a brick driveway can be costly, it is ideal for homes on smaller lots, as the material covers a smaller area but still delivers a high impact, said Court Airhart, president of Airhart Construction in West Chicago. "Because the driveway becomes a large part of the home, it really adds a nice detail.""
CTI Shuts Down 4 Titles, Lays Off 30-Plus Staff
""Dr Graham envisioned," said Smith, "a ministry that could engage, encourage, and equip pastors, church leaders, thought leaders, academicians, and culture makers through the creation of quality content that is journalistically excellent. Accurately reported, creatively presented, fair minded, intellectually sound, theologically orthodox, irenic, clear, accessible."
  • Senate advances ethics legislation
    "Another Senate GOP provision was incorporated which will require online disclosure of subcontracts, including the amount of the contract and the owners of the subcontracting business. Additionally, contractors who paid lobbyists to help obtain state contracts would be required to disclose those fees, and all lobbyist communications related to state contracting must be summarized by the state and posted online."
  • First major capital construction bill in ten years
    "Communities will have an equal opportunity to apply for competitive grants to make improvements to parks, museums, local sewage, water and treatment facilities and other projects."
WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 21 May 09 Washington, DC
  Durbin Introduces Bill to Boost College Enrollment for Low-Income Students

21 May

FREE field makeover!!!! - Becky Hall
"Reed Keppler Park has made it to the semi-finals for the Kellog's field overhaul!!!!  You can place one vote for every day in May."
Trinity Lutheran Walkie Talkies
[My wife would appreciate any contributions to the upcoming Relay For Life.  You can do so by clicking here. - Bob]
House Rejects Pay Raise & Ends Practice of Retroactive Pay Raises
“The state’s budget is currently billions in the red, and we need to make cuts to balance our books. It would be wrong for the legislature to treat itself differently, and we are right to start cuts with our own pay,”
PR Web
Grant & Power Landscaping and Wheaton Bible Church Give Back
"Grant and Power Landscaping, Inc. along with volunteers from Wheaton Bible Church created a new place to escape for the residents of Jubilee Village in Carol Stream, Illinois, in celebration of Earth Day 2009 and PLANET (Professional Landcare Network) Day of Service.  "It was awesome to see everyone pull together," said Sally Strzalka of the Women's Ministry at Wheaton Bible Church. "We had generous donations of time and resources and it only took one question to make this happen...'Would you like to help?'""
Roskam Only Illinois Member To Side With Credit Card Companies
"Of course, Roskam's vote does nothing more than protect the interests of an industry that has chosen to ream consumers with ludicrous interest rate hikes and hidden fees for the sake of increased profits. That's why only 13 percent of all Congressional lawmakers (64 House members and 5 senators) voted the bill down."
Rep. Foster Votes to Support Small Business, Encourage Job Creation
“As a businessman, I know that small businesses are the backbone to our economy – small businesses provide good paying jobs and health care to families throughout the 14th District,” said Foster.  “This legislation recognizes the importance of our entrepreneurs, ensuring that our small businesses have the tools and assistance they need to succeed, even during difficult economic times.”
20 May  
Around and About in West Chicago - 20 May 2009
  • Annual West Chicago Memorial Day Service
  • Seventh Annual Dunkin’ Donuts Rooftop Stakeout
  • American Cancer Society Relay for Life of West Chicago/Warrenville
  • Grand Reopening of the West Chicago Park District Turtle Splash
Curator collects the artifacts to tell the proud history of the 1st Division
"The Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVP) - as the vessel was formally called - will be dedicated June 6 during a ceremony marking the 65th anniversary of D-Day. World War II and D-Day veterans will be honored, the American Legion Band will perform, and World II re-enactors give a glimpse of living history."
West Chicago car burglaries spur police alert
"Several vehicle burglaries have been reported during overnight hours in the downtown residential area bordered by Illinois Highway 59, Arbor Avenue, Washington Street and National Street."
[Readers are cautioned that this "alert" dates back one full week to May 13th... covered more fully at Rise in Car Burglaries Prompts Warning. - Bob]
Bill could ease school funding woes
"Currently, property taxes are used in the general state aid formula for schools. If a local community votes to increase their property taxes to make additional funds available to their school district, that changes the tax rate used in their formula and decreases the district's much-needed general state aid."
Police plan Route 59 checkpoint
" The DuPage County sheriff's office and Warrenville police will conduct a roadside safety check Friday along Route 59.  The checkpoint will be just south of Warrenville Road, Sheriff John E. Zaruba said.  Drivers will be directed into a specific area and will be asked to provide their driver's license and proof of insurance."


19 May

Jazz Band fundraiser - Becky Hall
  • 6:30-7:30pm- Swing dance lessons from a dance instructor to recorded music
  • 7:30-8:30pm- Jazz band and chamber choir perform and dancing continues
  • 8:30-9:30pm- More recorded music for those who wish to keep dancing
Foster questions car dealer shutdowns
""Far from saving money, a rapid reduction in dealerships could very likely reduce GM's and Chrysler's revenue and market share," they wrote.  Foster spokesman Shannon O'Brien said it's a question of proof -- Foster would like to see the rationale behind revoking thousands of franchise agreements, particularly considering the impact this could have on the economy."
What They Think
INX International Opens New Toronto Office
"Set up for color matching and some R & D projects, INX also has the capability to analyze customer packaging and offer technical service response.  It is equipped to handle automatic proofing equipment for Gravure, Flexographic, Offset, UV Offset, bond testing, heat seal, CoF, rub testing, UV curing and more.  The lab is supported by the company’s exclusive R & D facility in West Chicago, Illinois."
Foster Joins Bipartisan Coalition to Save Area Auto Dealership Jobs
"“The auto dealerships in our area provide many needed jobs, and the announced and expected closings would have an immediate negative impact on the local economy of the 14th District,” said Foster.  “I am proud to stand up for jobs in DeKalb, North Aurora, St. Charles and throughout the district by signing on to this letter.  As a scientist and a businessman, I know that any closures should not be made in an arbitrary fashion; instead, the facts must be consulted to determine which dealerships can survive in the current market.”"
Governor’s E-News: Illinois Government Online Newsletter
"If we were forced to balance our budget without reform, and with no new revenue, we would be forced to:
  • Lay off over 14,300 teachers.
  • Take away healthcare from over 650,000 people.
  • Lay off almost 1,000 State Troopers.
  • Release 6,000 prison inmates early. "


18 May


West Chicago
High School
"Sgt. Zepeda and members from the West Chicago Police Department will be talking to parents about Gang Awareness and how parents can learn the early signs of gang and drug involvement... Be aware of who your kids are hanging around with. Know their friends and families. Come ask questions about how you can help fight against gangs." 
Wednesday May 20thth at 7 p.m. in the High School
Mercer WI: 3rd Annual.Lupine JuneFest
"The event will offer Bike Tours of 10, 26, 28, or 48 miles (a.m.), 5 & 10 k Run/Walk (p.m.), Chalk Drawing Contest, Photography Contest, Children's Scavenger Hike, Classic Car Show, Art & Craft Fair, Informational Booths, Music, Food, Beverages, Hourly Door Prizes, Silent Auction, and MORE!"
West Chicago Public Access Playback - May 18- May 24


6:00 PM

City Council (5/18/09)


7:00 PM

Spring Concerts


6:00 PM

COD Images


6:30 PM

COD Inside Studio 180


7:00 PM

Disney Magic Music Days

Death looking better than taxes for DuPage Co. homeowners
"The more than 370 taxing bodies in DuPage will collect $2.33 billion in property taxes this year, up nearly $102 million - about 5 percent - from last year, despite a slumping housing market and an overall lagging economy."
[The article sites West Chicago as up  5.15%.  Taxing bodies are cordially invited to send in explanations to be posted. - Bob]
Molinaro named Student of the Month"
"Molinaro is a dancer and choreographer. She has been a member of Dance Production for four years, serving as co-president this year. Molinaro studies dance outside of school and is preparing for the role of the Lilac Fairy in the “Sleeping Beauty Ballet.”"
New book traces history of Fermilab
"The pair have been publishing papers on the history of Fermilab and its connections to the wider arena of science since the early '90s, and with all that research under their belts, they eventually hit on the idea of writing a book."
GM delivers termination letters to 1,100 dealers
"For survivors, Friday provided hope and relief. Ed Schoenthaler, owner of Crossroads Chevrolet in West Chicago, made the cut and plans to up his investment.  "Our building could use a paint job, which we had been putting off," he said. "Now that we know we're going to be there and it's worth the investment, we'll do even more.""
"Rumsfeld’s intransigence begins on Wednesday, August 31, 2005. Two days after Hurricane Katrina made landfall in New Orleans—and the same day that Bush viewed the damage on a flyover from his Crawford, Texas, retreat back to Washington—a White House advance team toured the devastation in an Air Force helicopter. Noticing that their chopper was outfitted with a search-and-rescue lift, one of the advance men said to the pilot, “We’re not taking you away from grabbing people off of rooftops, are we?”  “No, sir,” said the pilot. He explained that he was from Florida’s Hurlburt Field Air Force base—roughly 200 miles from New Orleans—which contained an entire fleet of search-and-rescue helicopters. “I’m just here because you’re here,” the pilot added. “My whole unit’s sitting back at Hurlburt, wondering why we’re not being used.”"
The Tip That Didn’t Pan Out - New York Times (Ombudsman)
"Suzanne Daley, the national editor, said she then called a halt to Strom’s pursuit of the Obama angle. “We had worked on that story for a while and had come up empty-handed,” Daley said. “You have to cut bait after a while.” She said she never thought of the story as a game-changer and never used that term with Strom."
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
" fly the flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of: Spc. Lukasz Saczek, United States Army - Hometown: Lake in the Hills, Illinois"


15 May


West Chicago
High School
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus - Moses Cheng,
"We have received confirmation today, May 15, 2009, of a student case of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) at Community High School. The DuPage County Health Department has been notified of this situation and a plan has been put into place by our custodial staff to begin disinfecting the school tonight."
Letter to the Editor - House Republican Legislators - DuPage County
"Each of the Illinois Reform Commission’s proposals deserves a fair hearing on the House floor. Madigan obviously does not see the urgency and importance of these reforms; therefore, the House Republicans hosted our own hearing.  At a time when transparency is more important than ever, reforms should not be debated behind closed doors."

West Chicago
High School
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - Maureen Navadomskis
"WCCHS is presenting their spring musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Thursday (tonight) through Sunday, 5/14 thru 5/17.  Shows on Thu 5/14, Fri 5/15 & Sat 5/16 start at 7:30pm.  Matinee on Sunday 5/17 begins at 2pm.  Tickets are available at the door - $5 for adults, $3 for students."
West Chicago garden club plant sale this weekend
"A springtime tradition continues this weekend in downtown West Chicago. The West Chicago Garden Club's annual plant sale - and the one-day festival that's grown around it -- will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, May 16, along the stretch of Main Street between Route 59 and West Washington Street."
West Chicagoans join guest painter for community art project
"It takes a village - or a city - to create one of Jorge Rojas's community art projects. For the past week, people of all ages have been putting paintbrushes to 4-by-5-foot canvasses in the West Chicago City Museum, while a Webcam captured the action for streaming live online."
[See - Bob]
Local lawmakers lobby Obama on STB post
""Obviously there's been a disconnect," said state Sen. Linda Holmes, D-Aurora. "So many residents were willing to speak up, and put their hearts and souls into this ... and they feel like the answer was predetermined." ... Other sponsors of the legislation include state Reps. Linda Chapa LaVia, D-Aurora, Darlene Senger, R-Naperville and Tom Cross, R-Oswego, and state Sen. Chris Lauzen, R-Aurora."
WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 15 May 09 Washington, DC

14 May

Suicide summit suggests overhaul needed
"Even the critics believed the initial St. Charles Unit District 303 summit on student suicide was a success Wednesday night, but the initial feedback from participants indicated they believe the same can't be said for the district's suicide prevention activities."
West suburbs: Help notes - West Chicago
"We Go Together for Kids and Literacy DuPage offers tutor training from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday and from 6 to 9 p.m. May 18 and June 1 in West Chicago Public Library, 118 W. Washington St. Registration is required. Call 630-416-6699."
Principles to Take Back Illinois : Joe Birkett for Illinois
  • We need better, not bigger government.
  • Our next governor must give us a government we can trust.

"Our vision of government is lean and logical. It is what the people want, honest effective stewardship of their tax dollars.  We can be the party of honest,  effective government again.  We can take back Illinois."

More snaps from Abu Ghraib - Sydney Morning Herald,
"Some of the 60 previously unpublished photographs that the US Government has been fighting to keep secret in a court case with the American Civil Liberties Union."
Congress’s Torture Bubble - NY Times
"Even if the results had been the same, we would now at least have the cold comfort of knowing that our constitutional system of checks and balances had been put into play before a program that risked our fundamental values was carried out on our behalf. The framers of the Constitution never intended for small numbers of legislators to be culled from Congress and expected to act as a check on the excesses of the executive."


13 May

Around and About in West Chicago - 13 May 2009
  • Summer Theatre
  • “Drive to Make a Difference,”
  • City Council changestanding committees
  • Promoting Awareness of Wildcat Success
Rise in Car Burglaries Prompts Warning
"Though these crimes can take place anywhere, the reported incidents have primarily occurred in the overnight hours in the downtown residential areas (being the area between Washington St. and National St., as well as Arbor Ave. and Rt 59). The common factor in all cases is that the vehicles were left unlocked."
Soccer Game Promises a Fun Night!
"The West Chicago Police Department would like to invite you and your family to cheer its soccer team on as they go up against the high school girls team. This free event will take place on Friday, May 15, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at the Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex, located at 551 W. Roosevelt Road."

West Chicago
High School
Student-of-the Month for April
"Rachel is a talented and dedicated dancer and choreographer. She has been a member of Dance Production for four years, serving as co-president this year. Rachel studies dance outside of school and is currently preparing for the role of the Lilac Fairy in the Sleeping Beauty Ballet. She would like to join a major dance company after graduating from college."
Community invited to youth suicide prevention talks
"Since 2001, the St. Charles School District has seen six of its students take their own lives.  In an attempt to head-off such tragedies in the future, the School District has invited the community to a Summit on Suicide Prevention, with a first session from 7 to 9 p.m. today in the Summit Room at Charlestowne Mall, at Kirk Road and North Avenue (Route 64)."
Local members of Congress react to swine flu outbreak
"U.S. Rep Bill Foster, D-14, of Geneva said that he is trying to stay alert with regard to swine flu in the 14th District.  “We had a detailed congressional briefing (last week),” Foster said. “All emergency-response plans were laid out nationwide.”"

12 May


West Chicago
High School
PeaceBuilder of the Month for April
"Lia Smith of West Chicago, a Senior at Community High School District 94, has been recognized as the April PeaceBuilder of the month.  Lia received the PeaceBuilder Award as a culmination of her four years of service and sacrifice to help those at We-Go and also in her community."
West Chicago Park District Receives Grant to Renovate Pioneer Park
"State Representative Mike Fortner (R - West Chicago) today announced that West Chicago Park District received a $400,000 Open Spaces Lands Acquisition and Development (OSLAD) Grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources."
Man who apologized after West Chicago rape might be unfit for trial
"Prosecutors are expected to decide by June 8 whether they'll challenge those findings and hire their own expert to evaluate Alvarado. Ultimately, it's up to Creswell to rule whether the 38-year-old man is mentally fit now or after he receives treatment at a state-run mental facility."
Foster rips China for ban on pork
" U.S. Rep. Bill Foster is criticizing China's decision to ban Illinois pork amid a global outbreak of swine flu.  The Geneva Democrat on Monday called the move unnecessary, saying people can't catch the virus from pork products."
Foster Statement on Chinese Ban of Illinois Pork
"As a scientist and businessman, I know that China’s decision is not based on the facts and data. This decision should be reversed before further damage is done to the pork industry and to the hard working pork producers right here in Illinois.”
Civic Federation says Governor can do better, offers alternatives
"While it did applaud the governor for taking a step toward pension reform, the Civic Federation criticized his proposal to reduce contributions to pension systems by $3 billion over the next two years as an “irresponsible action that endangers the state’s fiscal solvency.” Laurence Msall, president of The Civic Federation said that, “Shorting the state’s pension contribution while raising taxes to address the state’s structural budget deficit crisis is illogical and counterproductive.”"


11 May

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
"The Park District presents a West Chicago Community Theater production of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  Auditions are May 19 (from 5:15-10pm) and May 20 (from 7:15-10pm) at the West Chicago Middle School."
Wide Selection of Locally Grown Plants at West Chicago Garden Club Sale
"This year West Chicago Garden Club literally has thousands of plants from natives like Ferns, Trillium, Jack-in-the-Pulpit and May Apples to an impressive collection of bushes and trees - there are some really nice little Red Bud Trees available. Of course there is also good selection of perennials and annuals, including some special tomato plants of varieties that are not readily available."
USMC's Marine Week Open House at DuPage Airport
"Please join us for a static display featuring the USMC's helicopters at DuPage Airport on Saturday, May 16, 2009 from 10:00am to 2:00pm. The static display will include the MV-22 Osprey, CH-46 Sea Knight, CH-53 Super Stallion and AH-1W Super Cobra. This event is free and open to the public."

West Chicago
High School
District 94 Welcomes New Superintendent
"Please join us at a reception welcoming Mr. Lalo Ponce to Community High School District 94. Mr. Ponce will begin his new responsibilities as Superintendent on July 1, 2009.  The reception will be held in the Learning Resource Center at Community High School on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 from 3:00 to 4:00 pm. Please enter via Entrance H, at the south end of the building.  Light refreshments will be served."
West Chicago Public Access Playback - May 11- May 17


6:00 PM

Bulletin Board


10:00 AM

Music and the Spoken Word


10:30 AM

Hear, O Isreal


11:00 AM

Triunfando y Prosperando

Legislative Pay Raises
"The state is flat broke and thousands are losing their jobs at a time when unemployment has reached its highest peak in Illinois at 9.1 percent. Still, Democrats believe this is a perfect time to accept a 2.8 percent salary increase."
[Apologies to Rep. Ramey.  This item sat lost in my in box for over a week. - Bob]
Quilt Talk
"As part of the West Chicago City Museum’s exhibit Stories in Stitches, quilt lecturer Chris Moline will present a free program Collector’s Diary at the Museum on Tuesday, May 12 at 7:00 p.m."
West Chicago's Road Safety Campaign
"The West Chicago Police Department announced that Campaign #2 of the Illinois Department of Transportation funded grant was successful in educating the motoring public on Seatbelt Safety and Awareness."
Buy a poppy: Vets need your support
"There are over 400 veterans in extended care in our three area VA hospitals alone, for which "luxuries" such as T-shirts, socks, etc. are not provided by the administration. ALL donations (100 percent) collected from poppies go to help these and other needy veterans and their families."
'Dreams' on display at museum
"Hasle first had a personal discussion with the subject, then the individual chose materials and colors for the banners. Then, using donated materials, Hasle sowed and construct the banners. "She proposed to do a project that was very community-oriented and really involved the bulk of the community," said West Chicago artist Anni Holm. "Her project is about dreams we have and things we really want in life.""
  Legislation would further help working parents - McKinney Courier Gazette - McKinney,TX
"For one Plano mom, the idea of receiving help to pay for child care is appealing. Plano resident Lindsay Urff is the mother of two girls, both under the age of two.  “I’m in a bind myself because I want to go back to school so I’m looking at having to pay for child care,” Urff said. “I think this would definitely help working parents.”  Reps. Linda Sanchez and Peter Roskam are also original co-sponsors of the legislation with Johnson and Yarmuth. All four serve on the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee."
[Now that Rep Roskam has removed me from his friends, how do I give him a thumbs up for cosponsoring a bill to help improve child care for working folks? Why does one find this in a Texas paper but not one in his district? - Bob]
WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 8 May 09
Follow Up Pictures From Haven North - Don Richards
"If you remember, I sent each of you pictures in April of two geese walking around on the ice.  I thought they were a bit lost but they were certainly not and they even had a plan.  Please see the attached pictures and you will see what I mean.  They had six of the cutest little goslings yesterday.  This was a perfect tribute to Mothers Day.  What made this even more special is that my wife Lisa and I have been watching this mother sit on these eggs for the past three weeks on the island that is closest to our condo.  She has been a very diligent mother."
[This is a follow up of April 10th's item, "
Illegal Aliens Complain About Water Quality"
Grey Poupon Pardon - Kraft
"So we urge you to respond to “Dijon-gate” by issuing a “pardon” to any American who has ever been criticized for putting a liberal spread of Dijon mustard on a burger or a conservative dollop on a ham & cheese sandwich."
[Web searches have uncovered no proof that Hannity and Beck don't put ketchup on their hot dogs. - Bob]

08 May

Woman killed in head-on crash in West Chicago -
"Lee Ranieri, of Malta, was driving east on Route 38 when she crossed the center line just east of Route 59 and crashed head-on into a GMC Sierra pickup truck, said West Chicago Police Sgt. Chris Woodill.  Ranieri was taken to Central DuPage Hospital not long after the 11:15 a.m. crash, he said. "


"Jorge Rojas
My space: West Chicago, an interaction
May 8-16, 2009 (Extended museum hours)

West Chicago
High School
"The Second Annual Renaissance Faire will be hosted by students in English I and English I Enriched classes. This year’s Renaissance Faire will be held on Friday, May 15th between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on the front law of the School near the Arcade entrance. The Faire is the culminating project of the Shakespeare unit."
Blooming Fest Set to Create "Buzz"
"For the past eight years, perfect weather has been bringing out record crowds to connect with the many unique downtown businesses including a hip, new guitar studio and an award-winning ice-cream drive-up with a decade’s old history."
Civil unions, now, in Illinois
"We share in Harris' frustration, when he said: "I am beginning to wonder if there is any reason to oppose this bill other than that they oppose basic fairness to gay people and lesbians."  We believe in fairness. We believe a majority of Illinois residents believe in fairness. And we demand the Legislature do the right and just thing and vote for civil unions."
"“I’m planning to have a strong relationship with the Student Leadership Council (SLC) and the newly elected Student Body President and Vice President in order to communicate with the student body,” she said. “When you look at the big picture, the major issue is the lack of communication between the Board and students, as well as the lack of power the student body has on decisions that are made."
Front porch or sunroom?, Traci Flanyak of West Chicago
"I don't have one, but I'd like to have a front porch. Then I could keep an eye on the kids when they are riding their bikes in front. I'd get a rocking chair..."
Foster Votes for Anti-Predatory Lending Bill
"“It is widely recognized that the housing crisis led to many of the economic problems we are dealing with today, and we must make reforms to ensure that a crisis of this magnitude never happens again,” said Foster.  “This bill tackles the abusive lending practices that led to the credit crisis, while simultaneously protecting the consumer.”"
Change in editorial policy: until further notice ...
  1. Since the calendar has had only a half a dozen items submitted in the last six months, I will discontinue it.  People who don't have a couple minutes to fill out a form are invited to post their stuff where it isn't read by anybody, including me.
  2. All PDF information will be ignored.  If you want your clip art posted, post them yourself at your own website.  I don't want to mess with the storage or waste of bandwidth, much less the time to retype information that could have been sent to me for cut and paste..
  3. Since Roskam thinks its fine to remove me as a friend from his FaceBook page, limiting my access to info on what he is doing, I hereby cease bothering to cover him.
  4. There will no longer be a weekend edition.
  5. I'm tired of spending hours reading politicians' websites.  If you are interested, you can find it yourself.  While I'm at it, I am also erasing the other non-local information.



07 May

Craig Stephen Chassee (Brother of Councilmember Lorrie Chassee)
"Craig Stephen Chassee of St. Charles Funeral services for Craig Stephen Chassee, 55, will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday, May 6, Yurs Funeral Home, 405 E. Main St. (corner of Route 64 and Route 25), St. Charles. Burial will be in All Saints Cemetery, Des Plaines. Visitation will be from 4 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, at the funeral home. Born July 2, 1953, in Augusta, Ga., he died Saturday, May 2, 2009, at Delnor-Community Hospital in Geneva."
The Bard meets The King at West Chicago Middle School
"West Chicago Middle School is performing "All Shook Up," a Shakespearean-style love story set to Elvis Pesley music.  Director and drama teacher Garrett Gutowski shares his thoughts on the production:"
Foster Warns Seniors of Misleading 'Census' Mailing
"Today, Rep. Bill Foster (IL-14) is alerting area seniors to avoid falling victim to a direct mail campaign, which asks seniors to fill out a survey and provide their credit card information for donations.  The mailing may lead seniors to believe that it comes from the U.S. Census Bureau, but in fact, the mailing is being sent from an organization that is not affiliated with the government or the Census Bureau."
Rep. Foster Supports Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights
"This bipartisan bill protects our families from unfair credit card practices like retroactive interest hikes on existing balances and due-date gimmicks."
Veterans Legislative Day Successful
"Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno was joined by Governor Pat Quinn to deliver opening remarks. Later, the Macon County Honor Guard from Decatur presented the Colors and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance. They then conducted a flag-folding ceremony and explained what each of the 13 folds of the flag represent. "
Obama defends, curtails National Day of Prayer - Associated Press
"Obama's position has disappointed Christian conservatives, who want the president to do more to mark the day, and an atheist group that wants him to end the tradition.  The Obama administration has asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which claims the day violates the separation of church and state. In a rare alliance, 31 mostly Republican members of Congress and a prominent Christian legal group are joining the administration to fight the lawsuit."
Fiat reported to have plans to shut down German Opel plant - Deutsche Welle
"One GM plant in England, one in Austria, as well as two Italian factories would also be part of the shutdown list, according to the reports.  However, this contradicts Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne's denial earlier this week that any of Opel's four German plans would be closed. "
Eight Heroic Healthcare Activists Arrested at Baucus Hearing--Updates - Daily Kos
"Sen. Max Baucus--a favorite recipient of donations from the health insurance industry--has also been the key Democratic attack dog against single-payer healthcare.  He stated it's "off the table," and this morning convened a Senate Finance Committee hearing that included 15 expert witnesses on healthcare--NONE of them in support of a medicare-for-all or single-payer healthcare system."


06 May

Around and About in West Chicago - 06 May 2009
  • The annual post office food drive is Saturday, May 9, 2009.
  • Adult Education Classes
  • “Spring Fling,”
  • WeGo Youth Open Gym

West Chicago
High School
"These students and their parents were invited to attend a breakfast ceremony in their honor on Tuesday, April 28th at Community High School. The nominating teachers and the school’s administration were in attendance to present the awards, say a few words about each student’s success, and present a small gift."
Interpreting Test Scores Parent Workshop
"This Workshop will help parents understand the purpose, relevance and use of the PSAE, ACT, PLAN & EXPLORE tests. It is extremely important for parents to attend so as to better understand what these test scores mean; how teachers, the school and outside institutions use these test scores; and how these scores can help you and your student make important future decisions."
COD trustees dispute conflict in dealing with faculty
"Outgoing COD trustee Kory Atkinson said longtime trustee and newly appointed board Chairman Kathy Wessel and three new trustees should abstain from votes on faculty-related issues to avoid the appearance of impropriety... "I was elected by more than just the faculty of COD," Kim [Savage] said. "Their support is a cry for help to bring back shared governance and the spirit of cooperation that once existed on campus.""
Newer members give Dist. 303 board a fresh look
"When school board members take their seats next week, five of the seven seats will be occupied by people with less than two years of experience on the board.  The two new members, Corinne Pierog and Steven Spurling, coasted to uncontested victories during the April election."
Schillerstrom considers campaign for governor
"The Naperville Republican has put an exploratory committee together, and said he will be ready to announce his intentions by mid-summer... "There's an obvious leadership crisis in Illinois," Schillerstrom said. "We've become the laughingstock of the nation.""
District 33 Referendum Fails
"After the concern for overcrowding in District 33’s elementary schools prompted a referendum by district officials, voters did not support their solutions and rejected the referendum April 7 by a vote of 1679 against and 1169 in favor."
[I post this May 4th Trib Local article for its comedic value.  I'm sure the 20 readers appreciated the Trib staff hesitating at the ice filled DuPage River to spare their dog sled team from the hazardous crossing as they rushed the news to their corporate offices.  This smarmy comment comes to you from WegoNews, Inc's International Headquarters high above Lake Michelle in historic Hurley, WI. - Bob]
To my good friends who oppose all taxes.
I don't understand why vets have to do fund raising.  I try to honestly and accurately fill out my taxes... and pay without complaint, feeling that most of it goes to good causes, like health care and education for returning vets.   If my taxes are too high, it's not because the rate is too high, it's because too many corps have paid legislators for loopholes and they avoid their fair share.  - Bob
'Superstitious nonsense' remark violated rights, California court rules - Associated Press
"U.S. District Judge James Selna ruled Friday in a lawsuit student Chad Farnan filed in 2007, alleging that teacher James Corbett violated the establishment clause of the First Amendment by making repeated comments in class that were hostile to Christian beliefs.  The lawsuit cited more than 20 statements made by Corbett during one day of class, which Farnan recorded, to support allegations of a broader teaching method that "favors irreligion over religion" and made Christian students feel uncomfortable."
Grocery workers reject another contract  - Los Angeles Business
"United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local No. 7 rejected a contract from King Soopers Tuesday that would have required pension-benefit cuts and salary freezes for the lowest-paid workers, union spokeswoman Laura Chapin said. The vote came one day after rejecting a similar agreement from Safeway, she said."
U.S. food stamp total is record third month in a row - Reuters
"U.S. food stamp enrollment set a record for the third month in a row, rising to 32.55 million at latest count, the U.S. government said on Monday.  In a monthly update, the Agriculture Department said food stamp enrollment in February of 32.55 million was up 1.1 percent, or 350,000 people, from January and up 17 percent, or 4.8 million people, from one year earlier."


05 May

Swine H1N1 Flu Update
"The DuPage County Health Department (DCHD) has informed District 33 that there is one "probable" and one "confirmed" case of swine H1N1 flu in the District. The persons have been released to return school. The DCHD continues to recommend that schools stay open. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) also advises schools remain open and we agree with their recommendations."
Leon Kroning - May 4, 2009
"Leon C. “Lefty” Kroning, age 82, formerly of West Chicago, passed away Monday, May 04, 2009 at DuPage Convalescent Center, Wheaton, IL. He was born on July 21, 1926 in West Chicago to Ewald and Selma Kroning."
DuPage County in 60 seconds - West Chicago's water honor
"The City of West Chicago's water department earned a commendation from the Illinois Department of Public Health for achieving the highest standard of compliance with the Illinois Fluoridation Act for 2008."

Fermilab relocates Mexico meeting
"An upcoming meeting scheduled in Mexico has been relocated, and all employees who have recently traveled to Mexico have been asked to stay home for three days to see if symptoms of the flu materialize, said Rhianna Wisniewski.  No Fermilab employees have recently traveled to Mexico on company business, Wisniewski said, but at least one recently returned from a vacation there."

New COD board begins with conflict
"But most of the public comment section of the meeting was taken up by people critical of the contributions. Resident David Volk took note of the people he said were COD instructors in the packed boardroom that engaged in snickering when their critics spoke, whereupon low laughter could be heard from the people to which he was referring."
We are Calling for an Inclusive National Day of Prayer - Jews of First!
"The National Day of Prayer falls on May 7th this year, and in most parts of the country, there is a religious "litmus test" limiting participation to fundamentalist Christian evangelicals. Focus on the Family, the largest organization on the Christian Right, and groups allied with it control the occasion, calling themselves the National Day of Prayer Task Force and asserting that their website is the "National Day of Prayer Official Website.""
Southwest Airlines labor deal includes pay raises -  Miami Herald
"Southwest didn't say how big the pay raises would be. It said the 4-year deal also includes benefit increases in exchange for giving the company more scheduling flexibility and productivity improvements.  The agreement, which still needs ratification by employees, is retroactive to last year and runs through October 2012. "
U.K. Denies Entry to Islamic, Baptist Preachers, Michael Savage  - Bloomberg
"U.S. radio broadcaster Michael Savage and the pastors of a Baptist church are among those barred from entering the U.K. for allegedly stirring-up hatred and fostering extremism, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said... “Coming to the U.K. is a privilege, and I refuse to extend that privilege to individuals who abuse our standards and values to undermine our way of life,” Smith said in an e-mail today. “I will not hesitate to name and shame those who foster extremist views. They are not welcome here.”"


04 May

West Chicago Public Access Playback - May 4- May10


10:00 AM

Music and the Spoken Word


10:30 AM



11:00 AM

Truinfando y Prosperando

Flu worries close Des Plaines school; West High staying open
"West Chicago's Community High School has joined the list of schools with a probable case of swine flu, but it will remain open.  Principal Moses Cheng announced on the school Web site that the school would remain open on the advice of the DuPage County Health Department."
Julia Larson: Wheaton Academy
"In her junior year, Julia Larson spent mornings in school at the Library of Congress and the rest of the day as a congressional page on Capitol Hill.  She helped elected officials by transporting drafts of their bills and gathering whatever they needed on the floor -- from display charts to copies of the Constitution."
Butch Hansen Gets His Third Hole In One!
"On April 29th, Winfield resident, Butch Hansen holed his third Hole In One on the 11th Hole of course #2, at St. Andrews G. & C.C.  This was the second time on that particular hole. Butch started golfing at St. Andrews back in 1949 when took a job as a caddy at age 12."
Parking Ticket Violation Amnesty Program for the Month of May
"The program will begin Friday, May 1, 2009 at 12:01 a.m. and will end on Sunday, May 31, 2009 at 11:59 p.m.  The Amnesty Program will permit anyone with outstanding parking tickets to pay a reduced amount of 50% for all of their outstanding fine(s) in order to fulfill their total obligation of parking ticket fines that are owed to the City."
"Precautions here are particularly crucial since there are more than 50 probable cases of swine flu in the Chicago area and O’Hare has 24 nonstop flights from Mexico daily ..."
Evangelists apologise for slur on gay cleric - The Scotsman
"AN EVANGELICAL group has been forced to apologise to a gay Church of Scotland minister and his family for spreading misinformation about his private life.  Forward Together has accepted it was wrong to tell its members that Scott Rennie left his wife Ruth and young daughter to set up home with another man.
Falling Wage Syndrome - NY Times, Krugman
"But if everyone takes a pay cut, nobody gains a competitive advantage. So there’s no benefit to the economy from lower wages. Meanwhile, the fall in wages can worsen the economy’s problems on other fronts.  In particular, falling wages, and hence falling incomes, worsen the problem of excessive debt: your monthly mortgage payments don’t go down with your paycheck."
Bling Dynasty - Mother Jones
"Though the financial crisis is hurting China, too—many factories in the Pearl River Delta, the manufacturing heartland of southern China, closed over the past year as US demand softened—Beijing still stands in better shape than the US and other Western powers. Holding nearly $2 trillion in currency reserves and running significant trade surpluses, China can spend to get its economy humming again. (Already, Beijing has launched a stimulus package worth nearly $600 billion, and more could follow.) Having refused to open up many of its banks to global markets—despite intense criticism from the West—China now doesn't have to deal with mountains of bad debt."


02&03 May

Superintendent's Flu Update
"As of early this morning there were no confirmed cases of Swine Flu in our multi-county region. There are 12 suspected or probable cases in DuPage County, which are being tested. Eight of these are school age children, but none of those are from West Chicago. Go to for the latest and most reliable information on Swine Flu."
It's time to call for the change Illinois needs
"None of us need any more evidence that we have a corruption crisis in this state, do we?  It's time rank-and-file legislators locate their backbones and demand leaders allow votes on the Illinois Reform Commission's ideas. It's clear it is up to each of us to also demand a hearing and votes on the commission's ideas."
Foster a man of the people - L2E: Thomas K. Johnson, Gilberts
"There was a good turnout at the event, and though we were limited to just a few minutes each with the congressman, I felt that it was worth the wait in line. By making himself so accessible, Bill Foster shows that he is truly interested in the views and concerns of his constituents."
Cambridge Realty Capital Provides $90.6 Million in HUD-Insured ...
"Cambridge Realty Capital Companies reports the closing of $90.6 million of HUD-insured Section 232 loans to refinance a portfolio of 10 Intermediate and Skilled Care nursing facilities... Loans for individual properties in the portfolio ranged in size between $3.1 million and $14.8 million. The 10-loan portfolio includes Southview Manor and Community Care Center in Chicago, and the West Chicago Terrace,..."
WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 1 May 09
Islamic law ushers in reign of terror in Pakistan's Swat valley - McClatchy
"Two weeks after the Pakistani government capitulated to Islamist demands and imposed Islamic law throughout the Swat valley, armed militants are patrolling the streets of the district capital and masked gunmen have taken control of outlying districts, where they're terrorizing residents and using intimidation to close girls' schools."
NBC/ WSJ poll question advanced false claim about proposed labor law -  Media Matters for America
"The National Labor Relations Board, in its September 2007 Dana Corp. decision, noted the existence and legality of voluntary recognition: "We do not question the legality of voluntary recognition agreements based on a union's showing of majority support. Voluntary recognition itself predates the National Labor Relations Act and is undisputedly lawful under it." In the decision, the board later observed that when an employer voluntarily recognizes a union, "[t]he employer's obligation to bargain with the union attaches immediately."
GOP Party Identification Slips Nationwide and in Pennsylvania  - PEW Research Center
"Over the first four months of 2009, the Republican Party has continued to lose adherents. Interviews with over 7,000 respondents nationwide so far this year found fewer than a quarter (23%) of the combined total identifying themselves as Republicans. This is down from 25% in 2008, and from 30% in 2004. In total, the GOP has lost roughly a quarter of its base over the past five years."



01 May


Around and About in West Chicago - 23 April 2009
  • St. Andrew Lutheran Church at the Groundbreaking Ceremony
  • Parking Ticket Violation Amnesty Program
  • Wiggly Field Bark Bash
  • City’s seventh annual Citywide Collection
Increased swine flu precautions in Tri-Cities area
"That's the same boat St. Charles Unit District 303 finds itself in regarding Haines Middle School. School officials made the decision to close Haines in the middle of the school day Thursday after the probable case of swine flu in a female student led the health department to recommend the building be shut down."
Probable swine flu closes St. Charles middle school indefinitely
"The Kane County Health Department notified district officials at about 8:30 a.m. Thursday that a female student who left school Monday morning with flu-like symptoms could have the virus that is causing widespread public concern.  After consulting with public health officials, the district made the call to shut down the school until further notice."
Information about the Swine Flu
"For the most up to date information about the swine flu and tips for how to stay healthy, please visit ."
National Debt Day: Send a Thank You Note to China
"As we all know from our own household budget, if we borrow too much, then our creditors cease lending to us. How close are we to the point that the Chinese, Saudis, Russians and Hugo Chavez stop lending to us?"
Dem Press Release
In response to Rep Roskam's vote against the Credit Card Bill of Rights, the Democratic Party's DCCC is circulating a press release claiming Rep Roskam  "voted to protect big credit card companies at the expense of responsible consumers who play by the rules,”  The flip side is, of course, with cancelled cards, higher interest rates, and confiscatory fees, the banks will be more quickly able to pay back some of the bail out money. - Bob
Survey: Support for terror suspect torture differs among the faithful - CNN
"More than half of people who attend services at least once a week -- 54 percent -- said the use of torture against suspected terrorists is "often" or "sometimes" justified. Only 42 percent of people who "seldom or never" go to services agreed, according to the analysis released Wednesday by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life."
[Who would Jesus torture? - Bob]
Swine Flu Could Depress May Day Immigration Rallies...
"Organizers of the May Day rallies, which have drawn thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people in recent years, said they would look to recommendations from public health officials about whether to cancel or modify the events."
Thief Steals 2 Wheels From California AG's Car - CBS News
"Brown wrote about the crime on his Facebook page, saying "even though I am California's 'top cop,' 2 of my tires were stolen. No matter. I got 2 new ones and I'm rolling again!""
What Finland can teach America about true luxury - Christian Science Monitor
"The weather was glorious, but Helsinki felt like a ghost town. I learned that most Finns take a five-week summer vacation, and that many of them disappear for the entire time to tiny, bare-bones cottages in the woods. Curious, I wrangled an invitation to visit one of these secluded cabins."


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