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31 Jan & 01 Feb  

West Chicago
High School
"FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) would like to remind you that Community High School is a sponsor of Market Day. Market Day is a major fundraiser for many organizations in the school with many clubs/organizations receiving the profit from the monthly sales."
District 303 Friday News and Notes
"The Next Regular Meeting of the District 303 Board of Education is Mon., Feb. 9 This meeting begins at 7 p.m. and will be held at the District 303 Administration Building located at 201 S. 7th St."
DuPage County library district filings for April 7 election
(Four 4-year terms):
No candidates filed."
[This is so sad. - Bob]
St. Charles Dist. 303 board OKs bond referendum
"After four hours of discussion Thursday night, and much back and forth regarding the country's current economic woes, the St. Charles Community Unit School District 303's board of education voted unanimously to ask residents whether borrow $114 million in construction bonds."
The music didn't really die
"Tuesday will be mourned as the 50th anniversary of the day the music died.  That, at least, is the moniker hung on the day by those commemorating the 50th year since Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. Richardson Jr., aka the Big Bopper, were killed in a plane crash outside Mason City, Iowa."

[I post this item only because this afternoon we are celebrating the Hurley, WI connection to this (Area has connection to 'the day the music died' or Doomed) at Nora's Red Carpet Lounge. Holly may have died in Iowa but the fatal shot was the cold of Wisconsin's north woods... 50 years ago today.  I will be putting the final nail in Rock's coffin with a Hendrix number played on a banjo. - Bob]

Local guide to all things Buddy Holly
Progressive Faith Groups Now Trying to Shift Debate - Washington Post
"While the progressive groups are emphasizing social justice, many also are urging Obama to help reduce abortions. The fight over the issue has always been complex and is likely to become even more so. While many liberal groups say they want abortions reduced, other antiabortion groups remain adamant about seeking a prohibition."
Angela Davis: Prisons perpetuate oppression of minorities -  Union Leader
"Around the world, the same thing is happening as people who were once unashamedly beat down continue to live below others both socially and economically. While blacks and other minorities are over-represented in American prisons, in Australia, it is aborigines, she said."
House GOP’s Stimulus Plan Would Actually Raise Taxes For Many Americans - The Plum Line
"However, we confirmed with the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation that 26 million people would still be forced to pay the AMT this year under the GOP bill. Essentially, their tax bill would give with one hand and take away with the other, leaving 26 million families without the tax cut they promised in their bill."
The 200 Million Dollar Question - Huffington Post
"There is a $200 million figure that appears in the stimulus package for contraception: it refers to the projected cost savings to the states in five years. Good thing the package didn't include mention of the $700 million it was projected to save states in ten years. One could only imagine the outrage then."

30 Jan

Hastert: Conservation still best for short-term energy solution
""New technologies are great," the retired congressman said during a Thursday lecture at Wheaton College. "But they are going to take time, and they are very expensive - and they just don't happen right away.  "So one of the things you can do right away is probably conservation," Hastert said. "That's what we are going to have to look at probably in the next five years.""
Ex-West Chicago banker charged with stealing from elderly man
[This same article occurred in yesterday's on line edition of the Herald. - bob]
West Chicago banker named in account thefts
"Guadalupe Mendez, 32, of Montgomery made numerous withdrawals between December 2006 and August 2008 from the account of a bank customer who died in July 2008."
Fill 'er up with natural gas
"The $700,000 station, which will serve the district's fleet of 185 vehicles and vehicles from other municipalities, will begin pumping natural gas and liquid propane next month and bio-diesel and ethanol later this year, said John Walton, the district's fleet services manager."
Foster votes to create and maintain jobs, cut taxes
"We need to take action that will create and maintain jobs while also easing the tax burden of the middle class.”  The tax provisions contained within the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan will provide approximately $275 billion in tax relief for individuals, businesses and State and local governments, including an immediate tax cut to 95 percent of working Americans – the first step for permanent middle-class tax relief.
Roskam, Kirk unchanged on stimulus package
"Roskam and Kirk say their sentiments against major elements of the package are too deep for Obama to overcome with words. They want action.  Both want to see an expansion of tax credits for small businesses, which Obama reportedly opposes. They also are concerned the spending side has too much "pork" and not enough substantive job-creation projects."
Toned-down atheist bus ad OK'd for Italy -
"The original message, canned after protests from Catholics and Muslims, was The Bad News Is God Doesn't Exist, The Good News Is You Don't Need Him.  The new message, OK'd by advertising licensing agency IGP Decaux, is: The Good News Is There Are Millions of Atheists In Italy; The Excellent News Is They Believe In Freedom Of Expression."
Obama to issue pro-labor executive orders... CNN Money
"Reaching out to organized labor, the president also issued three executive orders designed to "level the playing field for workers and the unions that represent their interests," Obama said.  "I do not view the labor movement as part of the problem. To me, it's part of the solution," he added. "You cannot have a strong middle class without a strong labor movement.""
GOP Claims to Create 6.2 Million Jobs With Their Stimulus -- Using Some Questionable Math - TPM
"... it looked at the effects of tax increases on the economy as a whole and found a negative effect of 2.2% - 3% on GDP.  The Republican analysis simply flipped those numbers to positive and applied them to the GOP-backed tax cuts, then multiplied the result by a broad job creation estimate used in a recent paper from Romer and Jared Bernstein, an economic adviser to the vice president."



29 Jan

Around and About in West Chicago - 29 January 2008
  • Wycliffe Bible Translator North Central Campus
  • Glen Arbor Community Church Two-month Family Series
  • Wheaton Academy Artist Series
  • Consolidated Election Tuesday, April 7
  • Illinois General Assembly Legislative Scholarships

West Chicago
High School
GIOVANNI TAPIA - PeaceBuilder of the Month for December
"Giovanni Tapia is currently a Senior at Community High School. Giovanni received the PeaceBuilder Award for his positive attitude, desire to excel in his studies, and his ability to assist those in need. Giovanni’s various teachers have noted his willingness to help others."
CHS Wins 1st Place in Illinois Stock Market Competition
"A team of students from Community High School in West Chicago recently made decisions which awarded them 1st Place in their Illinois stock market competition."
Senate votes to remove Governor; Ramey applauds move
"At a time when the challenges for Illinois couldn't be greater, the last thing we need in the Governor's office is someone mired in charges of corruption" said Rep. Ramey. "I am proud that the General Assembly has executed its constitutional duty in such a professional way."
"The City of West Chicago would like residents to know that the West Chicago Citizen Corps is offering another Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) course. The seven week course will meet every Wednesday evening starting March 11, 2009, from 7:00 - 10:00 p.m."
["A correct schedule is included with the article. - Bob]
Ex-West Chicago banker charged with stealing from elderly man
"Relatives discovered withdrawals were still being made from the account of John Besch in August, a month after he had died. An internal investigation at the bank revealed the employee had been stealing from the account since December 2006.  West Chicago police launched a criminal investigation, which led to theft charges, according to DuPage County State's Attorney Joseph Birkett."
Tri-Cities in 60 seconds - Sheriff points to successes
"The DuPage County sheriff's tactical narcotics team seized drugs with a street value of $5.5 million during 116 investigations in 2008,... The undercover task force includes investigators from the Glen Ellyn, Lisle, West Chicago and Woodridge police departments."
Group blasts Foster's vote on $819 billion 'boondoggle'
"“The problems with the economy started in large part because of government excesses: Too much credit, too much borrowing, too much spending, and too much debt,” Wilson said. “Only a madman would now suggest that borrowed money on this sort of scale — which needs to be paid back — would provide any long-term economic stimulus."
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"... to fly the flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of: Staff Sgt. Roberto Andrade, Jr., United States Army - Hometown:  Chicago, Illinois"
Police in India charge 10 men with raping nun
"Police in eastern India have charged 10 men with gang raping a Catholic nun during weeks of anti-Christian violence last year, an official said Thursday.  The violence between Hindus and Christians in Orissa state followed the killing of a Hindu religious leader in August. Police blamed Maoist rebels, but conservative Hindu groups blamed Christian residents and set fire to a Christian orphanage.  The state government said 32 people died in the clashes that followed. The Catholic Bishops' Conference of India said at least 40 Christians were killed."
Union membership up in 2008... Mix 98.1
"Union members accounted for 12.4 percent of employed wage and salary workers in 2008, up from 12.1 percent in 2007, said the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics.  That increase meant the number of workers belonging to a union rose by 428,000 to 16.1 million, said the annual report.  There was a slight upturn in the union membership rate in 2007, to 12.1 percent from the 2006 level of 12.0 percent."
fiscal responsibility and bipartisanship - Media Matters
"Grassley, the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, proposed the amendment, "AMT One-Year Patch," during the committee's January 27 markup of the recovery bill. The amendment provides a "one-year 'patch' for 2009 to keep the number of individual AMT payers [the] same as 2008" by increasing tax exemption amounts for individuals and joint filers."

28 Jan

West Chicago Middle School Announces 1st Quarter Honor Roll
"Students are credited in two areas. The area of Achievement means the student's grades are average "B" or above. Students are also graded in the area of effort, with "1" being the highest grade. Students making High Honor Roll received all A's in achievement and all 1's in effort."

West Chicago
High School
"Promoting Awareness of Wildcat Success, or P.A.W.S., is the newest student recognition program at CHS. This award honors individual students in each Division for their outstanding personal contribution to the classroom, school, or community."
"The West Chicago Citizen Corps is offering another CERT course. The seven week course will meet at 7 p.m. starting March 11, 2009. Training will include family preparedness, basic medical operations, fire safety, and basic search and rescue of victims during emergencies."
CORRECTION: Traveling Exhibit: Changing Worlds
"The West Chicago City Museum will host a traveling exhibit from Changing Worlds, a Chicago-based educational arts nonprofit, Monday, March 2, 2009 through Saturday, March 14, 2009."
Committee assignments split DuPage County board
"The three Democrats - Dirk Enger, Rita Gonzalez and Tony Michelassi - all voted against Schillerstrom's recommendations, joining Republicans Healy, Fichtner, Sheahan, Olson, Grant Eckhoff and J.R. McBride."
Regulators greenlight two hospital projects
"Winfield's Central DuPage Hospital was granted permission to build a $35 million comprehensive outpatient cancer center adjacent a proton therapy cancer treatment center it's building in Warrenville."
West Chicago candidates
  • Mayor (4-year term): Michael B. Kwasman (incumbent).
  • Clerk (4-year term): Nancy M. Smith (incumbent).
  • Treasurer (4-year term): Donald F. Earley (incumbent).
  • City Council:
    •  Ward 1 (4-year term): Lori J. Chassee (incumbent).
    • Ward 2 (4-year term): H. Ronald Monroe (incumbent), Roy A. Volkert.
    • Ward 2 (2-year term): James B. Smith (incumbent).
    • Ward 3 (4-year term): Russell Radkiewicz (incumbent) Alton S. Hallett.
    • Ward 4 (4-year term): Sandra Dimas (incumbent).
    • Ward 5 (4-year term): John Smith Jr.
    • Ward 6 (4-year term): Nanette B. Connelly (incumbent).
    • Ward 7 (4-year term): Nicholas A. Dzierzanowski (incumbent).
West Chicago students pause for recognition
"The students and their parents were invited to attend a breakfast ceremony in their honor at Community High School. Nominating teachers and the school's administration were in attendance to present the awards, say a few words about each student's success, and present them with a gift."
Roskam, Kirk unchanged on stimulus package
"Tax cuts make up about $275 billion of the measure, a size that prompted Roskam to say, "It really begs the question if the tax relief is just a fig leaf to pass the bill."  Roskam and Kirk pointed out the plan is based on borrowing, adding the total price tag to the nation's already ballooning deficit."
Attenborough reveals creationist hate mail for not crediting God - Guardian
"Telling the magazine that he was asked why he did not give "credit" to God, Attenborough added: "They always mean beautiful things like hummingbirds. I always reply by saying that I think of a little child in east Africa with a worm burrowing through his eyeball. The worm cannot live in any other way, except by burrowing through eyeballs. I find that hard to reconcile with the notion of a divine and benevolent creator.""
Why We Need Stronger Unions, and How to Get Them - TPM
"Although America and its economy need unions, it's become nearly impossible for employees to form one. The Hart poll I cited tells us that 57 million workers would want to be in a union if they could have one. But those who try to form a union, according to researchers at MIT, have only about a 1 in 5 chance of successfully doing so."
ACLU tests Obama with request for secret Bush-era memos - McClatchy
" The American Civil Liberties Union asked the Obama administration on Wednesday to release Justice Department memos that provided the legal underpinning for harsh interrogations, eavesdropping and secret prisons.  For years, the Bush administration refused to release them, citing national security, attorney-client privilege and the need to protect the government's deliberative process."
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"...  to fly the flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of: Staff Sgt. Roberto Andrade, Jr., United States Army, Hometown: Chicago, Illinois"

27 Jan

West Chicago Public Access Playback - Jan 26-Feb 01


6:00 PM

COD Images


6:30 PM

COD Inside Studio 180


7:00 PM

Winter Jazz Concert


8:00 PM

Wheaton West Wild Hockey

Crafting a true bipartisan stimulus plan
"Every cent of the massive $825 billion spending package will be placed directly on the backs of our children. Even without this proposal, the Congressional Budget Office predicts a deficit of $1.2 trillion – a significant ball and chain for our children to drag around.  Both parties have been involved in spending binges -- but that must change now. We have no option."
[He's right.  Going from about balanced to that $1.2 Trillion debt in the last 8 years of Republican/Bu$h rule has wrecked the economy and left us no option. - Bob]
Haggard's wife: He told me of struggles years ago - Associated Press
"Haggard, 52, resigned as president of the National Association of Evangelicals and New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colo., after the male prostitute went public. Haggard confessed to "sexual immorality."  The scandal widened in recent days with disclosures that Haggard also admitted to an "inappropriate" relationship with a church volunteer, Grant Haas, who was 22 at the time."
Bailout Recipients Hosted Call To Defeat Key Labor Bill - Huffington Post
""This is the demise of a civilization," said Marcus. "This is how a civilization disappears. I am sitting here as an elder statesman and I'm watching this happen and I don't believe it." ... Donations of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars were needed, it was argued, to prevent America from turning "into France.""
Watch the Banned Super Bowl Ad Here - E&P Pub
"A sexy ad from, all of all sources, animal rights activist PETA, has been banned by NBC from Super Bowl airing due to the hot girl-on-veggie action."
[Will this, like the Go Daddy ad of last year go viral and get more play because of the ban than it would have received if accepted? - Bob]

26 Jan

Relay For Life 2009
"By participating at the American Cancer Society West Chicago-Warrenville Relay For Life on May 29th, 2009, you will be raising much needed funds that will further along research, help support programs for cancer patients and their families and continue to promote education and support materials for patients"
Graham Staines' widow pained by Orissa violence - IBN Live (India)
"It's been ten years since the Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons were burnt alive by fundamentalists.  His widow 57-year-old Gladys Staines had the heart to forgive the killers of her husband and two minor sons. But once again, faced with fundamentalist violence in Orissa's Kandhamal district, she finds it difficult to fathom the reason behind the killings."
Beijing holds secret talks with banned churches as 100 million defy party rules - Times OnLine
"The discussions, which were held in an office in Beijing, were the first time that members of the Government and stalwarts of the outlawed “house churches” had sat down as negotiators rather than foes, The Times has learnt."
Anti-worker front group rigs poll to contradict huge majority support for Employee Free Choice Act  -
"In fact, in a Hart Research Associates survey of 1,007 adults in December 2008, 73 percent favored the Employee Free Choice Act after hearing descriptions of its three main provisions... 61% favor the provision which “establishes binding arbitration in cases where a company and a newly certified union cannot agree on a contract after three months of negotiating"
GM, Ford, Chrysler Lost About 988 Auto Dealers During 2008  - Bloomberg
"About 2,500 U.S. auto dealers may close in 2009, or more than 10 percent of the nation's car and light-truck retailers, consulting firm Grant Thornton LLP wrote in a report Jan. 21."
Legal Jeopardy For American Torturers Here and Abroad? - FindLaw
"More than 140 countries may potentially exercise jurisdiction over former members of the Bush Administration for violations of the 1984 Torture Convention and the 1949 Geneva Conventions, including the standards reflected in their Common Article 3. Whether they do so, and how they might do so, turns on a range of factors, including their domestic procedural rules. In the United Kingdom, one criminal investigation is already underway, in relation to the alleged treatment of Binyam Mohammed, a Guantanamo detainee who is a British resident. I doubt it will be the last."


24&25 Jan

Pictures of Taking Oath in Springfield
State Representative Randy Ramey is pictured taking oath of office on the 14th of January at the Inauguration of the 96th General Assembly. Additional shots include him voting for and congratulating Minority Leader Tom Cross.  He was joined in Springfield by his wife, Sharon, and his 3 children, Zach, Lexi and Chris.
District 303 Friday News and Notes
  • East Auto Club Porsche to be Featured at World of Wheels
  • Future Freshman Night Coming to East and North
  • Parent University to Address Bullying
  • East High Girls Soccer Team to Conduct Elementary Soccer Clinics
  • Upcoming Events
Group working to ease cost concerns for DuPage girl awaiting transplant
"Two years ago, Jayne Zenker was a 16-year-old in her junior year at West Chicago Community High School when severe stomach pain sent her to the hospital and led doctors to discover a seven-pound tumor on her liver."
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Senate Republicans mix politics with impeachment trial
"Using the impending impeachment trial of Gov. Rod Blagojevich as a backdrop, four local state Senate Republicans held a media confab Friday to say their party has to be proactive getting its message out now to convince voters that the state runs better under GOP leadership... Millner expressed reservations about politicizing the impeachment trial, saying the trial shouldn't be about politics but rather "doing what's right and doing it right.""
D303 referendum opponent says he might back cheaper alternative
"My knee-jerk reaction is to also vote no on a smaller referendum, that this is just not the right time for this. My thought is to let people get through the year and get back on their feet. But I have to take a better look at what they want to do. I'm not sure how I'd vote yet."
West Chicago City Museum Hosts Traveling Exhibit
"The exhibit traces the lives of 10 families whose stories of change, loss and cultural traditions take the viewer on an exploration of new beginnings, courageous triumphs and dreams for the future. The exhibit features stories of families from Cambodia, Iraq, Mexico, Somalia, Pakistan, Poland, Nicaragua, Palestine, Bosnia and Puerto Rico."
Foster Votes to Help Homeowners, Increase Accountability for Financial Rescue Plan
“The rescue package that I voted for included stipulations that protected the taxpayer and created suitable accountability measures,” said Foster.  “Unfortunately, the Bush Administration has failed to follow Congressional intent on the spending of this money, has not been able to fully explain how the money was spent, and has not enforced any lending obligations on the financial institutions.  This is simply unacceptable.”
Kirk-Foster Amendment Included in House Economic Stimulus Package
“The allegations that have been made against Gov. Rod Blagojevich call into question his fitness to distribute federal funds in an effective, fair and ethical manner,” Congressman Foster said.  “I am proud to work with Rep. Mark Kirk to ensure that the Governor does not have the opportunity to misuse stimulus funding at the expense of our constituents in Illinois.”
News from the Front Line of Democracy
"Grassroots democracy in America has never been more energized than it is right now in the wake of the 2008 elections. Average people who had never worked a political campaign have seen a chance for real change. They wanted to help bring it about in any way they could, volunteering by the thousands, as a renewed sense of hope and responsibility swept the nation."
WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 23 Jan 09
Church emphasizes shared beliefs as congregations merge - Beacon News
"While English-speakers and Spanish-speakers kept to their own sides of the bilingual liturgy at the start of the service, by the time the Eucharist was celebrated most people were responding in both languages.  "That's exactly what we were hoping for," Garfias said. "Language has always been seen as a wall between people, and it's our call as Christians to turn that wall sideways and make it a table we can all meet at, as the bishop said in the sermon. "
Girls team shows remorse after 100-0 win - San Francisco Chronicle
""I think the bad judgment was in the full-court press and the three-point shots," said Renee Peloza, whose daughter plays for Dallas Academy. "At some point, they should have backed off." ... The academy boasts of its small class sizes and specializes in teaching students struggling with "learning differences," such as short attention spans or dyslexia."
DIOCESE OF SCRANTON Teachers rally for unionization... Times Leader
"More than 200 supporters, many from regional union locals, joined a noon rally outside Diocese of Scranton Bishop Joseph Martino’s residence to mark the one-year anniversary of the fight to unionize local Catholic school teachers. Scranton Diocese Association of Catholic Teachers President Michael Milz handed out green and black arm bands."
Controversial CBO Report On Stimulus Turns Out Not To Exist
"Reports of a recent study by the Congressional Budget Office, showing that the vast majority of the money in the stimulus package won't be spent until after 2010, have Democrats on the defensive and the GOP calling for a pullback in wasteful spending.  Funny thing is, there is no such report.  "We did not issue any report, any analysis or any study," a CBO aide told the Huffington Post."
Former French President Chirac hospitalised after mauling - Mail OnLine, Britain
"The 76-year-old statesman was savaged by his white Maltese dog - which suffers from frenzied fits and is being treated with anti-depressants.  The animal, named Sumo, had become increasingly violent over the past years and was prone to making 'vicious, unprovoked attacks', Chirac's wife Bernadette said."
23 Jan  
Changing Worlds
"The West Chicago City Museum will host a traveling exhibit from Changing Worlds, a Chicago based educational arts nonprofit, Saturday, January 31, 2009 through Friday, February 13, 2009."
West Chicago Youth Lacrosse
"Parent Youth Lacrosse Organizational Meeting
  • Monday, January 26th, 2009
  • 7:00-8:30 PM
  • In the Balcony Of the Finish Strong Arena and Training Center
  • (1 mile West of Route 59 on Roosevelt Rd.)  Next to the Ford Dealership"
First Time Homebuyer Program
"The ongoing success of the West Chicago First Time Homebuyer Program has prompted the scheduling of a second realtor training class for Friday, February 6, 2009, from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. in the Program Room at the West Chicago Public Library, located at 118 West Washington Street."
West Chicago City Museum Hosts Traveling Exhibit
"The exhibit traces the lives of 10 families whose stories of change, loss and cultural traditions take the viewer on an exploration of new beginnings, courageous triumphs and dreams for the future. The exhibit features stories of families from Cambodia, Iraq, Mexico, Somalia, Pakistan, Poland, Nicaragua, Palestine, Bosnia and Puerto Rico."
NIU cancer center delayed by financing snag
"The collapse of the global bond market has made it impossible for university officials and the affiliated Northern Illinois Proton Treatment and Research Center LLC to secure funding to complete the $160 million project in West Chicago by the February 2010 deadline, said John Lewis, the project's executive director."
D303 referendum opponent says he might back cheaper alternative
"My knee-jerk reaction is to also vote no on a smaller referendum, that this is just not the right time for this. My thought is to let people get through the year and get back on their feet. But I have to take a better look at what they want to do. I'm not sure how I'd vote yet."
Legislators to shoot for STAR line again
"The bipartisan group, led by Republican Rep. Peter Roskam, a Wheaton Republican, and cosponsored by Rep. Bill Foster, a Geneva Democrat, introduced a resolution in Congress Thursday, calling for the secretary of transportation to declare corridors for "inter-suburban commuter rail," such as the proposed 55-mile STAR line route, which would connect dozens of suburbs ringing Chicago between Joliet and O'Hare International Airport. Such a line would be the nation's first."
NIU proton cancer timeline delayed
""The construction of the Northern Illinois Proton Center is not endangered at all; in fact, the board today confirmed that it is moving full speed ahead with construction for the center," Mack said. "But we may have to alter the timeline because of the global meltdown of the financial markets, much the same way every other construction project is experiencing right now.""
Foster to serve on important Financial Services Subcommittee
"“By serving on the Capital Markets, Insurance and Government Sponsored Enterprises Subcommittee, I will have the opportunity to work on policies to reform our financial regulatory architecture to meet the needs of our rapidly changing global economy in the 21st century.”"
Bipartisan Suburban Delegation Reintroduces Bill to Block CN's Acquisition of EJ&E
"Congressman Bill Foster (IL-14) today joined a bipartisan suburban delegation of area Representatives in reintroducing the “Reaching for the STAR Act,” a piece of legislation aimed at promoting the Suburban Transit Access Route, or STAR Line.  The delegation characterized the bill as the type of stimulus project that would create local jobs and improve transportation efficiency, all while promoting long-term economic growth."
Evolution Disclaimer Proposed for Miss. Textbooks - The Christian Post
"The proposal, if enacted, would require the State Board of Education to include the 200-word disclaimer on the inside front cover of textbooks that include evolution topics... "This textbook discusses evolution, a controversial theory some scientists present as a scientific explanation for the origin of living things. No one was present when life first appeared on earth. Therefore, any statement about life's origins should be considered a theory,".."
In Texas, a Line in the Curriculum Revives Evolution Debate - NY Times
"The debate here has far-reaching consequences; Texas is one of the nation’s biggest buyers of textbooks, and publishers are reluctant to produce different versions of the same material... “It’s an attempt to bring false weaknesses into the classroom in an attempt to get students to reject evolution.”"
Hoffa Hails Designation of Wilma Liebman as Chairman of the NLRB... NewsBlaze
""American workers desperately need the NLRB to restore balance and fairness in the workplace. Wilma is the right person to lead the board on that mission.  "She understands that the NLRB's role is to protect the rights of employees who want to join a union - a responsibility the Bush-dominated board abandoned during the past eight years."
Rep. Tammy Baldwin Asks Colleagues to Hold Bush Gang Accountable - After Downing Street
"I invite my colleagues to join me in calling on President Obama to reverse the damaging and illegal actions taken by the Bush/Cheney Administration and to collaborate with Congress to proactively prevent any further abuses of executive branch power."
The Clear Channel bloodbath - Liberal Talk Radio
"Considering that even music-oriented radio stations are filling afternoon and evening shifts with syndicated programming, that doesn't bode well for the local guy. The big corporations will see this as an opportunity to program stations from regional or even national offices. Look at all of this as a trend toward the national homogenization of radio."



22 Jan

Around and About in West Chicago - 22 January 2008
  • Geomelt
  • Digital Television Transition
  • St. Mary’s Parish School Open House
  • First Day for Filing Papers to be a Candidate for Elected Office
Naperville, Aurora still fighting CN purchase
"The two cities approved spending $7,500 each for attorneys to file in the Federal Court of Appeals seeking a review and stay of the U.S. Surface Transportation Board's Dec. 24 approval.  The federal appeal is being filed by a group of cities known as The Regional Answer to Canadian National."
SC schools find support for no-tax-hike building bond
"When asked if they could support a $294 million referendum, respondents were only about 46 percent in favor, Wright said. However, when asked if they would favor a phased-in approach and back a $120 million bond referendum, the support rose to nearly 70 percent, he said."
ACLU to sue Twin Cities charter school that caters to Muslims - Minnesota Star Tribune
"The American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota filed suit Wednesday against a publicly funded charter school alleging that it is promoting the Muslim religion and is leasing school space from a religious organization without following state law."
Support Employee Free Choice Act... Daily Illini
"Currently, employers often don't accept a union when there is majority support. Between showing majority support in the form of authorization cards and an election, employers often mount intimidation campaigns, using threats to thwart the will of the majority. There is no punishment for employers' violations of the law. Although employers are required to bargain in good faith, there is no punishment for failing to do so, and a first contract can be delayed indefinitely."
false comparison of inauguration costs - Media Matters
"Similarly, Brent Bozell wrote in a column: "For the record, the 'lavish' Bush inaugural cost $43 million. Final tallies are not complete, but according to some sources, like the Guardian newspaper, the Obama inaugural will cost more than $150 million." But the comparison is a false one, as the Bush figure excludes security, transportation, and other incidental costs...  With security, transportation, and other expenses incurred by federal, state, and local governments, which reportedly reached $115.5 million in 2005, the cost of Bush's inaugural events that year was $157 million."

21 Jan


West Chicago
High School
LISETTE DOMINGUEZ - Student-of-the-Month for December
"The faculty and administration of Community High School would like to congratulate Lisette Dominguez for being chosen Student of the Month for December. When describing Lisette, her teachers use phrases such as dependable, bright, well-organized, good listener and very respectful. She is reserved, down-to-earth and hard working."
All Night Long Fundraiser
"Save the Date … On Saturday, March 14, 2009, the CHS “All Night Long” Committee will host their Annual Fundraiser event for the after-prom alternative.  This year’s event will be held at St. Andrews Golf Club in West Chicago at 7:00 p.m."
"The Education Foundation at Community High School District 94 in West Chicago held its first Scholarship Raffle during the months leading up to the Winter Holiday and the drawing was held on January 10th at half time of the Boys Varsity Basketball game."
January 2009 CUSD 303 E-News
Filing opens in Fox Valley school districts
"Tuesday was the first day candidates could file petitions for school board races as district offices were closed Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Candidates have until 5 p.m., Monday Jan. 26 to file signature petitions."
Scaling back Dist. 303 schools plan?
"St. Charles Unit District 303 residents will almost certainly see a referendum on the April ballot, but it may not be the $294 million question they've been prepped for all of 2008."
  • Wildcats can't keep Redhawks on ropes
    "That period closed when Ondik drove the lane and dished to Cam Brate for an easy layup and a foul. Brate, whose defense his coach praised, missed the free throw, but Nick Linne grabbed the offensive rebound and passed out to Ondik for a long 3-pointer at the buzzer and a 50-49 Naperville Central lead heading into the final eight minutes. The Redhawks (15-1, 6-0) never lost that lead.  "Yeah, that hurts," Wildcats coach Kevin Gimre said of that third-quarter sequence. "It took all the momentum away from us and gave it to them.""
  • West Chicago recovers in time
    "West Chicago's 7 turnovers in the third quarter limited the amount of offensive opportunities for the Wildcats, as the visitors managed just 12 attempts from the floor.  "We missed shots that we were making in the first half, and we turned the ball over," West Chicago coach Kim Wallner said. "We weren't making good decisions, and they went on a run."
June Taylor Retrospective to Honor the Work and Artistic Spirit of West Chicago Resident
"Join Mary Lou Taylor Becker, daughter of West Chicago artist June Taylor, at Gallery 200, located at 200 Main Street in downtown West Chicago, for an Opening Reception of the June Taylor Retrospective on Friday, February 6, 2009 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. June Taylor, who passed away last year, was a fine watercolorist and made a lasting imprint on the art scene in West Chicago."
Foster Statement on the Inauguration of President Obama
“This is an exciting time for Illinois and America - President Obama often speaks about changing politics, changing the tone of the debate and ushering in a new era of bipartisanship. It is my sincerest hope that the President will be successful and that together, we can restore our faith in democracy while beginning the long, hard work of rebuilding our economy.”
Roskam on Inauguration of President Barack Obama
"I was encouraged that the President, when he was President-elect, was talking about tax cuts as a way of moving forward and an acknowledgement that raising taxes in this economy would be a great detriment."
[After 8 long years of solving all problems with tax cuts, wanting more and ripping Dems for not is mere doctrinaire partisanship.  I guess when all you have is a hammer, all problems look like nails. - Bob]
Religion today - Associated Press
"The Nashville-based United Methodist Church has a total of 44,842 clergy, and about 10,000 are female — or 23 percent. Yet just 85 women lead those largest churches, compared to 1,082 men in those positions.  The project aims to research leadership styles of women who head these large churches and encourage more female leaders by building a mentoring program for women with potential to serve large congregations."
Workers assail Wal-Mart closing at Canada top court... Yahoo! Canada
"The Jonquiere store was the first in Canada or the United States to receive union certification, and Wal-Mart successfully argued in lower courts that it could not be forced to keep its stores open.  Without discussing the merits of unions, Wal-Mart argued that closing a store was "good and sufficient reason" to lay workers off.  But the workers' lawyers told the Supreme Court that this violated their freedom of association."
A day to remember - Garrison Keillor - Chricago Tribune
"They saw it on a screen in front of the Capitol and it was actually happening on the other side. The Bushes went up the stairs, turned, waved and disappeared into the cabin of the Marine helicopter, and people started to cheer in earnest. It was the most genuine, spontaneous, universal moment of the day. It was like watching the ice go out on the river." The Pundits Who Had
Not A Clue Two Years Ago - Huffington Post
"...Now, it is one thing to have a last name that sounds like Osama and a middle name, Hussein, that is probably less than helpful. But an outfit that reminds people of a charter member of the axis of evil, why, this could leave his presidential hopes hanging by a thread. Or is that threads?" CNN Senior Analyst Jeff Greenfield, "The Situation Room," CNN, Dec. 11, 2006."
20 Jan



DuPage County briefs
"The company responsible for cleaning up thorium contamination in West Chicago and along the DuPage River has filed for bankruptcy protection. Oklahoma-based chemical giant Tronox announced its reorganization plan last week and notified DuPage County towns it will honor its court-ordered cleanup commitments."
N.H.'s gay Episcopal bishop to meet evangelical pastor - Foster's Daily Democrat, N.H.
"At some point today, New Hampshire's Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson will come face to face with the Rev. Rick Warren, who will be delivering the invocation at the presidential swearing-in ceremony.  The two have never met, Robinson said, and they couldn't be farther apart on some things."
A solution to the coming 'card check' battle - CNN Money
"Simply put, EFCA would streamline the process by which employees could decide to join a union. In most cases, a simple majority of signed cards would suffice; no need for a full-blown election sanctioned by the National Labor Relations Board.  The bill's supporters (mostly Democrats) say it goes a long way toward restoring balance and fairness in an arena where employers routinely use bully tactics to crush unions."
Zimbabwe Is Dying - NY Times
" What’s documented in the Physicians for Human Rights report is evidence of a shocking medical and human rights disaster that warrants a much wider public spotlight, and an intensified effort to mount an international humanitarian intervention.  Some organizations are already on the case, including Doctors Without Borders and Unicef. But Zimbabwe is dying, and much more is needed."


19 Jan

More Than 2,300 Coats Donated to Needy in Coat Drive
"I want to thank all the organizations who allowed us to use their facilities as drop-off sites and to all who participated in what has now become our most successful coat drive to date,"
West Chicago Public Access Playback - Jan 19- Jan 25


6:00 PM

City Council (1/19/09)


7:00 PM

Irish And Fiddlin'


7:30 PM

Community Concert Band


8:00 PM

National Night Out '01-'04

Flyer Joins Rep. Foster for Inauguration
"Flyer, the mascot for Miss Brianne Ebervein’s fifth-grade class, will travel to the Inaugural ceremony to help bring the historic ceremony closer to home for the students at Liberty Elementary School in Carpentersville. "
Vatican Wary Of New Administration - National Public Radio
"In a letter from Europe, NPR's Senior European Correspondent Sylvia Poggioli reports that Vatican officials are bracing for a sharp shift in relations under an Obama administration that will be openly pro-choice."
I Have a Dream speech given at union rally -
"Northern Virginia hotel workers will rally tonight as an official part of President-elect Obama’s National Day of Service... The rally honors workers in the memory of Martin Luther King who gave his “I have a dream” speech at a rally in support of sanitation workers organizing to improve their lives in Memphis."
Rooftop Wind Turbines -
"Renewable Devices of Scotland has developed a small, quiet rooftop-mounted wind turbine with an output if 1.5Kw and its not much more conspicuous than a satellite dish. Even so, Views of Scotland, an umbrella organisation representing wind farm protesters, complains, saying the constant swishing will drive neighbours crazy."
U.S. execution breached international law: World Court - Reuters
""The United States continues to be under an obligation to fully implement it," said the International Court of Justice (ICJ), also known as the World Court.  The proceedings go back to 2003, when Mexico brought a case against the United States, arguing that 51 of its citizens sentenced to die in U.S. jails had not been informed of their right to consular assistance."

17&18 Jan

Rep. Ramey Serves Third Term in Illinois House
"State Representative Randy Ramey took the oath of office today at the Inauguration of the 96th General Assembly at the University of Illinois - Springfield. He was joined by wife Sharon and his 3 children Zach, Lexi and Chris. His stepfather, Pate Philip and mother Nancy also attended, along with his father, Randy Ramey Senior and brother, Kevin."
  • Meet the Lincolns
  • Don’t Pay the College Sticker Price
  • Yoga, Tea and Chocolate Experience
Laura Ann Bergmann
"Laura was a member of the Wheaton V.F.W. Auxiliary #2164. She worked diligently to send care packages to troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, receiving a plaque from the task force commander for her meritorious service."
District 303 Friday News and Notes
  • Inaugural Ball Coming to Wredling on Jan. 20
  • Future Freshman Night Coming to East and North
  • Transition Night to Provide Information for Parents
  • Night of Legends Part of East vs. North Basketball Game
Feds slap down attempt to block CN, EJ&E merger
"Regarding the STB ruling, "experts agree the Chicago region needs relief from congestion," CN vice president of North American government affairs Karen Phillips said in a statement. "The public interest benefits of rerouting traffic off congested lines through the city and inner suburbs onto the underutilized EJ&E are real.""
Opponents appeal EJ&E deal in federal court
"Twelve communities signed on to the appeal. They are: Aurora, Barrington Hills, Barrington Township, Bartlett, DuPage County, Hawthorn Woods, Lake Zurich, Naperville, Plainfield, Warrenville, Wayne and West Chicago. These communities are being asked to contribute an additional $7,500 each for legal fees."
WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 16 Jan 09
Lawsuits filed over Bush rule on health care workers - CNN
"Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal filed a lawsuit Thursday on behalf of his state, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon and Rhode Island ... He said the regulation "intentionally shrouds" abortion in "new and unnecessary ambiguity," encouraging individuals to define it and to "deny virtually all forms of contraceptions, even emergency contraception to rape victims."
Freedom from Religion Foundation blasts tech colleges for Good Friday holiday - Journal Sentinel
"The group, which advocates separation between church and state, lodged a complaint today against the Wisconsin Technical College System, saying 15 of the 16 schools, including Milwaukee Area Technical College, are violating a court order by having Good Friday as a holiday.  The 1996 court order found that a Wisconsin law designating Good Friday as a half-holiday violated the First Amendment."
Inaugural and MLK Day Service Opportunities -  AFLCIO
"In honor of King and in response to President-elect Obama's call to service, hundreds of thousands of Americans, including more than 20,000 AFL-CIO union volunteers, are helping those in need. Projects range from giving out free meals to cleaning up blighted areas, distributing winter clothing and repairing dilapidated homes."
Obama likely to give labor far more teeth... San Antonio Business Journal
"Once a duty to bargain exists, another provision would allow either party to demand interest arbitration after a certain period of unfruitful bargaining — thus allowing an arbitrator to decide issues such as wage rates. EFCA passed the House in 2007 but was blocked in the Senate by a Republican filibuster."
GOP Must Defeat Job-Creating Stimulus Because It Will Ruin GOP’s Election Chances
"Though he offers standard conservative arguments against the plan — including a screed against the growth of “big government” — Blackwell seemed most concerned about the political benefit Democrats might see from successfully boosting the economy."
US Airways Flight 1549 Crash Lands in Hudson River - Raw Video
"Here is amazing raw video from various surveillance cameras of the US Airways Flight 1549 crash landing into the Hudson River on January 15, 2009. All 155 passengers aboard the plane survived in what is being called "Miracle on the Hudson." "


16 Jan

J.A. Air Center opens new facility at Aurora Airport
"The company, which offers small jet charter, rental and sales, aircraft maintenance, and sale and installation of aircraft parts, closed operations last month at the DuPage Airport in West Chicago."
Deciding whether to have school during bad weather not exact science
""What I was seeing was not dangerous for short-term exposure," West Chicago District 33 Superintendent Ed Leman said. "If we had conditions where the risk of frostbite could occur within 10 minutes, I would have closed schools, but that was nowhere near the case.""
Call for art being made
"The West Chicago Cultural Arts Commission invites accomplished and emerging artists, with a connection to West Chicago (through residence, work or school), or living in the Chicago area to submit digital files of original art for consideration in the Community Banner Project Competition."
[Lest you suspect that a WC Press reporter accidentally got stranded by the weather in WC and wrote the story, compare it to "Banner Project Competition Submission Deadline."
Reports: Hastert noted in Blago complaint
"During the conversation, Blagojevich says hello to a highway contractor, then says he was excited about the tollway. The FBI believes Blagojevich was referencing $1.8 billion in announced funding that would have benefited the contractor and his trade association. Blagojevich then mentioned to the contractor that he had spoken with Individual C about the project."
Roskam calls for tax cuts - Suburban Life Publications
"Roskam is one of 100 members of the House’s Republican Study Committee, which on Wednesday offered a plan that would cut personal income tax by 5 percent and reduce the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent. Earlier today, Roskam sat on another Republican panel that heard from economic experts."
[Please compare this with Rep. David Obey's press release at OBEY UNVEILS AMERICAN RECOVERY & REINVESTMENT BILL. Particularly note the summary rather than partisan leadership spin. - Bob
Presbyterian splits lack Episcopalian litigiousness - The Modesto Bee. Ca
"There are similarities between the denominations: Both have had more than 100 churches leave the national churches, mainly over differences about the authority of Scripture and the ordination of gay clergy. Both national churches claim more than 2 million members.  But there are differences: The Fresno and Clovis churches have asked to be reassigned to the more conservative Evangelical Presbyterian Church, based in Livonia, Mich."
Global Energy Investment Benchmarking Analysis -
"The major advantages of the United States are the openness of the industry, availability of advanced infrastructure leading to low costs, and the availability of skilled labor and capital. The United States current position as the best investment destination is not sustainable for a long period, as the country is already facing a lot of competition from the rest of the oil and gas-producing world."
Rachel renews - Liberal Talk Radio
"As it looks, Maddow's show will feed in mornings (for an hour) and Ron Reagan expands his show to 6-9P ET. Evidently, this will compliment her busy schedule, with the MSNBC show taking priority."
Lithuanian Firm Hires Witch To Hunt Debt Dodgers - CBS News
""Our new employee will help them to understand the situation, reconsider what is right and wrong and act accordingly," he said... Lobaciuviene, who describes herself as "Lithuania's leading witch," is renowned in the former Soviet republic of 3.4 million people for providing such "magical" services as predicting the future and casting spells."

"A ll-Star Jailhouse Rock" - Vocals:R. Hopman
"Rod Blagojevich and O.J. Simpson lead an all-star cast in this musical parody salute to famous felons.  Take a look and we think you'll agree -- what we do to this Elvis classic is criminal!  Special appearances by: Paris Hilton, Michael Vick, Martha Stewart, Jon Stewart & David Letterman. Produced by: JSM Music "


15 Jan

Around and About in West Chicago - 15 January 2008
  • Construction Project at the West Chicago Middle School
  • The Secrets of Selling on eBay
  • Coffee with the Mayor
  • Sowing Ornamental Seeds in the Winter
St. Charles East High School Final Assessment Schedule ... Revised 1/15/09
  • Wednesday, January 21 - Periods 1,2, & 7  (Buses Depart at 1:10 p.m.)
  • Thursday, January 22 - Periods 6, 3, &8  (Buses Depart at 1:10 p.m.)
  • Friday, January 23 - Teacher Work Day
  • Monday, January 26 - Periods 4 & 5  (Buses Depart at 11:20 a.m.)
    Make-Up Exam Time 11:10-12:50
  • Call for Crafters
    "Although the current weather forecast defys the prospect of spring’s return, organizers of West Chicago Blooming Fest are gearing up for another blockbuster downtown event..."
  • June Taylor Retrospective
    "June Taylor, who passed away last year, was a fine watercolorist and made a lasting imprint on the art scene in West Chicago."
  • Banner Project Competition Submission Deadline
    "The West Chicago Cultural Arts Commission invites accomplished and emerging artists, with a connection to the City of West Chicago, (either through residence, work or school), or currently living in the Chicagoland area to submit digital files of original art for consideration for the Community Banner Project Competition."
Rep. Foster Votes to Extend Children’s Health Care Coverage
“Unfortunately, President Bush vetoed SCHIP legislation not once, but two times during the 110th Congress – irresponsible decisions that have prevented kids here in Illinois from getting the health coverage essential to their well-being,” said Foster.  “It is my sincere hope that the Senate can pass this legislation quickly, enabling the bill to be one of the first pieces of legislation signed into law by President-elect Obama.”
Inaugural Prayers Through History -- The Ultimate Archive - BeliefNet
"Here are the texts of invocations and benedictions at presidential inaugurals since 1937 when the practice began. I'm still searching for the full texts for some of the earlier ones, and will update this space as I get them. "
Letters: Organized labor has made life better... Sheboygan-Press
"After a long and brutal fight this profane corporate assault on our children came to a merciful end and America established a national conscience that was just and true. None of this would have happened without the dedication and sacrifice of the men and women of organized labor."
A Cry for Help from Rural Alaska. Is Anyone Listening? - Mudflats
"The weather has been unusually cold, and prices of heating oil and gasoline have been astronomical.  Add to that a disastrous collapsing salmon fishery in Bristol Bay that left residents in that area heading in to winter with less than usual, and you have the makings for a humanitarian disaster."
Lake Superior State University 2009 List of Banished Words
"Lake Superior State University "maverick" word-watchers, fresh from the holiday "staycation" but without an economic "bailout" even after a "desperate search," have issued their 34th annual List of Words to Be Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness. This year's list may be more "green" than any of the previous lists and includes words and phrases that people from "Wall Street to Main Street" say they love "not so much" and wish to have erased from their "carbon footprint.""


14 Jan

Rep. Fortner Takes Oath of Office for 2nd Term
“This is my second swearing-in, and I still am humbled by the experience,” said Rep. Fortner. “Being a state representative is something that I take seriously and I am grateful for the opportunity to once again serve the residents of the 95th district.”
Great Start to a New Year of Exciting Programming
"Stories in Stitches opened to an appreciative audience on Friday, January 9, 2009, at 7:00 p.m. during January’s Late Night at the City Museum. The small, yet significant quilt exhibit, that will run through the end of March, features local quilts that tell a story or evoke the times in which they were made."
DuPage County puts 'checkbook' online
"Maybe more important, Grogan was able to do it with no additional cost or manpower because the database already was in place when he took the auditor's job in December. He said it takes staff about an hour or two each month to bring the reports up to date.  DuPage Democrats even were singing the praises of the Republican auditor's transparent government initiative."
Winfield should be proud of its schools - Tony Reyes
"The children of Winfield attend schools serviced by school districts 33, 34, 94, 200, and, in addition, St John the Baptist Catholic School. Few communities with a population of approximately 9,000 have so many excellent schools to work with. Winfield residents have much to be grateful for, not least of all the high standards and excellent results of our schools."
30 years ago this week, we had some real snow
"So, was it the worst winter she's experienced?  Oh, no, Killman said. Sure, the blizzard of 1979 was bad.  But it was nothing compared to 1967. That, Killman said, was a really bad winter."
Mexico shifts course, aggressively extradites suspects to U.S.
"DuPage County State's Atty. Joseph Birkett said his office has "hundreds" of suspects believed to have fled the U.S., mainly to Mexico. His county includes part of Aurora, West Chicago and other suburbs where Mexican immigrants have flocked in recent years for manufacturing and service jobs."
Report: Senior Saudi cleric OKs girls to marry - Newsweek
""It is wrong to say it's not permitted to marry off girls who are 15 and younger," Sheik Abdul-Aziz Al Sheikh, the country's grand mufti, was quoted as saying.
Quantcast.  "A female who is 10 or 12 is marriageable and those who think she's too young are wrong and are being unfair to her," he said during a Monday lecture, according to the pan-Arab Al-Hayat newspaper."
Toyota union to demand 4,000 yen wage hike for 2009 business year - TradingMarkets
"Union officials say the planned demand reflects a price increase in the past year. But rough going is expected during labor-management talks given Toyota is expected to see the first operating loss in the year ending on March 31 due to the global recession.  The union is considering seeking 1.8 million yen in annual bonus for the 2009 business year, down sharply from an all-time high of 2.53 million yen paid for the current year, the sources said."
Judge: Copy of disputed documents goes to Obama - Yahoo News
"A federal judge says the incoming administration of Barack Obama must be given copies of documents the Bush White House has been withholding from Congress on the firings of nine U.S. attorneys."
Dad, Son Arrested After Cutting Line At Wal-Mart
"Kirby said Pluhar refused when asked to wait his turn. Pluhar's father, 61-year-old Edward R. Pluhar Sr., then asked Kirby if he wanted to step outside. That's when Kirby told the men he was a police officer."


13 Jan

No baby boom is good news for Dist. 303
"A new study of birth trends and attendance zones told school officials pretty much exactly what they wanted to hear Monday - the district won't be getting much larger any time before 2012."
  West Chicago gallery showcasing Switzerland native's photographs
""I see photographs in everything," she says. "For me it's not just a tree - there's two perfect leaves or how the sun is shining on the tree."  Nearly 40 photographs taken by the Switzerland native are on display for the month of January at Gallery 200, 200 Main St. in West Chicago."
DuPage County in 60 seconds - Family reading night
"WeGo Together for Kids, a project of West Chicago Elementary School District 33 and community partners, will sponsor its first Family Night of 2009 from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 13, at West Chicago Middle School, 238 E. Hazel St"
Out of Many, One
"It is incumbent on President Obama and the 111th Congress be mindful of this.  We are one people and one nation, but far too often, the politics of Washington handicap our ability to implement the very best ideas to fix the myriad of problems we face."
Officials ordered to stop prayer at schools - Pensacola News Journal
"Rodgers' order prohibits employees from:
  • Promoting prayer at school-sponsored events, including graduation.
  • Planning or financing religious baccalaureate services.
  • Promoting religious beliefs to students in class or during school-sponsored events and activities.
  • Holding school-sponsored events at churches."
China's trade slump worsens in December... The Sun News
"The global plunge in demand for Chinese goods has forced thousands of Chinese factories to close and freshly unemployed migrants to stream from coastal manufacturing regions back to their rural hometowns. Labor protests have occurred in some areas. The government is pressing companies to avoid more job cuts."
U.S.: Bush Foreign Policy Legacy Short of Disastrous  - IPS-Inter Press Service
"Already last spring, nearly two thirds of 109 professional historians polled by the 'History News Network' rated Bush the worst president in the nation's history, while another 35 percent said he was among the ten worst of the 42 who preceded him.  And that was six months before the mid-September financial crisis that most economists agree will turn out to be the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930's!"
12 Jan  
West Chicago Public Access Playback - Jan 12-Jan 18


6:00 PM

COD Images


6:30 PM

COD Inside Studio 180


7:00 PM

Judy Gardner Talks Real Estate


7:30 PM

Food, Fun & Whatever

Friday News and Notes 1/9/09
  • Future Freshman Night Coming to East and North
  • Transition Night to Provide Information for Parents
  • The Search for District 303’s Middle School Top Chef
  • Norton Creek Cares
STAR line can help CN build goodwill in the suburbs
"Executive Director Phil Pagano is correct.  He told transportation writer Marni Pyke in Sunday's Daily Herald that the STAR line - the suburb-to-suburb rail system that we have backed for years as one answer to the region's traffic congestion - is not dead despite the merger between Canadian National Railway and the EJ&E."
Candidates to be slated Tuesday
"In all cases, the caucuses are open to any township resident, as long as they are a member of that given party or an independent. Persons must sign an affidavit swearing they are township residents, registered voters and members of that party. Party membership is defined by how someone voted in the last primary."
Who Would Jesus Smack Down? - Mark Driscoll, a Pastor with a Macho Conception of Christ - New York Times
"Conservatives call Driscoll “the cussing pastor” and wish that he’d trade in his fashionably distressed jeans and taste for indie rock for a suit and tie and placid choral arrangements. Liberals wince at his hellfire theology and insistence that women submit to their husbands. But what is new about Driscoll is that he has resurrected a particular strain of fire and brimstone, one that most Americans assume died out with the Puritans: Calvinism, a theology that makes Pat Robertson seem warm and fuzzy."
REPUBLICAN APPOINTEES REJECT CHAMBERS APPEAL - Public Empolyees for Environmental Responsibility
"“This ruling sets an impossible burden for civil servants who blow the whistle on dangers to public safety and cannot be allowed to stand,” stated PEER Senior Counsel Paula Dinerstein. “This case has been dragging on for more than five years and illustrates just how broken our system for protecting federal whistleblowers has become.”"
Toxic coal ash waste piles up in 32 states - Associated Press
"AP's analysis found that in 2005, the most recent year data is available, 721 power plants generating at least 100 megawatts of electricity produced 95.8 million tons of coal ash. About 20 percent -- or nearly 20 million tons -- ended up in surface ponds. The remainder ends up in landfills, or is sold for use in concrete, among other uses."

10&11 Jan

  Next weeks Meetings:
Sexuality issues divide area Episcopalians
"The openness of St. Nicholas is a vivid example of how some Episcopal churches have changed, particularly since the much publicized election of Gene Robinson, an openly gay man in a long-term relationship, as bishop of New Hampshire in 2003."
DuPage County briefs - Child molester goes to prison
"A man was sentenced Friday to nine years in prison for fondling a young relative in West Chicago. Last year, a jury convicted Ramiro Salinas, 21, formerly of the 400 block of East Forest Street, West Chicago, of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child."
West Chicago resident deployed to Iraq
"E2 U.S. Army Pvt. Ryan Miedema of West Chicago has been deployed to Iraq.  Miedema has been in the Army since January 2008. His basic training & AIT training were done at Fort. Leonardwood, Mo., graduating March 20. He was stationed at Schoefield Barricks, HawaiiI."
Kline Creek Farm to make old-fashioned pies
"For an in-depth experience, join the pie-baking class from 9 a.m. to noon or 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 24. The cost is $25. During "Pies for the Farmer" on Sunday, Jan. 25, patrons will see pies being made and children can make small snacks. Demonstrations are at 12:30, 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30 p.m."
Foster gets an earful at open house
"Foster said he didn't know how long it would take for the country to recover, but it would take time and the efforts of all Americans to come together.  "Part of the justification of what we are doing is to get people back to work and to (regain) the confidence in the economy," he said. "... We are seeing a tremendous good start with our new administration.""
WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 9 Jan 09
Episcopal Diocese claims $20 million in schism fight - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"In papers filed yesterday in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court, the Episcopal Diocese argued that the Anglican group stipulated in October 2005 that if it were to leave the church, all property and assets held by the "Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh of the Episcopal Church of the United States of America ... shall continue to be so held ... regardless of whether some or even a majority of the parishes in the Diocese might decide not to remain in the Episcopal Church of the United States of America.""
House approves bills for equal pay... Washington Times
"House Democrats put their beefed up majority to work Friday to pass two bills that ease limits on pay discrimination lawsuits, the first pieces of legislation passed this session, and also for pet liberal causes pushed by President-elect Barack Obama in the campaign."
George The Lobster Gets New Lease On Life At 140
"Caught off Newfoundland, Canada, George lived in the tank for about 10 days. He was to be released Saturday near Kennebunkport, Maine, in an area where lobster trapping is forbidden.  The lobster was to make the trip to Maine in a plastic foam cooler, surrounded by seaweed, cold packs and wet newspapers."
Mythbusting the Obama Recovery Package - Campaign for America's Future
"As usual, the conservatives have absolutely no conscience about what they did to create this mess. If they did, they'd all be holed up in their gated communities or on their private islands, embarrassed into silence at best and terrified of peasant uprisings at worst. Instead, they're jetting into D.C. en masse in a last-ditch attempt to head the country off—or at least make sure that any money that does get spent ends up, as it always has, in their pockets."

Chicago News Team Dance Party!
"Check out how WGN-TV Chicago Weekend Anchors Bob Jordan and Jackie Bange spend their time in their broadcast's first commercial break. (The Music is mine.)  -"


09 Jan


West Chicago
High School
FAFSA Night - reminder
"Mr. Ward Rau, CHS counselor, will present information for SENIOR parents and their students regarding the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that is required to seek financial aid. He will guide you through the steps for completing the form – whether you choose to file the paper form or electronically."
Ramey Supports Historic Vote in Impeachment of Governor
“Regardless of what might be happening in the governor’s personal life, we still have a state to run. We have services and programs that need to continue, roads to be fixed, schools to be funded and a budget that needs balancing. With all the evidence put forth, the governor is not the person qualified for such a task.”
Fortner: Votes Yes to Impeachment
"In a historic vote, State Rep. Mike Fortner (R-West Chicago) supported a measure to impeach Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D-Chicago), whose tarnished administration has been reeling since his arrest on federal corruption charges in early December."
Pioneer Press to drop 12 suburban papers
""I'm sad on a million levels, the chief one being I'm said when any good employee loses their job," Stiefel said. "But the losses just keep on going. The communities that these papers served lose their ... watchdogs. ... It's a ripple effect.""
[If the owners of the West Chicago Press follow this lead, will anybody in town notice? - Bob]
City of West Chicago’s Community Banner Project Competition - Call for artist submissions
"The West Chicago Cultural Arts Commission invites accomplished and emerging artists, with a connection to the City of West Chicago, (either through residence, work or school), or currently living in the Chicagoland area to submit digital files of original art for consideration for the Community Banner Project Competition."
First Annual Christmas Love Feast
"Rev. Steve Ziegler and members of the Spirit Committee served the Moravian “love buns” and Moravian ginger cookies (made by the Youth Baking Ministry), along with coffee or hot chocolate to the seated congregation.  Over eighty individuals celebrated and affirmed the unity of Christians as brothers and sisters in Christ."
Church adopts Hooters, both adopt Hurricane Ike victims - Associated Baptist Press
"What could bring together the members of a Houston Baptist church and employees of a restaurant known as much for its buxom, midriff-baring waitresses as for its food?  God's love -- and sharing it with neighbors in need, including hurricane victims."
Christians demand proof for atheist ad claims in Britain - AFP
""There is plenty of evidence for God, from people's personal experience, to the complexity, interdependence, beauty and design of the natural world.  "But there is scant evidence on the other side, so I think the advertisers are really going to struggle to show their claim is not an exaggeration or inaccurate, as the ASA code puts it," he added."
ACLU Calls Swift Passage of Pay Equity Bills Strong Steps to Help Protect Wages - Common Dreams
"“In these tough economic times, unjust employers should not be immunized from wrongdoing when they deny employees their rightful wages or profit from years of discrimination – as long as they keep the discrimination secret for a few months,” said Deborah J. Vagins, ACLU legislative counsel. “Pay equity has to be a priority for Congress."
Former FEMA director among evacuated - Daily Camera
"Brown was heavily criticized for FEMA's response to Hurricane Katrina and resigned afterward. He was ridiculed after Bush publicly praised him, saying he did a "a heck of a job," while thousands desperately waited for help."

08 Jan

Roskam lands prime committee assignment
"The seat, coveted by many in Congress angling for clout, gives Roskam a chance at crafting the GOP's input on the nation's tax, Social Security and Medicare policy.  Roskam, a Wheaton Republican representing the 6th District centering on DuPage County, will likely have the lowest seniority and will sit on the committee's minority side..."
Senior tax deferral program expected to grow
"It allows county residents 65 and older who have an annual household income of less than $50,000 to defer each year's property tax debt until the house is sold. The state covers the debt with a 6-percent interest rate that compounds annually until the taxes are repaid, Henry said. There is no limit on the number of deferrals seniors can receive."
Chamber should be protecting citizens - Randy Rossi, Grayslake
"A new federal law will force companies that get U.S. government business to confirm that their employees are U.S. citizens or legal immigrants by confirming their legal status with E-Verify. E-Verify is a free government service with a 99.5% accuracy rate, but the Chamber of Commerce is suing the government to drop the requirement."
Trib Local Posts Old PR pieces from local taxing bodies:
Republicans Launch Impeachment Website
"This website has been prepared by the Illinois Senate Republican Caucus to provide information and background on the impeachment process."
presidents' day gala february 8, 2009
"Illinois celebrates the arc of history that brings us and the nation proudly from Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama.
  • Drury Lane, 100 Drury Lane, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
  • PROGRAM (black tie optional)
    • 6:00 p.m. Registration and Cash Bar
    • 7:00 p.m. Dinner & Program
  • Jazz Ensemble "Done Deal"
The Amish Flock from Farms to Small Businesses - New York Times
"The Amish move into the world of commerce has been more out of necessity than desire. Over the last 16 years, the Amish population in the United States — mostly in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana — has nearly doubled, to 230,000, and the decreasing availability and increasing cost of farmland has forced many of these agrarian families, especially the younger generation, to gravitate to small business as their main source of income."
Wagoner: No need to cut benefits to retirees... Chicago Tribune
""I'm confident that we'll come together and get the kind of changes that we need," Wagoner said.  Gettelfinger said the union will ensure that "what we do is done in the best interest of our members as well as our retirees.""
What's the Big Secret? - TPM
"The companies now managing the buy-back are in many cases the same outfits that helped saddle these companies up with these crappy investments in the first place. And they're the companies likely to be doing business with these companies again once this TARP thing is over."


07 Jan

Around and About in West Chicago - 07 January 2008
  • West Chicago Park District’s Fitness Station
  • WeGo Youth Open Gym
  • Established political parties caucuses
  • American Cancer Society Relay for Life West Chicago/Warrenville
Fitness Station
"It was only fitting that West Chicago Park District Board Commissioners and elected officials of the City of West Chicago were on hand to celebrate the ribbon cutting and Fitness Fair Saturday, Jan. 3, at the park district’s newest facility, The Fitness Station at 103 W. Washington St. The cooperative effort from the City of West Chicago has made this facility possible explained Park District director Gary Major. Mayor Michael Kwasman agreed. “This is a sign of two government bodies working together for the same cause—the people of West Chicago.”"

West Chicago
High School
"The drawing for the $10,000 Education Foundation Scholarship Raffle has been rescheduled to January 10th, 2009 during halftime at the Varsity Boys Basketball Game vs. West Aurora.  Questions may be answered by calling the Foundation at (630) 876-6242."
District 33 Key Communicator Message - Family Night is Tuesday, January 13
""The theme for Family Night is Reading Together-Learning Together", said Marjory Lewe-Brady, WeGo Together for Kids Project Director. "We encourage families to spend some quality time together, and our events help make this possible. Come join us!""
  • Class size and open enrollment guidelines
  • Middle School design
  • First reading on job descriptions
  • IASB/IASA/IASBO Joint Conference
District 33 Referendum Vote
20 Days ago, District 33 Voted to go ahead with building an addition at the Junior High, moving all district 6th grades to the new facility, alleviating crowding and allowing for growth in the neighborhood elementary schools.  During a telephone conversation, Dr. Lehman cited the holiday break and an all too evident bronchitis situation for lack of more timely notification and  directed me to:
Will County asks for hold on EJ&E sale
"Will County's filing essentially supports one also filed Monday by Barrington, said Ed Gower, an attorney hired by the county. Barrington is accusing the Surface Transportation Board of failing to look at other alternatives to reducing Chicago's rail congestion in its environmental analysis of the proposed sale."
New Orleans police clear out two Uptown Catholic churches
"Robidoux could go inside if she agreed to accept a civil summons for criminal trespass and forgo the spectacle of arrest and handcuffs before gathering media.  Robidoux agreed, entered the church and accepted the summons. The others were not cited, and after a brief joint prayer before a statue of Mary that included Lambert and the protesters, all five left peacefully."
Workers fight back against Employee Free Choice Act opponents -
"Opponents of the Act, who oppose the right to organize, are spending millions of dollars to block passage, with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spending 10 million dollars alone. Even Barbara Comstock of the Workforce Fairness Institute admits that one million workers would exercise their right to organize and join the SEIU if obstacles are removed through passage of the EFCA."
Republic Windows Workers Fight To Reopen Factory - Progress Illinois
"As we noted this morning, the workers are asking the NLRB to seek an injunction forcing Gillman to return the machinery to the Chicago plant.  Fried further explained that their ultimate goal is to recruit new owners and reopen the factory under "competent management":"
20 Forgotten Bush Scandals - The Daily Beast
"Does the name Jeff Gannon ring a bell? Boxgate? What about the anti-prostitution AIDS tsar who purchased the services of—wait for it—the D.C. Madam? The Daily Beast has put together 20 of Bush’s greatest forgotten scandals."
"March of the Dead" Demonstration on Capitol Hill - You Tube
"The "March of the Dead" participants wore around their necks the names of those killed in conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Israeli Occupied Gaza. The U.S. Congress has repeatedly voted hundreds of billions of dollars to support those two wars. Check out:"
New Wine for Seniors
"California vintners in the Napa Valley area, which primarily produce Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio wines, have developed a new? hybrid grape that acts as an anti-diuretic.  It is expected  to reduce the number of trips older people have to make to the bathroom during the night. The new wine will be marketed as PINO MORE."
[Sent to me by Georgene Werle, I pass it along with no claim as to its veracity. - Bob]

06 Jan

Fitness Station to Pump Energy into Downtown West Chicago
"An initiative of the West Chicago Park District, in cooperation with the City of West Chicago, the Fitness Station brings a new energy to the community’s historic district - literally. It boasts cardio and free-weight equipment, fitness classes, karate and tumbling programs. Plus, towel service, a lounge and on-site childcare are provided for participants."
Fresh Perspective to West Chicago’s Gallery 200
"Renwick will be the featured artist, and hosts an Opening Reception of a month-long exhibit and sale of her framed and unframed photographs and photo cards, on Friday, January 9, 2009 from 6:00-9:00 p.m."
Volunteers preserving West Chicago Prairie
"For a quarter-century, the West Chicago Prairie Stewardship Group has been maintaining a hidden gem.  Since 1983 the group of volunteers has been dedicated to habitat restoration at West Chicago Prairie, a 300-acre refuge owned by the DuPage County Forest Preserve District. "
Church on fire in West Chicago
"The fire broke out at the Resurrection Church at 1485 South Route 59 in West Chicago. There are no reports of any injuries."
[This occurred during the afternoon rush yesterday. - Bob]

It’s That Time of the Year - Right Wing Watch
"Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, announced at his staff's annual prayer retreat that God told him Americans would embrace socialism in 2009 "in order to relieve their pain" and that the economy would rebound under an Obama administration.  "The Lord said the economy of your nation will recover," Robertson told ..."

Bump announces workforce competitiveness grants... Boston Globe
"Referring to older workers, low-wage workers, low-income individuals, disabled citizens, vulnerable youth, and the unemployed, Bump said in a statement, “Our goal is to help these populations gain access to employment, education, and the skills necessary to move forward along a career path leading to economic self-sufficiency.""

Metals pollute waters near US coal ash spill - Reuters
"The environmental group's tests, which took place on December 27, showed higher levels of the pollutants of arsenic, mercury and lead than reported by the TVA and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Arsenic levels from the Kingston power plant canal, for example, tested at nearly 300 times the allowable limits in drinking water. A sample from two miles downstream revealed arsenic at about 30 times the limit."

Bush ‘seriously considering’ pardon of Iraq war vet who killed unarmed Iraqi civilian. - Think Progress
"In Feb. 2008, a military judge convicted Sgt. Evan Vela, a 24-year-old U.S. Army sniper, “and sentenced him to 10 years in prison for killing an Iraqi civilian who wandered into the hiding place where six soldiers were sleeping.” Vela, who was sentenced to a dishonorable discharge, was found guilty of planting an AK-47 on the dead Iraqi man’s body and of lying to military investigators about the shooting."

05 Jan


West Chicago
High School
"The West Chicago Community High School Choir and Orchestra annual holiday concert has been rescheduled to Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 at 7:30pm in Weyrauch Auditorium. The program will feature many holiday selections, culminating with the choir and orchestra combining for "Sleigh Ride". Come out and enjoy an evening of great music and support the hard work of our music students! The performance is free and open to the public."
"Lulu Mora Warkentin, 93, lifelong resident of West Chicago, died Monday, December 29, 2008. She was born on March 12, 1915 in West Chicago to Irven and Lela Brown. In 1970 she was united in marriage to the Rev. J. M. Warkentin and they enjoyed 28 years together."
West Chicago Public Access Playback - Jan 5- Jan 11


6:00 PM

COD Images

    6:30 PM

COD Inside Studio 180


7:00 PM

Judy Gardner Talks Real Estate


7:30 PM

Railroads Days Parade '07

Virginity pledges don't mean much, study says - CNN
"Five years after the initial survey the study subjects were aged 20 to 23. Eighty-two percent of pledge takers denied (or forgot) they had ever taken such a vow. Overall pledge takers were no different from non-pledge takers in terms of their premarital sex, anal and oral sexual practices, and their probability of having a sexually transmitted disease."
Alternatives to Layoffs... Human Resources Executive
"As soon as business picked up, the companies wanted to bring those temporarily furloughed workers back as fast as possible, the same workers into the same jobs.  Rehiring took place, based on seniority, in part to make sure that the most experienced workers stayed with the company. The benefits from this, of course, were that the company could get going again really fast, and the costs of hiring new workers and training them were eliminated as were the learning-curve problems of waiting for the performance of new hires to get up to speed. "
Crawford souvenir shops now ‘deeply’ discounting their Bush gear. - Think Progress
"... he has spent nearly 500 days in Crawford during his presidency. Bush’s presence there over the last eight years had boosted the small Texas town’s tourism industry. But as one of the most unpopular presidents in modern history leaves office, the local souvenir shops “are starting to deeply discount” their Bush-related products:"


03&04 Jan

West Chicago Park District opens doors to new fitness center
"Parks Director Gary Major said he hopes the new building, which is owned by the city of West Chicago, could spark community interest in constructing a new fitness center.  The park district spent roughly four months and about $200,000 to renovate the facility."
Dist. 303 must be more accountable
"How did Dist. 303 allow the schools to be in such a state of disrepair that the buildings require repairs that are almost the cost of a new school ... Proper building maintenance should be part of a district budget, not a Band-Aid that is used as a temporary fix." - Alexis Aguilar, St. Charles
Railroads should be able to consolidate
"It is amazing how towns like Barrington, Bartlett, Wayne, West Chicago and Aurora do not complain about the increased number of trucks running through their towns every day." - Bernie Thomas, Pingree Grove
First Baby of the New Year at Central DuPage Hospital
"Central DuPage Hospital is proud to announce Dania Cureno, of West Chicago, was our first born of 2009.  Weighing in at 8 lbs., 2 oz. and 20 inches long she is the healthy first child born to parents Ana E. Caballero and Marcos Cureno of West Chicago.  Although she was originally due on January 22, Dania arrived into this world at 12:05 a.m."
Homeless Veterans’ Disgrace - New America Media
"On any given night 200,000 U.S. veterans sleep homeless on the streets of America. One out of every four people -and one out of every three men -sleeping in a car, in front of a shop door, or under a freeway overpass has worn a military uniform... In the six months leading up to March 31st of this year, nearly 1,500 veterans died waiting to learn if their disability claims would be approved by the government."

02 Jan


One day to Bob's birthday.

We regret to inform you:
  • Mayor Kwasman’s son (Scott) passed away in Florida on Monday, Dec. 29th from a heart attack.  He would have been 41 years old on January 17th. All arrangements were held in Florida. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the West Chicago Lion’s Club.
  • Trini Cantu's son passed away Thursday morning apparently from natural causes at her home on West Forest Street.  Trini serves on the West Chicago Environmental Commission and works with Operation Yellow Ribbon, a support group for our men and women serving in Iraq.
End-of Year E-newsletter
  • Impeachment Inquiry Committee
  • St. Charles Road Bridge Work Completed
  • New Laws for the New Year
St. Charles fire to detail referendum request
"The district serves about 600 homes within a 34-square-mile section of unincorporated St. Charles, Elgin, South Elgin, Bartlett, West Chicago, Elburn and Campton Hills. Only residents within the district would be impacted by the tax increase if it is approved by the voters."
[The WC Fire Dept assures me that this concerns people with West Chicago mailing addresses from north of Smith Road that are not within the West Chicago borders. This, like the Winfield trailer park and the North Woods, is a throwback to when WC had rural mail delivery and villages like Winfield and Wayne did not- Bob]
17-year-old offenders bill awaits signing by the governor
"The new law would make 17-year-old criminal offenders juveniles again, taking them out of the adult court system. Supporters of the legislation say 17-year-olds are too young to be in with adults, and even many opponents of the legislation agree with that sentiment.  But they also turn that around to point out that now 17-year-olds will be housed in the same detention facilities with much younger offenders."
Humanist parents create congregation - Washington Post
"They are not religious, so they don't go to church. But they are searching for values and rituals to use in raising their children, as well as for a community of like-minded people to offer support."
My American Legislative Priority New Year Resolution - Mid-Atlantic States Labor
"It is becoming a regular theme in the Corporate Media that Obama and the Democratic Party should “govern from the center” and turn away from fundamental governmental change. This is pure nonsense and exactly the opposite of both what the voters were seeking in the 2008 elections and what the current, multiple crises demand."
Green Zone Handed Off With Little Fanfare - Washington Post
"The handover of the Green Zone from U.S. to Iraqi control Thursday presented such a powerful symbol of the waning American presence in Iraq that it would have been nearly impossible for both sides not to mark it with a formal ceremony.  They did, but the ceremony wasn't much. A podium was set up in the middle of a dirty street. Five small balloons and some tinsel decorated a seating area. The American ambassador and the top commander of U.S. troops didn't show up. Neither did Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki."

01 Jan


Two days to Bob's birthday.

Recycle Christmas trees into fish habitats
"The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County will be accepting Christmas trees at Northern Harrier Lake at Pratt’s Wayne Woods Forest Preserve in Wayne from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, Jan. 10.  The trees will be made into underwater structures called fish cribs, which structures will provide areas of cover and breeding locations for fish."
  Uncle Jay Explains:
Year-end! 12-22-08

New Lang Syne 2008
Thank God It's Over

Gideons celebrate 100 years of Bible distribution - Associated Press
"Nearly 76.9 million Gideon Scriptures were given out in nearly 85 languages in 187 countries last year. Close to 1.5 billion Scriptures have been distributed since 1908, when the Gideons first began to place Bibles in hotel rooms."
Industry shutdowns are top stories of 2008... Shelbyville Times-Gazette
"The shutdown of local manufacturing facilities was the top local story of 2008, according to a poll of Times-Gazette staff members.  The second-biggest story was the decision by another local factory to grant its employees a Muslim holiday instead of a traditional U.S. holiday."
2008 Dukes Winners - TPM
"The awards are named in honor of Congressman-turned-inmate Randy "Duke" Cunningham. It's been a heady few years for Muckraking, what with the meta-Abramoff scandal and so much more. But here at TPM we still believe that Duke is the iconic modern scandal. Few so well combine outlandish corruption, national security, sex, and sheer cartoonish ridiculousness."
Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington's "Ten Most Wanted ... - MSNBC
[This one is funny folks.  It seems the only way for a Republican to make the list is multiple indictments but a Dem would be placed under consideration if he once met somebody that has done a slow roll past a stop sign and only avoided arrest because nobody was there to see it.  Please note that Ted Stevens is STILL a senator. - Bob]

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