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31 Oct Nov 4th is election day... Happy Halloween!
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West Chicago
High School
Alicia McCarthy PeaceBuilder of the Month for October
"Alicia McCarthy, of West Chicago, a Junior at Community High School District 94, has been recognized as the October PeaceBuilder of the month. Alicia received the PeaceBuilder Award for her ability to assist struggling class members and for taking the extra step to ensure that all of her group members were on the right path. She is to be commended for her service and desire to improve the atmosphere here at WeGo."
Friday News & Notes - October 31, 2008
  • St. Charles North, Haines and Bell-Graham Make the Top 50
  • St. Charles East Senior Wins Prestigious Sportsmanship Award
  • Passionate About Reading
  • District 303 8th Grade Choirs to Join Voices
West Chicago Essay Contest
"Grade school children in West Chicago will once again have an opportunity to articulate their special feelings about their community in the 2nd Annual Favorite Things About West Chicago essay contest, sponsored by the City of West Chicago in conjunction with Frosty Fest."
In 'burbs, early voting isn't quickly voting
""A lot of our sites have chairs, and we'll move pregnant women and people with disabilities to the front of the line," said Courtney Greve, a spokeswoman for Cook County Clerk David Orr. "Voters don't mind - they're the ones that are pointing out the pregnant women to us. We had one lady voting today whose baby's due date is Nov. 4.""
GOP Rep. highlights Obama on Web site
"The man who replaced Republican and conservative icon Henry Hyde in Congress has set up a Web site that tries to attract Democrats' votes by including a seemingly friendly quote from presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama... The highlighted quote was in a section of the debate in which Obama commented about his and Roskam's good choices in wives. In the same debate, Obama went on to oppose Roskam."


"Voter intimidation will occur in DuPage County!  Remember:  We will have plenty of attorneys ready to fight for our Democratic Voters' Rights.  YOU MUST HELP BY HAVING YOUR EYES AND EARS OPEN... Tell all your friends, neighbors and voters in your precinct not to walk out of the polling place without voting and discourage settling for federal and provisional ballots  CALL CALL CALL 630-629-1125 with any problems at all!!!
Australia to implement mandatory internet censorship - Herald Sun, Australia
"EFA board member Colin Jacobs said it would have little effect on illegal internet content, including child pornography, as it would not cover file-sharing networks.  "If the Government would actually come out and say we're only targeting child pornography it would be a different debate," he said."
Khalidi and the PLO - JTA Election Central '08 (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
"So here’s the thing: What everyone acknowledges is that Khalidi was an adviser to the Palestinian delegation to the 1991 Madrid talks. That delegation - to a person - could not have had any formal affiliation with the PLO. Israel regarded the group as terrorist and its laws banned contact with its members; then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir made NOT being affiliated with the PLO it a condition of Israel’s agreement to participate. The names of the Palestinian team would have been vetted by Israeli intelligence."
McCain concedes Obama no socialist - Politico
"KING: You don't believe Barack Obama is a socialist do you?
MCCAIN: "No, but i do believe that he has been in the far left of American politics and stated time after time that he believes in spreading the wealth around."

30 Oct

  • Explore who are our continental neighbors
  • Compare the two Americas: culture and values
  • Dialogue in intentional community as fellow neighbors

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West Chicago
High School
"The faculty and administration of Community High School would like to congratulate Jozef Pavnica for being chosen Student of the Month for October."
$10,000 Scholarship Raffle
"The Education Foundation is partnering with student clubs to assist in funding club activities, with a portion of each $25.00 ticket price going to the club represented by the student selling the ticket. Student clubs will be selling tickets by many means, including at home football and basketball games."
West Chicago Essay Contest Sparks Civic Engagement with Youth
"West Chicago, Illinois: October 30, 2008 – Grade school children in West Chicago will once again have an opportunity to articulate their special feelings about their community in the 2nd Annual Favorite Things About West Chicago essay contest, sponsored by the City of West Chicago in conjunction with Frosty Fest."
"Dragula Halloween Night : Halloween party includes live music by Dragula (8:30 p.m.) and Angry Chair (10:30 p.m.), haunted beer garden and costume contest for cash prizes. 7:30 p.m. Oct. 31; $15. The Boondocks, 1200 W. Hawthorne Ln., West Chicago; 630-231-6262."
Locals Head to Africa to Train Churches to Empower the Poor
"Eric and Kristen Fenton, who are formerly from West Chicago, are changing their lives by moving to South Africa to work with the poor as they train South African churches how to re-think they way they approach poverty."
Poll finds 23% of Texans think Obama is Muslim - Houston Chronicle
"The Obama-is-a-Muslim confusion is caused by fallacious Internet rumors and radio talk-show gossip... The Texas numbers are unusual because most national polls show that just 5 to 10 percent of Americans still believe Obama is a Muslim — less than half the number of Texans who buy into the debunked theories.
Republican Voter Suppression: A Guide - TPM
"A county court threw the suit out, but Van Hollen soon announced the formation of a "voter fraud task force", which would involve stationing 50 state prosecutors and other law-enforcement agents at the polls on election day, a move state [WI] Democrats have denounced as an effort to intimidate voters."
McCain Miami Rally, Getting Ugly Down Here -
""People were screaming 'Terrorist!' 'Communist!' 'Socialist!'" Sorando said when we caught up with him. "I had a guy tell me he was gonna kill me."  Asked what had precipitated the event, "We were just chanting 'Obama!' and holding our signs. That was it. And the crowd suddenly got crazy.""

29 Oct

Around and About in West Chicago - 30 October 2008
  • Handling Life’s Challenges: Conquer Your Key Moments
  • Reverse Halloween Trick or Treat
  • Turner Elementary School Spookarnival
  • West Chicago Lions Club annual Fall Pancake Breakfast
Ramey Review of the Issues 03 - Social Services
Early voting polls flooded as deadline looms
"Since early voting began Oct. 13, an unprecedented turnout has led to lengthy lines at polling stations across the suburbs. Early voting ends Thursday and the official Election Day is Tuesday."
Green issues a focus in 6th District Congressional race
"A multifaceted approach could mean "ultimately transforming our economy in a very dynamic and exciting way when you create American jobs and real prosperity," Roskam said.  Morgenthaler, a former state top adviser on homeland security, supports tax breaks for companies that invest in renewable energy and believes in similar incentives for homeowners who want to buy solar panels or install geothermal systems."
Officials say strawberry Pop Rocks rumor is all fizz
""A lot of this is urban hype," said Jim Kuchta, director of the DuPage Metropolitan Enforcement Group, which deals with drug enforcement in the county. "I have yet to find any police department that has seized any of this (strawberry meth) ... it's a lot of this third-person rumor stuff."
Baby-sitter in Joliet is 'person of interest' in baby's beating death
"The boy, Kevion Bender of West Chicago, was found unresponsive in the 3600 block of Woodside Court early Monday. The mother left the baby with a friend at the Joliet address when she went to work at 4 p.m. Sunday, Police Chief Fred Hayes said."
Foreign preachers of hate must renounce views or be banned from UK - Telegraph
"Through these tough new measures I will stop those who want to spread extremism, hatred and violent messages in our communities from coming to our country," Miss Smith said. "Coming to the UK is a privilege and I refuse to extend that privilege to individuals who abuse our standards and values to undermine our way of life. "
Fox News reportedly "now expresses regret for booking" Andy Martin -- but what about Hannity? - Media Matters
"Gibbs added that "Andy Martin called a judge a 'crooked, slimy Jew' " and that "Martin went on to write that he understood better why the Holocaust took place.""

28 Oct


"With Halloween fast approaching comes a warning to parents and kids regarding Sherwood brand Pirate's Gold milk chocolate coins imported from China.  The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning the public not to eat, distribute or sell the candy.  It is sold across Canada by Costco and may also have been sold in bulk packages or as individual pieces at various dollar and bulk stores.  The chocolate contains melamine which is the same chemical responsible for killing several babies in China, and sickening thousands more."  [This was passed along to me by Merle Burleigh. - Bob]

Simmons Obituary
"Ruby J. Simmons, age 88, of Bartlett, formerly of West Chicago, passed away Sunday, October 26, 2008. She was a homemaker, dedicated mother, owner of Robbie’s Closet woman’s apparel store, an active member of the West Chicago Historical Society, the Geneva Community Hospital Woman’s Auxiliary, the West Chicago Chamber of Commerce and many other community organizations."
Two Additions to the Calendar

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2 candidates come to fore in Dist. 6 - Michael R. Konewko
"Zay fought for the waste transfer station to be put in West Chicago and won. He is the chairman of the stormwater management committee, and did an exemplary job handling flooding issues we recently sustained. Zay is also fighting against the consumption of alcohol in topless clubs to insure the safety and welfare of DuPage County residents after the patrons have left these establishments. He has earned our support."
Fatal crash victim identified
"Benjamin Avita , 27, of 445 Ina St. in West Chicago, was arrested by sheriff's police and booked into the county jail Friday on a charge of driving on a revoked or suspended license."
For the Illinois House - 95th District (west suburbs):
"Republican Rep. Mike Fortner is a university physics associate professor and was the mayor of West Chicago before he joined the legislature. He's a hidden gem and is endorsed over the Green Party's Gerard Schmitt of Aurora."
"Because safety depends strongly on the weather and other factors, the District cannot schedule prescription burns in advance. However, on the morning of a prescription burn, the District posts signs and notifies fire-protection agencies. Crews remain on-site throughout the process, which takes place only during daylight hours. If these factors are not present, the public should call 911."
Senate race 1 of contrasts
  • "Durbin, 63, elected in 1996 to the Senate seat once held by Paul Simon, promotes the classic theme of his Democratic forebears in viewing government as the safety net for a host of issues."
  • "Sauerberg promotes himself as a classic free-market Republican, calling for corporate tax cuts and a temporary elimination of capital gains taxes as part of his plan to help restore the nation's economy. He maintains the U.S. military should stay in Iraq until victory is achieved."
Early Voting
"The real value of early voting for campaign ground operations is turning out the people who you know would vote Democrat if they show up to the polls but they don't have a track record of showing up.  If you can build up as many of those votes as possible during early voting then you'll have them banked and you don't have to worry about them staying home on election day because of bad weather, the car broke down, or the kids got sick, etc."
Social conservatives fight for control of Republican Party - Los Angeles Times
"In skirmishes around the country in recent months, evangelicals and others who believe Republicans have been too timid in fighting abortion, gay marriage and illegal immigration have won election to the party's national committee, in preparation for a fight over the direction and leadership of the party."
The GOP's Bizarre Purchases: Chocolate Elephants, Art Restoration, Rove's Lunches - Huffington Post
"In the past two months, for example, the GOP ticket has opened up its wallet for elephant-shaped shrubbery, baseball tickets, a yacht rental, and lunches for Karl Rove... That same committee also purchased $3,589 worth of elephant shaped chocolates from a sweet shop in Dallas, Texas. "They bought about 1,000 pieces," said the storeowner"

27 Oct


West Chicago
High School
High School Holiday Ornaments
"The Girls Basketball Program at Community High School is selling:

Great Gifts!

Click on Link for details and a sample picture of the Ornament -- Holiday Ornaments"

West Chicago Public Access Playback - Oct 28- Nov 02


6:00 PM

City Council (10/20/08)


7:00 PM

Jazz Night '04


8:00 PM

Jazz Night '99


9:00 PM

Women in History

West Chicago Prospective Candidate Packets Available
"The City of West Chicago has announced the availability of Prospective Candidate Packets for the April 7, 2009 consolidated election. The information packets will be available beginning on Tuesday, October 28, 2008 at City Hall, located at 475 Main Street."
Halloween Parade Winners
"A little autumn nip in the air and the sun peeking through the crowds created the perfect spirit for the 65 plus participants in the West Chicago Park District’s annual Halloween Parade Saturday, Oct. 25. Parade contestants wore very creative costumes this year, most seeming to be homemade rather than store bought."
Our picks for DuPage County Board
"Republican incumbent James Zay of Carol Stream makes a good case for endorsement. He's a diligent worker on issues ranging from cracking down on alcohol consumption at a strip club to getting safe drinking water to residents in unincorporated areas with contaminated wells. GOP challenger Robert Larsen of Wheaton is well-versed on the issues. A Marine reservist, Larsen wants to ensure the county's new sales tax funds will be appropriately allocated for law enforcement purposes."
DuPage County in 60 seconds - Send military care packages
"If you have a family member or loved one serving in the U.S. military, Community High School in West Chicago would like to recognize their service for Veterans Day by sending them a "WeGo Care Pack." With help from VFW Post 6791, the school's community leadership class has identified useful items to be collected, which then will be sent along with cards and letters of appreciation."
Autumn blown away by windy, wintry preview
"Early afternoon readings that peaked in the middle and upper 50s had dropped into the 30s by evening after an afternoon that featured rain, snow showers and some small hail. Highest wind gusts were clocked at 61 m.p.h. at West Chicago, Gary and the Harrison-Dever Crib."
2008 West Chicago Park District Halloween Parade winners are...
"A little autumn nip in the air and the sun peeking through the crowds created the perfect spirit for the 65 plus participants in the West Chicago Park District’s annual Halloween Parade Saturday, Oct. 25."
Gretchen visits the West Chicago City Museum's Craft Saturday
"Gretchen the witch visited the West Chicago City Museum's Craft Saturday on October 25, 2008."
Foster/Oberweis on WTTW's Chicago Tonight  (two parts)
Schullers' Rift Centers on 'Hour of Power' - Los Angeles Times
"Mysse said the change, discussed in the last year and made during the last few weeks, has strained the relationship of a father and son who once seemed to be a solid team.  "We're trying to do the best we can and bring about a deeper reconciliation," Mysse said. Their relationship "is not irreparable, but it's gone through some difficult days.""
Barbara West vs. Joe Biden - WFTV-Channel 9
"WFTV Channel 9's Barbara West puts Joe Biden on the hot seat over ACORN, voter fraud, and Barack Obama's "Spread the wealth" comments, and even asks if Obama is a "Marxist".  The result? Best. Interview. Ever."

25&26 Oct

Our pick: Morgenthaler for Congress in 6th District
"We were concerned then about Roskam's support of President Bush's policies and decisions on the war, his conservative stances on social issues and whether he would add to the partisan divide in Congress.  Fast forward two years and we are still concerned about those issues with Congressman Roskam,..."
For Congress: Retain Foster in 14th District
"Foster has proved to be a quick study in Congress. He's spent his nights boning up on policy and weekends at home talking with constituents. He understands that as a Democrat in a historically Republican district he must work with his Republican counterparts. He did so in pushing a nuclear forensics program that would aid in investigating the source of nuclear explosions and provide a deterrent to terrorism."
DuPage County Board candidates counting pennies to attract voters
""People who think this is a regular 9-to-5 job are mistaken," he [Jim Zay] said. "There are weeks when we may take 20 hours to do our job and there are weeks when it takes 60. If you want good people to come out and run for office, you give them a salary that is in whack with everyone else."
Our view of DuPage County referendums
"Once again, Winfield Township is asking voters for money to fix roads. Officials say they need $200,000 a year for the road maintenance budget. If approved, the owner of a $300,000 house will pay $20 more next year to the township. Officials must modify the request. We recommend a no vote."

WHAT’S NEW   Robert L. Park   Friday, 24 Oct 08






Obama Redraws Map Of Religious Voters  - NPR
"The way the Republicans talk about his community organizing experience, you'd think he was going down into the inner city and leading rioters," Reese says, laughing. "Where, in fact, he was organizing at Catholic parishes in Chicago, trying to get jobs for Catholic parishioners."
Palin blessing echoed extreme strategy - Anchorage Daily News
"Extreme Christian Nationalists not only believe that the United States was founded as a Christian nation but that its institutions should be run entirely by fundamentalist or evangelical Christians. They believe they have a mandate to purge our institutions of "humanists" who believe that humans are in control of their own destiny, progressive Christians and non-Christians"
The farce is with them - The Philadelphia Inquirer
" It exposes the absurdity of the actions of the powerful, many of whom we elected. It is not only a heart-and-soul cleansing for the public, but also a warning to those who are determined to continue the masquerade.  And with YouTube spreading the word, whenever there's an attempt to pass off blather as truth, satire has raised its side-splitting smarts, revealing those who try to make fools of us as the biggest fools and - on the first Tuesday of November - losers."
Obama for president - Anchorage Daily News
"Sen. McCain describes himself as a maverick, by which he seems to mean that he spent 25 years trying unsuccessfully to persuade his own party to follow his bipartisan, centrist lead. Sadly, maverick John McCain didn't show up for the campaign. Instead we have candidate McCain, who embraces the extreme Republican orthodoxy he once resisted and cynically asks Americans to buy for another four years... Yet despite her [Palin's] formidable gifts, few who have worked closely with the governor would argue she is truly ready to assume command of the most important, powerful nation on earth."

24 Oct

District 303 Friday News and Notes (Oct 24)
  • Munhall Teacher Honored Norton Creek
  • Solving Problems to Fight Childhood Cancer
  • Operation Snowflake Coming to Haines Middle School
  • Bike to School Day Rescheduled for October 29
  • St. Charles East Auto Club Has a Mower That Needs a Home
6th District campaign gets hotter
"Congress Watch, a branch of the nonprofit organization Public Citizen, filed a complaint involving Roskam with the U.S. House Franking Commission Thursday. The commission regulates franking, the policy allowing elected federal officials to send out informational mailings to constituents free of charge.  Roskam's staff scoffed at the allegations and said the Wheaton attorney has followed the rules scrupulously."
Judge: Police lineup can be used in trial
"A DuPage County judge on Thursday tossed out a motion to suppress a police lineup in the case against a man charged in the 2006 slaying of a pizza delivery woman near West Chicago  Bradley Justice, 30, of Sandwich is charged in the beating death of Karen Hassan, 41, of St. Charles. Hassan, a mother of four, was delivering pizza to a remote location near West Chicago when she was killed by hammer blows Nov. 2, 2006."
The Roskam Record
"Fact: he votes with Bush over 90% of the time. Fact: he votes in favor of tax breaks for Big Oil. Fact: he voted against veterans benefits. Fact: he is co-sponsoring a bill that will censor literature sold on military bases. Fact: he is against abortion even if the health of the mother is at risk. Fact: he voted against the bailout, twice."
Blago won't sign park-funding bill
"Gov. Rod Blagojevich is sitting on legislation to spare closing 11 state parks and 13 historic sites, laying off 323 workers and cutting drug-abuse treatment by tens of millions of dollars.  But what if the administration restores the cuts only to suffer a revenue slowdown? Illinois is better off than states of similar size but the governor remains concerned, spokesman Lucio Guerrero said Monday."
Southern Illinois prison staff concerned about next round of Pontiac transfers
"Workers at the medium-security lockup are up in arms over a plan to transfer up to 160 inmates to the southern Illinois facility next week.  They worry whether the prison is equipped to deal with the influx.  “We don’t have procedures in place. We don’t have the staffing. We don’t have the equipment,” said Randy Hellmann, a supply superintendent at the 2,000-inmate prison."
Truth Trucks Continue to Dog Obama Campaign Trail - Operation Rescue
"Truth Trucks have also recently made appearances exposing Obama's abortion extremism in Wisconsin and the state of Washington. In addition to linking Obama with the horrific result of abortion that include images of the broken bodies of aborted babies,..."
McCain surrogate tells Dominican students to prepare for war with Iran in next four years - Marin Independent Journal
"A Republican charged with representing the views of presidential candidate Sen. John McCain told Dominican University students Thursday that war with Iran in the next four years is inevitable."


23 Oct Nov 4th is election day... but early voting is occurring now.  Becky voted for the first time today... what's keeping you from the polling place?


First United Methodist Church Holiday Bazaar and Luncheon
"The Women of the First United Methodist and Congregational Church of West Chicago will hold their annual Holiday Bazaar and Luncheon on Saturday, November 1 in the church building at 643 E. Washington Street, West Chicago."
Wheaton Academy Student to Play in World Cup
"Leah Fortune, 17, will play for the Brazilian National Team in the U-20 (under 20 years-old) World Soccer Championships Nov 20 - Dec 7 in Chile.
A dual citizen of both the US and Brazil, Miss Fortune was noticed when playing in Brazil as a member of the US regional team. Kleiton Lima, head coach of the U-20 Brazilian team invited her to play, and Miss Fortune quickly became a starter."

West Chicago
High School
Education Foundation Hosts Furniture Sale
"The Community High School District 94 Education Foundation is hosting a Patio Furniture Sale... Click on Link for Information Flyer: Furniture Sale Flyer.
WeGo Care Packs to Honor Armed Forces Family Members
"With help from VFW Post 6791, the Community Leadership class has identified useful items for Advisory classes to collect and send along with cards and letters to show appreciation for those who serve our nation."
For U.S. Senate, U.S. House 9th and 13th districts
"In that regard, Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin has done very well. Although he has gained some national prominence, he has not forgotten about taking care of the folks back home... He has been a voice for those struggling to get by. He has led efforts to raise the minimum wage, to provide more financial support for education programs that help children from low-income families succeed in school and to improve nutrition and housing programs."
Fore? It's top five for these champs
"Not to be outdone - and last weekend at Normal's Weibring Golf Club he wasn't - Wheaton Academy junior David Flynn won the boys Class 2A individual title, leading the Warriors to a third-place team finish. It's his third straight downstate appearance, with a seventh-place finish in 2007."
West Chicago annexes golf course
"St. Andrews, 3 N 441 Illinois Highway 59, has been in operation since 1926 and has second and third generations of employees who were there when it opened.  "We're really pleased about the annexation, and we welcome St. Andrews to the city," said Ald. Jim Smith, who is a seasonal employee of the club and abstained from voting."
14th District rematch toned down - Chicago Tribune
"Oberweis, who has lost four high-profile, attack-ad-driven races in six years, is showing voters a mellower side while curbing his free-spending ways. "When people have a chance to meet me and talk about issues, we get a pretty good reception. They are regularly saying, 'Hey, you are not the guy the press has made you out to be,' " Oberweis said."
Green Bay committee votes to keep displays holiday nonreligious - Green Bay Press-Gazette
"Last year, former City Council President Chad Fradette placed a nativity scene atop City Hall. The scene prompted a lawsuit filed by the Madison-based Freedom from Religion Foundation and 14 Green Bay residents against Fradette, the city and the mayor because of the display."
FAIR UnMasks the SmearCasters - Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
"Smearcasting documents the public writings and appearances of Islamophobic activists and pundits who intentionally and regularly spread fear, bigotry and misinformation in the media."
McCain-Obama Dance-Off

22 Nov

Around and About in West Chicago - 23 October 2008
  • West Chicago Garden Club meeting
  • Wheaton Academy Art Festival
  • “How to Raise a Money Smart Child”
  • High School Choir/Orchestra Concert

West Chicago
High School
$10,000 Scholarship Raffle
"October 22, 2008 - The Education Foundation of Community High School District 94 in West Chicago is holding a $10,000 scholarship raffle through December 15, 2008."
Managing Tree and Shrub Cover for Healthy Woodlands
"By focusing on the relationship between available light and biodiversity under different woodland management regimes, we hope to foster new discussion of the relationship between fire, thinning and gap creation in promoting growth of oaks and other trees, diversity in the herbaceous plants in the groundlayer, and habitat for birds and animals in different types of woodlands."
DuPage Democrats urge election attorney's ouster
"DuPage Democratic Party Chairman Bob Peickert said a history of campaign contributions to GOP candidates and causes over a span of several years by Bond makes it impossible for the attorney to advise the bipartisan commission fairly.  "He's paid with tax dollars and then donates to Republicans," Peickert said. "That's a conflict of interest."
[Disclaimer:  Mr.Bond represented the City when Mayor Lakics requested an advisory opinion from the State AG to remove me from the Planning Commission for also being on the D33 School Board.  He always seems like a decent, fair guy to me. - Bob]
For House districts 50, 52, 55, 83, 96
"When asked for his accomplishments in the state legislature, Randy Ramey points to the kinds of measures that affect people's everyday lives - reducing water bills and finding money for law enforcement, for instance. His efforts on these types of important local issues make Ramey, a Carol Stream Republican, an effective lawmaker."
Our picks for Illinois senate, house
"In the 95th House district, Fortner brings many ideas and a keen understanding of local government, transportation and science. He faces a challenge from Green Party candidate Gerard Schmitt, who would not respond to invitations to participate in the endorsement process. Fortner is clearly the best choice for this district."
Roskam supports domestic energy - Jonathan Gray, Wheaton
"Rep. Roskam has already started the efforts toward alternative energy helping to get nearly $3.4 million for the Gas Technology Institute of Des Plaines. With that money, GTI is working to increase the application of alternative energy, further reducing our dependence on foreign oil."
Election Commission defends attorney, media consultant with GOP ties
“It is difficult for us to accept the bipartisan claim of the DuPage County Election (Commission) while they continue to employ individuals whose records show just the opposite,” Peickert said in his letter. “If Mr. Bond and Mr. Curry wish to support and act solely on behalf of Republican candidates and Republican causes, we find no fault with them doing just that. However, we strongly oppose them serving for a bipartisan commission, especially during this critical election on Nov. 4.”
Local Martial Artist Challenge Themselves
"Amanda Steimle, Krystal LaPorte and Rebecca Hall, all students of Kim's Black Belt Academy of West Chicago, traveled to Clinton, Wisconsin to compete with over one hundred and fifty competitors... Rebecca received a participants ribbon in forms."
Progressive Talk Radio - station press release
"Thus, we have made the decision to move WCPT-AM' s programming to the three stations that have been the home to 9FM... we invite you to listen to Progressive Talk radio on the former 9FM radio stations from 5:00 am until 9:00 pm...  on 92.5-FM, 92.7-FM and 99.9-FM..."
Rep. Foster Attends Financial Services Hearing
“"As a member of the Financial Services Committee, one of my top priorities is working in a bipartisan way to determine the best path to help our economy get back on track,” Rep. Foster said."
Gay Activists Protest Dobson’s Induction to Hall of Fame - NBC Chicago
"Dobson is perhaps best known though for his anti-homosexual remarks and for his claims that homosexuality can be "overcome." In 2004, Dobson told The Daily Oklahoman, "Homosexuals are not monogamous. They want to destroy the institution of marriage. It will destroy marriage. It will destroy the Earth." ... The Dump Dobson Coalition has organized a protest for Saturday, November 8, outside the Renaissance Chicago Hotel, where the induction ceremony will take place."
"LA TIMES: On October 3, the Public Integrity Unit of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office charged Jacoby with four felonies: two counts of voter registration fraud and two counts of perjury. A warrant was issued for his arrest and bail was set at $50,000. {The arrest was made over the weekend near an Ontario, California hotel}"
Myths and falsehoods about the purported link between affordable housing initiatives and the financial crisis
"A study released earlier this year by a law firm specializing in CRA compliance estimated that in the 15 most populous metropolitan areas, 84.3 percent of subprime loans in 2006 were made by financial institutions not governed by the CRA."
The Colin Powell endorsement - Jamaica Observer - Kingston,Jamaica

For Congress - Chicago Tribune
"Roskam has a generally solid voting record, but he lends his name to some causes that would turn Congress into a busybody. He has co-sponsored a bill that would push the Defense Department to ban Playboy and R-rated movies from sale on military bases. He supports another bill that could put the clamps on in-vitro fertilization. Finally, Roskam opposes the expansion of O'Hare International Airport. That's a key issue for this region—and Morgenthaler is right to support expansion. She gets the nod.



21 Nov

DuPage Co. strip club may go dry
"The adult businesses subcommittee met Tuesday morning and also recommended a minimum fine of $1,000 for each infraction.  "At some point we'll go to court to shut them down if the fines don't work and they won't follow the new ordinance," subcommittee Chairman Jim Zay said."
Early voting in DuPage exceeds expectations
"Polling sites at Yorktown Center in Lombard, the DuPage Election Commission at the county administration building in Wheaton and Downers Grove village hall also are among the busiest. Voters looking for short lines should head to West Chicago where the Wayne and Winfield township offices are experiencing the lowest turnout, followed by the Butler Government Center in Oak Brook."
Wheeling man acquitted in fatal St. Charles crash
"A Wheeling man was acquitted Monday of wrongdoing for a fatal St. Charles crash that authorities alleged he sparked when cutting off another motorist.  DuPage Circuit Judge Kathryn Creswell ruled there was insufficient evidence to prove Eric W. Townsend, 25, was close enough to have played a significant role in the tragedy."
Strip club alcohol ban clears first hurdle
"The proposed ordinance, which was passed unanimously out of the adult business subcommittee, would impose $1,000 fines on any customer caught consuming or possessing alcohol at an adult business. The same fine would be imposed on club owners for each violation."
Driver not guilty in fatal St. Charles car crash
"At about 5:15 p.m. Jan. 8, 2007, Townsend was leaving work and attempted to head east on North Avenue, authorities said. He was driving a gray 2000 Pontiac Sunfire southbound on Oak Street when he made a left turn in front of oncoming traffic.  Jason Johnson, 30, of St. Charles, was driving a Ford van in the left lane and was forced to swerve into westbound traffic after Townsend turned, authorities said."
MarketWatch Cancer Survivors Break Ground on Proton Therapy Center (the one in Warrenville)
"Mrs. Heuer was one of more than 200 people at the groundbreaking ceremony including other cancer survivors who have benefitted from proton therapy, physicians, community residents and local, state and federal dignitaries such as Tommy Thompson, former Health and Human Services secretary, Illinois State Senators Randy Hultgren and Dan Cronin and Congressman Peter Roskam."
How the Economy Is Helping Democrats Downballot
"The story is similar in the neighboring 6th district of freshman Rep. Peter Roskam (R). The seat has long leaned Republican -- Bush won it by 6 points in 2004 -- but now, Belcher found, Democrats have a 14-point edge on the economy and a 15-point lead on energy."
Atheists become increasingly vocal - Gannett News Service
"He's part of an increasingly vocal minority of atheists and other Americans who claim no religious affiliation. The percentage of religiously unaffiliated Americans has doubled since 1990, rising to 16 percent. That growth represents one of the largest trends in American religion today, according to a poll published this year by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life."
Third official at Downers Grove Baptist church admits sexual relationship with minor
Russians say 'nyet' to McCain fundraising appeal - Associated Press
"Russia's ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, received a fundraising appeal from the Republican presidential nominee Thursday, spokesman Ruslan Bakhtin said.  "Dear Friend," begins the 6-page letter to Churkin, asking for up to $5,000 to defeat Sen. Barack Obama and help McCain "promote freedom and democracy throughout the world," according to a copy of the letter provided to The Associated Press by the Russian mission."
[One can only wonder how over the top Republican Hate Radio would go if Obama had requested money from the Russians. - Bob]



20 Oct

West Chicago Public Access Playback - Oct 20- Oct 26
City Council (LIVE), COD Images, COD Inside Studio, Yesterday Today, Talk of the Town and other local shows ...

West Chicago
High School
"Community High School in West Chicago, would like to announce today that Jonathan Kinsella, Ashley Michnick, and Joseph Serio have been named Commended Students in the 2009 National Merit Scholarship Program."
Ramey Review of the Issues 02 - Taxes
  • Final FY09 state budget
    “We’ve said time and time again that this cash-strapped state needs to tighten the belt on spending and focus on the multitude of priorities before us: our Medicaid bills to providers, our debts, and pension systems,”
  • Constitutional amendment for change in state income tax rate structure
    [Rep Ramey voted no on a measure that defeated.  Sorry this link is malfunctioning ... I'm working on it. - Bob]
  • Extend life of West Chicago TIF District 35 years
    “There has been a lot of new projects and businesses attracted to West Chicago because of the city’s use of TIF districts and its associated incentives,” Ramey said. “Economic development helps spur job growth and revitalizes areas in the district, providing benefits to both businesses and consumers.”
Bean on right side of railroad debate - Mary Maillard, Mundelein
"Each time I drive over a railroad crossing, I can't help but consider how much harder it will be to move around our community if the EJ&E Railroad purchase is completed... Why do special interests ignore the effect they have on communities?"
Fundraiser set for Zonta club
"The Zonta Club of St. Charles-Geneva-Batavia and Zonta West-Illinois will host a fundraising auction, “Helping Women Bloom,” at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 29 at Prairie Landing Golf Club."
Oberweis hopes to connect with voters on economy - Beacon News
"For a man roundly criticized during the primary and special elections of launching negative attacks, this is a definite, conscious change. Oberweis says this shift in tone started after his daughter Jenni (a community columnist for The Beacon News) told him, "I don't recognize the man I'm reading about in the newspapers.""
Phone Town Hall Meeting
For the last hour or so I have been listening to Mr. Oberweis on the phone.  He calls voters, hooks them in to a conference call, and answers questions.  Two observations: 1) I wish there was some way to know that it is not prerecorded and/or setup questions and 2) He sounds a LOT more reasonable than the rabid partisans who have in the past approached me to argue his case. - Bob
Hmmmm?  - Is Christianity Today Angry/Appalled? - They linked to all four of these today.


Some of McCain's black relatives support Obama - South Florida Times
"Lillie McCain, 56, another distant cousin of John McCain who is black, said the Republican presidential nominee is trying to hide his past, and refuses to accept the family’s history.  “After hearing him in 2000 claim his family never owned slaves, I sent him an email,” she recalled. “I told him no matter how much he denies it, it will not make it untrue, and he should accept this and embrace it.”"
  • Durbin for U.S. Senate - Chicago Tribune
    "He has been a solid leader on a number of issues, including the sweeping reform of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and expansion of the powers of the Food and Drug Administration. He has pushed for a better health-care system for veterans and for more money to identify and treat veterans' traumatic brain injuries."

18&19 Oct

man leads group helping Iraqis in danger
"And so the West Chicago native, suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder after a year in Iraq, pulled himself out of bed almost two years ago and began typing a letter that would save Yaghdan's life - and scores more."
[You can read more about The List Project by clicking here. - Bob]
STATE GOLF: Class 2A champion drives Warriors to 3rd place
"Wheaton Academy's David Flynn shot a 1-under-par 70 in Friday's opening round to set the state for his drive to the Class 2A state title at Weibring Golf Club in Normal.  Four birdies highlighted the round, and the junior followed with a 72 on Saturday."
Entertainment Calendar
"GALLERY 200, 200 Main St., West Chicago, 630-293-9550. Schedule: through Oct. 31, Artoberfest."

WHAT’S NEW   Robert L. Park   Friday, 17 Oct 08





The Religious Use of Politics - Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, PBS
"In North Carolina, a couple of years back, there was a Baptist pastor who confidently told his congregation that you can't be a Christian if you don't vote Republican. (I do not know what that did for the number of Republicans in the area, but I am reliably informed that it increased the number of United Methodists.)"
Photo: A Sea of Obama Supporters Spreading Out From Under the St. Louis Arch - Buzz Flash
"Saturday, October 18, 2008
More than 100,000 Attend Obama Rally in St. Louis"
The folloiwng 3 short videos are offered without comment. - Bob

17 Oct

All District Family Night Tuesday, October 21
"Please plan to join us on Tuesday, October 21 at 6:00 p.m. in the cafeteria at West Chicago Middle School for the first in a series of four family nights this school year. Family Nights are designed to promote health by educating families together in a fun way."


West Chicago
High School
PeaceBuilder of the Month for September
"Gary Kurowski of West Chicago, a junior at Community High School District #94, has been recognized as the September PeaceBuilder of the Month. John Chisholm, Social Studies teacher and originator of the PeaceBuilder recognition, states that “Gary has been an unbelievably helpful student from the first day of class back in August."
Friday's District 303 News and Notes
  • It’s a Kick!
  • Stars and Saints On the Air
  • In the Pink to Support Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Operation Snowflake Coming to Haines Middle School
  • Bike to School Day Rescheduled for October 29
  • A Tribute to Veterans at St. Charles North High School
Summit 303 article in this week's St. Charles Republican
"In the article appearing on page 6 of this week’s edition of the St. Charles Republican there is an error in the fifth paragraph of the article. The paragraph should read as follows:
     The owner of a $300,000 home would have
     to pay an additional $154 to $644 per year in
     property taxes to fund the work.
As the article appears in print, the word “month” appeared where it should have said “year”. "
Ramey Review of the Issues 01 - Ethics
  • Ban pay-to-play politics
    "After a heated debate over whether to lease the state lottery as a one-time revenue source to pay for a possible construction plan, Ramey and 37 others voted against the measure, citing the legislation fell short and did not specifically identify what revenues would be spent upon."
  • Ethics reform
    “It is clear that Illinois needs to restore people’s faith in government by implementing ethics standards on those who hold power in making decisions for the residents of this state,”

[Over the next two weeks, there will be a series of these reports. - Bob]

Federal Program will Assist Local Governments with Flood Cleanup Costs
"To assist local governments with recovering costs incurred from cleanup after the mid-September floods, State Representative Mike Fortner (R-West Chicago) announced the Federal Emergency Management Agency has approved DuPage County for the Public Assistance program."
Judge mulls motorist's fate in fatal St. Charles crash
""I did not stop," the 25-year-old Wheeling man said. "I did not report it because I was not involved in the accident. I didn't feel I had anything to offer."  His testimony came Thursday in a DuPage County trial that highlights the responsibility motorists face even if their car is not struck."
Northern Illinois Proton Center Officials Inspect 220 Ton Cyclotron Under Construction in Germany
"Officials from Northern Illinois Proton Treatment and Research Center (NIPTRC) and Northern Illinois University (NIU) today visited the production facility of Varian/ACCEL to observe construction of the massive cyclotron being developed and built for the $160 million NIPTRC facility in West Chicago, Illinois."
RH Reality Check Free Fertilized Eggs Need A Home?
"Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) is anti-choice in more ways than one.  He opposes legal abortion in all cases -- even when pregnancy is a result of rape or incest, or the woman's life is in danger.  He is also a sponsor of a House bill that would bestow legal personhood on fertilized eggs.  Finally, he co-sponsored a bill that would require women who use in-vitro fertilization to carry every fertilized egg to term, or to find someone else who would."
Senate Week in Review Oct. 13-17, 2008
"The governor’s plan to expand taxpayer-subsidized health care hit another road block during the past week when Cook County Circuit Judge James R. Epstein renewed a previous judicial order banning state officials from using state money to pay for Gov. Blagojevich’s unilaterally expanded health care program. "
Wanted: Election Night Workers!
  • When: November 4th, starting at 6:30 p.m.
  • Where: DuPage Election Commission Headquarters


Study: Believers nicer if reminded of God - Religion News Service
"Religious people are more helpful and generous than others -- but only on two conditions, according to a study published in the prestigious journal Science.  University of British Columbia psychology researchers Ara Norenzayan and Azim Shariff concluded that religious people act more kindly than atheists on condition they believe their acts will enhance their reputations among their peers. The second condition is being freshly reminded, in a subconscious way, of the existence of a morally tinged God or supernatural being, the researchers said."
Obama’s ‘Diplomacy’ Wins a Republican Endorsement  - Congressionally Quarterly
"The ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee parted ways with his party’s presidential nominee Wednesday by endorsing Democrat Barack Obama ’s approach to diplomacy.  In a lengthy speech at the National Defense University, Indiana Sen. Richard G. Lugar weighed the benefits of talking to foreign leaders, including U.S. enemies, against other actions, such as military force."
iPhone, iPod Touch Takes Over at Texas University - CNET
"The students at ACU were the lucky recipients of either an iPhone 3G or iPod Touch plus a collection of Web Apps written by ACU. This is just one example of an upswing in Apple sales to educational organizations which in recent years has been in decline. Apple’s sales have eclipsed Dell, which used to rank first in education sales."

16 Oct

Around and About in West Chicago - 16 October 2008
  • Candidate Election Packets
  • Early Voting
  • Reading Together 2008
  • St. Mary’s Parish School Second Annual Talent Show
  • “Creepy Classics”
  • Basic Digital Photography
    • Getting the Most from Your Digital Camera Part I
    • Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.
  • When the Railroad Leaves Town
    • The Great Railroad Stations for Chicago and the Midwest
    • Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.
DuPage election machines pass 'key' test
"A key, purchased on eBay for $6 by a group critical the election commission, was given to a Daily Herald reporter in advance of a demonstration Wednesday by the county on ballot security measures. The group said the key was advertised as being able to open locks and cabinets storing voting equipment.  The key didn't open the locker.
CN purchase will benefit only CN - Robert Schroeder, Naperville
"It seems to me that the only real beneficiary of a CN purchase of EJ&E is CN. Such a purchase transfers traffic from one area to another at great cost to the new area in quality of life and safety, and only reduces truck traffic from our areas roads by a tiny fraction. How can the U.S. Railroad Board even consider approving this drastic plan?"
Trial opens in fatal St. Charles crash
"But did the 25-year-old Wheeling man realize the role he played in the accident?  That question lies at the heart of a trial that opened Wednesday in a packed DuPage County courtroom. "
Bloomingdale man dies in West Chicago collision
"The driver of a van hit Patrick Pavia's Toyota on Thursday as he waited to turn left onto a private drive. Both cars then struck a car and a taxicab.  Pavia, 53, died in Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield."
DuPage County prepares for voters hitting the polls
"County residents have been taking advantage of early voting at "15 early voting locations, primarily through touchscreen voting devices," Saar said. DuPage voters can cast their ballots at any of those early voting locations.  "We are on track to have 40,000 early voters," Saar said."
Ten Years of Promoting Religious Freedom Through U.S. Foreign Policy - Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life
"Oct. 27 marks the 10th anniversary of the signing of the International Religious Freedom Act, a law that made the promotion of religious freedom a basic aim of U.S. foreign policy. The passage of the legislation marked the culmination of a campaign of unlikely religious allies, who went on to champion other international human rights causes."
ACORN Responds to Senator McCain's Desperate Attack - Buzz Flash
"However, these attacks reflect an increasingly panicked candidate; unfortunately the Senator McCain we saw tonight is very different than the Senator McCain who stood shoulder to shoulder with ACORN at a February 20, 2006 immigration reform event."
Irish Bookmaker Pays out on Obama as Next US President - Market Watch
"This unprecedented move comes almost three weeks ahead of Election Day on November 4th and sees the bookie paying out in excess of EUR1,000,000 [$1,360,000] to Obama backers. Prior to Paddy Power paying out, Obama was practically unbackable at odds of 1-9 to be the next American President (meaning a bet of EUR90 was required to make EUR10 profit)"
Top Tampa GOP Figure Circulates Joke About Killing Obama - Tampa Bay Online
"The punch line comes when one child says that if an airplane carrying Obama and his wife, Michelle, “was struck by a ‘friendly fire’ missile and blown to smithereens,” the event might be a tragedy “because it certainly wouldn’t be a great loss, and it probably wouldn’t be an accident either.”"

15 Oct


West Chicago
High School


West Chicago Students Cast Their Votes!
"Two volunteers from the Wheaton Chapter of the League of Women Voters —Denise Niesman and Joan Fefferman — assisted students with the election. The League sponsors Illinois Student Vote, which gives students from kindergarteners to seniors in high school the chance to be a part of the election process.  The election results for Obama indicated a landslide victory, with 72% of the votes cast for Obama compared to 22% of the votes for McCain. "
October E-Newsletter
"I voted with members of the House and Senate to override the Governor's amendatory veto of House Bill 824 now making it into law. The new law will ban supporters who have or want major state contracts worth at least $50,000 from giving to politicians who dole out that business."
NIU proton center lands federal grant
"The project is receiving $4.8 million from the U.S. Department of Defense, Rep. Bill Foster announced Tuesday. That's on top of more than $7 million in federal grant seed money the project has already received to help with infrastructure and foundation construction at the site. Meanwhile, officials from the Northern Illinois Proton Treatment & Research Center are awaiting permission from the state to borrow money to finance the remainder of the $159 million project. That decision is expected next month."
Trial opens in fatal St. Charles crash
"The two-car crash occurred about 5 p.m. Jan. 8, 2007, near the intersection of Oak Road and North Avenue, also known as Main Street, between the DuPage Airport and Pheasant Run Resort, on the city's far east side."
Bloomingdale man dies in West Chicago collision
"Police are investigating a crash in which a Bloomingdale man was killed when his Toyota Camry was struck from behind on Illinois Highway 64 in West Chicago."
Geneva Sun $6 million secured for cancer research center
"On Tuesday, U.S. Rep. Bill Foster of Geneva announced $6 million in funding, which he helped secure, for Northern Illinois University's proton and neutron therapy programs, which will be housed at the facility in West Chicago."
Union Pacific Invests $4 Million for Track Improvements
"Motorists will spend less time at crossings waiting for trains to pass as a result of $4 million in track improvements made by Union Pacific Railroad to its West Chicago Line. The track improvements also will create smoother crossing surfaces for motorists and allow trains to operate more efficiently on the route between Elmhurst and West Chicago, Ill. Metra is contributing an additional $450,000 to the project."
 Rail Roading
UP to upgrade Illinois line
"To be completed by month’s end, the project calls for removing and installing 28,500 ties, spreading 9,100 tons of ballast and replacing surfaces at two grade crossings."
Iraqi Christians Flee Mosul in the Wake of Attacks - New York Times
"Several church leaders accused the Iraqi government of trying to cover up the extent of the problems facing Christians there and of overstating its success in improving security in Mosul, one of the country’s most volatile cities."
McCain Transition Chief Aided Saddam In Lobbying Effort
"William Timmons, the Washington lobbyist who John McCain has named to head his presidential transition team, aided an influence effort on behalf of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to ease international sanctions against his regime.  The two lobbyists who Timmons worked closely with over a five year period on the lobbying campaign later either pleaded guilty to or were convicted of federal criminal charges that they had acted as unregistered agents of Saddam Hussein's government."
McCain's Brand New Stump Speech
"John McCain unveils his fiery new stump speech, but we've heard it before."
[This is the one where Jon Stewart syncs McCain's new stump speech with excerpts from his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. - Bob]

14 Oct

DuPage early voting busy despite holiday confusion
"Nelson said the commission is hoping for a 10 percent turnout during the early voting period that ends Thursday, Oct. 30. This is the first time early voting has been allowed in Illinois for a presidential election, so officials don't know what to expect."
St. Charles Kick-A-Thon to benefit charities
"Each girl from the drill team is paired up with a prominent member of the community, such as Mayor DeWitte or a local business owner, to do 100 kicks. Money raised will go towards the American Cancer Society and Living Well Cancer Resource Center in Geneva."
[Two reasons for posting this article: 1)WC youngsters in Cornerstone Lakes go to St.Charles schools and 2) The image of cheerleaders kicking politicians amuses me. - Bob]
Vandals strike Islamic Foundation again
"About two weeks ago, employees found a Jewish Star of David in the building's basement.  Kahn said they working with the Villa Park Police Department to find the people behind the attacks.  He said he has no idea what brought on the vandalism over the past eight weeks, the first vandalism the mosque has seen in more than five years."
Ask Roskam: Financial Security
"In Congress, I have cosponsored legislation to help Americans - especially those without access to any employer-sponsored retirement plan - secure a steady, reliable stream of income for life.  The Retirement Security for Life Act creates a tax incentive for the use of lifetime annuities by excluding from federal taxes half of the income from an individual lifetime annuity, up to an annual limit of $20,000.  This would translate into as much as $5,000 in tax savings for an individual in the 25 percent tax bracket. "
Christians denounce attacks by Hindus in India - Associated Press
"The All India Christian Council said the toll after nearly two months of sporadic violence has reached 59 dead and 50,000 displaced. Officials in the eastern state of Orissa, site of the worst violence, say 34 people have been killed.  The recent violence began after Hindu activists blamed Christians for the slaying of a Hindu leader killed in Orissa on Aug. 23. Retaliatory attacks left scores dead, dozens of churches destroyed and thousands of people homeless, despite the government's claim that Maoists killed the Hindu leader."
Palin vindicated? - Anchorage Daily News
"She claims the report "vindicates" her. She said that the investigation found "no unlawful or unethical activity on my part."  Her response is either astoundingly ignorant or downright Orwellian.  Page 8, Finding Number One of the report says: "I find that Governor Sarah Palin abused her power by violating Alaska Statute 39.52.110(a) of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act." "
McCain v. McCain - Working Families e-Activist Network, AFL-CIO
"John McCain’s campaign is based on the core principle that he is a straight-talking maverick. If you take that away, what’s left? ... John McCain, you can’t have it both ways. Watch this video and pass it along before the debate tonight."
13 Oct  
West Chicago Public Access Playback - Oct 13- Oct 19


6:00 PM

City Council (10/6/08)


7:00 PM

Millner's Talking Points


7:30 PM

Fall Choir & Orchestra Concert


8:30 PM

Fall Choir Concert '00

Early voting opens today
"The State Board of Elections says the number of people voting early has increased with every election. In the 2008 primary, almost 11 percent of votes were cast before Election Day.  In most cases, early voting sites will be different from the polling places for the Nov. 4 election. Early voting must be done in person."
West Chicago group home reopened by health department
"The home was built in 1867 and has served many purposes over the decades. It was operated by Metropolitan Family Services DuPage prior to its purchase by the health department in 2004. It houses eight mental health clients and staff."
CHS Teacher Donald Zabelin Receives 3M Economic Education Excellance Award
"Mr. Donald Zabelin has been selected to receive the 3M Economic Education Excellence Award for 2008.  This award is given to recognize educators who have a sustained history of contribution and commitment to economic education.  Mr. Zabelin has been a Business Education teacher at Community High School for the past 31 years. "
Rep. Foster Announces HUD Award for Aurora
“I congratulate Aurora for earning this Community Development Block Grant award from HUD,” Rep. Foster said. “This grant is vital to improving our community, especially with the families and small business of the 14th District facing a struggling economy.”
Great Depression survivors, scholars share old lessons for a new financial crisis - The Indianapolis Star
""The unlimited desire for wealth was always considered a vice," said D. Stephen Long, a Wabash native and professor of systematic theology at Marquette University who has written about ethics and the economy. "I think we have forgotten that.""
Closing the Loop - TPM
"We've now got video from the front of that woman at the McCain rally on Friday. And this view makes it clear that while she said "Arab terrorist" in the subsequent interview, she clearly only said "Arab" on the stage with McCain ..."

11&12 Oct

West Chicago Police Dept. West Chicago Police Investigate Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash
"West Chicago Police and the West Chicago Fire Protection District responded to the report of a traffic crash on Illinois Route 64 (North Avenue), west of Conte Parkway at approximately 3:17 p.m. on Thursday, October 9, 2008."
NIU moves on with plans for proton therapy center
"The $159 million project would be one of the first tenants of the DuPage National Technology Park south of DuPage Airport. Funding has not yet been secured for the facility. The Illinois Finance Authority meets with university officials Nov. 11 to decide whether to allow bonds to be sold to finance the project. More than $7 million in federal grants have already been secured for the project and U.S. Rep. Bill Foster announced another $6 million for the facility Friday."
Bloomingdale man killed in West Chicago crash
"Patrick Pavia, 53, of Bloomingdale, was driving west on North Avenue near Conte Parkway when he stopped to make a left turn into a private driveway.  Then a Chevrolet Express van driven by a 54-year-old West Chicago man hit Pavia's Toyota Camry from behind, pushing both vehicles into eastbound traffic, according to police reports."
Avoid long lines, vote early, officials recommend
"Those who are registered can vote early in any of the designated places in their county, though the number of polling places is fewer than on Election Day.  To find an early voting site, go to and select your county. You must bring along a photo ID to participate in early voting, which ends Thursday, Oct. 30."
NIU moves on with plans for proton therapy center
"Anticipating a meeting next month with state funding officials, Northern Illinois University is moving ahead with architectural designs of its 115,000-square foot proton therapy cancer treatment facility in West Chicago."
Search resumes for missing St. Charles man
"Spira, a blues guitarist who went by the stage name Chicago Johnny, disappeared Feb. 23, 2007, after leaving his West Chicago business, Universal Cable, for the day. Mysteriously, the business burned down and a missing person banner for Spira was vandalized about six months later."
Car accident on North Avenue leaves one dead
"Lt. Dennis Keefe of the West Chicago Fire Protection District said officials were dispatched at about 3:15 p.m. today for a four-car accident at North Avenue and Conte Parkway.  Five victims were transported to Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield, where one died from injuries sustained in the crash."
West Chicago multi-vehicle crash kills 1, injures 4
"One person was killed and four others were injured Thursday afternoon when several vehicles collided at North Avenue and Conte Parkway in West Chicago."
West Chicago man charged in rape
"Salvador Alvarado, 37, returned to the victim's home, in the 700 block of Pine Street, to apologize for the alleged rape, authorities said."
Diaper-free kids in one day flat
"She says she has helped potty-train more than 450 kids, including teenage special-needs children, out of her West Chicago home—and claims a success rate of more than 96 percent."
Churches boost help to many in financial crisis - The Tennessean
"Cornerstone has increased its $100,000 benevolence fund by $50,000 to help church members pay rent, put gas in cars, and keep lights on. The church also plans to spend an additional $40,000 on charitable projects around Nashville this month... A number of Nashville area churches and religious relief agencies are increasing efforts to help people financially during the economic crunch. As the stock market has fallen, calls for help have risen.
Hail to the Beans - 7-Election 08
"7-Eleven coffee drinkers weigh in on the election with every coffee purchase.
Ronald Reagan Endorses Obama
OK... The headline is tongue-in-cheek, but this video was just so powerful I couldn't help but pass it along.  My Republican friends will rightly point out that John McCain is NOT George W. Bush and that Bush shouldn't receive all the blame for the last eight years, but that flies in the face of the argument Reagan made and which they accepted in that long past election.  Having used the line of reasoning to their advantage, they should not be allowed to reject it now with no cost. - Bob

10 Oct


West Chicago
High School
"The 2008 School Report Card for Community High School District 94 is now available on the school website at (click on Information and then on School Report Card 2008). The School Report Card presents information on Community High School and also compares the high school’s statistics with statewide and national figures."
Wheaton Academy Awarded $18,000 Library Technology Grant
"The DuPage Library System (DLS) has awarded Wheaton Academy $18,740 to be applied toward technology connecting the Academy’s library’s catalogs with those serving the DLS system. The Academy has been a member of the DLS since 1998."
District 303 News and Notes
  • Six District 303 Students Make Semis for National Merit Scholarship
  • Education Foundation Donates Technology Carts to District 303 High Schools
  • The Youngest “Instructors” Ever at North Child Development Class
  • St. Charles Fire Dept. to Visit District 303 Schools
Fatal crash causes North Avenue closure
"Authorities closed a stretch of North Avenue in West Chicago Thursday afternoon following a four-car crash that left one person dead.  Officials with the West Chicago Fire Protection District said the fatal accident happened around 3:15 p.m. at the intersection of North Avenue and Conte Parkway."
West Chicago man arrested on charges of sexual assault
"Alvardo is accused of breaking into a woman's house Sept. 21 on the 700 block of Pine Street in West Chicago and sexually assaulting her while she was home alone. Authorities said the two did not know each other. Before leaving, Alvardo is accused of apologizing and professing his love."
Ad Watch: Roskam draws attention to Blagojevich ties
  • "What the ad says:  "(Jill Morgenthaler) is a crony of Rod Blagojevich, she served as one of his top lieutenants."
  • What else you should know: Morgenthaler was director of homeland security for the state under the governor from 2005 to 2007. Morgenthaler is also a retired Army colonel who severed in Iraq and Bosnia."


Capitol Connection
  • Pharmacists stuck with the bill for Governor’s failed health plan
  • Children with food allergies latest victims of Springfield dysfunction
  • Governor continues to play games with parks, family care providers


"With a soaring national deficit of over 10 trillion dollars, the annual interest on the national debt alone equating more than is spent on the entire educational system in America, a housing market that has left over half the homes in the country worth less than their purchase value and often time are foreclosed, and the average American family economically worse off because annual increases do not keep up with rising prices and inflation, it is little wonder that so much attention has been given to the economy lately."
We're Getting Noticed
"The DuPage Democratic Party
     is engaged as never before,
     rolling out a relentless e-mail campaign,
     holding social events
     and recruiting new members."
Urban Exile: Suburban vs. Urban Church Politics - Christianity Today
"Despite their theological compatibility, more than just the 25 miles between their sanctuaries separate these two churches. While employed by the suburban church, a member told me she was nervous to admit her liberal leanings to her friends. “I’m afraid they’ll question my Christianity,” she said, only partly kidding."
CREW FILES ETHICS COMPLAINT AGAINST MCCAIN - Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington
"In July, Time reported that over the past decade, Sen. McCain has gambled on Mississippi riverboats, on Indian land, in Caribbean craps pits and on the Las Vegas strip, allegedly playing “for a few thousand dollars at a time.” In 2005, The New Yorker reported that while in New Orleans in the spring of that year, Sen. McCain gambled at Harrah’s Casino... Nevertheless, Sen. McCain reported no income derived from gambling on the personal financial disclosure reports he filed with the Senate between 2000 and 2007."
  • Liar Liar, Pants on Fire: JohnMcCain Lies 270% more then Obama - ireport - USA
    "The figures above indicate that while Senator Obama typically makes false statements one out of every five times (21.4%), Senator McCain makes false statements almost three out of every five times (57.8%). This means that John McCain is more likely to make a claim that would be considered a "LIE" about 270% more often than Senator Obama."

09 Oct

West Chicago Police Arrest Man for Sexual Assault
"On Thursday October 9, 2008, the West Chicago Police Department arrested 37 year old Salvador Alvarado in connection with a sexual assault that took place on September 21, 2008 in the 700 block of Pine Street, West Chicago."
Spooky Trail
"West Chicago Park District is inviting everyone for a "Frightfully good time." Over 120 ghouls will haunt the 1/3 mile interactive trail. Parents, please remember that this event is designed for the whole family and that it only takes 15 minutes to actually walk the trail."

West Chicago
High School


Filing Period for District 94 School Board Candidates
"Nominating petition forms for the April 7, 2009 school board election in Community High School District 94 are now available. Forms may be picked up in the office of the local election official at 326 Joliet Street, West Chicago, on any business day between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m."
  • "On Sunday, October 12th, the District 94 Education Foundation is sponsoring a Family Events Day at the High School from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Events include a 3-on-3 SoccerFest for Boys and Girls 8 & Under and 14 & Under. An admission fee of $10 per team applies.
  • Beginning at Noon and going until 4:00 p.m. there will be a Pool Party, Mini Golf and Movies for the entire family free of charge. Donations are welcome.
  • School tours will be conducted throughout the afternoon. Snacks will be available for purchase … courtesy of the Wildcat Booster Club."
Kovac Obituary
"Robert “Casey” Kovac, age 46, of West Chicago, passed away Wednesday, October 8, 2008 at Alden Valley Ridge in Bloomingdale. Casey was born in St. Charles, IL on August 10, 1962 to Robert and Mary Lou Kovac."
Kimball Falls Township Park
Rep. Foster Announces HUD Award for Aurora
“I congratulate Aurora for earning this Community Development Block Grant award from HUD,” Rep. Foster said. “This grant is vital to improving our community, especially with the families and small business of the 14th District facing a struggling economy.”
Sun City Debate
"Date October 10th, 2008
Time 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Drendal BallRoom, 12880 Del Webb Blvd, Huntley"
West Chicago celebrates 'Artoberfest'
"The annual art celebration includes exhibits of works by members of Gallery 200, located in downtown West Chicago at 200 Main St., as well as pieces by other area artists. It also features classes throughout the month, including glass painting, necklace beading, pencil sketching and clay sculpting."
Group home rebuilt after fire; residents thrilled to be back
"The six male residents displaced by the fire, which struck on Sept. 11, 2007, are slated to move back into the house next week. Since the blaze, the men were divided into two groups of three and placed in Lombard homes also operated by the county."
West Chicago man arrested on charges of sexual assault
"West Chicago police Thursday arrested a 37-year-old West Chicago man in connection with a sexual assault that occurred Sept. 21."
6th Congressional rivals differ on transportation
"Candidates Jill Morgenthaler, a Des Plaines Democrat, and incumbent U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam, a Wheaton Republican, agree on one major transportation controversy affecting local residents: a railway merger. But they differ on the future of O'Hare."
Police arrest sexual assault suspect
"Salvador Alvarado, 37, of the 200 block of North Neltnor Boulevard, West Chicago, was charged with criminal sexual assault and home invasion. If convicted, Alvarado could face a maximum of 30 years in prison."
Lift tender bulbs after first frost
"You all come: We Grow Dreams Greenhouse & Garden Center, 1055 W. Washington St., West Chicago; is holding its Fall Open House Sunday. The center, which provides jobs for developmentally disabled people, offers plants and crafts."
Fall into color at DuPage Forest Preserve
"DuPage County’s prairies are putting on a show of their own. West Chicago Prairie Forest Preserve in West Chicago is home to one of the area’s most diverse prairies and can be enjoyed from a series of interconnected walking paths. When entering the eastern side of the preserve along the Illinois Prairie Path, visitors reach the crest of a gentle hill. From there, they can view the rich red of sumac along the trail and gaze over the unfolding carpet of goldenrod. "
ArmyTimes VFW endorsement skips vet subcommittee chief
"This is not the first time VFW endorsements have caused a controversy. In 2006, the PAC endorsed five nonveterans running against veterans in congressional elections, including a high-profile battle for an open seat that pitted Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth, a VFW member and disabled combat veteran who was running as a Democrat, against Republican Peter Roskam, who had never served in the military."
Cubist smackdown: Rubik’s speedsters race the clock
"Many players are males in their teens and 20s.  By the end of the competition on Saturday, only one of three females was still playing: Betty Tregay, 33, of West Chicago, Ill.  Tregay, an accountant, took it up a decade ago when her husband, a computer programmer, began cubing."
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"... to fly the flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of: Pfc. Christopher A. Bartkiewicz, United States Army - Hometown: Dunfermline, Illinois "
Younger faithful's political agenda broader, poll finds - Denver Post
"The survey sponsor, the nonprofit Faith in Public Life, describes itself as a progressive alliance seeking to transform the country's values debate beyond divisive issues. It calls for "justice, compassion and the common good."  "This poll shows a glimpse of the future," said Faith in Public Life spokeswoman Katie Paris. "The culture war is shifting, perhaps fading.""
Say It To My Face - TPM
"Late Update: Gov. Vilsack seems to be thinking along similar lines ..."



08 Oct

Around and About in West Chicago - 09 October 2008
  • Superintendent Search
  • Creepy Creature Volunteers
  • West Chicago HS Homecoming
  • Fall Festival at Sonny Acres
  • African Children’s Choir
First United Methodist Church West Chicago PADS Volunteers Needed
"This is your chance to give back to the community. The West Chicago PADS site is in need of several volunteers for this year in order to meet the needs of its guests."

West Chicago
High School
2009 Summer School - Drivers Education
"Any student wishing to register for 2009 Summer School Drivers Education must register in person in the PE office ON or AFTER November 3, 2008. NO registrations will be accepted BEFORE November 3, 2008. Please contact Rita Bergeron, in the Athletic Office, 630-876-6289, if you have any further questions."
PLAN testing for sophomores
"If you’re the parent of a 10th grader, now is a critical time to talk with your son or daughter about their future. PLAN can provide both of you with information that helps your decision-making process."
The Coming of Autumn
Although the Fall Color Report from Travel Wisconsin says color is at 75% in Iron County, locals know better.  The best is still ahead.  This should tell WC folks that it's about time for them to get up here and take a look. - Bob

There's a moose on the loose - Ironwood Globe
"Several sightings of the moose on 10th Avenue North, Oak Street and 7th Avenue at Riccelli Park and the Hurley K-12 School followed the initial 9 a.m. report on Friday."

Roskam, Morgenthaler spar over governor, Rezko
"Linking Morgenthaler to Blagojevich has been a running campaign theme for Roskam, who defeated another Iraq war veteran, Tammy Duckworth, in 2006.  Morgenthaler also blasted Roskam Saturday for voting against measures that would have increased children's health care funding. "
Roskam thankful for disaster declaration
"I was a strong and vocal advocate for this designation as it will allow local families and small businesses to access federal money and resources for help in recovering from the recent severe storms throughout Illinois,"
Lift tender bulbs after first frost - You all come:
"We Grow Dreams Greenhouse & Garden Center, 1055 W. Washington St., West Chicago; is holding its Fall Open House Sunday. The center, which provides jobs for developmentally disabled people, offers plants and crafts."
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"... to fly the flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of: SFC Gary J. Vasquez, United States Army - Hometown: Highland, Illinois"
Tattoo gay men, clergyman writes  - BBC
"The Rev Peter Mullen, who ministers in the City of London, said he had gay friends and the words were "satirical".  He suggested in his internet blog that homosexuals should have their backsides tattooed with the slogan: "Sodomy can seriously damage your health".  The gay rights group Outrage described the comments as "Neanderthal"."
Make-Believe Maverick - Rollingstone
"This is the story of the real John McCain, the one who has been hiding in plain sight. It is the story of a man who has consistently put his own advancement above all else, a man willing to say and do anything to achieve his ultimate ambition: to become commander in chief, ascending to the one position that would finally enable him to outrank his four-star father and grandfather."

07 Oct

Advocate Training  - CASA of DuPage County
"Court Appointed Special Advocates, CASA of DuPage County, Inc. is preparing for its next pre-service Advocate training to be held twice a week, Monday afternoons and Friday mornings, for five weeks, by offering information sessions for the general public."
Stimulus Payments in DuPage County - United Way of the DuPage Area
"7,367 Seniors, Veterans and Disabled Still Need to Claim $2.2 Million in Economic Stimulus Payments in DuPage County Low-income residents can get free assistance until Oct. 15 to file for payments."
Final “Informational” Summit Session
"We are nearing the end of our year-long Summit 303 initiative and are fortunate to have had unprecedented community participation in the process. Your hard work and very thoughtful feedback to the issues facing CUSD 303 has, and continues to be, greatly appreciated."


Election Rally
"Keynote Speaker Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun
Invited Speakers Congressman Bill Foster (IL-14), Representatives from the Barack Obama campaign, Representatives from the Dick Durbin Campaign, Congressional candidates Jill Morgenthaler (IL-6) and Scott Harper (IL-13)
All state and local candidates have been invited"
Libel suit may cost Pro-Life group $317K
"Last month, a Kane County judge dismissed two counts of a libel lawsuit filed against Planned Parenthood by local anti-abortion activists.  Now, those activists might have to pay more than $300,000 in Planned Parenthood's legal fees associated with the suit. And Eric Scheidler, communications director of the Pro-Life Action League, says that amount may "bankrupt us and shut us down.""
Polls: Most Oppose Pastors Endorsing Candidates - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"LifeWay Research, a nonprofit associated with the Southern Baptist Convention, in June also conducted a poll on the subject. Their findings showed 85 percent of Americans disagreed with pastors making endorsements from pulpits.  “These are numbers that are hard to look at and not say, this is an overwhelming majority of Americans of almost every stripe,” said Ed Stetzer, the director at LifeWay Research."
Keating Economics: the Making of a Financial Crisis
"The current economic crisis demands that we understand John McCain's attitudes about economic oversight and corporate influence in federal regulation. Nothing illustrates the danger of his approach more clearly than his central role in the savings and loan scandal of the late '80s and early '90s."

06 Oct


West Chicago
High School
STUDENT OF THE MONTH - Rebecca Cisowski
"One of her teachers writes, "Rebecca is a motivated, dedicated and ethical individual inside and outside of our school. Rebecca has the qualities to become a leader in whatever field she chooses. I am proud of her accomplishments and honored to work with her. She is a role model for our school.""
     "The CHS District 94 Education Foundation Board is hosting a Homecoming Gala for parents, alumni and friends of Community High School on October 11 from 7:00 P.M. to Midnight at the Holiday Inn on Gary Avenue and North Avenue. The evening will feature live music, lavish hors d'oeuvres, and great items for both the silent and live auctions.
     We will also be honoring the first recipient of the Community High School Distinguished Alumni Award. Kirk Johnson, Class of 98, has an incredible resume of accomplishment in humanitarian activities and is an inspiration for everyone. You can learn more about him at"
West Chicago Public Access Playback - Oct 06- Oct 12


6:00 PM

COD Images


6:30 PM

COD Inside Studio 180


7:00 PM

Food, Fun & Whatever


8:00 PM

Puttin' On The Ritz


9:00 PM

Singing In The Rain

Bitterness still around but celebrities AWOL in 6th District brawl
"Morgenthaler is expected to play up her years with the Army in hot spots such as Bosnia and Iraq, saying it shows leadership and initiative. "One thing I learned in the military is that if you work with each other, you can solve these problems and go forward." ... Roskam is expected to emphasize his hometown roots, focusing on local issues and basics such as how his office responds to constituents. "We were able to help 2,000 people this year," he said recently."
DuPage County in 60 seconds - Dist. 94 family day
"Community High School District 94 invites the community to Family Events Day from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 12, at the school, 326 S. Joliet St. in West Chicago. A tropical pool party will be held in the indoor pool and will include games and prizes."
Foster, Oberweis split on bailout package
"Oberweis called the decision to pass the bill hasty, and said other alternatives, which would affect taxpayers less, should have been considered...  In his rebuttal, Foster adamantly stood by his decision to support the bill, and said a letter he received, backed by more than 61 different business groups, proved he had made the right decision.
CN willing to pay more on EJ&E deal
"CN said it's willing to contribute $60 million to help pay for everything from creating quiet zones to training local emergency personnel on how to deal with hazardous material spills.  Previously, CN said it would pay only $40 million. CN officials claimed the new offer is unprecedented."
In Wisconsin, bigger definitely is better
"No piece of folk art symbolizes its hometown better than the World's Largest Corkscrew in Hurley, which might well be the drinkingest town in Wisconsin: Its main drag is packed with saloons.  The 24-foot high corkscrew actually is on U.S. Highway 2, in front of the Corkscrew Liquor Store. Owner Robert Vittone welded it himself out of stainless steel tubing."
Warrenville Artist Forms Strong Creative Tie to West Chicago
"For Lori Majcen, the connection was her father’s machine shop, which was located in West Chicago, Illinois. Little did the girl from Warrenville, whose parents sat her in a high chair with a bunch of crayons, know at the time that she would one day be featuring her art in the nearby community’s downtown art gallery."
Rep. Foster Votes to Protect Taxpayers, Save Jobs, and Lower Taxes
“I understand the amount of anger and frustration felt by the public leading up to this vote, and while I had strong reservations, especially about the pork added by the Senate, the taxpayers in my district and those across the country could not afford one more day of uncertainty, unsure if and how we would act.”
Christian Security Forces Growing Stronger In Iraq
"Many residents are delighted to see Christians standing up to defend themselves. Some, however, worry about the political implications of this latest sectarian armed force in Iraq and wonder where its money is coming from.  A few years ago, Christian churches were being bombed and thousands of Christian families in Baghdad and elsewhere were terrorized into fleeing their homes. Many of them wound up in the north, where they seem to be thriving."
McCain Plans Federal Health Cuts - The Wall Street Journal
"John McCain would pay for his health plan with major reductions to Medicare and Medicaid, a top aide said, in a move that independent analysts estimate could result in cuts of $1.3 trillion over 10 years to the government programs."

04&05 Oct

Fall Leaf Raking for Seniors
"This year’s WeGo Youth is continuing the work of last year’s Youth Commission in recruiting volunteers to rake the yards of our Seniors on Saturday, November 15, 2008."
Fall Color Report - Travel Wisconsin
"Our Fall Color Report is your best source for the lowdown on leaf conditions. Reporters from across Wisconsin continuously update this page, so check back often!"
[Peak is predicted for next week... it is not too late to make reservations at Haven North and spend the weekend doing a car tour. - Bob]
Letter: There ought to be a couple of laws
"Some months back, Congressman Peter Roskam invited constituents to submit suggestions for possible new laws.  I submitted two. Whether he thought these laws were worthy of consideration, I don't know."


Vote for Change: Register to vote now
"Now there's an easy way to learn your status and get registered. Our new one-stop voter registration site,, lets you do it all: check your registration status, register to vote, request an absentee ballot, and find your early voting site or polling location. "
"I was hopeful that the House would refuse to go along with this flawed proposal, so that it could begin a new process that would have resulted in better legislation to safeguard the interests of taxpayers while at the same time addressing the crisis on Wall Street."

WHAT’S NEW   Robert L. Park   Friday, 3 Oct 08





Robertson foresees nuclear war - Raw Story
"Christian Broadcasting Network co-founder Pat Robertson, in a new update to his Web site, states that, "we have between 75 and 120 days before the Middle East starts spinning out of control.""
Palin failed to pay taxes on her per diem payments -
"In an overview of Sarah Palin's tax returns for 2006 and 2007, which she has finally released, the Associated Press reports that Palin neglected to pay the taxes due on $17,000 she received in per diem payments as Governor of Alaska. A McCain campaign official claims, falsely, that Palin owed no taxes on those payments."
McCain's Brazilian love life: A great kisser, but president? - McClatchy
"''I called him John but also my darling and my sweet coconut,'' she said. "He was a great kisser. I liked it so much that I bought a book to learn how to kiss myself.''  Asked afterward about whether he was suggesting that McCain's fling with a Latin hottie counted as Latin America foreign policy experience, Fontaine said: ''The only thing I was trying to convey was that his experience goes back a long way.''"
  • Obama, McCain Cast Rare Votes in the Senate - Chicago Public Radio
    "This was the first time Obama voted in the Senate since July 9th. McCain's string of absences goes back even farther - to early April. This year alone, each presidential candidate has missed well over a 100 votes. "


03 Oct  
Around and About in West Chicago - 03 October 2008
  • School District 33 Foundation
  • Youth Commission’s Friday Open Gym
  • 19th annual Tales Tombstones Tell
  • Oktoberfest at Trinity Lutheran Church
  • High School Homecoming Schedule

West Chicago
High School
Change in Early Dismissal Schedule for Friday, October 10th
"Next Friday, October 10th will be an early dismissal time of 12:50 p.m. and not the 1:45 p.m. time that was previously posted on the calendar. Please join us for the Homecoming Parade scheduled for the afternoon of Friday the 10th, our football game against Naperville Central that Friday evening, and the many Homecoming activities planned for Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th."
Dr. Moses Cheng - Principal
"The performance is free and open to the public. Along with many crowd-pleasing favorites, the highlight of the performance will be the Marching Band’s 2008 halftime show — The Music of Styx!"
Open house at my Kyuki-Do school - Becky Hall
"As many of you know, I have been studying the martial art of Kyuki-Do for many years. It is a combination of Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Judo and Jiujitsu, with some other elements thrown in to create a balanced art with a focus on self-defense.  My school is having an open house this Saturday, from 1 to 4, with lots of interesting information, as outlined on the attached flyer.  The school is on Roosevelt Road, just east of Kirk. You can't miss the bright red Martial Arts sign!
Briefs: Group home reopens
"The group home houses eight clients from the county's mental health services division. An open house will be held before a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 8, at 142 Wood St."
Redwings won't let lack of pool get them down
"Dunn just getting started: West Chicago coach Nick Parry has no doubt that at her current rate of improvement, Wildcats sophomore Kelly Dunn will be one of the top swimmers in Illinois by her senior year."
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
" fly the flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of: PFC Ja'Mel A. Bryant, United States Army - Hometown: Belleville, Illinois"
Gary Dorrien: What Kind of Country? - Religion and Ethics Newsweekly
"We are witnessing the end of an era in American politics, when the winning strategy was to denigrate government and to assure that wealth from the top would eventually trickle down. The religion of the market is giving way to something else, on the doorstep of an election; witness John McCain screaming against the Security and Exchange Commission as though he had not spent the past 30 years advocating deregulation."
What McKiernan Really Said - TPM
"In tonight's debate, Sarah Palin mischaracterized statements by the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gen. David McKiernan, in which he said that an Iraq-like "surge" would not be appropriate for Afghanistan."

02 Oct

Register to Vote
This site, which is paid for by the Obama campaign, requests your name and address and then confirms your registration to vote.  Voters are reminded that early voting can be done at the following DuPage locations from Oct 13th - Oct 30th.
  • Wayne Township Office, 27W031 North Ave., West Chicago
    • Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9:00am - 4:30 pm;

    • Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am - 7:00 pm;

    • Saturday 9:00 am - Noon

  • Winfield Township Office, 130 Arbor Ave. West Chicago
    • Monday thru Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm;

    • Saturday 9:00 am – Noon

  • DuPage County Election Commission  421 N. County Farm Rd.

    • WheatonOffice Foyer

    • Monday thru Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm;

    • Saturday & Sunday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Service to Success
"A Free Conference Highlighting the Pathways from Service to Success.
The focus of this event is to educate and share with all veterans the latest in education benefits, veteran-related legislation, and personal and business resources "

West Chicago
High School
"On Saturday, October 11th Kirk Johnson will be honored as the first recipient of the CHS Humanitarian Award for Outstanding Alumni Achievement. Kirk, a 1998 CHS graduate, will be recognized at the Homecoming week-end Gala Event sponsored by the CHS Education Foundation."
"CHS District 94 is inviting the community to Family Events Day on Sunday, October 12th. There are many events for people of all ages!"
CN ups offer to $60 million for safety improvements on EJ&E line
"In a final pitch to federal regulators, the Canadian National Railway argued that it has upped the ante by $20 million to fix problems caused by adding more freight trains to a suburban rail line."
Cosley Zoo, Sonny Acres offer folks a plethora of fall fun
"The spicy scent of apple cider, crunching leaves underfoot and the ghoulish sounds of novelty decorations. It's the way we celebrate fall in the suburbs.  Two area attractions kicked off their fall festivities this week, offering families opportunities to enjoy the outdoors while getting into the spirit of Halloween. "
DuPage Co. business calendar
"A Combined Chamber Breakfast with Congressman Peter Roskam is planned from 8 to 10 a.m. Oct. 2 at Alta Villa Banquets, 430 N. Addison Road, Addison. Chambers include Addison, Bartlett, Elmhurst, Hanover Park, Wheaton, West Chicago and Wood Dale to discuss housing, economic forecasting and energy."
CN offers $60 million to fight congestion, but agency calls for $150 million
"“Clearly, CN is stepping up to the plate to mitigate significant environmental issues in this case,” Harrison said.  But in a letter filed with the Surface Transpiration Board before Tuesday’s deadline for public comment on the transaction, the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning called for CN to contribute $150 million."
MarketWatch Booty Camp Featured on 'The Doctors' TV Show October 2, 2008
"Booty Camp, located in West Chicago, Illinois is owned and was developed by Nurse Wendy Sweeney who is the mother of 6 kids under twelve. Mrs. Sweeney has her nursing degree and is a specialist in Pediatric medicine. She has helped thousands of families and children nationally with potty training and behavior modification."
[Same article appears at International Business Times - New York,NY. - Bob]
Why I voted against the Bush-Paulson bailout
"The plan voted on in the House incorporated watered down aspects of executive compensation limits and a portion of a solution which would use more private capital, but ultimately I was disappointed the Congress could not come together and provide solutions that keep our economy on track without exposing taxpayers to extraordinary risk.  I voted to protect the taxpayer. "
Vote On Bailout Plan Split Among Illinois Reps
"Democrats Melissa Bean, Bill Foster and Luis Gutierrez supported the bill, as did Danny Davis, Rahm Emanuel and Jan Schakowsky. Republicans Ray LaHood and Mark Kirk also voted yes."
Southern Baptists bar women from pulpit, yet open to Palin as VP - Minneapolis Star Tribune
"Within the nation's largest Protestant denomination, a woman may not lead a church or a home. But prominent Southern Baptists see nothing wrong with Sarah Palin serving as vice president — or perhaps even commander-in-chief someday.  In other words: A woman can run the White House, just not her own house."
Late Show - George W. Bush: How'd He Do?
"Has President Bush lived up to any of his promises? David Letterman takes a look. "

01 Oct

Activity and Fitness Center
""The building fulfills a need of the park district and probably will generate more foot traffic in the downtown area,” said park district Executive Director Gary Major. “We are going to convert the space into an activity and fitness center for all ages.” Classes include aerobics, Zumba, Silver Sneakers, tumbling, gymnastics and the martial arts classes, currently held at Easton Park Community Center."

West Chicago
High School
"All juniors will be received information about the PSAT/NMSQT during the week of September 29th in their advisory sections. Please review this information with your student in order to determine whether or not they should sign up to take the PSAT/NMSQT."
Ben Stein How Not to Ruin Your Life - Yahoo Finance
"I found an interesting article in the Financial section of Yahoo.  It detailed the provisions of the bill the Congress passed to open off shore drilling. I was wondering how our congressman voted .  It doesn't seem to solve any problems with the imported oil's cost and quantity.  The article was written by Ben Stein a former TV  host and an attorney."

[Thanks to Don Early that linked me to this article.  Regarding how they voted, see the following items which were both posted previously: - Bob]

""I support the action taken by the House of Representatives this afternoon in rejecting a flawed bailout plan that would have put American taxpayers at risk for $700 billion. Had I been a Member of Congress, I would have voted 'no.'"
"We should all be glad that 228 Members of Congress from both parties had the courage to stand up to their party leaders and instead do what they believed was right for their constituents. THAT, in my view, is REAL bipartisanship, and real LEADERSHIP. As a result of their courage, Congress now has an opportunity to revisit the issue and get it right."
Agency wants CN to pony up $150 million to sweeten merger
"Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning leaders Tuesday said CN's plan to move freights from tracks in the city and nearby suburbs onto the EJ&E could have an overall positive effect on the economy and region.  But they told the U.S. Surface Transportation Board, which has authority over the merger, the government needs to get tougher by requiring CN to submit to conditions such as the $150 million fund that would be used for underpasses or overpasses and other safety features."
Targeted West Chicago strip club owner says his place safe
"The subcommittee was convened to discuss the impact of adult businesses in unincorporated parts of the county on adjacent communities. The thrust of the Tuesday's discussion focused on the current practice of allowing patrons of all-nude strip clubs to bring their own liquor to those establishments."
Consider rail merger's community effect - Editorial
"Currently, the STB focuses primarily on whether a proposal meets transportation needs and what its effect will be on the environment. Supporters of the law argue that this leaves out of the equation people who may be most directly affected by the movement of trains through their communities. Those people, they argue, ought at least be considered in the approval process.  And they are right."
Forum tonight on family issues
"Jim Ryan, former Illinois attorney general, will moderate this community forum at the DuPage County Health Department, 111 North County Farm Road, Wheaton. Registration begins at 6:30 p.m. and the forum begins at 7."
Adult business in DuPage may face new restrictions
"Subcommittee members discussed banning all alcohol at such businesses, ordering more staff training on recognizing and dealing with alcohol abuse, or issuing liquor licenses with strict guidelines and regulations.  Representatives from West Chicago and Glendale Heights testified about the negative effects that such an adult business has on area crime and the use of community resources."
Clear debate winner -Kellie Miller, West Chicago"
"McCain's attitude also bothered me because he was smirking, condescending and never even looked at his opponent. In my opinion it is because he knows that Sen. Obama is the better choice for president. And this time I have to agree with John McCain.
"The Illinois Prairie Path, the backbone of a countywide network of regional trails totaling 298 miles, is only the seventh trail system to be inducted into the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame. The gravel, 63-mile trail running through suburban Chicago is one of the Midwest’s most popular pathways, attracting an estimated 800,000 users a year."
Arte Ambulante Mask-Making Workshop at West Chicago Public Library
"The West Chicago Public Library hosted an art workshop on September 23 presented by the National Museum of Mexican Art.  Adults and children from West Chicago, Warrenville, and Winfield enjoyed a presentation by museum staff designed to help participants understand and appreciate the museum's many artifacts."
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"to fly the flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of: Officer Nathaniel Taylor, Jr., Chicago Police Department"
Evangelicals see moral decline in Wall St. woes - Reuters
"Conservative U.S. Christians say the culture has gone to hell and it has taken the economy and Wall Street down with it.  It is a view which outsiders may find puzzling but has wide resonance in the U.S. heartland: the notion that moral decay and a lost sense of responsibility has brought on the worst banking and credit crisis since the Great Depression."
Bush costs prompt exodus to cities
"With growing evidence of an Alaska Native exodus from villages to the city, Mayor Mark Begich and Schools Superintendent Carol Comeau sent a letter to Gov. Sarah Palin on Monday asking her to organize an emergency task force to find ways to stem the migration... Palin was at Sen. John McCain's Arizona ranch Monday preparing for the vice-presidential candidates' debate,..."
Shadegg: Pelosi's Speech Had Nothing to Do With Bailout Defeat - TPM
"The House Republican leadership's explanation that they lost their caucus on the bailout because of Nancy Pelosi's floor speech was transparently false on it face, but Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ) removed whatever doubt might have remained this morning on MSNBC:"

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