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31 July  
Myrtle Buehler - July 29, 2008
"Myrtle was raised in West Chicago and graduated from Ellis Business College in Elgin. She worked at many places throughout her career which included the West Chicago State Bank, receptionist for Wheaton Eye Clinic, cook for Geneva Nursing Home and a longtime employee at General Mills. Myrtle was a lifetime member of the First United Methodist Church in West Chicago and gave herself in many ways to the community as a cook for P.A.D.S., the West Chicago Lions Club meetings and funeral luncheons held at Church."
Warrenville Summer Daze
"Kathy with the Warrenville Chamber of Commerce is looking for volunteers to help this weekend at the Summer Daze Festival... attached is the flier with all of the info. Volunteers are needed for ticket-taking, driving around in a cart, and helping with rides, among other things. Plus, you get to hang out at concerts and at a car show. On Friday volunteers are needed from 5:30pm to midnight, and on Saturday from 10am to midnight.  Call Kathy at 630.393.9080 by Thursday if you can give even an hour."
Guilty plea in fatal West Chicago DUI crash
"Prosecutor Michael Pawl said Alvarez fled last Sept. 22 after his red 2000 Pontiac Montana struck the rear of a motorcycle near the intersection of Route 59 and Stimmel Street in West Chicago... He was estimated to be traveling 78 mph at the time of the crash, officials said."
Hastert now 'senior adviser' to DC lobbying firm
"Since Hastert's hiring, some of his former conservative supporters expressed dismay at his joining a firm whose Web site touts a diversified workplace in which "gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals enjoy an atmosphere of inclusion and respect," enrich the firm and enhance its service.  As one of his last House votes, Hastert opposed a proposed federal ban on job discrimination against gays, lesbians and bisexuals that aimed to protect them from employer decisions based on sexual orientation."
Plan Your Weekend
"Rodgers and Hart will perform with the Wheaton Symphony Orchestra and Chorus and four vocal soloists at 8 p.m. Aug. 1-2 at Wheaton Academy's Fine Arts Center, 900 Prince Crossing Road, West Chicago. Tickets cost $24 in advance, $32 at the door. For details, visit or call (630) 790-1430."
Foster pushing bill to speed benefits to vets
""The most important element of the bill compels the VA to immediately compensate for an undisputed service injury like paralysis or a missing limb. This stands at contrast to the current policy, which holds off all compensation until all injury claims are processed," said Rep. Bill Foster, D-Geneva, who is co-sponsoring the legislation."
Millions of dollars, many years
"If Canadian National Railway Company ends up buying the Elgin, Joliet and Eastern rail line, some expensive work at some of the busier crossings will likely be required.  But those upgrades may cost hundreds of millions of dollars and take years to complete, according to local communities along the line."
Winfield parents, faculty express concerns on consolidation plan
"“As teachers, we enjoy working with families and smaller class sizes and watching children grow up,” said District 34 parent and teacher Connie Smith. “That will be lost forever if we consolidate.” ... Parent Cherie Stone said she moved to Winfield so that her children could attend Winfield schools, said she will consider moving to another community should consolidation ever take place."
Faith Is Not a Freak Show - Christianity Today
"For American politicians, the formula requires using the language of faith without communicating much more than "I'm for faith, America, and freedom." This affirmation risks little and invites voters to fill in the blanks with their own meaning."
McCain Gets Much More Than His Money’s Worth - NY Times
"The spot got extensive coverage on “Face the Nation” and “Fox News Sunday” the following morning. Those programs are available on scores of stations. And the Web sites of The New York Times and other news outlets posted links to it.  Yet, by the end of the day, according to the Campaign Media Analysis Group, it had actually run all of six times as a paid advertisement."
RAND STUDY: War on Terrorism fundamentally flawed and doomed to fail - Americablog
"Terrorists should be perceived and described as criminals, not holy warriors," authors Seth Jones and Martin Libicki write ... The authors call for a strategy that includes a greater reliance on law enforcement and intelligence agencies in disrupting the group's networks and in arresting its leaders."



30 July

Around and About in West Chicago - 30 July 2008
  • WeGo Youth Advisory Board
  • The Secret Garden
  • United Methodist/First Congregational Annual Rummage sale
  • Newly elected officers of 4 the People
Ramey Bill Signed Implementing Township Accountability
"A House bill encouraging additional accountability at township meetings that was sponsored by State Rep. Randy Ramey (R-Carol Stream) has been signed into law."
Teen pregnancy rises in DuPage Co.
"The Illinois Department of Public Health released figures this week showing 557 girls ages 10 to 19 in DuPage gave birth in 2006, up from 513 in 2005.  The community with the most births to teens and preteens was West Chicago, with 75 children born in 2006, down one from 2005."
CN joins foes piling on federal report
"But Tuesday, the company's CEO Hunter Harrison went further, saying he was disappointed by the federal board's analysis, suggesting staff was using questionable standards for deciding what crossings would benefit by grade separations, one of the most expensive ways of remedying safety concerns."
Japanese beetles join ash borer, long horn as suburban tree scourages
"If you were to list all the insect villains that have broken the hearts of tree lovers in the last decade, the Japanese beetle is not among the top evildoers - at least in the suburbs. It's more like an annoying relative who stays forever and empties your refrigerator."
Racial steering alleged at DuPage Co. real estate firm
"Latino "testers" posing as potential home buyers were encouraged to look in minority neighborhoods, even if they could afford to buy in more affluent areas, the housing group claims. White testers, though, were discouraged from buying in the poorer, minority areas and instead were taken to view homes in predominantly white areas such as Bartlett, Geneva and St. Charles."
In business - Aug. 7
"Women in Business will hold a Power Networking Lunch for Wheaton, Warrenville, West Chicago and Winfield at 11:30 a.m. Aug. 7 at Holiday Inn & Suites, 150 S. Gary Ave., Carol Stream. For details, call (630) 668-6464."
“Neither Canadian National, nor the STB, are taking into account the negative impact this increase in freight traffic will have on our residents, our communities, our environment and our public safety,” said Rion. “I am very dismayed that the concerns being voiced by our communities are falling on deaf ears.”
“This final week before August recess is a defining one.  Congress has the opportunity to show the American people that we have heard their cries for lower energy prices.  We mustn’t let another week pass by without a single substantive vote to lower prices at the pump."
Big Union Targets Swing States With Massive Obama-Not-Muslim Mailer Blitz - TPM
"The first one is the more interesting one: It seeks to dispel a host of false rumors about Obama that could be proving worrisome to working class whites, including the falsehoods that he's a Muslim and doesn't show sufficient deference to the flag ..."
[Click HERE or HERE to see flyers. - Bob]
McCain Lies About Oil Drilling and the Media Yawns - Huffington Post
"So McCain's claim is spin wrapped in a lie wrapped in a hoax.  If there is no penalty in the public arena for lying, then we're just going to get more and more of it."
[During this string of miniscule advertising purchases by McCain that are disseminated  ad nauseum by the main stream media, they really should be fact checked. - Bob]

29 July

Battle over proton cancer therapy center goes to court
"The NIU proton cancer center project will be the first of its kind in the state.  "We believe there is a campaign to monopolize proton therapy initiatives in Illinois and restrain others from entering state to the detriment of the public at large," Procure CEO Hadley Ford said in a statement.  NIU called the legal filing "puzzling" in its own statement."
DuPage County in 60 seconds
"The school board of West Chicago Elementary District 33 has voted to pursue a study to determine the impact of consolidating with West Chicago High School and two other elementary school districts,"
Roskam slams illegal immigration practices
""We are becoming a magnet for illegal immigration," Roskam said from Nogales, Arizona in a telephone conference with district residents Monday night.  Roskam singled out an Illinois law that bans employers from using the E-Verify system, which is intended to help businesses certify if an employee is a legal resident."
Turner tracks through the role of DuPage County in the Underground Railroad
"The West Chicagoans and others in DuPage County who helped free slaves would probably be glad to know that in the very towns where they toil to lead others to freedom people of all colors were now able to gather in a library and talk about they have read and written."
Rep. Foster Stands Up for Disabled Veterans
“In 2007, the average processing time for disability benefits claims for veterans was 183 days,” Foster said.  “There is simply no reason that the brave men and women who proudly served our country should have to wait six months to begin receiving the benefits that they deserve.”
Hastert rallies troops for Oberweis
“He really knows what it takes to be a good member of Congress, and particularly in this district,” From said. “So he is uniquely qualified to say, ‘Jim’s going to do a good job, he’s the right guy at the right time.’ ”
ACLU Civil Rights Groups Ask Governor Blagojevich to End Consent Searches by Illinois State Police
"he data collected for calendar year 2007 demonstrates that police officers continue to request permission to search the automobiles of drivers of color far more often than white drivers, and that these searches of minorities are far less productive than consent searches of whites"
Parents Have 24 Hours to Prove Can Care for Children - wjfw 12 Rhinelander, WI
"The couple's attorneys say it is no longer appropriate for Marathon County social services to supervise the family since a separate child safety case involving the couple has been dismissed.  Prosecutors say social services may no longer be involved but someone needs to oversee the children's care."
28 July  
West Chicago Public Access Playback - July 28- Aug 03
The Thursday Prime time Schedule looks good...
  • 7:00 PM - Great American Railroad
  • 7:45 PM - Old Turner Junction
  • 8:30 PM - West Chicago Little Railroad Town
Keep an open mind on school mergers
"The consolidation movement has been led by District 94 school board President Tony Reyes, who strongly favors the merger. So far, only District 94 and District 34 have agreed to participate in funding a consolidation study.  It's tempting to say there should be no problems with proceeding with a merger of these school districts or any other adjacent school districts.
Rail is long-term answer to road congestion - B.J. Thomas, Bartlett
"One rail car removes three trucks from the highway and is three times more fuel efficient and has a better safety record.  All of the towns that have a railroad running through them should look at the long-range effect and not just today or tomorrow."
Transportation - Jim Mateja
"Q: I have two suggestions to help lower the price of gas. Stop using a 10 percent blend of ethanol and use 100 percent gas because the recent flooding is going to cause a corn shortage and raise the price of ethanol—the alcohol in ethanol is made from corn. And stop using front license plates because the plate must increase the coefficient of drag on a car and reduce fuel economy over a year's time. —W.S., West Chicago
That sinking feeling - Chicago Tribune
"But Roskam has read it, and what jumped out at him was the total lack of protections against fraud and chicanery of the type that characterizes Chicago and Illinois politics. Roskam, in House floor debate, noted how the bill's proponents expressed confidence that cities—"victims" according to the bill's proponents—would spend the money judiciously and wisely."
Articles Of Faith: Evangelical group bucks tradition, supports Obama - Seattle PI
"Taking its name from the biblical passage in which Jesus says, "Inasmuch as you have done it to the least of these, brethren, you have done it to me," and in which Jesus exhorts his followers to care for the sick, feed the hungry, clothe the naked and shelter the homeless, this new PAC is, in its own words, "challenging the religious right on its own turf with a positive Christian witness in politics.""
Downsizing government to death - LA Times
"Once in power, E. coli conservatives shrink government by hamstringing it. They weaken rules that protect people, slash the budgets of consumer agencies and appoint industry friends to oversight commissions. The result: Some government regulatory agencies that we trust to protect us have shrunk to insignificance or serve private industry rather than consumers."
Durbin Encourages Seniors and Disabled Veterans to Claim Economic Stimulus Payments

Durbin Statement on Passage of Major Housing Measure

Durbin urges some to file for stimulus payments -

Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the Passage of the Bipartisan Housing Bill


26&27 July

West Chicago plane pull proceeds going to Special Olympics
"Eight teams of 10 members participated in the 2008 Law Enforcement Torch Run Plane Pull Saturday at the DuPage Airport in West Chicago. The event raises funds for Special Olympics, which provides athletic training and competition for people with disabilities."
Here's your chance to dig up a mastodon
"Registration began last year for a two-week "Mastodon Camp" that runs from July 28 to Aug. 8 where students and teachers are able to learn more about the extinct beast and help dig up remains of an 11,500-year-old mastodon found in the forest preserve. But the public will also be allowed to observe and participate to varying degrees with a few programs available in the later half of the dig."
Saturday Soapbox
"The Democrats' main target was board Chairman Robert Schillerstrom, whose healthy campaign coffers show donations from companies that have received multimillion-dollar county contracts over several years... Still, we agree with the Democrats that it sure does raise questions about impartiality and fairness in contract awarding."
Canadian National deal no deterrent to Metra, Amtrak, report says
"Federal officials reviewing the impact of the proposed acquisition of the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway by the Canadian National Railway concluded Friday that the $300 million deal would not affect existing Metra or Amtrak passenger service or proposed Metra expansion in the Chicago area."
WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 25 Jul 08
To defeat Obama, conservatives take the initiative - LA Times
"This time around, however, religious and social conservatives aren't banking on opposition to gay marriage alone. Across the country, close to 100 statewide questions already have qualified for the ballot in the November election. As many as 60 could be added. Many of these involve social questions about which ideological and religious conservatives have strong feelings."
Did Obama snub U.S. troops in Afghanistan to shoot baskets for publicity pictures? -
"As reported by New York's Daily News reporter James Gordon Meek, an Army spokeswoman at  Bagram said the claims are "factually incorrect" and that Obama "took time to shake hands, speak to troops and pose for photographs" during his July 20 visit. Meek also reported that the author of the e-mail, an Army National Guard captain at Bagram, later messaged the newspaper to say: "After checking my sources, information that was put out in my email was wrong.""
For Targeted GOP Senate Candidates, St. Paul Is Not A Choice Destination
"The Republican convention will be bookended by speeches from President Bush, whose low approval ratings have caused many candidates to keep him at arm's length, and McCain, who is still trying to mend fences with conservatives. But none of the absentees or potential no-shows is publicly citing Bush or McCain as the reason for their decisions."
Second Arrest Attempt On Karl Rove In Iowa Leads To 4 Arrests - Des Moines Catholic Worker:
"Four Iowans were arrested today while attempting to make a Citizens' Arrest of Karl Rove in Des Moines, Iowa. Citing Iowa Code provisions for making Citizen's Arrests as well as citing Federal Statute violations they claimed Rove had violated, the four were stopped at the gate of the Wakonda Country Club in Des Moines where Rove was scheduled to speak at a Republican Fundraiser."

25 July

Federal board releases study on EJ&E buyout
"The study also sets forth recommended mitigation and Canadian National’s voluntary mitigation measures.  The study encourages mutually negotiated agreements between the railroad and local communities to offset environmental impacts if the board approves the proposal."
Briefs: Man guilty of battery
"The two Hispanic men were fueling their landscaping equipment on July 19, 2007 at a gas station at North Avenue and County Farm Road when, they say, Hindle began shouting racial slurs at them. He repeatedly punched one of the men, who had to be hospitalized, and threw the other to the ground when he tried to intervene. The men said Hindle told them the police wouldn't bother arresting him because he was an American. He was wrong."
District 34 OKs plans to study consolidation
"Winfield Elementary District 34 became the first feeder district to approve a consolidation study with West Chicago High School.  The school board voted Thursday to pay up to $3,000 for a study that would look at the effects of consolidating with the high school, Benjamin Elementary District 25 and West Chicago Elementary District 33."
Briefs: Flood aid fundraiser
"A rummage sale to benefit the American Red Cross for flood victim aid will be from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. today at Daniel & Associates Real Estate, 465 E. Roosevelt Road, West Chicago. Call (630) 231-8090."
Briefs: Plane Pull Saturday
"The 2008 Law Enforcement Torch Run Plane Pull to raise money for Special Olympics is planned for Saturday at the DuPage Airport, 2700 International Drive, West Chicago. The tug-of-war-style contest involves teams of 10 who compete to pull a 70,000-pound aircraft 20 feet the quickest. Registration starts at 8 a.m., with competitions to follow at 9 a.m. Each team must have raised at least $500 for Special Olympics Illinois. Call (800) 394-0562."
County helps new facility for low-income seniors
"Currently, the only other assisted living facility in DuPage that accepts Medicaid clients is in West Chicago. Franciscan Court is a 70-unit facility that sets aside some units for Medicaid patients, county officials said."
Jury acquits West Chicago man of hate crime charges
"A DuPage County jury Thursday convicted a West Chicago man for the aggravated assault of two men at a gas station but acquitted him of committing a hate crime for allegedly shouting racial epithets at them during the incident."
[See also Fully Informed Jury Association - Bob]
What's in the housing rescue for Illinois?
"It was unclear Wednesday how much of that redevelopment money would be allocated to Illinois.  Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) voted against the bill, his office said, in part because he fears that Gov. Rod Blagojevich will control the money."
Rep. Foster Votes to Increase Domestic Oil Supply
“While it is important to work towards long-term solutions to the energy crisis such as investing in alternative energy, releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is an immediate action that has the potential to reduce the price of gas right now,”
 “After an initial review of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, I am disappointed with a number of aspects. For starters, the Surface Transportation Board estimates show that if this transaction is to be approved, we will increase oil consumption by 17,000 barrels of oil per year. Freight rail is supposed to reduce fuel consumption. We do not need to be encouraging increased consumption, but increased conservation."
Willow Creek Repents? - Christianity Today
"Having put so many of their eggs into the program-driven church basket, you can understand their shock when the research revealed that “Increasing levels of participation in these sets of activities does NOT predict whether someone’s becoming more of a disciple of Christ. It does NOT predict whether they love God more or they love people more.”"
FOX got the message!
"Check out the petition delivery below and Colbert on the right. Then, down beneath, consider helping our ongoing campaign against attacks on Obama."

24 July

Fourth Annual Family Golf Outi
  • "Saturday, August 9, 2008 from 11:00 to 2:00
  • Route 64 and St.Charles Rd., West Chicago
  • $25 per Family (up to 6 people)
  • Includes food by Scooby‘s Hot Dogs, drinks, dessert and Cody Coyote!"
"Republican Congressional Candidate Jim Oberweis will host a family fundraising event for a few hundred supporters Friday night at the Kane County Fairgrounds with special guest Former Speaker J. Dennis Hastert."
Area residents rise to fight CN rail bid
"We are fighting a very powerful industry, a very powerful lobby. We are fighting a history of the STB almost perfunctorally approving these kinds of deals," Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner told the crowd. "We are fighting a tough opponent, but with the unified voice and effort here I think we have a good shot at accomplishing and maintaining the quality of life in this area that is so critical to all of us."
4-H clubs hold on to some members for generations
"When Erika Voogd of West Chicago was a child, 4-H also served as a gathering opportunity for children who shared a common interest - horses.  "The main reason we were all part of the 4-H club was because we had horses," she said. "Back when DuPage County was much less developed, we used to ride our horses all over the place and compete in the county fair.""
Plan Your Weekend
"July 25 ... Daniel and Associates Real Estate will hold a yard and rummage sale fundraiser from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. July 25 at the office, 465 E. Roosevelt Road, West Chicago. Proceeds will benefit the American Red Cross fund to aid victims of the recent flooding in Iowa. For details, call (630) 231-8090."
'Call to action' meeting on EJ&E sale draws 1,500
"So the news that Canadian National Railway Co. is seeking to buy most of the EJ&E line, and subsequently quadruple the number of freight trains passing by his yard, has Brauer concerned. And he's definitely not alone.  On Wednesday night, Brauer joined roughly 1,500 people who live along the EJ&E line at Waubonsie Valley High School's Gold Campus in Aurora."
More appeals filed against Planned Parenthood
"The appeal contains no new arguments, simply reiterating the case opponents made last year -- they believe Planned Parenthood violated several conditions in the zoning code and needed to obtain a special-use permit to operate a not-for-profit medical clinic in a business boulevard zoning district."
Oberweis on energy: Produce more, use less
"He told the small but attentive group that his two-part plan is simple: to provide more energy and use less of it.  Oberweis suggested increasing the production and supply of American-made energy in an environmentally safe way and promoting new, clean and reliable sources of energy like advanced nuclear and next-generation coal, while promoting clean power from renewable energy such as wind and biofuels. "
Annexed land in West Chicago may be used for new church
"The City Council voted unanimously Monday evening to acquire 21 acres at the southwest corner of North Avenue and Atlantic Drive at the request of Vertanen Industries, a Cary developer.  Owner Michael Vertanen would not reveal further details, but city officials said they have been told a church is intended for one of the 10 buildable lots in the parcel."


“As Congress is handing over authority to the Bush Administration to spend upwards of $1.2 trillion for a bailout of Fannie and Freddie, this irresponsible majority is trying to siphon funds away from them for massive government housing programs, further threatening the stability of Fannie and Freddie."

New Systems Keep a Close Eye on Online Students at Home - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"Tucked away in a 1,200-page bill now in Congress is a small paragraph that could lead distance-education institutions to require spy cameras in their students' homes.  It sounds Orwellian, but the paragraph — part of legislation renewing the Higher Education Act — is all but assured of becoming law by the fall. No one in Congress objects to it."
"Insurance Company Rules" - Families e-Activist Network, AFL-CIO
"While working families are struggling to make ends meet, insurance companies rake in huge profits, enjoying lax regulations that allow them to make money by denying coverage and care. Today, one in four people don't get the care they need, even though they pay for health insurance. Many of us are one medical emergency away from bankruptcy. On top of that, 47 million people have no health coverage at all.  Change the rules. Sign the petition now to win health care we all can count on. "
23 July  
Daniel J. Koch-
I received the following in IM from Dan's wife this afternoon:
"Just to let you know Dan passed away today after complications from a car accident. I will let everyone know the funeral arrangements soon. ... I'm still in shock, but me and the kids will work together to get through this."
Around and About in West Chicago - 23 July 2008
  • Secret Garden at the Kruse House
  • Rose Volkert
  • National Night Out Against Crime and Drugs
  • Lego Mania
The Fourth Annual Family Golf Outing
"Representative Randy Ramey presents the Fourth Annual Family Golf Outing at Coyote Crossing Miniature Golf "
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)State legislators back off from NIU cancer center criticisms
"State Sen. John Millner, a Republican from Carol Stream, acknowledged Tuesday that the characterization of the NIU proton treatment center "could've been done differently."  "I want both centers to be built," Millner said. "I want to make sure both become very successful. And I'll do what I can to promote both centers.""
DuPage County may ban BYOB at strip clubs
"Board member Jim Zay specifically targeted Diamonds when he proposed changing county ordinances earlier this year.  "No one's in there watching to see if they're being overserved," he said. "We're not shutting them down, we're just saying if you want people to drink there, you should be responsible.""
  DuPage Dems blast GOP for taking cash from local businesses
"I randomly picked four companies that made campaign contributions to DuPage County Chairman Robert Schillerstrom and checked county records to see if those companies had contracts with the county," he said. "Sure enough, they all did."
DuPage Co. business calendar - Aug. 7
"Women in Business will hold a Power Networking Lunch for Wheaton, Warrenville, West Chicago and Winfield at 11:30 a.m. Aug. 7 at Holiday Inn & Suites, 150 S. Gary Ave., Carol Stream. For details, call (630) 668-6464."
Procure Treatment Centers Inc. sues NIU over plans to build proton therapy facility
"The Bloomington, Ind.-based company, which has partnered with Central DuPage Hospital on the proton therapy facility project, accuses NIU of violating the Illinois Antitrust Act and wants to know who helped NIU in its appearances before the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board, a state agency that regulates health-care construction and gave NIU approval for the project."
Suit alleges NIU stifled competition
"Bloomington, Ind.-based Procure Treatment Centers Inc. filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court on Tuesday, alleging that NIU abused the state’s regularly system to stifle competition in the health care market, according to the Tribune story."
CBS edits McCain gaffe from interview, provides fake answer for viewers to cover for McCain
"McCain, looking just awful on camera, made yet another major gaffe about national security policy, on CBS. So what did Katie Couric do? She aired the interview with McCain, aired the question that led to the gaffe, and then inserted an "answer" to the question that wasn't the real gaffe-filled answer - it was something McCain said in a total other part of the interview. It's absolutely astounding how far the corporate media is willing to go in order to defend John McCain."
Union Made Clothing:  The Sweatshop-Free Alternative
"If you don't mind buying clothing made by slaves, children, indentured servants, or workers who are paid pennies a day, we are not your kind of store.  You can help stop the destruction of communities at home and abroad by buying clothing made by workers who are treated fairly. All of the clothes at Justice Clothing are made in the USA and Canada by unionized workers."
Unorthodox Atheism: The World is Flat
"The Fact the Earth is Flat is not my opinion, it is a Proved Fact! While all we need to know is that the Bible says the Earth is flat (Is.40:22, Ez.7:2, Dn.2:35; 4:10-11,20, Mt.4:8)... but for a second can you imagine what these so-called 'scientists would have us believe ---..."
[I too received a link to Top 100 this morning.  It must be becoming viral.- Bob]
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"The Department of Central Management Services has received notice from Governor Blagojevich's Office to fly the flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of: PFC Willington M. Rhoads, United States Army, Hometown: Paris, Illinois"



22 July


West Chicago
High School


Message from New Athletic Director
"I am Doug Mullaney, West Chicago Community High School Athletic Director. I want to thank all of you for the warm welcome and helping hand in getting started here in West Chicago."
Briefs: West Chicago students take honors
"Two seniors from Community High School in West Chicago last month placed in the Future Business Leaders of America National Competition in Atlanta ...Mike Wall and Paul Warkins, both of West Chicago, placed fourth in entrepreneurship. The competition included a collaborative written test and a presentation.
Foster finds border security needs enhancement while on fact-finding mission
"They key element here is workplace enforcement," Foster said. "You have to give businesses a simple and reliable method of telling if anyone they want to employ is here legally. And having done that, you have the right to demand that employers only hire people who are legal."
  Vintage planes land in DuPage
"The Wings of Freedom Tour of the World War II Vintage Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, Consolidated B-24 Liberator, North American B-25 Mitchell and North American P-51 Mustang will be at the DuPage Airport in West Chicago from Friday through Monday."
[Check out the archival footage of last years event. - Bob]
GOP newcomer takes on Durbin
"He also said Durbin – a 12-year veteran in the Senate and its second-highest ranking member — is not representing the views of Illinois residents.  Specifically, Sauerberg objects to Durbin’s views on the war in Iraq, immigration, energy and health care, among other issues."
New DuPage County tech park looking for tenants
"What the park lacks three years after its official opening is an abundance of tenants on its 850 acres just south of the DuPage County Airport.  The pace of development concerns the park's managers and policymakers, but it's a matter they attribute partly to a slow economy and partly to the peculiar nature of a technology park that aspires to attract researchers and users of complex, cutting-edge, expensive technology. That is, it can't be rushed."
Congregation Gets Protesters, Then Cops' Bill - Christianity Today
"News reports say there were about 120 protesters and counter-protesters when someone sprayed a chemical, injuring one of the church's supporters. No arrest was made in that incident, but between four to fifteen officers were standing by to make sure the protest and counter-protest didn't get out of hand.  Simi Valley mayor Paul Miller announced that the United Church of Christ congregation will be billed $39,306 for the police presence. Miller explained that while the church didn't ask for a police presence, it created a need for one by announcing it was harboring an illegal immigrant."
Out of bounds! McCain exaggerates impact of Obama's tax plan - McClatchy Washington Bureau
"What happened: McCain frequently says that Barack Obama would raise tax rates on 23 million small-business people who file tax returns as individuals.  Why that's wrong: "It's a false and preposterously inflated figure," concluded, the nonpartisan watchdog group at the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center."
US unemployment highest in 20 years  - Real News
"The troubled economy is having direct effects on people’s everyday lives. US home prices have fallen 17 percent over the past year, foreclosure filings surged 53 percent in June with 252,363 homes receiving at least one foreclosure-related notice and More than 71,000 properties were repossessed by lenders nationwide in June. In addition, access to health care is increasingly out of reach, In 2007, more than 75 million or 42% of all working age Americans either had no health insurance during the year or were under insured, up from 35% in 2003 and almost 16 percent of Americans or 47 million people have no health insurance at all."

21 July

West Chicago Public Access Playback - July 21- July 27
"For those viewers that couldn't be there or those that want to relive it, CableCom presents the 2008 Railroad Days Parade on Tuesday and Thursday of this week. Enjoy the parade with our announcers Gene Rennels and Anna Durso. Tune in at 7:30pm each night to enjoy the bands, the clowns, the Shriners and your neighbors in one of the best parades in the entire state!"
Thanks to Kirk for his position on CN
"Thank you, Congressman Kirk (and the other supportive members of Congress), for doing just that - for taking the time to cut through the rhetoric, for understanding the benefits to regional transportation efficiency, the economy and the environment, and for standing up for the interests of the vast majority of the residents of the 10th District who will benefit greatly from changes resulting from the proposed acquisition."
Briefs: Medical society lists scholarships
"The DuPage Medical Society Foundation has awarded six 2008 student scholarships. The scholarship winners are Alexander John Tauchen of Villa Park, medicine; Richard Avalos of West Chicago, pharmacy; ..."
DUPAGE COUNTY FAIR: Everything you need to know
"This year's DuPage County Fair will run from Wednesday to Sunday, July 23-27. Find everything you need to know right here."
Unlike McCain, many seniors depend on the Web
"On one hand, a U.S. senator has access to information sources and staff assistance that most people do not," Fox said. "On the other, the Internet has become such a go-to resource that it's a curiosity to hear that someone doesn't rely on it the way most Americans do."
[I'm always amazed at how many seniors tell me that they read this site... but then, West Chicago HS had its first computer in 1966. - Bob]
Area leaders concerned over railway deal
"When West Chicago’s mayor thinks about Canadian National Railway’s plan to buy the Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway, he said the phrase “we’re being railroaded” comes to mind.  “There’s a reason you use the term,” Mayor Mike Kwasman said. “Do I trust [CN]? No, I don’t.”"
West Chicago students on Dean's List at Elmhurst College
Mark Aloisio, Katarzyna Bielak, Sara Earhart, Over, Kimberly Evans, David Kelsey, Janine Loewe, Sharon Miranda, Kelsey Monroe, Brett Palmer, Ashley Phelps, Rachel Marie Ririe, Susan Rolseth
Travel Baseball club is training ground in West Chicago
"Prior to the formation of the travel baseball team organization, the youths were playing baseball in their respective park districts of Carol Stream, West Chicago and Winfield. The students attend the elementary and middle schools of District 25, 33 and 34, and then proceed to Community High School District 94 in West Chicago. “With the travel team, they are playing baseball with the same kids who will be going to high school together. Bringing everyone together helps build a strong feeder program,” stated George Kordik, a team coach."
"Illinois is home to more than 550,000 illegal immigrants. Only three states have larger illegal populations, ...  “While other states have taken proactive steps to discourage illegal immigration and promote the rule of law, Illinois has blocked many common sense tools to curb illegal immigration."
Rep. Roskam Praises Criminal Alien Dragnet in Chicagoland Suburbs - The Conservative Voice - Kernersville,NC
"While Illinois Sen. Barack Obama is posing as Commander in Chief in Iraq and Afghanistan, he appears oblivious to what's going on in his home state Illinois: an invasion by illegal aliens who have criminal records."
"Republican Congressional Candidate Jim Oberweis will host the first in a series of town hall meetings in Yorkville to provide a platform for residents to engage in an open discussion of potential solutions to reduce high gas prices."
HP shatters excessive packaging world record - The Register
"What the überbox did contain was 16 smaller boxes "which in turn [each] contained (wrapped in foam so they wouldn't get broken) exactly two sheets of A4 paper":"
Crackup of Anglican Communion at Hand, Evangelical Bishops Say
"This fall, several American dioceses will vote on whether to separate from the Episcopal Church. On Wednesday, a west suburban Chicago-area priest confided: "It's all over but the lawsuits.""
McCain Warns Of ‘Hard Struggle’ On The ‘Iraq-Pakistan Border’
"Today on Good Morning America, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) refused to call the situation in Afghanistan “precarious and urgent,” but admitted that “We have a lot of work to do.” He warned of a “very hard struggle, particularly given the situation on the Iraq-Pakistan border.”"
[Geographically speaking, this is like talking about the border of Mississippi and New Mexico.  - Bob]



19&20 July

City Council Agenda - 21 July 2008
Sorry, every time I try to load this I get an error.  Perhaps your luck will be better.  They lock the PDF so I can't copy and paste out of it anyhow. - Bob

Historical Preservation Commission - 22 July 2008

Suburban gang members targeted in federal immigration raids
"A total of 49 people were arrested in the operation which involved police departments from Addison, Bensenville, Elgin, Mount Prospect, West Chicago and Wheeling, among others... Among those arrested in West Chicago was 23-year-old Mauricio Vega-Cruz, a reputed gang banger deported to Mexico last year, who subsequently returned to the U.S."
Former West Chicago alderman dies
"After suffering a diabetic seizure June 20, doctors discovered the former West Chicago alderman had lung cancer in three places on one lung as well as a cancerous brain tumor, her husband, Roy Volkert, said.  She underwent surgery June 28 for the brain tumor, but never regained consciousness."
Merle Burleigh informs me that "The memorial service is next Sunday, July
27."  - Bob
49 immigrants arrested in federal anti-gang effort
"Of those arrested in a four-day sweep that ended Wednesday, 47 are thought to be members or associates of seven different gangs, according to the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, or ICE.All but one were in the country illegally, the release said. Nine had been deported before. One of the detainees was from Guatemala, and the rest were from Mexico, officials said."
Mud Volleyball was a messy, fun splash in West Chicago
"West Chicago Park District's Mud Volleyball Tournament has become a regional tradition. This event used 6 full size mud volleyball courts, 52 tons of dirt, and over 55 teams participate in this event. The event was held on two seperate days with each day hosting it's own tournament."
NIU says proton project ‘on time, on budget,’ CDH project not needed
“NIU followed the rules scrupulously to obtain approval for its non-profit proton therapy treatment and research center, has already broken ground and remains on time and on budget,” Lewis wrote. “The opinions of those not even involved in the process should be weighed against the ‘facts on the ground.’”
Knox College
Museum Showcases Student Work
"The museum invited art faculty from each college to choose up to seven works by their students for the show. The Knox students and works are:...
* "Intersection," an oil painting by Sarah Hasse, an educational studies and studio art major from West Chicago, Illinois."

WHAT’S NEW   Robert L. Park   Friday, 18 Jul 08






IL-06: Roskam Can't Read
"But curiously, the EIA estimated that opening up the OCS would only increase production by about 200,000 barrels a day and "would not have a significant impact on domestic crude oil and natural gas production or prices before 2030."   There's a big difference between 2.4 million and 200,000. So where did the GOP congressmen get the larger number? It appears that they took the total amount of offshore production once the OCS is opened up -- including the 2.2 million barrels a day already being extracted by offshore rigs here in the U.S."
Iraq PM: U.S. troops should leave as soon as possible - CNews
""That, we think, would be the right timeframe for a withdrawal, with the possibility of slight changes," al-Maliki was quoted as saying. "Those who operate on the premise of short time periods in Iraq today are being more realistic. Artificially prolonging the tenure of U.S. troops in Iraq would cause problems."  Asked when U.S. forces would leave Iraq, he responded, "As soon as possible, as far a we're concerned." "
The New Yorker Cover - Cagle Cartoons
R.J. Matson, NY of The New York Observer and Roll considers what the New Yorker could have used as a cover that would make Republicans squeal just like the Dems over the Obama cover.  The first offense cannot be put back in the barn... the second offense is required by justice and equity. - Bob
N.H. will accept free oil from Chavez after all - AP
"Bill Fuller, general manager of Fred Fuller Oil Co., disagreed. He began delivering fuel for Citizens last winter, when hundreds of New Hampshire residents who applied on their own, without state involvement, got 100 gallons free. Fuller said he plans to do it again.  "It's actually a pretty good program," he said. "We get a voucher. We fax it in and get money right away." "

18 July

Roadside Safety Checks Announced for August
"A Roadside Safety Check will be conducted by the West Chicago Police Department and the DuPage County Sheriff's Department during the month of August 2008."
GOP presents its case for reform
"Illinois House Republicans are saying the right things on what the state must do to honor its commitments to the public to be ethically and fiscally responsible in managing tax dollars and providing services.  The question is if a public that is disgusted with the state of affairs in Springfield will warm to these reforms."
Foster heads to the border for fact-finding mission
"As a scientist, one specific reason for my visit is an on-site technical evaluation of the 'electronic border fence' which is being tested along part of the Arizona-Mexico border."
Bond refinancing saves District 303 about $2 million
"Superintendent Don Schlomann said the savings could lower the tax rate in such a way the district would have "more room to sell more bonds without raising taxes."And any subsequent savings could be funneled into the district's ongoing community-meeting series known as Summit 303, Schlomann said."
Administrator costs down in St. Charles District 303
"St. Charles school administrators on average will get 4 percent raises this year, but overall administrative costs in District 303 will drop by about $500,000.  Superintendent Don Schlomann on Thursday attributed the savings to administrative cuts and restructuring that took place over the last year."
Local Art at the heart of Railroad Days
"Howard, a 74-year-old part-time art instructor has lived in the city for more than 60 years.  She said when she started the show in the early 1990s, there wasn’t much interest in art. The show started with about 25 to 30 participants but has doubled since then and expanded this year to add a photography category."
West Chicago man is 3rd to plead guilty in hostage case
"Authorities said that in November 2006, when Mannella was 16, he took three people hostage after they allegedly tried to buy drugs from him with counterfeit money. They were not harmed, but were held for hours in the St. Charles Township residence of Patrick T. Conlin, where Mannella and his mother, Wilma Mannella, 50, then lived."
Church-expansion proposal advances
"The current facility, which includes just over 8,000 square feet of space, will increase by nearly 9,000 square feet and provide seating for 216 people. The new addition is being designed by West Chicago-based Jakl Brandeis Architects Ltd."
Railroad Days has a record year
"Whether it was high gas prices, good weather or just the enjoyable family fun Railroad Days in West Chicago had a banner year.  The annual event took place between July 10 and July 13."
[15 hits in 3rd day... 6 pictures provided by the city's PR person... who needs a local newspaper when we have this kind of coverage?  - Bob]
Congressmen trying to halt Canadian National expansion
"After U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam, R-6th, of Wheaton introduced a bill last week that would designate the EJ&E section of the proposed STAR Line as a "commuter rail corridor," four other members of Congress signed on their support, including U.S. Reps. Don Manzullo, R-16th, of Egan; Judy Biggert, R-13th, of Hinsdale; Melissa Bean, D-8th, of Barrington; and Bill Foster, D-14th, of Geneva."
Roskam not strong on the environment - Chicago Daily Herald
"In 2008, he has already voted against the Clean Energy Act (H.R. 6), the Clean Air Act (H.R. 2643) and the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2008 (H. R. 5351), all of which move us closer to the goals of cleaner air to breathe, climate protection and energy-independence."
Savage on autism: "A fraud, a racket. ... In 99 percent of the cases, it's a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out"
"They don't have a father around to tell them, 'Don't act like a moron. You'll get nowhere in life. Stop acting like a putz. Straighten up. Act like a man. Don't sit there crying and screaming, idiot.' ""

17 July

Collage of Rail Road Days 2008 - Philip Weibler
"Winner of the Grand Marshal Award for the float best demonstrating the parade’s theme, “The Sky’s the Limit,” was Friends of the West Chicago City Museum. West Chicago Sister Cities won the Turner Award, best depicting the scope of a business or organization. WeGo Youth won the Heritage Award, recognizing the enthusiasm and purpose of youth organization participants." - Burleigh
West Chicago Travel Baseball Team Organization
"Entering into its second year, the West Chicago Travel Baseball Team Organization through the West Chicago Park District pitches the way for youths not only to develop their playing skills, but also provides a base for the development of a productive feeder sports program for the Community High School baseball team."

West Chicago
High School


CHS Students Place in Future Business Leaders of America National Competition
"The FBLA National Conference was held in Atlanta June 25 – 30, 2008 with 7,400 students in attendance from across the Country. All students who placed 1st or 2nd in their event at their State competitions were eligible to compete at the National level."
West Chicago Fine Arts Fiesta Winners Announced
"The Fine Arts Fiesta was held at Reed Keppler Park during the City of West Chicago's annual Railroad Day event. All winners will be honored at the September 2, 2008 City Council meeting at 7:00 p.m."
State urged to OK 2nd cancer center
"A group of 23 state lawmakers is urging a state regulatory agency to approve a second proton therapy facility for DuPage County, which would put two cutting-edge cancer treatment centers within 6 miles of each other.  The lawmakers' support was captured in a letter written by state Sen. Dan Cronin (R-Elmhurst) to the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board."
Foster To Go On Fact-Finding Trip
“As a scientist and a businessman, I am always primarily concerned with the facts,” Foster said.  “Across the district, from St. Charles to Dixon, I have heard from my constituents that immigration is an issue of importance, and I am going on a fact-finding mission to the U.S./Mexico border to better understand how we must address the issue of immigration.”
"As gas prices continue to climb, Republican Congressional Candidate Jim Oberweis has called on Members of the Illinois Congressional delegation to support the Boutique Fuel Reduction Act and provide immediate relief for millions of Chicagoland residents."
Senators avoiding Statehouse to protect post-election pay raises
"But critics said returning to Springfield also would force the Senate to vote on whether to boost base salaries for lawmakers next summer by 7.5 percent, to $72,985. Jones has not scheduled the Senate to return until after the November election, when it would be less volatile for lawmakers to take a vote."
Gay bishop forced to halt sermon after heckler calls him 'heretic' - The Independent
"But a member of the congregation shouted that the schism was his fault and forced him to halt mid-sentence. As the bishop's supporters started slow handclapping the demonstrator, a hymn was sung and the unidentified protester was escorted from the building."
Iraqi uranium transferred to Canada  - Middle East Times
"The 550 metric tons of uranium, which was sold to a Canadian company, was moved by truck convoy to Baghdad's "Green Zone," then flown by military aircraft to a third country where it was put on a ship for Canada, said Bryan Whitman, the spokesman."
16 July  
Around and About in West Chicago - 16 July 2008
  • A complete rundow of Rail Road Days events.
  • Coffee with Mayor
  • Opening on the West Chicago Library Board of Trustees
  • Golf For a Cure
Secret Garden Event
"Join the West Chicago Garden Club and the West Chicago Historical Society for a celebration of their 10 year collaboration.  Member gardeners will be on hand at the Kruse House Museum to share personal stories of their discoveries which include garden paths, rock walls and a charming lily pond.  The event is free, refreshments will be served and the gardens promise to inspire!"
You Tube has video of Rail Road Days 2008
Police Alert
"The West Chicago Police Department needs your help to catch these suspects and prevent other incidents.
  • Lock your car doors and secure your garage.
  • If you see anyone suspicious in your neighborhood, call 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY.
  • If you have any information that may assist us in identifying the suspects, please contact Detective Peterson at 630-293-2222."
Construction Notice - Michael Browning Way
"The Construction is scheduled for Friday, July 18 2008 beginning at 7:00 p.m. through Monday, July 21, 2008.  The ramp will be closed to traffic the entire weekend, but will be available for fire trucks."
[How many of you who could not be informed by a call to the Fire Dept. need that part about the fire trucks? - Bob]
West Chicago High first to OK consolidation study
""I think that, as in most decisions, our school board wants data before it enters into any long-term decisions," District 34 Superintendent Diane Cody said. "There will be no quick action on our part."  Last week, school officials from all four districts met in a joint meeting to learn about what options they have available if consolidation of the four districts is pushed by either school officials or diligent parents."
Rep. Roskam with big dollar lead over Democratic rival
"For the second quarter ended June 30th, Roskam reported having raised about $408,000 while spending about $165,000. Debts amounted to about $37,000."
Wheaton neighbors pay tribute to fallen Marine
"Zeigler and her husband, Jim, first got to know Terhune in 1989, when their son, Dave, brought him home one day. At the time, Terhune was a new student at Wheaton Academy in West Chicago."
  • JUMP ON A MOON BOUNCE (maybe not in that order)....
Harper’s Grassroots Take It To Biggert’s Special Interests In IL-13 Fundraising
"Harper campaign reported more than doubling last quarter’s small donor contributions, with $21,032.72, almost four times Biggert’s small donor funds ($5,649) for the quarter. Small donors have made up about 10% of the Harper campaign’s contributions in 2008, and over 20% in Harper’s limited 2007 fundraising period."
Foster Stands Up for Seniors, Votes to Override Bush’s Veto of Medicare Bill
"“The President again illustrated that he is out of touch with the needs of Americans by vetoing a critical, bipartisan bill that improves Medicare and allows seniors to continue to visit the doctors they know and trust,” Foster said.  “I am proud to stand today with Democrats and Republicans alike to overturn the President’s veto of a bill that puts seniors first while also strengthening Medicare,” Foster said."
"In addition to critical votes on free-trade and the extension of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, ATR also rated votes on the increase of income tax rates and excise taxes, and the repeal of the Alternative Minimum Tax. In the House, ATR double-rated votes against tax increases within the Long-Term Energy Alternatives for the Nation Act and against the tax-hiking “farm bill.” "
Reading the Bible with Obama - Christianity Today
"Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, William Jennings Bryan, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King — indeed, the majority of great reformers in American history — were not only motivated by faith, but repeatedly used religious language to argue for their cause," Obama said. "To say that men and women should not inject their 'personal morality' into public policy debates is a practical absurdity; our law is by definition a codification of morality, much of it grounded in the Judeo-Christian tradition."

Orlando-Area immigrant workers fight to hold the pennies they won - Orlando Sentinel
"The farmers and their Maitland-based lobbying group have refused to pass on to workers the extra penny that McDonald's, Yum! Brands and Burger King are paying. So the money -- now more than $110,000 -- piles up in escrow.  The coalition hasn't targeted the growers yet, but it might."

Phil Gramm's Porn Stash - The Nation
"Gramm rewarded his financial angels in 2000, slipping the "Commodity Futures Modernization Act" into a omnibus spending bill just as Congress headed off for summer vacation. His amendment instantly enabled the creation of a shadow banking system -- "weapons of financial destruction" in the words of Warren Buffet -- that directly contributed to the current mortgage foreclosure crisis. Millions of Americans have suffered as a result of Gramm's machinations."
15 July  
Becky Hall Hear Mike Fortner sing Carmina Burana with the West Suburban Symphony the 19th
"Mike Fortner is singing with the West Suburban Symphony this Saturday at the Edman Chapel at Wheaton College (Washington and Franklin streets in Wheaton)."
Harry B. Hein - July 14, 2008
"Beloved husband of Olive (nee Schwarz), Loving father of Karen (John) Calhoun, Lynne (Donald) Tuck, Terrence (Holly) Hein and Timothy Hein "
National Night Out in West Chicago
"Neighborhoods throughout West Chicago are invited to join the annual nationwide event that celebrates crime prevention, National Night Out, on Tuesday, August 5, 2008."
Briefs: Harper, COD top producers
"Community College Week magazine has ranked College of DuPage and Harper College among the top 100 institutions in the nation producing associate degrees in 2007. COD in Glen Ellyn conferred 1,528 associate degrees, ranking it 58th,..."
Smooth debut for new Delnor rooms
"With the addition of the new patient suites for those being treated in oncology, orthopedics, renal or surgical departments, Delnor's number of beds grew from 128 to 159 -- and they're all private rooms... In her new room, Scrimali watched TV on a large, flat-panel screen and sat in a bed just a few steps from a spacious bathroom. Moss appreciated the in-room couch as a nice touch."
Schillerstrom voices concerns in D.C. over EJ&E
"During his three-day trip to the nation’s capital, Schillerstrom met with officials from the Federal Railroad Administration and the Surface Transportation Board, as well as congressional staff members. He made the visit to express concerns about the potential acquisition of the Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway by Canadian National Railway."
Foster Works to Honor President Reagan
“After speaking with Jim Burke, the Mayor of Dixon, who brought this bill to my attention, I am pleased to support legislation to honor President Reagan,” Foster said.  “Since I signed on as a co-sponsor, the bill has gained traction, attracting numerous additional co-sponsors.  It is my hope that the bill is quickly brought up for a vote on the House floor.”
Rep. Bill Foster Supports Relief for Veterans’ Gas Expenses
"The Veterans Travel Equity Act would increase the mileage reimbursement for veterans seeking healthcare at Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical facilities, so that it is the same as the mileage reimbursement rate available to federal employees -- currently 58.5 cents per mile."
Rep. Foster Announces Neighborhood Office Hours
"Today, Rep. Bill Foster announced that he is taking his office “on the road,” and is sending staff to cities, communities and neighborhoods all across the sprawling 14th District. "
Join Us For Some Family Fun!
"Mark your calendars for July 25 and come out to the Kane County Fairgrounds for the Oberweis Family Fun Fest. Join Jim and his family for great BBQ, entertainment, activities for the kids, and our special guest former Speaker Denny Hastert."
Let The Investigations Begin! - TPM
"The House oversight committee and the Department of Homeland Security are launching inquiries into the alleged cash-for-access scheme being run by Homeland Security adviser Stephen Payne.  As we reported yesterday, Payne, who works for an "international relations and energy development" consulting firm in Houston, has circulated in Bushworld for years. He served as the President's traveling aide during his father's 1988 campaign and popped up again as a "Pioneer" fundraising bundler during the 2000 election. "



14 July

Sports: Wis. women swimmers wrap up Olympic Trials competition - The Capitol Times, Masison, WI
"Recent UW grad Jackie Vavrek finished 22nd with a time of 25.74 seconds. She entered the trials seeded 10th in the event. The top 16 finishers made it to the semifinals, to be held Saturday night at the Qwest Center."
West Chicago Public Access Playback - July 14- July 20
"Next week's schedule will have the Railroad Days Parade 2008!!!"
[For those that need an earlier parade fix, click to the right for a 4 minute video of highlights of RR Days, including the parade. - Bob]
Woodward Grandchildren meet NASCAR driver
The grandchildren of Wayne and Sandy Woodward met Texaco/Havoline Dodge driver (NASCAR), Juan Pablo Montoya at the West Chicago Jewel on Wed, July 9th.  Montoyo, a Columbian, is a former champion in  both Formula One and Champ Cars.
Playing a dirty game of volleyball in W. Chicago
"When game strategy called for it, not one player showed the slightest hesitation when going after an incoming ball.  "We do dive," said Tim Seabolt, of Winfield, captain of the 280 Club team.  The mud volleyball tournament, in its 22nd year, was held on the last day of the weekend festival, which also featured food vendors, music, a parade and fireworks."
Briefs: Lightning strikes house
"Two people were able to safely evacuate a two-story West Chicago house struck by lightning Thursday night, officials said Friday. Firefighters arrived at the home at 534 E. Washington St. shortly after 10:30 p.m., Deputy Fire Chief Robert Hodge said. The fire was contained to the roof and was doused in about 10 minutes, Hodge said. Damage estimates weren't immediately available."
Police beat
"Rosario A. Munoz, 32, of 604 E. Grand Lake Blvd., West Chicago, was arrested at 7:16 p.m. Sunday and charged with reckless driving, two counts of endangering the life of a child, operating an uninsured vehicle and driving without a valid license after ramming another vehicle her husband was riding in on the 3800 block of East Main Street, police said. According to a report, there were two children and a relative riding with Munoz. The relative was treated by paramedics at the scene after falling out of Munoz's vehicle."
Garden plastics recycling takes a step in the green direction
"Ball Horticultural in West Chicago, one of the world's biggest horticultural companies, started selling locally grown Circle of Life-brand plants in stiff, compostable pots made in Asia from rice hulls. Ball also is experimenting with pots and trays made from cornstarch, according to public relations manager Jessie Atchison. A few more growers including Ball are using Ellepots, biodegradable, plantable sleeves that must be supported in plastic holders for retail sale."
MarketWatch Burpee Promotes Romas to President
"Romas joined the 133-year-old company in March of 1991 as Controller and rapidly advanced through many positions at Burpee, including Chief Financial Officer. Before joining Burpee, Romas held the Internal Controls Manager position at George J. Ball, Inc., a former parent company in West Chicago, Illinois."
Obama pledges to expand Bush's faith-based works - The Christian Century
"I believe that change comes not from the top down but from the bottom up," Obama said, "and few are closer to the people than our churches, synagogues, temples and mosques."

12&13 July

Rail Road Days 2008
West Chicago's festival ended in typical style... Saturday night's Fireworks ... Sunday afternoon's splendid parade ... and Sunday evening's music with a Latin beat.  Thanks to all the planners, workers, and participants for another great weekend.  The link above takes you to a 4 minute video of the sights and sounds. - Bob
Let's Take A Ride: On Highway 51 -
"Historic Silver Street in Hurley was the Wild West of its day and ignored prohibition, serving as entertainment for the likes of John Dillinger and the Capone Brothers.  Silver Street was known for nearly 100 years as the most infamous five blocks in America."
Fighting over trains
"Experts such as DiJohn point to a consistent trend at the federal level to approve mergers.  And, U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk contended "the STB generally has been a rubber stamp for the railroad industry." The Highland Park Republican supports the plan with the caveat that it leads to improved service on Metra's North Central Line."
[Be sure to check the map. - Bob]
Don't sweat the soft stuff, Dem says
"I find it offensive, having served with the young men and women in Iraq, said Morgenthaler, a retired colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves. "Every day we trust them to make decisions. This bill says we don't trust them to choose their own magazines or movies."
Candidates Spar Over a Soldier's Right to Porn - Chicagoist
"A similar law is already in place on bases in the United States, where hard-core magazines and movies are forbidden. Per the Sun-Times, even mainstream mags such as Cosmopolitan are banned in certain countries, including Iraq, as not to offend locals. Roskam’s bill would streamline these boundaries, banning any racy material on all Army bases in all countries."
Illinois lagging behind in tech growth
"A new study by San Diego’s Milken Institute suggests Illinois is falling behind other states when it comes to technology and science."
WHAT’S NEW - Robert L. Park Friday, 11 July 08
Rights like free speech don't always extend online - Wired
"To wit: Verizon Wireless barred an abortion-rights group from obtaining a "short code" for conducting text-messaging campaigns, while LiveJournal suspended legitimate blogs on fiction and crime victims in a crackdown on pedophilia. Two lines criticizing President Bush disappeared from AT&T Inc.'s webcast of a Pearl Jam concert. All three decisions were reversed only after senior executives intervened amid complaints."
Ten Campaign Fiascos In One Week - Huffington Post
"During this past week: McCain called the most important entitlement program in the U.S. a disgrace, his top economic adviser called the American people whiners, McCain released an economic plan that no one thought was serious, he flip flopped on Iraq, joked about the deaths of Iranian citizens, and denied making comments that he clearly made -- TWICE."

11 July

Happy House Adds Seating
West Chicago purists that have been eating at Happy House Hot Dogs since before they put a roof over the custormer side and who know that relish should be a fluorescent green, not olive drab, will be shocked to see that management has added stools to sit on.  Informed sources at the popular West Chicago landmark eatery deny there are plans for a maitre d'  and required reservations by the second quarter of 2009.  WegoWeb will be closely watching this fast breaking story.
parade opportuities! - Becky Hall
"The Railroad Days parade is on Sunday, and if you'd like to be in the parade I offer you not ONE, but TWO, TWO opportunities!"
Before I travel to the U.S. - Mexico Border... I want to hear from you!
"That's why I'm traveling to the U.S. - Mexico border to meet with officials in Arizona and California. Doing so will allow me to see the problem firsthand while also providing the opportunity to talk to border security and enforcement agents who deal with illegal immigration daily."
"The DuPage Blue Fest Essay Contest on the Importance of Voting:  Commonalities Between Contestants May Be Influenced by Reality TV Shows, Says Local Political Scientist"
"In the weeks leading up to the Democratic DuPage Blue Fest, signs point to a healthy turn out in this once reliable Republican stronghold. An exciting Democratic nominee and Illinois native-son Barack Obama, in conjunction with tough economic and tumultuous international times, has prompted a surge of new activity in DuPage."
"Republican Congressional Candidate Jim Oberweis on Thursday announced a series of public town hall meetings throughout the 14th District to hear firsthand about the impact of soaring gas prices on Illinois families and communities, and share his ideas for bringing relief at the gas pump."
Wise move to advance research efforts
"U.S. Rep. Judy Biggert, a Hinsdale Republican, U.S. Rep. Bill Foster, a Democrat from Geneva, and Democratic U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin worked hard to make sure the two federal laboratories got their funding restored. They are to receive a share of $62.5 million in new research dollars from the U.S. Department of Energy.  Workers at Fermilab are particularly grateful for the infusion of new federal money, as they were facing layoffs."
Police beat
"Rosario A. Munoz, 32, of 604 E. Grand Lake Blvd., West Chicago, was arrested at 7:16 p.m. Sunday and charged with reckless driving, two counts of endangering the life of a child, operating an uninsured vehicle and driving without a valid license after ramming another vehicle her husband was riding in on the 3800 block of East Main Street, police said. According to a report, there were two children and a relative riding with Munoz. The relative was treated by paramedics at the scene after falling out of Munoz's vehicle."
Schillerstrom in D.C. to voice concerns over EJ&E
"Schillerstrom plans meet with the Federal Railroad Administration, the Surface Transportation Board and key congressional staff members to express concerns with the potential acquisition of the Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway by Canadian National Railway and to prepare for the next steps in this process."
Camp fuels West Chicago programs
"As nearly 100 children trod on damp grass at West Chicago Middle School on a summer afternoon, Trejo, the coach and founder of the Laguna soccer club, is in his element. Old friends — adults — who played for Trejo as children surround the practices as they watch their own kids participate."
Water Shortages Possible For Northeast Illinois In Coming Decades
"The “worst-case scenario” shows water use increases of up to 64% from current levels, creating shortages. The report also looks at pricing as a way of controlling water usage.  Water usage is going to be a huge issue going forward - and not just in Northeastern Illinois."
Sorry FOX, We Won't Let You Trash Michelle Obama - Brave New Films
"Not only are they smearing Michelle Obama with racist stereotypes, but then they offer a feeble apology that they believe gives them the right to slander her again.  That's what happened when FOX called Michelle and Barack Obama's fist bump a "terrorist fist jab," apologized, and then less than a week later referred to Michelle Obama as Barack's "Baby Mama.""
Nationally Renowned Fathers' Rights Advocate Jeffery M. Leving Weighs in on Reverend Jesse Jackson's Recent Remarks - MarketWatch
"When we begin to put fathers back into the lives of their children, we will see the reversal of the dismal statistics they now face. They will be able to face the issues that Rev. Jackson and Senator Barack Obama both raise, because they will have a life raft of hope, their father," he concluded."

10 July

Micky Dolenz to headline West Chicago's Railroad Days
"Dolenz, the crazy, mop-topped member of The Monkees, is expected to be the biggest draw of this year's four-day festival, which is returning to Reed-Keppler Park.  A carnival, demonstrations, games, fireworks, fine arts, a mud volleyball tournament and a 7,000-square-foot beer garden tent are among the features of this year's fest."
EMSNow Stetchworth, England Sims Recycling Solutions announces design for environment workshop
"Sims Recycling Solutions, Inc announced its intent to host, along with Technology Forecasters, Inc., a Design for Environment Workshop, September 24, 2008, at the Sims facility in West Chicago, Illinois."
St. Charles
Oberweis to hold town hall meetings
"Beginning July 22 in Yorkville, the Republican nominee in the 14th Congressional District race will hold town-hall meetings to hear from residents about the impact of soaring fuel costs."
Foster, Hare Announce Investment Award
“The funds that Rock Island has obtained from the investment award will greatly benefit our region’s economy,” Rep. Foster said.  “Current economic conditions have caused numerous problems in our towns, villages and cities, and I am proud to announce this award because the funding will help the Bi-State Regional Commission create a long-term economic strategy for our area.”
Rolling Meadows Review Ads blame Roskam for continued high gas prices
"Morgenthaler, a retired Army colonel from Des Plaines, pointed to Roskam's votes against the Federal Price Gouging Protection Act (HR 6346) and the "Use It or Lose It Bill" (HR 6251) which would have required oil companies to drill on the 68 million acres they have already leased or forfeit the ability to obtain new leases."
Blunt: Roskam Petition Would Force Democratic Leadership to Bring Forth Crucial, Bi-Partisan Energy Bill - MarketWatch
"Maybe there was a day when the Democrats' 'none of the above' energy strategy might've earned a pass from the American people. But in a world of $140 oil, $5 diesel, and $4-plus gasoline, that day is not today. I want to thank Rep. Roskam for bringing forth this crucial petition, and extend my gratitude to Reps. Shimkus and Boucher for coming together to produce a well-crafted, and very much needed, piece of bi-partisan energy legislation."
Deal could be derailed - Northwest Herald - Crystal Lake
"A bill by U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam, R-Ill., could effectively end Canadian National Railway's attempt to buy the 200-mile EJ&E Railway for $300 million... We previously have voiced concerns with Canadian Railway's planned purchase because of the traffic issues. But is it appropriate that Congress step in and legislatively quash a business deal?"
Flummoxed By Vietnam Vet, McCain Falsely Claims He ‘Received Every Award From Every Vets Organization’
"McCain has made the exact same claim before — and it is just a false today as it was then. As ThinkProgress documented, McCain’s so-called “perfect” record has been roundly criticized by prominent veterans groups: He received a grade of D from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and a 20 percent vote rating from the Disabled Veterans of America; Vietnam Veterans of America noted McCain had “voted against us” in 15 “key votes.”"

09 July

Around and About in West Chicago - 09 July 2008
  • Retired Fire Chief James Hamlin
  • Golf For a Cure” Friday, July 25
  • Park District Summer Camp
  • Mike Wall and Paul Warkins
Railroad Days, July 10-13
"By H. Lee Whack Jr./ staff reporter   07/07/08 02:18 PM   15 hits
Right on time, West Chicago Railroad Days is on track and better than ever. The City’s signature event will again be held at Reed-Keppler Park at ...MORE "
[Obviously the Chamber sent a press release to the Trib ... but not WegoWeb.  Notice the 15 hits in two days.  Today, about 500 people will see this posting.  What's wrong with this picture? - Bob]
Want some torture with your peanuts? - The Washington Times
"A senior government official with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has expressed great interest in a so-called safety bracelet that would serve as a stun device, similar to that of a police Taser®. According to this promotional video found at the Lamperd Less Lethal website, the bracelet would be worn by all airline passengers."
In theory, economists support McCain - Politico
"There’s just one problem. Upon closer inspection, it seems a good many of those economists don’t actually support the whole of McCain’s economic agenda. And at least one doesn’t even support McCain for president.  In interviews with more than a dozen of the signatories, Politico found that, far from embracing McCain’s economic plan, many were unfamiliar with — or downright opposed to — key details."
Steamy novel based on Laura Bush stirs controversy - MSNBC
" called “American Wife” “a thinly veiled novel based on Laura Bush's life that is sure to send the White House into a fury.”  A review of the plot synopsis and several lurid excerpts posted on Radar's site show why."

08 July

Golf For a Cure
"St. Andrews Country Club, 3N441 Route 59, is hosting “Golf For a Cure” Friday, July 25. Sign in begins at 10 a.m. and the shotgun start is at 11 a.m. The $100 charge includes golf, golf cart, hot dog lunch, buffet dinner, reception and prizes. For dinner and reception the price is $45. Entertainment features Rock & Soul with Danny Campos. Proceeds benefit Juvenile Diabetes Research. To register or for more information, call St. Andrews at 630 231-3100."
West Chicago Public Access Playback - Jul7 07- July 13
  • City Council (LIVE)
  • COD Images
  • COD Career Paths
  • Tiger Cubs at CableCom
  • Celebrating Diversity
Hamlin Death Announcement
"Chief Hamlin was born on December 18, 1927 in West Chicago and began as a volunteer firefighter in 1954. He was elected Asst. Chief in 1958 and was elected Chief in 1960. He was hired as the first career Fire Chief of the West Chicago Fire Protection District in 1968. Chief Hamlin was highly respected in the area until his retirement in 1986."
James Hamlin - July 5, 2008
"Born Dec. 18, 1927, in West Chicago, he died Saturday, July 5, 2008. James was the first full-time paid chief of the West Chicago Fire Department for more than 18 years. He formed the Fire Protection District and later ambulance and paramedic service."
Patriarch of W. Chicago firefighter family dies
"James Hamlin died Saturday following a long illness. The longtime West Chicago resident and the town's first paid fire chief was 80.  Hamlin was instrumental in the local fire district's transition from a volunteer fire department to a professional fire district."
W. Chicago High School, feeder districts talk consolidation
"But school officials in District 25, for instance, have said they're not interested in pursuing the matter because of concerns from parents that consolidation would compromise the district's local control and traditionally high standardized test scores.  That sentiment was shared by Winfield residents Cherie Stone and Velvet Kent, one of the few parents in the audience."
DuPage Co. volunteer calendar
"Register by July 14 for the Law Enforcement Torch Run Plane Pull to benefit Special Olympics Illinois July 26 at the DuPage Airport in West Chicago. Check-in starts at 8 a.m. and the contest starts at 9 a.m. Teams of 10 will have two attempts to pull a 70,000-pound plane 20 feet. The three teams with the fastest times will compete in the grand championship. Each team must raise a minimum of $500 to compete. The event is part of the airport's Community Days. For details, call Jeff Henson at (800) 394-0562 or e-mail"
Police beat
  • "Georgina Rubio, 36, of 901 Lorlyn Drive, West Chicago, was cited for retail theft at 5:30 p.m. June 27 after stealing two pairs of earrings valued at $22 total from Kohl's, 3840 E. Main St., police said."
  • "Jennifer M. Carlino, 22, of 2756 Briargate Court, West Chicago, was arrested at 3:30 p.m. June 27 and charged with felony retail theft after stealing $526 in merchandise from Von Maur, 3810 E. Main St., police said."
  • "Ieshia E. Richardson, 25, of 600 W. Forest Ave., West Chicago, and Ilisa D. Bland, 25, of 650 W. Forest Ave., West Chicago, were arrested at noon June 30 and each charged with retail theft after stealing $341 in merchandise from Target, 3885 E. Main St., police said."
Area vets offer salute to new GI Bill
""A GI Bill for the 21st century."
That was U.S. Rep. Bill Foster's summation Monday of legislation signed by President Bush last week that proponents say offers the most comprehensive education benefits package since the original GI Bill was signed into law in 1944."
Tree-killing beetle found throughout St. Charles
"Since June 20, the city's public works staff has confirmed findings of the bug within all quadrants of St. Charles.  "This confirmed finding is not an isolated incident," said Public Works Assistant Director Richard Gallas. "The insect was found near this location in Geneva, and may have been in trees near this area of the city for up to two or more years." "
"Dear Tom,
Does a snowy winter mean a very wet summer?
—Meredith Graf,
West Chicago"
Tinnitus patients have a friend in zebrafish
"Jon Passini of West Chicago says he understands. After an ear infection left him with severe tinnitus and hyperacusis (extreme sensitivity to noise), he visited several doctors. They prescribed steroids and, when those didn't work, told him there was nothing else they could do for him."
DUPAGE DEMOCRATIC PARTY DuPage Democratic Fest Hopes To Help Stop Poverty And Hunger
"Per statistics provided by the Northern Illinois Food Bank, DuPage County ranks second in total number of people living at or below the poverty line in the Chicagoland area; and with the economy expected to worsen, the problem is expected to grow. The Democratic Party of DuPage is now taking a stand on the issue, planning a festival this summer that will include a booth for the Food Bank, at which people can make monetary donations."
"“Energy costs now consume nearly one-fifth of the after-tax incomes of low and middle-class families – double that of just 10 years ago.  It has come time for a national energy policy that places us on a path to independence.  This is a common goal to all Americans – Republican and Democrat[ic]."
MAD AS HELL: Should McCain Sport a Scarlet Letter? - Memphis Flyer
"Imagine, for one moment, that it had been Barack Obama instead of John McCain who had cheated on his wife by having multiple affairs. Suppose it was Barack Obama who had married his mistress, a younger heiress of a billion dollar beer empire only a month after the ink was dry on the divorce papers. Pretend it was Michelle Obama instead of Cindy McCain who had been so addicted to painkillers that she stole money from her own charity and had been investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration."
Why some conservatives are backing Obama - San Francisco Chronicle
"Libertarians are tired of Christian evangelicals, who they believe captured the GOP under President Bush. Evangelicals, for their part, are skeptical of McCain, who in 2000 called Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson "agents of intolerance.""

Republicans Vote Against Quick Oil Drilling On Existing Leases - That's My Congress
"If an oil company isn’t even using the leases of public lands they already have, why should they take on yet more leases… unless what those oil companies really want to do is just squat on their leases of public lands with oil under them only in order to prevent the oil from being drilled, thus decreasing supply and artificially driving up the cost of petroleum products so that they can make a bigger profit without doing any more work."


07 July

Clubs, crafts and hobbies
"An exhibit opening for artist Lisa Stapella will be from 6 to 9 p.m. July 11 at Gallery 200, 200 Main St., West Chicago. Her exhibit of paintings and wearable art will be on display through the end of July. Gallery hours are 4 to 8 p.m. Thursdays, 4 to 9 p.m. Fridays and noon to 4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. For details, visit or call (630) 293-9550."
Midnight ride at Fermilab benefits conservation group
"Chase the Moon is a ride, not a race, in which participants put their pedals to work as a benefit for the Conservation Foundation.  This year, riders will travel Fermilab's limited-access roads at their own pace. The length of the route is determined by riders' willingness and fitness levels. Bicyclists can choose a 25-mile route or can shorten the route for a more recreational ride."
Kline Creek Farm Celebrates the Fourth
"Guests to the historical farm were invited to play old time games, watch demonstrations, and enjoy a program of patriotic readings and songs."
RX for summer tree care
"April showers can bring May flowers, and summer fungal diseases. Given the wet spring we just finished, your garden may be experiencing problems. Follow The Morton Arboretum guidelines for tree and shrub care after excessive moisture."
Zogby Poll: Building Mo-bama! Democrat Leads McCain in Electoral College Tally, 273-160
"This latest extensive survey of all 50 states reveals that while Obama holds a narrow lead in the national preference test, he holds a substantial advantage right now in the Electoral College. Using this survey - and an average of other public state polls in certain states to corroborate the Zogby results – Zogby calculates that Obama leads McCain, 273-160"

05&06 July

Early Rumblings of Contested April Election
WegoWeb has it on good authority that Sandra Hartman-Riess will be running in the April 2009 election.  A resident from near the "Factory Site" she is expected to make the Thorium Cleanup and city plans and execution an issue in a run for City Council or Mayor. 
"It is possible that clean backfill soil from the 1980s may have shielded residual thorium contamination that remained at the base of the 1980s excavation."
Judge rules interview OK in pizza delivery death
"The 30-year-old Justice argued Thursday in court that he was high on alcohol and drugs when the video interview was taken and did not understand his right to remain silent. But the judge ruled that police properly explained Justice's legal rights."
Democrats hit GOP on support for Medicare cuts
"Durbin used a Saturday national radio address to call on Republicans to back the bill to stave off a 10.6 percent cut in Medicare payments to doctors.  It passed the House overwhelmingly last week in defiance of Bush's threat to veto it, but it fell just one vote short of the 60 it needed to advance in the Senate, with most Republicans voting "no.""
WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 4 July 08
Google Told to Turn Over User Data of YouTube - NY Times
"Still, the judge’s order, which was made public late Wednesday, renewed concerns among privacy advocates that Internet companies like Google are collecting unprecedented amounts of private information that could be misused or fall unexpectedly into the hands of third parties.  “These very large databases of transactional information become honey pots for law enforcement or for litigants,” said Chris Hoofnagle, a senior fellow at the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology."
Christian Site's Ban on 'G' Word Sends Homosexual to Olympics
"The problem: Tyson's real last name is Gay. Therefore, OneNewsNow's reliable software changed the Associated Press story about Tyson Gay's amazing Olympic qualifying trial to read this way:
Tyson Homosexual was a blur in blue, sprinting 100 meters faster than anyone ever has."
Group Asks for Divine Intervention to Ease Oil Prices -
"Twyman, who prompted the first national campaign aimed at getting African Americans to become bone marrow donors, has moved on to more active participation to lower gas prices than eliciting the help of God through prayer.  "I think we have just entered a new phase. We were in the prayerful phase, but now we're going into a more activist phase, because we feel that whole faith without works is dead," Twyman told reporters.

04 July

Happy Independence Day
[Yes, I am purposely not calling it "The 4th" like the "secular dehumanists" of Hate Radio who actively campaign to take the "independence" out the holiday leaving only brats, parades, and lapel pins. - Bob]
Take time out to read the actual declaration HERE.
W. Chicago school districts to talk consolidation
"Under the proposal, West Chicago High School District 94 would merge with its elementary feeder districts, West Chicago District 33, Winfield District 34 and Benjamin District 25, into one unit district.  "Our goal is to put the idea out there (through a referendum) and let the voters of the four school districts decide," Reyes said."
Judge allows police interview video in murder trial
"Prosecutors Robert Berlin and Liam Brennan allege Justice robbed and beat Karen Hassan with a hammer Nov. 2, 2006, as she delivered pizzas near West Chicago. The 41-year-old St. Charles woman was a single mother with four sons who weeks earlier began delivering pizzas after being laid off from another job. Her husband died in 1999 of a heart attack."
Video interview admissible in pizza driver’s murder
"A DuPage County judge ruled Thursday that a videotaped police interview with a man accused of murdering a pizza delivery driver near West Chicago in 2006 can be used as evidence in the case against him."
Slaying suspect's recorded police interview can be used at trial, DuPage judge rules
"Bradley Justice, 30, of Sandwich, is charged in the beating death of Karen Hassan, 41, of St. Charles. Hassan, a mother of four, was delivering pizza to a remote location near West Chicago when she was killed Nov. 2, 2006."
Matthew 25 Network gets to work - Crooks and Liars
"The ad anticipates trouble, and addresses it head-on. It implicitly acknowledges that the audience may have seen those ridiculous smear e-mails, and it’s “hard to know what to believe.” That’s why, the Matthew 25 Network argues, Christians have a duty to consider a person’s testimony."  
It's Olympics Time and President Bush Thinks He Is In a Job Losing Competition - TPM Cafe
"The June EPOP is a full percentage point below the peak hit in December of 2006. It is 2.3 percentage points below the peak hit in April of 2000, a difference that corresponds to 5.4 million fewer people having jobs... Total private sector job gains in the Bush years may fall below 3 million by November. The annual average for the Clinton years was 2.6 million."

03 July

July E-Newsletter
"I am partnering with Hanover Township and the Secretary of State's office to provide this event that will include a Rules of the Road Review Course, vision screenings, and a Secretary of State Mobile Driver Services Unit. The mobile unit will allow seniors to obtain or renew their Illinois driver's licenses or Illinois identification cards.  The event will take place Thursday, July 17, at Hanover Township Senior Services, 240 S. Rte. 59, Bartlett, IL, 60103."
Heartland Blood Center's Blood Drive
"The City of West Chicago is once again providing a venue for Heartland Blood Center's July blood drive. This year, a fully-equipped mobile unit will be parked in the City Hall parking lot on Tuesday July 8, 2008 from 3:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Although advance scheduling is suggested, walk-ins are welcome."
Fermi celebrates funding save
"Foster, who spent 22 years as a Fermilab scientist, noted his return to a stage where he made numerous presentations. He tossed in some scientific humor, at one point feigning a lecture introduction, but established the impact of saving science funding during his first 100 days in office."
Fortner Honored as Legislator of the Year
"Last week the Metro West Council of Governments honored Mike Fortner as the Legislator of the Year as reported in the Daily Herald...It gives him particular pride to be the first recipient of this award from a group he helped to found."
Illinois congressman proposes bill to block CN's EJ&E deal - Progressive Rail Roading - Milwaukee,WI
"With rising gas prices ... many suburbanites in the surrounding communities desperately need access to more efficient and cost-effective transportation options," said Roskam in a prepared statement. "What they don't need is increased freight rolling through their backyards."
DuPage Blue Fest
"Four great bands, tons of food, and games and fun for the whole family
General Admission:
Adults: $10 in advance or $15 day of the event
Children 13 and Under and Seniors 65 and over: $5 advance, $8 day of the event"
Bush used phony patriotism to start war - Chicago Sun Times - Andrew Greely
"On this weekend in which we glorify -- with good reason -- our patriotism, we might examine our conscience about what phony patriotism has caused us to do. A third of the American population supported the war and has now changed its mind. It might be wise for such folk to prepare answers to the kinds of questions God might ask about phony patriotism."
Juvenile: FOX News Alters Photos of NYT Reporters As Payback - Crooks and Liars
"In case you needed any more proof that FOX News is produced by 12 year olds with the temperament of 5 year olds (not to mention the Photoshop skills of 8 year olds), here you go."
Justice Dept. Admits Error in Not Briefing Court - NY Times
"Justice Kennedy’s conclusion about the absence of federal law was mistaken. Not only did Congress add child rape to the military death penalty in 2006, but President Bush, in an executive order last September, added the new provision to the current version of the Manual for Courts-Martial."
Campaign Fleecee: We're Loving It!!! - TPM
"Look at her FEC filings and you find that Honeycutt is one of the biggest players in the 2008 cycle. With the help of BMW Direct she's managed to raise an astounding $1.7 million... So where's all the money going? Well, of that $1.7 million, $1.5 million went to BMW Direct and various affiliated companies."


Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"The Department of Central Management Services has received notice from Governor Blagojevich's Office to fly the flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of: Officer Richard Francis, Chicago Police Department"

02 July

Around and About in West Chicago - 02 July 2008
  • “Celebrate America” activities
  • Opening on the Library Board of Trustees
  • Read Under the Trees
  • Spray and Pay Reward
  • Fontana Blu
Obituary Notice for Mike Springer
"Michael R. Springer, USMC veteran, age 65 of Lisle, IL passed away on July 1, 2008. Michael was born on October 23, 1942 in Evanston, IL. He graduated from St. Joseph Military Academy in La Grange, IL, Notre Dame High School for Boys in Niles, IL, and DePaul University with a BA and MBA. Besides serving in the USMC, he worked for Continental Bank and later for himself as a IT consultant."
Briefs: Model high school named
"West Chicago High School has been selected as one of 17 schools across the country to act as a model for civic education by the Civic Mission for Schools."
Ignoring GOP filibuster - Media Matters
"The Politico falsely claimed that "[a] Democratic bill that would have blocked a 10.6 percent cut in Medicare payments to doctors fell just one vote short of the 60 it needed for passage Thursday." In fact, the vote in question was a cloture vote, which required a supermajority of 60 votes to overcome a Republican filibuster of a motion to proceed to consideration of the bill. The bill itself would have required a simple majority to pass."
Obama's New Faith Adviser - Christianity Today
"In a one-on-one panel discussion with Stephen Monsma, research fellow at the Paul Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics, Casey expressed his belief that in their tendency to resist “single-issue voting,” younger evangelicals may hold the key to Obama’s victory come November:"

01 July

General Assembly Scholarship Winners
"State Representative Mike Fortner (R-West Chicago) has recently awarded eight local students General Assembly Scholarships valued at over $6,000. The students, who have shown outstanding achievement, service and leadership, will receive a tuition waiver for one-year to attend any one of Illinois’ public universities."
Roskam wants legislation to block CN rail purchase
"If enacted, Roskam said the initiative would promote the creation of the Suburban Transit Access Route, known as the STAR line, and halt CN's attempted use of the EJ&E. The STAR line would provide for suburb-to-suburb train commuting by connecting nearly 100 towns from Joliet to O'Hare International Airport.  "With rising gas prices, my constituents and many suburbanites in the surrounding communities desperately need access to more efficient and cost-effective transportation options," Roskam said in a prepared statement.
Candidates CONSIDER WHAT campaign cash ruling means
"For Rep. Bill Foster and his Republican opponent, businessman Jim Oberweis, it raised the question of whether the wealthy pair might dig deeper into their own pockets for the November race for the Fox Valley's 14th Congressional District seat. During the primary and special general election campaigns, the two men combined to drop $6.9 million of personal cash."
Commuter rail bill proposed in bid to block EJ&E sale
"At a press conference Monday afternoon at Bartlett's train station, U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam, R-Wheaton, unveiled the details of legislation he plans to introduce next week that would preserve a 36-mile stretch of the EJ&E as a "Corridor for Inter-Suburban Commuter Rail."""
New federal funds save jobs at Fermilab
"For more than six months, the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory has been dealing with the effects of a 2008 budget that saw the lab's Department of Energy funding cut by about $22 million from 2007 levels. The lab instituted rolling furloughs, forcing employees to take unpaid days off, and started a voluntary separation program, with the goal of reducing its workforce by 10 percent, or about 200 people."
New GI Bill Signed Into Law
“In creating a new GI Bill, we are able to thank our veterans by giving them the chance to attend college and succeed when they come home,” said Foster. “I am proud to support this legislation, as it truly honors the men and women who courageously serve our nation.”
Take the Money and Run - TPM
"The Boston Globe had a great article yesterday about an outfit called BMW Direct Inc. whose business seems to be finding nonsense Republican candidates in hopeless races, raising tons of money for their hopeless campaigns and then funneling all the money back to themselves and sundry contractors and cronies."
The Death of Blogs - Christianity Today - Ted Olsen
"As weblogs proliferated earlier this decade, Andy Warhol's famous aphorism was modified to read, "In the future, everyone will be famous to 15 people." Now it looks like Warhol was right after all: Thanks to widespread blog burnout, everyone will be famous to 15 people for 15 minutes."