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30 April  
Creativity fuels quest for peace in West Chicago
"“Our peace wall is an exploration of the ways that people think about peace and use their unique gifts to make the world a better place,” West-Hooper said.  The project is not aimed at defending or criticizing political agendas or initiatives, mentioned West-Hooper. “It’s not about a debate,” she said. It is intended to simply highlight the contributions of peacemakers, she stressed."
Railway deal slowed by environmental study
""The Environmental Impact Study will evaluate the effects of the proposed acquisition on the safety of the public at large (including such issues as increased probability of train accidents and derailments due to increased proposed acquisition-related train traffic on a system-wide basis), potential effects at grade crossings and potential effects of increased proposed transaction-related freight traffic on commuter and intercity passenger service operations," she [Anne Quinlan, the Surface Transportation Board's acting secretary} wrote."
More trains bad for Wayne - Marilyn Griffin, Wayne
"Already trains are shaking houses near the tracks. Noise, fumes, and backed-up traffic will degrade our lives. The folks in this "sleepy" village may not have realized the immensity of the threat to our lives by Canadian National before. Now we are waking up."
Day of dueling prayers this year in DuPage
"This year promises to be even more intense as another potentially inflammatory Christian speaker will clash Thursday with a new "unofficial" service in Naperville.  Organizers are billing the Naperville service as more welcoming than the all-Christian, conservative messages of the other services."
DuPage County seniors calendar
"West Chicago Gold Card: A senior citizen's Gold Card Program for local residents ages 55 and older is offered by Community High School District 94, 326 Joliet St., West Chicago.  The Gold Card entitles senior citizens to attend most district-sponsored events held at Community High School for free, including most athletic and musical events.  Applications are available at the district office. For details or an application, call Deanne Simpson at (630) 876-6210."
Senate proposes different recall
"Including judges and local officials could make it harder to pass the amendment and increase the chances it could be struck down if a legal challenge were filed. And starting over with a new version of the amendment means it will take more time before a final vote can be held on the issue, even though the deadline is quickly approaching."
St. Mary's Parish School to honor volunteer of more than forty years
"We will never know how many young lives were positively influenced by Mr. Kimball’s quiet, dignified leadership, but his legacy will live on in the many lives he has touched during his forty year tenure as Athletic Director. This year he will retire from the volunteer post at the age of 87."
Poverty rising in DuPage County
"As of 2006, the most recent year included in the report, there were 44,494 DuPage residents living below the poverty line: more than the entire population of Elmhurst."




Durbin Asks Colleagues to Support Even Playing Field for Airlines
"Today, Senator Baucus included language in the FAA bill that asks five of our top domestic air carriers to pay an additional $2 billion into their pension funds. While it may be well intentioned, this proposal will cause more problems than it solves."
Obama Joins Biden and Lugar to Applaud Senate's Unanimous Passage of Resolution Supporting Ukraine and Georgia Admission to NATO
Statement from Senator Barack Obama in Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide
Statement of Senator Barack Obama on Closing Contractor Tax Loophole
What oughta be a law? (Or not a law?) - Baltimore Sun
"Roskam's plan, announced yesterday, is called "There Oughta Be a Law." It's an invitation for his constituents to submit ideas for legislation to him or state lawmakers from his district; Roskam will even run an "American Idol" style vote for the best idea, promising to introduce the winning bill in the House."
Gov. Blagojevich announces major cost savings from more efficient care management in Medicaid program
Gov. Blagojevich announces museum exhibit national tour in honor of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial
The Pentagon's $1 Trillion Problem
"To enter the Indianapolis center is to pass through a time warp, to a place where the most critical software programs date from the dawn of the computer age. They run on old-style I.B.M. mainframes and rely on Cobol, the ancient Sumerian of computer languages. "This was a bunch of systems patched together," says Greg Bitz, a former director of the center. "I never went home at night without worrying about one of them crashing." Bitz predicts a crisis as older programmers retire. "Try to find somebody today who knows Cobol," he says."

29 April

It was with sadness that learned that Theresa Czajka passed away yesterday morning.  For years, Theresa, who I first met in 1972 while chaperoning the building of a homecoming float, was WegoWeb's source for what was happening at the American Legion, the library, and at Kruse House.  She was a thoroughly authentic and admirable lady who will be sorely missed.  My prayers are with her family and friends. - Bob
Czajka Obituary
"Theresa L. Czajka, age 80, of West Chicago passed away peacefully at her home Monday April 28, 2008. She was born December 23, 1927 in Chicago, the daughter of the late Margaret (nee Rutsch) and the late Frank Luzadder. Theresa was resident of West Chicago from 1953 to the present."
West Chicago
High School


Principal Discusses 2  1/2 day Weekends
"Our current school calendar and school day does not allow for the entire faculty to meet on a regular basis to address these needs. To address this, a proposal for weekly late starts for the 2008-2009 school year was presented to the Board of Education in March and was subsequently approved at the April 22nd board meeting.  Each Monday, beginning August 25th, will be a late start day with 1st hour beginning at 10:01 a.m. and 8th hour ending at the regularly scheduled 2:58 p.m. time."
[At the request of a reader, persons wishing to express their opinions about this are invited to read the clip from the briefs and type in their views in a comment form. Responsible, literate comments will be approved and will appear immediately under the item.  Play nicely! - Bob]
"On April 11th & 12th seventeen members of the Community High School District #94 West Chicago Chapter of Future Business Leaders of America attended the 2008 State Leadership Conference in Decatur, IL"
Wheaton Academy Named Again as a Best Christian Workplace
"For the third time in recent years, Wheaton Academy has been named to the list of Best Christian Workplaces by the Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI). In a survey administered by the BCWI, more than 7,834 employees across the United States were used to identify great workplaces with a Christian mission and/or values"
Got an idea on how Congress should be run? Lawmakers want to hear it
"Roskam and several local lawmakers are calling on constituents to e-mail them with proposals for legislation that would benefit the district, which serves Cook and DuPage counties.  No idea's too wacky.  No legislative proposal will be turned away."
The giving spirit of suburbanites
"It's National Volunteer Week this week, and all one has to do is read the pages of the Daily Herald or search to find fine examples of volunteerism in the suburbs."
Fox Valley golf outings
"Test your golf expertise at Larkin Center's 14th annual "Scramble for Kids" Golf Outing at Prairie Landing Golf Club in West Chicago on May 19. Prairie Landing ranks as one of only three Robert Trent Jones Jr. golf courses in Illinois."
Births - Delnor
"Kamryn Alexis Engram, April 8 to Kevin and Melissa Engram, West Chicago. Grandparents: Bob and Dianne Engram, Naperville; Jerry and Stephanie Gettis, Chicago."
Hastert's name surfaces in Rezko trial
"Restaurant owner Elie Maloof quoted Rezko as saying the new U.S. attorney in Chicago, whom Rezko said would be chosen by Hastert, would then kill a federal investigation into corruption under Gov. Rod Blagojevich."
Local residents, leaders share impact of state funding cuts
"Republican state Reps. Sandra Pihos, 42nd District, of Glen Ellyn; Patti Bellock, 47th District, of Hinsdale; Franco Coladipietro, 45th District, of Bloomingdale; Mike Fortner, 95th District, of West Chicago; and Dennis Reboletti, 46th District, of Elmhurst held the meeting to gather input from constituents on the state’s financial situation and the 2009 budget."
Roskam asks voters to pitch new laws
"The idea is to get constituents to propose new laws via the Internet. Roskam will then select the best five ideas and give constituents a chance to vote for the idea they think is best. He will introduce the winner as a bill in Congress, possibly as soon as this summer, he said."
Don’t Take John McCain At His Word, That Wouldn’t Be Fair
"Forget about “straight-talk” when it comes to GOP Presidential nominee John McCain the standard is ‘don’t take his word for it, take ours’ according to the Republican National Committee (RNC), which is protesting the use of John McCain’s own words for a TV ad that describes John McCain’s objectionable policy position in Iraq."
Durbin, Casey Link Food Crisis to Global Security
"This is the worst food crisis in more that thirty years," Durbin said. “With food prices soaring, millions of the world’s poor risk deprivation and starvation - many of them children. Feeding the hungry is no longer just a moral issue but one of global security. It is not only the right thing to do; it's the safest thing to do."
Foster Co-Sponsors Bill in Effort to Lower Gas Prices
"With summer just around the corner, these extreme prices for fuel show no end in sight,” Foster said. “Our families and businesses are being squeezed in every direction possible – from the credit crunch to the housing crisis and now to the most basic of necessities – gasoline – we need to take action now, that’s why I am supporting this legislation to make gas cheaper."
Foster Fights for Fermi Funding
“These budget cuts have been particularly hard in Illinois, where the future of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is now in jeopardy.  In addition to significant layoffs, Fermilab has been forced to furlough all of its employees, and, most painfully, all investment for its future programs has been eliminated,”
Rep. Foster Introduces Tax Cut for Homeowners
"Foster’s legislation, titled the Universal Homeowner Tax Cut of 2008, is a simple approach to helping out taxpayers.  It provides a supplemental deduction for property taxes available to those who do not itemize their taxes."


Blagojevich administration joins in dedication of Technical Rescue Training Facility at Scott Air Force Base
Conservatives Increasingly Tuned Out Everything Except Fox News Between 1998-2006
"Fox News was also the “most politically divisive TV channel,” with 70 percent of conservatives and just 3 percent of liberals watching it daily.  But too much Fox News may be bad news for conservatives. An April 2007 Pew Research Study survey found that viewers of the conservative Fox News channel had the lowest knowledge of national and international affairs."

28 April

West Chicago
High School

Late Start Days - school Starts 2 1/2 Day Weekend
"By a vote of 4-3, the Board approved making Monday of each week a late start day during the 2008-09 school year.  The motivating purpose for the proposal was to capture additional staff development time. Areas to be addressed in staff development include the following:"

"Community High School District #94 in West Chicago represented the State of Illinois and won 2nd place in the 2008 National LifeSmarts Competition. LifeSmarts is known as the ultimate consumer challenge and is sponsored by the National Consumers League. The event was held in Minneapolis on April 12-15."
Cooks Night Off Fundraiser
"Gianorio’s Pizza, located in the Prairie Trail Center on the corner of Geneva and County Farm Roads in Winfield is donating 15% of the sales to the softball program on Thursday April 24th and Thursday May 15th."
St. Mary's School to host All-School Reunion on May 18, 2008
"As one of our last major events for this school year St. Mary's Parish School in West Chicago is planning to host the first ever All-School Reunion on May 18, 2008. The event will bring together alumni who attended the school from 1940's through last year and is also open to currently enrolled students and their families. Church members have also been invited to attend."
West Chicago Public Access Playback ... Apr 28- May 4
  • Mon 6:00 PM City Council (4/21/08)
  • Tues 6:00 PM COD Images
  • Thur 6:00 PM COD Career Paths
DuPage County in 60 seconds - District 94 seeks nominees
"West Chicago High School District 94 is seeking nominees for a new "Hall of Honor" established to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the school, community or society. Nomination letters for the Hall of Honor should be sent to Dr. Moses Cheng, Community High School District 94, 326 Joliet Street, West Chicago, IL 60185. The deadline for nominations is May 14."
Meet the Principal: Steve Bult
"What lasting impression do you hope to leave? God's call to our students is to work toward the restoration of a broken world.
What's the worst influence on today's youth? TV
What makes today's students distinct? They want to fight for social justice."
Your guide to arts & crafts
"Blooming Fest: May 17 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m., downtown West Chicago. Crafters are need. All types of crafts and art is welcome, especially garden-related items. Sellers of vegetables, herb plants or seeds only also welcome. For information or an application, call Krista at (630) 293-2200, ext. 135."
Bottle backlash
"A survey of local towns shows, however, that Aurora isn't alone and wasn't the first to go to the tap in an effort to reduce expenses and waste. In fact, doing away with bottled-water purchases has become a national trend, with cities like Chicago and San Francisco also cutting back."
Ill House Rep "Democratic Vote Score"
"The problem with Springfield is that you can't tell the players without a score card. So you want a score card? I now give you a score card.  Here is the middle of a 118 line score card that measures the party loyalty by the votes taken on five bills in the Illinois House."
Note:  Ramey scores 20% and Fortner 0%, which means absolutely no votes with the Dems on bills selected. - Bob]
Big campaign donors to Blagojevich benefit from state - Trib
"Blagojevich insiders have been accused in a wide-ranging federal corruption investigation of exchanging favors for contributions. Last week, a former agency director admitted in a plea agreement that he bought his job in part with two $25,000 donations.  While campaigning as a reformer who would end Illinois' "pay-to-play" reputation, Blagojevich relied heavily on donors with a stake in his administration. He proposed a cap on campaign contributions but has done little to pass the proposal."
Durbin, Obama Ask for Meeting with DOJ Officials to Discuss the Inclusion of Chicago in Comprehensive Anti-Gang Initiative
“Chicago is home to some of the largest and most violent gangs in the country, but has been left out of one of the most highly touted federal anti-gang initiatives,” Durbin said. “We are asking the Justice Department to make combating gang violence in Chicago a top priority this summer and in the future.”
"“The constituents I represent are reasonable folks with sound ideas – and it’s time to send a little more 6th District solutions to Washington.  “Therefore, I am proud to give my constituents the unique opportunity to have their legislative idea introduced in Congress."
26&27 April  
West Chicago
High School


Board Briefs 22 April 2008 - Late Start Days
"By a vote of 4-3, the Board approved making Monday of each week a late start day during the 2008-09 school year.  The motivating purpose for the proposal was to capture additional staff development time. "
[In an email being passed around, one parent comments, "This creates an additional 21 late start days from the 8 late start days for this last school year. The intention is to provide teachers with additional plan time. While I recognize that teachers need time outside of class to plan and grade papers, it appears that this may be at the cost of instructional time for students." - Bob]
City of
Students getting involved
"For the last six years, Wheaton Academy has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to help relief efforts at a village in Zambia, Africa. Now a group of 20 students, faculty and staff from the West Chicago school are planning to travel this summer to the village. The fact that students are going on the two-week trip is inspiring. A teacher pointed out that one goal is to spur the young men and women to action. We hope that happens. Have a save trip."
Power to the people
"Deerfield officials have taken the unusual step of filing a class action lawsuit against ComEd, alleging the power company is in breach of its franchise agreement with the village for failing to provide reliable service for years to Deerfield's 18,000 residents. Chronic power outages have been occurring in Deerfield since at least 2000, the suit alleges, with 82,347 individual customer power outages in 1,377 separate events."
[Hopefully a couple of my favorite readers in the 7th ward (Cornerstone Lakes) notice this item - Bob]
Walking fine line on finance, citizen input
"From the standpoint that Summit 303 was advertised as a way for citizens to get involved in district processes, it makes sense that the board would show the group truly has a voice by earmarking $3 million for summit participants, who will decide how it should be spent. But we fear that public perception could be that the board has simply figured out a way to deflect the negative rhetoric that has always created stress for board members and the community as a whole"
DuPage County religion notes - May 4
"Water's Edge Bible Church will hold a block party from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. May 4 at the church, Oakwood and Chicago avenues, West Chicago. The event includes games, refreshments and live music. Parents are asked to accompany children. In case of rain, the event will be indoors. For details, call (630) 231-1210."
Students make a difference for school and community
"“The playground is dirty,” said Alejandro, 12. “It’s unsafe for little kids.”  So Alejandro and five sixth-graders at the West Chicago school decided to do the park and community a favor.  Through donations from local businesses and faculty, the Pioneer students raised $1,000 and organized a facelift for the school’s playground."
Legislators to hold forum for seniors
"The forum will be held from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. at the Older Adult Institute at College of DuPage, 425 Fawell Blvd., Glen Ellyn. It will include brief presentations on several topics important to seniors, including flexible services, home-modification programs, property tax relief and Medicare."
House prices rise in Aurora
"The average supply for the Chicagoland area's 190 communities is about 11 months as of March, according to Chip Wagner of Headrick-Wagner Consulting Group. Wagner said a four-month supply of homes defines a balanced market.  The report also found that many Chicago-area communities, including Aurora, experienced slight price increases on home sales from March 2006 to March 2008."
Scouts invite all to annual program
"Scout-O-Rama will be a day of fun activities for the entire family, highlighting many of Scouting's values and skills while affording the residents of the communities around us the opportunity to experience firsthand what Scouting continues to offer," said Daniel J. Zedan, Scout-O-Rama program chairman."
Tollway woes? Get on the phone for a fix
"Tollway spokesman Mike King said many of the recent violation notices could be cleared up by cleaning up I-Pass accounts.  "If you get the notice, check your account to make sure it's correct," King said.  Because there was a long lag time between violation notices, many accounts have gone unmonitored while apparent violations have piled up, King said."
WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Friday 25 Apr 08 Washington, DC
Uncontested And In Trouble - GOP Candidate McCain
"After Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul, the remaining GOP challengers dropped out, and there was no longer a GOP “contest,” John McCain won Mississippi, but he lost more than one in five Republican voters. The only other “just McCain” contest, Pennsylvania, was worse. More than one in four Pennsylvanian Republican voters rejected John McCain. Two contests do not make an upward trend of rejection - but in this case they make a statement:"
Durbin pushing for oil company probe -
"Just take a look at the record breaking profits of the oil companies," Durbin said. "It's not just record profits for their industry, it's record profits in the history of American business. They are making more money than ever than any other business, so if you want to know who is taking the money out of the system, that's exactly where you should look."
Obama Talks About Rumors - New York Times
“It’s not just that I’m a Christian and some of these e-mails are misinforming people. They’re also feeding on anti-Muslim sentiment and that’s also wrong,” Mr. Obama said. “We don’t have a religious test in this country. I want to make sure that nobody gets hoodwinked and if anybody gets that information, make sure to correct it.”
Two Illinois Congressmen Support Federal Fire Sprinkler ... - PR Newswire
"Recognizing that financial incentives are key to the success of infrastructure improvements, two Illinois Congressmen have recently added their names to the growing list of co-sponsors of H. R. 1742, a bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to classify automatic fire sprinkler systems as a five-year property for purposes of depreciation."
Huckabee: 'Presumptuous' to assume Obama agrees with Wright -
"Mike Huckabee, a former contender for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, said it would be “a little bit presumptuous to ever assume” that a congregant agrees with everything a pastor says.  “Influential? Sure. Necessarily transferable? Usually not,” Huckabee told a reporter while speaking with the press aboard Sen. John McCain’s campaign bus, the Straight Talk Express."

25 April

Brooke Takes Over the Warrior Boys’ Soccer Program
"Wheaton Academy is happy to announce that Jeff Brooke has been promoted to take over as the boys’ varsity soccer head coach. Brooke will be replacing Dave Underwood, who will be leaving at the school year’s end to be the head mens’ soccer coach at Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas."
West Chicago
High School
CHS Seeks 'Hall of Honor' Nominees
"The Board of Education of Community High School District 94 has established a Hall of Honor to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the school, community, or society."
“There Oughta Be a Law” Initiative
"Representative Randy Ramey Joins Congressman Peter Roskam & Area Leaders to Unveil “There Oughta Be a Law” Initiative Will Give Chicagoland Residents an Opportunity to Have Their Legislation Introduced in Congress or Springfield "
City of
Seasonal Positions Available
"The Public Works Department of the City of West Chicago will be hiring temporary seasonal employees for positions from May through August."
Geneva's Burns skates into new job
"The new position puts Burns back in the U.S. Olympic family after a five-year hiatus. He worked for the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) as the mid-America regional director of development from 1994-2000, and then for United States Equestrian from 2001-03."
VIDEO: Wildcat Sticks and Stones Lacrosse Toiurnament
"West Chicago hosted the 3rd annual Wildcat Sticks and Stones Lacrosse Toiurnament [sp] on April 19 and 20. The event drew 18 teams from as far away as Green Bay and Appleton Wisconsin."
Durbin & Smith Lead Bipartisan Letter Asking for Significant Increase in Food Safety Funds
“We are concerned that the Food and Drug Administration lacks the resources to effectively oversee the safety of the food supply,” the Senators wrote. “The FDA’s budgets have not adequately reflected the critical role it plays in our nation’s food safety system or its increasing responsibilities.” 
Illinois Republican House Members Stay Silent
"In the last couple of weeks, House Republicans from the suburban Chicago area prevented three key bills from moving forward in Springfield. In particular, 16 House Republicans from the suburbs voted against legislation that would have mandated criminal background checks on handgun sales, HB 758, and prohibited the sale of no more than one handgun a month."
Will Alan Keyes Be John McCain's Worst Nightmare? - Talk to Action
"On his campaign web site, Keyes links to an article from World Net Daily titled 8 Reasons I Won't vote for John McCain, which offers a sneak preview of why Keyes in the race will be helping to remind the Religious Right of how what they stand for does not square with the agenda of John McCain."

24 April

Weiland Obituary
"Catherine J. Weiland, age 94, formerly of Aurora, passed away Wednesday, April 23, 2008 in Omaha, NE. She was born on September 29, 1913 in West Chicago to Aloysius and Catherine Wolff. Before residing in Omaha, Catherine had resided in Aurora since 1933."
Mid-Term Report to Summit 303 & additional needs for your input
"If you agree with the preliminary findings you do not have to respond. However, if you have comments as to its content accuracy or suggestions for improvement, please reply to this email by Friday, May 2nd.  At that time, the Facilitating Team will review all of the responses and consider revisions as may be necessary to more accurately reflect the work of Summit."
Communications Survey:
"We need your input on communications in District 303.  Please take a few moments and go to the district website at and click on the survey icon to respond to questions about communications in the district."
Building Level Meetings: 
"Attend a building level meeting with ATS&R Architects & Planners as they present their initial findings for each of the schools and seek your input as to the facility strengths and needs.  Meetings have already begun.  See the full schedule on the Summit page of the district website"
Students to travel to village in Africa
"Most of the students taking the trip are members of the school's Project LEAD team, a group of teens charged with organizing donation efforts for World Vision, the Christian relief agency working with the village.  The West Chicago area evangelical Christian school has donated roughly $600,000 in the past six years, money which has been used to help build a two-room schoolhouse, a medical facility, youth outreach center and several homes."
West Chicago dangles housing incentive
"The city council voted Monday to give the Illinois Housing Development Authority borrowing ability over its nearly $2.3 million worth of state-offered, tax-exempt bonds to offer mortgages to first-time home buyers.  The bond sales can help finance a variety of economic stimulus programs, but Mayor Mike Kwasman said he wanted to be "proactive" with the housing market in its current state."
Northbound Route 59 closed after concrete walls fall off truck
"About 7:15 a.m., two 12-by-40-foot concrete walls fell off a truck at the intersection of Route 59 and Hawthorne Lane.  "Apparently they slid off the truck and landed on the highway," Deputy Fire Chief Joseph Buenrostro said."
Briefs: Veterans advocate to speak
"Dirk Enger, co-chairman of the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans in Wheaton, will speak about the effect of the Iraq war on veterans and the U.S. economy at 5:30 p.m. today at the Kane County Veterans Memorial, at the Kane County Government Center, 719 S. Batavia Ave. (Route 31), Geneva."
Police beat
"Rubio faces two counts of aggravated drunken driving, one count of obstructing justice and one count of unlawful possession of a fraudulent identification card -- all felonies. He also was charged with two counts of misdemeanor drunken driving and misdemeanor counts of driving while license revoked, improper lane usage, illegal transportation of alcohol and operation of an uninsured vehicle."
Thorium cleanup efforts continuing
"City Atty. Barbara Magel told aldermen Monday that "there are 32 properties that need to be looked at, which is down from the 41 that we originally supposed."  Magel said surface scans have been completed on 19 of 21 properties where authorities have been granted access. For some homes, families simply have not responded to EPA notices, she said."
Durbin, Obama Work for New Air Mission at Springfield 183rd in Meeting with National Guard Chiefs
“Having a flying mission at the 183rd air wing will allow us to keep together the great flying team in Springfield,” said Durbin. “I am also concerned about the potential loss of federal funding for the Springfield airport's firefighting team whose unique training is a valuable asset to the entire community. "
Obama Joins Kerry to Push for Senate Investigation of Tax Shelter Abuses
"It's the responsibility of American companies to pay their taxes and ensure that their employees' work is counted for future Social Security and Medicare benefits," said Senator Obama. "It's unacceptable for contractors to use foreign shell companies to avoid paying their share of payroll taxes,..."
House GOP Candidate Spoke At Hitler Event - CBS News
"Tony Zirkle, who is seeking the Republican nomination in northern Indiana's 2nd District, stood in front of a painting of Hitler, next to people wearing swastika armbands and with a swastika flag in the background for the speech to the American National Socialist Workers Party in Chicago on Sunday."

23 April

Around and About in West Chicago - 23 April 2008
  • Observance Earth Day Illinois Prairie Path
  • Park District’s Annual Dog Park
  • 31st annual “80 & Over” Open House
  • Lower Speed Limits in Construction Zones

[You will please notice that this item has been opened for reader comment.  You are invited to add your comments which then appear at the end of the post. - Bob]

Smyth Obituary
"Michael is survived by two brothers Richard Smyth of Eddyville, KY and Robert Smyth of West Chicago, one sister Martha (William) Smith of Eddyville, KY and one nephew William Smith of Eddyville, KY."
Another Generation is Preparing
To my more doctrinaire, partisan friends, my great niece, Staci, wants to hear your comments about that 1/4 percent increase in the sales tax you passed.  Click on the link to the right... I hope it scares you. - Bob
The briefs - Dist. 33 is selling scholarship tickets
"West Chicago Elementary District 33's Foundation for Educational Excellence is selling tickets for its $10,000 college scholarship through Friday.  Tickets are $20 each, with just 1,000 tickets being sold. A second-place prize of a $500 savings bond is offered."
Durbin Requests Investigation into Skyrocketing Fuel Prices
“The spike in fuel costs - especially diesel costs - is alarming. I have asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the situation to make sure no one is being taken advantage of,” Durbin said. “While oil companies are earning record breaking profits the price of fuel is breaking the backs of American workers, businesses, communities and families.”
Obama Calls on Forest Service Chief to Examine Big Muddy Levee
"Safeguarding our communities is a top priority, and we must ensure these levees are structurally sound," said Senator Obama. "I look forward to working with the Forest Service and other local, state, and federal agencies to develop a plan to strengthen our levee system and keep Illinoisans safe."


Bush Administration Medicaid rules
"Late last week, the Governor joined ten other states in filing legal briefs in support of a lawsuit against Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael O. Leavitt to stop federal changes to the Medicaid program.  Families USA released a study earlier today highlighting the devastating effect the regulations would have on the Illinois economy, including job and economic activity losses in addition to an estimated $487.7 million cut in federal Medicaid funding to the state. "

22 April

West Chicago
High School


"Community High School’s WeGo 2 Africa initiative will be sending a shipping container full of supplies to the school CHS built in Sakutopi Angola. Below you will find a list of supplies that are still needed to send to the students in Africa."
"In nominating Maria, one staff member writes, “She is an outstanding worker and is always willing to help staff and students to find books and assist in computer problems. She is self-motivated and will do tasks she sees that need to be done without being asked.”"
City of
First Time Homebuyers Program Announced
"As residential foreclosure rates continue to climb locally and nationally, the landscape of many communities is changing from neighborhoods filled with well maintained homes with manicured lawns, to one that includes a fair number of boarded-up eyesores that serve to diminish adjacent property values and community spirits. "
April 22, Earth Day
"Happy Arbor Day! And happy Earth Day! That upstart holiday was founded 99 years after Arbor Day, but has really made a name for itself. Tree planting has always been a simple act that anyone - pre-schoolers to seniors - can do to show they care about the Earth."
"If you are listed in the old registry, family consent is still required for donation to occur. To ensure that your decision to be an organ/tissue donor is honored, you must join the new registry!"
Geneva resident donates photo of school district's namesake
""I didn't even know there was a school district named after the man until I started doing the research," Gibbons said. "It turns out they didn't even have any photos of Benjamin."  Gibbons scanned, enlarged and reprinted the original photo, which measured less than three inches, and donated a framed copy of the photo to school officials at the school board meeting April 14."
DuPage officials defend lobbyist spending
"We spend $18,000 a year to make sure we get our fair say in matters of the state," said West Chicago Mayor Michael Kwasman. "Last year, our lobbyist got us out of the water commission, which got us back $1.6 million. That's not a bad return on our investment."
Sugar Grove loosens up its marijuana law
"Police Chief Bradley Sauer said the change will keep officers from spending long hours in court on minor drug charges and also allow those who slip up just once to keep their records clean.  "This is a warning on steroids," he said.  Tickets for first-time marijuana possession or drug paraphernalia possession will be $200. Sauer said those fines were in line with the fees judges typically hand down in court.
St. Charles' tough call:Class size vs. teacher experience
""Would you rather have 30 students with a well-trained teacher, or 16 kids with a teacher with less experience or less training?" asked Brian Harris, assistant superintendence for Human Resources, at a gathering of about 150 parents and educators at the monthly Summit 303 meeting."
Candidate unsure of pending election bill - Peoria Journal Star - Peoria,IL
"Fortner said adding the signature requirement would be fairer and would help candidates who are getting a late start on a campaign.  "In general, one way of connecting with the people that you want to serve and (one way of) showing that there is a basic level of support for the candidacy is to go out and get signatures," Fortner said.  But Schafer said he thinks the legislation could discourage some potential candidates. The Green Party believes "democracy works better with more voices, with multiple voices," he added."
Disapproval of Bush breaks record
"President Bush has set a record he'd presumably prefer to avoid: the highest disapproval rating of any president in the 70-year history of the Gallup Poll.  In a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken Friday through Sunday, 28% of Americans approve of the job Bush is doing; 69% disapprove. The approval rating matches the low point of his presidency, and the disapproval sets a new high for any president since Franklin Roosevelt."

21 April

Cablcom Programs 4/14-4/20
  • Mon 6:00 PM City Council (4/7/08)
  • Tues 6:00 PM COD Images
  • Tues 6:30 PM COD Career Paths
  • WED 8:00 PM Spring Orchestra Concert '02
District 33


WeGo Together for Kids - Family Night

Taking Care of Your Family
A Night of Celebrating Our Community
Tuesday, April 22, 2008
For all families living in West Chicago
Held in the Cafeteria at West Chicago Middle School

National Train Day is on May 10th.  Get your Choo Choo on.
"The first-ever National Train Day is on its way, and there’s never been a better time to celebrate. With passenger ridership growing every year, more and more people recognize that trains are the best way to relax and enjoy the ride. To read, talk, work or snooze the time away."
Orange and Black Bulletin for the week of April 21
"Canoe Club and Eco-Minded Club want to remind students that the next STCE Late Start Day will be Bike to School Day! Get your bike out and make sure it’s in good working order for biking season. As the weather warms it’s time to embrace happier and healthier ways to get around."
Students learn what it means to be an 'orphan'
"Wheaton College students were among the 35 people who slept outside and ate a meager diet as part of the Orphan for a Night event in West Chicago, a three-day simulation that aimed to raise awareness of the plight of orphan"
Old highway becoming latest trend
"Tourists flock to Route 66, for example, which runs from Chicago to Los Angeles and is dotted with cafes, shops, hotels and motels.  Historically, Lincoln Highway has been used as a commercial transportation highway, while Route 66 was created for travel and leisure..."
[For those confused, although Rt 38 is the Lincoln Highway, it is only for west of Geneva. - Bob]
Durbin, Obama Statement on Impact Assessment in Wake of Southern Illinois Earthquake
"While we don't yet know the full extent of damage caused by this morning's earthquake in Southern Illinois, it appears that there were no serious injuries and only moderate to minor structural damage," said the Illinois Senators. "We will continue to work with the state and federal disaster agencies to evaluate the situation and ensure the appropriate resources are provided in a timely fashion."


Governor Blagojevich activates State Emergency Operations Center after earthquake centered in southeastern Illinois

19&20 April

Senior Health Expo
"State Representative Mike Fortner (R-West Chicago) and State Senator Randy Hultgren (R-Wheaton) will be hosting a senior health expo on April 23rd. Some participants include Heart Felt Massage Center, Central DuPage Hospital, Citizens Utility Board, Delnor Community Hospital, Illinois Veterans Affairs, Illinois Attorney General and Illinois Secretary of State"
Hope for the future
"As the volunteer fine arts chair at the elementary school, along with artist Kathleen Santoro of West Chicago, the two spearheaded a project they hope will spread positive thoughts in their community.  About 162 students in preschool through eighth grade from West Chicago, Carol Stream, St. Charles, Bartlett and other communities created tiles with their vision of peace."
Traveling exhibit puts faces to AIDS pandemic
"The interactive exhibit, sponsored by the Christian relief agency World Vision, is being displayed this weekend at Wheaton Academy in West Chicago. It takes participants on a journey through the lives of one of four children who have been helped by the agency."
Toll flaws persis
"Tollway officials defend the system, saying it is the only means to ensure drivers pay tolls under the barrier-free Open Road Tolling. And they say erroneous fines can be easily cleared up over the phone or through an administrative appeal."
Green comes down to earth
"With the help of the steady hands of their dad, Joe, Keelyn O' Brien and her sister Kaleigh, 6, of West Chicago put together a bird house at St. Charles' Earth Day at Campton Hills Park."
Earthquake aftershock a normal feeling for suburban Chicago
"Chen said it’s similar to the concept that throwing a rock into a pond causes ripples.  “It’s exactly the same but with seismic waves,” he said. “Basically, the waves do not dissipate with distance very much in the Midwest.”"
Foster supports proposal aimed at cutting gas prices
"The people of the 14th District are in need of help," Foster said with price boards reading $3.69 and $3.67 in the background at a nearby gas station. "Our families and businesses can't wait any longer."
WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Friday 18 Apr 08
Obama born to run, Springsteen says - The Gazette (Montreal) - Quebec,Canada
"Rock superstar Bruce Springsteen endorsed Democratic Senator Barack Obama for U.S. president yesterday, saying he stands "head and shoulders above the rest." In a message posted on his website, the musician and songwriter known as the Boss said the Illinois senator has "the depth, the reflectiveness and the resilience" to be the next U.S. president."
Behind Military Analysts, the Pentagon’s Hidden Hand - NY Times
" In turn, members of this group have echoed administration talking points, sometimes even when they suspected the information was false or inflated. Some analysts acknowledge they suppressed doubts because they feared jeopardizing their access.  A few expressed regret for participating in what they regarded as an effort to dupe the American public with propaganda dressed as independent military analysis."
Choosing War: The Decision to Invade Iraq and Its Aftermath - National Defense University
"Compounding all of these problems, our efforts there
were designed to enhance U.S. national security, but they have become, at least temporarily, an incubator for terrorism and have emboldened Iran to expand its influence throughout the Middle East."
[Almost ignored by the main stream media, this report is a "must read" for people who seriously want to know about how it is going in Iraq.  Talking-point-Partisans needn't bother.  It's kinda long and you might miss American Idol. - Bob]
18 April  
Golf Outing/Auction/Dinner
"On May 30, 2008 Trinity Lutheran Evangelical Church and School will be hosting it’s first annual Golf Outing, Dinner and Auction. We are pleased to be able to hold our Trinity Fundraising Event at St. Andrew’s Golf Course and Country Club in West Chicago, and are seeking local business sponsors for the Outing as well as the subsequent Dinner and Auction."
Bark Park - Waggin Trails - Wiggly Field ????
"The West Chicago Park District is hosting a dog gone good time from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, May 3, at the Dog Park, located on the northwestern edge of Reed-Keppler Park. Although the event serves primarily as a chance for users to sign up or renew their dog park permits, many fun activities and programs are planned for the owners of “man’s best friend.”"
Mission accomplished in war against Asian beetle
"Federal, state and Chicago officials declared victory against the invasive bug at a news conference in the city's Ravenswood neighborhood Thursday. That's the area where the pest was first detected back in 1998.  Illinois is the first state to claim eradication of the non-native bug. It's been five years since anyone's reported seeing the tree-killing beetle."
DuPage election board to Kachiroubas: You're too late
"Nelson said Republicans will have to go to court if they want to pursue the objections.  "We're going to fight it," said DuPage GOP Vice Chairman Pat Durante. "Until someone tells me to fold my tent, I'm not folding my tent."  Kachiroubas filed the objections to the seven Democrats who filed earlier this month to run for his job, the recorder of deeds office, three county board seats and two forest preserve board posts."
Illinois earthquake felt up to 450 miles away
"Residents in the Western suburbs were shaken awake Friday morning by the rumblings of a 5.2-magnitude earthquake centered near West Salem, Ill.  The trembling, just before 4:37 a.m., lasted about 15 seconds. Police departments across the area received only a few calls about the quake."
Durbin, Kennedy, Feingold Seek Legal Opinion on Bradbury's Status
" Bradbury's service as acting head of OLC expired nearly a year ago, on April 26, 2007. Yet Bradbury has continued to lead that office under a change of title, which appears to be nothing less than an end run around the Senate confirmation process.  Bradbury has played a key role in authorizing some of the Bush Administration's most controversial policies, such as torture techniques that are inconsistent with American values and law, and warrantless surveillance of innocent Americans."
Obama Calls on the TSA to Address Recent Security Vulnerabilities at O'Hare
"In the letter, Obama calls on TSA to provide the written guidelines, policies, and procedures in place governing the security of uniforms, portable equipment, and other supplies at all airports where TSA has screening operations; provide information on how internal affairs teams test for compliance with these policies; submit information on whether intelligence staff is concerned about theft of screener uniforms or other items as a terrorist tactic; and confirm whether TSA will perform an investigation of these recent events."
Governor Blagojevich activates State Emergency Operations Center after earthquake centered in southeastern Illinois
Governor Blagojevich encourages parents to make sure their children have all recommended vaccines during National Infant Immunization Week

17 April

Around and About in West Chicago - 16 April 2008
  • Earth Day is April 22
  • Winfield Township “Aging with Dignity,”
  • West Chicago Lacrosse
  • Foundation for Educational Excellence $10,000 college scholarship
West Chicago
High School


"Community High School senior, Chelsea Steck, received the first place award in the Union League Club of Chicago’s annual ‘Democracy In Action’ competition. Chelsea received this first place honor because of her democracy and citizenship advocacy on both the local and global levels"
Booster Club Spring Plant Sale Fundraiser
"Help support your favorite Club or Sport at Community High School.  Click link below for:
     Plant Order Form:
     Plant Order Form -- in Spanish:"
Ronzheimer Obituary
"Neal D. Ronzheimer, age 63, of West Chicago, passed away Tuesday, April 15, 2008 at Tower Hill Healthcare Center in South Elgin. He was born on March 16, 1945 to Gordon and Marjorie Ronzheimer. Neal proudly served in the US Air Force during Vietnam."
Becky Hall
America's First Ladies - FREE tonight!
"OK, that subject line may be misleading!  Join the Historical Society tonight at 7:00 p.m. for a FREE presentation about the lives of former First Ladies.  And refreshments will be served!
: Details Thursday, April 17th at 7:00 p.m.
    Fox Community Center (the old depot on Main street at the end of Center street)
I've heard the presenter is wonderfully talented and that the material is amusing."
DuPage County towns gear up to celebrate Earth Day
"On Tuesday, Augustino's Rock and Roll Deli in Carol Stream, West Chicago and Chicago will be replacing many of its disposable products with more earth-friendly products. Locations will also give out free seed packets, have T-shirt raffles and host earth-friendly activities for kids."
Send us your events
  • ""AIDS - Step into Africa," a free, interactive exhibit, will be on display at Wheaton Academy, 900 Prince Crossing Road, West Chicago. Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday; 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday; 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday and 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday. For details, call (630) 562-7533.
  • The third annual Wildcats Sticks and Stones Classic lacrosse tournament will be from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at West Chicago Middle School, 238 E. Hazel. Eighteen teams will compete at the junior varsity and varsity levels. Admission is free. Bring a blanket or lawn chair for seating."
How voters could decide future of tax
"Last week, the Illinois House voted down another constitutional amendment that would have let voters decide if households making more than $250,000 should have their tax rates doubled to 6 percent. The plan would have raised $3 billion annually to be divvied up among schools, road and bridge construction, and tax breaks for those making less than a quarter-million dollars.  Republican critics called it class warfare and the amendment was rejected."
[Have you looked at the price of gas lately?  It's already class warfare and my side has been losing for 25 years. - Bob]
Durbin, Senators Urge Protection of Utah Wilderness Areas
""One of the most important legacies we will leave to future generations is the preservation of our nation's vital natural resources," Durbin said. "Edward Abbey was right; the idea of wilderness doesn't need defense, only more who are willing to defend it. We can't allow our wild places to become nothing more than memories.""
Obama Calls on OPM Director to Examine Skyrocketing Copayment Costs for Prescription Drugs
"In the letter, Senator Obama requests that OPM provide information as to the prevalence of "tiered copayments" in certain plans, how many federal employees are charged in each tier of copayment, whether enrollees can choose between plans with various copayment options, and what further federal regulation is needed to ensure federal employees have access to affordable life-saving or disease modifying drugs."
Roskam's campaign fund at almost $1 million - WQAD - Moline,IL
"Morgenthaler had only $127,000 as of the end of March, while Roskam had almost $1 million, the lion's share of the $1.3 million the fresman congressman has raised this election cycle."
Dems charge GOP groups with collusion - Politico
"Both sides are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the race, showing its huge symbolic value to party leaders. But the NRCC, in particular, badly needs the special election win after current Rep. Bill Foster (D-Ill.) won the seat of former Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), a humiliating loss for the GOP."


Gov. Blagojevich proclaims April as Fair Housing Month in Illinois
"Governor Rod R. Blagojevich proclaimed April as Fair Housing Month in Illinois, in an effort to highlight the state’s continuous efforts to combat discrimination in housing and to mark the 40th anniversary of the passage of the federal Fair Housing Act.  Blagojevich officials also commemorated the hundred-year anniversary of the Springfield Race Riots of 1908."

16 April

West Chicago
High School


Revised Final Exam Schedule 2nd Semester
"Due to the emergency snow day this past winter, final exam schedules have been adjusted. Students taking final exams 2nd semester will continue to follow a split schedule. Seniors will be taking exams on their originally scheduled days. Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors will have their exam dates pushed back a day to adjust for the snow day. The schedule is listed below for your convenience. If you have any questions regarding this schedule, please feel free to call your son/daughter’s teacher or appropriate Division Head.  Click here to view the Revised Final Exam Schedule for 2nd Semester"
Board Briefs - 08 April 2008
"Approved the following reallocations for the 2008-09 school year:
  • Info & Technology — reduce 0.2 FTE
  • Humanities —reduce 0.6 FTE
  • Language Arts — add reallocated 0.8 FTE to current 0.2 FTE overload to result in 1.0 FTE position
  • World Languages — in lieu of 0.6 overload sections, create 0.6 FTE position"
DuPage GOP challenges all new Democratic candidates
"DuPage GOP Vice Chairman Pat Durante claims the Democrats did not register a required nominating committee, so the nominations are invalid. The GOP is challenging only Democrats, not Green Party candidates.  "Only because the Green Party never exaggerates their majority or how big they are," Durante said. "It's not retribution; it's just saying that if the Democratic Party is now claiming they are the majority party, then act like you're the majority and do what you're supposed to do legally and follow the law.""
[This is infinitely crappy... I'd rather have a choice of two candidates, even if one made a technical error, than a Soviet style one party election. - Bob]
DuPage library calendar
"The Jim Guter Trio will perform from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday at the West Chicago Public Library, 118 W. Washington St. The ensemble performs a variety of musical styles, including swing, Latin and jazz."
As Food Prices Rise, Durbin, Biden and Kerry Request Emergency Food Aid Increase
"We are on the brink of a global humanitarian crisis," Durbin said. "With food prices soaring, millions of the world’s poor risk deprivation and starvation. America cannot stand by and watch that happen. "
Lawmakers Push Proposals For House Food Safety Measure
"The lawmakers want to close a loophole in current law that allows importers and private laboratories to withhold information from the FDA when foods fail testing ... Dingell’s measure, as originally drafted, would allow HHS to collect user fees on food and drug imports to pay for hiring additional federal inspectors and for enhanced food analysis. It also would mandate country-of-origin labels for food, drugs and medical devices."


Landmark Homeowner Protection Legislation
“I’m pleased the Committee moved quickly to pass this important bill.  Too many Illinois families are facing financial difficulties, and this bill will give them important breathing room to find a solution to their mortgage problems before their homes could be lost to foreclosure.  I hope the full Senate will take the matter up soon,”

15 April

District 33


District 33 Key Communicator Message - We Go Run May 4, 2008
"All 8 District 33 Parent-Teacher Organizations are racing to the finish line planning the 4th annual We Go Run scheduled for Sunday, May 4, 2008. This family fitness event offers a 5K run/walk, 10K run, 1 mile run for children ages 6 - 12, and a Kids Dash (100 yards) for ages 8 and under. The entire community is invited to participate."
May 2008 Press Release
"... the May 2008 Press Release for immediate release for Adult Services Programs at the West Chicago Public Library District."
"Pheasant Run Resort has announced its 2008 Golf Tournament Schedule, featuring nine events that run throughout the year – including the 2nd Annual Celebrity Pro-Am Golf Tournament – which are open to all area residents and guests of the property, according to Robert J. Jan, Director of Golf at the resort."
Time to stop the war on townships
"For the second year in a row, DAWN (DuPage Against War Now) failed to muster the troops necessary to place its anti-war question on the ballot via any of the nine DuPage County Townships' Annual Town Meetings. Going back three years, DAWN was successful in just one township, but only by a surprise attack, overwhelming a peaceful, unsuspecting meeting with DAWN foot soldiers."
School districts still waiting for state construction funds
Districts applied for funds/ Year of application
West Chicago School District 33/ 2005
House Passes Ellsworth, Obama Bill to Require Federal Contractors to Pay Taxes
"According to studies by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), thousands of federal contractors owe billions of dollars in unpaid taxes. Rep. Brad Ellsworth and U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) introduced the Contracting and Tax Accountability Act, H.R. 4881, to address this problem by withholding large federal contracts from businesses and organizations that fail to file tax returns and are delinquent on their taxes."
U.S. Chamber of Commerce honors Roskam
“Rep. Roskam has proven to be an effective ally to the business community, supporting legislation that helps grow the economy and creates new jobs for hardworking Americans,” said Tom Donohue, chamber president and CEO, in a written statement. “The chamber is grateful for Peter’s commitment to these important issues and is proud to present him with this award.”


Illinois’ coal mine industry achieves unprecedented fifth consecutive year without a fatality
“Today is a great day for the Illinois coal industry and the men and women who take on tremendous risk each day when they go to work,” said Gov. Blagojevich.  “To go five consecutive years without losing a life in an industry worldwide that has seen its share of recent tragedies is an accomplishment that should not be over looked.”

14 April

Howard Hansen -  April 13, 2008
"He was always known for his social grace, and his ability to meet people, remember them, and always call them by their first name. He was an active member of the St. Charles Singles Club, and he met regularly with fellow retirees of the Northwestern Railroad."
Rosa Guillen - April 12, 2008
"Visitation for Rosa Guillen will be held on Wednesday April 16, 2008 from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Williams-Woodward Funeral Home 820 Pine St., West Chicago. Funeral Thursday 9:15 a.m. to St. Mary Catholic Church, West Chicago, Mass 10:00 a.m."
House Defeats Unfair Income Tax Proposal
"State Rep. Randy Ramey (R-Carol Stream) helped vote down a constitutional amendment proposal that called for an unprecedented increase in the state income tax rate structure to raise $3 billion for unspecified government spending."
West Chicago
High School

After Prom Committee UNSOLD Auction Items 2008
"So you weren’t able to make it to the Auction sponsored by the After Prom Committee….so we’re bringing it to you! The following are items that are still available to bid on."
West Chicago Hosts Largest Tournament in Illinois
"West Chicago Lacrosse plays host to the largest high school lacrosse tournament in Illinois! The 3rd Annual Wildcat Sticks and Stones Classic Lacrosse Tournament will take place on Saturday and Sunday, April 19 and 20, 2008 from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm each day, hosting 18 teams in 2 levels."
Cablcom Programs 4/14-4/20
Monday - City Council (4/7/08), City Council (4/7/08), WCMS Spring Concerts '01, Spring Orchestra Concert '02 and WCCHS Spring Band Concert '03 ... plus more local programming every evening.
City of
Development Committee Agenda for 14 Apr 2008
  • JelSert Stormwater Deviations
  • West Chicago Park District - Pinoneer Park Annexation
  • Proposed Amendments to Sign Regulations
Honor a vet when you buy a poppy
"The poppies offered by the American Legion and Auxiliary are created by hospitalized veterans as a way to earn a small wage. For some, this is now their permanent home.  All donations collected by our volunteers are used exclusively to benefit veterans in need and their families."
Oberweis plans 'positive' fall rematch
"He recently talked about his plans, and pondered some of the reasons he believes he lost last month's special election to Bill Foster, who is filling the remainder of Hastert's term until January."


Winfield Township Republicans present community service award to Don Earley
“Don is an example of how each individual’s contributions do make our community better and stronger,” Smith stated.  “It is an honor to have Don – and Marilyn – as our neighbors and we hope that this award can serve as a small expression of our gratitude,” Smith concluded.
New Youth Commission in West Chicago
"“West Chicago has a culture of being proactive toward the needs of its citizens, and the hiring of a Youth Coordinator is one more example of our government in action. Developing an ongoing, open dialogue with the youth of our community serves everyone’s best interests. We will learn from each other,” said Mayor Michael B. Kwasman."
Hillary Clinton: The Wal-Mart Videos
"In this segment from 1991, for example, made public here for the first time by the Center for Public Integrity, Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart, introduces Clinton at the grand re-opening of the company’s original store in Rogers, Arkansas. “Without any question,” he says, “you’ve added more to our board than any person we’ve ever had on that board.”"

12&13 April

 Just because I thought Gene Rennels wanted you to see it...
Metra fretting over EJ&E rail sale
"On Friday, Metra officials listed concerns about the deal that ranged from delays for commuter trains that cross the EJ&E tracks to fallout for the STAR line, a proposed suburb-to-suburb transportation system."
Rail wrangle
"As DuPage County Board member Pamela Rion understands it, the sale would be "absolutely devastating for all the communities along (the EJ&E), particularly West Chicago," which she refers to as "ground zero" because of its already bustling rail traffic."
Briefs: Answers to legal queries - Earth Day pickup
"The West Chicago Lions Club will help organize an Earth Day collection of unwanted computer equipment, household clothes and shoes, eyeglasses and hearing aids from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 19 at 1750 Harvester Drive. For more information, call Rasham Grewal at (630) 293-1239 or Sara Hochhauser at (630) 231-6060."
Wayne Twp. planning to replace bridge
"Highway commissioner Ken Spitz said the township hasn't yet set a start date for construction to begin. The project should take four months to complete.  The section of road will be closed during much of the construction."
Today's DuPage Now newscast
"Check back every weekday afternoon for a new newscast that will contain the day's top stories, traffic and weather alerts, upcoming events and more. It's what's happening daily in and around DuPage County."
[This is one of the most interesting developments in local news in decades.  I plan to be posting this link regularly somehow, depending on how they file it. - Bob]
Get your TV converter coupons
"If you have a TV that will require a converter you should make your request for coupons now.  For more information about the coupon program or to order a coupon, call 1-800-388-2009 or visit"
DuPage legislators to hold hearing on state budget
"Present at the meeting will be Republican state Reps. Sandy Pihos, 42nd District, of Glen Ellyn; Patti Bellock, 47th District, of Hinsdale; Franco Coladipietro, 45th District, of Bloomingdale; Mike Fortner, 95th District, of West Chicago; Jim Meyer, 48th District, of Naperville; and Dennis Reboletti, 46th District, of Elmhurst.  The event is an open forum for residents to express their opinions, priorities and perspectives on the state’s financial situation."
Flooding limited to northern Kane
"Don Bryant, director of Kane County's Office of Emergency Management, said northern parts of the county have seen the weather's worst so far.  "Pretty much all of the flooding has been experienced north of St. Charles," he said.  On the Kane-Kendall county line in Montgomery, it's wait-and-see time. The village's public-works department is ready to hand out sandbags if necessary, said Director Mike Pubentz."
Durbin Reacts To Tour Of Duty Announcement - WEEK-TV - East Peoria,IL
"Illinois' senior Senator is applauding the move to shorten the tour of duty for America's soldiers and Marines serving in the Middle East.  But Senator Dick Durbin says it's time to bring the troops home for good and focus on the struggling economy."
Decatur Tribune - Decatur,IL
"Durbin said he wants Illinois communities to work together to tell the whole Lincoln story. The Looking for Lincoln project is designed to connect Illinois’ natural, historic, cultural and recreational resources touched by the life and influence of the nation’s 16th President."
AP Interview: Election loss has Oberweis making changes - WTHI Terre Haute, IN
"His most recent loss was last month, when he was flatly rejected by voters who handed a reliably GOP district to Democrat Bill Foster ... A tough campaigner, Oberweis used words like "positive campaign" and "respectful discussion" in a recent interview to describe what voters will see from him between now and November.

11 April

District 33


We Go Run (and Walk) for Education
"All eight District 33 Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTO's) are racing to the finish line planning We Go Run, a 5K run/walk (3.1 miles), 10K run (6.2 miles), and children's races (1-mile run ages 6 - 12 and 100 yard Kids Dash ages 8 and under). Students, parents, and community members are invited to participate."
West Chicago
High School


Booster Club Mother's Day Plant Sale
"Celebrate Mother's Day this year with something mom will really appreciate. 
Help support the Horticulture Club.  Click link below for:
Fortner Strongly Objects to Push to Raise Income Taxes
“There are a number of detailed problems with this tax increase proposal from punishing a married couple - where both are working - to punishing the employers in my district who are providing jobs to my constituents,”
[Hopefully tomorrow I will get an update from Mike which corrects his first paragraph which says exactly the opposite of what he intends. - Bob]
Hastert pushes massive state public works program
""If every one of you collars your elected representative, they're going to get the message," said Hastert, adding that as a congressman he always paid more attention to direct appeals from constituents than to letter-writing campaigns.  Later Thursday, Hastert and Glenn Poshard emerged from a Springfield meeting with Gov. Rod Blagojevich and legislative leaders that confirmed this: The desire for a capital project is there; the means of payment is not."
DuPage to join group of governments opposing railroad buyout
"The County Board voted Tuesday to make the county’s opposition official and to join a coalition of local governments fighting against the purchase. The board also committed $10,000 to lobbying against the acquisition."
He cleans up after your dog
""Sometimes I'll be walking in a yard and I'll just get a feeling, 'Go look over there,' and sure enough there will be a pile," said Johnson, 57, of West Chicago."
Durbin Statement on Passage of Housing Stimulus Package
“We need to do more. Future housing bills should focus on preventing foreclosures not on propping up home builders and big lenders. The Senate needs to give homeowners every tool we can to stay in their homes – including the opportunity to modify the terms of the mortgage in bankruptcy courts."
Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area
“This Heritage Area will allow us to build on the success of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum,” said Durbin.  “Hundreds of thousands of visitors will now have a chance to understand how many communities outside of Springfield played an important role in Lincoln’s life."
Dodd-Shelby Housing Package
"The Dodd-Shelby bill makes a start through such features as funding mortgage counseling and providing emergency assistance for communities with high foreclosure rates. But the heavy hand of special interests has again had too much influence on this bill. Special interests have insisted on putting in unnecessary tax breaks for the profits enjoyed by home builders during their boom years, and on keeping out a change to our bankruptcy laws that would remove preferential treatment for mortgage lenders."
Obama Wants Reforms in Campaign Financing - New York Times
“We know that the check-off system has been declining in participation and as a consequence, the amount of money raised through the public financing system may be substantially lower than the amount of money that can be raised through small donations over the Internet.”
Roskam bill offers thoughts on food
"A world map next to the representatives highlighted countries that have exported unsafe products to the United States. China's lengthy list of goods included items ranging from toothpaste to pet food to fruit-flavored chews.  "The American people have seen too many dangerous products from overseas," Kirk said."
[This sounds like Roskam being the decent man he used to be.  Hopefully the RNC will not rein him back in. - Bob]

10 April

"The Lions Club of West Chicago is pleased to announce a scholarship program for a 2008 high school graduate who resides within the 60185 zip code. The Club will grant a $1,000 scholarship to a graduating senior for post high school education in the area of human services (teaching, social work, medical professions, etc)."
Towns, counties joining to fight EJ&E sale
"Along with board member Pam Rion of Bloomingdale, Healy has been working for months with local officials to form the coalition.  Naperville and Aurora both have voted to join the consortium, and the DuPage County Board this week voted 15-2 to contribute up to $10,000 to the effort.  Rion said local leaders are strongly unified against the sale and are ready to take on what she calls an "uphill fight."
Batavia marsh a pit stop for pelicans
"On Sunday, watchers counted more than 100 of the pelicans, while there were more than 40 Monday.  Such birds have been seen at the marsh since 2003, said Duerr, usually for two or three weeks in April.  Bob Andrini, president of the Kane County Audubon Society, noted that their numbers have jumped from fewer than 30 to as many as 145 seen last year."
Entertainment calendar
"St. John the Baptist School students will perform "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" at 1 and 7 p.m. today and Saturday at Wheaton Academy, 900 Prince Crossing Road, West Chicago. Tickets cost $5, $3 for students in high school and younger. For details, call (630) 668-2625, ext. 648."
State: One center is enough
"After winning permission to build its proton-therapy center, NIU and its representatives actively lobbied against the CDH proposal, claiming that the CDH proposal, planned to be built near the junction of Interstate 88 and Winfield Road, would be built too close and would duplicate needlessly the services offered by the NIU facility."
All Of DuPage County Target For Congressional Dems - Amazing!
"While the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has long targeted the 6th Congressional District where Democrat Jill Morgenthaler is battling one-term incumbent Republican Peter Roskam, the DCCC now is targeting the 13th District where Democrat Scott Harper faces incumbent Republican Judy Biggert."
WHAT’S NEW  - Friday 11 Apr 08
ACORN Protests Senate’s Vote Against Families Facing Foreclosure - Common Dreams
"The Durbin amendment, which was offered to the Foreclosure Prevention Act, would have allowed bankruptcy judges to modify the terms of the mortgages of primary residences to achieve an affordable monthly payment when mortgage servicers refuse or are unable to make such modifications. Bankruptcy judges already have this power for second homes, vacation homes, yachts, and other major purchases, and the Durbin amendment would close the loophole preventing modifications on primary residences. All Senate Republicans and a handful of Senate Democrats voted to table, or kill, the amendment."
'Obama speaks uncomfortable truths' - PRESS TV - Tehran,Iran
"He made people less apathetic," added Ms. Soetoro-Ng, who grew up with Senator Obama in Hawaii and Indonesia.  "He was charismatic, brilliant, and strong and he had the capacity to transform communities, hearts and minds," she continued."
Obama's College Trip to Pakistan - ABC News
"So when I speak about having lived in Indonesia for four years, having family that is impoverished in small villages in Africa --knowing the leaders is not important -- what I know is the people...I traveled to Pakistan when I was in college -- I knew what Sunni and Shia was [sic] before I joined the Senate Foreign Relations Committee."
US Rep. Bill Foster to NU Democrats: 'Change starts now' - Daily Northwestern - Evanston,IL
"The way things are done around here is too often to maintain the status quo," Foster said. "When people tell you that things can't be changed, don't accept it." ... "Change starts now," Foster said. "Change starts with you."
The 10 Pieces of U.S. Infrastructure We Must Fix Now - Popular Mechanics
"After years of being ranked two of the worst traffic bottlenecks in the country by groups like the American Highway Users Alliance, both the U.S. 101 at the I-405 Interchange in Los Angeles and the I-610 and I-10 Interchange in Houston are being revamped. But the third-worst spot for highway congestion, Chicago's Circle Interchange, is going nowhere. One parkway and three expressways meet here, and close to 300,000 vehicles a day are forced to reduce speed while navigating a network of tightly curved ramps."

09 April

Around and About in West Chicago - 09 April 2008
  • Nancy Voss is the featured artist for the month of April at Gallery 200
  • District 33 kindergarten registration
  • Wayne/Winfield Area Youth/Family Services 25th Anniversary with a Luncheon and Silent Auction
  • The Historical Society hosts “America’s First Ladies”
Firm to hunt for Dist. 94 superintendent
"Board President Tony Reyes said school board members will meet several times before the end of the school year to determine exactly what sorts of qualifications they'll be seeking in a potential candidate.  "Hopefully it will be somebody who has experience managing a diverse student population," Reyes said. "It may take some time to decide exactly what the board wants.""
Briefs: County joins railroad fray
"The DuPage County Board voted Tuesday to join a consortium of municipal bodies fighting Canadian National's proposed purchase of the EJ&E Railway line that essentially serves as the county's western border. The board also committed $10,000 toward hiring a lobbyist who will act as the group's voice with federal legislators on the issue."
"CAC Fundraiser: Friends of Child Advocacy will host a fundraiser reception from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday at Prairie Landing Golf Club, 2325 Longest Drive, West Chicago. The Child Advocacy Center is a nonprofit organization that each year funds programs that assist hundreds of sexually and physically abused children in Kane County and their family members."
House OKs right to recall vote
""If we have an extremely bad elected official, an extreme remedy may be required," Franks said. "The need for a recall goes beyond any one officeholder."  The amendment was approved 75-33, garnering four votes more than the minimum needed. It now goes to the Illinois Senate and faces a May 4 deadline if it is to be put before voters in November."
DuPage hospital's proton therapy center denied
"The Central DuPage Hospital hoped to build a $140 million proton center that could be used to treat around 1,500 patients a year.  However, the state's health planning board recently granted Northern Illinois University permission to be the first in the state to build a proton therapy treatment center. That facility is scheduled to be constructed at the DuPage National Technology Park in West Chicago."
Police beat
"Juan Ortega, 40, of 508 Sherman St., West Chicago, was charged with leaving the scene of a property damage accident, improper stopping and operating an uninsured motor vehicle, after hitting another vehicle at Third and Illinois streets at 4:40 p.m. March 30. He posted $200 bond."
Officials support giving voters the option
""In the case of officers there for four years, that is a long time to put up with someone who is not doing his or her job as they should," said Rep. Patricia Reid Lindner, R-Sugar Grove.  The recall legislation passed the Illinois House Tuesday on a 75-33 vote, with every Fox Valley state representative casting a "yes" vote."
Regulatory board rejects plan for cancer center
"The Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board has rejected Central DuPage Hospital's plan to build a $140 million proton therapy cancer treatment center in Warrenville.  The board based the denial on its decision last month to let Northern Illinois University build the state's first proton cyclotron at DuPage National Technology Park in West Chicago."



Durbin, Obama: IL Delegation Members Urge President Bush to Provide Federal Assistance to Fifteen Southern Illinois Counties
Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the President Signing the Second Chance Act into Law
"Every year, too many American lives are permanently disrupted when they enter the criminal justice system. In many cases, the lack of job training and support programs in prison means that those who are released fail to become fully rehabilitated. Too many get lost to poverty and unemployment, and some go on to commit more crimes. This must stop. The costs of crimes are high, but failing to break this cycle costs us even more."
This What Worries Them?
"You probably remember that a month ago today Democrat Bill Foster won a special election to fill Denny Hastert's old seat in Illinois 14, what had been a reliably Republican district. Foster beat dairy kingpin Jim Oberweis and it seems one of the statements that helped Foster pull this seat out of Republican hands was Oberweis's declaration that we need to stay in Iraq for another ten years."

08 April

Architects Ready to Present Facility Findings
"The architectural firm, ATS&R will be presenting site specific findings for every District 303 school beginning April 21 and continuing into May. The presentations will include extensive information on each building including the top priorities for improvement, the building’s strengths and weaknesses, the impact of the facility design on education, and future needs."
East Educator Named "Hometown Hero"
"The Fox River Chapter of the American Red Cross has named Victor Vant its "Education Hero" for 2008.  Vant, an applied science teacher and student council sponsor at St. Charles East High School, was nominated by his students for the award. "
Man dies in unincorporated West Chicago crash
"One St. Charles resident is dead following a vehicular accident on North Avenue in unincorporated West Chicago Sunday.  Eric Clark, 29, was pronounced dead at 11:15 a.m. at the scene, according to the DuPage County coroner’s office."
Police beat
"Daniel Rubio, 26, of 1220 Kings Circle No. 205, West Chicago, was arrested at 10:52 p.m. Friday and charged with two counts of felony aggravated drunken driving, obstructing justice and unlawful possession of a fraudulent identification card during a traffic stop on East Main Street near Kirk Road, according to police."
West Chicago: Tax increase may pay for new water meters
"West Chicago plans to replace all 6,800 of the city's aging water meters in a $2 million project to be financed by a new home-rule sales tax, officials said Monday.  The work on the meters, some nearly 50 years old, twice the useful life of the devices, will begin in the fall when funding becomes available. Officials may choose an automated wireless system that will allow meters to be read from City Hall."
[Good to see this has finally made the papers ... this is an up-to-date, technological solution.  Shortening the repaving cycle is also a good idea. - Bob]
Ill. Law Would Bypass Electoral College
"A bill signed into law Monday by Gov. Rod Blagojevich made Illinois the third state, after Maryland and New Jersey, ready to bypass the Electoral College in November. The three states, with a combined 46 electoral votes, won't act unless states totaling 270 electoral votes -- enough to elect a president -- sign on."


Battered Women's Network Decries Cuts to Domestic Violence Programs
"The Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women's Network, in conjunction with U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D) and U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D), expressed outrage at the current Presidential Budget Request for Fiscal Year 2009. The request, released in February, would cut $120 million in often life saving DV services created and provided by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA.)"
Durbin Meets With Head of Small Business Administration, Steven Preston of Downers Grove
"“In 2007, the 40 Small Business Development Centers in Illinois supported 544 business starts and expansions responsible for over 13,000 jobs,” said Durbin. “Every one dollar supporting this program enables small businesses to access nearly eighteen dollars in new capital."
Obama Joins Senators Feinstein and Smith, Bipartisan Group of Senators to Introduce a Resolution to Condemn Violence in Tibet; Call for Talks between China and His Holiness, the Dalai Lama
Obama Joins Wyden to Cosponsor Legislation to Repeal Federal Control Over LNG Terminal Siting

07 April

Eric Clark - April 6, 2008
"Eric Ryan Clark, 29, a four year resident of St. Charles, IL and formerly of West Chicago, IL, passed away suddenly Sunday, April 6, 2008. He was born August 5, 1978 in Hinsdale, IL and raised in West Chicago."
District 33


Less Than 20 Days Remain in the Foundation $10,000 Scholarship Raffle
"The Foundation for Educational Excellence for West Chicago Elementary School District 33 continues to sell tickets for its $10,000 college scholarship raffle through Friday, April 25, 2008. Tickets are $20.00 each and just 1,000 tickets will be sold. A second place prize of a $500 savings bond has been donated by DuPage National Bank. The drawing will take place on Thursday, May 1, 2008 near the beginning of the District 33 Board of Education meeting."
West Chicago
High School


"Beginning at 7 p.m. CareerVision, a local agency that specializes in career exploration, will present “How to Choose a Motivating College Major”. Following the CareerVision presentation CHS counselors Susan Cisek and Gavin Engel will share information that was presented to our sophomore students during their Advisory."
April E-Newsletter
" I am sponsoring legislation that will give families a break from paying sales tax on certain products they purchase over the 4-day Memorial Day weekend.  This is one way the state can provide an added boost to families that are struggling to keep up with rising property taxes, gasoline costs and food prices."
Cablcom Programs 4/07-4/13
"CableCom Channel 17 helps to celebrate Spring with a night of Community High School Spring Choir Concerts. Also, look forward to Summer by reliving the past. Watch as we go back to 1995 and enjoy Railroad Days. It will make you wish it was July and time for the FUN!!!"
One dead, two hospitalized after crash near West Chicago
"The DuPage County sheriff's department is investigating a fatal four-vehicle crash that occurred near West Chicago Sunday morning, officials said.  Officers responded to a call at North Avenue and Powis Road. Upon arrival, one driver was pronounced dead, and two others were transported to Central DuPage Hospital with unknown injuries, officer Dawn Domrose said."
[I hope some members of the City Council read the comments on this article, including the one about the recently approved Popeye's sign... "Speaking of that Popeye's Chicken... Have you seen that sign? There is definately going to be an accident at night with the brightness of the sign." - Bob]
DuPage family calendar- Thursday
"St. John the Baptist School students will perform "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" at 1 and 7 p.m. Thursday and Saturday at Wheaton Academy, 900 Prince Crossing Road, West Chicago. Tickets cost $5, $3 for students in high school and younger. For details, call (630) 668-2625, ext. 648."
Crash near West Chicago kills St. Charles man, injures 2 others
"Eric Clark, 29, was driving east on North Avenue, just past Powis Road, about 10:50 a.m. when his vehicle crossed the center lane into westbound traffic, where it was hit by a vehicle, sheriff's police said. When his vehicle came to a rest in the roadway, three other vehicles became involved in the crash, police said."
Longtime coach was calming force
"The World War II veteran went on to teach and to coach track, football and basketball. Colleagues said he had a calming influence on players, parents and even other coaches.  "Merk was the kind of coach any player or parent would love," said former colleague Dick Kerner, who coached alongside Mr. Kyger at West Chicago High School early in his career."
Manufacturing Business Technology - Oak Brook,IL Illinois, Oklahoma, Wisconsin Inventors Develop Production ...
"Peris L. Brodsky of Riverwoods, Ill., and Anita A. Breen of West Chicago, Ill., Jinger J. Martin of Stillwater, Okla., Danelle R. Martin of Oshkosh, Wis., have developed a method for forecasting a supplier's future production requirements.  According to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office: "A method for providing a collaborative production scheduling system uses the internet and allows a supplier and its customers to interact with a data set that contains forecast information relating to products manufactured by the supplier and purchased by the customers.""
United States Senator Dick Durbin to Speak about Disability ... - New York Law School
“We are excited to be able to welcome Senator Durbin, a long-time advocate for the disability community and an important ally in our struggle to overcome the barriers that exclude people with disabilities,” former U.S. Congressman Tony Coelho said. “No one will have a larger role in shaping disability legislation in the Congress and in the next Administration than my former colleague Dick Durbin."
Israeli designs 'Who killed Barack Obama?' T-shirts - Ynetnews - Israel
"Not all has been rosy for Braunshtein, however. Ironically, the shirts have lead to numerous death threats against the designer and a multitude of angry phone calls to his store and home. Braunshtein’s boutique window has also been spray painted and vandalized by people enraged by his clothing line. Conversely, many see these shirts as a defiant statement decrying American preoccupation with skin color as part of the presidential campaign, as well as the looming threats on Senator Obama’s life. "

05&06 April

City of
City Council Meeting - 07 April 2008
  • Right-Of-Way Landscape Maintenance Program - $125,185
  • Brush Pickup Program - $58,065
  • Lease agreements for City owned properties on Main Street

Upcoming meetings include Infrastructure - 10 April, Development 14 April, Planning Commission 15 April, Community Affairs 17 April, Youth Commission 19 April.  I am still waiting for corrections for the City website about these.

Democrats popping up like daffodils in DuPage
"Democrats will also have the advantage of being atop the ballot in each race in November, something most experts say is usually good for several extra votes ...  Aurora resident Gerard Schmitt filed to run against incumbent state Rep. Michael Fortner, a West Chicago Republican, in the 95th District race. There is no Democratic challenger in that race."
Briefs: Help for buying a home - New youth movement
"West Chicago announced the creation of a new program Friday to help address the needs of youth in the community. The city has created a new youth coordinator position whose duties include working with other organizations, recruiting volunteers and promoting existing youth programs such Open-Gym and Senior Leaf-Raking."
Man rescued from vehicle in Kress creek
"First Deputy Fire Chief Bob Hodge said the man, believed to be in his 30s, lost control of his black sedan about 10:30 p.m. Friday and flipped it several times before it landed in about 4 feet of water in Kress Creek at the intersection of Wilson Road and Joliet Street."
Right place, right time
"The end result was Secker capturing a shot of the coyote in midair as it pounced on a vole. The picture has been chosen as March's winning image by the Daily Herald's professional photography staff.  Photo Editor Scott Sanders called the photograph "a great action shot.""
Personnel File
"Rita Yusko , of St. Charles, formerly a research development officer with Sponsored Projects at Northern Illinois University , has been named acting manager of the university's Technology Transfer Office. Prior to NIU Yusko worked as a technology commercialization specialist for Battelle Memorial Institute's branch office at the DuPage National Technology Park in West Chicago."
WHAT’S NEW Friday 4 Apr 08
High-profile Democrats stump in state - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"Of the 13 Democratic senators who have endorsed Obama, six are from states Bush won in 2004.  "He has the greatest potential to change the Red-Blue (Republican-Democratic) alignment we've seen in past elections," Durbin said about Obama."
Remarks by Senator Barack Obama on Martin Luther King Jr. - Boston Globe
"But in 1968, these workers decided they'd had enough, and over 1,000 went on strike. Their demands were modest --better wages, better benefits, and recognition of their union. But the opposition was fierce. Their vigils were met with handcuffs. Their protests turned back with mace. And at the end of one march, a 16-year old boy lay dead.  This is the struggle that brought Dr. King to Memphis. It was a struggle for economic justice, for the opportunity that should be available to people of all races and all walks of life."

04 April

Legislation to Ensure Accountability at Township Meetings
"As another way to implement accountability in township meetings, Rep. Randy Ramey (R-Carol Stream) has passed a new bill out of the House that will ensure large decisions affecting taxpayers are not made on unsuspecting voters."
[Readers are reminded of the ANNUAL TOWN MEETING on April 8th... Winfield at City Hall at 8PM and Wayne at the Twshp Offices. - Bob]
[And you can see the collage of Winfield Twshp's 2007 meeting here. - Bob]
West Chicago
High School


"Community High School District #94 in West Chicago would like to congratulate the 2007 – 2008 High School State Scholars. The State Scholar program recognizes Illinois high school students for outstanding academic achievement. These students rank in the top ten percent of the state’s high school graduating seniors. Rankings are based on a combination of ACT &/or SAT test score results as well as class rank at the end of the students junior year."
City of
West Chicago Announces New Youth Program
"The City of West Chicago has announced the creation of a new program to help address the needs of youth in the community. The hiring of a Youth Coordinator signals renewed vigor for the City's commitment to create and maintain appealing programs and services that support its youth."
Teen charged in Wayne theft
"Shawn L. Coleman, 18, of 3N659 Norris Ave., faces two felony counts of theft by possession of stolen materials. He was arrested just after 3 p.m. Wednesday near South Elgin High School, where he is a senior, authorities said."
Don't use religion as a scapegoat - Ray S. Kollbocker, Wheaton
"I'm unaware if Ms. Trejo considers herself an atheist or religious antagonist but her comment is surprising. Could educated individuals who are committed to academic excellence seriously hold to this scapegoat opinion? To assert that religion is the root cause of war, hatred, racism, indeed the world's ills, is a spurious proposition that is limited in scope and historically and logically flawed."
Only CN benefits from EJ&E deal - Michael Deering, Barrington
"ven Rep. Jan Schakowsky's own letter of support on CN's Web site acknowledges, "Removal of trains from lines through the center of Chicago will free up capacity for other carriers (to move in)."  What is the benefit to the region? Will it bring more jobs? CN brags that it'll eliminate hundreds of Midwest trucking jobs. EJ&E workers lose too."
House approves AIDS funding
"Voting against the bill were Republicans Peter Roskam of Wheaton and Donald Manzullo of Crystal Lake.  Twenty million people around the world have perished from AIDS, said House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman, a California Democrat. "We have a moral imperative to act and to act decisively."
Obama's church wants peace amid onslaught
"Trinity United Church of Christ has stepped up security in response to threatening calls, letters and e-mails, officials said.  They also asked reporters to avoid disrupting services and bothering members of the congregation as they come and go to church.  The church's parent denomination, the largely white United Church of Christ, announced that, in response to the furor, its 5,700 congregations around the country will conduct a "sacred conversation" on racial issues beginning May 18."
District seeks to plant seed of theater's revival
"He and three other Estonian educators will spend this week touring Chicago and visiting classes in Elk Grove Village and West Chicago through a program paid for by a California-based non-profit, the Center for Civic Education, and the U.S. Department of Education.  In April, teacher and administrators from the Elk Grove Village and West Chicago school districts will visit Estonia."
On the Eve of the 40th Anniversary of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King's Assassination, Durbin & Brown pass Senate Resolution Commemorating Landmark Anti-Discrimination Legislation
Durbin Statement on Failure of Senate to Approve Bankruptcy Provision in Housing Package
“If the federal government is going to ride to the rescue of investment banks on Wall Street, it should also provide some relief to those who are about to lose their homes on Main Street. Our goal ought to be preventing foreclosures not just propping up home builders and big lenders.”
Durbin's Requested Spending for Illinois Projects >>>



After ATA Firings, Durbin and Obama Seek Assistance for Employees
"“It would be inexcusable for executives at ATA to enjoy generous payment and bonus packages, while workers are left without their retirement savings and healthcare,” the Illinois members wrote.  “Clearly, the sudden shutdown of ATA this week is an indication of the challenges within the airline industry today. "
Obama Statement on Zimbabwe's Election
"The long delayed release of the results of the senate and presidential ballots by the Zimbabwean Election Commission has exacerbated suspicions that Mugabe will again manipulate the outcome. The election results should be announced without further delay."
Obama Statement on Drastic Funding Cuts for Criminal Justice Program in Illinois
"Last year, the Senate approved $660 million in the Fiscal Year 2008 Budget for this program. However, facing a veto threat from the President, this critical funding was reduced to $170 million in the Omnibus Appropriations package.  Keeping our communities safe and ensuring that our justice system is fair and effective are top priorities for me in Illinois and throughout the country," said Senator Obama."
Would Hagel Back Obama? - New York Times
"It is no secret that Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, an outspoken Republican critic of the war in Iraq, does not see eye to eye with Senator John McCain on the war. But on Tuesday morning Mr. Hagel did not rule out the possibility that he might endorse the candidacy of one of Mr. McCain’s Democratic opponents, Senator Barack Obama. It began when, speaking on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, Mr. Hagel noted that he had yet to endorse anyone in the presidential race."
“Veterans now, more than ever, are returning home from foreign battlefields with advanced skill sets, ready and willing to continue to serve their families, their communities and their country.  Federal, state and local resources must continue to work together to ensure the men and women of our Armed Forces can take advantage of the best employment opportunities available upon their return.”


Gov. Blagojevich announces launch of Physician Profile Website, new tool to help health care consumers make informed decisions when selecting providers
Gov. Blagojevich announces bipartisan Illinois team selected to participate in national early childhood discussion
Homeland Security blinks on Real ID - CNet News
"Homeland Security announced Wednesday that all 50 states and the District of Columbia will be technically Real ID-compliant by the May 11, 2008 deadline--even though many states actually have rejected the concept and have zero plans to embrace a national ID card."

03 April

Kyger Obituary
"Clarence J. “Merk” Kyger, age 82, of West Chicago, passed away Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at Central DuPage Hospital. He was born on October 17, 1925 in Sterling, Illinois to Harry and Jesse Kyger. Clarence “Merk” proudly served in the US Air Force during WWII completing 35 missions. On December 27, 1947 he was united in marriage to Leah “Faye” Bogott. Mr. Kyger was a physical education instructor and coach for 35 years at West Chicago High School and West Chicago Middle School. He was a diehard Chicago Cubs fan, enjoyed fishing, bird watching and loved being with his family."
Heads Up of Exclusive Coverage
Tomorrow, Friday April 4th, Channel 17 at 6PM is your best chance to see Treasurer, Don Earley, explain recent changes in West Chicago's taxes.  Although this includes a 3% cut in property taxes, it includes increases in the Home Rule sales tax.  Although passed on March 17th, these tax changes have not been covered in any local papers and the City Newsletter is not due until May.
"Once again, the DUPAGE FLIGHT CENTER has been ranked CHICAGOLAND'S #1 FBO by the Aviation International News Annual FBO Survey for North, Central and South America.  AIN FBO Survey 2008 We thank all of you for your continued support."
Witness says he tried to stop 1996 shooting of 6-year-old Aurora boy
"Downs, who is awaiting trial on murder charges, destroyed the pistol days later and spread the parts along railroad tracks and in a pond in West Chicago, Davila said."
$4.5 million worth of cocaine seized in Aurora, authorities say
"The DuPage County Sheriff's Department worked with the West Chicago, Lisle, Glen Ellyn, Woodridge, Lombard and Aurora Police Departments, as well as the U.S. Marshals Service, the ATF and the DuPage and Kane County state's attorney's offices to bring charges."
Audax Group Announces the Acquisition of In The Swim
"Audax Group announced it has completed the acquisition of Cortz, Inc. d/b/a In The Swim (“ITS”). Headquartered in West Chicago, Illinois, ITS is a multi-channel direct marketer of swimming pool supplies and equipment to the residential and commercial swimming pool markets in the United States."
Housing Transit Costs Are All About Location, Location, Location
"The traditional rule of thumb for housing affordability states that individuals or families should spend no more than 30 percent of income on housing ...Kendall County families earning the average median income are spending up to an additional 26 percent of their annual income on transportation, ... Contrast that with transportation costs as low as 14 percent of household income for residents of compact, transit-rich communities.”


Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
"to fly the flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Please immediately lower the United States flags and the State flags at all buildings occupied by your agency’s personnel from: Sunrise, Friday, April 4, 2008 to Sunset, Friday 4, 2008"

02 April

Around and About in West Chicago - 02 April 2008
  • Annual Town Meet+ings of Illinois Townships are Tuesday, April 8
  • District 33 Kindergarten Registration
  • Wayne/Winfield Area Youth/Family Services 25th Anniversary
  • Historical Society hosts “America’s First Ladies”
Are school trailers safe? You won't know in Illinois
""At higher levels," the CDC report states, "people could have acute symptoms such as coughing and irritated eyes and throat. Even at levels too low to cause such symptoms, there could be an increased risk of cancer."  Jaszczurowski suggested students attending class in mobile units for upward of six hours a day could suffer similar health effects as those in Katrina trailers."
Aurora, Naperville seek to keep rail line from buyout
"Aurora officials, though at a committee of the whole meeting, pledged as much as $15,000 to the fight while Naperville earmarked $10,000 for lobbyist expenses to represent the city's and region's concerns and opposing the sale.  If CN were successful, the $300 million buyout of the track, which runs in an arc from Waukegan to Gary, IN. would become a bypass route for CN freight trains.  It would also likely end any possibilities of the long-proposed STAR Line."
Bilingual volunteers needed to teach computer classes
"The People’s Resource Center needs bilingual, Spanish-speaking volunteers to teach computer-literacy classes at the Westwoods Neighborhood Resource Center in West Chicago."
Aurora set to join group opposed to EJ&E sale
"The new group they are forming is called the CN/EJ&E Acquisition Municipal Consortium, and it was sparked by DuPage County. Pam Ryan, who represents the 6th District on the DuPage County Board, said the idea grew organically from meetings she helped to set up."
Municipalities band against EJ&E sale
"We had a tremendous amount of representatives from so many communities that are impacted by this," Ryan said. "About 60 different agencies were represented, from as far away as Indiana."
Oak Brook
Business Ledger

Oak Brook,IL


Duel over proton centers pits CDH vs. NIU
"In addition to health care benefits, Warrenville Mayor David Brummel said the project will add nearly 100 highly skilled permanent jobs and support approximately 400 construction and trade jobs during the building phase.  He also said the facility in the Cantera development will generate significant tax revenues for the community.
Safety Train Brings Emergency Prepardness Training to First ...
"Following the launch event in Alexandria on April 9, the tour will travel north making scheduled stops in Monroe, La.; Pine Bluff and Little Rock, Ark.; Poplar Bluff, Mo.; and five stops in Illinois, including West Frankfort, Salem, Villa Grove and two locations in Chicago. The tour ends at the West Chicago Yard location on May 8. This tour follows the 2007 UP/Dow TRANSCAER Training Tour, which trained more than 1,000 emergency responders in California, Texas and the Gulf Coast region."
[I called Ron Ackerman and told him that my spies in London are keeping a close watch on what the WC Fire Prot Dist was up to. - Bob]
5 arrested on drug charges in western suburbs
"The DuPage and Kane Counties sheriff's offices worked with the police departments of West Chicago, Lisle, Glen Ellyn, Woodridge, Lombard and Aurora to make the arrests. The U.S. Marshals Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and both counties' states attorney's offices also participated."
Durbin, Snowe, Lincoln & Coleman Along With NFIB, NAR & SEIU Introduce Affordable Health Insurance Plan for Small Businesses
"The Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) addresses the number one problem for many small businesses and the self-employed -- the high cost of providing health care for their employees -- by:
* Allowing small businesses to band together and spread the risk over a large number of participants in order to obtain lower premiums.
* Providing tax credits for small business owners to offset contributions to employee premiums.
* Banning health status rating in order to protect businesses from large rate increases simply because one employee gets sick."
on House Passage of Bill to Assist United Negro College Fund
"I am proud to support this bill, which will not only serve as a symbol of the progress our nation made by passing the Civil Rights Act, but will also lift up African American students through its contributions to the United Negro College Fund."
on FEMA Trailer Hearing
"Countless lives were put at risk, and too many children suffered serious health issues. I demand that the President hold these officials accountable, and I will continue working with Senators Landrieu and McCaskill to ensure these families are no longer placed in dangerous living situations."
From Physics to Politics: Mr. Foster Goes to Washington - Scientific American
"Foster says he wants to bring his "fact-based" approach to issues such as health care and energy. "As a scientist, the starting point is always the facts of the matter, whereas often in politics the starting point is how does this play in the next election," he says."
Feingold: McConnell Distorted Senate Surveillance Debate in Speech - TPM
"Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) is not happy. Sure, many senators -- particularly Feingold and Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) -- objected to key aspects of the legislation, including the provision granting retroactive immunity to the telecoms. But the debate was nothing like McConnell describes. And Feingold writes in a letter to McConnell today that he ought to either back up his statement or "issue an immediate correction and an apology.""

01 April



"On Thursday, April 17, 2008, Winfield Township will be hosting a free, informative program on “AGING WITH DIGNITY”. It is an opportunity to learn more about Hospice, option you have regarding end-of-life care and Five Wishes – a legal document that helps you express how you want to be treated if you are seriously ill and unable to speak for yourself."
Library calendar - Wedesday
"Tammy Cook will present an overview of the best-selling book "The Secret" at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the West Chicago Public Library, 118 W. Washington. For details, call (630) 231-1552 or visit"
Society calendar - May 30
"The American Cancer Society Relay For Life of West Chicago/Warrenville begins at 6 p.m. May 30 at Community High School, 326 Joliet St., West Chicago. For details, visit"
[Call John Czech at 630-231-3200 for information about the local Relay. - Bob]
Area youth revive Broadway hit 'Oliver!' at Pheasant Run
"The cast features  ... West Chicago residents Paolo Mazza, Emma Roberts and Elena Tubridy..."
Urbanization Spreads To Dupage County - Progress Illinois
"This phrase refers to a rise in civic problems that are traditionally found in urban areas, such as struggling schools, traffic congestion, and slow development. Suburban residents distanced themselves from these issues when they left Chicago's bungalow belts, but they have since crept back into their communities."
Durbin Holds Hearing on Use of Rape as a Weapon of War
"Mass rape in war is frequently not the random act of individual soldiers, but a determined strategy to destroy populations," Durbin said. “The perpetrators are not held accountable and turn to mass rape because it is cheaper than using bullets."
Durbin & IL Delegation Urge State to Pass a Capital Bill
“Whether driving over multiple potholes or waiting for a late train or bus, Illinois residents are voicing their dissatisfaction with the status quo,” the Illinois members wrote. “These real concerns need to be met in Springfield with the passage of a capital bill this session of the General Assembly."
EPA Accepts Obama Proposal to Eliminate Lead Paint from Schools, Childcare Facilities
"After more than a decade, the EPA has missed an important opportunity in issuing this new rule. Although I am pleased the agency accepted my proposal to extend this rule to schools and child-care facilities, today's action falls far short of what could have been done to protect our nation's children."
on the U.S. Visit of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
"I would like to extend my sincere welcome to the Honorable Kevin Rudd, who is making his first trip to the United States as the newly elected Prime Minister of Australia. This is a historic visit during a time of transition for both our nations."


record profits for the Illinois film industry in 2007
First Lady Patricia Blagojevich launches Child Abuse Prevention Month in Illinois
statewide town hall meetings to address underage drinking