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31 Aug City of
West Chicago


West Nile Virus Update Includes Precautions
"While recent flooding in northeastern Illinois has been a source of increasing numbers of floodwater mosquitoes that typically don't carry the West Nile Virus, Dr. Eric E. Whitaker, Illinois Department of Public Health Director, is reminding people throughout the state to continue to protect themselves against the common house mosquito which does carry West Nile virus."
"Hop in your car and cruise into Cascade Drive-in, one of the few drive-in movie theaters in the state (1100 E. North Ave., West Chicago; 630-231-3150). Hang a well-worn speaker on your window and watch two back-to-back films under the stars for $8."
Sen Durbin Bush Proposal on Lending "Does Not Go Far Enough"
""For six years, the President and Congress have allowed lending industry lobbyists to block sensible regulations that could have prevented this crisis in the first place."
Lawmakers Respond to Mattel Toy Recalls: Senate Committee Hearings - Lawyers and Settlements - Vancouver,BC
"A family going inside a toy store shouldn't have to play Chinese roulette to try to guess what toys are safe for their kids," Senator Durbin said.
30 Aug Rep Fortner New Developments Will Now Have to Abide by Initial Building Codes
"While developing a new home or business, builders will now not have to worry about changing building codes under legislation sponsored by State Representative Mike Fortner (R-West Chicago) and recently signed into law by the Governor."
Anti-war protest draws dozens
"Three Democratic candidates for the 14th Congressional District – Jotham Stein, John Laesch and Bill Foster – also addressed the crowd with speeches sometimes interrupted by honking and cheering."
Anti-abortion, abortion-rights activists pack City Council
"At the request of Alderman Lynda Elmore, 10th Ward, aldermen voted 9-2 in favor of allowing Aurora residents to speak first among a crowd filled with people from Chicago, Bolingbrook, Naperville, Batavia and St. Charles, West Chicago, Wheaton and Round Lake Beach, among other communities." Recruiting Assistant (Job #7803)
"SMARTSOURCE an International Staffing Firm is looking for Recruiting Assistants to work out of its West Chicago, IL Office Are you a fast paced individual with a past history of success? ... A combination of recruiting, account development and account management skills are required."
Sen. Obama Barack Obama Seen As The Great Conciliator - TransWorldNews (press release) - Monroe,GA
"However, while seeking to make nice with other countries and their rulers, Obama is not doing such a great job with potential voters. Especially on the issue of illegal immigration. For some reason, many in the country illegally are taking exception with the notion that they learn English as a pathway to citizenship and Obama’s inclusion of that in any immigration reform measures is turning away many Spanish-speaking voters."
Obama Wants Divestment Issue For His Own - New York Jewish Week
"Sen. Barak Obama (D-Ill.) has latched on to the burgeoning effort to increase the economic pressure on Iran through divestment. But Obama’s strong effort on behalf of a major divestment bill is being thwarted by an unnamed Republican senator — and Obama forces say the real culprit is the Bush White House."
Rep Hastert Oberweis Running For Hastert Seat
WHBF - Rock Island,IL
"Oberweis has lost bids for both governor and U.S. senator. Hastert announced last week that he's retiring from his seat representing the 14th Congressional District.  Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns already announced he's running in the Republican primary for the seat. State Senator Chris Lauzen has also expressed interest on the Republican side."
Republicans put new spin on Homophobia - Southwest News-Herald - Chicago,IL
"Congressman Mark Foley, the Florida Republican, was preying on young male congressional pages for years. Everyone in Congress either knew or suspected it. Outgoing House Speaker Dennis Hastert probably knew about it, and did nothing.  Good riddance Hastert. You phony hypocrite. You sat back and said nothing when you knew about Foley."
Regulation changes adopted regarding commercial harvest of caviar-bearing fish species in Illinois
IDOT Highlights Blagojevich Administration Efforts to Promote E-85 and Biofuels at Farm Progress Show
29 Aug Merle Berle Around and About in West Chicago - 29 Aug 2007
  • Storm Damage
  • Continuation of public hearing at Wheaton Academy
  • Historical Society's Annual Ice Cream Social and Silent Auction
  • Lions Club hosted the annual New Teachers' Luncheon

[Pending permission from the city, this might be the last Berle column posted in this fashion.  Merle has reached an agreement with the city to continue writing.  The link to the city's copy will continue to be posted. - Bob]

West Chicago church that burned plans to rebuild
"On that day, Sept. 11, 2005, an electrical spark became a four-alarm fire that overtook the church, burning a path through its fellowship hall, kitchen, bathroom, offices, and music and conference rooms."
Latinos march over firings
"More than 100 workers -- all Latinos -- say they were fired in March without notice or cause from the manufacturer, which produces cups for restaurants."
[This looks a lot like yesterday's story with a different headline. - Bob]
Stranded driver charged (Scroll down)
"Before the officer could catch up to her, Wood drove into the flooded part of the road and was fully submerged in 5 feet of water within minutes, police said. Wood was able to escape from the vehicle and sit on top of it until Bartlett firefighters were able to carry her out of the water, police said. Wood was charged with two counts of DUI, disobeying a traffic control device and driving in the wrong lane, police said."
City to spray for mosquitos Saturday
"The city, in conjunction with Roselle-based Clarke Mosquito Control, will spray an ultra-low volume insecticide from trucks Saturday evening from dusk until dawn.  In addition to the spraying, West Chicago Mad suggested the following tips to reduce mosquito breeding around your home:"
Class sizes lower than thought: September enrollment numbers will determine if more teachers needed
"Last year’s largest class hit 34 but Superintendent Ed Leman said, so far, classes haven’t gone above 30.  “The exact number changes every day,” Leman said. “Over the next few days it’s going to be somewhat volatile until after Labor Day.”"
Area still reeling from severe storm
"City of West Chicago officials did not have a comprehensive estimate of the total damage caused by the storm, as each area of the city reported different damage. 
As of Tuesday, there were several trees and light poles still down near Oakwood and Bellvue, said Lt. Donald Goncher of the West Chicago Police Department."
West Chicago woman was rescued from atop a flooded car -- then arrested
"Last week's storms not only caused widespread damage, they also led to at least one drunken-driving arrest, authorities said.  Megan R. Wood, 20, of West Chicago was arrested about 11:45 p.m. Friday in Bartlett after being stranded on the roof of her car in floodwaters, Bartlett police said Wednesday."
Chicago among 5 school districts to get federal grants for emergency response
"The money can also be used to coordinate with local emergency responders, buy equipment and communicate reunification procedures to parents and guardians. Under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, local school districts must have plans that outline efforts to keep schools safe and drug-free."
Sen. Obama Obama Statement on Illinois’ Renewable Electricity Standard
"Illinois is leading the nation with an ambitious renewable electricity standard that can and should be a model for the rest of the country. I commend Governor Blagojevich, Attorney General Madigan, State Senator Harmon, State Representative Nekritz, and the Democratic and Republican leaders who passed this legislation."
Obama Statement on 2006 Poverty Numbers - Business Wire (press release) - San Francisco,CA
“In the richest nation on Earth, it is a moral outrage that one in ten American families live in poverty and 47 million Americans do not have health care. We can keep making excuses for this or ignore it altogether, but as long as these statistics exist they will always be a betrayal of the ideals we hold as Americans."
Rep Hastert Aurora’s non-for-profit agency will receive more than 175,000 dollars to assist at-risk youth
“Through this grant, our government is making a crucial social investment.  As a former teacher, I know first-hand how important it is to support, encourage and guide our at-risk youth,”
Department of Transportation to Suspend Lane Closures Over Labor Day Weekend to Give Motorists a Break
IDHS marks second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with renewed assistance for evacuees living in Illinois

MSNBC Duped By Blog Parody Site - The Moderate Voice
"But rather than admit “we put that on the site without really checking the website source as a whole — sorry!” or “we made a mistake in not looking at the post a bit more carefully but mistakes do happen!” MSNBC’s website writer called it a “hoax” which implies Newsgroper set up to trick people."

28 Aug Latinos march over firings
"More than 100 workers -- all Latinos -- say they were fired in March without notice or cause from the manufacturer, which produces cups for restaurants.  The former WinCup employees said they were replaced with temporary workers."
Franchise tag applies to ruined sports car
"The 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster LP640 is the top-of-the-line model of the hottest sports car currently on the market, according to Anthony Nuccio, sales manager at Fox Valley Motor Cars in West Chicago."
Sen Durbin Senator Demands Tougher Toy-Safety Standards - Chicago Public Radio
"My fear is that there's more and more lead content than any child should ever be exposed to. And if that's the case, they ought to stop and detain all shipments of children's jewelry into the United States—they have the authority to do that."
Sen. Obama Response to President Bush's Speech to the American Legion
"There is an eerie echo to the President's words today. Five years ago, he made a misleading case to the American people that the trail to al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden somehow led through Iraq, and too many in Washington followed without asking the hard questions that should have been raised."
Obama Praises Armstrong's Efforts to Raise Cancer Awareness
"The Lance Armstrong Foundation is giving millions of Americans a sense of hope and empowerment. It's time that our government matched this dedication on an urgent national priority."
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"United States and Illinois flags at half-staff from sunrise to sunset on Friday, August 31, 2007 ... on behalf of: Army CPL Phillip J. Brodnick, United States Army, Hometown: New Lenox"
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"United States and Illinois flags at half-staff from sunrise to sunset on Friday, August 31, 2007 ... on behalf of: Army PFC Omar E. Torres, United States Army, Hometown: Chicago"
27 Aug City of
West Chicago


Storm Related Garbage Pick-up Set for West Chicago
" The City of West Chicago has announced that garbage stickers will not be required for disposal of garbage related to storm damage on regular pick-up days this week, Wednesday through Friday, August 29-31, 2007. Residents should be aware that due to the large volume of expected material, however, the hauler may need to return to the route the following day in order to complete the trash pick-ups."
Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Schedule Posted
"Join the WCCHS Band on their adventure to perform at Disney World this week on Channel 17. If you've ever wanted to know how to brew beer, we've got the program for you! This week marks the return of the Saturday Matinee at noon with the Wildcat Football team's second regular season game taped Friday night."
West Chicago
High School


Free Classes at Community High School
  • GED
  • ESL
  • Citizenship
  • Espanol
WegoWeb Colors Changing in Wisconsin's North Woods
Because of drought conditions, trees are changing early.  Peak color is still a long ways away, but it is time to start booking reservations for your weekend color getaway.  In addition to yesterday's collage, check out 2006, 2005 and 2004.
Latino workers step up fight for rights
"More than a 100 workers say they were fired in March without notice or cause from the manufacturer, which produces cups for restaurants.  The firings galvanized the local Latino community, which has been in some form for more than 100 years, to educate themselves on their rights for the first time, said Tim Bell, executive director of the Chicago Workers Collaborative, a group helping to organize the workers."
Teacher lauded for outstanding service
"Patti Kozlowski has been teaching for West Chicago’s Community High School for 34 years.  And she’s the most recent recipient of the Outstanding Community Service Award. The award was handed out by the Illinois Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Association. Kozlowski’s expertise is in the family and consumer sciences."
Peickert announces bid for Democratic chairman’s position
"The Elmhurst Democrat recently announced plans to run for chairman of the Democratic Party of DuPage County next year. The former DuPage County Board candidate and head of Operation: Turn DuPage Blue hopes to invigorate the party by enlisting more Democrats as precinct committeemen."
Overseas enters race in 14th District
"Citing the threat posed by Islamic extremists, the social strains caused by illegal immigration, and Democrat-led attempts to raise taxes, Oberweis made clear he will not shy away from the strong conservative positions he established in previous runs for public office."
Oberweis in running for Hastert seat
"In prepared remarks, Oberweis said he would work to control illegal immigration, keep taxes down, and reign in “wild” federal spending.  On the local level, Oberweis said he would work on transportation initiatives such as the Stearns Road bridge and expansion of suburban Metra rail service."
Sen Durbin New Toy Safety Standards, Reform of Consumer Protection Agency
"“China has been trying to calm anxieties by noting that ninety-nine percent of their toys are safe. Ninety-nine percent just won’t do it when we’re talking about the safety of our children. We need an agreement on a set of comprehensive safety standards and a CPSC that is up to the task of protecting consumers rather then diminishing expectations and reducing its role.”"
on Resignation of Alberto Gonzales
"The Attorney General is not intended to serve as the President's lawyer- he represents all Americans and the interests of justice. The American people will not tolerate another Attorney General who tarnishes the Department of Justice by rising to defend questionable acts of an Administration as Gonzales did with warrantless wiretapping, the torture of detainees and the political firing of US Attorneys. "
Illionois Senators


Durbin, Obama Urge France to Reconsider Decision to Deny U.S. Request for Extradition of Confessed Chicago Murderer
"According to reports, Peterson, whose mother is French, fled to French territory after allegedly committing the murder in an effort to avoid criminal prosecution in the United States."
Sen. Obama Obama Calls on President to Support Children’s Health Insurance Program, Repeal Restrictive Policies
"These are children who did not choose where they were born or how much money their parents have; children whose development depends on the care and nourishment they receive in those early years; children who any parent, anywhere, should want to protect at any cost. Insuring these children is a top priority for the American people, and those of us in Washington must do everything we can to protect them."
26 Aug Trinity
Trinity Lutheran Childcare and Preschool Celebrates 25 Years of Service
"We're thrilled to begin our 25th year serving our community.  On Monday, August 27th from 4-6 pm our doors will be open to welcome and meet our new director Jackie Lesch. "
WegoWeb August 23rd Storm Damage
Although the weather service said the tornado was in Winfield, the damage of the 500 block of Claremont on West Chicago's near north side shows that it was hit by more than a gentle summer shower.
Rep.Randy Ramey Pramukh Swami Road
"The resolution renamed a portion of Rt. 59 between North Ave (Rt. 64) and Army Trail Rd., Pramukh Swami Rd. The signs were posted Friday, August 24, 2007."
West Chicago needs to flex muscles again to finish cleanup job
"And a spokesperson for Kerr McGee, which is responsible for the cleanup, said the company will work with the EPA to evaluate the Riess home's "need for and options to remediate." These blurry bureaucratic words might get nods of approval in a corporate board room. But I don't think they aren't causing Riess or other West Chicago residents who may still have contaminated properties to heave great sighs of relief."
'We can't keep living like this'
"Those affected miss the big necessities like refrigeration, sump pumps and lights. They also mourn the little luxuries like television, the Internet and hair dryers.  "It's just harder to do normal, everyday things," West Chicago resident Monica Maris says. "I went to sleep at 8:30 last night because there was nothing to do. I(have) to put on my makeup with a flashlight.""
Walking in their shoes
 "I think we all developed a greater appreciation for the abundance we have in the U.S. and the things we take for granted each day, such as easy access to potable water," Jason said.  "I will take from Heifer Ranch hope and peace," said Emma Roberts, 14, of West Chicago."
Weathering the storm, enduring its aftermath
"Residents in southern sections of West Chicago moved branches, cut down trees and piled their driveway with personal belongings Saturday as they cleaned out flooded garages and basements.  Many yards already have thickets of downed branches bordering the street for pick-up. The city crews that were out looked exhausted and overwhelmed. Residents, still without power, were tired and stressed but focused on the work at hand."
'Wiser, more experienced' Oberweis aims to fill Hastert's seat
"Immigration has been a political landmine for Oberweis -- a much-criticized 2004 campaign ad featured him in a helicopter decrying "illegal aliens" filling up Soldier Field, an ad Oberweis later admitted was "too harsh" -- but it's a topic he plans to revisit in this campaign."
Area recovering from storm; 44,000 still without power Sunday
"The National Weather Service confirmed Friday a tornado touched down in Winfield.  Also on Friday, Governor Rod Blagojevich declared the counties of DuPage, Cook, Kane and McHenry state disaster areas."
FauX News Fast-Moving Storm Tears Through Chicago
"A roof collapsed at the dock area of an industrial building in the suburbs, injuring 40 people, authorities said. West Chicago Police Department spokesman Mike Uplegger said seven people were sent to hospitals and the rest refused treatment at the scene. None of the injuries was considered life threatening." Nasty Storms Damage Chicago Area
"Two nasty lines of thunderstorms have just hit the Chicago area with very high winds. ... Over 33,000 lightning strikes were detected (map) between 3:30 and 5:30 PM. ABC reports the high winds from the storms injured 40 people when a warehouse collapsed in West Chicago around 3:30 Central time."
Sen Durbin Sen. Durbin Reports on his trip to the Middle East
This is a video of Senator Durbin describing his experiences and conclusions after his recent trip.


Senator's bill aimed at helping injured veterans - Urbana/Champaign News-Gazette
"Durbin, whose staff worked with Anderson to get his rating up from 70 percent to 100 percent, said he had little patience for some of the doctors the soldiers met with.  "It took too long. It was too long of a battle" for Anderson, 30, to get the benefits he deserved, the senator said."
Sen. Obama eCampaigning: A Clever Way to Build Support - Wired News
"Illinois Senator Barack Obama's campaign appears to have thought through this problem in a really smart way. The campaign recently launched its "Generation Obama" initiative. The campaign provides volunteers with the Web tools with which to organize fund raising and other kinds of events."
Obama's Plan to Restore New Orleans - New York Times
"The Gulf Coast restoration, Mr. Obama said, has been weighed down by red tape that has kept billions of dollars from reaching Louisiana communities. As president, he said, he would streamline the bureaucracy, strengthen law enforcement to curb a rise in crime and immediately close the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet in order to restore wetlands to protect against storms."
Early primaries equals more fundraising? -
"In short, a strict reading of the law means the contribution limits apply only to primaries and caucuses held in 2008. If a state moves its primary or caucus to 2007, it could mean a whole new cycle."
25 Aug Shallow roots may be culprit in uprooted trees
"Many residents were calling in the professionals Friday, said Jeff Kramer, co-owner of Kramer Tree Specialists in West Chicago.  "Storm damage is very tricky, there's a lot of elements with power lines and wood under stress," Kramer said."
Mess left after storms rake DuPage County
"In nearby West Chicago, 10 cars Friday sat crushed in the parking lot of Ball Horticultural at 622 Town Road.  The plant nursery suffered 38 downed trees and a garage door and air-conditioning unit blown off their anchors. Sheets of metal dangled on power lines nearby."
Legislators angry Blagojevich visits day after cuts
""Each time the West Branch of the DuPage River overflows this bridge, it damages the foundation of the structure. Each time public safety is reduced," said Kenneth Spitz, highway commissioner in Wayne Township. "We're trying to raise the funds to replace the existing bridge with a higher structure that will take it out of harm's way from the DuPage River. This is definitely not a pork project.""
Reflections on Hastert as he starts to exit political stage
"One of the judgment calls I had to make last week -- and took some reader criticism for -- was the omission of Hastert's land deal and pushing of the Prairie Parkway. According to news accounts, Hastert bought -- and sold at a tidy profit -- land in Plano about five miles from the location of the Hastert-pushed Prairie Parkway, which would link Interstates 80 and 88."
Warehouse collapse leads to nearly 40 injured
"Reports of the collapse came in shortly after 3 p.m., when a heavy storm moved through the area. The collapse was likely the result of strong winds. No fires were reported at the warehouse, Kroning said."
National Weather Service: A tornado hit Winfield
"The National Weather Service confirmed Friday a tornado did touch ground in Winfield during Thursday's severe storm.  Also on Friday, Governor Rod Blagojevich declared the counties of DuPage, Cook, Kane and McHenry state disaster areas."
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Lawmakers angry about governor's veto of flood funds
"Sen. John Millner (R-Carol Stream) said his district was the victim of another Blagojevich split decision.  Blagojevich vetoed Millner's half of $400,000 to replace a bridge that leads to Benjamin Middle School next to Carol Stream and West Chicago, but approved the half sponsored by Rep. Randy Ramey (R-Carol Stream), Millner said."
O'Reilly asserted "most journalists give money to Democrats" -- but study on subject refutes him
"Rather, it stated that the 143 journalists identified in the study as having made political contributions "are a tiny fraction of the roughly 100,000 staffers in newsrooms across the nation." ... The MSNBC report also noted: "Conservative-leaning journalists tended to greater generosity. Ann Stewart Banker, a producer for Bill O'Reilly at Fox News Channel, gave $5,000 to Republicans.""
24 Aug Rep.Randy Ramey Ramey, Fortner Law to Extend West Chicago TIF District Life
"West Chicago will be able to extend the life of its Tax Increment Financing District as a result of a new law that was sponsored by State Rep. Randy Ramey (R-Carol Stream) and State Rep. Mike Fortner (R-West Chicago)."
Severe weather storms through Chicago, suburbs
"The last of the rain is expected to clear the area by Saturday afternoon, though much of the rivers are expected to remain at high levels for much of next week."
Punishing storm socks suburbs
"There was no confirmed tornado Thursday afternoon, but the storm that blasted through the Northwest suburbs felt like a hurricane.  As residents emerged from their homes and workplaces after the all-clear, the sight was stunning. Strong trees were snapped, if not uprooted outright."
Talk is Hastert to step down asideearly?
"This week's Evans-Novak Report, posted online at, referenced "an Illinois Republican source" as saying that Hastert plans to resign on Nov. 6 this year."
West Chicago OKs 11 Habitat homes
"In approving the proposed Pioneer Prairie subdivision, West Chicago annexed 3 acres near Sherman and Pomeroy Streets. The city also granted minor storm-sewer deviations and allowed for power lines to remain overhead."
Fast and furious
"All of a sudden the building started shaking and the ceiling started collapsing," said Jim Hrody, 36, an employee in the Uptime Parts warehouse and a lieutenant with the Westchester Emergency Management Agency. "It sounded like a train and a jet plane crashing into the building."
Sen Durbin on Storm Damage in Chicago and Surrounding Suburbs
“Earlier today, I spoke with officials at the Illinois Emergency Management Agency to discuss the damage. They informed me that preliminary estimates show that about 400-500 homes in the greater Chicago region are affected by flooding. "
Sen. Obama Obama Raises Concerns About Latest Lead-Contaminated Children’s Products
"In the letter, Obama requests information as to how the company identified the contamination, why lead was used in the products’ paint, how will the company prevent future contamination, and what recommendations the company has for federal government intervention."
Ted Nugent, NRA Board Member, Threatens to Kill Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton During Vicious Onstage Rant
"Decked out in full-on camouflage hunting gear, Nugent wielded two machine guns while raging, “Obama, he’s a piece of [s__t]. I told him to suck on my machine gun. Hey Hillary,” he continued. “You might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless [b___h].”
23 Aug Wind, rain hit suburbs; building portion caves in
"Gusting wind and drenching rain blasted DuPage County and the Northwest suburbs this afternoon, injuring dozens of people, felling parts of buildings and homes and causing general mayhem.  A total of 40 employees were injured in West Chicago when the loading dock area of Uptime Parts, LLC caved in, shearing power lines in the process."
Briefs: Seven apply for board seat
"Seven candidates have applied to fill a vacancy on the St. Charles school board. The board has 30 days from Chris Hansen's July 25 resignation to fill the seat on the seven-member board. The appointment would last until spring 2009."
Report: Radioactivity came from Kerr-McGee
"We're going to be looking at how many basements close to Kerr-McGee were actually tested and whether we should consider looking at those," said Rebecca Frey, EPA project manager."
Severe weather rattles the area
"The county’s most severe reports of damage came from West Chicago, where a roof collapsed over a one-story building in the 300 block of Fenton Lane, an industrial sector of town.  Forty people were injured, seven of whom were transported to Central DuPage Hospital, said Cmdr. Mike Uplegger of the West Chicago Police Department."
Warehouse collapse leads to nearly 40 injured
"Commander Spencer Kroning with the West Chicago Police Department said the injuries were not life-threatening.  “About 30 people with minor injuries were treated at the scene or refused treatment,” he said."
High radiation found below home
"In a letter sent recently to 117 homeowners in the town, the EPA said their properties may be tested again because clean soil dumped on the lots during an earlier stage of the cleanup may have masked dangerous levels of residual contamination from the factory."
Storms rip across Chicago area
"From early reports, the worst-hit area appeared to be West Chicago.  About 40 people were injured there when heavy winds forced the warehouse roof of Uptime Parts, a truck parts distributor, to collapse. Seven people were sent to Central DuPage Hospital with non life-threatening injuries, according to police."
West Chicago police describe damage Video
""All of a sudden the building started shaking and the ceiling started collapsing," said Jim Hrody, 36, an Uptime employee and a lieutenant with the Westchester Emergency Management Agency. "We were sitting in two inches of water. It sounded like a train and a jet plane crashing into the building. I grabbed as many people as I could and threw them in an office and the men's bathroom. We turned the file cabinets sideways and squatted down in between them.""
Sen Durbin


Durbin and Emanuel Praise the Efforts of Chicagoans to Protect Lake Michigan
“This is the news we have been waiting for – a watershed moment for Lake Michigan.  Today, BP America announced that they will not increase dumping in our lake.  They realized a good business decision is a good environmental decision."
NIE Confirms Need for Change
"Today's National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq doesn't tell us anything new: While our men and women in uniform are doing a remarkable job making the streets they patrol safer, the only way to ensure long term security and stability is for the Iraqi government to take control of the country."
Sen. Obama Obama Statement on BP Decision to Meet Lower Lake Michigan Waste Limits
“BP's announcement that it will operate the Whiting refinery at the lower waste limit requirements is an encouraging development. I hope today's news reflects a genuine commitment not only to protecting Lake Michigan, but also restoring it."
Obama Statement on the National Intelligence Estimate
"This National Intelligence Estimate underscores the fundamental truth that we cannot continue to substitute the bravery of our troops for a true commitment from the Iraqi government to resolve the grievances at the heart of their civil war, and a true commitment from the Administration to aggressive diplomacy"
Obama Statement on the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 Settling Contract with MGM Mirage
Governor Blagojevich signs FY08 budget
“As I said when the legislature passed this budget – it leaves a lot of important business unfinished. While I’m pleased that we’re making a record investment in education, families across the state are still being priced out of health coverage and don’t have a way to see a doctor when they need to."
State Regulators Crack Down on Flea Market Sales of Colored Contact Lenses
IDOT and DHS Expand Program to Help People With Disabilities Overcome Workplace Barriers
22 Aug Merle Berle Around and About in West Chicago - 22 Aug 2007
  • Manville Bash
  • Friends of the City Museum Summer Lawn Party
  • Steve and Karen Brenner celebrate their 30th anniversary
  • Aug. 20 City Council Meeting
  • Revoke a Minor's Driver's License if convicted of a gang offense
Randy Hultren
Local lawmakers continue to push for school construction dollars
"Local school districts that have been waiting for more than five years to receive school construction funding from the state could finally see those dollars come to fruition, according to state Senators Kirk Dillard (R-Westmont) and Randy Hultgren (R-Wheaton)."
Dist. 94 likely to see budget surplus
"At this time next year, $227,487 will likely remain as a surplus, Director of Business Services Daniel E. McCarthy said.  “It’s no small feat what you’ve accomplished,” board President Tony Reyes told him. “The community recognizes what you do and the work that we do as a board.”"
Habitat for Humanity’s largest project gets go-ahead
"The $3 million project will include 11 single-family homes along Sherman and Pomeroy streets. When completed, West Chicago will be home to the largest percentage of DuPage Habit houses in the county."
SickTransitChicago Who Will Wear The Suit If SB 572 Fails?
"Note that with the exception of Representative Fortner not a single Republican representative from the collar counties (Lake, McHenry, Kane, DuPage and Will) has signed on as a sponsor of SB 572."
Sen Durbin


Senator Durbin Speaks about VA Hospitals - WSIL TV - Carterville,IL
"Senator Durbin says the Dignified Treatment of Wounded Warriors Act will give better treatment of two kinds of service related injuries.Traumatic Brain Injury and post traumatic stress disorder. At a meeting in Mt. Vernon, Durbin said he has spent time talking with soldiers and their families about the care they need."
Illionois Senators


Durbin, Obama, Manzullo Urge President Bush to Declare Winnebago and Stephenson Counties Federal Disaster Areas
“We are writing in support of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s request for a major disaster declaration for Winnebago County and Stephenson County as a result of flooding beginning August 7 and continuing through August 8, 2007,”
Sen. Obama Obama Statement on the Release of Haleh Esfandiari
"Nevertheless, we eagerly await Haleh's safe and quick return home to the United States so that she can be reunited with her family, and urge the Iranian government to free other Iranian-Americans who are unjustly detained.”
Obama Campaign to Launch Generation Obama
"GO chapters are local grassroots groups formed, run and maintained by supporters that will hold events every month. This network of young supporters, directly plugged into the campaign, will host creative low-dollar fundraising events, organize volunteers in early states, conduct voter registration drives, and help turn out the vote."
Obama responds to President Bush's speech to the VFW Convention
"The only way to reverse these consequences is to change course through a surge in our diplomatic and humanitarian efforts in Iraq and the region, and a phased withdrawal of our forces that puts real pressure on the Iraqi government to act."
Rep Hastert Hastert to Leave November 5th? - Human Events - Washington,DC
"In addition, a February 5th special election would force the parties to hold a primary in either December or January. An early bird Republican primary (or a districtwide convention of local party activists) would almost surely favor investment banker and dairyman Jim Oberweis, who is set to announce his candidacy to succeed Hastert this weekend."
State waterfowl public hunting areas report encouraging for upcoming season
"Generally good habitat conditions and the forecast of a very good migration of ducks from breeding grounds into Illinois this fall highlight the latest Illinois Waterfowl Public Hunting Areas Report from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources."
21 Aug Elementary
District 33
Start of School Year Information from District 33
"Students new to District 33 may register at their neighborhood school Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:30 pm. Parents should register their children as soon as possible so the District may accurately determine class sizes and staff needs."
Randy Hultren
Public safety the focus of multiple new laws
“Each of these new laws addresses a different, but growing public safety problem in Illinois,” said Hultgren. “I’m pleased the Governor signed these bills into law as they were carefully drafted in direct response to specific instances in my district. Since my first term in the General Assembly I’ve made it a point to address public safety concerns and I’ll continue to do that.”
manville.jpg (43421 bytes)Manville Bash coming back to town
"Activities for the one-day event will include a ropes course, a rock climbing wall, inflatable rides, food, a beer garden open until 10 p.m., music and a fireworks show.  “We have things for the whole family,” Rosalez said.  All entertainment is free except the inflatable rides. Children with a $15 wristband can have unlimited rides from 2 to 6 p.m."
Hastert's legacy
"It was common for Hastert, even as speaker of the House, to walk into a room, surrounded by Secret Service, and be greeted by someone as Denny. Dennis was for formal occasions. And nobody, but nobody, used his real name, the one he started his political career with — J. Dennis."
Sen Durbin Durbin Announces a $150,000 DOT Grant for an Illinois Bridge
"The bridge is a single-span concrete structure that is 52 feet in length, carries two 11 foot lanes of traffic with an out-to-out deck width of 26 feet.  The innovative project will use precast reinforced concrete abutments and precast, prestressed concrete slab units. The bridge will be constructed utilizing accelerated bridge construction procedures."
Sen. Obama Obama Urges Action to Help With Dam
“The legislation currently before the Senate will provide Illinois water infrastructure priorities with the resources required to reinforce our dams, locks and ecosystem restoration projects from extreme flooding.”
Obama Speech: Culture in Washington Must Change, Implement Tough Ethics Reform
"In January, Obama joined with Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) to introduce Lobbying and Ethics Reform Act, which set a standard for strong ethics legislation this Congress. Obama also sponsored an amendment to the Honest Government and Open Leadership Act that required the disclosure of lobbyists that bundle campaign contributions for candidates."
Iraq War Vet Congressman Endorses Obama - Campaigns & Elections
“When I returned from Baghdad, I saw that we needed to go in a new direction -- both here at home and in Iraq.  I am inspired by Senator Obama's call to service and believe he is best suited to bring about the changes we need in our country,” Murphy said."
20 Aug Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Schedule Posted
"Tune in to Channel 17 on Monday at 7pm for the live broadcast of West Chicago's City Council meeting. The meeting will be rebroadcast on Wednesday and Friday for your convenience. Watch the Chamber of Commerce fashion shows on Tuesday and Thursday! WCCHS Wildcat football '07 starts this week and we will have or crew at the game in Evanston at 1:30 on Saturday. So if you can't get to the game or want to see it again, watch Channel 17 at 6pm on Saturday for the tape of the Wildcats at Evanston in their season opener."
Mayor's Comments from August 20, 2007
  • Dave Haley's departure
  • End of Water Commission tax
Rep.Randy Ramey Ramey Adult Entertainment Location Bill Signed into Law
"A bill sponsored by State Rep. Randy Ramey (R-Carol Stream) amending the laws that govern adult entertainment locations has been signed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich."
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
Measure to ban Salvia Divinorum Signed into Law
"The Governor has approved legislation banning a dangerous hallucinogenic herb in Illinois, according to the measure’s chief sponsor, State Senator John J. Millner (R-Carol Stream)."
West Chicago man has a good ‘sole’
"Men of all ages have been invited to walk a quarter mile in high heels as part of the Family Shelter 5K Walk and Run, and Chris Frantz of West Chicago is one of the brave souls stepping up to help the cause."
Burns returns home to supportive crowd
"After Burns’ announcement Friday, he embarked on an eight-county, 11-city tour that began Saturday in Yorkville, with stops in Oswego, Aurora, West Chicago, Elgin, Sycamore, Dixon, Prophetstown, Geneseo, and New Bedford."
Odd: It’s breakfast on a stick at Illinois fair
"The state’s agriculture department and the American Egg Board deemed two entries worthy of first place Saturday. Beverly Cutler’s sensational sunrise dippers — sausage, egg and cheese wrapped in a biscuit with a side of gravy — shared the top prize with Anthony Karas’ bacon-wrapped savory buttermilk crepes."
Illionois Senators


Durbin, Obama Call on Rice to Support Extradition of Confessed Chicago Murderer
"Earlier today, Durbin and Obama sent a letter to Chargé d'Affaires François Rivasseau at the French Embassy in Washington, DC, urging the Government of France to agree to the United States’ request for the extradition of Hans Peterson to face criminal prosecution for the murder of Dr. David Cornbleet"
Rep Hastert Remarks At Kendall County Courthouse
"You know, when I started in Congress, I had two young boys – it is quite something to be here today with my grandson.  It is great to look around and see so many friends, so many longtime volunteers and supporters. After all these years, it only seemed fitting to reunite as I announce my future plans. As some have speculated, after much consideration, I have decided not to seek another term in Congress."
Hastert Decides Not to Seek Another Term in Congress
"I am immensely proud of all my accomplishments as a congressman and as Speaker—but I did not do this alone. This all happened because of the continued support I received from my constituents, my friends and my colleagues."
Rep Fortner First Bills Become Law
"This week the Governor signed into law a number of Mike Fortner's legislative initiatives. This site has background on bills to fund the county child advocacy centers, regulate phosphorus in detergents, and clarify unlawful video recordings, all of which are now law."
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"The Department of Central Management Services has received notice from Governor Blagojevich’s Office to fly the United States and Illinois flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of Army Spc. Justin O. Penrod, United States Army."
IEMA joins with Illinois Broadcasters Association to encourage people to test homes for radon
19 Aug Free gas today at West Chicago Jewel Express
"Members of the Crossroads Restoration Center will be giving away $1,500 in free gas from 2 to 3:30 p.m. at the Jewel Express gas station at Roosevelt Road and Joliet Street on a first-come, first-serve basis."
Does Hastert's exit clear the path for Democrats?
"Dennis Hastert is not the speaker, and he's not in the majority party," said Geneva attorney Jotham Stein, the first Democrat to file with the State Board of Elections for the 14th District race. "He's a back-bencher, and his ability to deliver has been massively reduced."


Ed's Word: Number 1 August 14, 2007
"Results from the AAU Iron Man World Championships - held in Omaha, Nebraska - June 27-30:  Cadet Division:  112 - lst - Brandon Rubino - West Chicago and 140 - 3rd - Frank Mazza - West Chicago."
Sen. Obama Obama Will Skip Debates. Will Anyone Else? - Washington Post
"Obama has already attended seven debates and 19 forums, including a just-finished run of three forums in six days, campaign manager David Plouffe wrote on Obama's Web site. So after Sunday's nationally televised debate on ABC, he will stick to only the five official debates, two Iowa panels and a Spanish-language event, Plouffe wrote."
Rep Hastert Sauk Valley is losing a conscientious and caring leader - Sauk Valley Newspapers - Dixon,IL
"For 16 years, he taught civics and history at Yorkville High School and also was a successful wrestling coach. One year he coached his team to a state wrestling championship."
Visits to Baghdad - Talking Points Memo
"In the end, we need to recognize that our presence may have released Iraqis from the grip of a tyrant, but that it has also robbed them of their self-respect. They will soon realize that the best way to regain dignity is to call us what we are -- an army of occupation -- and force our withdrawal."
18 Aug City of
West Chicago
City Council Agenda
The regular City Council meeting will be at City Hall at 7:00 pm on Monday, 06 Aug 2007.  It will be broadcast live on cable channel 17.
Planning Commission Agenda
"Antonio Ceja, 3136 Savannah Drive, Aurora, Illinois, petitions the City of West Chicago for front and rear yard setback variances. A variance is needed from Section 9.6-2(c)(1) of the West Chicago Zoning Ordinance in order to reduce the required front yard setback from twenty-five (25’) feet to eighteen (18’) feet. Another variance is needed from Section 9.6-2(c)(4) to reduce the required rear yard setback from thirty (30’) feet to twenty-two (22’) feet."
Audience is consolation prize
"As stars of the “The Brit and Yankee” podcast, West Chicago resident and British expatriate Phil Clark and his partner, Mike Lingafelter of Batavia, have made a name for themselves amongst a loyal following."
Geneva mayor wants Hastert’s spot
"He starts a two-day tour of the 14th Congressional District at 9 this morning at Town Square Park in Yorkville.  Then it’s on to Oswego, Aurora, West Chicago, Elgin and Sycamore."
Rep Hastert There are numerous articles about Rep. Hastert's retirement...
17 Aug Elementary
District 33


For Those who Didn't Read Forum questions and answers
"State aid is not based on low income rates; it is based on a formula that takes into consideration the taxpayer's ability to pay for schools. We have the lowest property wealth per student in the County but the highest tax rate in the County. Low property wealth needs a high tax rate. Property owners contribute 70% of our income. This is a very complex issue."
Randy Hultren
Hultgren law to allow parents to check teen driving records
"Parents of teen drivers will now have the ability to check their children’s driving records via a computer, under a new law sponsored by state Sen. Randy Hultgren (R-Wheaton)."
Hastert doesn't rule out leaving office early
"I haven't ruled out anything. (I'll serve) as long as I could be effective," the Plano politician said. "I'm trying to do a lot of this energy policy stuff."
As the dust settles
"The improvements won’t be finished by the time school starts, but they should be completed by the end of September.  The project includes installing door buzzers, cameras, and intercom systems."
Hastert won’t seek re-election
"After months of speculation, U.S. Rep. Dennis Hastert, R-14th District, of Plano, announced Friday he will not seek a 12th term. The former Speaker of the House made the announcement at the historic old courthouse in Yorkville where he used to live."
Sen Durbin US takes measured steps after China import scares - National Post - Canada
"Critics say diffuse responsibility, stretched across the Food and Drug Administration and the Agriculture Department for food imports and Consumer Product Safety Commission and other agencies for manufactured goods, is part of the problem.  Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois and Representative Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, two Democratic critics of the administration response, want to see a single food safety agency, but even advocates of their plan admit it's a long shot."
Sen. Obama Obama Says Farm Bill Benefits Should Be Targeted to Family Farmers
"It's time to turn the page on a politics that has turned its back on rural America," said Obama. "While you're working hard to strengthen your farms, your families, and your communities, our government is working for big agribusiness. In the last decade, we've handed out $1.3 billion in federal farm money to people who aren't even farmers. We've even got farm money going to Fortune 500 companies."
Obama Pledges To Include Labor In Transition If Elected President - WIFR - Rockford,IL
"Obama pledged to include organized labor in his new administration if he's elected president, saying he'd make sure the AFL-CIO was involved in the transition process.  And he was joined by former Senator John Edwards in promising to walk a picket line."
Hannity falsely suggested that Obama "attack[ed] our troops as murderers" - Media Matters for America
"In fact, as the video clip aired before the segment indicated, Obama did not "attack[] our troops as murderers" in the statement, nor did he "criticize[]" them; rather, he expressed support for increasing the number of troops in Afghanistan so the U.S. military is not so reliant on airstrikes in the region."
Rep Hastert The Worst House Speaker in American History - The Nation
"Could the shambling, ineffectual and frequently inarticulate Hastert really have been a worse Speaker of the House than a crude proponent of slavery, or a crook like Jim Wright or a conniving partisan like Newt Gingrich? Absolutely.  Even the worst of his predecessors had respect for the House as a institution of Congress, the separate but equal legislative branch of the federal government."
16 Aug Elementary
District 33
Public Forum
"Thank you to all who attended the Forum. We appreciated the opportunity to dialogue with you. We hope you found it helpful and informative."
Rep.Randy Ramey


Public Agencies to Recoup Costs for DUI Calls
"A new law sponsored by State Rep. Randy Ramey (R-Carol Stream) will ensure public agencies responding to emergencies for DUI related incidents are able to recoup costs incurred for those calls of service."
A little moonlighting
"Taylor, who teaches history and psychology for West Chicago Community High School District 94, is co-owner of Lakeshore Bike ‘n’ Tune at 3650 N. Recreation Drive, Chicago, five miles north of downtown along Lake Michigan."
Health department says no to doggy dips in pool
"Park districts throughout the area, including those in Naperville, Aurora, West Chicago, Glen Ellyn and Bloomingdale, have canceled their pooch plunges on the advice of state health officials who say they're unsanitary."
Home draws national recognition
"The Dieter home is featured in the magazine’s September issue with seven pictures, at least one from each room in the house, spread throughout the publication."
W. Chicago gets sales tax break
"West Chicago has long been one of DuPage County's few communities that do not buy Lake Michigan water, choosing instead to treat well water. However, the city's businesses have remained subject to a quarter-cent sales tax that finances the Lake Michigan water agency, which distributes lake water to 25 DuPage towns and two private utilities."
Sen Durbin Toy Makers Brace for a Chill in Sales - New York Times
“If this flood of dangerous products continues and retailers are forced to pull toy after toy from their shelves, China will become the Grinch that steals Christmas this year,” Mr. Durbin said in an e-mail message.
Sen. Obama Obama Statement on Signing of New Memorandum of Understanding With Israel
“The Administration's failed policies in Iraq, in a war that never should have been authorized, have strengthened Iran and emboldened Hamas and Hezbollah. That makes it more important than ever that the United States live up to its commitment to ensure Israel's qualitative military edge in a dangerous region."
Rep Hastert Wall Street Journal story on Hastert retirement left out his role ... - Media Matters for America
"In reports about former House Speaker Dennis Hastert's announcement that he will not seek re-election in 2008, The Wall Street Journal did not mention the controversy over Hastert's handling of the House page scandal, in contrast with The Washington Post and The New York Times, which did note that Hastert was involved, but glossed over pertinent details."
corporate tax loopholes
"Governor Rod R. Blagojevich today signed legislation closing corporate tax loopholes that only benefit business and special interests in order to invest the revenue generated in priorities that help working families – including expanded access to healthcare and education.  Closing the tax loopholes is expected to generate an estimated $250 million."
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"The Department of Central Management Services has received notice from Governor Blagojevich’s Office to fly the United States and Illinois flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of Army Sgt. Andrew Wayne Lancaster, United States Army ... Sunday, August 19, 2007"
Rest in Peace my dear friend and mentor - By Write 2 The Point
"Being the gift that he was to the fraternity, Fr. Dacian was called, at the Provincial Chapter in 1963, to serve on the provincial council. In the post-capitular meeting, he was appointed to the faculty at the province's theologate, Christ the King Seminary in West Chicago, Illinois to be the director of formation to the theology students"
15 Aug Merle Berle Around and About in West Chicago - 15 Aug 2007
  • City Museum are hosting a Summer Lawn Party
  • Manville Bash
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6791 Steak Fry
  • West Chicago Mosquito Abatement District
  • Administrative Adjudication System
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
Autism Instruction to All New Police Officers
"State Sen. John J. Millner (R-Carol Stream) says that a measure aimed at providing autism instruction to all new police officers has been signed into law."
Habitat for Humanity's 11 homes gets panel's OK
"But the panel rejected Habitat's request to leave out city-mandated frills, including some streetlights and parkway trees. It also shot down an attempt by Habitat to get out of some of the fees involved in the process."
Dance Team headed to nationals
"For the first time in at least 20 years, the West Chicago High School Dance Team has qualified for the national tournament.  “I was really proud that the squad had come together and done our best,” senior and squad captain Sarah Pierpoint said."
Hastert plans Friday announcement
"Hastert campaign officials sent a letter to supporters last week alerting them to the event, scheduled for the Kendall County Courthouse.  The letter does not indicate whether Hastert will run for re-election or step aside for another Republican candidate."
"Burkhart, of West Chicago, and Horton, of Wood Dale, will ride the 535-mile Grand Illinois Trail. The two men have been biking together regularly and decided to do a long ride to raise money for charity."
Sen. Obama Obama Calls on President to Take Immediate Action to Protect Our Children From Lead- Tainted Toys
"In light of the recent recalls of lead-contaminated toys manufactured in China, it is incumbent upon our government and our business to do everything possible to protect our children from dangerous products."
Obama Calls on EPW Committee to Examine Approved Lake Michigan Pollution
"This issue underscores the challenges faced by the United States as we pursue the dual goals of improved energy security and environmental restoration – issues such as full compliance with the Clean Water Act, the effect of pollutants on drinking water sources that cut across political boundaries, the ability to mitigate, prevent or offset increased discharges into shared water bodies, and the importance of safeguarding the Great Lakes for future generations."
Obama Urges Congress to Pass Bill to Strengthen Alpine Dam, Prevent Increased Flooding
“The legislation currently before the Senate will provide Illinois water infrastructure priorities with the resources required to reinforce our dams, locks, and ecosystem restoration projects from extreme flooding."
Rep Hastert Fat Rats Leave a Sinking Ship - The Spoof (satire) - UK
"And, the fat rats seem to be leading the exodus. Karl Rove started the things with his surprise announcement yesterday he was retiring. Next was Representative Dennis Hastert (R-IL). Both are stalwart supporters of President Bush and are each the very definition of 'Fat Cat' Republicans."
[Denny is ours... I resent Brits making fun of him. - Bob]
Three new human cases and Jackson and St. Clair counties reporting West Nile virus
Illinois Department of Revenue warns businesses about tax ID website rip-off
Illinois EPA issues Annual Compliance Report for public water supplies
14 Aug Rep Hastert Hastert won't seek 12th term in Congress - Chicago Tribune
"Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert is expected to announce Friday he will not seek re-election to a 12th term from his far west-suburban 14th Congressional District, sources close to the Republican lawmaker said Tuesday.  But, the sources said, it is not clear whether Hastert intends to finish his term, which runs through 2008."
Rep.Randy Ramey West Chicago Water Commission Bill Signed Into Law
"West Chicago residents will avoid being taxed twice for water use thanks to a new bill that was signed into law, said the bill’s sponsor State Rep. Randy Ramey (R-Carol Stream)."
E-Newsletter Update
"After waiting a majority of Friday, Aug. 10, for the Senate to consider and agree upon the 12-month House budget that was passed Thursday, the House was finally given the opportunity to put the seal on an approved budget for FY08. The vote was 98-8."
West Chicago will be refunded a million dollars
"The water commission money will go back into the city's general and water funds, to eventually be used for capital improvements and redevelopment initiatives approved by the city council, Kwasman said.  Once West Chicago's sales tax rate is reduced to 6.5 percent, it will have one of the lowest rates in the area."
Sen Durbin Safety Standards and Inspections of Chinese Toy Shipments
"Another week, another recall of Chinese-made toys. We can’t wait any longer for China to crack down on its lax safety standards. This needs to stop now before more children and more families are put at risk."
Disappointing News for Flood Victims - WIFR - Rockford,IL
"Congressman Don Manzullo and I have left the meeting with the Army Corp of Engineers disappointed. Disappointed they have not moved more quickly to assess the situation. And more quickly to solve this problem,"
Sen. Obama Obama: U.S. Must Protect Children From Lead, Safeguard Imported Toys
"I am writing to urge the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) to take aggressive action to protect America’s children from toys containing harmful levels of lead that are imported from China. This is a serious issue that compromises the health of children throughout the country."


Governor Blagojevich uses executive authority to bolster healthcare security for half a million people Governor vetoes $500 million in ‘pork’ and other special interest spending from budget
13 Aug Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Schedule Posted
"Tune in to Channel 17 to see the latest City Council meeting, classic Railroad Days and just a little more Christmas in August."
Sen Durbin Durbin Meets US Commanders In Iraq - WBBM780
"Durbin says that in many parts of Iraq an American troop surge is reducing violence. But he says one big question remains: What will happen when Americans leave?"
Sen. Obama Statement on Karl Rove Announcement
"But to build a new kind of politics, it will take more than the departure of a man or even an Administration that constructed the old it will take a movement of everyday Americans committed to changing Washington and reclaiming their government."
Need for Real Change in Washington
"We've got a politics in Washington that isn't working for the people anymore, and we're going to have to build a movement to overcome the status quo,"
Rep Hastert Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report - Kaiser - Washington,DC
"Former Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) said, "When seniors find out what is really going to happen [if payments to MA plans are cut], they are not going to be happy." However, analysts and others "suggest this could be a tough sell for Republicans" because Democrats "have accumulated decades of credibility on Medicare while Republicans, until recent years, were identified more as foes of the program," the Times reports."
Hog and Husband Calling Contests A State Fair Favorite
Nickelodeon's Slime Plays 2007 Illinois State Fair
12 Aug Volunteer touched by day dedicated to her
"For the last five years, Poelman, 82, has driven herself to Wood Glen Pavilion in West Chicago, where she spends hours each week talking, reading and praying with the elderly and ill."
Politicking and picnicking
"Retail politics is a new term for an old style of politics – shaking hands and going face to face.  Although by no means new – Lauzen’s picnic is in its 13th year, and U.S. Rep. Dennis Hastert has thrown an annual picnic for more than 25 years – picnics as politics are growing in the area."
Sen. Obama Obama Cannot Become President with Right-Wing Military Rhetoric - Bay Area Indymedia - San Francisco,CA
"In an apparent bid to appeal to neo-conservative, afraid-of-anything-not-American voters, both New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Illinois Senator Barack Obama have engaged in a duel over who can be tougher on certain foreign policy issues."
Obama courts black support on home turf - Sauk Valley Newspapers - Dixon,IL
"Obama's campaign stop at the annual Bud Billiken parade - billed by organizers as the country's largest African-American parade - comes at a time when he is vying with New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for support from black voters."
11 Aug West Chicago launches its new virtual ‘city marquee’
“This will keep people involved and invite new people to come into the community,” Kwasman said. “Just like we’re re-creating downtown, we’re re-creating the Web site.”
Baby sitter guilty of molesting two girls
"Rogel, 44, was convicted of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child for repeatedly raping two sisters, ages 5 and 7, until the older one made an outcry to her mother. She immediately contacted police."
That trapped feeling: Radar-patrolled areas discouraging the need for speed
"Daniel Santana saw the police cars set up on the side of the road as he entered the Reagan Memorial Tollway at Route 59 in Naperville. He contends he was not driving too fast, he just happened to be the unlucky victim of a police speed trap."
Chapa LaVia will not run for Congress
"Chapa LaVia herself was unavailable for comment. In May, she said she would only consider a run at the 14th Congressional District if Hastert retired at the end of his current term. Hastert, a former speaker of the House who has represented the district for 11 terms, has not announced whether he will retire when his term ends in 2008."
Candidates wait on Hastert
"Alough Democratic contenders for Hastert’s seat already are campaigning, area Republicans interested in a run await Hastert’s decision. State Sen. Chris Lauzen, Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns and Jim Oberweis of Oberweis Dairy in Aurora have said they were interested in running."
Man convicted in rape of 2 girls he baby-sat
"The convictions, on four counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child, guarantee that Lorenzo Rogel, 44, will spend the rest of his life in prison, State's Atty. Joseph Birkett said."
Sen Durbin


Emanuel, Durbin launch radio ads against BP - Crain's Chicago Business
" Emanuel and Durbin are outspoken opponents of BP's plan to expand an Indiana oil refinery and discharge more pollution into the Lake Michigan region.  The lawmakers are urging citizens to oppose the plan by signing an online petition at"
10 Aug We Go Calypso - revisited - Becky Hall
"A late reminder about TONIGHT's event at Pal Joey's - I've heard there are some fabulous items available in the silent auction!  Tickets ARE AVAILABLE at the door, you don't have to sign up in advance."
Rep.Randy Ramey Ramey Supports No-Tax Increase Budget; Sent to Governor
"After months of enduring a budget stalemate, State Rep. Randy Ramey (R-Carol Stream) today voted in favor of a spending plan that holds the line on taxes and increases funding for education and Medicaid payments."
Randy Hultren
Statement on Budget
“While avoiding a complete government shutdown was necessary, I could not support a budget that continues to spend money that we simply don’t have,”
District 33
District 33 needs funds for its new playground
"In just a few months, community and business support, combined with grants and donations from the memorial fund of a student who recently passed away, has provided $15,000 toward the play area.  Just $10,000 more is needed to purchase playground equipment."
Duo to make 10-day bike ride for Spina Bifida
"Rick Horton, 39, of Wood Dale, and his friend, Tim Burkhart, 36, of West Chicago, will begin their trip Thursday, Aug. 16, to benefit the Spina Bifida Association of Illinois."
Radiation worries linger in West Chicago
"On Thursday, inspectors from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency removed bricks, mortar and soil from a hole in her basement to pinpoint the source of radiation after samples taken two weeks ago showed levels nearly 50 times what the federal government considers acceptable."
Sen. Obama Barack Obama Presidential odds - - Miami,FL
"Barack Obama enjoyed Presidential odds of 7 to 2 which roughly would translate into a $350 payout for every $100 bet.  These odds are only a half a point less than that of Republican candidate Rudy Giuliani (3-1).  Obama at one point enjoyed slightly better odds, however, he has remained steady throughout the past few months."
Rep Hastert Children's Health Insurance Bill Provides a Case Study - New York Times
" “When seniors find out what is really going to happen, they are not going to be happy,” predicted Representative J. Dennis Hastert, the former Republican speaker, who said tens of thousands of older Americans in his district in northern Illinois rely on the private plans.  But analysts and others suggest this could be a tough sell for Republicans."
The Creepy Debate on SCHIP - National Ledger - Apache Junction,AZ
"Illinois Rep. Dennis Hastert, the former House speaker, enlarged on this theme by arguing that the benefits allegedly going to illegal immigrants were being taken away from the elderly. Like many of his Republican colleagues, he's sore that the bill cuts overpayments to private Medicare HMOs. (These plans have been receiving an average 12 percent more than the cost of care in traditional Medicare.)"
Gov. Blagojevich opens 2007 Illinois State Fair
“The Illinois State Fair is a summertime tradition that my family and I look forward to every year. With top notch entertainment, fantastic food, and fun rides, the Fair has something for everyone in the family to enjoy,”
09 Aug West Chicago
High School
"The Illinois Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers Association (IFACSTA) has honored Community High School teacher, Patti Kozlowski, with the state award for ‘Outstanding Consumer Service.’ "
City of
West Chicago
West Chicago Bestows Recognition on Deserving Artists, Heroes and Organizations
"It was a fine evening for recognition at the City of West Chicago Council meeting on Monday, August 06, 2007, which included appreciation for the talents of local artists, a dedication of a Police Memorial to honor the community's three fallen police officers, commendation for the efforts of the City of West Chicago's Chamber of Commerce and Industry in elevating a 34-year tradition of a beloved event to new heights and a proclamation for a church parish celebrating a 13 year festival tradition."
WC Public Library West Chicago Public Library - upcoming events
  • Stay Safe Tactics Program
  • Musaica, a fun-filled concert to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month.
Rep Fortner Budget Will Increase Funding for Education without Raising Taxes
"Local school districts will receive an increase in education funding without raising taxes under a budget that was passed today in the House of Representatives."
Home's thorium level is staggering
"EPA officials said the finding is a "new discovery" unconnected to the other 116 residents who recently learned in letters from the government that there might be buried residual thorium on their properties. The contamination may have been left over from a 1980s cleanup and missed during a second examination in the 1990s."
Sen Durbin NY Sun headline falsely claimed Sen. Durbin "concedes surge is ... - Media Matters for America
"Yet while Durbin cited military progress in Iraq during the CNN interview, he did not "concede" that the "surge is working" as the Sun article's headline stated. Rather, he specifically said that he sees "two important parts to this story. ... As we are seeing military progress, the political scene is discouraging.""
Sen. Obama Obama Raises Concerns About Lead Contaminated Toys to Industry Trade Group
"In the letter, Obama requests information on how the trade group and its companies are working to reduce the number of lead contaminated toys, and how American companies are attempting to regulate foreign supply chains."
Obama Provisions to Make America More Competitive Signed into Law
"The Obama initiatives will increase the participation of women and underrepresented minorities in the professions of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, establish a mentoring program for women and minorities in those fields, and offer competitive state grants to support summer term education programs (based on S. 116, the STEP UP Act, which Obama introduced in January)."
Illinois Department of Revenue collects millions from Illinois businesses through new federal/state online payment system
IDOT announces enhanced inspections for bridges under construction to ensure they are safe for traffic
08 Aug Merle Berle

Around and About in West Chicago

  • Police Memorial
  • We Go Calypso Fundraiser
  • German Movie Night
  • reception for Michele Harbeck Haley
  • District 33 Public Forum
We Go Calypso
"We Go Calypso will be held this Friday, August 10 at Pal Joey's Restaurant from 6:30 - 10:30 pm. Tickets are $20 per person, and include a terrific buffet, music and dancing."
Rezoning talks postponed in West Chicago
"Kalina represents the property owners, the Jemsek-Hinckley family, who also own the adjacent St. Andrew’s Golf Club. He said that, at a forest preserve meeting that morning, district commissioners had considered an ordinance that called for the acquisition of the 200-acre parcel “through negotiation or condemnation.”  The forest preserve board put the ordinance off Tuesday morning after Kalina agreed to ask for a continuance of the public hearing Tuesday night so that negotiations could continue, Kalina said."
West Chicago establishes own court
"Bond said the new adjudication court mirrors those in many other communities and the ordinance does not expand the city's powers. He said that the hearing officers go through a stringent process to be certified for the position. Finally, Bond said that the officer would impose the fines laid out in city code, which do not exceed $750 per day."
Valedictorian honor returns to W. Chicago
"The school board’s new policy weeds out students with identical perfect grade-point averages by ranking those students by the number of credit hours achieved during the student’s high school career.  “We can come up with a system that incorporates 1,800 variables (for selecting a valedictorian) but this is a nice, neat system,” school board member Gordon Cole said."
West Chicago podcast nominated for award
"Now with the help of his friend Mike Lingafelter of Batavia, Clark has combined all his loves (the English pub, good conversation, and good food) into “The Brit and the Yankee,” a podcast that’s nominated as Best General Podcast in the third annual Podcast Awards."
City unveils new Web site
"After nearly a year of research and design, the city plans to launch an overhauled site Thursday. As the city’s residential and business populations continue to boom, officials hope the site will help foster continued growth."
West Chicago to host electronics recycling event
"In addition to the recycling — which was free — MacSpecialist, 234 W. Roosevelt Road, also held a giveaway for four green digital music players and a $50 gift card to the store. Templeton said they raised about $550, which will be divided between the Conservation Foundation of DuPage County and the National Resources Defense Council."
West Chicago will hear code disputes
"Officials said the goal of the program is not to collect more fines but to speed the process of resolving violations.  "If we work with the people early, I think we'll end up with a better community," Mayor Mike Kwasman said during Monday evening's City Council meeting, when the issue was voted on."
Sen. Obama Obama: USDA Should Not Undermine Legislation to Help Black Farmers
"U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) today called on Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns to examine recent allegations that USDA employees used federal resources to lobby against legislation that would allow black farmers to file claims under the Pigford settlement. According to federal law and USDA policies, the use of federal resources for lobbying members of Congress is strictly prohibited."
Rep Hastert Some lawmakers got a headstart on recess - The Hill - Washington,DC
"While both chambers struggled to bring congressional business to a close, health problems, traveling and family events pulled some members of Congress away from Washington.  Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) was flying to Japan for a meeting with the speaker of the Japanese House of Representatives. Hastert will also be traveling to China, press secretary Lulu Blacksmith said."
Another human case and Macoupin and Saline counties reporting West Nile virus
State Fire Marshal kicks off “LOOK UP!” campus fire safety campaign at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Governor Blagojevich's Keep Cool Illinois Campaign To Provide Cooling Centers During Illinois State Fair
To those who may have noticed or been inconvenienced, the archive of pictures/collages is currently under construction ... which is why everything is going 404.  sorry! - Bob
07 Aug City of
West Chicago
Plan Commission Postpones Public Hearing
In a phone call this afternoon, Mayor Mike Kwasman stated that the public hearing on the 200 acres north of St. Andrews Golf Course has will be postponed to September 5th, allowing continuing negotiations between the owners and the Forest Preserve District.  Other business on the agenda will still occur.
WC City Museum Museum Fundraiser
"The City Museum is raising funds to restore the Depot behind the museum and turn it into space we can use for exhibits and educational programs. Here's a chance to help while having a fabulous afternoon of music!"
Sen Durbin Durbin, Emanuel launch radio ads target BP Amoco
WAND - Decatur,IL
"Emanuel and Durbin are outspoken opponents of BP's plan to expand an Indiana oil refinery and discharge more pollution into the Lake Michigan region.  The lawmakers are urging citizens to oppose the plan by signing an online petition at"
Sen. Obama Obama Calls on Gates to Reform Weapons Accountability System in Iraq
"According to a report recently released by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the U.S. military cannot account for nearly 30 percent of the weapons that were given to Iraqi Security Forces through early 2007. Specifically, GAO reports that some 110,000 AK-47 assault rifles and 80,000 pistols are missing."
NY Times falsehood: pro-Obama PAC allows supporters to break legal ... - Media Matters for America
"The article's claim -- that Vote Hope donors who have already given the maximum to Obama's campaign directly are exceeding legal limits "to back their candidate" -- is false. The $2,300 figure cited by the article is the maximum supporters can donate to a candidate's primary or general election campaign, not to "back their candidate," as the Times reported."
Governor Blagojevich declares Rockford, Winnebago state disaster area following flooding
“The State of Illinois is committed to helping these communities recover as quickly as possible from this flooding, and we will continue to work with local officials to see how we can help this recovery process.”
Governor Blagojevich signs new laws to improve public safety and protect law enforcement agencies
“We appreciate Governor Blagojevich’s support of law enforcement and everything he’s done for us so far,” said Larry Burnson, President, Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police.  “We’re excited that the Governor continued to show his support by signing these important pieces of legislation.”
Rep Hastert Attack Ads You'll Be Seeing - Washington Post
"But the accusations that Republicans started to peddle last week reached a new low in dishonest nativism... " former speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) claimed during the House debate. "We wipe it out, and we give it to people who are illegal aliens.""
Chapa LaVia seeks re-election, drops bid for Hastert's seat - Chicago Daily Herald
"State Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia won't enter the packed 14th District congressional race after all, instead focusing her attention on the 83rd District, the Aurora Democrat announced Monday."
06 Aug Mayor
Gallery 200
"No it’s not on a street in Paris or "The Great Michigan Ave."  It's right here on Main Street in downtown West Chicago where our Cultural Art Commission presents a collection of art as diverse as our community. "
Sen. Obama Withdrawal of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Nominee David Palmer
"Given the serious concerns about Mr. Palmer's tenure at the Justice Department, his decision to withdraw his nomination was the right thing to do. Every Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner must have a history of achievement and an unwavering commitment to enforcing anti-discrimination laws in the workplace."
Obama Vows to Stand Up to Corporate Mega-Farm Lobbyists Who Wield Too Much Influence Over Farm Bill
"Over the past decade, our government has handed out $1.3 billion in federal farm money to people who aren't even farmers," said Obama. "We've got farm money going to Fortune 500 companies. And get this -- we even have the Department of Agriculture paying roughly a billion dollars to more than 170,000 people who aren't even alive. It's a waste of money that makes it harder for family farms to turn a profit and easier for corporate mega-farms to buy them out."
“During a time of heightened threats from global terrorism it is essential we use every tool constitutionally possible to thwart possible terrorist threats.
Roskam takes calls from district during trip to Iraq
"Just the physical experience of being next to these young men and women," he said, "and seeing the battle gear that they have on, the things that they're asking them to do, is really a humbling thing and I'm just so deeply appreciative."
[Now, due to the bill passed above, the government can, without a warrant, wiretap calls like these. - Bob]
Going To State Fair? Want To Save A Bundle On College?
"Money-saving information on how to cope with the rising costs of college will be available at a booth in Campus Town operated by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC)."
Governor Blagojevich’s Keep Cool Illinois campaign offers tips to protect against heat-related health problems during this week’s hot weather
Cooler than normal July prevails
[Hopefully, the governor is not taking credit for the weather. - Bob]
04&05 Aug City of
West Chicago


City Council Agenda
The regular City Council meeting will be at City Hall at 7:00 pm on Monday, 06 Aug 2007.  It will be broadcast live on cable channel 17.
Planning Commission Agenda
The Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals will meet at Wheaton Academy, 900 Prince Crossing Road, at 7:00 pm on 07 August 2007.  The main topic is a zoning map amendment for a plot of land north of St. Andrews Golf Course.
Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Schedule Posted
"Tune in to CableCom Channel 17 Monday at 7PM for the live broadcast of the City Council meeting. The meeting will be repeated until the next one. We're also showing a little Christmas in August to help cool you off."
Using the super highway to keep your car on the road
“You never know until someone looks at it, but this at least helps you get your head around what it could be,” he said. “But these guys really know what they’re talking about, and the consumer can really benefit from that.”
Illionois Senators


Obama, Durbin pose questions about Illinois bridges - WQAD - Moline,IL
"Senator Dick Durbin says he and Senator Barack Obama are posing questions for the Illinois Department of Transportation and federal officials.  Durbin says he's sure state and federal agencies will be inundated with similar requests from others, but he says he and Obama want to be sure to get on the list."
Sen. Obama Obama stakes turf, outlines counterterrorism plan - Boston Globe
"He argued that the "misguided" war in Iraq and the sacrifice of American values in military detentions have sparked fresh anti-Americanism and diverted attention from the crucial task of bringing Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and his followers to justice."
A Polarized, and Polarizing, Congress - Washington Post
"The result was undisguised fury -- and some really ugly exchanges on the floor. The worst, given voice by former speaker Dennis Hastert, a Republican from Illinois, among others, was the charge that the Democrats were opening the program to illegal immigrants. The National Republican Congressional Committee distributed that distortion wholesale across the country ..."
[The offending Hastert statements were posted here on Aug 3. - Bob]
The Abu Ghraib whistleblower's ordeal
"His wife had no idea that Mr Darby had handed in those photos, but when he was named, she had to flee to her sister's house which was then vandalised with graffiti. Many in his home town called him a traitor.  "I knew that some people wouldn't agree with what I did," he says."
03 Aug Sen Durbin Durbin Asks Bush to Reconsider WRDA Veto Threat; Says Bill is Essential for Illinois Projects
“Passage of the Water Resources Development Act is years overdue and a veto by this Administration will mean yet another delay for important projects in Illinois,” said Durbin.  “The construction of several locks and dams in the state – vital components of our nation’s infrastructure – will be put on hold."
Durbin Announces Nearly $800,000 in DOT Grants for Illinois
US Sen. Durbin meets EPA officials over Lake Michigan pollution - WAND - Decatur,IL
"Durbin says agency officials would not back away from supporting Indiana's decision to permit the Whiting refinery to dump more pollutants into Lake Michigan."
Sen. Obama Senate Passes Three Obama Proposals to Make America More Competitive
“Through mentoring and expanded summer education programs, we can guarantee that all students and professionals have the opportunity to lead America to its next big breakthrough.”
Obama Bill Would Keep Kids’ Toys Lead Free
"The Mattel recall is just the latest in a series of high-profile child product warnings or recalls because of lead contamination. In May, Wal-Mart stopped the sale of Baby Connection brand vinyl baby bibs nationwide because these bibs were found to have lead levels that were more than 16 times higher than the legal limit for lead in paint. Incredibly, over 25 recall and safety notices have been issued in the past six months for potentially lead-contaminated children’s products, including toy drum sets, toy bears, jewelry made for kids, and children’s gardening sets."
Obama Calls for Military Shift in US Focus on Terrorism - New York Times
"In the second major foreign policy address of his campaign, Mr. Obama outlined a series of proposals to fight global terrorism, including a plan to send at least 7,000 soldiers and special forces troops to Afghanistan, in addition to the roughly 22,000 troops there now."
Rep Hastert Children's Health Bill Approved By House - Washington Post
"Folks, that's the bottom line: It's government-paid health care," Rep. J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) said in a rare speech since he lost the House speakership in the Democratic takeover. "It's a bad bill for a bad time, and it's coming under the false pretenses of trying to do something for children."
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"United States and Illinois flags at half-staff from sunrise to sunset on Tuesday, August 7, 2007 ... Governor Blagojevich’s Office to fly the flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff on behalf of Army SGT. William Howdeshell, United States Army"
It's not over for Coulter
"The Coulter voting saga is now known as FEC Case No. 07-211. The investigator assigned, Tallahassee's Margie Wade, wouldn't confirm she caught the case; FEC complaints are supposed to be confidential."
02 Aug City of
West Chicago
National Night Out Showcases Crime Prevention Programs
"With National Night Out scheduled for Tuesday, August 7, 2007, from 6:00 - 8:30 p.m. at the Community High School parking lot, West Chicago police prepare to give neighborhood crime and drugs a going away party. Lining up a schedule of activities that include live entertainment, super-heroes, food, prizes and giveaways to delight and educate, the department will also tout crime prevention programs that run throughout the school year."
Sen Durbin Massive Recall of Popular Children's Toys
“Congress and the Administration need to act. I’ve introduced a bill that address the problem of scarce resources for CPSC and along with Senator Nelson (D-FL), am working to ensure that all products designed for children five and under, meet a rigorous set of safety standards.”"
Durbin to Gonzales: Is Waterboarding Legal or Not? - TPMmuckraker - New York
"In particular, I want to give you an opportunity to clarify your troubling suggestion that it would be legal for enemy forces to subject American citizens to cruel and inhumane interrogation techniques, including waterboarding and mock execution."
Illionois Senators


Legislation to Reward "Patriot Employers"
“When companies make headlines today it is often for all the wrong reasons:  fraud, tax avoidance and profiteering,” Durbin said.  “Americans have had enough with a corporate culture that rewards bad behavior and ignores the well being of workers.  It is time for Patriot Employers to be recognized for doing right by their workers even while they do well for their customers and shareholders.” 
Sen. Obama Culture in Washington Must Change, Implement Tough Ethics Reform
"For too long, the American people have seen lobbyists treat the legislative process like a game, using targeted contributions to maximize their leverage. For too long, people have felt like their voice and their interests have been drowning in a sea of lobbyist money in Washington.”
Grand Marshals Announced for 2007 Illinois State Fair Twilight Parade
Illinois Product Demonstrations to be Held at the 2007 Illinois State Fair
Celebrate the great outdoors at Conservation World during the 2007 Illinois State Fair
The Post Mining Land Challenge
01 Aug Merle Berle Around and About in West Chicago - 01 Aug 2007
  • West Chicago's 18th annual National Night Out Against Crime and Drugs
  • End of Summer Tea Party
  • Featured Artist in August at the Gallery is Joanne Kalchbrenner
  • Movie in the Park
  • Fourth Annual We Go Calypso Fundraiser
Rep.Randy Ramey Where is the Sense of Urgency Before Shutdown?
“We’ve been here everyday—at an exhorbitant cost to taxpayers—and we still don’t have an agreement on a fiscally responsible spending plan for Illinois,” Ramey said. “This is absolutely shameful. It’s not acceptable. On the day before shutdown, there was no mention of a budget plan. I’ve not seen anything.”
SoapBox Treasurer Don Early on Transit Taxes
"After reading the article by Eric Krol last week, it made me wonder, as a resident of West Chicago, where does our city fit into the mass transit plan? The City of West Chicago has only one method of public transportation, namely the Metra train from Elburn to Chicago. We have no local busses for intra city movement.  We have only the train."
Randy Hultren
Residents encouraged to donate backpacks for needy students
“The first day of school is special for many children, and something as simple as a new backpack can make that first day even more exciting for less fortunate students,” said Hultgren. “This is a fantastic opportunity for the entire area to get involved and help the children who need it most.”
West Chicago worker's photography on display at Gallery 200
"“The Friday night receptions are a good way to bring people to the downtown who normally wouldn’t be there,” Kalchbrenner said.  There will be more than 25 pieces of art on display and available for purchase, including photographs and hand-painted vases."
Unique natural habitat mired in heated debate
“If a developer did come in, the first thing we would do is protect the fen,” Kwasman said. “He’d have to go through a lot of hoops before he could even put a shovel in the ground.”
DuPage County Fair will stay put — for now
"Talks about moving the fair are still in preliminary stages, according to county spokesman Jason Gerwig.  “This is just a very early discussion,” Gerwig said. “I don’t even know if there’s going to be another meeting on this.”"
Truck rolls over at Rt. 59, Joliet Street
"The DuPage County Sheriff's Department assisted the West Chicago Fire Department with a rolled over semi-truck around noon Wednesday in West Chicago.  The roll-over occured at the intersection of Joliet Street and Rt. 59. No major injuries were reported, police said."
Sen Durbin New GAO Report Underscores Administration's Failures to Safeguard Federal Student Loan Program
"For example, out of 26 documented complaints received by the Department between 2001 and 2006, only two complaints prompted action by the Department, and 14 complaints were left unresolved.  In addition, the report found that the Department attempted to use its sanctioning authority against lenders accused of improper inducements only twice over the past twenty years."
Durbin Gets a Challenger - RealClearPolitics Blog
"Sauerberg is the first Republican to officially declare, and he may end up having a clear field as few other Republicans have shown interest in taking on Durbin."
Sen. Obama Obama Campaign: Not Paid for by PAC or Federal Lobbyist Money -
"We didn't take a dime from Washington lobbyists or special interest group because if we're going to truly change the way Washington works, we need to break the stranglehold that the lobbyists and special interests have on our democracy."
Obama's Birthday: Supporters Launch a Nationwide Food Drive - Associated Content - Denver,CO
"In demonstrating their zealous support for the man who inspired them, a group of supporters called Obama Dallas has launched a nationwide food drive in commemoration of Sen. Obama's 46th birthday, which is August 4. The goal of the group is to raise $100,000 before August 15, 2007."
Rep Hastert Hastert Addresses House Regarding SCHIP
"Instead, we should be encouraging the participation of private plans regardless if it is for children, families, or seniors.  This creates competition in the marketplace, which we know lowers out-of-pocket costs while expanding benefits for the insured. "
Rep.Randy Ramey


GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - August 1, 2007
State Rep. Harry “Randy” Ramey of West Chicago also opposes allowing people to pay fines by credit card. “I don’t think the police officer should be the retail merchant,” Ramey said. “Make the people come to court and be responsible for their actions.”
Statement from Governor Rod R. Blagojevich
“We’ve spent decades cleaning up the Great Lakes and BP’s decision to increase the pollution they dump into Lake Michigan flies in the face of all progress made to protect this priceless resource. BP is earning record profits and surely can afford state-of-the-art water treatment technology to better protect water quality and the environment.”
Three New Cases of West Nile virus in Illinois bring total number of human cases to six
“While we do not want to frighten the public, we do want to spread the message that protecting yourself from mosquito bites is the best prevention.”