Press Releases/Announcements from local sources

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31 July West Chicago
High School
"Twelve students from Community High School in West Chicago competed at the 2007 National Leadership Conference for the Future Business Leaders of America. This conference was held in Chicago from June 28th – July 1st, 2007. Over 7,200 students and advisers attended the conference with hundreds of students competing in each event."
District 33
class size and bilingual education
"Please join us for a public Forum on Wednesday, August 15 at 7:00 PM in the Learning Center at West Chicago Middle School, 238 E. Hazel Street, West Chicago. Forum topics include class size and bilingual education. This is an opportunity to dialogue with administration and the board of education. "
[The easy way to get to referenced items by Dr. Leman is to click Class Size or Bilingual Education . - Bob]
West Chicago night out your chance to meet cartoon stars
"The three will greet fans in the west parking lot at West Chicago Community High School from 6:30-8 p.m. on Aug. 7. The special appearances will help promote National Night Out, an annual campaign for police and community partnerships."
Sen Durbin UN Resolution Regarding Peacekeepers to Darfur
"What will be important now will be rapid deployment of these forces and multilateral efforts to hold Sudan accountable. We must also work to engage the various factions in Sudan in a political settlement that will bring long term stability to region.”
Sen. Obama Obama Calls for the Expansion of Children’s Health Insurance
"As more Americans lose their health insurance everyday, CHIP has provided 6 million uninsured children with the health care they need, and encouraged states like Illinois to build on its success and expand health coverage even further. The reauthorization bill before the Senate would expand coverage to reach an additional 3.2 million children."
Iran Divestment Legislation
"Citizens in many states have taken matters into their own hands, moving to divest their pension funds of companies that support Iran's oil and gas industry, which provides the revenue Iran uses to pursue nuclear weapons and sponsor terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas.”
Illinois’ strong bipartisan push to bring FutureGen to Illinois
“We’ve been making the investments that have made Illinois a national leader in clean coal technology, which are opening up new markets for our coal, creating new jobs and making us more energy independent, and that is what FutureGen is all about and why it belongs here."
30 July Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Schedule Posted
"This week, CableCom Channel 17 proudly presents Christmas in August. Watch a few programs from the Winter season and escape the heat and humidity. If you haven't already, catch the rebroadcast of the latest city council meeting to stay on top of what's going on in West Chicago."
Rep Fortner


Fortner, Meyer & Coladipietro Honor 10 Eagle Scouts on House Floor
"Ten eagle scouts from Boy Scout Troop 34 were awarded certificates and honored on the House Floor by their local state representatives, State Representatives Franco Copadipietro, Mike Fortner and Jim Meyer."
Sen Durbin Senate Approves $2 Million for Illinois Bridge
"To date, $13 million has been appropriated for the EJ&E Bridge, which is hit by marine vessels more often than any other bridge in America. Repair of the bridge is a priority for the United States Coast Guard."
Sen. Obama Obama Campaign Announces College Democrat Steering Committee
"The Obama campaign announced the launch of a student steering committee composed of more than 100 current leaders of the College Democrats of America who will act as student advisors on college grassroots outreach."
Obama Says that as President, He'll Continue Life-Long Commitment to Ethics Reform
"If we are serious about having real change in this country, then we have to start putting America's interests ahead of the special interests that are blocking our efforts to create universal health care, an energy policy that focuses on renewable fuels, and rural investment,"
Obama's Down on the Farm - New York Times
“Although there are an awful lot of farms in Illinois, in the neighborhood where I live, the main livestock is squirrels,” said Mr. Obama, who lives on Chicago’s South Side. “So I don’t pretend to know everything there is to know about agricultural issues.”


$1.38 Billion Sale of State's Student Loan Portfolio Complete
"The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) today closed the sale of $1.38 billion in student loans to two not-for-profit agencies.  The transaction will help ISAC pay down its debt, exit the increasingly unprofitable business of holding loans made to non-Illinois students, and focus on making college more affordable for Illinois students."
29 July It’s getting’  a bit ‘chili’  in Batavia
"They are both West Chicago firefighters and they cook for their shift at the firehouse, where they perfected their recipe.  “You can leave the chili on the stove, go on a call, come back and it’s still cooking, it’s still good” Hamlin said.  “Even though we got up about 5 a.m. today, it’s fun to compete. It’s like a tailgate party,” Nelson said. “And it’s for a good cause.”
Sen Durbin CNN and Durbin Open the Windows - Huffington Post
"The fresh air of creative citizen participation is starting to blow into Presidential politics through the window CNN opened. And this week, we have an opportunity to open the window in telecommunications as well. Senator Dick Durbin is conducting a series of discussions on to make policy by talking to citizens."
Rep Fortner Norquist warns IL GOP lawmakers to reject any tax increase - Illinois Review
"State Rep. Mike Fortner of West Chicago, one of three state lawmakers joining Norquist in a panel discussion, agreed with Norquist that during his current freshman term as a state representative, he was surprised to learn firsthand how little accountability there is in the state budget making process."
Embassy of Oppression - The Progress Report
"Additionally, Kuwait was the only country bordering Iraq that staged U.S. troops before the invasion. President Bush ordered 100,000 troops to Kuwait to be "ready to conduct an operation" in February 2003; subsequently, some have alleged the contract may be a reward for Kuwait's pre-war support. "
28 July Fight over kids health program heats up
"Rep. Dennis Hastert of Illinois sat amid his Republican colleagues on the minority side of the House Energy and Commerce Committee's hearing room as he slammed a Democratic measure to provide government health insurance for 11 million children."
Oberweis is fined $21000 over TV ad
"Oberweis, of Aurora, lost U.S. Senate bids in 2002 and 2004. In 2006, he lost a GOP primary bid for governor and came under criticism for using TV ads that featured the nameplates of real newspapers but used doctored headlines. The dairy is now running TV ads in the Chicago area that feature Oberweis, who is weighing a bid for the congressional seat now held by former House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Plano."
Sen Durbin Senator Durbin Takes a Public Leap of Faith - Huffington Post
"For four nights, beginning Tuesday on Matt Stoller's blog, Sen. Durbin will engage in a frank conversation with site visitors. According to the senator, this process will help him draft broadband legislation to be introduced this session."
New Farm Bill Plan Introduced by Senators - Hoosier Ag Today - Clermont,IN
"American Farmland Trust worked with Senators Durbin and Brown as well as the National Corn Growers Association to develop the revenue-based protection program included in the Act. Because it adjusts with the market - rather than politically set target prices and loan rates - Grossi says the safety net better protects farmers when they need help."
Online legislation-writing effort gets good reviews - InfoWorld - San Francisco,CA
"Through it all, the debate has sometimes been heated, but mostly civil. Durbin himself has entered the fray -- on Tuesday night, he stayed online longer than his scheduled 45 minutes, said Matt Stoller, a liberal activist, blogger, and cofounder of  "He ended up staying for an hour and a half because he liked it," Stoller said."
Sen. Obama Clinton-Obama Duel Keeps Rocking - New York Times
"When asked about the curious timing of summoning reporters on a summertime Saturday afternoon, Mr. Vilsack dismissed suggestions that the Clinton campaign was worried about the remarks of Mr. Obama. (During three campaign stops in the state, he wove the story into his remarks, but he did so without mentioning Mrs. Clinton’s name.)"
27 July Murder charges in attack
"David Martinez Villareal, 23, has been in custody on lesser charges since the attack Jan. 9, 2006. A grand jury also indicted him Thursday on first-degree murder.  Mireille Ellberg, 72, died March 1 in the hospital, nearly 14 months after an assailant beat and ran her over while fleeing in the couple’s pickup truck."
Charge upgraded after woman dies from attack
"David Martinez-Villareal, 23, being held on $2 million bail at the DuPage County Jail, had been charged with attempted first-degree murder for allegedly driving over the West Chicago woman's head and shoulder and beating her husband on Jan. 8, 2006, as they fed birds outside an apartment complex, authorities said."
Woman says golf ball hit her, sues course, golfer
"Saying she was struck in the head by an errant golf ball while gardening in her back yard, a West Chicago woman is suing a golf course and the Naperville golfer who is alleged to have hit her."
Sen Durbin


Statement of U.S. Senator Dick Durbin on the Retirement of Congressman LaHood
Sen. Obama


Investigation of FEMA Toxic Trailers Included in Homeland Security Bill
"The amendment that was included in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Appropriations bill that the Senate approved last night, was in response to revelations that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) decided against testing occupied trailers for high levels of formaldehyde in FEMA-provided trailers, despite complaints since March 2006 from hurricane victims living in them."
Bipartisan Proposal to Require Federal Contractors to Pay Taxes Passes Senate
"“Working Americans don’t get a free pass if they are unable to pay their taxes when they are due, and corporations shouldn’t either. This amendment will ensure that corporations that receive taxpayer funding play by the rules, and it will increase transparency and accountability over how our money is spent.”"
Obama Says Lobbyists and Special Interest Groups Are Blocking Key Rural Reforms
"In the coming weeks, members of my rural policy committee will be traveling the state to hear your ideas and insights as we develop our policies on the issues affecting rural America. Then, next month, I'm hosting a rural summit focusing on economic development and quality of life, agriculture, and renewable energy."
Obama Statement on the Seventeenth Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act
"The ADA declared that people with disabilities are welcome throughout American society. The ADA assumed, rather than doubted, that people with disabilities can be productive workers contributing to our economy and the support of their families."
Army's 'Debt Of Service' Leaves Vets Perplexed - - New York
"Former Army Specialist Rodriguez started getting bills for $700 for lost or damaged government property this summer. Although he was discharged some four years ago, bills recently arrived demanding payment, but giving no details on what or why -- nor do they offer a way to dispute the charges."
26 July Carol Stream trustee sets sights on county board
"Fenner, the senior member of the Carol Stream village board and Wayne Township GOP precinct committeeman, said she got the OK from party leaders to run when longtime District 6 board member incumbent member Pamela Rion decided not to pursue another term."
Sen Durbin Durbin, Hagel Reintroduce Bill to Increase Public Health Workforce
“Highly qualified health professionals are a critical part of our nation's public health workforce,” Durbin said. “This bill provides the needed incentives to recruit and retain these vital workers by offering scholarships and loan repayment programs."
Asbestos Levels and Safety of Illinois Beach State Park
Millions of visitors enjoy the shores of Lake Michigan, and specifically the beaches at Illinois Beach State Park, every year.  I want a clear understanding about any potential threats of asbestos there.”
Sen. Obama Obama Urges Congress to Clear Way For More States to Pass Iran Divestment Legislation
"The need for these laws is clear," said Senator Obama. "Iran uses the revenue it generates from its energy sector to finance its pursuit of nuclear weapons and support for terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas. Along with a sustained diplomatic effort and toughened multilateral sanctions on Iran, divestment is a useful tool that state and local governments can use to increase economic pressure to persuade Iran to end its dangerous policies."
Obama Letter Raises Concerns Over Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Nominee’s Commitment to Civil Rights
Senators Introduce Bill to Provide Safety Net for the Families of Wounded Service Members
Rep Hastert Hastert Comments on SCHIP Reauthorization
"Abuses like these have caused funding shortfalls in some states and it has to stop.  My home state of Illinois is one of the biggest shortfall states in the country.  There is not nearly enough money to cover the cost of the program in Illinois."
Does Memo to Hastert Nail Gonzales Coffin?
"The AP reports that a four-page memo sent by then-National Intelligence Director John Negroponte in May 2006 confirms that a March 2004 White House intelligence briefing for top congressional leaders was on “the Terrorist Surveillance Program.”"
[Review of Hastert's website shows no response at this time. - Bob]
Leaking Against Gonzales - Power Line - Minneapolis,MN
"The memo, dated May 17, 2006, and addressed to then-House Speaker Dennis Hastert, details "the classification of the dates, locations, and names of members of Congress who attended briefings on the Terrorist Surveillance Program," wrote then-Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte."
Rep Peter Roskam Mixed O’Hare ruling
"Last week, Republican U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam urged the FAA and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to conduct a thorough study to examine the risks of exposure to toxic substances during the proposed demolition. Roskam called Wednesday’s ruling a “step in the right direction.”"
25 July Merle Berle Around and About in West Chicago - 25 July 2007
  • Santo Maria's Italiano Ristorante's Third Anniversary
  • Featured Artist Joanne Kalchbrenner
  • National Night Out Against Crime and Drugs
  • Fourth Annual We Go Calypso
  • New Gloria's Jewelry
  • Shawn
Fair hits first bump in road to West Chicago
"In a icy letter last week, West Chicago Mayor Mike Kwasman chastised county, fair and airport officials for excluding the city from a meeting to discuss relocating the fair to the airport, located in West Chicago."
Tim Kanold Retires from Stevenson
"He later taught at Illinois State University in Normal and West Chicago High School before coming to Stevenson in 1986 to direct the school’s math and science departments."
[Myself, I will always associate Tim with his annual talk advocating  the metric system at the ICTM convention. Tim almost single handedly made WCHS a farm team for Stevenson. . - Bob]
Sen Durbin Durbin Statement on Senate Efforts to Support Nation's Veterans
“We've promised these brave men and women that if they take an oath to defend America, we'll stand by them when they come home. Sadly our government has not lived up to that promise. Today, with passage of this bill, we are changing that. "
Durbin & Brown Introduce Bill to Reform Farm Bill Commodity Programs
"The current program wastes taxpayer dollars, doesn’t enhance farmer profitability and makes commodity programs hard to defend.  If market price isn’t the only factor that affects what a farmer makes, it shouldn’t be the only factor on which we base commodity calculations.  This bill recalculates the way we allocate funding to correct program inefficiencies and target farmers in need.”
Durbin Announces Committee Passage of Bill to Designate Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area
Durbin Announces Over $1.8 Million in DOJ Grants for Illinois
Sen. Obama Obama Introduces Bill to Strengthen Emergency Medical Care Systems
“Our nation’s emergency departments are overburdened and ill-equipped to respond to the public health crises we must be prepared to face,” said Senator Obama. “This bill will ensure our emergency rooms, medical personnel and response teams have streamlined communications systems, real time data, and other coordination tools."
“Estimates of the current backlog for processing basic criminal evidence numbers more than 500,000 requests, slowing down the process of criminal investigations. Increased capacity for crime labs, such as the DuPage County Crime Laboratory in my district, is vital as the demand for criminal forensic lab services increases.”
7 Illinois counties now reporting West Nile virus
$1 million to help low income families and senior citizens afford locally grown fruits and vegetables
Free Resume Posting for Hastert Employees
Given rumors of the former Speaker's impending retirement, current office employees of Representative Dennis Hastert are cordially invited to provide copies of their resumes, in machine readable format, for posting at this site.  Hey, 500 to 1000 readers can't hurt.
Rare Bipartisan Tag Team Takes On Wisconsin House Veteran
“You’re going to see that campaigning you’ve always wanted and deserved. It’s going to be clean, it’s going to be substantive, it’s going to be free of big money influences,” Burkee said. “It’s going to be, I think, the kind of campaign our founders expected.”
24 July Rep Fortner Fortner Addresses Increased Electric Rates
"State Representative Mike Fortner (R-West Chicago) announced today that the General Assembly has negotiated a $1 billion electric rate relief plan for Ameren & ComEd customers. Some highlights from the rate relief proposal include; $500 million designated specifically for ComEd customers, eliminates the use of the reverse auction, phases in the 2007 increase over 3 years to give customers more time to absorb the rate increase and creates a new state agency that will use a request for proposal process to purchase power for ComEd and Ameren – resulting in direct negotiation with a bidder to get the best price"
Environmental battleground over fen
"About 40 percent of the 200 acres in question drains into the West Branch Forest Preserve and into the fen, district natural resources staff calculated.  District experts say if the property is annexed and developed as homes with 9,000-square-foot lots, runoff from newly paved surfaces containing road salt, gasoline and lawn chemicals will hurt the fen’s ecosystem as well as  aquatic life in the river."
West Chicago taking law into own hands
"As a home rule municipality, West Chicago has the right to set up the new system. If the ordinance is passed by the city council, the court would oversee compliance with city property maintenance, building, zoning, and parking code."
West Chicago man charged with hate crimes
"At about 6:45 a.m. Thursday, Hindle got out of his car and approached the pair, who were fueling their landscaping equipment at a gas station at North Avenue and County Farm Road, near West Chicago.  Hindle began yelling racial slurs at the men, ... The words soon led to a physical assault that sent one of the Hispanic men to the hospital, the state’s attorney’s office said.
Youth in 4-H horse program find mentors, learn about responsibility
"Members such as Emily Laffey, 16, of West Chicago, take part in the activities offered by 4-H, but concentrate much of their effort on the horses.  For Emily, 4-H and county fairs are a family tradition that date back to her grandmother’s childhood."
District 94 OKs teachers’ contracts: New four-year agreement awaits signing
"“I think it’s what we were hoping for,” Reyes said of the four-year term. “They wanted to see something a little longer than what we settled for last year.  Under the agreement, teachers will receive a 3.373 percent salary increase for the first year and a 3.15 percent increase each year afterward."
Teens arrested in crime spree
"Police arrested Matthew Slaughter, 18, of Geneva; Jessica Legan, 17, of St. Charles; and a 16-year-old juvenile for several incidents that took place in St. Charles and West Chicago between July 12 and July 14,"
Sen Durbin Durbin Comments on Bipartisan Meeting With BP President
“Lake Michigan is not just another body of water - it is a treasure to be protected.  It is a source of drinking water for millions of families.  We hope that it is in this spirit that BP will reevaluate their plans and present us with them when we meet again in September."
Sen. Obama


on the Increase in the Minimum Wage
“Today, America’s lowest paid workers will receive their first raise in ten years. This increase was long overdue. We stood up to corporate special interests that wanted to deny hard working Americans the basic dignity of a small increase in pay."
Higher Education Bill Includes Obama Proposals to Improve Teacher Training, Fund Predominately Black Institutions
Rep Hastert Hastert Rumors Fuel Democrats' Interest - U.S. News & World Report
"Columnist Robert Novak recently wrote that Hastert might not even complete his current term before retiring. Democratic Party strategists have targeted Hastert’s northern Illinois district, noting that his popularity has fallen along with that of President Bush and the war in Iraq. During his tenure as speaker, Hastert was a key ally of the Bush administration. Democrats believe that makes him particularly vulnerable in 2008."
Hastert hosts ag picnic at fairgrounds - Valley Free Press - Sandwich,IL
"Congressman Dennis Hastert, R-14, said there are some perks he enjoys about no longer being Speaker of the House, such as spending the Fourth of July with his family.  “Things have chang-ed,” Hastert said to a crowd of about 700 people. “I think things really do change for the better.”"
“I strongly support the need for increased domestic energy production, however it must not come at the peril of our drinking water,” remarked Roskam. “For the first time in over a decade new dumping will be allowed into Lake Michigan. The decision by Indiana’s DEM seems too rash, and too irresponsible, especially when it directly affects the health of my constituents.”
“I am pleased that the House of Representatives voted to reiterate its intent to protect U.S. citizens from the potential dangers of unsafe Mexican trucks. All Mexico-domiciled trucks, trucking companies and drivers should be held to the same safety standards currently in place for American trucks."
Illinois Cares Rx
“Illinois Cares Rx was created to make sure that no senior or disabled person would be left behind by the federal Medicare Part D program.  I want to encourage seniors to go online and apply to get these best-in-the-nation prescription drug benefits,” said Gov. Blagojevich.  “It is also critical for all other previously eligible seniors to reapply as soon as possible to make sure they stay covered through next year.”
Ethnic & Folk Arts Master/Apprentice Program
"A “Master Artist” is an individual recognized within his or her community as an exemplary practitioner of his or her traditional or classical ethnic art form. An “Apprentice” is an individual with some experience in a traditional or classical ethnic art form who is committed to attaining mastery of that art."
23 July City of
West Chicago


Artist Joanne Kalchbrenner Combines Love of Travel and Photography in Upcoming Exhibit:
"Combining a life-long love of photography inspired by her father, with a passion for travel, artist Joanne Kalchbrenner revels in capturing images that chronicle her life's journey."
Sen Durbin


Senator Asks Web For Legislation Help - WebProNews - Lexington,KY
"For four nights, beginning Tuesday, July 24, 2007, Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) will be interacting with the American public, seeking ideas and feedback about a national broadband strategy on the blog Durbin says he will use the information gleaned in the comments section there to help draft broadband legislation."
In Congress, a Rush to Legislate - New York Times
"“We want all of the members of the Senate to go home having cast their votes either for the president’s policy or against it, speak to their voters and return, reassess the situation in September,” said Senator Dick Durbin, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, also appearing on CNN."
Sen. Obama Nomination of Judge Southwick for the U.S. Appeals Court
"Judge Southwick's answers to the Senate Judiciary Committee failed to excuse his disappointing record on cases involving consumers, employees, racial minorities, women and gays and lesbians. After reviewing his 7,000 opinions, Judge Southwick could not find one case in which he sided with a civil rights plaintiff in a non-unanimous verdict."
When It Comes to Politics, Friendship Has Its Limits - New York Times
"Ms. Winfrey supports Senator Barack Obama of Illinois; Ms. Angelou backs Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.  Ms. Winfrey publicly endorsed Mr. Obama on “Larry King Live” on CNN in early May. On that program, she said, “I think that what he stands for, what he has proven that he can stand for, what he has shown, was worth me going out on a limb for.”"
Obama "Walks the Walk" on Supporting Illegal Immigration - American Thinker
"Find out how many senators appeared before an immigration rally last year. Who was talking the talk, and who walked the walk — because I walked," Mr. Obama said at the National Council of La Raza's annual convention in Miami Beach. "I didn't run away from the issue, and I didn't just talk about it in front of Latino audiences."
22 July WegoWeb


B25, B24, and B17 At Dupage Airport
There is a new collage of the WWII airplanes at DuPage Airport.  Readers are reminded of the video and to check the Collings Foundation's website, Wings of Freedom 2007
Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Schedule Posted
"Tune in to CableCom Channel 17 this week to catch the replay of the 7/16/07 City Council meeting. Also, relive the fun and excitement of the '98 and '02 Railroad Days celebrations. Don't miss the West Chicago historical program called Little Railroad Town. You can't beat a little fun and a little history."
Teams pull 75,000 pound jet to raise money for Special Olympics Illinois
"It's the kind of weight that would give a heart doctor cold sweats. But the blubber beneath these men can move mountains - or at least a few homemade weighted sleds.  "We don't lose," Morrison said. "We won this event last year, and we're going to win it this year." "
Sen Durbin Durbin Invites Participation in Nightly Broadband Policy Discussions
"“I write this open letter to invite you to participate in an experiment – an interactive approach to drafting legislation on one of the most significant public policy questions today: What should be America’s national broadband strategy?  . . . I am looking for the best and brightest ideas on what Congress should do to promote and foster broadband.”"
Durbin Calls for Reform of FDA Import Program - - Tampa,FL
"If you want to sell in America, you have to meet American standards. With all the recalls, we have endured of late, I'm sure many Americans will agree. The last thing we want to support is imported defective products."
Sen. Obama Obama's Camp Cultivates Crop in Small Donors - New York Times
"Just moments before he arrived, Mr. Obama had said goodbye to a less exclusive crowd of 10,000 that had gathered to hear him speak across the bay in Oakland. They paid nothing to hear him, but spent $40,000 on Obama T-shirts, baseball caps, buttons and other knickknacks. And the Obama campaign registered each of the purchasers as one of the record 258,000 contributors it signed up in the first six months of the year."
Mitt Catches S**t Over Hillary-Bashing Sign -
"TMZ obtained photos of presidential candidate Mitt Romney trying to win over grammatically challenged South Carolinians Thursday by holding a sign that said, "No to Obama, Osama and Chelsea's Moma.""
21 July Early test says thorium  still poisoning suburb
"If correct, the findings will be the first evidence to validate new suspicions that the cancer-causing radioactive element thorium could remain on some residential properties in West Chicago.  By Friday afternoon, Riess said she was considering moving out of her house."
B-25 bomber makes its debut
"“We’re just airplane enthusiasts,” she said. “I like to watch them land and take off.”  The pair were among the first people to see the Massachusetts-based Collings Foundation’s living history tour that rumbled into the DuPage Airport in West Chicago."
Rep Hastert


Hastert: 'I'm running' in 2008 - Joliet Herald News
""As far as I'm concerned right now, I'm running," Hastert said at the more than 500-people event at the Sandwich Fairgrounds. He said he plans to make a formal announcement next month on whether he will enter the 2008 race."
[This July 16th article contradicts the coverage of the same event by the Beacon. - Bob]
20 July City of
West Chicago
Fine Art Fiesta in the Park Winners Announced
"West Chicago's annual Fine Arts Fiesta in the Park held during the community's blockbuster Railroad Days event last weekend harvested a diverse assortment of local art from talented individuals with a West Chicago connection. The cultural venue rounded out a schedule of events that succeeded in offering something for a wide variety of interests."
Randy Hultren
Technology issues take center stage in Springfield
"State Sen. Randy Hultgren (R-Wheaton) says that while there is little chance for a quick end to the Illinois budget crisis, progress has been made on several technology issues aimed at providing relief to consumers throughout the entire state."
WegoWeb WWII Vintage Airplanes Land at DuPage
Almost perfectly on time, a B25, a B24, and a B17 landed at DuPage Air Port and taxied into a line on the ramp for inspection by area residents.  The link above goes to a short video. Hopefully this is the last time I will have to use an unedited MOV file. - Bob
DuPage displays WWII aircraft
"This is the inaugural visit for the B-25.  "The (B-25) Mitchell will be flying with the 17 and 24. This collection of aircraft is the only type in the world as far as living history," Chaney said. "We've had a real groundswell of interest as far as the plane being part of the tour. We've slowly integrated it. It's been a great addition." "
Sen Durbin Durbin Applauds Senate Passage of Higher Education Access Act
"I have been a strong supporter of increasing the maximum Pell grant to help both students and parents - not just those from poverty-stricken areas, but those who come from middle-income households, farm families and the families of recent immigrants."
Durbin Seeks Increased Participation in Summer Food Service Program
"In the summer months, when school lets out, hundreds of thousands of low-income children in Illinois lose access to the school breakfasts, lunches, and after-school snacks they receive during the regular school year," Durbin said. "The Summer Food Service Program is an excellent way to provide children with the nutrition they need to stay healthy."
Skilled Workers May See Green-Card Surge - BusinessWeek
"In particular, he has expressed concern that Indian outsourcing companies, including Wipro (WIT), Infosys Technologies (INFY), and Satyam Computer Services (SAY), are using temporary U.S. visas to facilitate the outsourcing of American jobs (see, 6/27/07, "More Heat for Indian Outsourcers")."
Sen. Obama Senators Work to Overturn Supreme Court Decision on Pay Discrimination
"U.S. Senator Obama (D-IL) joined a bipartisan group of fourteen Senators, led by Senators Kennedy and Specter, to introduce the Fair Pay Restoration Act, a bill to overturn the Supreme Court’s recent 5-4 decision in Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, which undermined the basic protection against pay discrimination under the Civil Rights Act of 1964."
Obama Secures Funding for Ethanol Research, Soybeans Disease Studies
“Every dollar we invest in Illinois’ ethanol and soybean disease prevention research centers is a dollar towards a larger, healthier crop and a cleaner, domestically produced energy source.”
Rep Hastert Hastert to resign? - Think Progress - Washington,DC
"Former House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert has indicated to a close former aide that it is likely he will not run for a 12th term from his northern Illinois district and may even resign from Congress before his present term concludes."


recommendations to improve safety at  Illinois dams
“Today, we’re taking an important step toward making Illinois’ waterways safer. The information contained in this new report will serve as a solid basis to make people more aware of dangers surrounding dams and create better warnings to help people avoid them,”
19 July Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
Garrett, Millner Start Bipartisan Effort to Keep Pollutants out of Lake Michigan
"Garrett and Millner have teamed to introduce a resolution in the Illinois Senate, that urges the federal Environmental Protection Agency to prohibit British Petroleum (BP) from increasing the amount of ammonia and sludge it discharges into Lake Michigan. The measure also urges Illinois’ congressional delegation to take legislative and legal action against the proposal."
Quarantine Order
Edith Makra, Community Trees Advocate at the Morton Arboretum, has graciously provided a copy of the most recent Quarantine Order in the continued effort to combat the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer.
Living, flying history
"The Collings Foundation, a nonprofit Massachusetts-based group, presents its Wings of Freedom Tour. It features flights and walk-through tours of three historic and authentic World War II bombers: the B-17 Flying Fortress, B-24 Liberator and B-25 Mitchell."
[See the Collings Foundation's website, Wings of Freedom 2007 for more information. - Bob]
W. Chicago teachers’ 4-year pact awaits signing
"As part of the new pact, the teachers will get a 3.37 percent pay raise for the coming school year. The teachers will then receive 3.15 percent raises during each of the next three years.  The agreement comes after an era of intermittent hostility between the board and union during which teachers often claimed their opinions were being ignored."
"Explore old environmentally friendly techniques in the program "Green Technologies From the 1890s," to be held from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Friday at Kline Creek Farm, 600 S. County Farm Rd. Call 630-876-5900."
Sen Durbin Durbin Announces $122 Million in Homeland Security Grants for Illinois
"Homeland Security grants enhance the ability of states, territories, and urban areas to prevent, protect against, respond to and recover from terrorist attacks and other disasters."
Sen. Obama Obama Introduces Bill to Establish Hospital Report Card
“One way to improve our nation’s healthcare system is to hold our hospitals to high standards and provide patients with the information they need to make decisions about where to go for health care,”
Obama Introduces Bill to Halt, Review Military Personality Disorder Discharges
“This legislation will force the Department of Defense to suspend its use of this discharge procedure until Secretary Gates can conduct a comprehensive review of these policies and establish a review board to evaluate questionable cases."
Rep Peter Roskam Illinois lawmakers unite against dumping- Chicago Tribune
"These staggering figures are wholly contradictory to the intent of the Clean Water Act, which seeks to minimize the degradation of our water quality," the letter continues. "We are deeply concerned that a permit of this nature was issued."
Department on Aging hosts 21st Annual Elder Rights Conference during Elder Abuse Awareness Month
18 July Merle Berle Around and About in West Chicago - 18 July 2007
  • Railroad Days
  • DuPage Airport's Community Days
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Steak Fry
  • toy/tree decoration
  • Artist Maggie Kruser
  • Preschool Memorial Playground
WegoWeb Correction - Documents relevant to Thorium Cleanup
  1. Minutes of May Intergovernmental Forum about the Thorium situation
  3. The July 20th meeting of the Intergovernmental Forum does not have an agenda posted..
Rail Road Days Parade 2007 - Collage
Finally the collage of the Rail Road Days Parade is finished.  Somehow, again, as has been the case since they needed money to go to London in 1999, the West Chicago High School Marching Band's picture does not appear.  Please note: this is not an intentional exclusion. 
City of
West Chicago
Notification of Public Hearing on St. Andrews
On July 17th, City Planner Jeff Harris sent this letter, including links to maps of the area involved and to the cite of the meeting at Wheaton Academy, to adjacent property owners who might be concerned with continuation public hearing Case: PC 07-10.
Suspect won’t face death penalty
"Prosecutors said Tuesday they will not ask a judge or jury to impose upon Bradley M. Justice a punishment reserved for the worst of the worst. The 29-year-old man does not have a significant criminal past.  Authorities allege he ambushed, robbed and beat Karen Hassan with a hammer Nov. 2 as she delivered pizzas near West Chicago."
No death penalty sought in pizza deliverer's death
"Bradley Justice, 28, of Sandwich, who prosecutors allege is a drug addict, is charged with murdering Karen Hussan, 41, a mother of four, on Nov. 2 in a parking lot near West Chicago. He allegedly called for a pizza to be delivered to a parking lot on Powis Road, in unincorporated DuPage County. When Hussan arrived, he beat her to death with a hammer, authorities allege."
Tele-Fonika moves to Batavia site
"Tele-Fonika Cable Americas Corp. has expanded into a new 110,000-square-foot headquarters and distribution space in Batavia.  The maker of electrical wire and cable, a wholly owned subsidiary of Krakow-based Tele-Fonika Kable SA, left 42,000 square feet in nearby West Chicago, said David Prell, a CB Richard Ellis broker who represented the tenant in the transaction."
Sen Durbin Durbin, Emanuel Call on BP CEO to Reconsider Dumping More Ammonia and Sludge in Lake Michigan
"But in light of your company's plan to dump an additional 1,584 pounds of ammonia and 4,925 pounds of “sludge” into Lake Michigan each day from a BP plant in Whiting, Indiana, America may not want to follow your corporate lead “beyond petroleum.”"
Sen. Obama Legislation to Protect Children from Lead Poisoning
"The Lead Poisoning Reduction Act requires that all non-home-based child care facilities, including Head Start program locations and kindergarten classrooms, be lead-safe within five years. The bill also would establish a five-year, $42.6 million grant program to help local communities pay to make these facilities safe, and set up "best practices" standards for communities to test for and reduce lead hazards."
Declassified National Intelligence Estimate
"This morning's declassified NIE is a chilling reminder of what we have feared all along. After almost six years, awesome sacrifices by our brave men and women in uniform, and hundreds of billions of dollars spent, we are no safer than we were on 9/11."
Democrats Tout Abortion Rights Position - New York Times
"Senator Barack Obama told the audience at a Planned Parenthood conference in Washington that he keeps his two young daughters in mind when he thinks about women’s issues. He said he often wonders, “What kind of America will our daughters grow up in?”"
Rep Hastert Sweet blog scoop: Former Speaker Hastert only has $75673 in his warchest. - Chicago Sun-Times
"Former House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) who will announced in a few weeks whether he will seek another term, only has $75,673 cash-on-hand in his campaign fund, depleted in part because of legal costs associated with defending himself in the Mark Foley page sex scandal."
Ethics Probes Keep Lawyers Flush - Washington Post
"Rep. J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), the former speaker who underwent questioning from the ethics committee during its review last fall of the Foley matter, spent nearly $60,000 on legal bills in April and May, slightly less than the $70,000 he paid to his attorneys in the first quarter."
Rep Peter Roskam


"H. Res. 552 calls for the removal of all foreign investment ownership caps on banking, life insurance, asset management, and securities in China. It would also discourage discrimination against U.S. financial services relating to licensing, permitted products and services, regulation and supervision."
[... and does nothing about defective products and contaminated food. - Bob]
WHEATON Roskam campaign fund grows to nearly $545000 - Chicago Tribune
"That tally is about twice as much as Roskam reported at the end of March, as he gears up to defend his west suburban 6th District seat next year. Roskam reported that he had received $334,306 in contributions during April, May and June."
Roskam taking on O'Hare demolition concerns - Liberty Suburban Newspapers
"Roskam, R-6th District, of Wheaton, said he sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, calling on the agencies to conduct a thorough health risk study to examine the danger of exposure to toxic substances from the proposed demolition of hundreds of Bensenville homes in accordance with the O’Hare Modernization Program."
Illinois State Fair Searching For Volunteers
Illinois Department Of Agriculture To Offer Free Recycling Program For Agrichemical Containers
IDNR announces proposed waterfowl season dates for 2007-08
17 July DuPage Airport's Community Days Weekend
"The DuPage Airport is hosting their Community Days weekend Friday, July 20 through Monday, July 23, 2007. This year the Collings Foundation's Wings of Freedom Tour, Chicagoland Military Vehicle Club, Civil Air Patrol, Special Olympics Illinois Plane Pull Event, as well as unique DuPage Airport tenant aircraft will be on display throughout the weekend."
Progress made in thorium probe
"The Environmental Protection Agency is developing a system to determine if residual thorium contamination exists on any residential properties in West Chicago.  It’s a move that has West Chicago leaders declaring there’s been progress in two meetings between city and federal officials."
Documents relevant to Above Article:
  1. Minutes of May Intergovernmental Forum about the Thorium situation
  2. Invitation to attend the July 21st meeting of the Intergovernmental Forum.
City postpones annexation hearing
"More than 100 concerned residents went to the July 3 Plan Commission meeting, many hoping to protest a request by the landowners, St. Andrews Golf and Country Club Inc., to zone the land as an R-3 district.  “We had a goal tonight (July 3) and suffice it to say, we met it,” Scott Rothenberg said of the high turnout."
Railroad Days chugs through West Chicago
“Our new setup style of the stage area and beer gardens worked out incredibly,” Sabathne said. “We had over 700 pieces in the parade and, besides a few poorly parked cars, that event went off without a hitch.”
Sen. Obama Obama Attacks Violence in Chicago - Chicago Tribune
"Our playgrounds have become battlegrounds. Our streets have become cemeteries. Our schools have become places to mourn the ones we've lost," Obama told a standing-room-only congregation at Vernon Park Church of God on Chicago's Far South Side."
Resignation of VA Secretary Jim Nicholson
|“It is clear that Secretary Nicholson is leaving the VA worse off than he found it. He oversaw one of the most tumultuous periods in recent VA history, including billion-dollar budget shortfalls, ongoing cuts in services to certain groups of veterans, and the continuation of a dysfunctional bureaucracy that keeps many veterans from getting the disability benefits they deserve.”"
Gov. Blagojevich announces $12.5 million for anti-drug, prosecution, and victims’ assistance programs throughout Illinois
Red Hats To Be Celebrated With Day At The Illinois State Fair
16 July West Chicago
High School
We Go Calypso
"On Friday, August 10th, the Community High School Education Foundation will be holding it's fourth annual We Go Calypso summer celebration.  Please join us for a wonderful evening of food, music, and dancing."
[See brochure. - Bob]
City of
West Chicago
"Comments by the Mayor of West Chicago, Mike Kwasman, at the City Council meeting on July 16, 2007."
[A collage of the parade should be finished and posted tomorrow. - Bob]
Two Arrests Made in Recent Property Crimes
"The West Chicago Police Department announced today the arrest of Matthew Slaughter and a 16-year-old male for a variety of property crimes that occurred in the eastern portion of St. Charles as well as the Cornerstone Lakes subdivision, which is in the city limits of West Chicago. The charges were the result of a joint investigation between the West Chicago and St. Charles Police Departments."
Turn DuPage Blue finding battles inside, out
"A new force in local politics led by some key players in the last election is emerging as an alternative to the Democratic Party of DuPage County.  Calling themselves Turn DuPage Blue, organizers say the status quo isn’t working. They aim to buck the trend by recruiting committeemen and candidates."
Obama walks picket in Chicago
"The reason you have been able to do it is because you are a member of a strong union," he said. "When workers are divided, employers can pick them off…when workers are united, every worker benefits."
Sen Durbin Senate Passes Major Veterans Amendment That Includes Durbin Traumatic Brain Injury Bill
"This amendment will help. Today we're taking an important step forward by introducing a comprehensive military and veterans health care bill that will aid thousands of America’s service members and veterans dealing with TBI.”
Durbin Announces $61.5 Million in Funding for Illinois Projects as Part of Senate
Durbin Announces Nearly $2.7 Million in DOT Grants for Illinois Airports
Sen. Obama Statement on Visit of Polish President Lech Kaczynski
“I welcome Polish President Lech Kaczynski to Washington. Recognizing the rich history of cooperation between our two countries, I am happy to say, Witam Serdecznie w Washingtonie [Welcome to Washington].”
Bill to Reduce Teen Pregnancies in Minority Communities
“While the country’s overall teen birth rate continues to decline, pregnancies in African American and Latino communities remain inexcusably high. We must develop innovative approaches to strengthen our community support networks and services to educate our teens about pregnancy and provide them with every chance to succeed in school and beyond.”
Rep Hastert A Little-Known Group Claims a Victory on Immigration - Tuscaloosa News
"Lawmakers who received an A-plus were all Republicans and included Representatives J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois and Tom Tancredo of Colorado, a presidential candidate. The lowest grades — F-minuses — went to Democrats, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Representative Joe Baca of California, chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus."
"Congressman Peter J. Roskam (R-IL) today called upon the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct a thorough health risk study to examine the risks of exposure to toxic substances in the proposed demolition of hundreds of Bensenville homes in accordance with the O’Hare Modernization Program (OMP)."
15 July WegoWeb Collage of Rail Road Days 2007
Although Mr. Fuller in the Daily Herald article linked below found RR Days disappointingly empty early Saturday morning, the pictures show good crowds and people having fun.  Perhaps his city background involves festivals where at 9AM, they haven't hauled all the night-before-drunks to the slammer.  Go figure.
7 festivals, 7 hours
"Saturday posed a rare opportunity. Seven communities, seven different festivals, all on the same day. Driving directions in hand, I set out at 9 a.m. to set a personal fest-a-thon record.  Fest one: I had to pick a festival to get me started on the right track. Naturally, that meant Railroad Days.  I pulled into the parking lot at Reed-Keppler Park in West Chicago shortly after 9 a.m. Railroad Days was an immediate disappointment.
Sen Durbin Durbin Wins Vote on Cheney - WREX-TV - Rockford,IL
"Senator Dick Durbin has come up a winner in a debate with a Republican presidential candidate.  The Illinois Democrat defended a provision in a pending appropriations bill that suspends funding for Vice President Dick Cheney's office."
Sen. Obama Obama 'furious' about offensive memo - IndUS Business Journal - Waltham,MA
"In a separate interview with, he said the memo didn't reflect his views or attitudes regarding the Indian-American community.  "I was furious when I heard about it," he was quoted in "We are taking corrective action to make sure that people understand how this could be potentially hurtful." "
Rep Hastert Argonne bid adds star power - Chicago Tribune
"When Argonne sought support to build the rare-isotope accelerator a few years ago the university got support from Gov. Rod Blagojevich and Dennis Hastert, who was then speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Former Gov. James Thompson and William Daley, a former Clinton Cabinet member, also signed on to lobby for the deal.  This time U. of C. President Robert Zimmer said he doesn't know how much clout may come into play."
14 July Bloomingdale - Sex offender arrested at carnival kiddie ride
"A convicted sex offender barred from having contact with children is accused of working at a Bloomingdale carnival.  Arthur J. Hardy, 34, will be arraigned Monday on felony charges related to his June 21 arrest in Springfield Park during Family Fest."
Hastert parties with farmers but doesn't mention '08 race
"Over chicken and beans at a fundraiser here Friday, Congressman Dennis Hastert and local Republican leaders danced around the question of whether the former Speaker of the U.S. House will seek a 12th term.  "As far as I'm concerned right now, I'm running," Hastert said at the more than 500-person event at the Sandwich Fairgrounds. He said he plans to make a formal announcement next month on whether he will enter the 2008 race."
Floyd F. Radde: 1933 - 2007
"About 13 years ago, Werderich's son, Robert, opened Illinois Aviation Academy, a flight school at DuPage Airport in West Chicago, and in the late 1990s, he persuaded Mr. Radde to work for the firm as a maintenance control officer."
Katrina Ice Being Melted After 2 Years
"The federal government is getting rid of thousands of pounds of ice it had sent south to help Katrina victims, then north when it determined much of the ice wasn't needed. The Federal Emergency Management Agency had been hanging on to the ice in case it was needed for another disaster, but decided to get rid of it because it couldn't determine whether it was still safe for human consumption."
" is a free broadband speed test with servers located all over the world. Compare your results with others and easily share them."
[You will also be interested in which shows how we stack up against other countries. - Bob]
13 July City of
West Chicago
Visiting Artist Alan Byrne is Featured at Gallery 200
"The digital paintings of Alan Byrne, brother of local artist and West Chicago Cultural Arts Commissioner Richard Byrne, will be featured at Gallery 200, through the month of July."
Railroad Days rocks, rolls
"Despite high winds that downed planned balloon rides and an accident that caused a momentary loss of water to one side of the festival grounds, West Chicago’s signature event, Railroad Days, got off to an enthusiastic start Thursday."
Railroad Days returns in name as well as spirit
"West Chicago’s longtime summer festival, Railroad Days, is back through the weekend.  After a brief stint as Heritage Days, the festival regains its Railroad Days title this year, its 34th. The West Chicago Chamber of Commerce organized this year’s event, instead of the outside consultant used previously."
[Having lost the name, "Generic Days" is it now time to put the train connection back? - Bob]
What's on menu at Hastert's picnic?
"Hastert's decision on whether or not to run has been a closely guarded secret, one some party members are hoping to get answered at tonight's picnic.  "How can he get all those people out there and give his speech and shake everyone's hand with everyone asking him the question and not say what he's going to do?" one area GOP member said. "I hope he has an answer real soon.""
A complete listing of events going on in your area
"Railroad Days: The 34th annual West Chicago Railroad Days will start tonight and run through Sunday at Reed-Keepler Park, Arbor and Hawthorne Lanes, West Chicago. Hours are 5 to 10 p.m. tonight, 5 to 11 p.m. Friday, 4 p.m. to midnight Saturday and 3 to 10 p.m. Sunday. Free. (630) 231-3003."
Sen Durbin Traumatic Brain Injury Bill
“We've promised these brave men and women that if they take an oath to defend America, we'll stand by them when they come home. Sadly we've broken our promise time and again,” Durbin said. "This amendment will help. Today we're taking an important step forward by introducing a comprehensive military and veterans health care bill that will aid thousands of America’s service members and veterans dealing with TBI.”
Durbin Announces Nearly $2.7 Million in DOT Grants for Illinois Airports
Durbin Announces $61.5 Million in Funding for Illinois Projects as Part of Senate
Durbin wants grants to tell Lincoln story - The Register-Mail - Galesburg,IL
"Legislation introduced by Durbin, D-Illinois, asks for $10 million in federal grants over 10 years for preservation, education and economic development activities, according to information from Durbin's office.  Rep. Ray LaHood, R-Peoria, has introduced companion legislation in the House of Representatives."
Sen. Obama Obama connects at NAACP forum - Boston Globe
"If these causes of my life and your lives can be projected across this country, I am absolutely convinced we won't just win the election, we're going to transform the country,"
Rep Hastert Hastert Questions GAO Report on Intercollegiate Athletics
"I am disappointed that the GAO, a government agency charged with ensuring accuracy in reporting, would put its name on a study that ultimately raises more questions than it answers and believe that further explanation is required."
Government In Denial - Washington Post
"The response of congressional leaders, especially former House speaker Dennis Hastert, was aggressive opposition to serious consideration of any meaningful proposals and slapdash passage of poorly drafted and unworkable stopgap measures to quell the criticism."
“In recent years such protections have eroded due to policy set forth by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). Under current law, companies may be pressured to relinquish their privileges due to fear of seeming uncooperative in federal investigations.”
“Expanding the Moving to Work Program is an especially positive improvement on the Section 8 program. As we encourage folks to move toward self-sufficiency, our communities and families will be strengthened."
12 July Rep.Randy Ramey Overtime Session a Waste of Taxpayer Money
"Springfield, IL…As the budget impasse continues in Springfield with little progress being made, a frustrated State Rep. Randy Ramey (R-Carol Stream) said overtime session has not produced results that warrant spending almost up to $40,000 a day in taxpayer money."
W. Chicago transferring payday store
"Under a recently completed agreement initiated by the city, West Chicago will reimburse owner Otto Talaber for part of the cost of relocating the Payday Loan Store at the southwest corner of Route 59 and Main Street to a smaller space along Roosevelt Road.  City officials say the loan store is slated to be moved by September."
airportteminal.jpg (17939 bytes)County fair at airport?
"Airport and Dupage County Fair and Exposition Authority officials have been talking about the possibility “off and on” for two years, but sat down together this week for the first time, said Mike Formento, a fair board member."
Railroad Days kicks it up a notch
"West Chicago’s best-known festival, Railroad Days, will return to its roots this week by emphasizing local involvement while kicking national acts into high gear."
Fiesta’s art show has lasting effects
"Visitors are drawn to the event in part because they are the sole judges of the competition, Howard said. Votes are totaled on Sunday, the last day of the exhibit, and prizes are awarded in the categories of crafts, amateur, professional and student."
Fest will be homecoming  for rising heavy metal star
"Just days after playing sold-out concerts abroad, Brad Sabathne, 22, will be behind the drums as two bands take the stage at West Chicago’s annual festival, Railroad Days.  “I feel like Railroad Days has always been a unifying point for West Chicago,” he said. “We’re very excited to play there.”"
"SmartSource is a technical resource company providing a wide range of IT staffing solutions to companies across the nation.  We are currently in need of a Technical Recruiter to work onsite at West Chicago, IL "
Sen Durbin


Immediate Reform of FDA Import Program
“While the volume of imports has nearly doubled over the last three years, the number of FDA inspectors has been steadily decreasing.   Meanwhile, seventy six million Americans are getting sick each year from food borne illnesses.  The system needs to be fixed immediately.”
Sen. Obama Obama Announces Funding for Illinois Health Training and First Responder Programs
“This critical funding will extend advanced first responder training at Benedictine University to veterans and current professionals throughout the state, opening up new opportunities for veterans and ensuring that thousands of Illinois residents stand ready in case of the unexpected. We must continue to address Illinois’s health care professional shortage, and these additional resources will encourage our universities to increase enrollment in health care training programs and better protect our state’s most vulnerable citizens.”
Funding to Fix Roads, Reduce Congestion, and Support Youth Development Programs
"U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) today announced that the Senate Appropriations Committee approved his funding requests for strengthening Illinois’ transportation infrastructure and expanding community center services."
Illinois Department of Agriculture Finds New Emerald Ash Borer Infestation
“Our staff now is surveying ash trees in the surrounding area to define the size of the infestation,” Agriculture Director Chuck Hartke said.  “We also are considering adjustments to an existing quarantine as a result of this new find to limit the artificial spread of this destructive pest.” 
11 July Merle Berle Around and About in West Chicago - 11 July 2007
  • Railroad Days
  • Awakenings Project
  • International Arye-Maha-Samalean parade
  • first annual Jubilee Celebration
  • FBLA National Leadership Conference
  • Planning Commission
W. Chicago looks to curb foul-smelling air
"North-side West Chicago residents who live under an oppressive odor emanating from the city’s wastewater plant may soon smell relief."
[I don't know how this reporter moved the wastewater plant from the southeast corner of the city near 59 and 30.  It is closer to Winfield than Reed Keppler ... closer to Wheaton than Cornerstone Lakes. - Bob]
New superintendent wants professional face forward
"I saw the job posting on the Illinois Parks and Recreation Association’s Web site and did some investigating on West Chicago. I liked what I saw. I liked the parks they had here. I liked the makeup of the community. There are so many different cultures here. I found it very intriguing, somewhere I’d really like to be a part of. It’s a great town."
Poll shows Hastert softspot
"Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert is expected to announce in a few weeks whether he will run again.  But his district is seen as so promising for a Democrat that a political newcomer is poised to put $1 million into his primary race."
[Article previously appeared in the Sun Times... But when it is even covered in Kane Co... - Bob]
Sen. Obama President Bush’s Threat to Oppose Expansion of State Children’s Health Insurance Program
“President Bush’s threat to punish the millions of children and families who lack health care coverage is simply unconscionable. The 9 million uninsured children in America are 10 times more likely to be denied the medical care they need than those who are insured. A third of uninsured children will go a full year without any medical care at all.”
Congressmen and Staff Take $57 Million in Trips Paid by Private ... - Emediawire - Ferndale,WA
"A handful of trips in the database were little more than a short bus ride. But two dozen trips involve self-disclosed lodging bills of more than $1000 per night. The top self-disclosed spender was an aide to Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), who claimed to rack up more than $16,000 in hotel bills in a week."
Free Trade Show Part Of National High School Finals Rodeo
"More than 60 exhibitors will set up shop in the Orr Building on the Illinois State Fairgrounds during the 2007 National High School Finals Rodeo, selling items from Western wear and jewelry to saddles and horse trailers."
Reservist fighting his fifth war call-up
"Erik Botta believes he's done right by his country.  Days after 9/11, as a young Army reservist, he volunteered to go to war. He was soon in Afghanistan.  The next year, he was sent out again, this time to Iraq, part of a Special Operations team.  In the next two years, he was sent to Iraq again. And again."
10 July img0.gif (5087 bytes)Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church LOOKING FOR A CHURCH HOME?
"Come join us at TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH, (the Lutheran Church of the Missouri Synod) 331 George Street, West Chicago, for worship services each week."
Randy Hultren
Hultgren urges residents to keep cool
"State Sen. Randy Hultgren (R-Wheaton) says that with temperatures rising seemingly more each day, Illinois residents need to take necessary precautions to keep cool during the summer months. In an effort to assist those that need help, Sen. Hultgren is posting tips on how to keep cool from the Illinois Department of Public Health (DPH) on his website at
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
Millner Joins Bipartisan Call for Open Discussion during Special Session
  • Proposal would mandate leaders meet, discuss progress with lawmakers
  • This bill was filed as Senate Bill 1854 today.
Another cancer center planned
"Last fall, Northern Illinois University officials announced plans to build a $120 million proton therapy cancer treatment and research center in West Chicago’s technology park.  NIU officials said the West Chicago site would be about twice the size of the planned Central DuPage therapy center. But it would treat the same number of patients annually."
airportteminal.jpg (17939 bytes)Do-it-yourself plane-fueling plan may tank
"Self-fueling has been an option for about seven years at DuPage Airport in West Chicago. All retail fuel sales are handled by the airport authority, said Mike Masciola, director of business development and marketing. He said the savings average about 50 cents per gallon."
editor and publisher 'Chicago Sun-Times' Looks to Redefine Itself as 'Liberal, Working-Class' Paper
The tabloid that shifted toward political conservatism under the brief ownership of Rupert Murdoch more than two decades ago now says that it is "rethinking our stance on several issues, including the most pressing issue facing Americans today: Bush's war in Iraq.""
Democrat sees weakness out west
"More hopeful for the Democrats in the far west suburban and Downstate district that almost stretches to the Mississippi River is this: In a "generic" House match-up for November 2008 (a nameless Republican vs. a nameless Democrat), Democrats trump Republicans 40 percent to 30 percent."
Sen Durbin Durbin: Senate Appropriations Subcommittee Approves More Than $58 Million for New Courthouse in Rockford
Durbin Moves to Withhold Funding From Office of the Vice President Pending Compliance With Executive Order
Durbin Announces $61.8 Million in Funding for Illinois Projects as Part of Senatetions Bill
Durbin Unveils 2008 Financial Services, General Government Appropria
Illinois State Fair Arena To Showcase Fan Favorites
"The fair announced today that Pro-Am arena cross and freestyle motocross, the Illinois Tractor Pullers Association’s (ITPA) truck and tractor pull, and the Professional Championship Bullriders tour all will return this year.  "
09 July Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Schedule Posted
"In honor of Railroad Days this coming weekend, Channel 17 is proud to present the music, activities and parades from past Railroad Days celebrations all week. If you're looking to get in the mood for the big party, tune in and watch the fun! See you at Railroad Days!!!"
Libraries without books?
"The West Chicago Public Library, she says, is the best spot to “just have fun and enjoy ourselves.”  Having a specific teen hangout spot at the library would make it even better, she says.  And being able to download free music and movies online would be “pretty cool,” too."
From the laboratory to the rotunda
"All three are running for Congress next year.  With physics professor Mike Fortner of West Chicago already serving in the Illinois House, a new, if small, trend is emerging in suburban politics: scientists seeking office."
Hastert slates Farmers' Picnic
" U.S. Rep. Dennis Hastert's annual Farmers' Picnic is set for Friday at the Sandwich Fairgrounds.  Oklahoma Republican Rep. Frank Lucas will be the main speaker at the fundraiser, scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m. The event is sponsored by the Hastert for Congress Committee."
Duckworth won't run in '08
"Tammy Duckworth won't be running for Congress again in 2008.  Duckworth, an Iraq war veteran now serving as director of the Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs, said Sunday that she has decided not to run against U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) in the 6th Congressional District."
Sen Durbin Senator Pushes For Single Food Inspection Agency - Consumer Affairs
"The federal agencies charged with safeguarding the U.S. food supply have come under fire recently in the wake of nationwide recalls and quarantines of tainted pork, spinach, peanut butter and pet food. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) says he will press Congress to reorganize the government’s food inspection system."
Sen. Obama Politics and the yuan - International Herald Tribune - France
"Senator Barack Obama has joined Senator Hillary Clinton on the misguided bandwagon of those seeking to penalize China for manipulating its currency. The two senators and Democratic candidates signed up as co-sponsors to a punish-China bill that would mandate retaliation against countries that keep their currencies cheap to boost exports."
Rep Peter Roskam Swing State Project - Swing State Project - New York
"Roskam, an experienced state legislator before his election to Congress last year, proved to be one of the slicker Republican candidates of the 2006 cycle; despite receiving a well-funded challenge from Duckworth last year, his campaign succeeded in snagging Duckworth in skirmishes over illegal immigration while Iraq was mostly left off the table until the closing weeks."
Nixon library's changes start with Watergate
"This was history as Nixon wanted it remembered, a monument to his decades-long campaign to refurbish his name. Nixon himself approved the exhibit before the library's 1990 opening.  "Everybody who visited it, who knew the first thing about history, thought it was a joke," one Nixon scholar, David Greenberg, said of the Watergate gallery. "You didn't know whether to laugh or cry.""
Bush justice is a national disgrace
"The public record now plainly demonstrates that both the DOJ and the government as a whole have been thoroughly politicized in a manner that is inappropriate, unethical and indeed unlawful. The unconscionable commutation of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby's sentence, the misuse of warrantless investigative powers under the Patriot Act and the deplorable treatment of U.S. attorneys all point to an unmistakable pattern of abuse."
08 July WegoWeb Collage of Hindu Parade
Saturday, 07 July 2007, members of Arya Maha, a New Delhi, India-based Hindu movement, as part of their international convention, marched from the Arya Samaj center to city hall to be greeted by local officials.  The parade closed off Rt. 59 for about 15 minutes.
T+L '07 Winners - By Joe Brennan
"First, I’m delighted to share the Club Aztecas video, “I Have the Power to Change the World!” from the Indian Knoll School in West Chicago, Illinois. They are the first place winner in the Elementary category. Their piece is a good example of making words come alive."
[You can click to see the video, “I Have the Power to Change the World!”.- Bob]
Sen Durbin Quotes of note - Boston Globe
"When it comes to the law, there should not be two sets of rules -- one for President Bush and Vice President Cheney and another for the rest of America. Even Paris Hilton had to go to jail."
Democratic Senator DICK DURBIN of Illinois, on the commuted sentence of I. Lewis Libby
Sen. Obama Obama Camp to Launch Book Club - Campaigns & Elections
"... it will launch From Doubt to Hope, a statewide series of book clubs for undecided voters, on Friday at Second Run Books in Portsmouth. Second Run will serve as the meeting place for the Portsmouth club."
Rep Peter Roskam Low-income health care gets a boost - Chicago Daily Herald
"U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam, who lobbied to get the agency the funds, said providing a safety net for the uninsured makes economic sense. Too often, people without health benefits wait until the last minute to get medical care and end up in emergency rooms.  “This was an easy group to go to bat for,” the Wheaton Republican said."
[In fairness, this strikes me as good news and a job well done. - Bob]
07 July Rep.Randy Ramey


Ramey Votes Against Proposal to Sell, Lease Lottery
"Although paying the state’s pension system is a priority for Illinois, selling or leasing the lottery to generate revenues is not the answer, said State Rep. Randy Ramey (R-Carol Stream) who on Friday voted against Gov. Blagojevich’s proposal to lease the state-owned asset."
Congressman mostly tightlipped on Libby decision
"Roskam said he expected the decision but would not specifically say whether he agreed with it.  “I’m not particularly surprised by it,” he said. “What I am surprised by is the sanctimonious comments of (former President) Bill Clinton.”"
[The acquitted Bill Clinton pardoned the crook, Mark Rich, at the urging of his lawyer, the convicted felon, Scooter Libby.  Will somebody find a good guy in this story for me?  - Bob]
06 July Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
Bipartisan Call for Open Discussion during Special Session
"State Senator John J. Millner (R- Carol Stream) is helping lead a bipartisan initiative by rank-and-file lawmakers to ensure they are included in discussions between legislative leaders and the Governor whenever the General Assembly is called into special session."
Sen Durbin


2 Senators Accuse Judge of Misleading Committee - New York Times
"“What did you know about Mr. Haynes’s role in crafting the administration’s detention and interrogation policies?” Mr. Durbin asked.  Mr. Kavanaugh replied: “Senator, I was not involved and am not involved in the questions about the rules governing detention of combatants and so I do not have any involvement in that.”  In a news report first broadcast by National Public Radio, those comments were compared with an account last month in The Washington Post ..."
Durbin lashes out at Bush - Western Courier - Macomb,IL
"When it comes to the law, there should not be two sets of rules -- one for President Bush and Vice President Cheney and another for the rest of America," said the Illinois Senior Democratic Senator on Monday in the PJ Star in regard to Bush's commutation of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby. "Even Paris Hilton had to go to jail. No one in this administration should be above the law."
Sen. Obama Prepared text of Obama's speech to the NEA - Philadelphia Inquirer, PA
"Our kids are why all of you are in this room today. Our kids are why you wake up wondering how you'll make a difference and go to bed thinking about tomorrow's lesson plan. Our kids are why you walk into that classroom every day even when you're not getting the support, or the pay, or the respect that you deserve - because you believe that every child should have a chance to succeed; that every child can be taught."
Rep Peter Roskam You Can’t Take It With You…but the Government Can
"The estate tax—better known as the death tax—interferes in our families’ personal affairs at the time when we can least afford it. It’s time for this Congress to get serious about permanently repealing the death tax.:"
[This tax, if not repealed could cost Paris Hilton an estimated $93 Million... which is why I call it "Leave No Slutty Heiress Behind. - Bob]
Event turns up the heat on global warming issue - Chicago Suburban News - Batavia,IL
"Food was prepared in solar-powered ovens, and picnic attendees prepared 5,000 pin wheels that they planned to distribute at the Wheaton Fourth of July parade.  The campaign is intended to call on U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam, R-6th District, of Wheaton and other lawmakers to take action to curb global warming."
05 July West Chicago
High School
"Community High School in West Chicago congratulates those students who received the Voice of Democracy Scholarship Award. Mary Nichols, who represented West Chicago at the district competition, was the first place winner. This years topic was “Freedoms Challenge.”"
Would you like nostalgia with that?
"For the same reason toes of Southern Californians curl at the mere mention of In-N-Out burgers, or Guatemalans line up hours for fried chicken at Pollo Campero, Chick-fil-A is the memory of a million childhoods. Chick-fil-A is a proper noun, a metaphor, a way of life, an embodiment of Red State America ideals and Beaver Cleaver gumption."
Sen Durbin Greater Peoria Regional Airport Announces Non-Stop Flights to Denver on United Airlines
“I was proud to support the work of local leaders, airport officials and United Airlines, and I applaud their success in restarting this service. Operating direct flights from Peoria to Denver is a wise economic investment for our community.”
Sen. Obama Obama Launches Video in Support of Live Earth
"The Obama campaign launched a new video on today that features Senator Obama talking about the Live Earth concert coming up this weekend.  The video can be viewed at  Live Earth is a 24-hour, 7-continent concert series taking place this Saturday that will bring together more than 100 music artists and 2 billion people to trigger a global movement to solve the climate crisis.
04 July Merle Berle Around and About in West Chicago - 04 July 2007
  • Reconstruction of Hawthorne Lane Project  (See Map)
  • First Annual Jubilee Celebration
  • International Arye-Maja-Samalean Parade
  • West Chicago Railroad Days
Rep.Randy Ramey July E-Newsletter
"It is clear that, as a state in debt, we need a strong, clear plan that demonstrates how to appropriate state funds. Illinois cannot afford to make promises it can't fulfill, nor should it create additional cost-of-living burdens on taxpayers. "
West Chicago
High School
“My goals have always been to unite the staff. To create a common shared vision that everyone believes in and to encourage and inspire the staff to continue to take pride in our school, our programs and our community."
[I regret that the article does NOT explain about John and "Oom papa oom papa oom papa mow mow." - Bob]
"While a Fulbright Exchange Teacher Marjorie toured France speaking to teachers about education in the United States. It was at this time that a teacher from Lycee Mounier in Grenoble, France approached Marjorie about the possibility of starting a student exchange."
[Bye, Maggie. - Bob]
Sen Durbin Bush keeps liar Libby out of jail - The Standard - Hong Kong
"Added Senator Richard Durbin: "Even Paris Hilton had to go to jail. When it comes to the law, there should not be two sets of rules - one for President Bush and Vice President Cheney and another for the rest of America.""
Sen. Obama Bugging Barack Obama - New York Times
"First, he swallowed a bug. Then, his words about the civil rights movement were drowned out by the sounds of a loud train.  So much for scripting a perfect Barack Obama television commercial."
Rep Hastert Congressmen Send FCC Letter Opposing XM/Sirius Merger -
""On its face, we believe that sanctioning the marriage of the only competitors in the satellite radio market would create a monopoly which would be devastating to consumers," the letter said.  Signing the June 18 letter were 47 Democrats and 25 Republicans, including John Spratt (D-S.C.), Budget Committee Chair; presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio); and former House speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.)."
03 July West Chicago parade to mark Hindu summit
"West Chicago has been home to the group’s local headquarters, Arya Samaj of Greater Chicagoland, for eight years. As host of the convention, the chapter will welcome hundreds of people from 17 countries, including Indian company executives, government ministers and ambassadors."
West Chicago set to celebrate Railroad Days
"“It was your basic small town country festival,” Sabathne said. “The fire department would host water fights. The Ladies Auxiliary would hold a corn boil and of course there would be parade. The entire event was run by volunteers.”  Since those bygone days, the festival has certainly increased in size and popularity."
Pain in the ash (borer): Invaders proving to be a pain
"Already, more than 20 trees have been cut down as a result of the recent infestation of the emerald ash borer in the Batavia Industrial Park in the far northeast area of Batavia.  Scott Haines, Batavia’s street superintendent, said the situation is sad."
Sen Durbin Durbin Hosts Listening Session to Discuss Farm Bill
“We’re writing this bill during a time of record deficits rather than the surpluses we had on hand during the writing of the 2002 Farm Bill, and there is going to be competition for limited funds for education, medical research, social services, and other core functions.”
Durbin Calls for Food Safety Improvements in Wake of Recent Recalls
“The product recalls that we have seen in the past few months – first with pet food and then with food intended for human consumption – have shown us that food-borne illness is a real threat in this country,”
Rep Hastert GOP chief asked to butt out of local races - Peoria Journal Star
"Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert's fall from power with the Democrats' takeover of the Hill has Illinois Republicans slumping in the political doldrums. Need we mention Alan Keyes or state Rep. Paul Froehlich, the Schaumburg Republican that swapped parties last week?"
Rep Peter Roskam Birth of a Nation
"In 1776, our forefathers spoke out against the tyranny and oppression of the British Crown with faith that the American people would prevail in an uncertain war. A year later Americans came together to celebrate our nation’s first independence day, a full six years before we knew whether the new nation would survive the war."


Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder program for Illinois Veterans
"The program will work in two parts: The TBI portion will mandate screening for all Illinois National Guard members returning from deployment and offer free screening to all Illinois Veterans, especially those returning from Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  The PTSD portion will offer 24-hour, toll-free psychological assistance to give Veterans suffering from PTSD a place to turn, day or night, for help. "
Governor Blagojevich’s Keep Cool Illinois campaign reminds you to be safe and stay healthy this July 4th
02 July Residents demand peace, quiet before developments off grounds
"Any future development would go through intense scrutiny by the city and require traffic studies, environmental impact studies and topography studies, Kwasman said.  “We’re not even close to that,” Kwasman said."
Sen. Obama Supreme Court ruling an obstacle to opportunity
"Though we have come a long way in those fifty years since Brown, our schools remain segregated by race, as well as resources and opportunities. Three-quarters of black and Latino school children attend predominantly minority schools and white children are even more likely to attend racially isolated schools."
on Bush decision to commute Libby's sentence
"This decision to commute the sentence of a man who compromised our national security cements the legacy of an Administration characterized by a politics of cynicism and division, one that has consistently placed itself and its ideology above the law."
Obama Announces Historic Grassroots Support
"Together, we have built the largest grassroots campaign in history for this stage of a Presidential race. We now have hundreds of thousands of Americans who are ready to demand health care for all, energy independence, and an end to this war in Iraq."
Governor Blagojevich launches annual “Break the Silence” campaign to increase awareness about Elder Abuse
“Our seniors deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, and to feel safe and secure. Abuse and neglect are unacceptable, and the sooner we know about a case of abuse, the sooner we can put a stop to it,”
Labels Lack Food’s Origin Despite Law - NY Times
"Behind the contradiction is a lesson in political power in Washington, where lobbyists and members of Congress have managed to hold off the enforcement of a five-year-old law that required country-of-origin labeling on meat and produce as well as fish."
01 July Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Schedule Posted
"Tune in Monday evening at 7pm for the live broadcast of the City Council meeting. Also catch the Derek & Rob X-Perience, Images and Career Paths all showing this week. CableCom wishes all a safe 4th of July!"
Sen Durbin Two Chicagoans convicted for protest at Durbin's office -
"The pair represented themselves in a bench trial yesterday. They tried to argue that they should be allowed to trespass in order to try to prevent a greater harm, but the judge told them that isn't a valid defense."
Sen. Obama Ring-Tone Politics - New York Times
"On June 19, when Senator Barack Obama’s campaign rolled out its text message initiative — just text “GO” to OBAMA (62262) to join their mobile movement — it also offered up a handful of free Obama ring tones, including such illustrious tunes as “End the War” and “2002 Speech Remix.”
Barack Obama: "I Have some Jay-Z and Beyonce on My iPod" - About - News & Issues - New York,NY
"No, that's not a typo. The Democratic presidential hopeful is a Jay-Z fan. During a brief interview with Angie Martinez of New York's Hot 97 FM, Senator Barack Obama disclosed that while he prefers "Ol' Skool" artists like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Miles Davis, his kids help keep him abreast with the current music scene."
Rep Hastert


State's GOP base aging, shrinking - Chicago Tribune
"The maneuvering by Lauzen, a failed state comptroller candidate, and Oberweis, who has lost bids for the U.S. Senate and governor, threatens to create its own split among conservative factions. Democrats are eyeing the potential of GOP infighting if Hastert opts not to seek re-election to the longtime Republican congressional seat."
Veteran's Husband Deployed To Iraq - - Chicago,IL
"Major Bryan Bowlsbey, who is married to Tammy Duckworth, is with the Illinois National Guard. His first tour of duty involves directing convoys from Kuwait into Iraq several times a week."
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