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31 May WegoWeb Letter to the Editor - Gordon Brand
"All this for the possible improvement of profits for Main Street merchants and landlords (many absentee).  Benefits in the long run to the citizens of West Chicago will be nil.  Are plans by outside hired planners who know really nothing about West Chicago and its history really what's needed?"
Wildcats' Foreman takes 10th in state
"West Chicago senior Jim Foreman had an uncharacteristic performance last weekend.  He finished 10th at 14 feet, 6 inches. Foreman placed fourth as a junior."
Geneva man seeks position in Congress
"I believe America is a place that can work for everyone, from small business owners to working families to our military and our senior citizens.  But we need to make serious changes beginning with ending the war in Iraq, and responsibly bringing our troops home. ... We need a new direction and I am confident that I better represent the values of Illinois families in Congress."
Sen Durbin Advisory Committee on Student Financial Aid Offers Solutions to College Affordability Problem
"The average college student spends nearly $900 on textbooks every year and the cost of textbooks has been climbing at twice the rate of inflation," said Durbin. "Previous studies have confirmed factors that contribute to the rising costs of textbooks. Today's report takes another step in the right direction by offering a set of solutions to the affordability crisis."
India not abusing H1B visas: NASSCOM - CNN-IBN - New Delhi,India
"NASSCOM, the body that represents Indian software companies, has once again refuted claims made by some US senators that Indian IT companies are abusing H1B visas.  It says that layoff of IT workers in America and the H1B visa quota are not related and has offered to meet and discuss issue with US senators."
Sen. Obama Obama Statement on Darfur Sanctions
"Conspicuously absent from this package of sanctions is maximal punitive action against the Sudanese oil industry, which the Administration once touted as a critical element of its so-called "Plan B." Targeted pressure by the international community against the Sudanese oil economy is a much-needed step to stop the killing and displacement of innocent civilians in Darfur."
Obama's incomplete health plan - Boston Globe
"THE CONSENSUS among Democratic candidates for president is that every American ought to be covered by health insurance. Senator Barack Obama came out yesterday with his plan, which comes close but doesn't cover everyone, though he implies it does."
Rep Hastert Send In The Clowns - The Conservative Voice - Kernersville,NC
"During their tenure as Senate and House leaders, Frist and Hastert did more damage to Republican congressional prospects than all of the Democrats in America, combined. A Republican president watched all of that happening and did nothing to save them from their own rapaciousness."
30 May Merle Berle Around and About in West Chicago
  • LivingWell Cancer Resource Center Benefit
  • High School Graduation
  • Dollar Tree First Year Anniversary
  • Park District's Senior Summer Social
  • Officers for VFW Post 6791 and the Auxiliary
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
Backroom Budget Process Needs Reform
“For the last several days the two Democrat leaders in the Senate and House and the Governor have been meeting, trying to come up with a budget that will fund the needs and wants of more than 12 million Illinois residents,” Millner said. “The fact that only three people are in control of the final product is just wrong. There should be more disclosure and sunshine in this process because the public has a right to know how their money is being spent.”
Rep Fortner A Budget with No Tax Increase
"House Republican Leader Tom Cross put forward a plan to balance the budget with limited growth using no new taxes yet pay the pension obligation and modestly increase school spending. I've joined two other new DuPage representatives Franco Coladipietro and Dennis Reboletti to support that plan."
Fortner Posts to Change Format at WegoWeb
This Budget item at Rep Fortner's website was previously posted in its entirety on May 28th.  I will, in the future, link directly to his website when items become available there but am moving items sent separately as email to a SoapBox category and linking to there.  This will allow reverse chronological listing and easier searching the archives.  You also can take advantage of the RSS feed there.
Sen Durbin on President's Request for More Funds to Combat Global Aids
"Today, along with 28 other members of the Senate, I am sending a bipartisan letter to the Chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee for State and Foreign Operations, asking for $1.3 billion to fund the Global Fund program in FY08. I urge the President to work with all of us to support an increase in US contributions to this program."
Sen. Obama


Healing Warriors
"Lengthy deployments and inadequate time for rest and relaxation magnify the intensity of the conflict. And those who serve multiple tours are yet more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental ailments."
Obama Calls for Hearing on Bill to Give Shareholders Vote on Executive Pay
"... request that they hold a hearing on the Shareholder Vote on Executive Compensation Act, a bill he sponsored that would give shareholders an advisory vote on executive compensation and spur both increased transparency and public debate over pay packages."
Bill to Recognize and Fund Predominantly Black Institutions
“These institutions have for years given our children the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s economy, and their recognition is long overdue. To restore America’s competitiveness we must invest in the success of traditionally underrepresented groups."
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"The Department of Central Management Services has received notice from Governor Blagojevich’s Office to fly the United States and Illinois flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff from sunrise to sunset on Friday, June 1, 2007 for: Lance Corporal Benjamin Desilets, United States Marine Corps"
Adam Walsh Child Protection Safety Act
“I’m proud that today Illinois becomes the first state in the nation to implement this law at private schools, allowing these institutions to go through federal background checks for potential employees.”
Internet Payday Lender Fined More Than $230,000 for Unlicensed Lending In Illinois
29 May Honoring duty
"Roskam said the holiday is unique in that it is borne of sadness and urged the crowd to use their gift of freedom wisely.  “Friends, we live in a dangerous world and we are so beholden to those who have given sacrificially, who have been wounded grievously, who have left loved ones overseas.”"
D94 teacher brings the world into the classroom
"One of Daneels’ successful experiments is the elective Community Leadership class. Students are required to volunteer their time for one semester and last year organized a communitywide fundraising campaign to build a school in the poverty-stricken African nation of Angola."
[Disclosure:  This item was previously covered at WegoWeb with items May 1st and April 26th... not to mention 3 or 4 paragraphs Around and About in West Chicago in the last month and a half. - Bob]
Roadway named after fallen West Chicago cop
"“This is a happy day because we are dedicating a part of West Chicago to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to the city they loved,” Police Chief Don Goncher said."
Sen Durbin Administration Decision Regarding Sudanese Sanctions
"Six weeks ago, President Bush declared that the U.S. has 'a moral obligation' to stop the genocide in Darfur. Last week, I urged him to follow-through on his call to stop the killing. Today, the President took a first step."
Sen. Obama


Obama Vows Lifetime Mental Health Care for Vets
Campaigns & Elections
“That trust begins the moment a service member signs on and lasts the duration of his or her life. We’re falling far short in addressing the mental health care needs of these heroes, and that’s inexcusable. I’m proposing a comprehensive approach to meeting the lifetime commitment we make to our servicemembers.”
Obama Offers Health Care Plan - New York Times
"Senator Barack Obama proposed a major overhaul of the nation’s health care system today, aimed at covering the nearly 45 million uninsured Americans, reducing premium costs for everyone else, and breaking what he asserted was “the stranglehold” that the biggest drug and insurance companies have on the health care market."
28 May Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Schedule Posted
"If you can't attend the Memorial Day Program on Monday morning, tune in to Channel 17 at noon for an opportunity to see what you missed. We will broadcast this progam and previous programs all Monday evening. Also, catch all the music from Railroad Days '02-'04 later in the week."
Rep Fortner Reboletti, Coladipietro & Fortner Support “No Tax Increase” Budget
“Since the Governor’s budget address, I have continually stated my support for the State to fully fund education and find a reasonable solution to the uninsured. The entire Democratic leadership of our state had the opportunity to come together to find solutions to these problems. However, they squandered this opportunity squabbling among themselves.”
Rep.Randy Ramey Ramey Bill Donates State Computers to Communities in Need
"State Rep. Randy Ramey (R-Carol Stream) is sponsoring legislation that offers state agencies the option to donate their used computers and other surplus equipment to communities in need."
Four houses of worship have neighbors praying for a little relief
"A patchwork of large estate homes, businesses, some of the last relics of farmland within the county and the sites of four new religious centers dot the landscape between Carol Stream and West Chicago."
Made it by this much
"Field events were relatively kind to DuPage County athletes. West Chicago’s Jim Foreman, Lake Park’s Alex Schrautemyer and Hinsdale Central’s John Kotansky each rose 14-3 to make the pole vault finals."
Sen Durbin Immigration Fight: Tech vs. Tech - BusinessWeek
"Politicians, led by Senator Dick Durbin (D- Ill.), say the H-1B visas are being used to outsource American jobs to other countries. In a speech earlier this month, Durbin said he's concerned the program is "being abused by foreign companies to deprive qualified Americans of good jobs.""
Durbin discusses Iraq war at local roundtable - Bloomington Pantagraph - Bloomington,IL
"“I don’t think the Iraqis are going to stand up and do what they are supposed to do while they are leaning on us, and they have been doing that for a long time,” he told the group.  Durbin said it is time for Iraq to govern itself and it is time to start bringing American troops home."
Durbin weighs in on immigration - WHOI - Peoria,IL
"That has to stop, and so we've got to change the laws -- tougher border enforcement, tougher work place enforcement, dealing with those who are here in a firm but fair manner.  Let them earn their way into legal status, but it will take them a long time -- they go to the back of the line,”
Sen. Obama Sen. Obama welcomed at Chicago labor event -
"Union workers in Chicago gave a warm welcome to U.S. Senator Barack Obama Friday afternoon.  The Democratic candidate for president spoke to the Coalition of Black Trade unionists. Twelve hundred members of the group are holding a convention in downtown Chicago this week."
Rep Hastert Hastert Congratulates Local Fulbright Award Recipients
“This international program will give these outstanding individuals the opportunity to enrich their personal and international experience.  I am extremely proud to have them represent our country as we continue to build diplomatic bridges between the United States and other nations.”
From immigration buzz saw to jigsaw - Palm Beach Post
"So much has changed over the course of one election year. It was only last spring that - with Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., sitting as speaker and Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., chairing the Judiciary Committee - the House passed an immigration bill that was too draconian even for many conservatives.  The Hastert-Sensenbrenner version of reform made illegal immigrants felons and threatened prosecution for charities and advocates who provided them humanitarian aid. It treated soup kitchens like crack houses."
27 May The road to China - The Post and Courier
"He can treat patients immediately with these cells because the Chinese government doesn't consider stem cells a new kind of drug. Drugs would require clinical trials. Rather, the government regulates injections as if they were medical procedures similar to bone marrow transplants."
26 May Prosecutor was speeding, on phone
"A high-ranking DuPage County prosecutor killed in a head-on collision was drunk, driving nearly double the speed limit and likely using her cellular phone."
Report says prosecutor was drunk, speeding and on phone at time of crash
""Excessive speed, the BAC (blood alcohol content), and evidence of cell phone use all played significant and contributing factors in this crash," sheriff's detective Kevin Farley wrote in the report.  The report was released at the same time as Radostits' close friend and colleague, Deputy Chief Assistant State's Atty. Jeffrey Kendall, announced his impending resignation."
Laesch announcing his bid for Congress
"Laesch joins state Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia of Aurora and Geneva attorney Jotham Stein as Democrats who have announced their intention to run in the 2008 primary. Laesch beat Auroran Ruben Zamora in the 2006 Democratic primary."
25 May City of
West Chicago
Dedication of Michael Browning Way
"The dedication of a West Chicago roadway in honor of slain police officer Michael Browning brought family, friends and fellow officers to the southwest intersection of Route 38 and Route 59 yesterday."
Fallout in prosecutor’s office
"Kendall admitted he drove his county car May 11 after drinking at an Oak Brook restaurant with a group of off-duty prosecutors who had their day cut short by a bomb threat at the courthouse."
Sen Durbin Durbin, Emanuel Prevent Cuts to Medicaid Payments to Hospitals
"With passage of this emergency spending bill, Cook County Stroger Hospital and other hospitals throughout the country are one step closer to protecting their critical Medicaid funds. This is money that helps hospitals provide basic services to the uninsured and those with limited insurance,"
Sen. Obama Senator Obama's Statement on Memorial Day
"Today we pause as a nation to honor the fallen who gave their lives defending our security, our rights, and our liberties. We must recognize the extraordinary sacrifices of our most courageous sons and daughters not only on Memorial Day, but throughout the year."
Obama Statement on Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
"This month, let's honor Asian American and Pacific Islanders by coming together to build a better future for all Americans."
Obama Response to McCain and Romney - National Review Online Blogs
"Governor Romney and Senator McCain are still supporting a war that has cost us thousands of lives, made us less safe in the world, and resulted in a resurgence of al-Qaeda. It is time to end this war so that we can redeploy our forces to focus on the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 and all those who plan to do us harm."
Making History, Reluctantly - Washington Post
"Two years ago to the day, then-Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) violated the "Hastert rule" -- that only bills supported by a majority of the majority can come up -- by bringing up legislation to allow federal funding for stem cell research. The majority of the Republican majority opposed the law. He voted against it, but he knew it would never become law over President Bush's signature."
Hastert -- House speaker no more -- may call it quits - Chicago Sun-Times
"Former House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) will decide in a few weeks if he is going to seek another term, the Sun-Times has learned.  Hastert, 65, is considering retiring, said chief of staff Mike Stokke. "I think that is a possibility," Stokke said."
Gov. Blagojevich awards $535,000 in Anhydrous Ammonia Security Grants to fight meth production
State provides safety tips for families visiting amusement parks, street festivals and carnivals this summer
24 May Recieved from Becky Hall...
"The West Chicago City Museum is having an exhibit reception from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. this Saturday, honoring artist Anni Holm, who's work is on display through Saturday in the upper gallery.  The artist will give a gallery talk on her exhibit, entitled Immigration Project, at 5:00.  Refreshments will be served outside.
District 94 cracks down on students who play hooky
"As part of the new policy, students can’t miss more than six days of school per nine-week quarter — even if the absences are excused.  When students miss their seventh day of a class, they will get a failing grade. Parents will have 10 days to appeal that grade."
Small city receives big makeover from Scout
"And with the help of supplies donated by the Park District, Gemco Roofing Supply and Murphy Ace Hardware, Kovanda and his helpers had all the wood, shingles, nails and power tools they needed to remodel three of the miniature homes last Saturday."
District 94 board looks to future
"“In the past there’s been kind of a brick wall,” board newcomer Tammie Murphy said. “With a new board coming in, hopefully everybody’s a little more willing to listen to each other.”"
West Chicago water tax goes down the drain
“West Chicago residents were paying tax on water they didn’t receive,” said Rep. Randy Ramey, R-55th District, of Carol Stream, who sponsored the bill. “We worked on a bill, worked with the Water Commission, got it passed, and everybody is happy.”
Blooming Fest gives downtown a boost
“Every year we’ve added something new and now we’re big enough to spread across Main Street,” organizer Linda Ericksen said. “We’re going to keep making it bigger and better.”
Sen Durbin Food Stamp Program
In Illinois, individuals and families in 450,000 households cannot secure an adequate diet. These Americans skip meals, eat too little, or go without food for days,"
Call To Action On Darfur
"Five weeks after his hopeful and promising speech, the President has failed to put actions behind his words," said Senator Durbin. "I agree with the President that we have a moral obligation to end the genocide, but we must lead. We must act. Five weeks is too long to wait."
Durbin Announces Senate Passage Of Bill To Name Post Office In Fairbury For Dr. Francis Townsend
Sen. Obama Obama Votes to Demand Changed Course in Iraq
“We must fund our troops. But we owe them something more. We owe them a clear, prudent plan to relieve them of the burden of policing someone else's civil war. We need a plan to compel the Iraqi people to reach a political accommodation and to take responsibility for their own future. It's time to change course.”
Obama, Feingold Laud Passage of Strong House Ethics Package
"Our bill proposed: a full ban on gifts and meals from lobbyists; an end to subsidized travel on corporate jets; closing the revolving door to ensure that public service isn’t all about lining up a high-paying lobbying job; an end to lavish, lobbyist-funded parties honoring members of Congress at the national party conventions; and a requirement that lobbyists disclose the contributions that they bundle for members of Congress.”
Senators Introduce Bipartisan Ethanol Education and Expansion Act
"Reducing our nation's consumption of gasoline and encouraging the use of renewable fuels, like ethanol, are important steps in combating global climate change,"
“The benchmarks contained in this bill are an important tool to put pressure on the Iraqi government without continuing to delay funding that negatively impacts our forces on the field."
slaughter of horses in Illinois for human consumption
“It’s past time to stop slaughtering horses in Illinois and sending their meat overseas. I’m proud to sign this law that finally puts an end to this practice,”
IDNR announces summer Urban Fishing clinics schedule
Lawmakers urge Senate vote on major government reforms
"Similarly, House Bill 3, which Coulson sponsored with Rep. Suzanne Bassi, would open the state budget to public scrutiny by requiring the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget (GOMB) to establish a searchable public database containing information on all entities receiving state grants, contracts, awards and other funding; House Bill 3 is similar to the “Google for Government” federal legislation sponsored by U.S. Senator Barack Obama."
23 May Merle Berle

Around and About in West Chicago - 23 May 2007

  • Tastee-Freez
  • Early Learning Center
  • Touch A Truck
  • Blooming Fest
  • the new police chief Don Goncher
  • road construction project on Hawthorne Lane
District 33
Final Fiesta!
"Final Fiesta will be held on Tuesday, May 29, 2007 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm at West Chicago Middle School, in the cafeteria and on the school grounds.  Featured entertainment will be provided by the DuPage International Dance Troupe 2007. Additional entertainment will be provided by DJ sonido TITANIUM."
Park shifts roadway upkeep
"Opened in 2004, the park will see the beginning of three construction projects this year. Next year, Northern Illinois University could begin construction of a 112,000-square-foot proton therapy cancer treatment center.  A recently released study commissioned by the authority predicted that the airport and park would contribute as much as $1.6 billion to the local economy by 2011."
Remembering the heroes
"American Legion Post 300 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6791 will hold a series of services at local cemeteries on Memorial Day."
[A single paragraph ... this is sad.  Check Merle's stuff instead. - Bob]
Sen Durbin Withdrawal Of The Baroody Nomination
"This is the right decision for the consumers of America. This agency is far too important to be headed by someone whose body of professional experience has been spent opposing the mission of the agency."
Senate Votes, 64-31, to Retain Temporary Worker Program in ... - New York Times
“This bill is drawing opposition from business, labor, Democrats, Republicans, theists and nontheists, American League and National League baseball fans. What I’m trying to say to you is there’s more opposition to this bill than support.”
Sen. Obama Comprehensive Immigration Reform Should be Tough, Respect Nation’s Values
“In approaching immigration reform, I believe that we must enact tough, practical reforms that ensure and promote the legal and orderly entry of immigrants into our country."
Withdrawal of Industry Lobbyist Nomination to Head Consumer Safety Agency
"I hope the President will appoint someone to this important position who has a demonstrated commitment to protecting the public from dangerous consumer products."
22 May Elementary
District 33
Indian Knoll Students Place 1st in Moviefest Competition
"The first place winner in the Elementary category is the Indian Knoll School team Aztecas from West Chicago Elementary School District 33 with their PSA: “I Have the Power to Change the World!” "
District 33 Future Problem Solvers Attend State Competition
"Five teams of students from West Chicago Elementary School District 33 recently competed in the Illinois Future Problem Solvers State Bowl on May 18 and 19, 2007 on the campus of Illinois State University in Bloomington, IL."
Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Schedule Posted
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
Millner: Salvia Divinorum Bill Passes Senate
"House Bill 457 makes Salvia Divinorum a Schedule I controlled substance and bans the use of the seeds, extract or other derivatives of the plant. The bill is similar to Senator Millner’s Senate Bill 226, which is currently awaiting a floor vote in the Illinois House of Representatives."
A few cicadas just can’t hold back, emerge early 
"Because the females deposit the eggs in slim branches, arborists are advising gardeners to wrap small trees and bushes in wedding veil lace to protect vulnerable foliage.  This year’s cicada emergence is found in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa."
They're here: Cicadas resurface after 17-year hibernation
"They will mostly come to areas heavily wooded as they did during their last appearance in 1990 or to suburbs with many trees. Areas that are highly wooded but are sites of major construction are not expected to see as many cicadas.  Despite their racket, these pesky visitors are not dangerous. Cicadas do not carry diseases and in fact, are healthy to munch on. There are several recipes for cicada dishes."
Staying the course on quality golf clubs
"Glod eventually opened a 5,000-square-foot facility in West Chicago. Throughout the 1990s, while local golf equipment companies such as Northwestern, Ram and Tommy Armour struggled or even went out of business, Tour Edge continued to enjoyed steady, solid growth."
& Narrow
Eagle Flexible Packaging adds shrink sleeves to portfolio
"Eagle Flexible Packaging Inc., of West Chicago, IL, USA, announces the addition of shrink sleeve labels to its flexible film packaging capabilities. Eagle’s primary business is in short-to-medium runs, and many of its customers shrink products for new label and package development, including test market and product launch print runs."
Sen Durbin Durbin Asks All Legislative Branch Agencies To Conduct Energy Audit, Lead By Example
"... the legislative branch was responsible for 316,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. That amount is equal to the emissions of over 57,000 cars. The report also noted that based on trends from fiscal years 1998 through 2001, legislative branch emissions are expected to grow by about 4 % annually."
$44 Million In DOT Grants For Chicago Airports
"U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) announced today that the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has awarded $43,730,000 in grants to the city of Chicago for O'Hare International Airport and Midway International Airport."
Sen. Obama Boxer, Obama, and Bond Remain Troubled by State of Mental Health Care Services for Soldiers at Ft. Carson
“A growing number of service members at Ft. Carson and throughout our military hospitals are returning from war with serious psychological injuries that must not go untreated, to say nothing of those who are going undiagnosed and falling between the cracks,”
“Our refinery capacity is woefully inadequate—roughly 150 refineries are on-line today compared with more than 300 in 1980."
Blagojevich Administration unveils new Veterans Cash Lottery Ticket
"With Memorial Day right around the corner, we think about those who have fought for our freedoms and those who are still fighting.  A good way to honor their sacrifices and support them is to buy the Veterans Cash lottery ticket,”
Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week
"The emerald ash borer has already killed more than 20 million ash trees since it arrived in North America just five years ago and now is threatening to destroy millions of ash trees here in Illinois."
21 May City of
West Chicago
Dedication for Michael Browning Way to Honor Slain Officer
"Please be advised that the start time of the dedication ceremony has changed to 10:30 a.m."
Meeting to discuss ousting president
"Arneson is a member of the national group World Can’t Wait, which will have a town meeting to discuss the possible impeachment of Bush at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Batavia Library, 10 S. Batavia Ave. (Route 31).  The group is holding Town Hall meetings across the country.  Arneson invited former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Plano, to the meeting."
Sen Durbin Durbin on the Leading Edge - New York Times
"It’s in one sense a natural role for the senior senator from Illinois, who’s been a trial attorney and clearly relishes vigorous debate. In another sense, though, it’s an odd choice: Durbin is the only member of the majority leadership facing re-election in 2008, so if the caucus produces little to no legislative progress, he’ll be answerable for it at the polls."
Sen. Obama Protecting America’s Seniors from Telemarketing Scams
"In the letter, Senator Obama says that while telemarketing may help seniors maintain access to products and services, seniors must be protected from exploitation, identity theft, and privacy violations. He calls on the FTC to aggressively enforce the law to ensure that the consumer protection challenges faced by vulnerable populations like seniors are addressed."
Remarks of Senator Barack Obama on the Iraq War
"I said then that a war based not on reason but on passion, not on principle but on politics would lead to a US occupation of undetermined length, at undetermined cost, with undetermined consequences."
“While this grant will help fund vital noise mitigation efforts, it does not solve the problem. Many area residents are still affected by airport noise pollution.”
State public health director encourages healthy swimming practices and warns of water illness
Nursing Home Violations for the Month of November and December
Happy trails: Iron County ATV trails look to be in good shape for weekend rally
"Iron County's all-terrain vehicle trails are in good shape and all trails are open for the 22nd annual Iron County Memorial Weekend ATV Rally that begins Friday."
20 May Rep Fortner HB 3766 - Clarifying Unlawful Video Recording
"Even the best legislation can sometimes lead to unintended consequences. One example is the unauthorized video recording law passed a few years ago."
Electric Deregulation in Illinois
"The Winfield Register is a new local paper. They've asked me to contribute occasional articles on the goings on in Springfield. For the May 16th edition I wrote about the issues and debate about the electric utilities since deregulation took effect this year."
Rep Fortner's website repaired
"My web page has been restored after the hack on Friday. It was actually a hack on the server that handles a number of web sites."
A guide to suburban bike trails
"Illinois Prairie Path/Great Western Trail, DuPage County ...
• Where it goes: From Fox River Trail in south Elgin, southeast through Wayne, Winfield, West Chicago, Wheaton; southwest to Aurora."
Cbs2chicago DuPage Prosecutor Was Drunk When Killed In Crash
"Two other vehicles also were damaged in the collision, which happened on a four-lane stretch of Winfield Road and seriously injured a West Chicago woman driving the Tahoe."
Sen Durbin Durbin relishes increased responsibility - Fort Wayne News Sentinel - Fort Wayne,IN
"Durbin, of Springfield, Ill., is a second-term senator who served seven terms in the House. He has much the same responsibility he had as the minority whip in 2005 when Republicans ran the Senate - to persuade Democratic senators to vote together on major issues.  He likes to describe the task as pushing a wheelbarrow filled with frogs - read senators - down the road at 20 mph and keeping all the frogs from jumping out."
Sen. Obama Obama "counting" on young voters in New Hampshire - Boston Globe - Boston,MA
"We're counting on you to restore the image of America around the world," Obama said. "We are counting on you to bring this planet from the brink of a climate-change crisis.  "We are counting on you to help fix a health-care system that's leaving too many Americans sick or bankrupt or both."
19 May West Chicago
High School
"The faculty and administration of Community High School would like to congratulate Scott Staiton, of Winfield, for being chosen Student of the Month for June."
City of
West Chicago
agenda for the May 21st West Chicago City Council Meeting
  • Proclamation Honoring Frank M. Burzynski
  • American Cancer Society
  • Police Dept Promotions
  • Dedication of Tech Park Infrastructure
  • Motorcycle Training Facility
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
Millner Bills Approved by the Senate
"Measures aimed at providing autism instruction to school police officers and closing a criminal sentencing loophole were among the bills sponsored by State Senator John J. Millner (R-Carol Stream) approved by the Illinois Senate the week of May 14."
Kindergarten is right-a-round the corner
The kindergarten and preschool for Trinity Lutheran Church wants to talk with parents who want information about enrolling a youngster next year.
Sen Durbin Bush Asked to Reconsider Safety Nominee - New York Times
"In a letter to President Bush, Senator Bill Nelson of Florida and Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, both Democrats, said Mr. Baroody “cannot escape a serious conflict of interest” because he will receive a $150,000 departing payment from the association. They asked Mr. Bush to withdraw the nomination."
18 May
Rep. Chapa LaVia takes first step to run for Congress
"State Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia, an Aurora Democrat, has taken her first official step toward running for the 14th Congressional District seat, forming an exploratory committee to scope out her support."
Please Help! Junior Golf Academy - By Tess Goudy
"The Illinois PGA will once again host the general qualifier for the LaSalle Bank Open Championship which is a Nationwide Tournament.  Qualifier is scheduled to take place on May 29 at Prairie Landing GC in West Chicago, IL."
Sen Durbin Durbin, Nelson, Obama Continue to Press for Withdrawl of Baroody Nomination
"In today's letter, the senators asked for copies of a $150,000 severance agreement Mr. Baroody received from his current employer, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), an addendum to that package and additional documents regarding the possible conflict of interest that pay package may have caused."
Boxer And Durbin Introduce Legislation To Help Expand Foreign Market For US Agricultural Products
"The Market Access Program helps our farmers compete overseas, reduces the need to subsidize agriculture, and supports jobs and economic activity here at home. I'm glad to join Senator Boxer as a cosponsor of legislation to increase funding levels for the Market Access Program."
Pet Food Recall: Dog & Cat Food Recall Safety Summit Planned - National Ledger - Apache Junction,AZ
How did this happen?  According to Senator Dick Durbin, "Fewer than one in 50 food products from overseas are inspected. Those are poor odds for any bet, and not a risk American families should have to take."
Sen. Obama


Barack Obama to Haaretz: Turn up the pressure on Tehran - Ha'aretz - Tel Aviv,Israel
"Obama calls for an urgent escalation of economic pressure on Iran, and backed this up yesterday by announcing his Iran Sanctions Enabling Act. If the bill is passed, it will make it easier for investors to know which companies are economically involved with Iran and to act accordingly. "
Obama, Brownback want US companies to end Iran oil investments - WQAD - Moline,IL
"The bill would authorize state and local governments to divest their assets from such companies and give legal protection to people who divest.  It also would require the federal government to publish a list of companies investing at least $$20 million in Iran's oil and gas industries."
Rep Hastert Early primary hits local - Kane County Chronicle - Geneva,IL
"One big race drawing candidates is the House District 14 seat, currently held by Rep. Dennis Hastert, R-Plano. Hastert, who lost his title as House speaker in November, has not announced whether he would seek re-election."
IDNR observes National Safe Boating Week, urges boaters and anglers to be safe while on the water
17 May Life’s not a fairy tale in school musical
"Fairy tales don’t always come true.  But, most of the time, that’s OK.  That’s the message behind West Chicago Community High School’s last theater production of the year, the expansive Steven Sondheim musical “Into the Woods."
Will Hastert run again? No word yet
"With both the reduction in power and the specter of scandal over his head, many have predicted that Hastert will step down when his 11th term ends in 2009. A number of Republicans, including state Sen. Chris Lauzen of Aurora and state Rep. Tim Schmitz of Batavia, have expressed interest in running, but only if the seat becomes available."
School chief looks back on 32 years
"John Highland had held almost every title possible in District 94 before finally becoming principal. Although it was the one job he didn’t want at the time, he now calls it the best decision he ever made."
Photograph of  Representative  Randall              M. Hultgren            (R)Trinity Lutheran School secures lighting grant
"“Improvements like these help to ensure a bright environmental future for Illinois. It is my hope that our local schools and communities will continue to apply for these grants.”
"Interest in upgrading basements is escalating as a remodeling priority, according to John Habermeier, chief executive of West Chicago-based Synergy Builders Inc., contractor for the O'Banions' basement project."
Sen Durbin Durbin Commends Announcement by University of Illinois to Divest From Sudan
"Thanks to the efforts of State Senator Jackie Collins, and her colleagues, Illinois was the first of seven states to pass divestment laws. Today I applaud the leadership of the University of Illinois trustees who have taken steps to divest and make a commitment to peace in the region."
Statement of U.S. Senator Durbin on Immigration Reform Proposal
"Hopefully those efforts will result in legislation that we can all support - one that includes stronger border security, tougher sanctions on employers who knowingly hire undocumented immigrants, protections for American workers, and provisions allowing families to reunite and those who work hard and play by the rules to earn their way to legal status."
Durbin, Nelson Send Letter Of Opposition To Bush Consumer Safety Nominee
"Protecting our children and families is of the utmost importance. The CPSC deserves leadership that will protect consumers. Mr. Baroody has spent a career protecting industry from the agency he's now asked to run, and that raises serious concerns."
Sen. Obama Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education
"While this courageous decision opened doors for me and millions of my fellow Americans, many of today’s schools remain divided by resources and opportunities, and we must push forward until all children are afforded an equal chance to succeed.”
Ethics Reform Legislation that Includes Bundling Disclosure
"This includes not only campaign contributions, but also contributions to presidential libraries, inaugural committees, and lawmakers’ charities. The law doesn’t call for a complete halt in bundling. It just calls on lobbyists who have a stake in the outcome of legislation to disclose that information to the public.”
Rep Fortner Fortner's Website Hacked
Today you will find a cryptic "H4X0R3D BY XTech Inc Pablin77 Was Here!!" and a picture of an eyeball, instead of Representative Fortner's information.
Police Target Nighttime Drivers During 2007 Memorial Day “Click it or Ticket” Safety Belt Campaign
Tazewell County - second Illinois county testing positive for West Nile virus
Ceremony honors fallen firefighters, recognizes 27 others for life-saving acts of bravery
16 May Merle Berle Around and About in West Chicago - 09 May 2007
  • American Cancer Society Relay
  • Blooming Fest
  • WeGo Buddies Field Day
  • Michael Browning Way
  • Buddy Poppy program
  • Casa Ma Mi orphanage
img0.gif (5087 bytes)Job Opennings at Church School
"Due to dramatic growth in adding new programs, we are in need of several staff members. Our staff has been known to stay at Trinity for a long period of time (20 to 25 years service is not uncommon)."
West Chicago
High School


"The grant funds were used to purchase model air-powered projectile sets (rockets). This is the third grant that CHS has received from the Air Force Association."
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
Senate passes West Chicago Water Legislation
"House Bill 840, sponsored in the House of Representatives by Rep. Randy Ramey (R- Carol Stream), will keep residents of the community from paying both county and municipal taxes for water when they only receive the water from one source."
Illinois PGA hosts  LaSalle Bank qualifying
"The general qualifier is scheduled for May 29 at Prairie Landing G.C. in West Chicago and, if necessary, at Indian Lakes Resort in Bloomingdale."
They gave their lives in service
"Fourteen other officers have died in the line of duty in DuPage since 1918. The most recent was Michael A. Browning, a West Chicago cop who was killed April 20, 1992. The local officers’ deaths resulted from murders, gunfire, robberies and traffic crashes, Naperville Chief David Dial said."
2nd motorist details prosecutor's crash
"I had no time to react at all," said Lubinski of West Chicago. "I saw the person cross over and hit me. It happened too fast. I had nowhere to go and no time to react."
Sen Durbin Mississippi River Navigation and Ecosystem
"Passing WRDA will mean over 50,000 new jobs for the region, shorter shipping times, and improved business for Midwest producers along the river,"
Key Report Highlights Advantages of Insuring Adults
"A dozen Senators today said they would fight to ensure states are allowed to keep the flexibility to cover adults through the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) when that program is reauthorized later this year."
Sen. Obama Key Report Highlights Advantages of Insuring Adults
"Citing a report by the respected Kaiser Family Foundation, the Senators pointed out that SCHIP coverage of parents leads to improved healthcare coverage of children. It also plays an important role in filling a coverage gap for adults and pregnant women who otherwise would not have access to insurance. Click here for the Kaiser Report."
Obama Statement on Today’s Iraq Vote
“The Iraqi people appear no closer to settling their differences. The Iraqi government is more divided and dysfunctional than ever. The Iraqi parliament speaks of adjourning for the summer, without addressing the major issues standing in the way of a ceasefire. And our brave young servicemen and women are still fighting and dying to police someone else's civil war.”
Rep Peter Roskam Spying on the Polar Ice Caps?
"One wonders if the severity of the Islamic extremist threat would have gone unnoticed had the CIA been focused on Afghanistan rather than Antarctica."
in Support of Wounded Veterans
"... and this legislation, through surcharges on the sale of silver $1 coins to be issued by the U.S. Mint in 2010, could raise another $3.5 Million to be used for construction or to maintain the dramatic memorial."
[In fairness, Rep Roskam voted against the pork in the $100 Billion funds for troops in Iraq... like the $3.6 Billion in health care for vets. - Bob]
Roskam urges students to make a difference - Chicago Suburban News - Batavia,IL
"U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam, R-6th District, of Wood Dale, visited Belle Aire to educate students about how laws are created. Roskam actively involved the students and taught them the process by allowing them to come up with their own law."
Director challenges employees statewide to get fit as part of the Illinois Department of Public Health’s 13th annual Fitness Day
Judiciary Hearing on Oil Prices and Market Failure: A Federal Investigation Denied
“We pleaded with Attorney General Gonzales and FTC Chairman Majoras, Platt, [sic] to begin an investigation of the oil industry, and we offered our partnership in that work... And so we invited, we beseeched the federal government to join us in that investigation and so far they have declined to do so."
15 May West Chicago
High School


Board Briefs - May 8, 2007
"The new Board members elected officers, established dates and times of Board meetings through June 2009, appointed legal counsel firms, and members were elected to serve as its representative at various organizations. The Board will look at new audit and architectural firms."
Ontario, Canada
Focusing in on Eye Health
"A great majority of “graying” consumers are actively taking steps to protect visual acuity and prevent cataracts and blindness, according to Philip Gowaski, sales and marketing manager, Chrysantis, West Chicago, IL. “The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) indicates that 75% of the general population is concerned about preventing vision problems,”
Sen Durbin Infy, Wipro to explain use of H-1B visas - Economic Times - India
"As the US Senate gets ready to take up the comprehensive immigration reform legislation, top lawmakers, Republican Senator Charles Grassley and Democratic Senator Richard Durbin, said: “More and more it appears that companies are using H-1B visas to displace qualified, American workers.”"
US Senate to debate anew fate of 12 million illegal immigrants - Raw Story - Cambridge,MA
""The Congress has an obligation to fix our broken immigration system, we need a comprehensive approach, one which is tough but fair," said senior Democratic Senator Dick Durbin on Tuesday."
Sen. Obama Obama Statement on Iraq Redeployment Plans
“The Iraqi people appear no closer to the settling their differences. The Iraqi government is more divided and dysfunctional than ever. The Iraqi parliament speaks of adjourning for the summer, without addressing the major issues standing in the way of a ceasefire. And our brave young servicemen and women are still fighting and dying to police someone else's civil war.”
Obama Calls for Elimination of Subsidies to Student Loan Providers
"It is long past time to put an end to the rampant abuse by lenders of our student loan programs. One way we can help make college more affordable is by reforming a wasteful system of student loans that profit private banks at the cost of taxpayers," said Barack Obama. "The system needs to be fixed. We shouldn't be providing billions in taxpayer-funded giveaways to private banks; we should be providing an affordable, accessible college education to every American."
"This legislation will prohibit the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) from granting authority for Mexico-domiciled trucks to operate beyond a commercial zone near the border until the U.S. DOT complies with all safety and security requirements prescribed by Congress."
Governor Blagojevich names new head of Division of Banking
State public health director warns residents to protect themselves against ticks and disease
State Public Health Director extends an alert after last week’s warning about food borne illness linked to ground beef consumption
14 May West Chicago
High School
"Community High School Photo and Art Clubs will hold an Art Show and Silent Auction on Thursday, May 24th, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.. There will be an exhibition of student and faculty work including photography, drawing, painting, digital art, sculpture and ceramics."
Happy Belated Arbor Day
Edith Makra, Community Trees Advocate at The Morton Arboretum sent along the following quote:
"No town can fail of beauty, though its walks were gutters and its houses hovels, if venerable trees make magnificent colonnades along its streets."
-- Henry Ward Beecher, Proverbs, 1887
Safer DuPage railroad crossings -- slowly
"Two years later, most of the desired safety upgrades haven't been made. Still, statistics show DuPage has progressed from being one of the most dangerous Illinois counties for pedestrians who cross railroad tracks to one of the safest."
Sen Durbin Grassley, Durbin Ask for Details on Companies' Use of H-1B Visas
"Supporters claim the goal of the H-1B program is to help the American economy by allowing U.S. companies to hire needed foreign workers. The reality is that too many H-1B visas are being used to facilitate the outsourcing of American jobs to other countries,"
Sen. Obama Bill Provides Every American with Tools to Fight Climate Change
“As we develop national solutions to reduce carbon emissions from our factories and motor vehicles, every student should know that lifestyle choices like changing a light-bulb or driving a fuel-flexible car can help our progress.”
Barack's mother had a 'huge impact' - Gulf News - Dubai,United Arab Emirates
""She embraced everybody," said Soetoro-Ng, 36. "There was so much good in her that there wasn't any room for smallness or meanness or violence." "
Rep Hastert GOP Ex-Speaker May Face Tough Fight - U.S. News & World Report
"In a sign of Democratic optimism, at least three possible candidates are openly threatening a challenge to Hastert. Perhaps the two most credible are state Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia of Aurora and Bill Foster, a wealthy, self-financed entrepreneur and physicist who started a company that is now the world's largest manufacturer of stage-lighting equipment."
“This important tax credit provides a direct incentive for companies to create high-paying jobs in engineering, research and technology, both today and for the next generation,” continued Roskam. “In a time of increasing globalization this important legislation will increase our capacity for innovation and lay the ground work for the future American prosperity.”
Illinois Pharmacists endorse Illinois Covered plan
“Patients without health insurance are more likely to skip their medication to make ends meet. We’ve put together a plan that will change that – and will make healthcare affordable for every family in Illinois. I am proud to join with the Illinois Pharmacists Association to stand up for affordable healthcare and prescription drugs for working families.”
13 May Cable Com
Channel 17


Cable Schedule Posted
"Be sure to catch all the West Chicago Middle School Spring music on Channel 17 this week. Every evening this week we're featuring the WC Middle School Music program's Spring concerts. The sun is shining all day and the musicians are shining every evening. Don't forget to keep up to date with the replays of the latest City Council meetings, too."
Photograph of  Representative  Randall              M. Hultgren            (R)Nothing fair about gross receipts tax
"We are writing to thank all of the members of the business community who attended our April 4 forum on the governor’s proposed gross receipts tax."
[This is the same press release WegoWeb posted on May 10th.  Even though the Herald took 4 extra days, that appears to be better than the WC Press .. who seem to have ignored 3 members of the IL legislature.. - Bob]
Sen. Obama Booker to Endorse Obama, Calling Him a ‘Voice for Change’ - New York Times
"Mayor Cory A. Booker of Newark said yesterday that he would endorse Senator Barack Obama for president on Monday.  Mr. Booker’s endorsement is a coup for Mr. Obama. As mayor of New Jersey’s largest city, Mr. Booker is widely considered the most influential black elected official in the state,..."
Sen. Grassley: Obama Lacks ‘Political Class’ -
"Grassley's comment came in response to Obama's speech in Waterloo on Sunday. The Illinois Senator and Democratic presidential candidate urged Iowans to pressure Grassley to vote for a bill that would set a timeline for withdrawing troops from Iraq."
Strange But Sweet Polling Treat - Ezra Klein
"Whether you flip the regions or not, Edwards gets the Midwest and wins the election.  He absolutely dominates in the traditional swing states.  Edwards crushes Giuliani in IA, has solid leads in OH, MN, and WI, and is the only one to win WI and MO."
12 May
"But in 2000, as a Member of Congress, he wrote to Speaker Hastert urging immediate floor consideration of the Armenian Genocide Resolution, claiming 'this issue requires little if any additional deliberation by the House.'"
Couple: We weren't rich enough for Giuliani
""They checked our assets, and since we're not considered millionaires, they canceled," she said.  VonSprecken told her local newspaper, "Why would Rudy Giuliani not come speak to the average Americans that live in eastern Iowa, instead of qualifying you as a millionaire before he will show up to your place?""
11 May Sen Durbin Pet owners filing lawsuits to obtain damages for deceased pets -
"Congress is now in the process of passing a pet food safety bill that was introduced by Illinois senator Dick Durbin. The bill calls for better inspection and tougher penalties for the pet food industry."
Sen. Obama Lawmakers Cite Compensation Progress for Ill Nuclear Workers - ASSOCIATED PRESS
"The federal Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health has agreed to make a recommendation that could have that effect, members of Illinois' congressional delegation said Thursday.  The board will send an "advisory opinion" to the Department of Health and Human Services suggesting that the agency investigate issues that argue in favor of more worker compensation, lawmakers said."
Ill. National Guard's Readiness Scrutinized - Associated Press
"Citing data from the Government Accountability Office, Congress' investigative arm, Obama added that the Illinois National Guard has only 45.6 percent of such equipment on hand. That is less than half of what he said would be needed to handle a Mississippi River flood, deadly tornadoes or evacuate civilians wounded in an attack."
Obama Fundraiser Draws Young South Asian Professionals - New California Media - San Francisco,CA
"The local chapter of South Asians for Obama had its kickoff event for the 2008 presidential campaign last week at the Dolce Bar and Lounge here in the city's North Beach district. A crowd of approximately 75 young professionals turned out for the event, contributing over $1,200 to Illinois Senator Barack Obama's presidential campaign."
America’s choice: imperial vs constitutional rule - Open Democracy - London,UK
"In the November 2006 mid-term elections, a fatal mixture of hubris, greed, and incompetence brought down the 109th Congress. The speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, and the Republican majority leader, Bill Frist, had proved ineffective leaders and many of Hastert's key lieutenants had become embroiled in scandals."
Rep Peter Roskam


“This bill provides U.S. troops with less than half of the requested funding while fully funding over $16 billion in non-war and non-emergency spending. "


Illinois Department of Agriculture Advises Horse Owners to Take Precaution Against West Nile Virus
“Many horses infected with WNV never develop the illness, but it can be very serious – even fatal – if they are not protected,”
The Citizenship Wave & the 2008 Election
"Latino radio played a critical role in the mass mobilizations last year, and latino television may play an equally critical role in getting immigrants to become citizens and vote. And in these numbers, they will upend the old assumption that growing populations in the Sunbelt meant strength for the GOP."
10 May West Chicago
High School
Mother's Day Pancake Breakfast
"In addition to the breakfast there will be activities for children which includes craft projects, face painting, games and family pictures. There will also be several raffle items that were donated by local businesses."
"The Special Education Department, of Community High School District #94, is sponsoring the WeGo Buddies Field Days for students with special needs. This event will be held on Sunday May 20th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Community High School Football Field. The entire community is invited to attend and cheer on the students!"
"This reception is scheduled for Thursday, May 31st from 3:30 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. in the Learning Resource Center. Comments will be at 4p.m.."
City of
West Chicago
Dedication for Michael Browning Way to Honor Slain Officer
"The West Chicago Police Department proposed the naming of the on/off ramp to remember a young officer who was killed in the line of duty in 1992 just west of the intersection. The City Council unanimously approved the naming on February 5, 2007."


Reader Survey!
The link above takes one to a website that conducts a survey.  If enough people would take ten minutes out to fill out the demographic information (age, how many kids, etc) it would give me a useful profile of the readers of WegoWeb.  I would appreciate your help. - Bob
Exhibit  a study of  immigrants
"Main Street in West Chicago is like most other main streets in the Midwest with a bank, a sports bar, a florist, an Italian restaurant and other local businesses lining the street.  A closer look, though, would prove that this street is not entirely like the rest. There is a barbershop with an actual barber, not a unisex stylist."
Photograph of  Representative  Randall              M. Hultgren            (R)Nothing fair about gross receipts tax
"We are writing to thank all of the members of the business community who attended our April 4 forum on the governor’s proposed gross receipts tax. We are pleased that business leaders attended to show their interest in an issue that, if passed, could have detrimental consequences for Illinois."
District 94 grad Cortes beats the odds to succeed
"Cortes was born in California but her family moved back to Mexico when she was just 15 days old. When she was 15 she decided to leave her family and go to West Chicago to pursue an education.  “I thought I was not going to be able to (get an education) in Mexico,” Cortes said. “We didn’t have the means to do it over there.”
Cinco de Mayo event helps center give back
"West Chicago families turned out en masse to help support a school program designed to usher immigrant students through a new culture.  More than 400 people attended the first annual Cinco de Mayo Kermes, Fun Fair, Festival at Community High School Saturday to benefit the Community Welcome Center."
Wegoblogger #31 Chicago Golf: The Definitive Guide to Chicago's Best Public Golf ...
By Jim Colton
"Fun course to play given a lot of risk reward type holes. The course gives you options from the tees on a lot of holes. Also, you can play shots into the greens using the slopes to get the ball close to the hole which makes this a good second shot course as well. Always in good shape Prairie Landing’s greens typically roll very true."
Sen Durbin Treatment Of Traumatic Brain Injury For Military
"Too many of our brave service men and women are coming home from war with serious injuries that may be overlooked because they don't bear any visible wounds or scars,"
Durbin Introduces Healthy Kids Act To Reauthorize And Expand SCHIP
"It is a moral priority for Congress to make health care accessible to the more than nine million uninsured children in America ... The Healthy Kids Act with expand the flexibility of states to continue to meet the specific health care needs of all their children. I urge Congress to move quickly to pass this legislation."
Durbin Introduces Bill To Name Post Office In Fairbury For Dr. Francis Townsend
Sen. Obama IL Delegation Helps Sick Nuclear Workers Obtain Medical Benefits, Compensation
"The workers were subjected to radiation as part of their work for the Atomic Energy Commission at the facility during the 1950s and 1960s, and a federal program has been established to compensate the workers for health problems stemming from this work."
New Bush nominee found to have race-baiting past - Raw Story - Cambridge,MA
"In 2005, when Fore left the US Mint to serve as the Undersecretary of State for Management, where she is responsible for human resources decision-making and other issues, Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) threatened to block her nomination.  "I'm troubled by these statements," the Chicago Tribune's Jeff Zeleny reported Obama as saying in a June 10, 2005 article. "I'm troubled by the lack of clarity.""
Rep Hastert St. Charles Sophomore Wins Congressional Art Competition
"Thompson’s photograph titled, “Demise of an Apple,” was selected from more than a dozen entries submitted by high school students from throughout the district.  The photograph will be displayed at the U.S. Capitol for one year, along with other winning entries from around the country."
09 May Merle Berle Around and About in West Chicago - 09 May 2007
  • West Chicago Blooming Fest
  • American Cancer Society's Relay for Life
  • Stamp Out Hunger
  • Central-Main Street Redevelopment Concept
West Chicago
High School
"The faculty and administration of Community High School District #94 in West Chicago would like to congratulate MaryPat Flanagan, of Winfield, for being chosen Student of the Month for May 2007."
Activities at the Park District
"Attached please find news releases for Touch a truck and Mud Volleyball. As there is limited space in the Mud Volleyball Tourney, please run now as opposed to waiting until end of June."
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
Millner Meets with Waterbury Students at the Capitol
"Students from Waterbury Elementary School in Roselle show State Senator John J. Millner (R- Carol Stream) their digital art display as part of TECH 2007 Day at the state Capitol in Springfield Tuesday, May 8. "


Michael Baker To Visit West Chicago
"It has been discovered that Michael Baker, long time member of Kiwanis and perpetual organizer of Halloween festivities in West Chicago will be visiting WC from June 11-15th.  Mayor Kwasman reports that "Homeland Security has been informed and promises that the city will not be left defenseless.'"
[This is intended as parody only. - Bob]
W. Chicago school board keeps president
"Reyes defended his management style as one that can come off as “abrasive and forceful,” but also brings tough issues to the table and gets things done. He said he had allowed for plenty of communication to the board by the public.  “I apologize to anyone who’s offended by my style,” Reyes said. “But I make no apologies for what we get done.”"
"Funeral service Friday, 11 a.m. at the funeral home. Interment Glen Oak Cemetery, West Chicago, IL. Funeral info 630-231-1300 or"
Police take on drying duty
"Drivers got the chance recently to have Carol Stream police officers buff and dry their newly washed cars. The "Fuzz and Suds" event at DuPage Auto Bath in unincorporated West Chicago raised money for Special Olympics of Illinois."
Sen Durbin Durbin, DeLauro: Chinese Government Agrees to Toughen Food Safety Standards for Imports
"China and the FDA currently do not have a binding agreement on food and drugs, there is no equivalency of safety regulations between the two systems, and there are no mechanisms in place to inspect food production facilities, secure visas for investigations, or otherwise facilitate relations when problems arise. A memo of understanding will help address those problems."
FDA Reauthorization Legislation Approved By Senate
"With the passage of today's legislation, we have begun to address the growing food safety concerns across our nation."
Sen. Obama Obama Statement on the Resignation of Theresa Shaw
“President Bush should appoint a chief executive for the Office of Federal Student Aid who will put college students first and the banking industry last. It is not a coincidence that as the banks’ profits have increased so has the loan burden for college students."
Gov. Blagojevich challenges lawmakers to seize the moment and approve his Tax Fairness Plan
"Even though large corporations enjoy the benefit of state services such as education, healthcare, roads, public safety and public transportation, individual taxpayers carry 88% of the burden of paying for them – despite the fact that corporations are posting record profits."
08 May City of
West Chicago
'Touch a Truck Day' Returns to West Chicago
"Get up close and personal with some of the different types of vehicles and equipment used in West Chicago as the West Chicago Police Department and the West Chicago Park District present 'Touch a Truck Day' on Saturday, June 2, 2007 from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. at Reed-Keppler Park."
West Chicago
High School


WEST CHICAGO High School Presents INTO THE WOODS May 17TH -19TH
"The story is about the havoc that ensues when characters from the Grimm's Fairy Tales are all thrown together and have their stories merge around the efforts of a baker and his wife to have a child."
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
Senate Approves Measure to Strengthen Child Pornography Law
"Legislation aimed at cracking down on predators who target children has gained Senate approval according to Chief Co-Sponsor, State Senator John J. Millner (R- Carol Stream)."
W. Chicago to contract out 8 workers’ jobs
"A recently completed analysis done over the past year, identified for need for increased public works and police services and recommended areas for cost-cutting. The eight employees to be laid-off immediately are building inspectors, code enforcement officers and clerical and information technology workers. They cost West Chicago nearly $707,000 annually."
Getting back at snack thieves
"While he was gone, Dan entered his office, saw the candy, and took and ate it! Everyone except me was upset about his eating something that a mouse had nibbled. I was glad! Needless to say, Dan never took what wasn't his again."
Sen Durbin Durbin Announces $750,000 Dot Grant For Jet Bridge At Chicago/Rockford International Airport
"Today's grant will help expand the capacity of the Chicago/Rockford International Airport . The jet bridge will provide all weather dry access to aircraft and enhance the security of terminal operations,"
Illionois Senators


Durbin, Obama: Senate Approves Judge Fredrick Kapala For Federal Judgeship In Rockford
Sen. Obama Obama Bill Helps End Gridlock Over Increased Fuel Economy Standards
“I commend Chairman Inouye and members of the Commerce Committee for breaking the logjam and moving us closer to raising fuel economy standards. We have the technology available to implement these changes today, now we just need the willpower to pass them.”
Guard Resources Necessary to Respond to Domestic Emergencies
"According to the Government Accountability Office, the Illinois National Guard only has 45.6% of its dual-use equipment on hand. That’s under half of what we need to dam the Mississippi if it overflows. That’s under half of what we need to respond to deadly tornadoes. That’s under half of what we need to evacuate wounded civilians from an attack."
Rep Peter Roskam A Nation Built by Legal Immigrants
"Currently, employers do not have a surefire program to check the legal status of their employees. In Congress, I am committed to supporting such a program to ensure that the employer can accurately and quickly verify the immigration status of a prospective worker."
Governor Blagojevich's Illinois Covered plan wins approval from Senate Committee; moves to full Senate for vote
Governor Blagojevich applauds Senate committee for passing historic Tax Fairness Plan that will invest record new funding for education; also will expand healthcare and provide property tax relief
07 May Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Schedule Posted
"Tune in to Channel 17 this week and catch more Spring music from the talent loaded music department at Comminity High School. There's also a WEGO Thru The Tube marathon featuring shows created by the students in the Engkish department at WCCHS. Don't miss the good time the Tiger Cubs had when they visited the Cablecom studio."
West Chicago
High School
"For the first time, CHS will serve as a site for College of DuPage’s Youth Education High School Summer School. Semester 1 will run June 13–July 5, 2007. Semester 2 will run July 6–27, 2007."
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
Senator wants resident’s views on important issues
"State Senator John J. Millner (R- Carol Stream) is asking 28th District residents with internet access to take a few moments to visit his Web site and share their views on the hottest topics facing the Illinois legislature."
Sen Durbin Durbin Announces Legislation to Help Identify and Treat Postpartum Depression
"... will help new moms by providing important education and screening on postpartum depression that can lead to early identification and treatment as well as expanding important research to improve and discover new treatments, diagnostic tools and educational materials for providers."
Senators Urge Federal Trade Commission to Probe Camel Ads
"Children today are three times more likely to be influenced by tobacco advertising than adults. This latest Camel No. 9 campaign is more of the same. It is our responsibility to ensure that tobacco companies are not marketing their dangerous products to a vulnerable audience."
Sen. Obama UL Faces Pain at the Pump
"UL's move — coming after years of E85 sales with no reported pump problems — has caused an outcry in Congress, especially among lawmakers representing big corn-growing states like Illinois.  At stake is UL's reputation for independence in the face of pressure from politicians, industrial interests and activists."
Obama, Harkin Introduce Low-Carbon Fuel Standard that Would Reduce Emissions, Dependence on Foreign Oil
“Expanding the renewable fuels market in the United States will reduce our dependence on foreign oil, revitalize our agricultural sector, and provide a sustainable means to combat global warming. A homegrown solution to the international climate crisis lies in America’s fields and farms. ”
IDOT, League of Illinois Bicyclists Launch Share the Road Campaign for National Bike Month
IDOT Looks to Build on Illinois’ Traffic Safety Success In 2006, Seeks Public Input into Safety Planning
State Fire Marshal seeks to reduce arson fires through public awareness during Arson Awareness Week May 6-12
Justice Attorneys - WJLA-TV Washington
"The I-Team has learned that since 2003...the criminal section within the Civil Rights Division has not hired a single black attorney to replace those who have left. Not one.  As a result, the current face of civil rights prosecutions looks like this: Out of fifty attorneys in the Criminal Section - only two are black. The same number the criminal section had in 1978 - even though the size of the staff has more than doubled. "
06 May Sen Durbin War hero Pulaski may get honory, posthumous citizenship - WQAD - Moline,IL
"The Polish-born Pulaski, whose birthday is an Illinois state holiday, is sometimes called the father of the American cavalry. He died in 1779.  In March, the U-S Senate passed a measure sponsored by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin that would give Pulaski posthumous citizenship. A similar bill is pending in the U-S House."
Sen. Obama


Obama urges Iowans to lobby congress to end the Iraq war - Des Moines Register
"Troops would have started coming home from Iraq last week under Obama's plan, with the majority home by March 31 of next year. The plan vetoed by the president would have had some troops coming home Oct. 1."
Bush's approval rating falls to all-time low: Newsweek - ABC Online - Australia
"Senator Obama bested Republican front-runner and former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani by 50 per cent to 43 per cent among registered voters who responded to the poll.  Senator Obama topped Arizona Senator John McCain by 52 per cent to 39 per cent and defeated former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney by 58 per cent to 29 per cent, Newsweek reported."
Rep Hastert


Will County Bets Its Future on Good Roads - Oak Brook Business Ledger - Oak Brook,IL
"No question that there’s a political component to all this as well. With George Bush a lame-duck president and Dennis Hastert no longer the U.S. House speaker, elected officials (especially Republicans) have cause to worry whether the Democratic majority on the state’s congressional delegation will look kindly at the needs of a generally GOP-voting county."
Dozens of Heads Were Bowed - Washington Post
"By 11 a.m., as a woman read a passage from Revelations, attendance had grown -- to four people. Finally, at 1 p.m., 37 of the 600 seats were occupied, though many of those people were tourists eating lunch."
05 May Rep.Randy Ramey May E-Newsletter
"Upon returning from our two-week spring break, we’ve endured some long days on the House floor discussing many important bills that might be passed this year."
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
Millner encourages residents to follow GRT debate on his Web site
"State Senator John J. Millner (R- Carol Stream) is encouraging residents to take the opportunity to follow a unique debate, live via the internet, on the Governor Blagojevich’s proposed Gross Receipts Tax (GRT)."
Robert Markl: 1919 - 2007
"As a trustee and later president of the West Chicago Fire Protection District about 40 years ago, Robert W. Markl recognized the need for emergency medical care in his community. So with the help of fellow trustees, he spearheaded the effort that resulted in the city's first ambulance service in 1964."
Sen Durbin Pet Food Crisis Far From Over, ASPCA Warns - Consumer Affairs
"But one key piece from the original legislation is missing from the amendment--a proposal that would have given the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) power to issue recalls of contaminated or dangerous foods.  The FDA does not have that authority and must rely on the industry to voluntarily pull products. Durbin’s office told reporters the senator would address that provision later."
Sen. Obama Obama gets security help amid plot fears - - London,England
"Barack Obama has been placed under round-the-clock protection at his own request, raising fears of a white supremacist plot to halt his bid to become America's first black head of state.  It is the earliest that the US secret service, which safeguards the president, vice-president and other dignitaries, has provided protection to a presidential candidate."
04 May
West Chicago’s next progressive step
"But things have been going well in West Chicago. The city has every reason to believe prospects for a new vibrant downtown are looking up."
W. Chicago to premiere feature film Saturday
"Except for a day in Schaumburg, the movie was filmed entirely in DuPage County, with scenes at College of DuPage, the DuPage Airport and on neighborhood streets. In the movie, though, it’s never clear where or when the story is taking place.  There also may be familiar faces in the film: a few Community High teachers served as extras."
Cinco de Mayo x 3
"Miguel Arroyo, director of District 94 and District 33’s Welcome Center said the festivities in West Chicago will raise money for the Welcome Center to help with field trips and books for students.  “This is the first time we’re doing this, so we’re counting on (it to be) large,” he said. “We’re preparing for big.”"
Sen. Obama Senator Barack Obama gets Secret Service detail - WZZM - Grand Rapids,MI
"Senator Barack Obama is now under the watchful eye of the Secret Service.  It's the earliest ever for a presidential candidate."
Oprah Endorses Obama - New York Times
“Because I know him personally,” Ms. Winfrey replied. “I think that what he stands for, what he has proven that he can stand for, what he has shown was worth me going out on a limb for – and I haven’t done it in the past because I haven’t felt that anybody, I didn’t know anybody well enough to be able to say, I believe in this person.”


Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"The Department of Central Management Services has received notice from Governor Blagojevich’s Office to fly the United States and Illinois flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff from sunrise to sunset on Monday, May 7, 2007 for PFC Cole E. Spencer, United States Army"
03 May Garden
Plant Sale Supports Community Causes
"Members of the West Chicago Garden Club have been busily potting up plants for their annual Plant Sale scheduled for Saturday, May 19th, on Galena Street in downtown West Chicago as part of the West Chicago Blooming Fest."
WC Public Library Win a Free Gardening Book ... 2 chances to win
"The Adult Services department of the West Chicago Public Library District will have two drawings to give away a gardening related book in conjunction with the West Chicago Blooming Fest on May 19."
WegoWeb April Reader Numbers are In:
WegoWeb averaged 585 distinct visitors per day in the month of April, with the high of 1019 on April 4th.  Interestingly, 3.53% of you users left immediately after visiting the calendar page.  Did you find something to do?
No one injured when car plows into doughnut shop
"The accident happened about 9:20 a.m. Tuesday when a 60-year-old West Chicago woman apparently forgot her 2000 Subaru Outback was in drive, released the brake and drove into the building, police said."
Time running out for shelter
“Basically, we need some money, that’s the bottom line,” said Rosado, who also runs Crossroads Restoration Center church in West Chicago with his wife, Norma. “Everything is happening so fast we haven’t had time to develop a solid fundraiser.”
Sen Durbin Bipartisan Homeland Security Education Act
"Science and technology are the engines of economic growth. We must invest in our students and our educational system by providing the training and resources needed in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and foreign languages."
Durbin, Grassley Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Combat Meth
"'Smurfing' now accounts for at least 90% of the pseudoephedrine used to make meth in Illinois," said Durbin. "Electronic logbook systems provide a more effective method of tracking the purchases of these drugs."
Sen. Obama Obama Urges Dean to Make Video of Democratic Debates Available to the Public
"As you know, the Internet has enabled an extraordinary range of citizens to participate in the political dialogue around this election. Much of that participation will take the form of citizen generated content. We, as a Party, should do everything that we can to encourage this participation. Not only will it keep us focused on the issues that matter most to America, it will also encourage participation by a wide range of our youth who have traditionally simply tuned out from politics."
U of I’s historic Lincoln Hall project will be “green”
“The University of Illinois is a national leader in alternative energy research with the new Institute for Genomic Biology, our joint research program with the University of California, Berkeley, and the Integrated Post-Harvest Processing Center now being built. The Lincoln Hall renovation is another way to conserve energy and show how we can be good stewards of the environment,”
Gov. Blagojevich encourages law enforcement, fire and emergency response agencies to apply for response equipment through federal program
02 May Merle Berle Around and About in West Chicago - 02 May 2007
  • Environmental Commission
  • Senior Citizens Advisory Council
  • Third Annual Art Show and Living Wax Museum Exhibit
  • Cinco de Mayo Kermes Festival
  • The thirtieth annual "80 & Over" Open House
A handful joins the sea of thousands in Chicago
"Some were legal, some weren’t. All, however, said they were marching for more than their own rights — they were acting to raise awareness, to tell Americans that they want to be a part of this country, and to inspire immigrants to educate themselves about their own rights."
New park director to take over
"“It was a long process in finding Gary, almost nine months and we had so many excellent candidates to choose from,” Park Board President Frank Lenertz said."
"Durbin's amendment establishes an early warning and notification system for human food, as well as pet food, establish fines for companies that don't promptly report contaminated products, improves inspections/monitoring of imports, and provides better, more uniform pet food safety standards."
Sen. Obama Obama, McCaskill Introduce Bill to Evaluate Needs of Returning Service Members
“Caring for our returning service members is one thing we can still get right about this war,” said Senator Obama. “We must ensure that we give our service members, veterans and their families receive the treatment, care, and assistance they need to rebuild their lives."
Rep Hastert Hastert Opening Statement on Energy Efficient Appliances
"The difference is these bulbs are 100% green with no mercury or hazardous material, last up to 10 years,  emit no heat or UV rays and use 90% less energy consumption than everyday bulbs. 
I’m going to say that again – they are 90% more energy efficient than lighting we use in this country."
Rep Peter Roskam The Troops Lose When Politicians Play Games
"Speaker Pelosi clearly delayed moving the bill because she wanted it to land on the president’s desk on the four year anniversary of his declaration of “mission accomplished.”"
Gov. Blagojevich congratulates 34 Illinois officers awarded with the prestigious Law Enforcement Medal of Honor
Gov. Blagojevich Expands Illinois' Presence at Major Food Industry Trade Show
Gov. Blagojevich proclaims Childhood Drowning Prevention Month in Illinois; Initiative calls for public awareness to safeguard children
Iraq Generals to President: You've Failed Us
  • "The President vetoed our troops and the American people... We deserve more from our commander-in-chief and his administration.
    --Maj. Gen. John Batiste, USA, Ret."
  • "This time, the President of the United States is holding our Soldiers hostage to his ego.  More than ever apparent, only the Army and the Marine Corps are at war - alone, without their President's support.
    --Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton, USA, Ret. "
01 May West Chicago
High School
"Ms. Mary Ellen Daneels has been selected as one, of only three teachers in the nation, to receive the American Civic Education Teacher Awards (ACETA) for 2007."
District 33
3rd Annual We Go Run - 5K Walk/Run, 10K Run, Kids 1 Mile Run, Kids Dash
"We Go Run, a 5K run/walk (3.1 miles), 10K run (6.2 miles), and children's races (1-mile run ages 6 - 12 and 100 yard Kids Dash ages 8 and under.) The entire family can participate in this event.  The race will start and finish at Community High School's Memorial Stadium on Sunday, May 6, 2007, beginning at 8:00 am."
Pool passes for Prairie Oaks here in West Chicago are still only $40 for
residents through the end of the week.
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
"State Senator John J. Millner (R- Carol Stream) met with a representative of the St. Charles Park District during “Parks Day” at the state Capitol in Springfield on Tuesday, May 1."
A boost for West Chicago plans
“We’re coming into the excitement stage,” said acting Mayor Mike Kwasman, who soon will be formally sworn in as mayor.  Consultants’ plans would draw traffic from Route 59 to downtown by filling in the distance between with attractive stores, restaurants, office space, clusters of condominiums and row houses with rooftop decks and gardens. "
"Recent media reports have exposed evidence of lenders offering inducements to secure a spot on the preferred lender list at colleges and universities. I would like an assurance from the Inspector General that this matter will be formally investigated in accordance with my request."
"The product recalls that we have seen in the past few weeks - first with pet food and then with food intended for human consumption - have shown us that food-borne illness is a dangerous and real threat in this country,"
Sen. Obama Obama Statement on President's Veto of Iraq Funding Bill
""With one stroke of his pen, President Bush has stubbornly ignored the will of the American people, the majority of Congress and, most disturbingly, the realities on the ground in Iraq. Now we call upon our Republican colleagues in Congress to help override this veto and acknowledge what the President will not - that there is no military solution to a political conflict that lies at the heart of this civil war."
Anniversary of the Mission Accomplished Speech
"Four years after President Bush landed on an aircraft carrier and declared 'Mission Accomplished,' we are still in a war where more than one hundred American service members have died in just the month of April."
Barack Obama's Statement on Law Day
"But from the firings of U.S. attorneys to the erosion of legal protections at Guantanamo, recent practices have called into question this administration's commitment to the principle of equal justice for all. And so today, let's all remember that, in the words of then-Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, "our liberties depend upon our respect for the law."
Rep Hastert Hastert Accepting U.S. Service Academy Nominations
"Congressman J. Dennis Hastert announced today he is accepting applications from students seeking a congressional nomination to the U.S. Air Force Academy, the U.S. Naval Academy, the U.S. Merchant Marines or the U.S. Military Academy at West Point for the 2008-2009 school year."
“AARP commends Governor Blagojevich for his commitment to the people of Illinois and his leadership to ensure people of all age groups have access to the health care they need to live healthy lives.”
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