West Chicago Park District
157 West Washington Street    West Chicago, IL 60185

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Date 17 Sep 2005

The following letter was sent by Park District Board Member, Don Voelz.

Dear Neighbors:

I wish to thank all those folks who went out and voted. I especially want to thank my neighbors and friends who cast their ballots for me. Many people helped me in my campaign and I want to particularly thank all those who walked their neighborhoods campaigning for me.

I know that I did not meet every voter and I wish to thank them. I will make every effort to make the West Chicago Park District the best in the county. We have great opportunities in the future to improve and refine the activities of the West Chicago Park District. I know the efforts of the Board of Commissioners will be aimed at these attainable goals.

Finally, I want to thank all the voters who endorsed me.

Don Voelz