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The following endorsement for the Fire Dept Referendum appeared in the 30 March 2007 copy of the Daily Herald.  It is reproduced here because it will disappear from the website in 24 hours.

Keep fire protection services strong

I am heartened to see yard signs supporting the West Chicago Fire Protection District referendum request.

My late husband and I were residents of Main Park Apartments in November 2006. West Chicago firefighters, along with many other departments, responded quickly to this Saturday morning fire.

When the fire alarm rang, we thought it was a “minor incident” and that we would soon be back to our Saturday morning coffee. West Chicago firefighters had always answered a variety of calls at the complex, such as a stove fire, a false alarm or a garbage fire.

The Saturday morning fire was “the big one.” It took firefighters nearly all day to painstakingly put the fire out and keep the fire from spreading to the other side of the building. If the firefighters and their rigs had been unable to respond quickly the outcome would have been different.

Just a few months ago, I called 911 after my husband’s sudden death at home. The paramedics came immediately and were incredibly helpful at this very sad time.

Our fire district needs a “yes” from each voter. I have a personal stake in fire protection. So do you. You never know when you and your family may dial 911. Will the men/women and equipment quickly reach you no matter where you live? Will each fire station be fully staffed? Fire protection is an investment for home and community. The district has been and continues to be good stewards of their funds.

Vote “yes” with confidence in our West Chicago Fire Protection District.

Martha Joy Noble
West Chicago