All Night Long After Prom Committee
Community High School District #94
326 Joliet Street, West Chicago, IL 60185

Chairperson Becky Koltz 293-6000 ext. 201(W)
    251-0251 (M)
Date: March 21, 2007

News Release

The After Prom Committee is sending the following email to West Chicago High School parents.

The All Night Long After Prom Committee is pleased to announce its 13th annual after prom event - a midnight cruise of Lake Michigan aboard the Odyssey cruise ship!

This three deck luxury cruise ship will be exclusively ours for the evening of Friday, April 27. Community High School juniors and seniors and their prom dates are eligible to attend. Juniors and seniors can attend whether they go to prom or not!

For the students who attend prom, luxury coaches will transport students from the Diplomat West in Villa Park (the location of prom) to Navy Pier. Busses will depart after prom at 11:15 pm. Students who drive to prom may leave their cars in the parking lot at Diplomat West (the Villa Park police department knows we have permission to do this.) Students who take a limo to prom will be able to ride the bus from Navy Pier all the way back to Community High School. They will need a ride home from the high school at approximately 4:30 am early Saturday morning. Students will not be allowed to change out of their prom clothes; there is a dress code for the cruise.

Juniors and seniors who do not attend prom will board luxury coaches at Community High School Entrance A at 11:00 pm and be transported to Navy Pier. Students must wear appropriate dressy attire; students wearing jeans and/or tennis shoes will not be allowed to board the coaches as the Odyssey has a strict dress code. Nice dresses or dress pants are fine for girls; boys should wear nice pants and a shirt with buttons (ties are not required). Please make sure your son or daughter understands this dress code.

Due to extensive fundraising by very committed parents, and incredible support from CHS staff, parents, alumni, community members and business owners, the cost of this experience is only $25.00 per student (a $65.00 value!) The ticket price includes a two hour cruise of the Chicago lakefront, hors d'oeuvres, unlimited pop, DJ's on two levels and Karaoke on the third! Students may purchase tickets during lunches April 3 - 18. Even though we have reserved the entire cruise, they can only accommodate the first 560 students. More than 700 students attend prom each year, so be sure to have your son or daughter purchase their tickets early.

The All Night Long After Prom Committee has provided an after prom event for the past 13 years to provide a smoke-free, substance-free, adult chaperoned event that is safe, yet fun, allowing students to spend time together and create lasting memories. We cannot provide this safe alternative for our students without your help.

We need chaperones. Community High School graciously provides about 10 staff members each year, but we must provide volunteers as well. The Odyssey requires 1 adult for every 15 students, so we must provide 30 parent volunteers. If you have a freshman or sophomore, this would be a great year to volunteer! Then, when your child attends prom, you have already taken your turn! Of course, we would welcome parents of juniors or seniors as well, in fact, some students don't mind having their parents around (I know it's hard to believe, but it's true!)
Again, we provide this event for the safety and well-being of our Wildcats. Police departments call prom month "the deadliest month of the year." If your child is eligible, please encourage him/her to attend All Night Long. In addition, please consider volunteering. We depend on parent involvement to make this event possible!

If you have questions about the Odyssey trip, please call Pete Martino at 876-6244 or email him at To volunteer or to ask a question, you may call me at me at 251-0251 or via email at

Thank you for your support!
Becky Koltz