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Dec 31 Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Schedule Posted
On Wednesday alone:
  • Holiday Concerts
  • Derek & Rob X-Perience
  • Help Your Child Read (Eng/Sp)
  • City Council (12/18/06)
  • Holiday Concerts
Dec 30 DayOneNetwork will offer nutrition seminars
"General Mills’ West Chicago Community Action Council met with DayOne staff at a site visit in November. General Mills presented the check to DayOne in December."
"The two senators will attend the former President’s funeral service at Grace Episcopal Church in Grand Rapids. Following the service, the President’s remains will proceed to a private interment service at the Gerald Ford Museum."
“This moment of justice is a moment of opportunity. The Iraqi people, not our brave soldiers, have the opportunity to seize this moment to move beyond the divisive legacy of Saddam Hussein or continue to descend into chaos.”
A gesture of ill will toward you - St. Petersburg Times
"Already embarrassed by his see-no-evil role in the congressional page scandal, the Illinois Republican should have chosen a dignified exit from power. Instead, Hastert pulled one last dirty trick on taxpayers to benefit a political patron back home."
Dec 29 City of
West Chicago
January 2, 2007 City Council Agenda
The meeting regularly scheduled for Jan 1st is delayed until Tuesday January 2nd. 
  • Hawthorne Lane Improvement Project
  • Purchace of 327 Main Street
  • Lease Agreement with ZWay Realty
  • Appoint Jeff Psodzny to Planning Commission
Top DuPage newsmakers of 2006
  • Quin Barclay
  • Bruce Malkin
  • Michael Fortner
  • David Sabathne
  • Tony Reyes
  • Ruth La Sure
“I join the millions of Americans saddened by the loss of President Ford, a man of principle, integrity, and honesty who helped heal the nation during some of our darkest times."
Judicial Watch's 10 most wanted Washington politicians for 2006 -
"6. Rep. Denny Hastert, R-Ill. — In addition to mishandling the Foley scandal, outgoing House Speaker Dennis Hastert allowed the House ethics process to ground to a halt on his watch."
Dec 28 Driver in crash that killed cousins, friend gets 7 years
"Despite the numerous written pleas, the 26-year-old Dogra was sentenced to seven years in prison for the accident near West Chicago that killed all three of his passengers."
Don your kilt, tartan for Scottish Society party
"For anyone interested in Scottish culture and festivities, the Elgin Scottish Society offers the perfect evening in celebration of its pre-eminent poet, Robert Burns, on Jan. 27 at St. Andrews Golf and Country Club, on Route 59 in West Chicago. "
For Roskam, little time to savor win
"You don't want donor fatigue to set in," said Roskam, of Wheaton. "We're just going to concentrate on celebrating the new swearing-in and at some point begin to circle back and reach out to folks and begin to put the pieces together for the 2008 election."
Sen Durbin US contractor to face Kuwait trial - Middle East Times - Cairo,Egypt
"Daniel, who claims the deceased's family is using its political connections to push the case forward, is now gaining assistance from Illinois senator Richard Durbin and his staff in her fight for freedom."
Sen. Obama Barack Hussein Obama and the history of bad middle names in ... - Slate - USA
"Right-wing Web site has featured a photoshopped image of "Senator Osama Obama," and Rush Limbaugh has called him "Obama Osama.""
"There you have it—there’s your scandal! Obama was so “on the take” from Rezko that he grossly overpaid for his land! But don’t worry. If your press corps wants to make that a scandal, they can find a way do so—just as they did, for eight or nine years, with the Whitewater nonsense."
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Gov. Blagojevich reminds public about new laws that takes effect January 1st
“2006 was a very productive year for state government. We worked hard to pass new laws to help our seniors, children, and the hardworking citizens of our state. A number of those new laws will go into effect on Monday, so now is the time for the public to learn about new protections and programs we enacted,”
Dec 27 Robert M. Dieter
(August 4, 1962 - December 21, 2006)
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
Senate Week in Review: New Laws for 2007
"Measures intended to safeguard Illinois residents in their homes, increase protections for home and land owners in eminent domain cases, and help state and local law enforcement officials better track and detain sex offenders, are among the almost 100 new laws that take effect in January, according to State Senator John J. Millner (R- Carol Stream)."
Man gets prison time for fatal DUI crash
"A Wheaton man was sentenced to 7 years in prison today for driving drunk when his speeding car ran off the road into a tree in 2005, killing his occupants three of his closest friends.  Shelley Dogra, 25 at the time of the violent crash on Indian Knoll Road near West Chicago, had been drinking much of the day..."
Hastert's neighbors bruised
"The road markers hint at a larger question for Kendall County residents who have regarded Hastert as a bragging point and connection to power: What happens when an electoral shift pulls the rug out from under your claim to fame?  The signs may soon change--the county is mulling what to do when Democrats take over Congress in January ..."
Sen Durbin Durbin on Ford - WQAD - Moline,IL
"The Illinois lawmaker recalls Ford as a man of principle, integrity, and honesty who helped heal the nation during some of our darkest times.  Durbin says President Ford served our nation well and will be remembered for his years of dedication to the American public."
Rep Hastert Speaker Hastert reacts to Ford's death - WQAD - Moline,IL
"Hastert says he would like to think that Ford's time spent in the Congress helped to shape his outstanding presidency.  He says he and his wife Jean extend their deepest sympathies to former President Ford's wife, Betty, and the Ford family."
LOOKING BACK AT 06 - National - Windy City Times - Chicago,IL
"DeLay had been pulling the strings of front man Dennis Hastert ( Illinois ) as Speaker of the House and when left to his own devices, Hastert quickly proved his ineptitude in managing the faux scandal of Mark Foley and Congressional pages."
Honoring Former President Gerald R. Ford
"The Department of Central Management Services has received notice from Governor Blagojevich’s Office to fly the United States and Illinois flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff from sunrise to sunset on Wednesday, December 27, 2006 until day of funeral for: Former President Gerald R. Ford"
Dec 26 Sen. Obama ANALYSIS: Why Barack Obama can win the Iowa Caucuses
"It goes without saying that when Barack Obama is on the television screen or behind the political podium we see a black man.  That is, after all, what he is.  But when you listen to Obama, the substance of thinking, the cadence of his reasoning, his unassuming acceptance of people, you hear a Midwesterner."
A decade-long coverup - Palm Beach Post - FL
"Rep. Tom Reynolds, R-N.Y., the 2005-06 chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, testified that he told House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., about Foley's e-mails. Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, testified that he briefed Rep. Hastert and that the speaker replied that the matter "has been taken care of." But Rep. Hastert told the panel that he didn't remember those conversations."
Be glad freaky year nearly over - East Valley Tribune - Mesa,AZ
"6. In October, House Speaker Dennis Hastert angrily denied:
a) He had any prior knowledge of Rep. Mark Foley’s salacious text messages.
b) That he’d transform himself into a tiny Democratic woman within weeks.
c) That he was a friendly, talking bear."
Dec 25

Merry Christmas
(Except for Bill ORealy fans...who are wished "Happy Holidays.")

Dec 24 How Willow Creek tries  to build sense of community
"Under Frazee’s direction, Willow Creek leaders drew a 10-mile radius around the church’s five campuses — South Barrington, Chicago, West Chicago, Northfield, and Crystal Lake — and divided the area geographically into neighborhoods based on local school boundaries."
They're not just trees; `they are us'
"Teachers seemed especially drawn to Q's cast of misshapen greenery.  ...Kathy Grogan of Pioneer Elementary in West Chicago,  ...  all made pitches."
"You" are Michael Droste, 41, a West Chicago middle school teacher who has composed a brand-new song every single day of 2006 and posted the audio online to"
Dec 23 West Chicago
High School
"The opening reception, with complimentary refreshments, will be held on Friday evening, January 12th, from 6 to 8pm at 200 Main Street in West Chicago. This free event is open to the public."
District 33 finds a home for program
"School officials had been looking for possible schoolroom sites for months. They considered storefront or church space, but rent was too steep, Leman said.  The district also solicited recommendations for locations from residents with little result."
Kids bring Christmas cheer to nursing home
"A long-standing tradition at St. Mary’s Parish School in West Chicago will again bring smiles to the residents of West Chicago Terrace nursing home on Christmas Eve morning.  Dozens of families and pupils from the school will be Advent Angels and will deliver individual gifts to all 120 residents."
Sen Durbin Report Says Patents Prevent New Drugs - Slashdot - USA
"The findings in this new GAO report," said Senator Durbin, "raise serious questions about the pharmaceutical industry claims that there is a connection between new drug development and the soaring price of drugs already on the market. Most troubling is the notion that pharmaceutical industry profits are coming at the expense of consumers in the form of higher prices and fewer new drugs."
Durbin touts bill - WHOI - Peoria,IL
"I hope the families who have given so much to this country with their sons and daughters who have risked and sacrificed their lives understand that we are standing with them this day their and the solemn memories of their funeral services should not be spoiled by this kind of demonstration,"
Durbin to reintroduce Hunger-Free legislation - Herald & Review - Decatur,IL
"The bill, among other things, would establish a $50 million a year, five-year grant program promoting collaboration among anti-hunger groups and allow food banks to improve or expand their food storage areas and other infrastructure."
Conservative group names more corrupt Republicans than Democrats - Raw Story - Cambridge,MA
"This year, according to the group, six of the most corrupt Washington politicians were Republicans whose names are often identified with the scandals widely believed to have contributed to the Democratic victory in the November midterms: Lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-CA), Rep. Tom Delay (R-TX), Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL), Rep. Denny Hastert (R-IL), and Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH)."
Weldon's subpoena at center of debate - The Delaware County Times - Chester,PA
"It is unclear why the subpoena -- which Weldon and his attorney have not publicly acknowledged -- doesn’t appear in the Congressional Record.  Under House rules, Weldon would have been required to report it to Speaker Dennis Hastert when the House reconvened after the election."
Dec 22 West Chicago
High School
"Their return was more than 29 percent better than the performance of the S & P 500 during the same period.  There were a total of 1,197 teams in the Illinois competition. This is the 4th time that CHS has won the state title."
Gary School celebrates 50 years with ornament
"Fifty years ago, the 12-room brick and cement Gary School in West Chicago welcomed its first students.  Today, generations have warm memories of grade school in the District 33 building, which has grown much larger."
DuPage’s ‘angel of justice’ says adios
"She began spending about 30 minutes, twice a week, in court. Three decades later, Zamora often works 12-hour days running between courtrooms while answering pages from attorneys, probation officials, judges and court personnel to translate for up to 50 defendants."
1st Christmas an eye-opener for immigrants
"There is a big difference," Avilas said. "In Mexico, a lot of people don't have Christmas trees, much less lights on their houses. Christmas is mostly just a church service followed by a special meal with family."
“Young adults leaving foster care and children who are being raised by family members need better access to good health care, education and a safe environment.  This program will help provide a safe and stable environment where they can learn how to become independent and responsible, continue their education and have a shot at a better future,”
Privatized Immigrant Detention Facilities for Families
"It means that at the Taylor facility of the 400 people "held" there, 200 are children. And all are families that can be held there for whatever length of time without due process conducted in a timely manner."
Putting children behind bars in Taylor
"There has to be a better way. It cannot be right to imprison children guilty of nothing more than following their parents into the United States illegally."
Dec 21 " It is with deep regret that we must share with you the news of one of our members passing. Mr. Robert "Bobby" Dieter passed away suddenly in his sleep last night. Bobby is the son of Michael and Alon Dieter, owners of the House of Customs Auto Body Center.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of Bobby's family and friends - as soon as we have additional information to share about a memorial we will pass it on to you."
Joe Castelluccio and David J. Sabathne'
‘It’s going to be less difficult’
"As Christmas Day approaches, the effort is turning into more than the Hassans ever expected — or asked for, Chris Hassan said.  “I was surprised how many people are out there willing to help,” he said. “It’s nice to know people are willing to share out of kindness.”"
Food brings seniors together But fellowship, friends, fun keep them coming back, they say
"While St. Mary's Church in West Chicago doesn't have a formalized senior group, those hearty folks who come to the 7:30 a.m. Mass get together once a month for a "Coffee And ..." where those attending can get to know each other better over a cup and a donut."
Dec 20 District 94 selects new principal for Community High
"District 94 board members Tuesday unanimously chose a 38-year-old Hinsdale educator to be West Chicago Community High School’s new principal."
West Chicago/city workers resolve labor dispute
"This brings an end to the month long strike by the 45 public works employees, building inspectors and some clerical staff. The union workers returned to work on Thursday, Dec. 14."
WC Lions honor special community members
"A festive spirit abounded at the West Chicago Lions Club Holiday Luncheon Dec. 7, especially as guests honored District 33 School/Community Relations Specialist Becky Koltz and her husband Doug as Citizens of the Year and presented the Melvin Jones Fellowship to past president and Ward 1 Alderman Lori Chassee."
Sen Durbin Durbin speaks out on troops for Iraq - Quad City Times - Davenport,IA,
“I would only support a surge in troops if it is part of a carefully planned timetable to bring American troops home,”
Senator Durbin says Iraqis need a plan - WJBC News - Bloomington,IL
"Illinois Senator Dick Durbin says he wants to know what the Iraqis plan to do before America sends more troops into the warzone."
[Audio file included. - Bob]
If Congress Is Serious About Reform, Here's What It Looks Like - The Desert Sun - Palm Springs,CA
"An only slightly more removed form of family enrichment is the increasingly frequent hiring of the wives or children of congressmen or senators as lobbyists. House Speaker Dennis Hastert's (R-Ill.) son, for example, closed his music business in Illinois and moved to Washington where he was eventually hired to lobby for Google."
Bush signs 3 health care-related bills into law - KRIS-TV - Corpus Christi,TX
"Approved by the Senate in August, the autism bill stalled in the House. Supporters demonstrated against House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., while he attended a fundraiser in Texas in October."
Dec 19
West Chicago
High School
CHS District 94 Announces the Appointment of a New Principal
"District 94 is fortunate to have such an impressive educator leading CHS next year. We are looking forward to working with Dr. Cheng and await his arrival with great anticipation."
"The faculty and administration of Community High School District 94 in West Chicago would like to congratulate Jim Foreman for being chosen Student of the Month for November."
John Smith Vote of Confidence
"I would like to take this opportunity to commend the City Council of West Chicago for their vote of confidence for Mike Kwasman as the acting Mayor as we await the upcoming City election. Aside from being the best candidate for this position, Mike Kwasman has earned and deserves this position."
DuPage Airport Authority Announces New Tenant Duncan Aviation
"Adding to the most comprehensive aviation and business services in the entire region, DuPage Airport welcomes new tenant Duncan Aviation."
  • Karin Krog’s Taste of Christmas
  • Decluttering Your Life
  • Musaica, a Latin American Ensemble
  • Books for Lunch
  • The Chocolate! Program
Home sweet home for Islamic Center?
"While the property is outside the village of Carol Stream and carries a West Chicago mailing address, Carol Stream village trustees expressed concern over the implications of allowing a religious group to operate on property within the village’s future planning jurisdiction."
Official's son guilty, then arrested again
"Police served the son of a Kane County Board member with an arrest warrant on battery charges Monday, the same day a judge convicted the man for smashing the windows of a car occupied by three men last March."
“Arthur Kimber volunteered to go to Vietnam and put his life on the line for the good of our country,” Durbin said. “He served America honorably, and it is my distinct pleasure to present him with his medals today.”
“Both the public and lawmakers have expressed a serious concern with the safety, environmental impact and disruptiveness of live-fire exercises on Lake Michigan, and I commend the Coast Guard for putting such exercises on hold as they explore alternate options,”
Dec 18 Sen Durbin Fed Up With Bad Food -
"Senator Richard Durbin, D-Ill., Representative Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., and CSPI have long pushed for legislation which would create a single food safety agency and give that agency greater powers. The Safe Food Act of 2005 would consolidate the activities of the dozen or so agencies concerned with food safety, labeling, and ingredient approvals."
Sen. Obama Groundswell of support tries to sway Obama - Boston Globe
"We wanted to make sure that . . . [he] knows that there are thousands of supporters ready and rearing to go,"
'Tis the season for giving - San Diego Union Tribune
"For outgoing House Speaker Dennis Hastert, who vowed to regain Americans' trust by “prosecuting the bad actors,” then tried to block the House Ethics Committee from investigating former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay: a thorough health exam to check for amnesia."
Meek Response - Winston-Salem Journal
"That's right. After finding that the leadership had left children to be preyed upon by a pervert, it did nothing. In the face of a finding that Hastert essentially lied, it did nothing."
legislation to increase minimum wage in Illinois
“One of the best things we can do as state government is to help make sure people who work hard all day, make enough to live on. Thousands of hard working Illinoisans benefited when the minimum wage went up to $6.50 an hour. But it’s not enough anymore. Raising the minimum wage again will make it a little easier for thousands of families to pay the bills, put food on the table or buy clothes for their children."
Gov. Blagojevich announces Inauguration plans
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"The Department of Central Management Services has received notice from Governor Blagojevich’s Office to fly the United States and Illinois flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff from sunrise to sunset on Monday, December 18, 2006 for:
Navy Machinery Repairman Fireman
Jack B. Valentine
United States Navy"
Dec 17 Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Schedule Posted
"Cablecom, Channel 17 in West Chicago, is pleased to announce a special Holiday broadcast schedule. On Sunday, Dec 24th, Christmas Eve, and Monday, Dec 25, Christmas Day, Holiday programs will be broadcast from 4PM until approx. 10PM. We hope you can spend some of your Holiday with us."
Imports cutting into U.S. profits
"His warehouse has been processing steel products, serving Fortune 500 corporations and the smallest steel users. He refuses to buy foreign imports and won’t do business any other way. ... “I have to admit, the foreign imports are starting to strangle us,” said Napoli. “I’ve been in this business altogether for 42 years and this is the worst I’ve seen it in the industry.”"
Wide-eyed and wonderful
"While anime, or Japanese animation, has been around for decades, its growing popularity in the United States is inspiring fan clubs of sorts at local libraries and community centers.  At spots like the Itasca and West Chicago libraries, teens are joining anime clubs so they can share their hobby and watch their favorite anime shows."
"At Prestige Nursery & Garden Center in West Chicago, you'll pay $29 a cubic yard for mushroom compost, plus a delivery charge that depends on mileage, according to general manager Jeff Van der Stuyf."
Sen Durbin Broadcasters, law enforcement team up for meth ad campaign - Marion Daily Republican - Marion,IL
“In 2004, more than half of the children entering foster care in some areas of rural Southeastern Illinois were forced into the program because their caretakers were meth abusers. Meth is tearing apart our families and overwhelming our child welfare network.”
State Republican leaders gather at Hastert’s home - Springfield State Journal Register
"Political observers said talking points among state Republicans lately have included how to hone a clear message following last month’s election when Democrats won every statewide race.  The party also took a hit with Hastert losing speakership when Democrats won control of the U.S. House."
From first days in DC, Foley raised eyebrows - Palm Beach Post - FL
"Fordham said he asked Palmer if he or Hastert would speak to Foley about the issue.  "I knew that if one of them had talked to Mark that the message certainly would have gotten through to Mark. That it would have shaken him up a bit," Fordham testified."
Bush not solely to blame for party coup - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
"Foley has to be held accountable for his own actions, of course, but what the ethics committee showed us is that House Speaker Dennis Hastert and others were told about Foley’s salacious conduct toward teenagers in the care of Congress. They didn’t intervene because that would have almost surely caused Foley’s seat to be captured by a Democrat.  In other words, politics trumped everything, including the well-being of the kids."
Dec 16 Cross introduces stem-cell research bill
""This is a chance to make my daughter's life better -- to maybe someday make her diabetes go away," Cross has said of stem-cell research. "How can I not support it?"  In advocating for stem-cell research, he has broken ranks with other Fox Valley Republicans, including Sen. Chris Lauzen of Aurora and former Sens. Ed Petka of Plainfield and Peter Roskam of Wheaton."
"“Illinois law enforcement response has been swift and well-coordinated,” Durbin said. Last year, the Illinois State Police encountered nearly 1,000 meth labs, more than double the number uncovered in 2000. In 1997, police found 24 meth labs, which indicates a ten-fold increase over 8 years."
“For months, many seniors have been paying the full price for a drug plan designed by and for the pharmaceutical industry,” Durbin said. “More than 430,000 Illinoisans have been at risk of falling into the doughnut hole. Until we change the law to give Medicare the authority to negotiate on behalf of its beneficiaries, the current drug plan will continue to be a financial boon to pharmaceutical companies and a bad deal for seniors."
“Throughout my time in the Senate, I have publicly announced all Illinois projects that I have helped secure funding for and provided background materials to all those who requested further information,”
Illinois Projects Stalled - WREX-TV - Rockford,IL
"It means Durbin's projects are unlikely to win final approved for the current fiscal year ending next September 30th.  Durbin says he'll do his best to back Illinois' worthy projects that conform to new rules currently under development for the budget year starting in October 2007."
Sen. Obama


Groundswell of support tries to sway Obama - Boston Globe
"The ad, viewed 40,000 times since being posted Wednesday on, according to the group — is meant to spark a grass-roots movement and send a strong message to the senator, organizers said."
Editorial: Foley report shows need for outside ethics office - San Antonio Express
"Though the report runs 90 pages, there's not a single rebuke of anyone in Congress for failing to deal with Foley's evidently well-known proclivities or to effectively oversee the page program. Those are bipartisan shortcomings.  Yes, the Foley scandal was a particular failure of the GOP leadership, especially outgoing House Speaker Dennis Hastert."
Dec 15 West Chicago
High School
New Principal to be Announced on December 19th
"You are invited to attend the December 19th Community High School Board of Education meeting where the appointment of a new principal will be announced.  The meeting is Tuesday, at 7pm, in the Administrative Conference Room, Entrance H (south entrance)."
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
"If the holiday season brings a new cell phone, State Senator John J. Millner (R- Carol Stream) is asking that 28th District residents consider donating their old phone to programs that help protect victims of domestic violence, namely the Call to Protect, or HopeLine phone recycling programs."
City of
West Chicago
West Chicago City Council Agenda for Monday, December 18, 2006
  • Annual Budget
  • Strike Commendations
  • Sludge Hauling by Waste Management
  • Tax Levy
Winter Golf Training
PGA Director of Instruction, Brian King is now available for winter training. Please phone 630-202- GOLF or email for scheduling information.
Schools told to prepare for pandemic
"School districts throughout the suburbs are being asked to consider encouraging or requiring mildly sick children, teachers and other staff members to stay home, part of the state’s response to the possible threat of a pandemic outbreak."
Last-Minute Inserts Offer Benefits in Medicare Bill - NY Times
"By slipping four sentences into a big bill passed last week, Speaker J. Dennis Hastert secured a major change in Medicare policy avidly sought by a few health insurers, in particular a multinational company with headquarters in his home state, Illinois."
additional funding for mad cow disease surveillance
"Under terms of the two-year-old agreement, the Department of Agriculture will conduct 150 farm inspections and analyze 500 feed samples.  It will also inspect 50 agribusinesses that either sell, blend or transport cattle feed to make sure no prohibited ingredients are present in their products."
Honoring Illinois' Fallen
"The Department of Central Management Services has received notice from Governor Blagojevich’s Office to fly the United States and Illinois flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff from sunrise to sunset on Friday, December 15, 2006."
Dec 14 Rep.Randy Ramey shortfall in liabilities at $106 billion
"While this report is news to many, it is nothing new to me. After watching the Governor ignore measures to reduce spending, fulfill raided pensions, and increase payments toward overdue state bills, it is easy to see why the state is heading toward financial peril."
W. Chicago preschool grant at risk
"West Chicago Elementary School District 33 leaders say they might have to give back a $238,000 state grant to offer preschool to at-risk immigrant children because officials cannot find a suitable location to hold classes."
`Willfully ignorant'
"If you were looking for a baby-sitter, you certainly wouldn't trust Foley--but you also wouldn't trust Speaker Dennis Hastert or Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.), chairman of the board that oversees the program."
Sen Durbin


"Last year, Representative Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut and Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois, both Democrats, introduced an important piece of food-safety legislation that tackles these problems. Their Safe Food Act would create a single food-safety agency with the authority to test widely for dangerous pathogens, demand recalls and penalize companies that knowingly sell contaminated food."
Sen. Obama Lugar-Obama bill seeks to eliminate conventional weapons - WTHR - Indianapolis,IN
"The Lugar-Obama bill expands US cooperation to destroy conventional weapons. Lugar and Illinois Senator Barack Obama, a Democrat, authored the bill.  t's modeled after the Nunn-Lugar program which focused on the destruction of weapons of mass destruction in the former Soviet Union."
How Long Will The Right Let Us Love Obama? - Huffington Post
"Finally, back to Senator Barack Obama. Or is that "Balak HUSSEIN Osama" - as some Right Wing commentators are saying it already? What will happen when he faces the wrath of the Right's machine? Will we still love him then?  Will our fellow Americans start saying, "I don't know, I just don't like him." Will we let him be smeared?"
Panel blasts Hastert in Foley scandal - Jordan Falls News - Jordan Falls,IA
"The committee harshly criticized Speaker Dennis Hastert , R-Ill., saying the evidence showed he was told of the problem months before he acknowledged learning of Foley‘s questionable e-mails to a former Louisiana page. It rejected Hastert‘s contention that he couldn‘t recall separate warnings from two House Republican leaders."
Scrap House 'ethics' panel - Times Herald-Record - Middletown,NY
"There's even less excuse for taking no action against outgoing Speaker Dennis Hastert and other Republicans who were in positions to do something about stopping Foley but didn't. The committee didn't believe Hastert's denials that he had been advised of Foley's e-mails."
new anti-human trafficking training program
Young children, teenagers, men and women are promised jobs and better lives in the United States.  But once they’re here, they are forced to live and work in abysmal conditions, they’re paid pitiful wages, and some are forced into the sex trade.  Sadly, we’ve seen this in Illinois."
pandemic flu preparedness guide for Illinois schools
"School administrators would face challenges like determining when to require sick students, teachers and staff to stay home or when to close their schools.  This guide will help them prepare for these kinds of decisions,”
Dec 13 Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
"State Senator John J. Millner (R-Carol Stream) is encouraging eligible households that need economic assistance in heating their homes this winter to apply for grants through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)."
WegoWeb Wayne Woodward Joins Mayoral Race
In case you haven't been asked to sign yet, Wayne Woodward has pulled papers and is having petitions signed for a run for Mayor in April.  Wayne is a long time West Chicago resident, having grown up in the community, and a former alderman in the fourth Ward.  The other expected candidate, so far,  is acting Mayor Mike Kwasman.  Anyone else interested can get paperwork at City Hall.
Smaller is better to new Dist. 25 chief
"But he doesn’t see the move from the 17,000-student system to a district of about 1,000 kids as a step down.  “I really like having that small size,” said Ehrhardt, who heads the Lakota school system in West Chester and Liberty Township, Ohio. “You get to have more personal relationships with everyone involved.”"
Equipment Depot embraces one-stop shopping strategy
"Mike Martinez, director of distribution at Jel Sert Co., a West Chicago manufacturer of Fla-Vor-Ice and other foods, is a satisfied customer.  “Equipment Depot does it all. They’re basically a one-stop shop,” he said."
West Chicago strike ends with new labor contract
"Officials on Monday evening approved a contract with Operating Engineers Local 150 during a special meeting of the City Council. The pact calls for salary hikes of 4 percent, 3.6 percent, 3.5 percent and 3.5 percent in each of the coming four years."
Sen. Obama Call for Increase in Fuel Economy Standards
"The true danger of America's dependence on foreign oil is best explained by enemies like Al Qaeda, who have said that oil, ' the umbilical cord and lifeline of the crusader community,'" Obama said. "It is clear that the Achilles heel of the most powerful country on earth is the oil we import and cannot live without, and that is why we must increase the fuel-efficiency of our cars with technology we already have on the shelf."
Dec 12 Mayor
Mike Kwasman
On the End of the Strike
"I would like to personally thank the Management Team for not only stepping up to the plate but continuing to provide the essential City services, and keeping those services to a level that exemplifies a standard that at times was hard to reach."
West Chicago
High School
Deadline extended
"The deadline to register for the ACT prep course has been extended to this Friday, December 15th. Registration and payment should be brought to the Counseling office."
Maura Bridges, LCPC
Counselor/Department Chairperson
West Chicago strike comes to an end
"The four-year contract is retroactive to May 1, 2005, and concludes in 2009. It gives Local 150 members raises ranging from 3.5 percent to 4 percent plus adjustments, bringing their pay into line with comparable neighboring municipalities."
Mercury Pollution Reduction Plan
"“The federal government hasn’t gone far enough to reduce mercury emissions, but instead of waiting around for them to act, we’re doing what we have to do to protect Illinois families."
historic agreement with Midwest Generation to reduce power plant pollutants
“These agreements mean cleaner air and cleaner water, and that means fewer health problems for children, for pregnant women, and for people all across Illinois. It took a lot of work to get to this point, but thanks to the environmental community, the power companies and the work of people like our EPA Director Doug Scott, we’ve achieved something no other state has done. And the result means a cleaner, healthier state,”
Dec 11 City of
West Chicago
West Chicago Signs Contract With Union to End Strike
"The contract, which was unanimously approved at a Special Meeting of the City Council on Monday, December 11, 2006, will bring Union employees back to work on Thursday, December 14, 2006."
“Our soldiers, our veterans and those fallen heroes who have sacrificed their lives for the good of our country deserve to be laid to rest with dignity. This is a victory for our military personnel and their families."
Sen. Obama Lugar-Obama Bill to Keep Weapons Out of Terrorists' Hands Passes Congress
"The Lugar-Obama initiative will help other nations find and eliminate conventional weapons that have been used against our own soldiers in Iraq and sought by terrorists all over the world," said Obama. "The Nunn-Lugar program has effectively disposed of thousands of weapons of mass destruction, but we must do far more to keep deadly conventional weapons like anti-aircraft missiles out of the hands of terrorists."
fourth annual Keep Our Kids Warm and Safe effort
“During the holiday season, we want nothing more than for our families, friends and neighbors to be safe and healthy, yet there are many children who don’t have warm coats, hats or mittens to protect them from the cold,” said Gov. Blagojevich. “I encourage people throughout the state to help out their neighbors in need, and donate winter clothing that will help others get through the winter months.”
Gov. Blagojevich names Sheila Nix and Louanner Peters Deputy Governors for his second term
"Nix will be based in Chicago and will oversee the administration’s policy, legislative affairs, and communications efforts, while Peters will be based in Springfield and will oversee public safety and social service programs and operations."
Dec 10 Winfield passes estate zoning class for the southwest side
"Winfield trustees have passed a new estate zoning classification in a move they hope will keep unincorporated residents living near the village’s southwest border from annexing into neighboring West Chicago."
'It's game on' to succeed Hastert
"Jim Oberweis, the Aurora investor and dairy magnate who has three consecutive failed bids for office under his belt, was somewhat less circumspect. If Hastert "wanted me to be involved, I would obviously be involved," he said.  And if he didn't?  "I would still think about it," he said."
Alderman to serve as mayor until April
"Kwasman was approved unanimously last week by the City Council to fill the role until April, when a special election will be held to decide who will serve the final two years on Fortner's term. Kwasman also will continue to represent the 5th Ward, officials said."
Don't break that bough
"When evergreens get bent from snow and ice, we may be tempted to bend them back up. But it's best to let Mother Nature take care of them, says Harold Hoover of Kramer Tree Specialists in West Chicago.  Stems, branches and foliage get brittle in cold weather and may snap if handled."
GOP struggles to define its legacy - The State - Columbia,SC
"But beyond Hastert’s speech, a conclusion punctuated by the release of a scathing House ethics committee report on the Mark Foley-House page scandal and last-minute budget squabbles yielded more recriminations than congratulations."
Dec 09 City of
West Chicago
Roadside Safety Checks Contribute to Reduction in Traffic Fatalities
"They have been used to detect persons who are operating a motor vehicle with defective equipment, have no valid driver's license or permit, no proof of insurance or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs."
Special City Council Meeting Agenda
The meeting is on Monday, December 11, 2006 at City Hall, 475 Main Street, at 7:00 PM
W. Chicago employee strike could  be over Tuesday
"AFL-CIO Local 150 International Operating Engineers ratified a contract with the city Friday morning, Acting Mayor Michael Kwasman said.  The city council will consider final approval of the agreement at a special meeting at 7 p.m. Monday at city hall."
Statement from Speaker Hastert on Closing of 109th Congress
“At this time of transition I have been reflecting upon the many things for which I am deeply grateful.  First, for my wonderful wife Jean -- for her encouragement and for accepting the sacrifices that have allowed me to run for public office.  I don’t think she ever got used to the attention the Speakership has brought, but she has handled every moment with grace and good cheer."
Panel blasts Hastert in Foley scandal - USA Today
"The committee harshly criticized Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., saying the evidence showed he was told of the problem months before he acknowledged learning of Foley's questionable e-mails to a former Louisiana page. It rejected Hastert's contention that he couldn't recall separate warnings from two House Republican leaders."
Report: Clerk Spoke of Hastert Aide's "Over-involvement" with ... - TPMmuckraker
"It sounds from the report that Ted Van Der Meid, Speaker Dennis Hastert's counsel, had his own problems with being too close with the House pages."
State to host its first webcast vehicle auction to expand access for people to purchase government surplus cars and trucks
Dec 08 Elementary
District 33
Commemorative Ornament Celebrates Gary School's 50th Birthday
"In honor of this event, the Gary School Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) has commissioned a 24K gold-finished brass commemorative ornament, depicting the front facade of the school. "
Aurora Municipal Airport could land service firm
"The company, which operates under the name J.A. Air Center, provides avionics and instrument sales, service and installation, and airframe and engine maintenance (both piston and turbine), as well as aircraft sales, interiors and charters by subsidiary companies. It has been located at DuPage Airport for 30 years."
“Dr. Muhammad Yunus believes overcoming poverty is not just a gesture of charity; it is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life. He is truly deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize and I am honored to call him a friend,”
“Our soldiers, our veterans and those fallen heroes who have sacrificed their lives for the good of our country deserve to be laid to rest with dignity and honor,” Senator Durbin said. “By addressing conduct in this bill, not content, the legislation respects not only our veterans but our constitutional freedoms.”
“The state and local governments do not have the resources necessary to completely address the significant damage to public and private property caused by this severe winter storm,”
Illionois Senators Durbin, Obama urge passage of court security bill
"The plan would not grant permission to judges to carry concealed firearms, as many House Republicans hoped it would... If the measure doesn't pass this week, Durbin and Obama say they will try to pass it _ or something similar _ next year."
Report Drubs Hastert, Shimkus, Reynolds - TPMmuckraker - New York,NY
"They also pull up just short of accusing House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) of conspiring to obstruct justice, when he tried to rope other GOPers with conflicting stories into meeting with him to "prepare a statement." To the panel, that smacked of an attempt to coordinate a plausible lie:"
Panel: Leaders Negligent in Foley Case - Christian Broadcasting Network
"The speaker's reported statement in response to Majority Leader Boehner that the matter 'has been taken care of' is some evidence that the speaker was aware of some concern regarding Rep. Foley's conduct" even prior to the spring conversation, the report said.
US panel finds Republicans negligent in scandal - Swissinfo - Switzerland
"But Hastert said he did not recall such a conversation or one that House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio said he had with the speaker about Foley at about the same time.  With the support of President George W. Bush, Hastert rejected calls to step aside as House speaker, the top job in the legislative body."
Governor Blagojevich announces grants to help nurse educators continue teaching
"Governor Rod R. Blagojevich today announced that 15 nurse educators will receive $10,000 fellowship grants that will help them continue teaching future generations of Illinois nurses.  This new fellowship program is part of Governor Blagojevich’s commitment to improving health care for Illinoisans by increasing the number of nurse educators working at Illinois nursing programs.  "
$2.78 million in Conservation 2000 grants to protect Illinois’ environment
"With more than 90 percent of the land in Illinois privately owned, the C2000 Ecosystems Program’s primary focus is to improve habitat through ecosystem-based management on private land."
Dec 07 Elementary
District 33
Citizens of the Year!
"Becky has received a WELL deserved honor today. The West Chicago Lions Club has named Becky Koltz, and her husband, Doug, 'Citizens of the Year'!"
West Chicago
High School
"The faculty and administration of Community High School District 94 in West Chicago would like to congratulate Brad Rathe for being chosen Student of the Month for October."
City of
West Chicago
Pamela J. Keller to Conduct Watercolor Class at Gallery 200
"Beginner or more advanced painters are welcome to join the small group for this delightful workshop. Classes are $10/person and a supply list is available at Gallery 200 or by calling (630) 231-3376. "
Area deals with cold, snow
"I am very proud of the job our crews did, especially with the intensity and long duration of snowfall. Admittedly, we were slower on completing the task than the employees on strike, but we did meet our goal to make the roads passable during the worst part of the storm and continue with cleanup until finished,"
Kwasman acting mayor
"The Dec. 4 West Chicago City Council meeting involved a changing of the guard with the resignation of Mayor Michael Fortner and the selection of Ward 5 Alderman Michael Kwasman as acting mayor with a unanimous vote of the council."
Community HS will offer Holiday Concert Dec. 19
"The concert will feature the Mixed Chorus, Women's Chorale, A Cappella Chamber Choir and the Concert Choir. Both the String Orchestra and the Full Orchestra will be performing."
The spirit of Madrigal delights comes to CHS
"Lords and ladies are invited to begin their holiday revels with two Madrigal events sponsored by the Community High School's Music Department and the Music Boosters Club."
Let's keep the wreath red for the Christmas season
"A white bulb replaces a red one if the cause of a fire is holiday décor-related. During the 20 plus years of participating in the 26-year-old Illinois Fire Chief's Association program, the wreath in West Chicago has stayed red the majority of the time.  Deputy Fire Chief Joe Buenrostro said, "We always want everyone to have a red Christmas.""
West Chicago looking at leaving conference
"Community High School District 94 school board President Tony Reyes said the board will explore leaving the DuPage Valley Conference for another area conference.  The board approved the move in an informal 6-1 vote.  “The DVC hasn’t proven a good place for us to compete,” Reyes said. “Our school spirit is suffering.”"
Residents fearful of what they would lose if parkway is built
"Local officials appear to favor Route B-5, which links residential development to jobs and could spur economic growth. But for many landowners present Thursday evening, the preferred route is one that doesn't run through their property."
“We can’t remain silent as this genocide unfolds. We convened this bipartisan meeting with the Special Envoy to determine if the United States is doing all it can to force the Sudan government to accept a peacekeeping force on the ground and the steps Congress and the Administration should take if Sudan refuses to cooperate."
federal assistance after hard-hitting winter storm
"Governor Rod R. Blagojevich today asked President Bush for federal assistance to help 49 Illinois counties recover from last week’s major winter storm that dumped record amounts of snow in many counties while devastating other areas with heavy ice accumulations that downed power lines, trees and branches.  On Tuesday, Gov. Blagojevich declared those 49 counties state disaster areas as a result of the storm."
Dec 06 West Chicago
High School
Fox Valley Financial Aid night
"The Fox Valley Financial Aid night at Geneva High School has been CHANGED! It will NOT be this Thursday, December 7th. It will be held on Thursday, February 1st. More information regarding its format will be sent out as it becomes available."
St. Charles closing in on school boundaries
"The board agreed to consider some tweaking of the elementary attendance boundaries. But because of the extent of some of that tweaking, the district's demographer said he likely would not have new scenarios ready until after Jan. 1."
"In today’s meeting, Durbin discussed the need for disaster aid for Illinois farmers and producers. Durbin also discussed the need to help those threatened with losing access to Farm Service Agency (FSA) credit on January 1st, 2007."
Sen. Obama Obama Statement on Iraq Study Group Report
"In presenting a realistic view of how far the situation has deteriorated, the report avoids the partisan rhetoric that has characterized too much of this debate and offers a unique chance to forge a bipartisan consensus about how to move forward in Iraq."
Congress Passes Obama-Hatch Tithing Bill
"Congress has a long history of protecting our religious freedom to tithe," Hatch said. "That was our intent when we enacted bankruptcy reform last year, and this bill clarifies the law so that those who tithe can continue to live their faith while in bankruptcy."
Hastert Remains Quiet ... nearly:
  • 1 Month since an update at Speaker site
  • 2 Months since an update at the Representative Site
  • 3 Months since an update of his much ballyhooed blog
Democrats expect easy passage of bills - Boston Globe
"Democrats have complained for years that a core group of Republican leaders -- including Speaker Dennis Hastert, former majority leader Tom DeLay, and Rules Committee chairman David Dreier -- has abused its power by suppressing debate and refusing to allow votes on legislation that would probably pass in the House, but which was not desired by GOP leaders or the White House."
IL-14: Hastert Retirement Watch - Swing State Project
"My understanding is that the GOP side of things is a bit more colorful than this simple description would indicate. Apparently, the "moderates" back Schmitz because they feel Lauzen is a right-wing nutcase. This story played out many times in 2006 - a radical wingnut beating a more reasonable candidate in the Republican primary - often to our advantage."
Governor Blagojevich urges seniors to apply for Illinois’ Medicare wrap-around prescription drug coverage by December 8
Ammonia Security Grants
“Methamphetamine is one of the fastest growing and most addictive drugs, especially in downstate communities.  It ravages users, families and households and neighborhoods where it’s made and sold.  These grants will help keep a key ingredient to making meth out of the hands of manufacturers,”
Dec 05 Elementary
District 33
Family Night Taking Care of Your Family
"Donations from Murphy's Ace Hardware, Scooby's, Option Communications, Aurelio's, Asociación Cívica Nuestro Padre Jesús de Paracuaro Guanajuato and local businesses
This event is made possible by WeGo Together for Kids SS/HS funding"
West Chicago
High School
"This concert will be held at Community High School's Weyrauch Memorial Auditorium at 326 Joliet Street in West Chicago. This performance is being offered free of charge. "
Adult Education - Citizenship Class
"The West Chicago Community High School Adult Education Program, 326 Joliet Street, West Chicago, will be offering FREE Citizenship Preparation Classes starting Monday, January 8, 2007."
Adult Education - English as a Second Language Class
"Adults who want to learn how to speak English can take tuition-free classes from 7:00 p.m. until 9:15 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday evenings at West Chicago Community High School District 94."
"The evening Adult Education program of West Chicago Community High School District 94 will conduct tuition-free classes which will prepare students for the General Equivalency Development Exam (GED)"
Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Schedule Posted
Wednesday evening alone:
  • Derek & Rob X-Perience
  • Help Your Child Read (Eng/Sp)
  • City Council (12/4/06)
  • Winter Orchestra Concert '03
Rep.Randy Ramey Representative Randy Ramey’s Annual Winter Coat Drive
"All items that are received will be donated to the needy families in Representative Ramey’s district. Please help those that need a helping hand this winter."
Union offer follows mayoral appointment
"Just an hour after appointing a new mayor, the West Chicago City Council Monday approved a resolution offering “its last and best offer” to employees who have been striking for a month."
Carol Stream OKs deal with public works union
"But village officials said they never came close to dealing with the stalled mediation experienced in nearby West Chicago. The city’s 50 public works employees have been on strike for the last month, and West Chicago officials have filled the void with managers and non-union employees to make sure essential services remain operational."
Sen. Obama Obama Statement on Ethics and Lobbying Reform
"Americans put their faith in Democrats this past election because they want us to restore their faith in government - and that means more than window dressing when it comes to ethics reform."
Don't Ask … Don't E-mail - Vanity Fair
"But before he could finish relaying the awful news, Reynolds's face got purple and he began to shout, "He needs to resign, and he needs to do it right now!" The Speaker just sat there, silent, according to Fordham: "He didn't react at all. This was weeks before the election, and they're thinking how this is going to impact us.""
49 counties state disaster areas after heavy snow
"I’m declaring these counties as disasters to help local governments with clean up,” said Gov. Blagojevich.  “We’ve dispatched National Guard troops and state medical teams to go door-to-door in some cases to make sure people are okay."
Illinois leading the nation in health improvement
“Every person in Illinois deserves access to quality healthcare, and we have worked hard over the past four years to improve both quality and access to healthcare for all Illinois residents,”
Dec 04 Fermilab works to gain residents’ support
“This is life or death really for Fermilab. There is nothing more important for us, and we realized some time ago that this is not just a Fermilab project, but a community project,” said Judy Jackson, Fermilab public affairs director. “We will make better decisions about what to do with the laboratory if our input (comes) not just from ourselves but from the communities.”
Sen. Obama Race Against Time - World AIDS Day Speech
"You know, AIDS is a story often told by numbers. 40 million infected with HIV. Nearly 4.5 million this year alone. 12 million orphans in Africa. 8,000 deaths and 6,000 new infections every single day. In some places, 90% of those with HIV do not know they have it. And we just learned that AIDS is set to become the 3rd leading cause of death worldwide in the coming years."
Governor Blagojevich sends Illinois National Guard troops, Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team to Decatur in wake of winter storm; sends inmate crews to assist with debris removal in Taylorville
Gov. Blagojevich proclaims Dec. 4-10 “Carbon Monoxide Detector Awareness Week”
Four of six major papers left out prescient warnings in coverage of 2002 Iraq war vote - Media Matters
"Throughout the article, Pincus cited the numerous House Democrats who, during the floor debate on H.J.R. 114 -- the resolution authorizing the use of military force against Iraq -- warned of the administration's apparent failure to prepare for conditions in post-invasion Iraq."
Dec 03 Police investigate West Chicago fire
"Several people were left without a place to sleep Saturday night after a fire in a West Chicago apartment building.  An automatic fire alarm and a caller reported the fire around 5:04 p.m. at the Westwood apartment complex located at 1210 Kings Circle, West Chicago Fire District officials said."
FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool
"Kaplan's opinion said that the eavesdropping technique "functioned whether the phone was powered on or off." Some handsets can't be fully powered down without removing the battery; for instance, some Nokia models will wake up when turned off if an alarm is set."
Dec 02 Snow removal sparks more tensions
"Most major city roads were cleared of snow by midday, but many interior, neighborhood streets remained covered with slush.  Some residents blamed the situation on a nearly month-long strike by about 50 public works employees represented by AFL-CIO Local 150 International Engineers."
Victim's last moments on voice mail, lawyer says
"An attorney for a St. Charles woman who was bludgeoned to death Nov. 2 said his answering service received a call from the woman the night she was attacked, and her and her killer's voices can be heard on the recording. Police and prosecutors would not confirm the recording's existence."
Sen Durbin Durbin takes part in tribute to Simon - Edwardsville Intelligencer - Edwardsville,IL
"Caraker noted that Durbin's political career has parallels with Simon's, working on issues that affect the people. Durbin introduced the legislation to ban smoking on all airlines and worked to increase funding for asthma and AIDS research.  He is a leader in the effort to keep guns out of the hands of children. Because of his efforts, Illinois became the first state to voluntarily have every crime gun traced. "
Sen. Obama Megapastor defends invitation to Senator Obama - WJBC News - Bloomington,IL
"Obama is one of nearly 60 speakers scheduled to address the second annual Global Summit on AIDS and the Church beginning tomorrow at Warren's Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California."
Watchdog asks Justice Dept. to investigate Hastert land deal - Raw Story - Cambridge,MA,
"Hastert, who was previously named to a CREW list of the "most corrupt members of Congress," allegedly steered government funding to the construction of a parkway near the land in question, described by CREW as formerly being "inaccessible by road.""
Tammy Duckworth Don't quit VFW, advises losing candidate Duckworth - - Springfield,VA
“The VFW is a fabulous organization that does a lot of good things,” she said. “Here in Illinois, it has boots on the ground doing things like transporting veterans to hospitals who cannot otherwise get there. I did not tear up my membership card and I don’t think other veterans should tear up theirs.”
The ultimate act of self-sacrifice that no one noticed - The Guardian
"Ritscher's death, four days before the American mid-term elections, wasn't the shocking, national news story he had hoped it would be when he doused himself in petrol and set himself alight, next to a video camera and a small sign reading, "Thou shalt not kill." It hardly made a ripple in Chicago's mainstream media until an alternative newspaper picked it up. Nationally and internationally, his death has gone virtually unnoticed."
Dec 01 Elementary
District 33
School Closing
"This message is to let you know that school has been cancelled due to inclement weather for Friday, December 1, 2006 for all District #33 schools."
West Chicago
High School


School Closing
"Community High School District 94 will be closed Friday, December 1, 2006 due to inclement weather."
W. Chicago ready for snow
"Thirteen of the strikers would have been on the job today to plow what forecasters are predicting will amount to more than a foot of snow.  West Chicago will replace them with six trained managers and seven contractors, City Administrator Michael Guttman said."
[Although you would not get that impression from the article, this is a significant escallation ... hiring of replacement workers. - Bob]
Santa Claus to ride two Metra trains Dec. 3, with local stops
"Metra is hosting its popular "Santa Trains" Sunday, Dec. 3, on the Union Pacific line between Chicago and Elburn, with a stops in West Chicago and Winfield."
Frosty Fest kicks off Christmas season in WC
"The holiday season snowballs into West Chicago with the Frosty Fest celebration Saturday, Dec. 2. Frosty the Snowman spreads his magic throughout the day's activities, which include a puppet show, reindeer games and crafts, music, downtown caroling, visits with Santa and Mrs. Claus and the tree lighting ceremony."
Residents to get chance to vote for new mayor
"As he submits his resignation at the Monday, Dec. 4 City Council meeting, West Chicago Mayor Michael Fortner opens up the opportunity for residents to elect a new mayor in the April 2007 election. His elected term of office runs up to April 2009."
Kane reports big increase in salmonella
"Health officials said the county usually sees an average of four cases of salmonella poisoning a year but already has recorded 21 cases so far in 2006."
Sun Times
Obama is going to go for it
"At present, voters in Iowa and New Hampshire -- where Obama debuts on Dec. 10 -- have great influence in determining the nominee. Other states, Michigan for one, want to get in the fray. Adding states to the early primary calendar would help candidates with the best name recognition and resources."
Fifty-four new officers join State Police frontline with Cadet Class 112 graduation
"“One of government’s most important responsibilities is to keep the public safe.  Our State Police play a critical role in that effort, from patrolling our highways to cracking down on internet crime,”"
World AIDS Day
“Here in Illinois, we are keeping our promise to provide necessary resources for access to care, treatment and support in order to overcome the AIDS epidemic,”
FEC to Pols: Blow Whistle on Yourself - Yahoo News
"The proposal contains two penalty recommendations for violators who voluntarily blow the whistle on themselves. One would reduce civil penalties by 50 to 75 percent of standard fines, depending on the steps taken to report and correct the violation. Another would set the reduction at 50 percent, but give the commission leeway to lower or increase the discount based on mitigating factors."
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