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22 Dec 2006


A team of students from Community High School District 94 in West Chicago was awarded first place in a statewide simulated stock market competition. This annual event was sponsored by the Illinois Council on Economic Education and the Chicago Tribune Educational Services Department.

Members of the winning team, Adam Olson, Mike Deimling and Nate Sullivan, are part of a Consumer Education class taught by Donald Zabelin. Each team in the competition invested an imaginary $100,000 in common stocks. Teams could buy and sell the stocks at any time during the 15 week period. "How the teams perform is based exactly on how the market does," Zabelin said. The students learned about investment strategy, what makes stocks move up or down and the concept of risk management.

The CHS team that took first place had a final portfolio value of $136,807. Their return was more than 29 percent better than the performance of the S & P 500 during the same period.  There were a total of 1,197 teams in the Illinois competition. This is the 4th time that CHS has won the state title.

Zabelin said the experience was valuable for all the students who participated. "The students learned why a company's stock might be doing well in the market. They also learned about risk management and how to manage a stock portfolio," he said.