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The following was received via email from former City Council member and Fire Department official John Smith

From: John Smith [mailto:johncsmithjr@comcast.net]
Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2006 7:12 AM
To: 'fencepost@dailyherald.com'
Subject: Good job by West Chicago City Council appointing Mike Kwasman to Mayor

I would like to take this opportunity to commend the City Council of West Chicago for their vote of confidence for Mike Kwasman as the acting Mayor as we await the upcoming City election. Aside from being the best candidate for this position, Mike Kwasman has earned and deserves this position. There are many reasons that I believe this and some of those should be mentioned at this time. Several years ago many of the leaders in the community correctly perceived a growing problem with gangs, along with a shortage of Police Officers. Mike and others went to work and the end result was the hiring of 10 additional Police Officers, which has lead to a situation where there is very little talk of gang problems in our community now. Some time later, Mike was appointed to the West Chicago Fire District and while he has been gone from this board for some years now, his very innovative ideas regarding finance, are still supporting a Fire District operation that is second to none. As is clearly indicated by these two accomplishments, Mike is keenly interested in the safety and security of the people who live in our community, and has shown this through action, not just words. Every July we turn out in great numbers to attend Railroad Days/ Heritage Days events to include the parade. For many of the past years, Mike has been very instrumental in the overall planning of this event and has overseen and managed the parade in total. Mike has done this, dedicating large amounts of his own time and never seeking any recognition or reward. Although I have known Mike for many years, I continue to learn things about him. For instance, about 2 years ago I was standing with Mike in the middle of the down town area and one of the less fortunate and possibly homeless individuals came up and starting talking to Mike. I inquired as to whether Mike knew this person or not and I discovered that Mike had been providing winter coats to many of these less fortunate people who live in our community. I was very impressed with this and again learned that there always seems to be more one can learn about anyone. Prior to becoming an Alderman, Mike was on the Planning Commission. One of the many accomplishments of Mike’s was pushing the implementation of fees to be paid by developers, who build and make money in our community, toward the support of our central services i.e. schools, etc., thereby giving us who live in this community some relief to our property tax bills. As Alderman, Mike has been in the forefront of all the great things going on in our community, especially the assurance of “good” development. By that I mean development that both improves our property tax position, and enhances the overall image of our City. This increases the property values for all of us. In summation, I think that our City Council has given us a real leader to lead our community and I again commend all of them for that. Mike Kwasman seems to have to correct mix of government efficiency/frugality, public safety sense, correct vision as to City image, and compassion to be a great Mayor for our City. Thanks Council.

John C. Smith Jr.
850 Highridge Drive
West Chicago, Illinois 60185