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For Immediate Release

Date:  Dec 14, 2006

Dear Editor,

I applaud an article that was published in the Dec. 7 issue of the Chicago Tribune entitled “Financial Disaster Looms for Illinois, Report Warns.”

The Civic Committee of the Commercial Club, which is comprised of about 80 chief executives of large Chicago area companies, is warning Illinois that the state is financially on shaky ground. Well, actually they said the state is being pushed toward “financial disaster” to be exact.

Through a study and report, the Civic club has tallied the state’s shortfall in liabilities for pensions, retiree health care and Medicaid at $106 billion, or almost $9,000 for each of the state’s 12 million residents. The report also indicates the state’s spending plan “falls short by $5.9 billion in its required annual contributions for pensions, health care, Medicaid and the basic aid to K-12 schools,” according to the report mentioned in the article.

While this report is news to many, it is nothing new to me. After watching the Governor ignore measures to reduce spending, fulfill raided pensions, and increase payments toward overdue state bills, it is easy to see why the state is heading toward financial peril. Leaders of this government are bypassing the warning signs to move forward with pet projects and unhealthy spending measures.

Would I like to introduce new programs and promise additional funds to much-needed causes? Sure I would, however, I also have the responsibility of balancing the state checkbook and making sure Illinois has a future to be proud of for our children and grandchildren.

Leaders of Chicago’s business community can see all the danger signs posted ahead. Why can’t our Governor?

State Rep. Randy Ramey
(R- 55th District)