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Sept 30
Foley Interviewed About Page Last Year; Democrats Not Told - Roll Call
"At least four Republican House Members, one senior GOP aide and a former top officer of the House were aware of the allegations about Foley that prompted the initial reporting regarding his e-mail contacts with a 16-year-old House page. They include: Majority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Reynolds (N.Y.) and Reps. Rodney Alexander (R-La.) and John Shimkus (R-Ill.), as well as a senior aide to Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and former Clerk of the House Jeff Trandahl."
Time Line of alleged events ... to be updated as details become available today
  • 2003 Questionable instant messages between Foley and congressional page.
  • 2005 August - Foley has questionable email contact with 16 year old male page to US House.  (In fairness, he has not been convicted but also hasn't denied it.)
  • 2005 Fall - Republican congressmen and officials (but not Democrats) are informed.
  • 2005 November - Clerk Jeff Trandahl, who managed the Page Program resigned
  • 2005 April - Republican leadership informed... traced to Hastert advisor, not Denny himself.  Boehner has "corrected" his first statement.
  • Foley continues to chair the House caucus on missing and exploited children, writing the sexual-predator provisions of Child Protection and Safety Act.
  • 2006 July - picture of Foley near pResident at signing of Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006
  • 2006 Sept 28 - ABC breaks story about Foley and teen page
  • 2006 Sept 29
    • Mark Foley (R-Fla.) resigns from House, effective immediately
    • Dennis Hastert responds, "He has done the right thing" ... when what is at issue is accusations that He has done a bad thing.
    • CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) asks for Ethics Committee investigation (denied because can only be requested by House member.)  CREW had complainded to FBI and posts emails.
    • Dems call for investigation before congressional RECESS for election
    • After decent folks are fast asleep, Hastert sends issue to Ethics Committee which he emasculated after it sanctioned Tom Delay two years ago.  This means Republicans can now refuse to answer questions about "an ongoing investigation" until, at least, after the election.
  • 2006 Sept 30 - House members are in home districts campaigning.

[For more information about recent sex scandals, go to dKosopedia. - Bob]

House GOP Leadership knew about Foley almost a year ago - AmericaBlog
"Tell me why Denny Hastert shouldn't be forced to immediately resign. They left your kids with this man AFTER they knew what he was doing. They let him stay in the GOP leadership. They let him remain the chair of the child sex offender caucus."
[Even if Denny was not told, he should be able to find out what aid was.  I haven't heard of the aid being fired or suspended.  - Bob]
An Unlikely Lesson From Tokyo Rose - OpEdNews - Newtown,PA
"The woman convicted of being Tokyo Rose eventually benefited from safeguards on the road to justice. Without them she might have died this week in prison without charges ever filed. Perhaps Speaker Hastert might have called that justice. Thankfully for all Americans, his predecessors did not."
Duckworth, Roskam agree to four campaign debates
"So far, debates will be hosted by the College of DuPage, radio stations WBBM-AM and WBEZ-FM and television station WTTW Channel 11, the candidates said. Dates will be finalized later."
Duckworth draws closer to Roskam on campaign cash
"Despite being in the race for only 3 1/2 months, 6th Congressional District Democrat Tammy Duckworth has raised nearly three-fourths as much campaign money as Republican foe Peter Roskam.  But Duckworth barely emerged from a tougher-than-anticipated primary, so Roskam, who was unopposed, enjoys a 3-to-1 advantage headed into the spring fundraising period."
Roskam defends federal pork support
"When asked how Duckworth would bring home the proverbial bacon for the 6th District, Glunz said projects like the railroad crossing would get funded on merit.  Roskam said he would back a change to make earmarks more transparent, requiring the sponsoring congressman’s name to be listed."
'Cut and run' remark undercuts Roskam
"Tammy Duckworth is a genuine war hero who lost both her legs when she was shot while piloting a helicopter over Iraq. She's now a Democratic nominee for Congress in Illinois' 6th District, and her campaign staff has been waiting patiently for her Republican opponent to question her patriotism so that they could pounce like tigers.  It happened right on cue this week, when Republican state Sen. Peter Roskam mentioned the dreadful "cut and run" line during a radio debate with Duckworth. "
Tammy Duckworth Vet Amputee Duckworth Will Slam Bush In Dem Radio Response - TPM
"Like so many others, I proudly fought and sacrificed. My helicopter was shot down long after you proclaimed `Mission Accomplished.'"
[The audio excerpt is available from TPM by clicking here. - Bob]
Ivins: Beyond the pale -
"... Peter Roskam accused his Democratic opponent Tammy Duckworth of planning to "cut and run" on Iraq.  Duckworth is a former Army major and chopper pilot, who lost both legs in Iraq after her helicopter got hit by an RPG. "I just could not believe he would say that to me," said Duckworth, who walks on artificial legs and uses a cane. Every election cycle produces some wincers, but how do you apologize for that one?"
John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)
Unknown congressional candidate going door-to-door - Moline Dispatch
" He comes from a family that stressed helping others. His parents were Christian missionaries, and he spent part of his childhood in West Africa. They returned to the Newark area in 1986.  Mr. Laesch joined the U.S. Navy in the mid-1990s and was an intelligence officer overseas.  He said his brother, Pete -- a sergeant in the U.S. Army now stationed in Iraq -- urged him to run in 2003."
Sept 29 West Chicago Police Dept. Alert: suspicious incidents
"The DuPage County Sheriffs office is investigating several suspicious incidents involving a male subject taking pictures of female juveniles as they exit their school bus and as they are walking home."
Alert: Scams
"There have been a few scams reported by homeowners in the area over the past few weeks."
District 303 Education Partners Update for September 29, 2006:
  • Pictures of St. Charles East High’s Homecoming parade
  • News about 10 District 303 students who have earned National Merit Scholarship “Commended” status
  • Help for those who had trouble viewing the attendance area adjustment update given to the Board of Education on Monday
  • Information about the upcoming EXPLORE test for 8th graders
  • A reminder about author Tim Smith’s program this Sunday about helping teens be safer drivers.
City of West Chicago City Council Meeting on Monday,02 Oct 2006 Agenda Posted
  • New City Seal
  • New City Flag
  • Approve Halloween and Homecoming Parades
  • $25,000 to redesign City Website
  • Numerous Variance and zoning issues
City Planning Commission Meeting on Monday,03 Oct 2006 Agenda Posted
  • Dean Piemonte of Laundry King request reducing the number of off-street parking spaces required for a laundromat.
  • R.C. Soto & Sons request modifications to the commercial component of the mixed-use development located at the northwest corner of Roosevelt Road and Bishop Street
At Home in West Chicago - Merle Burleigh
  • National City Bank Community Celebration
  • English as a Second Language classes at Trinity Lutheran Church

  • National Physical Therapy Month
  • High School Association Homecoming Events
Students on a mission to help Africa
" So when Peed and other student leaders at the private Christian high school searched for a charitable project that year, they settled on raising money for a schoolhouse in a Zambian village ravaged by AIDS. The cost was $53,000, a goal many of their elders considered unreachable.  The students exceeded it by $25,000."
Illionois Senators


“Nearly 5 months after it was promised, the Administration has finally assured us that Illinois wind farms do not interfere with military radar and are safe to operate without the threat of being shut down by the report’s findings,”
Sen. Obama Congress to Pass Obama, Coburn Legislation to Prevent Abuse of No-Bid Contracts in Wake of a Disaster
"Congress has finally come to realize what the American people have known all along - that in the wake of a disaster, our resources should go to help those in need, not wealthy contractors," Obama and Coburn said. "We have a long way to go before we rebuild the American people's faith in government, but putting an end to no-bid contracts is an important start."
Remarks of Senator Barack Obama on the Military Commission Legislation
"I realize that soon, we will adjourn for the fall, and the campaigning will begin in earnest. And there will be 30-second attack ads and negative mail pieces, and we will be criticized as caring more about the rights of terrorists than the protection of Americans. And I know that the vote before us was specifically designed and timed to add more fuel to that fire."
acquisition of Coast Guard Cutter for floating maritime museum
“This museum will give the public a unique, first-hand understanding of our nation’s maritime and industrial history.  I’m pleased we were able to work with the federal government and the American Academy of Industry to make sure the Acacia can continue to play an important role in our region,”
Illinois Parent Leadership Council
“So it’s imperative for us to look for the best ways to get parents on board and fully informed about how their children are doing in school and how they can support their children’s learning. The Illinois Parent Leadership Council will fill the gap between teachers, the state, and parents, making sure all parties are on the same page.”
Sen Peter Roskam Duckworth Ducks Two More Debates
"Tammy Duckworth shows her true allegiance tomorrow by turning down the tenth opportunity to speak to voters in order to court another Hollywood liberal, campaign manager Ryan McLaughlin said."
Sept 28 CHS to have a 'superhero' of a homecoming
"Each class has chosen a superhero, and all activities and events planned build around the various aspects of that character,"
Pride & partnership
"Major strides have been made in the neighborhood over the last six years through funding from grants that helped build a park for the children and a much needed parking lot adjacent to Wilson Street."
National City Bank shares bounty with community
"Branch Manager Steve Grabavoy presented Fire Chief Ron Ackerman with a $500 check and two defibrillators for the West Chicago Fire Protection District Foundation for Fire and Safety. A $500 check also was given to West Chicago Police Officer Joe Trefilek for the Michael Browning Memorial Fund."
We Grow Dreams hosts fall garden open house
"We Grow Dreams, Inc., a not-for-profit organization, is hosting its annual Fall Open House Sunday, Oct. 1, from 1 to 5 p.m. at the We Grow Dreams Greenhouse & Garden Center, 1055 W. Washington St., West Chicago."
West Chicago to unveil new city seal on Oct. 2
"As the first Illinois community established by the railroads, it was decreed on July 12, 1873 that West Chicago's (then Village of Turner) seal "shall have as a design a locomotive engine surrounded by the words, Village of Turner, Incorporated July 12, 1873.""
Dole distances self from election flier
"The ad uses a Dole photo and quote from the March 2006 edition of Glamour magazine in which Dole said Duckworth will be "an excellent candidate for Congress.""
Candlelight peace vigil tonight at Hastert's office
"A candlelight peace vigil is planned for 7 p.m. today at House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office at 27 N. River St. here.  Part of the Declaration of Peace Week of Action nationwide, the Batavia vigil will include names, ranks, ages and photographs of all 166 Illinois soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan."
Bush to headline fundraiser
"Invitations for the Bush fundraiser ask for contributions of $1,000 per person. For a promise of raising $25,000, donors can be called "co-chairs" and get two VIP roundtable passes and a photo opportunity with the president. Those who raise $10,000 will be called "sponsors" and also get to mug with Bush."
“President Robinson shares my concern for what is taking place in Africa,” Durbin said. “With 11 percent of the world’s population, 25 percent of the global disease burden and nearly half of the world’s deaths from infectious diseases, sub-Saharan Africa has only 3 percent of the world’s health workers."
182d gets special funding - Canton Daily Ledger - Canton,IL
"Secure Wireless LAN infrastructure for Point of Maintenance was approved in the amount of $2 million.  The upgrades will improve the visibility capabilities, accuracy, and timeliness of data processed at the 182d Air Wing Maintenance facility."
US Senate to Pass Detainee Bill - Voice of America
"If we are simply holding 455 people (at Guantanamo Bay) with no charges indefinitely, until this war on terrorism which has no definable end to it, comes to an end, that is not consistent with the principles of justice,"
Sen. Obama Obama's First Law Known As 'Google For Government' - CBS
"The new law provides Americans with a new website, what Obama calls a "Google for government." Eventually, anyone will be able to type in a few key words and learn details of where federal tax dollars go, and perhaps whether those trillions are being spent wisely or foolishly."
Remarks of Senator Barack Obama on the Military Commission Legislation
"I realize that soon, we will adjourn for the fall, and the campaigning will begin in earnest. And there will be 30-second attack ads and negative mail pieces, and we will be criticized as caring more about the rights of terrorists than the protection of Americans. And I know that the vote before us was specifically designed and timed to add more fuel to that fire.  And yet, while I know all of this, I'm still disappointed. Because what we're doing here today - a debate over the fundamental human rights of the accused - should be bigger than politics. This is serious."
the Habeas Corpus Amendment
"Without hearing a sudden knock on the door. I bring this up because what is at stake in this bill, and in the amendment that is currently being debated, is the right, in some sense, for people who hear that knock on the door and are placed in detention because the Government suspects them of terrorist activity to effectively challenge their detention by our Government."
Rep Hastert Korean-Americans seek resolution on sex slavery - The Hill
"“I do not think Hastert was too pleased with the resolution, wondering about the relationship with Japan,” said a GOP aide familiar with the issue.  Hastert spent time in Japan in his first year of graduate school and travels to the nation often. Some GOP sources have said he is interested in following in former Speaker Tom Foley’s (D-Wash.) footsteps and becoming the country’s ambassador one day."
Warner won't let GOP add causes to bill - Ottawa Recorder - Ottawa,Ontario,Canada
"Sen. John Warner chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee , rejected appeals from Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and House Speaker Dennis Hastert to use his bill on military pay raises as a vehicle for their pet measures."
DEMOCRATS: NO ADJOURNMENT - Free Market News Network - Pompano Beach,FL
"Democrats believe there are five issues that Congress has not touched on yet and are pressing to keep Congress in session until those issues are addressed. These five issues include national security, economic security, cost of health care, cost of college tuition, and gas prices. The letter states, “Our country is heading in the wrong direction” and “We reject assertions that the people’s business can wait until after the November election.” "
John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)
Ed Schultz interviews John Laesch
[An MP3 recording of the Sept 26th interview of Laesch on the Ed Schultz Show, carried locally by WCPT, 850 AM.  Although carried on many Air America stations, Schultz is an independent left of center talk show host from Bismark, ND. - Bob]
Bob Kincaid interviews John Laesch
[Bob Kincaid of HeadOn Radio appears to be an admitted left winger out of West Virginia. - Bob]
Opportunity Returns Grants to Help Start  Agribusinesses
“Agriculture is our state’s number one industry, and I am committed through this program to help create new agricultural ventures that ensure the industry remains number one in the future.” 
$5.3 million in grants for county efforts to fight meth
“Methamphetamines and other illegal drugs destroy the lives of individuals, families and entire communities. We should use every resource at our disposal to fight the production, distribution and use of these drugs throughout the state."
Sen Peter Roskam In break from campaign, Roskam visits Glenbard - Chicago Suburban News
"After showing the students how a bill is written, introduced and debated on the floor, the state senator then introduced the freshmen to the governor's secret weapon.  "It's called a veto," Roskam said."
Molly Ivins: Habeas Corpus, RIP (1215 - 2006) - Truthdig
"Oh dear. I’m sure he didn’t mean it. In Illinois’ Sixth Congressional District, long represented by Henry Hyde, Republican candidate Peter Roskam accused his Democratic opponent, Tammy Duckworth, of planning to “cut and run” on Iraq.  Duckworth is a former Army major and chopper pilot who lost both legs in Iraq after her helicopter got hit by an RPG. “I just could not believe he would say that to me,” said Duckworth, who walks on artificial legs and uses a cane. Every election cycle produces some wincers, but how do you apologize for that one?"
Olbermann Nominates GOPer Roskam For "Worst Person" Award - TPMCafe
"As Election Central first reported on Monday, Roskam made the comment at a debate a week ago. Speaking of Duckworth, Olbermann said: "She can't run, since she lost both her legs there. Nice touch, Pete." Roskam was bested for the title by Roger Ailes."
[Be sure to check the video. Incidentally, this one is now tied at 41%. - Bob]
Sept 27 West Chicago Police Dept. Alert:  Attempted Child Pickup
"The Glendale Heights PD is investigating an attempted child pick up that occured this morning at approximately 0750 hours near Bloomingdale and Fullerton in Glendale Heights."
City of West Chicago Touring Exhibit Heads to West Chicago City Museum
"Sponsored by Midwest Generation, an independent power producer based in Chicago, and the Illinois Humanities Council, Mexicans in Chicago is part of a five-stop tour that includes Blue Island, Rockford, Aurora, Joliet and West Chicago. "

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Trinity Lutheran School ... Now Offering After School Childcare!
  • Homework Assistance Available
  • Nutritious Snacks
  • Active Adult Supervision
  • After School Transportation for District 33 Students
Disabled children find hope in Aspire
"We Grow Dreams Inc., a non-profit organization, is holding its annual fall open house from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday in the We Grow Dreams Greenhouse and Garden Center, 1055 W. Washington St., West Chicago. The open house will feature pumpkins, mums, hanging baskets, corn stalks, flowering kale, hot apple cider, coffee and sweet treats for the entire family. Proceeds support job training and employment programs for people with disabilities. For more information, call 630-293-0100 or visit www.we"
Rep Hastert Terrorist Tribunal Legislation
"These terrorist tribunals will allow the suspected terrorists to address the charges against them, with legal defense provided by the U.S. government. In addition, classified evidence is protected from disclosure to the accused terrorists."
legislation forcing cell phone companies to be honest about costs
"These secret surcharges unfairly increase the costs of wireless service beyond the advertised rate.  The Governor’s legislation will require that cell phone companies identify all charges and prohibit surcharges disguised as taxes or mandated fees."
Sept 26 Fall Colors in the North Woods...
The gray pictures were taken Saturday, as a storm blew in on Saxon Harbor.  They are not black and white or doctored.  The colors are from Sunday, when the sky turned blue and the view from Copper Peak turned fantastic.  The contrast within 24 hours is so... so ... so ... typical of the Lake Superior shoreline.  For folks with no hard fast plans, color is expected to peak this weekend.  Hurley, WI is six hours north on US 51 near Lake Superior and the Michigan border.  Hurley - the Top Of Wisconsin hooks you up with accommodations. 
City of West Chicago Unveiling of New City Seal
"September 26, 2006 - The City of West Chicago will be celebrating its 100th Anniversary of Re-Incorporation at the October 2nd City Council meeting. The public is invited to attend the meeting which will be held at City Hall, 475 Main Street, beginning at 7:00 p.m. "
District 303 Education Partners Update
  • The Board of Education meeting synopsis
  • A new initiative called the “Parent University”
  • Free preschool developmental screening
  • A Hero in our Midst – Ferson Creek Elementary honors student
  • A tennis camp for kids
  • The Corron Elementary School PTO’s blood drive
  • A celebration to honor a Ferson Creek Elementary School hero
  • A seminar this coming weekend regarding helping teens drive more safely.
West Chicago Police Dept. Alert:  counterfeit bills
"Please be aware that numerous counterfeit bills (10's and 20's) have been passed to local restaurants and grocery stores since last Monday."
Volunteer, 90, kept a busy life
"Mrs. Janaes was born in West Chicago on Dec. 17, 1915, to Laura and Michael Tinnes, a longtime employee of the Chicago & North Western Railroad... Mrs. Janaes attended West Chicago High School, where she met her future husband, Michell “Cy” Janaes. The couple wed in 1937, and settled in Winfield."
New Alaska drilling divides 6th District rivals
"But while both say global warming is a concern and stand squarely behind ethanol production, they're at polar opposites on the hot-button issue of drilling for oil in Alaska."
Plenty of mud, not much clarity on border debate
"In Illinois, for example, Republicans are airing a television advertisement slamming Democratic congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth, claiming she supports amnesty for undocumented immigrants, opposing the use of the National Guard at the border and agreeing to give Social Security benefits to illegal immigrants. Duckworth actually favors the approach of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), which does not provide amnesty or Social Security to illegal immigrants, and she has called for adding 12,000 Border Patrol agents."
"U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) today announced that a Senate-House conference committee has approved $84.35 million in federal funding to assist defense related facilities and project across Illinois."
"Both initiatives will be managed by Northern Illinois University under the DOD's Combat Vehicles and Automotive Advanced Technology program."
Sen. Obama Oprah Supports Barack Obama For President - All Headline News
"However, Oprah says she wants everyone who would work tirelessly on her campaign to "take your energy and put it in Barack Obama. That's what I would say."  "That would be my favorite guy... he is my senator... and my choice... and I'm hoping he would run for president.""
Ntimama links Kibaki aide to Anglo Leasing - Kenya Times
“I would like to caution Mutua and the Kenya’s USA diplomat that Obama is not just a common man to dismissed casually. We are talking of an internationally reputed personality. He is a Senator from a world power. This Government should be very cautious on how it addresses international issues. Failure to which it drift the country into a major diplomatic crisis,” he said."
Rep Hastert Consumer Confidence is High as Gas Prices Drop
"The economy continues to grow to record levels, and the American people are more convinced now as they feel relief at the pump and have more money in their pockets."
John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)
Dennis Hastert is Playing Politics With Terrorism, Again.
"I am dying to know where these bold Republicans are now hiding. I did think that these "wag the dog" claims reflected amazing levels of ignorance by elected officials, but I didn’t think in political terms those days.  Now that I am a candidate, I understand how political messaging works and I think that it is pretty sad that people are willing to silence an honest debate on Iraq during the election cycle."
Laesch for Congress Online Campaign Headquarters!
"It is our responsibility to our nation to ensure that American families are put first. For many Americans, working hard at one full-time job is no longer enough to pay the rent and feed their families. Access to a living wage, quality health care, education, and a healthy environment should be enjoyed by all Americans that work hard to support their families."
John Laesch is scheduled to be interviewed as part of the Ed Schulz Show on Tuesday, 26 Sept 2006 during the 3PM hour.  This show program is available locally on WCPT at 850 on the AM dial.  The program is also streamed to the net at .
E-Mail Alert System to Deliver Real-Time Traffic Updates
"Our new traffic alert system means drivers can get up-to-the-minute information about congested areas and travel times, which can help them avoid delays and get to where they’re going faster.”
Amtrak Saluki to start running October 30th
“People want and use Amtrak; that’s why we doubled our commitment to ensuring we have regular passenger rail service.  During the past several years we’ve continued to see an increase in the people riding the Illinois state-sponsored trains.”
Sen Peter Roskam Rivals for Hyde's Seat Argue Over Iraq -
"Roskam, a state senator from Wheaton, countered that the suburban Chicago district is not a "cut-and-run district" or one that embraces a timetable for a pullout from Iraq."
Tammy Duckworth IL-06: Vet Duckworth Hits Back At "Cut And Run" Attack -TPM
"Tammy lost both of her legs in Iraq and Peter Roskam’s way of saying thank you is to callously accuse her of wanting to “cut and run.”  Well, Peter, let me tell you this, Tammy can’t “cut and run” and she won’t “cut and run.” But I guess we should expect something like this from someone who worked for Tom Delay and gets his talking points from Karl Rove. "
Dirk Enger Veterans' Rights
"The National Guard and Reserve deserve fully funded benefits and pensions. We need more family support centers statewide to support our troops. It takes a lot more than just a car magnet to show support!"
Sept 25 Investigation ongoing after pedestrian hit by car
"The incident occurred just before 10 p.m. Saturday, when a vehicle traveling south in the left lane on Route 59 near Pine Street struck the pedestrian, police said.  Early investigations indicate the pedestrian was crossing the roadway and was hit by the left side of the vehicle, police said."
New Sharp differences apparent in Roskam, Duckworth debate
"Whether it was war, immigration, taxes, stem cells or Social Security, Republican state senator Roskam and Democratic Army veteran Tammy Duckworth had little common ground and weren’t afraid to mix it up, either."
Sen Durbin


"Today's announcement comes just months after Durbin met with and wrote to Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Michael Chertoff, urging him to add the City of Chicago to DHS’ list of “critical seaports.” Those cities on the “critical seaports list” are eligible to apply for more than $168 million in port security grant funding for the protection of critical port infrastructure from terrorism."
Sen. Obama Sen. Obama at Joliet town hall
"At his 57th town hall meeting since being elected, Obama said the meetings help him stay in touch with local issues. "When I come here, I just feel like this is sort of the heart of what America's about. I think a lot of people feel that way, which is why your traffic is so bad.""
Final Chemical Plant Security Legislation Fails to Adequately Protect American Lives
"There are 111 facilities in the United States where a worst-case scenario attack on a chemical plant could threaten more than one million people, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Two of these facilities are within Chicago's city limits. Illinois has at least 11 facilities where a large-scale chemical release could threaten more than a million people."
Rep Hastert US House Speaker Hastert May Block Major Defense Bill -WP - Easy Bourse (Communiqués de presse) - Paris,France
"The newspaper said the last-minute confrontation is pitting the House's most powerful member against Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John W. Warner, R-Va., who has said he will not add extraneous measures to the annual defense authorization bill unless they can garner unanimous support from Democrats and Republicans alike."
more federal LIHEAP funds for Midwestern states
"The original $80 million dedicated to the project was distributed according to a formula which only counted fuel oil as a source of heat, yet most Midwestern consumers use natural gas. As a result, the low-income families in Illinois and other Midwestern states have not benefited from additional energy assistance."
$1 million to help Illinois families stay connected to their energy service
“But when that assistance runs out at the end the season, some of our most at-risk families become disconnected again.  That can mean that a family is without gas to cook their dinner or lights in their home.  Here in Illinois, we want to break that cycle of disconnection.  This grant will help those families who are at the greatest risk of being disconnected from their energy service stay connected throughout the year – keeping homes safer and families healthier.”
Tammy Duckworth Tammy debates Peter Roskam on WBBM 780's "At Issue."
[The above link takes you to the audio of the program. - Bob]
IL-06: GOPer Says Amputee Vet Dem Would "Cut and Run" From Iraq - TPMCafe - New York,NY
"The use of this common pro-war talking-point in this case surprised some observers—not to mention Duckworth herself—because the veteran Duckworth lost both of her legs in Iraq. Duckworth's post-debate reply was rather straightforward: "I just could not believe he would say that to me."
Sept 24 Cable Com
Channel 17
Channel 17 Schedule
  • 6:00 PM The Derek & Rob X-Perience (NEW)
  • 6:30 PM Millner's Talking Points
  • 7:00 PM City Council (9/18/06)
  • 8:00 PM WCCHS Wildcat Football (9/22/06)

And that's JUST MONDAY

Wayne on board with moving depot
"Tax-deductible donations are being sought through the village’s historic preservation commission, and leaders also have approached U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s office for help in getting funding."
[What is happening about the McCauley School?  Inquiring minds want to know if Hastert is helping there also? - Bob]
Arboretum offers advice on Emerald ash borer beetle
""The arboretum has fielded hundreds of calls from the public wanting to know what they should do (about the beetle)," said Edith Makra, arborist and arboretum community trees advocate.  "We want to provide the very latest information available so they can make informed choices," said Makra, a member of Gov. Rod Blagojevich's Emerald ash borer management advisory team. "
Little common ground for Roskam, Duckworth
"In the first face-to-face debate of the 6th Congressional District campaign, Republican Peter Roskam and Democrat Tammy Duckworth made familiar cases for their election Friday, with Roskam arguing he's the "local candidate with local support" and Duckworth contending she represents a change from "more of the same" in Washington."
Tammy Duckworth Duckworth receives key environmental endorsement from the Sierra Club
“Peter Roskam has the gall to call himself a friend of the environment.  Yet, he’s taken tens of thousands of dollars from the oil industry during this race and opposed a bill in Springfield to prevent new sludge facilities on Lake Michigan,” Duckworth continued.  “If elected to Congress, I’m going to fight to protect our air and water, not the special interests and big polluters.”
Sen. Obama Africas problems rooted in lack of vision - Kenya Times - Kenya
"African leaders must get more concerned with the bigger picture and the bigger picture must be concern with wealth generation, poverty reduction and equitable distribution. When he recently made a powerful speech touching on tribalism and corruption at the University of Nairobi which ought to have stoked our thinking, US Senator Barrack Obama instead found himself being vilified. It is difficult to see how we can correct our failures if we are shackled to self-denial."
Rep Hastert House leaders want offsets for farm disaster aid - Reuters
"When North Dakota Democrat Earl Pomeroy asked about the chances for a House vote, Agriculture Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte said Speaker Dennis Hastert and Majority Leader John Boehner have asked for offsets for disaster outlays."
Ney Would Collect Congressional Pension If Convicted - - Steubenville,OH
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert told NEWS9's Scott MacFarlane on Thursday that an update on Ney's future was "very, very close."  Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call cites Hastert as saying he's working on getting a letter from Ney.  So far, no member of Congress has formally suggested expelling Ney from Congress if he doesn't resign."
Political tide turning on illegal immigration or Ridicule, then ... - San Francisco Chronicle
"At least for now, House Republican leaders have succeeded in their take-no-prisoners approach to immigration despite nationwide protests by Latinos last spring and White House warnings that they are endangering their party's future.  Refusing to compromise with the Senate and their own president to widen paths to legal entry and give the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the country now an avenue to citizenship, Hastert and other House GOP leaders have successfully framed that approach as amnesty."
John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)
Pvt. Grandma? Seniors try to ‘enlist' in protest of Iraq war - Dekalb Daily Chronicle - Dekalb,IL
"Before the march to the recruitment office, Laesch, who is running against Speaker Dennis Hastert in the 14th Congressional District, highlighted his stance on the Iraq war.  Laesch is a former naval intelligence officer. Part of his message was aimed directly at U.S. troops, such as his brother, Pete Laesch, who he said is serving with the U.S. Army in Baghdad, Iraq.  “My fellow brothers and sisters, I support our troops and I believe that supporting our troops means getting out of Iraq,” John Laesch said."
Sept 23 State money will lower class sizes at Community High
"The board of education this week unanimously approved Chambers’ plan to use the one-time payment for one new section of English 3 and another of Algebra 1.  Up to two students will be pulled from each of the existing crowded classes of those courses to form the new sections, Principal John Highland said."
Thundery deluge delivers record rain, 70 mph gusts
"Aided by instability created by the diverging jet stream flow aloft and the converging winds at the warm frontal boundary below, towering storms built to 58,000 feet tall. Downdrafts resulted in widespread hail and wind damage (70 mph reported at Hanover Park and 60 mph near West Chicago)."
Tammy Duckworth Duckworth Placing Website Banner Ads
Liberal web blogs, such as Talking Points Memo are beginning to show banner ads for Tammy Duckworth, the Iraq War disabled vet who is challenging Republican Sen.Peter Roskam for the federal House seat formerly held by Henry Hyde.  The ad links to a flash presentation covering Ms. Duckworth's biography.
  • Board of Education meeting
  • art teacher of the year
  • much more...
Sen Peter Roskam Senate Week in Review Sept. 18-22
"Tensions mounted this week during a Legislative Audit Commission meeting as Auditor General William Holland confronted Illinois Department of Transportation officials to find explanations about $700,000 in questionable expenses and other incidents of mismanagement, according to State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton)."
Two new restaurants; two new taste sensations
  • "West Chicago has been our home for many years. Our children attended St. Mary's School and the high school. Our goal is to bring a fine Mexican cuisine into the community we count as home."
  • "Fine dining doesn't have to be an extravagance," Russo said, "It's part of our lifestyle and needs to be fresh, innovative and affordable."
Former prosecutor joins Dist. 94 board
“He (attorney Charles “Chuck” Jacques, 47) certainly understands the community and understands the school,” Reyes said. “Bottom line, he can hit the ground running and help us with a number of things immediately.”
Worship goes Celtic in West Chicago with Horner
"Combining church worship music with Celtic rock seems unconventional, but it's made Sammy Horner highly sought after within Christian circles. The singer/songwriter first found fame with Scotland's The Electrics, but has since released nine solo albums."
“This mismatched, piecemeal approach to food safety could spell disaster if we do not act quickly and decisively,”
“Seniors are starting to pay the full price for a drug plan designed by and for the pharmaceutical industry,” Durbin said. “More than 430,000 Illinoisans could be one prescription away from falling into the doughnut hole."
Sen. George Allen: When He's Not Stealing Identities, He's ... - American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA
"George Allen doesn't just steal identities, he also steals amendments from his colleagues. Earlier this month Allen appropriated Senator Durbin's appropriations amendment by introducing it on the Senate floor moments before the real author had the opportunity to introduce it. Incredibly, Allen insisted that his bill was different because he changed the word "will" to "shall." And we thought that President Clinton was straining credulity by parsing the meaning of "is"."
Sen. Obama Barack Obama welcomed in Gaston - Georgetown University The Georgetown Voice
"Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.) made an impassioned bid for clean energy in front of an overwhelmingly supportive audience in Gaston Hall yesterday.  Obama’s 20-minute address was interrupted frequently by cheers and applause, as the students, faculty and local residents packing the auditorium appeared united in their enthusiasm for the youthful politician from Illinois."
Being a Good Citizen Just Got Easier - Human Events - Washington,DC
"Senator Tom Coburn (R.-Okla.), who has become the champion of transparency and good government, sponsored this effort. Senator Barack Obama (D.-Ill.) is the other lead sponsor.  It is almost impossible to overstate the importance of this type of legislation. Members of Congress approve lots of spending projects. Many of those projects are beneficial and completely defensible; others are shameless efforts to funnel federal money to some constituent’s pet project and have little or no relation to the national interest."
Rep Hastert Passage of Border Security Package
"Before we can address any other immigration issues, Congress must ensure that we are providing for security along our borders."
[Hopefully when the Speaker finishes all the sitting ducks, he will turn to something more difficult and important, like illegal employers. - Bob]
Key GOP House member raps leadership - U.S. News & World Report
""I think there have been failures of leadership, major failures of leadership," said the member. Laying out a list of woes that many conservatives agree with, the member said topping the chart is the GOP leadership's blind eye toward ethical lapses of members like former Rep. Duke Cunningham of California and Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio. In fact, the member said, some feel House Speaker Dennis Hastert should be as tough on the Republican side as Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been on those in her Democratic caucus who've made ethical missteps."
John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)
Free speech versus war protests - Northern Star Online - DeKalb,IL
"The protest also brought out people like John Laesch, congressional candidate for the 14th District, who gave a speech at the protest voicing his opinions on George W. Bush, Congress and the war. During his speech, he compared enlisting in the war to getting into a car with a drunk driver.  "We are not going to get a positive change in Iraq until we get a change in Congress," he said. "
Governor Blagojevich announces efforts to make it easier for drivers in Illinois to locate E-85 and biodiesel stations
“With just a few simple steps I think we can go a long way in getting the word out on E-85 and biodiesel.  We’ve included all the stations on our easy to use state travel website; we’ll be posting new signs on the interstate showing motorists where to exit for an E-85 or biodiesel station, and we’re developing new pamphlets for our rest areas and tourist centers that will show where E-85 and biodiesel stations are in Illinois.”
Sen Peter Roskam Sound-alike political ads: Had enough? - Chicago Sun-Times
""They have been lying about different stances, from tax issues to immigration," said Duckworth spokeswoman Christine Glunz. "If you're talking about who is thinking what here, I think we know that Peter Roskam will do whatever the national Republicans tell him is right in this race. . . . They will tell him what to think."  Roskam spokesman Ryan McLaughlin said he could not comment on the ads because they are an independent expenditure by the NRCC."
  FOP pulls a switch, so does Roskam - Pioneer Press Online - Glenview,IL
""The piece was correct is saying that we had the FOP's support. They endorsed Peter Roskam during the primary. The piece was pulled when we found out about the endorsement (for the general election)," he said.Duckworth spokeswoman Christine Glunz criticized the piece."
Commerce secretary stumps for 2 candidates
 - Pioneer Press Online - Glenview,IL
"Christine Glunz, a spokeswoman for Democrat Tammy Duckworth, said Roskam is just reading Republican talking points without offering solutions.  "At the same time as Peter Roskam was meeting with the Commerce secretary, the Commerce Department was announcing its new trade deficit figures, a record $68 billion shortfall," she said. "(Roskam) is saying everything is great." "
Tammy Duckworth Iraq not central in war on terror, Duckworth says - Pioneer Press Online - Glenview,IL
"I think a very small percentage of what is happening in Iraq is terrorist activity. I think most of it is sectarian violence, it's Sunnis fighting Shiites ... I think that to try to tie Iraq to the war on terror is a disservice to the real work that has to be done in the war on terror, which includes finishing the job in Afghanistan, capturing Osama Bin Laden and destroying Al Qaeda but also protecting our people here at home."
Bush Closes EPA Libraries Without Approval from Congress - Buzz Flash
"Bizarrely, Bush is trying to close the libraries despite the fact that the network actually saves far more money in improved efficiency than it costs to maintain. While Bush wants to gut nearly all of the $2.5 million budget, estimates indicate that the libraries save staff about 214,000 hours each year, worth about $7.5 million."
Sept 21 Elementary
District 33
Sorbate Anti-Trust Settlement Grant
"The grant allows for the purchase of 20 stationary bicycles and 10 piston stepper machines to provide aerobic fitness activities as well as a few other fitness equipment pieces.  Together with existing strength training equipment, the new equipment will provide students a total and complete strength and fitness experience of the major muscle groups. "
Roskam takes to TV with first ad
“And he’s losing his hair,” said the 11-year-old, drawing a “hey” from his father, who closes with a non-specific pledge to voters that he’s running “so all our kids have a bright future.”
Area police work together on 'Operation Lifesaver'
"Joining police officers from Wheaton, Lombard, Villa Park and Elmhurst, West Chicago Police Sgt. Leo Aviles and Officer Joe Trefilek participated in a Railroad Safety Blitz Thursday, Sept. 7. Aviles said that these departments teamed up with the Illinois Commerce Commission, Union Pacific Railroad and Metra to distribute information about pedestrian and vehicular railroad safety."
West DuPage park briefs
West DuPage library briefs
Sen. Obama Obama urges challenge to Bush policy
"On the terrorism front, I'm happy to have that debate," the first-term Illinois senator said following a speech on energy at Georgetown University. "The notion that the president has led a flawless policy on terrorism is an illusion."
Rep Hastert Speaker Hastert Congratulates Members of the Space Shuttle Atlantis Crew
"I want to congratulate this six-member crew on a productive mission to the International Space Station.  With this undertaking the crew effectively installed a full second set of solar arrays onto the station, completed three space walks, and conducted various robotics operations"
Gov. Blagojevich announces nearly $20 million in federal funds secured for grants to help provide services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault
Blagojevich administration officials and SIU President Glenn Poshard unveil new Springfield Combined Laboratory Addition
Tammy Duckworth In Roskam's hands, truth gets slippery
""Ted Kennedy's amnesty bill" refers to Senate Bill 1033. The sponsor of that bill is Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican who has contributed $2,500 to the Roskam campaign.  Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat, is one of McCain's nine co-sponsors."
Sept 20
City of West Chicago Wood Street Closure Now September 21, 2006
"WEST CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, September 20, 2006 - The City of West Chicago has revised the announcement that due to construction by Union Pacific Railroad, Wood Street will be closed on both sides of the track at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, September 20, 2006. Due to mechanical difficulties, Union Pacific has rescheduled the work for Thursday, September 21, 2006. The closure of Wood Street is due to repair of the tracks at this crossing. The crossing is anticipated to be reopened either late Thursday or Friday afternoon. Motorists are advised to follow the posted detour route or choose another alternate route."
District 94 to address online behavior
"District 94 officials agreed to address the challenges posed by by tweaking 10 existing policies, rather than creating one new policy.  The changes are set for approval at the next school board meeting, Oct. 3."
Tranquil treasure
"It’s easy to lose yourself in the West Chicago Prairie.  Wander down one of the meandering trails, and within minutes, all signs of civilization have vanished from sight.  Instead, towering grasses and blazing golden flowers stretch ahead as far as the eye can see, interrupted only by the occasional shaggy oak."
Suburban man held on abuse charges
""Based on our investigation, I think it is fair for us to say that his employment does not put him in a position to have contact with children on a daily basis," he said.  If convicted, Clodfelter faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 60 years in prison.  The investigation into alleged abuses included police in North Aurora and West Chicago as well as the state Department of Children and Family Services. "
Aspen names director
"Aspen Marketing Services, a West Chicago-based marketing services firm, named former Home Depot Inc. executive John Costello to its board of directors. Costello, Home Depot's first chief marketing officer, left the Atlanta-based home improvement retail chain in 2005 to pursue other opportunities."
“We urge the [U.S. Justice] Department to appeal the portions of the District Court’s ruling that severely limit the remedies to be imposed on the tobacco industry. If allowed to stand, the decision on remedies in this case will have the effect of allowing major tobacco companies to escape any meaningful accountability for the enormous injury their misconduct has caused.”
Durbin takes up tunnel workers concerns - The Hill - Washington,DC
“I am very concerned about these workers; they could have been easily exposed to asbestos,” he said. “We need to do whatever we can to protect them and make sure they are getting appropriate medical care.”
Sen. Obama Obama reacts to Kenya's criticism of his lecture - Capital FM - Nairobi,Kenya
"He said criticism from government Spokesman Dr. Alfred Mutua and Ambassador Ogego over his speech goes against the tradition of free expression which Kenya and the US ascribe to."
Rep Hastert Passage of Voter ID Act
"The Voter ID Act will require voters to present a photo ID in the 2008 federal elections. Effective 2010, voters will be required to provide a photo ID that could not have been obtained without proof of U.S. citizenship."
Why Smoke is Coming out of My Ears - OpEdNews - Newtown,PA
"And before the votes were all counted, and before the election was certified, the 'winner' was declared and whisked to Washington where he was sworn in by Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House. A subsequent lawsuit was thrown out by the judge on the grounds that the matter was not in his jurisdiction anymore. In other words, the hijacking of that election by Congress removed the election from state authority, citizen oversight and the many voters who participated in the election and were disenfranchised, before, during and afterwards."
Gov. Blagojevich, Lt. Gov Quinn, State Board of Education announce Technology Immersion pilot project schools
"With this pilot program, we’ll give students another resource for learning and, at the same time, help them develop technology skills that will help them compete when they’re finished with school and ready to enter the workforce,”
Gov. Blagojevich urges U.S. Senate Committee to oppose bill that would undermine Illinois’ ability to ensure food safety
“While the legislation may be designed to create national uniform food safety warning notification requirements, I believe it will ultimately hinder our ability to protect our state’s food supply, and hinder our ability to respond quickly to local food safety concerns. "
Sen Peter Roskam the biggest Social Security bamboozlers in this cycle - Talking Points Memo
"So the bounty in the contest still stands at TPM t-shirt and two TPM mugs for the first reader who can get a straight answer out of Roskam on where he stands whether or not to partially phase out Social Security and replace it with private accounts. If you're interested, see the contest rules here."
82 issues return in 06  - The Hill - Washington,DC
"“I think there has yet to be a consensus that there is a looming crisis with Social Security. At that point, you’d have to have the next conversation,” Roskam said, adding that he supports a measure proposed by DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) that would allow companies to automatically enroll employees in 401(k) plans."
Sept 19 Crime experts help in burglary arrest
"West Chicago resident Dottie Tinnes said she happened to look out her front window at just the time and place predicted by analysts.  “He was driving up and down the street at least four times, then he parked in front of my home and walked north in the direction of Turner School,” Tinnes said. “I thought, ‘This isn’t right.’”
“Methamphetamine abuse has been a big challenge for the state of Illinois and is often cited as the number one challenge facing law enforcement officials in Illinois. We need to help them meet this challenge by increasing public awareness of this drug’s dangers. Education plays a critical role in combating meth.”
Durbin Meets with Army Corps - WIFR - Rockford,IL
“While there are already important long-term repair plans in place, there are things that need to be done immediately to help keep Rockford safe from the potential disaster that could be caused by another flood. We will be working with both the Corps and the City to complete necessary emergency repairs to the Alpine Dam and address Keith Creek flooding.”
Sen. Obama Obama mobbed in Iowa, stirring 2008 speculation - Taipei Times - Taiwan
"And throughout, Obama is keeping up a full schedule of political speeches on behalf of Democrats nationwide; his fame has made him one of the most requested fundraiser guests in the party."
Rep Hastert Flying in: Farm Bureau pushes for immigration reform - California Farm Bureau
""A program that offers interim legal status might be helpful. But talking about border security alone, while it makes good politics in some areas, I'm more interested in making good public policy."   In a joint letter sent last week to House Speaker Dennis Hastert, Costa, Cardoza and Thompson said, "As members of Congress from some of the most productive agricultural regions in the world, we represent farmers and ranchers who are being negatively impacted by labor shortages, in part because Congress has failed to address this issue. "
Key House GOP members support Dem anti-narcotic measure - The Hill - Washington,DC
"Debate over counter-narcotics operations in Afghanistan comes as the Pentagon is trying to reorganize its policy shop, a move that some congressional leaders, including House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) fear would dilute the Pentagon’s counter-narcotics mission even more."
Effect of Ney's Guilt Could Weigh Heavily
""The source added that Ney largely has eroded any sense of goodwill among House Republicans because on May 10, Ney stood in front of his colleagues at their weekly meeting to offer an impassioned self-defense, which was met with a standing ovation led by Hastert.  "'Ney stood up in front of the entire Conference and said that he was innocent and that he was taking on these allegations and it was the media’s fault and that he would clear his name,'"
John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)
Laesch Links to videos Blasting Hastert

[It should be noted that the ads are from You Tube where anybody can post anything and carry no official endorsement by the campaign. However, they are submitted by "John" and are postings, not comments. - Bob]

Mother protests war for 'gentle giant' - Northern Star Online - DeKalb,IL
"Congressional canidate John Laesch will speak Thursday at an anti-war protest in the MLK commons."
Tammy Duckworth Roskam campaign continues to distribute material falsely claiming FOP endorsement
"Sixth District Congressional candidate Peter Roskam continues to distribute materials to homes in the area that falsely claim he received the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P.), Illinois State Lodge, which represents over 34,500 police officers in the state.  That endorsement actually went to Roskam’s opponent, Tammy Duckworth."
Sept 18 WC Public Library September/October 2006 Programs
  • Preparing Your Landscape for Winter
  • Books for Lunch
City of West Chicago Union Pacific Repairs to Close Wood Street
"The City of West Chicago announced that due to construction by Union Pacific Railroad, Wood Street will be closed on both sides of the track at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, September 20, 2006. "
Day for red, white and green
"Horses, sombreros, flags, balloons and more than 100 honking cars made their way through the downtown area as part of the Mexican Heritage Parade."
Debate on immigrants stokes race
"As for what to do about the undocumented immigrants already here, Roskam opposes amnesty, saying the border would "need to be under control for a few years before the next conversation could take place."
Obama warns Democrats: Get tougher on security
"What Democrats have to do is to close the deal," said Obama, the keynote speaker at Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin's 29th annual steak fry. "We have got to show we have a serious agenda for change."
Walking the walks
"A Century of Gardens and Porches, West Chicago Garden Club, West Chicago, June 24: Best idea from the tour: Giant hostas. Lou Horton, president of the Northern Illinois Hosta Society, is my new god. He has more than 200 varieties on his property, probably a thousand total."
Hiring Law? What Hiring Law?
"More than 70 workers with political pedigrees were hired through internships meant for college students--even though all were older than 35 and a few were in their 60s."
Sen Durbin Senator Dorgan to the Cheney/Halliburton Pentagon: Nobody Seems to ... - Huffington Post
"In other words, Halliburton sent a letter to a truck driver that says if you release us of any potential guilt, we'll give you a US government medal. As Senator Durbin aptly put it, "If Halliburton is giving out medals from the Department of Defense, might we conclude that they have friends in high places in this government?" The line drew laughter, but it was the laughter of disgust. When in American history has a private US company dispersed medals from the US government?"
Sen. Obama Running or Not, a Senator From Illinois Makes Splash
"But beyond his first trip to Iowa — a visit that was guaranteed to set off new speculation about his presidential ambitions — Mr. Obama is in the midst of an unconventional publicity tour of sorts. Fresh off a closely watched journey through Africa, including a stop at the home of his Kenyan-born father, Mr. Obama is about to publish a second book that supporters believe will outpace his best-seller from 1995."
Sen Peter Roskam Rosie's rant won't work in Wheaton
"Don't search for entertainer Rosie O'Donnell on the faculty of Wheaton College, a distinctively Christian school in the western suburbs. Especially after O'Donnell made headlines last week by asserting that "radical Christianity" is "just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America where we have separation of church and state.""
[Roskam's website posted this as a news article with no attribution. - Bob]
Tammy Duckworth IL-06 House Election: Iraq & Immigration - Rubicon
"Democrat: Tammy Duckworth, military pilot, Rotary International manager
Republican: Peter Roskam, state senator, lawyer (incumbent Henry Hyde resigning—2004: won 56%–44%)
Poll: Duckworth 47%, Roskam 46% (8/29) "
Rep Hastert House Happenings for This Week
"We are going to give him the authority to establish terrorist tribunals so we can bring terrorist suspects to justice. And we can also make sure our intelligence agencies can still use terrorist surveillance programs so we can keep catching the terrorists before they can bring harm to us."
[This is the first "weekly" posting since May 26th... about 20 weeks. - Bob]
Comments on Bob Ney
"“The illegal behavior that Congressman Bob Ney has admitted doing is unacceptable.  I am glad he has recognized and accepted the consequences of his actions."
Bob Ney, Not Getting the Hint - TPM MuckRaker
"An anonymous Republican bitched to Roll Call, “Ney stood up in front of the entire [GOP] Conference and said that he was innocent and that he was taking on these allegations and it was the media’s fault and that he would clear his name. . . . He lied to everybody. I hope he gets better in rehab, but he needs to have a great sense of shame for what he’s done. No apologies.""
Ethics panel handles few complaints
"Naomi Seligman, deputy director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, said her organization has prepared detailed complaints against 22 congressmen for alleged ethics improprieties. But it can't find a representative willing to take the complaints to the committee."
House Members Loath to Air Dirty Laundry
"When Republican Joel Hefley of Colorado heard he was in line to be selected, he started ducking calls from the speaker of the House."
[For this post I returned to the "tom delay as dark cloud" or "monkey on his back"  theme, because this shows the Speaker accomplishing nothing on that ethics front.. - Bob]
With this new technology center, Southeastern Illinois College will be able to help hundreds more men and women learn the technical skills they need to compete in the modern workplace,”
Ryan fading into history but prosecutors still digging - Belleville News Democrat
"Blagojevich has long maintained his hiring process was "blind" to the names of applicants, but a series of Associated Press articles showed that the governor's aides were approving hires by name as late as fall 2004."
Wave of Party Switchers Hits Republicans
"A trend of local, below-the-radar party-switches is undercutting Republicans as they face the sternest challenge in a decade to one-party control of Congress and several state legislatures. Such party-switching by elected officials often indicates that the label they are shedding has lost appeal and foreshadows poor performance at the polls."
Sept 17 City of West Chicago City Council Meeting on Monday,18 Sept 2006 Agenda Posted
  • Rehabilitation of Sewer Cleaning Truck
  • Adoption of City Council Rules
Planning Commission Meeting on Tuesday, 19 Sept 2006
  • PC 06-32 - 872 Sterling Avenue, Lot Width and Lot Area Variances.
  • Case PC 06-41 - American Highway, Inc., petitions the City of West Chicago for a Special Use Permit for a cartage and freight terminal
Sen. Obama What you need to know to be an informed HP citizen - Chicago Maroon
"After all, these are U.S. Senator Barack Obama’s stomping grounds, from where he launched his political career in 1996 after being elected Illinois State Senator. On a not so political note, Obama, also a Law School lecturer on leave of absence, visits his family every weekend from Washington, and can frequently be seen taking in an early dinner at the Medici Restaurant with his two daughters and wife, Michelle."
Rep Hastert GOP pushes tax bill - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"Rep. Tom Reynolds, the campaign manager in charge of keeping the Republican majority in the House, gave his approval to a bid by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Thomas to force a tax bill through the September session of Congress.  Reynolds' opinion is given the highest weight, even more than Speaker Dennis Hastert's, in the current House Republican leadership meetings."
Border fences -- and fantasies - San Francisco Chronicle
"So when House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., said last week that "Republicans believe we can have a no-penetration border" and that "if we build a fence, they will no longer come illegally," he was operating in the realm of politics, not reality.  What's needed is a far more sophisticated response to the immigration problem."
Sept 16 At Home in West Chicago - Merle Berle
  • West Chicago's Mexican Independence Day celebration
  • Santo Maria's Ristorante's second anniversary
  • Kelly-Miller Circus
  • Simple Gifts Foundation golf outing
  • Preventing identity theft library's program
State to ax Kane trees: 
"More than 2,800 ash trees are located in the area targeted for removal, including about 1,700 on private property and public rights of way. Another 1,120 are located in 60 acres of heavy forest."
Republicans rally around border wall
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) announced that the GOP-led House would try to pass a series of bills strengthening border security by the end of September and seek to persuade the Senate to go along by including the package in a spending bill for the Homeland Security Department."
Sen Durbin Durbin: farm aid an uphill battle - KHQA - Quincy,IL
"The Senate's number-two ranking Democrat says more than 20 senators are a part of a bipartisan coalition trying to forge ahead with an overall disaster assistance measure that would include help for Illinois farmers, among others across the country."
"War on Terror" Numbers To Silence Republican Candidates - Huffington Post
"And Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) sketched out the only numbers needed to confirm that Bush's "war on terror" is not only going very badly, but has gotten much, much worse on his watch.  "Osama bin Laden is still on the loose. Al-Qaeda's membership, estimated at 20,000 on 9/11, is now estimated by our intelligence agencies at 50,000. Instead of shrinking and disappearing, they are growing geometrically,"
Six Champions of the Bill of Rights Honored by the ACLU of ... - U.S. Newswire
"Senator Durbin is being honored for his work in Congress defending key constitutional rights against the Bush Administration's efforts to act without impunity or oversight. Senator Durbin's efforts to end the use of torture on persons held by the United States, his work to reform the USA PATRIOT Act and his opposition to warrantless wiretapping by the Administration make Senator Durbin a beacon of courage in a Congress that otherwise has abdicated its essential role as a check on the abuse of presidential power."
Rep Hastert Political Ratings of US Leaders Rise Moderately Since Last Month - PR Newswire
"In the House, Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert has also seen a slight
increase in his approval ratings. This month his positive rating is at
27 percent, up from 24 percent in June, while his negative job rating is
at 48 percent, down from 56 percent."
Ney admits to corruption - Tracy Press - Tracy,CA
"Ney had a unique power perch in the House when the year dawned, as chairman of the committee with jurisdiction over the internal workings of the 435-member chamber. Speaker Dennis Hastert pressured Ney into surrendering his chairmanship earlier this year as concern rippled through the GOP ranks about the Abramoff scandal."
Sept 15 Alumni Association Announces Homecoming Events
"The Community High School Alumni Association invites former CHS students to step back in time and join more than six decades of WeGo graduates for 2006 Homecoming festivities!"
City of West Chicago Railroad Blitz Safety Program
"The West Chicago Police Department announced today that its uniformed police officers distributed over 700 railroad safety brochures on the 5:09 p.m. westbound train #49 from Chicago's Ogilvie Metra station to West Chicago on September 7, 2006. "
Sen Peter Roskam SENATE WEEK IN REVIEW: Sept. 11-15, 2006
"An attempt by the Blagojevich Administration to wrest control from local education officials about the kinds of food available to students in Illinois schools, and further discussion about a proposal to lease the state’s toll highway system were issues considered by Illinois lawmakers during the week of Sept. 11-15, according to State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton)."
Wheaton Academy ready to test itself against big schools
"This weekend promises to provide the Wheaton Academy girls volleyball team with its biggest test of the regular season.  The formerly Class A Warriors will run into fellow Class AA schools Wheaton Warrenville South, Wheaton North, Plainfield Central, West Chicago and Willowbrook at the DuPage Invite on Saturday at Willowbrook in Villa Park."
Being ready for anything is a family’s best defense
"The West Chicago Citizen Corps and Winfield Township Citizen Corps will hold a Family Emergency Preparedness Night from 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday at the West Chicago Fire District Office, 200 Fremont St., West Chicago."
Proposed liquor store back before West Chicago council
"Although the variances were passed by an 8-7 vote Aug. 21, upon further review by city attorney Pat Bond, the vote needed was a two-thirds majority of the 15 aldermen, with at least 10 voting in favor of the variances."
West Chicago men remain in jail
"Two West Chicago men remain in custody in the DuPage County Jail unable to make the $200,000 bail each after they were taken into custody Sept. 6 for allegedly robbing a man of his wallet at the Westwood Apartment Complex."
Winfield Twp's second brush pick up starts Oct. 2
"The Winfield Township Road District will begin its second Fall Brush Pick-up Monday, Oct. 2, for residents of uncorporated Winfield Township."
“No one should have to wonder whether it is illegal for others to obtain their phone records without authorization. I believe the practice already is illegal, but this legislation is urgently needed to erase any doubt and establish appropriate penalties for such actions.
"Today, the cruise ship industry spews approximately four billion gallons of pollutants into U.S. waters on an annual basis, an amount more than 350 times larger than the Exxon Valdez disaster. These pollutants have been found to cause severe damage to our oceans and marine life."
Illionois Senators


“Hundreds of thousands of innocent people have died in Darfur, women have been raped, children have been brutalized in untold numbers and two and a half million people are displaced,”
John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)
Laesch to Hold Town Hall Meeting to Discuss Whiteside County Healthcare Crisis
"It should be a top priority for Congress to address the healthcare crisis; over 47 million Americans do not have healthcare and your current congressman has been missing in action on this issue,"
$1 million in grants to protect threatened and endangered species
"The areas that have been chosen for the pilot program are some of the most unique, diverse habitats in the state, so this investment will not just benefit today’s generation, but many generations to come,”
Sen Peter Roskam Where's Tammy? - Journal & Topics
"And now our "Where's Tammy" segment. Sixth Congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth still hasn't responded to our repeated requests to explain to readers of the Journal her stands on the issues facing American citizens and local residents."
Tammy Duckworth Roskam Tells Two Different Tales on Social Security
"In a perfect illustration of politics-as-usual, Sixth District Congressional candidate Peter Roskam has given different answers to different groups on whether he supports privatizing Social Security."
Duckworth calls House earmark reform a “fig leaf”
"Sixth District Congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth today announced the winner of her “Outrageous Earmark of the Week,” and said legislation passed this week in the House would do nothing to curtail the waste of billions in taxpayer dollars.   The latest award goes to a $179,000 earmark for hydroponic tomato production in Ohio, which is in the FY 2006 Agriculture Appropriations Act (HR 2744)."
Sept 14 West Chicago police release sketch of daytime burglar
"West Chicago police are investigating whether a single suspect is responsible for up to seven recent daytime burglaries."
[The Herald article does not include the police sketch which is included in yesterday's WegoWeb post from the WC Police.
Upscale Italian restaurant to open presto
“I think it’s the right move to bring a white-cloth restaurant to our town,” said Alderman Mike Kwasman, chairman of the local development committee. “I think it is a good investment on the city’s behalf. It made sense to us.”  Under the agreement, the city will loan developer Tom Fawell and his management group $250,000."
Viva Mexico
"This weekend’s event will kick off with a parade at 2 p.m. Sunday near the West Chicago Public Library, 118 W. Washington St.  From there, the parade will proceed east on Main Street, south across the Wilson Avenue bridge, west on Conde Street, south on Joliet Street to Augusta Avenue."
[Collages of past parades ... 2003 ... 2002 - Bob]
Voters painting state blue
"But the most recent Tribune poll found that even in longtime Republican-leaning regions, the GOP no longer might have the upper hand. In the collar counties, 31 percent of voters aligned themselves with Republicans while 29 percent identified with Democrats."
Sen. Obama Obama Bill Requiring Notification of Unplanned Release of Radioactive Substances Passes Senate Committee
"This common sense bill will help ensure that state and local officials are notified within 24-hours if a leak occurs, and that concerned parents and citizens won't have to rely on the federal government or an image-conscious corporation to get information.""
House, Senate, OMB to Implement Transparency, Accountability ... - U.S. Newswire
"The legislation, sponsored in the Senate by Coburn and Obama and in the House by Blunt and Davis, is scheduled to pass the House Wednesday and represents the final version of the legislation, which will be implemented by the Office of Management and Budget."
Rep Hastert Passage of Secure Fence Act
“Every year, nearly one million illegal immigrants cross into America. This is a clear threat to our safety. Some of these people are coming for work, but countless others are drug dealers, gang members and some are even terrorists."
House Passage of Earmark Reform
“Today’s action will bring greater transparency and accountability to the way Congress earmarks taxpayer funds."
Efforts to rein in lobbyists stall in Congress - San Jose Mercury News
"After Abramoff pleaded guilty in January to fraud and conspiracy charges and Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, R-Calif., was imprisoned in March for bribery and tax evasion, congressional leaders declared in no uncertain terms their commitment to reforming the system that led to these disgraces. 
House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., proclaimed the need to "regain the trust of the American people""
GOP bill to curb Indian casinos fails - San Francisco Chronicle
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., made a major miscalculation by assuming he had the votes to pass the bill by House Resources Committee Chairman Richard Pombo, R-Tracy, under a suspension of the rules, which requires a two-thirds vote."
the State will recover thousands of dollars for two female employees in equal pay case
“In Illinois, women must be paid the same amount as men for the same work. Employers need to realize that paying women less than men for equal work is not only unfair, it’s against the law."
Tammy Duckworth Duckworth Receives Fraternal Order of Police Endorsement
“I am extremely proud to receive the endorsement of local law enforcement officials who serve the public and safeguard our families,” Duckworth said.  “I am honored to receive this vote of confidence from the men and women who are on the front lines in protecting our community.” 
Duckworth urges probe of military spending - Tribune
"While the executives at Dick Cheney's old company might tell you that they were trying to provide entertainment for their employees and the troops in Iraq, I can tell you that my colleagues and I who fought in the war would have preferred armor for our vehicles and properly fitting body armor to a big-screen television, chicken wings or tacos,"
Duckworth bucks Bush on Iraq war - Daily Herald
“I think a very small percentage of what’s happening in Iraq is terrorist activity. I think most of it is sectarian violence. It’s Sunni fighting Shiites.”
Duckworth to Roskam: “Stop Whining”
“I’m not a career politician or a personal injury attorney like my opponent,” said Duckworth, a major in the Illinois National Guard. “So when someone lies about the positions I’ve taken, especially as they involve our national security, I’m going to set them straight in the strongest possible terms.”

Still Nothing Happening in the 95th.

You can check their web sites by clicking on their faces, but they are the two most inactive websites that I check each evening.  I suspect that they have positions and want to get a message out.  Will Somebody please tell them there is an election coming up?
Bush Takes Security Push to Capitol Hill
''The world is beginning to doubt the moral basis of our fight against terrorism,'' Powell, a retired general who is also a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote in his letter.  Powell said Bush's bill, by redefining the kind of treatment the Geneva Conventions allow, ''would add to those doubts. Furthermore, it would put our own troops at risk.''
Sept 13 City of West Chicago West Chicago Police Issue Information on Recent Burglaries
"Analysis of the pattern of burglaries has identified the suspect's preferred time to burglarize as daytime during the week, with preferred break-in entry being rear door or window. "
Three students named National Merit Scholar semifinalists...
Touching girls lands store owner in jail
"The touching involved hugs, kisses on the cheeks, and rubbing of the shoulders, knees, thighs and arms. He never touched the girls’ breasts or genitals, which kept him from being charged with a sex crime... Even though Segarra pleaded guilty to battery twice he has said his actions were appropriate for his culture and not intended to be sexual.
DuPage poor embraced by agency
"Kettering, founder and director of the Humanitarian Service Project in West Chicago, knew that senior on Social Security was choosing between paying for medicine or eating healthy meals."
“Today we were given the green light from the Senate Public Works committee to continue planning and other work on the new federal courthouse in Rockford,”
“She understands the importance of investing in transportation infrastructure, and I am hopeful she will bring that understanding to her work at the Department of Transportation.”
Rep Hastert September 11th Resolution
“This ideology of evil seeks not simply to dominate, but to destroy the will of all mankind — to control at the tip of a sword our every thought, word, and deed.  Their ultimatum is simple: submit or die."
Hastert Featured On The Daily Show
The 12 Sept 2006 edition included Jon Stewart scoffing about whether Speaker Dennis Hastert knows the words of the National Anthem.  Although this is an improvement over jokes about his weight, we link you to the video and let you decide for yourself whether this is another Roseanne moment. - Bob
ThinkFast: September 12, 2006 - Think Progress - Washington,DC,
"And finally: House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) led a congressional rendition of the national anthem at a 9/11 commemoration yesterday. We won’t comment on his performance, other than to say that it would have been better if he knew the words to the song."
Democrats seek to expand GOP earmark overhaul -
"Nonetheless, Emanuel is clearly seeking to make the debate uncomfortable for Republicans, including Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., and Appropriations Chairman Jerry Lewis, R-Calif., who have been the subject of reports suggesting they either personally benefited from earmarks or had cozy relationships with lobbyists who benefited."
stolen African artifact returned
“The Illinois State Museum acted promptly and worked with the Kenyan government to make sure this important piece of a family’s history and tradition be returned to the place where it belongs.”
State Board’s Student Advisory Council
“They have the unique opportunity to provide input to the State Board of Education and shape programs and policies based on their perspectives.  It’s an important responsibility and one that I think these young leaders are ready for.”
"Board of Education meeting synopsis..."
Unauthenticated art sale misses its fundraising goal
"The $14,000 raised was well below the agency’s $100,000 goal, but Bury said officials were grateful to the anonymous Barrington man who donated his parents’ collection for the sale."
DuPage remembers, honors 9/11 victims
"Communities from West Chicago to Bensenville, Naperville to Wheaton, held services honoring those who died five years ago."
Serious side of tree-climbing
"The winners of the men's and women's divisions, Todd Kramer of Aurora, who has now won it six times, and Anne Dalrymple of West Chicago, each received $1,000 worth of climbing gear and a free trip to Hawaii to compete in the international contest in July."
Aina J. Masi-Love: 1923 - 2006
"Mrs. Masi-Love, the daughter of Swedish immigrants Axel and Sandina Alm, was born in her parents' farmhouse in Montgomery. At the age of 16, she was working as a waitress at the St. Andrews Golf & Country Club in West Chicago, which was her first exposure to golf."
Sen Durbin Local Agencies: More Needs to be Done to Protect Citizens - WREX-TV - Rockford,IL
U.S. Senator Dick Durbin says, "It's not enough for us to be ahead. We need to link up with other states. We need a national network because that's the nature of the threat thats been imposed upon us."
Colbert: George Macaca Allen 'shall' be defeated - AlterNet - San Francisco
"Last week George "Macaca" Allen literally stole Senator Durbin's appropriations amendment by introducing it on the Senate floor just before Durbin had a chance to introduce it. Allen argued that his bill was different because he changed the word "will" to "shall." As absurd and unbelievable as this sounds, it actually happened -"
Sen. Obama Sen. Barack Obama Tours Africa - World Press Review
"There, Obama sold his vision of an America that was not "pockmarked by racism and fear and led by politicians born into privilege and coached into automaton."  "In no other country on earth is my story even possible. I think that what people are most hungry for in politics is authenticity," he said."
Rep Hastert Republican Border Security Forum
“The state of our borders is a security crisis. This is an emergency that Congress must address before November. The American people want – and as you will hear, the evidence demands — immediate, targeted legislation specifically designed to secure the border, protect our homeland, and vigorously enforce our immigration laws."
House GOP going for broke - USA Today
"Two years ago, Hastert's PAC gave 32% of its money to Republicans trying to win Democratic seats, twice the share they're getting this year. Boehner appeared at campaign events for 26 candidates last month — 23 of them trying to hold Republican seats.  "There is no question that we are in a very difficult political environment," Boehner said last week, "
About Those Nazi Appeasers: Bush Family Values - One Thousand Reasons - Redlands,CA
"We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did."  House Speaker Dennis Hastert agreed. With breathtaking indifference to the plight of property owners and displaced families, Hastert said, "It makes no sense to spend billions of dollars to rebuild a city that's seven feet under sea level....It looks like a lot of that place could be bulldozed."
John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)
Hastert is not a Healthcare Voter
"It is no surprise that Dennis Hastert is no friend of those in need of healthcare. His close relationship with the insurance lobbyists and pharmaceutical giants have priced prescriptions out of control and left 47 million Americans uninsured."
"Celebrations for Wasco, Davis and Wild Rose elementary schools."
Bloggers help Obama pass Senate pork bill
"The victory for Obama and Coburn demonstrated the growing power of the Internet in influencing legislation. Their bill would make it easier for Americans to use computers to quickly discover how their money is being spent, and particularly who is benefiting most from the federal budget."
Sen. Obama on the 5th Anniversary of the September 11th Attacks
"Part of this means a change in policy, like the need to finally implement the recommendations of the bipartisan 9/11 commission. But it also means a change in our politics - a willingness to look beyond the next election and put aside partisanship so we can focus our attacks on the terrorists, not each other."
Rep Hastert Prepared Remarks for 2006 Congressional Remembrance of September 11, 2001
“Most of us still find it hard to express our thoughts and feelings about 9/11, which is natural, I think. But while we may not be able to define our 9/11 experiences, nevertheless our 9/11 experiences define us."
Many reforms by 9/11 panel being ignored - Connecticut Post - Bridgeport,CT
"Of the 41 recommendations, half have been ignored. Meanwhile, the reforms that were taken up have not been completed satisfactorily, they say."
"Day of Rememberance"
"We became a more united country than most of us can remember in our lifetimes.  We pause today to remember all the people we lost on 9/11 – the regular workers going about their daily lives, and the courageous firefighters and police officers who didn’t think twice about doing their duty to protect the public.  And in remembering them, we commit ourselves to carrying on their goodness and dedication, using our freedom and what remains of our lives to do better,”
federal assistance for Rockford-area homeowners, renters and businesses after Labor Day flooding
“We’ve worked with federal officials to determine what the community needs and to identify federal disaster assistance programs that could help people recover. Today, I’m asking the federal government to quickly grant our request so that people can get some of the help they need to put the pieces back together again.”
Exodus, morale shake CDC - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"The urgency of these missions has current and former CDC scientists deeply concerned the agency's new strategy of looking at health issues broadly and reorganizing its divisions puts it on a course to potential disaster, causing it to lose its footing, like FEMA did before it faced Hurricane Katrina."
Sept 10 Cable Com
Channel 17
Channel 17 Schedule
  • Monday 8:00 PM  -WCCHS Wildcat Football at West Aurora Taped 9/8/06
  • Wednesday 8:00 PM - City Council 9/5/06

Check the entire weekly schedule.

Sen Durbin Illinois National Guard Troops Facing Equipment Shortages - - Salem,IL
"U-S Senator Dick Durbin says Illinois National Guard troops are facing a severe equipment shortage at home because of the many items left behind during their service in Iraq. Durbin says estimates show -- for example -- less than ten percent of the Army Guard's necessary medium and heavy trucks and only 65 percent of its required light trucks are available."
Sen. Obama Our country suffers from the malaise of self-hate - Kenya Times - Kenya
"Though Senator Barrack Obama has done nothing spectacular, other than sharing the feat of having a Kenyan father with millions of Kenyans, when he came to Kenya from South Africa, our media put him at a pedestal with Jesus, the Superstar, following him wherever he went, covering live and repeating his speech at University of Nairobi and generally giving him inordinate coverage in our papers and TV stations.  Kenyan media gave Senator Obama coverage they or American media would never give a Kenyan MP, President, Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai or any of their own. Why? "
Come-on Dr Mutua, Obama was right - Kenya Times - Kenya
"Obama did not lecture to the people of Kenya on how to manage our country. On the contrary, he uttered the plain truth; a truth that many of our leaders are not accustomed to. Kenyan politicians are known to be masters of double-speak, deceipt, dishonesty and mediocrity and virtues like truth, as ably demonstrated by the Senator, does not, even remotely, exist in their vocabulary. "
Rep Hastert Thousands march for rights of immigrants - Houston Chronicle
"House leaders will preside over a meeting next week where Republican committee chairmen will propose border security measures based on what they learned from field hearings they conducted over the past month, Hastert said.  "It won't be the whole 95 tons of what we've tried to work between the House and Senate, but we will try to get some things done," he said.  Some possible ideas include voter identification cards and safer Social Security cards, he said."
Immigration Backlash Brews - CBS News
"But now, with inaction on the Hill, some businesses are mobilizing. A few national groups — like the Associated General Contractors of America — say they'll stop campaign contributions to lawmakers who take hard-line stances on immigration controls, according to The Wall Street Journal. The Texas Produce Association has said people may have to get used to an "outsourced" industry, with more growing done in Mexico, if Congress doesn't produce a bill."
Ten big news stories you aren't hearing - Market Watch
"The story is gleaned from an annual list developed by Project Censored, a media research group out of Sonoma State University that tracks the news published in independent journals and newsletters."
Sept 09 DuPage slates hearings on countywide smoking ban
"County Board member Linda Kurzawa, R-Winfield, who is also president of the DuPage Health Board, will serve as cochairman of the task force. She said the goal of the hearings is to "gather input" from the public, health-care agencies and the business community."
More traffic headaches ahead on the tollway
"The work is part of a larger effort to rebuild and widen the tollway to four lanes between Washington Street and Finley Road. The project is part of Gov. Rod Blagojevich's $5.3 billion congestion-relief program and is directly east of the tollway's "washboard" section stretching east from Route 59 that was rebuilt and widened in 2005."
Illinois National Guard short on equipment for disasters here
"Less than 10 percent of the Army Guard's necessary medium and heavy trucks and only 65 percent of its required light trucks are available.  Of the 34 percent of equipment not deployed for the war, 10 percent has been found unacceptable for deployment due to age, a parts shortage or inadequate armor protection.  Durbin, a member of the Senate's Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, said the picture in Illinois is the same elsewhere, with Guard units commonly facing equipment shortfalls."
Sen Peter Roskam Big Guns On Way, Duckworth's Ducking - Journal & Topics Newspapers
"As we predicted last week, the big guns of the Democratic and Republican parties will soon find their way to the Northwest and West suburban 6th Congressional District to raise money and campaign for candidates Peter Roskam and Tammy Duckworth."
Rep Hastert Hastert Applauds Iraqi Government for Military Command - U.S. Newswire
"With additional Iraqi security forces taking the lead with military operations in the country, they will soon be able to take gradual control of insurgent strongholds and further help Coalition forces to fight and win the Global War on Terror."
1000s at US immigrant rights actions: - The Militant - New York,NY
"They marched into downtown Batavia, a Chicago suburb, to protest in front of the offices of U.S. House of Representatives speaker Dennis Hastert, a staunch opponent of legalization. Feeder marches from Aurora, Elgin, and Joliet swelled the crowd to 2,000."
Sept 08 West Chicago Police Dept. POLICE NEWS ALERT
"Wheaton Police reported a victim responded to the ad and agreed for a job interview. Victim sent via western union a sum of $300.00 to secure an airline ticket. Money was received in Orlando Florida. Victim was never contacted again."
District 33
Dual Language Picnic
"Each year the Dual Language Program hosts a picnic as a way to help families get to know each other. The Dual Language picnic will take place on Friday, September 15 from 5:30 - 7:00 PM at Gary School, 130 E. Forest Avenue, West Chicago. "
  • Board of Education meeting
  • STC Underground Teen Center
  • new pictures
City of West Chicago


West Chicago's 4th Annual Great Apartment Yard Sale
"West Chicago, Illinois: September 8, 2006 - Community Property Management of West Chicago is sponsoring the 4th Annual Great Apartment Yard Sale at Westwood and Riverwoods Apartments on Saturday, September 23, 2006 from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. to benefit the Neighborhood Resource Centers."
At Home in West Chicago - Merle Berle
  • WCFPD annual memorial service
  • Historical Society's annual Ice Cream Social
  • Chris Bardey at Gallery 200
  • Family Emergency

  • Preparedness Night

  • Mexican Independence Day parade
"The program for the DuPage County Patriot’s Day observance was announced today and will feature two state senators, high ranking fire and emergency management officials and DuPage County Board members. The inaugural event is designed to honor the innocent victims who lost their lives as a result of a terrorist attack on America five years ago. The event will conclude with a candle lighting ceremony and moment of silence. "
SENATE WEEK IN REVIEW: Sept. 4-9, 2006
"Lawmakers’ focus turned to school construction funding this week when Governor Rod Blagojevich announced during a political rally his plans to circumvent the state’s school construction grant program, jeopardizing districts that have waited years for construction grants promised to them, according to State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton). "
West Chicago Prairie receives rare distinction
"It’s easy to lose yourself in the West Chicago Prairie.  Wander down one of the meandering trails, and within minutes, all signs of civilization have vanished from sight."
Is it rare art or not?
"Bury said the works’ prices range from $50 to $5,000, with most falling in the $300 to $1,000 range.  But before trekking over to the sale with dreams of snatching up an undiscovered masterpiece, Bury offers a disclaimer.  “We have not had them authenticated,” she said. “We cannot guarantee they are by that artist. It’s really up to the buyer to make that decision.”
Bail set for 2 accused of using BB guns in heist
"Bail was set Thursday at $200,000 each for two suspects accused of robbing a man this week in West Chicago while brandishing BB guns."
“Five years later, we remember the shock, the anger, and the deep sadness that we felt. But we should also remember something else about the day America was attacked: the powerful sense of unity we felt --- the sense that we are all in this together,”
“Lincoln demonstrated enormous courage and strength of character during the Civil War and throughout his life, ensuring that the United States remained one nation, united and inseparable. To honor the 200th anniversary of his birth, this special series of $1 commemorative coins will pay tribute to his life and work.”
Republican Terror Strategy Faces Dissension in Ranks (Update1) - Bloomberg
"The strategy to portray Democrats as weak on security would be weakened if some Republicans side with the minority party on the most contentious issues.  ``It's more complicated when Republicans are asking good questions,'' said Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, the Senate's No. 2 Democrat. "
Leader to Washington Update - Illinois Farm Bureau
"Leaders thanked Sen. Durbin for his support of renewable fuels and new locks.  Durbin predicted that House conferees for WRDA would be selected by the end of the week."
Sen. Obama Senate Passes Coburn-Obama Bill to Create Internet Database of Federal Spending
"By helping to lift the veil of secrecy in Washington, this database will help make us better legislators, reporters better journalists, and voters more active citizens," Obama said. "It's both unusual and encouraging to see interest groups and bloggers on the left and the right come together to achieve results. This powerful grassroots alliance shows that at the end of the day, Americans want to see Congress work together to get something done and not continue to engage in the partisan gridlock that so often brings Capitol Hill to a grinding halt."
Mbeki snubbed US senator Obama - African News Dimension  -Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
"Despite Mbeki's cold shoulder the US senator held a meeting with the head of a South African company with interest to open a multibillion dollar coal liquefaction plant in the United States."
Rep Hastert New Border Security Package to be Unveiled Next Week
"Our chairmen who held hearings on border security and the Senate’s amnesty bill did a great job this summer talking to the experts and American citizens about how to solve this problem."
Jobless Claims Falling by Largest Amount in Seven Weeks
"The Labor Department reported that applications for jobless benefits totaled 310,000, down 9,000 from the previous week. It was the biggest decline in seven weeks and was a larger improvement than analysts had been expecting."
Illinois a national leader in mutual aid, special response teams
“You can’t be too careful and there’s no such thing as being over-prepared.  That’s why we’ve built a new Statewide Terrorism Intelligence Center, and a new Emergency Operations Center.  It’s why our Weapons of Mass Destruction Teams won Harvard’s award for Innovations in Homeland Security.  It’s why we received the highest rating for preparedness for bio-terrorism from the Centers for Disease Control.  It’s why we developed the strongest mutual aid system in the nation.  We’ve come a long way.  But we can never let our guard down,”
Gov. Blagojevich urges changes to No Child Left Behind after Pres. Bush’s Education Secretary declares law nearly perfect
“While I share the goals and intentions of No Child Left Behind, for those of us who have to live with, implement and enforce the law, to say that it is nearly perfect is simply not accurate,”
Tammy Duckworth Duckworth gives Congress “two thumbs down” for theater earmark
"Sixth District Congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth today announced the winner of her “Outrageous Earmark of the Week” award:  $250,000 to help finance a project to build new dressing rooms and expand the stage at a theater in Utica, New York, which was in the FY 2006 Interior Appropriations Act (HR 2361)."
Mike Fortner Truitt-Hoff Nature Preserve
"Over the last couple of years West Chicago and the Forest Preserve worked together to secure this high level of protection for the prairie. However, the real star of the day was former West Chicago Mayor Dick Truitt."
Sept 07
City of West Chicago West Chicago Heritage Days Needs Volunteers
"Two special meetings have been scheduled to discuss the future of West Chicago Heritage Days and the feasibility of it continuing. The meetings have been scheduled for Thursday, October 5, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. and again on Saturday, October 7, 2006 at 9:00 a.m. at City Hall, 475 Main Street."
Two arrested in armed robbery  in West Chicago
"West Chicago police Detective Anthony Cargola said authorities received a call at 12:59 a.m. Wednesday from a man in the Westwood Apartment complex, west of Route 59 and north of Hawthorne Lane, who said he’d been robbed of his wallet."
Spectator night at Speedway tests cars, drivers mettle
"What better place for a car to enjoy its final engine rev but a local dirt track with a couple thousand race fans cheering on every bashed fender and dangling bumper?"
[Schedule and other info on Sycamore Speedway are available here. - Bob]
WC offers haven for immigration marchers
"Clear weather  was included in our prayers this morning," said the Rev. Greg Skowron, St. Mary's associate pastor.  The calmness of the weather described both the entrance and departure from West Chicago and other communities along the route."
WC takes time to remember Sept. 11, 2001
"On the 5th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, the West Chicago Fire Protection District holds its annual memorial service at 9 a.m. at the headquarters station, 200 Fremont St. The ceremony starts with the flag and "5-5-5-5" bell ceremony. Fire district Chaplain David Haley presents the eulogy. Playing "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipe is West Chicago resident John Walker, a member of the Mediana Scottish Bagpipe band."
DuPage County candidate will pursue write-in
"We looked at the decision and options available at this point," said Alycia Fitz, attorney for Chavez. "He is going to be pursuing a write-in campaign."
2 charged in stickup outside apartment
"The two men approached the victim as he was getting out of his car and heading toward his apartment in the 1200 block of Kings Circle just before 1 a.m., said West Chicago Detective Anthony Cargola. The men demanded money, he said, then fled with the wallet."
Race for Hyde's seat in Congress heats up - Chicago Tribune
"Duckworth, an Iraq war veteran from Hoffman Estates, has the Republicans "worried," said David Goldberg, an assistant professor of political science at the College of DuPage, but internal polls suggest that Roskam, a state senator from Wheaton who is the GOP floor leader, is slightly ahead."
“More than 1,700 of those wounded in Iraq have sustained brain injuries. Half of these injuries are severe enough to permanently impair thinking, memory, mood, behavior and the ability to work."
Democrats, Joined by General Wesley Clark, Release New Report on ... - U.S. Newswire
"Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, Assistant Democratic Leader Dick Durbin, House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, and Senator Thomas Carper today joined General Wesley Clark and Sharon Burke, Director of the Third Way National Security Project to release "the Neo Con," a new report analyzing the dangerous effects Republican policies have had on the security of the nation. Prepared by Third Way, the study is a damning indictment of Bush Republican failure and incompetence that has left America less safe five years after September 11, 2001."
Allen amendment to aid veterans stirs battle cry - Richmond Times Dispatch - Richmond,VA
"Durbin said he had circulated a letter to fellow senators about his own proposal last week.  The revised Allen-Durbin proposal would increase funding for the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center from $7 million proposed for the next fiscal year in a defense-spending bill being debated on the Senate floor."
Rep Hastert Better reform - Town Hall - Washington,DC
"Immigrant rights demonstrators protest in front of U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert's (R-IL) office in Batavia, Illinois, September 4, 2006. Protesters marched to Hastert's office to speak against a U.S. House bill making illegal immigration a felony, which Hastert supports."
As Congress stalls on immigration, a backlash brews - Christian Science Monitor
"Chicago activists marched 50 miles to House Speaker Dennis Hastert's house last weekend to protest congressional inaction over reforming immigration laws and what they say is his anti-immigrant stance... The structural engineer from Buffalo Grove, Ill., argues the other side of 2006's Great Immigration Debate - that the US needs to send home illegal immigrants and gain better control of its borders - but he says he cannot believe Congress is punting on immigration reform."
Congress ducks ethics reform - USA Today
"Certainly, House Democrats have not been much help, and the sleaze has been bipartisan. But Republicans hold majorities in the House and Senate. If reform was a priority, it would happen. Instead, Hastert has not even gotten around to naming lawmakers to a House-Senate committee needed to reconcile the two reform bills."
Law proposed to block overturning of Lay conviction - Houston Chronicle
"The Department of Justice is proposing legislation that would prevent the estate of the late Ken Lay from having his conviction overturned because of his death ... The proposed legislation was sent to House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Vice President Dick Cheney..."
Governor Blagojevich calls on Congress to pass federal payday lending protections for Military Personnel; Files new state rules increasing protections for Illinois servicemembers
Governor Blagojevich declares Rockford, Winnebago County state disaster areas following Labor Day flooding
Tammy Duckworth As 9/11 anniversary approaches, Duckworth calls for stronger steps to prevent future terrorist attacks
“Five years after the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, this Congress has yet to enact the recommendations of the bipartisan 9-11 Commission, and new reports suggest that our country is falling to address our security needs,”
Sep 06 Dist. 94 board OKs new labor contract
"The pact, which was ratified by the support staff union on Aug. 24, provides a 6.05 percent raise in the first year and a 4 percent hike in the second year.  Also, employees with 10 or more years of service in District 94 receive a 1 percent longevity bonus."
Sen Durbin


“Damage estimates show that over 150 homes and businesses have been devastated by the Labor Day weekend storm. Since the flooding began, I have been in contact with state and federal disaster officials, as well as Mayor Morrissey and Alderman Holt."
Illinois showcases robust emergency response capabilities during annual conference
“As we approach the five year anniversary of 9/11, the victims and their families are still in our thoughts and prayers.  The anniversary also serves as a reminder that we must remain vigilant and continue to build our arsenal to prevent and fight terrorism.  This week in Springfield, we are putting our strong commitment to homeland security on display."
Tammy Duckworth Roskam Owes AARP, Local Seniors an Apology
“One of the most important lessons my parents taught me was to respect your elders,” Duckworth said. “Peter Roskam disrespected the AARP and senior citizens across this district by trying to pass off his national party’s talking points as his own.”


Computer problems Wed night... to regular readers, I apologize for any inconvenience.  Everything but the national bots has been checked and posted.  I will catch up on those this evening. - Bob
Sep 05 Immigration March Leaves West Chicago
Shortly after 9AM this morning, the immigration protest march organized by Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights left St.Mary's in West Chicago bound for the offices of Speaker Hastert in Batavia.  The overnight rains seemed not to have dampened their enthusiasm or resolve.The VIDEO clip is of the march at the corner of Roosevelt Road and Fabyan Parkway.
Easy to tell who’s who in 6th District
"Given those opposite views, it’s little surprise each candidate is painting the other as too extreme for the 6th District, which includes northeastern DuPage and part of northwest Cook counties."
'One day, we will win'
"The fourth and final leg of the Immigrant Workers Justice Walk began Monday morning in West Chicago, and Batavia Police Commander Greg Thrun estimated the total crowd between 1,500 and 2,000, along with 150 to 200 anti-protesters who gathered on River Street, just south of Hastert's office."
Infractions mar record
""I can no longer tout that we have a spotless record for demonstration rallies in Batavia," said Police Commander Greg Thrun.  Two people were taken into custody on unrelated infractions near the end of a boisterous rally marking the end of the four-day Immigrant Workers Justice Walk, which attracted between 1,500 and 2,000 people with many viewpoints on immigration reform.  One youth from Batavia was turned over to juvenile authorities after it was determined he was launching eggs that hit several people in the area of the crowd that supported immigration reform.  A 31-year-old man from Melrose Park was arrested after he spit on a person attending the event.
Rallies don't produce a surge of voters - AP
"Protest organizers — principally unions, Hispanic advocacy groups and the Catholic Church — acknowledge that it has been hard to translate street activism into voting clout, though they insist they can reach their goal of 1 million new voters by 2008."
Obama stesses importance of getting U.N. into Darfur
"After his major Africa swing, the Illinois Democrat revs up a heavy political schedule in advance of the November elections, stumping in Iowa on Sept. 17, a stop in the early presidential caucus state that fuels speculation about whether the White House is in his future."
Marchers demand Hastert act
"We call on Speaker Hastert and the members of his party to stop with the partisan rhetoric, to stop with the racism and to give us real, comprehensive immigration reform," said Jose Artemio Arreola of the Service Employees International Union, one of the march's organizers."
4-day protest reaches end
"For this pro-immigration force, the afternoon marked the end of a four-day, 45-mile walk that started in Chicago's Chinatown Square and spanned the city's western suburbs. About 250 marchers walked the entire distance. Others showed up at one or more of the neighborhood rallies in Chicago's Little Village neighborhood or in Cicero, Melrose Park, Villa Park and West Chicago."
Immigrant-rights supporters rally outside Hastert's home office
"Passion filled six blocks of Batavia on Monday as approximately 2,000 immigrant rights activists rallied near the home office of U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert.  "Yes we can!" a jubilant crowd cried in Spanish. "We are America!"
Sen Durbin Politicians Use Labor Day Parade As Campaign Tool\ - WQAD - Moline,IL
"It was a family affair for democrats today.  Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and state representative Mike Boland joined Hare for the parade.  The crowd didn't seem to mind the dose of campaigning that came along with the candy.  "I like the connection, I like knowing what they're gonna do.  I like seeing who they are and who they're with and what their surroundings are about, I enjoy seeing them out," says parade watcher Kathy Harrod."
Illionois Senators


Sen. Obama Next step: pressuring U.S. on Sudan - Chicago Sun-Times
"He leaves with a "great urgency" to pressure the United States and other players to force Sudan to accept a United Nations peacekeeping force in the Darfur region. Obama's last stop was at a refugee camp near the Chad-Sudan border where a total of 15,333 people who fled Janjaweed violence live."
Sudanese refugees tell U.S. senator Darfur needs U.N. force
""We want the U.N. force," he said. "We won't be able to go home without the U.N."  Sudan rejected as "illegal" a U.N. Security Council resolution passed Thursday paving the way for the replacement of 7,000 ill-equipped African Union peacekeepers in Darfur with more than 20,000 U.N. troops and police."
Rep Hastert New Job Creation is “Proof Positive” that America’s Economy is Growing
"Just in time for the Labor Day weekend there is great news that more American families will be coming home from work feeling optimistic with money in their wallets to spend."
Wall St. breathes sigh of relief -
"The Department of Labor said employers added 128,000 jobs in August, up slightly from 121,000 in July. Economists surveyed by were expecting a gain of 125,000 jobs.  Job gains have fallen short of expectations the past four months, and some economists had been worried another weak month of growth would raise worries about a sharper than expected slowdown in the U.S. economy."
Immigrants March in LA, Chicago; Raids in Florida, Arkansas - Bay Area Indymedia - San Francisco,CA
"On Sept. 1, Miller Brewing Co. denied reports in that day's Chicago Tribune that it had contributed over $30,000 to "a planning convention, materials and newspaper ads" for the Chicago march. Miller isn't sponsoring the march and didn't authorize use of its trademarks in association with the event, said Miller spokesperson Peter Marino."
John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)


Labor Day Message from John Laesch
"When we lost our borders, big businesses were able to bring cheap labor into the country in the form of undocumented workers. Additionally, they could find cheap labor by outsourcing your job to China or Mexico ... The only way for us to stand shoulder-to-shoulder is if we understand the importance of globalizing the fight for workers rights."
record use of biofuels
“Illinois has been a leader in expanding the use of E-85 and biodiesel. These homegrown fuels help make us less dependent on imported oil, create jobs, help farmers and protect our environment,”
"require deleting sensitive cell phone information"
“Recent reports now indicate that when a cell phone’s memory is erased, sensitive information that is supposed to have been deleted can be easily restored,”
new minimum wage hotline
“If you work for the minimum wage and you are not receiving $6.50 an hour, call us at 1-800-478-3998 so we can help you get the wages you’re owed.”
Sep 04 DuPage County Foresters look to minimize pest’s tree damage
"“The emerald ash borer is attracted to stressed trees first,” he explains.  Edith Makra, the arboretum’s community tree advocate, adds, “We just use the natural chemicals a tree puts out, and it helps the insect know there’s a likely food source out there.”"
Immigration march down to last miles
"The dozens of activists had dinner and spent the night at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in West Chicago and plan to walk seven miles from West Chicago to Batavia today to complete their journey."
Dogged resolve needed to fill retirement hole
"That passion, and her fast-paced speaking style, sometimes can leave her frustrated with the mechanics of a workplace, said career coach Tim Ursiny, founder of Advantage Coaching & Training in West Chicago."
Rep Hastert Immigration Activists March On Hastert's Office - - Chicago,IL
"We want to make sure Speaker Hastert hears loud and clear the message that we are sending: we need comprehensive immigration reform and that he should stop blocking a compromise that could possibly lead to making lots of people's lives better,"
CAFTA switch haunting Hayes - Charlotte Observer - Charlotte,NC
"In case you forgot: Around midnight on July 27, 2005, Hayes changed his CAFTA vote from "no" to a crucial, last-minute "yes" after House Speaker Dennis Hastert lobbied him in the House Cloak Room."
new minimum wage hotline
“We raised the minimum wage to $6.50 an hour in Illinois -- a major increase from the federal minimum wage of just $5.15 an hour. That has helped nearly half a million families make ends meet.  Making $6.50 an hour helps you put food on the table and buy clothes for your children,”
Gov. Blagojevich visits Taste of Polonia to encourage women to sign up for the state’s free breast and cervical cancer program
Sep 03 Immigration Protest Arrives in West Chicago
At approximately 6:20 PM on Sunday, 03 Sept 2006, a couple hundred immigration protesters who started in Chicago arrived 30 miles west in West Chicago. Accompanied by about a dozen state, county, and local police cars, they were helped across IL 59 on Geneva Road as they went to St. Mary's church for Mass and to bed down for the night.  Tomorrow they will continue down Fabyan Parkway to Speaker Denny Hastert's office in Batavia for a rally.
Nick Dzierzanowski Fly the Flag
"Our American flag is the fabric of our country and together we can prevail over terrorism of all kinds."
[Nick is the first local pol to start contributing to a blog that I will be making available to all local politicians, to allow them to better communicate their ideas to voters in WC.- Bob]
Cable Com
Channel 17
Channel 17 Schedule
  • Millner's Talking Points
  • Saturday Matinee- WCCHS Wildcat
  • Music and the Spoken Word
  • Memorial Day Services '01, '03, '04
Marchers reach Villa Park
"After walking more than 11 miles, the marchers ended their trek for the day at the Islamic Foundation mosque where they were greeted by family, friends and a small group of protesters speaking out against illegal immigration."
After visit to Chad, Obama heads home
"Obama said they had "extensive discussions'' on how to get a United Nations force in as quickly as possible and how the African Union and the U.S. can "work in concert'' to provide stability in the region."


Immigration not just about Mexicans
"There has been a tendency to paint the immigration battle as one of primarily Mexican undocumented workers. Friday's rally and opening march demonstrated how widespread the problems of the current immigration system are and how they impact many different ethnic groups."
Sen Durbin Cut student loan rates, senator says - Urbana/Champaign News-Gazette
"Two months after college loan interest rates increased, Durbin, D-Ill., stopped by the UI to promote a bill that proposes reversing the rate increases and providing more financial aid to students."
Sen. Obama INTERVIEW-Don't treat migrants as criminals-US senator Obama - Reuters
"We have to be mindful that people who are coming in boats to Europe or trying to cross the deserts from Mexico into the south-west of the U.S. are simply looking for a better life for themselves and their children, and should not be treated as criminals but as desperate people,"
Rep Hastert Immigration marchers halfway to goal
"An immigration march from Chicago to U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office in Batavia, Ill., reached the half-way point Saturday."
Transcript: Sen. Arlen Specter on 'FOX News Sunday' - FOX News
"Look, Chris, we've got 11 million undocumented immigrants. We have to work out a plan e president and Speaker [Dennis] Hastert want a guest worker program. There's a lot to be done.  And you put the clue on the table with your initial question. Republicans control both houses and the White House. It's a major national problem. If we don't move toward solving it, we're not doing our job. And I think that's the paramount concern."
Sep 02 More TV for Roskam in 6th District race
"The expensive ad campaign also is a sign Roskam’s campaign fundraising has stepped up. He had $1.3 million in the bank as of June 30, but since has had First Lady Laura Bush come in for a luncheon fund-raiser. President Bush is scheduled to come in later this month or early October ..."
Activists  head off to Batavia
“It’s similar to what happened during the ’50s and ’60s when they would march from Selma to Montgomery,” said Becky Belcore with the Korean American Resource and Cultural Center. “That’s the same level this is going to.”
Immigration marchers begin trek to Valley
""The issue is, it's time for (the government) to see us as Americans," said Chung, who traveled from Los Angeles to participate in the march.  Organizers said they chose Hastert's Batavia office as the march's ultimate destination to highlight what they say are the Illinois Republican's anti-immigration positions."
Sen Durbin
Durbin addresses financial aid, Iraq at Illini Union - Daily Illini - Champaign,IL
"The senator said he is trying to raise awareness regarding legislation, introduced by Durbin and fellow Democratic senators, that would cut interest rates on student loans in half. This change would apply to all Stafford loans and parent loans."
Sen. Obama Sudanese refugees tell US Senator Darfur needs UN force - International Herald Tribune - France
"Thousands of refugees, forced out of their homes in Sudan by violence, crowded U.S. Senator Barack Obama Saturday when he visited their camp in eastern Chad to deliver a single message: Bring in the United Nations."
US Senator Barack Obama visits counterterrorism force base in ... - International Herald Tribune - France
"The senator arrived Thursday in Djibouti, where the Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa is based, after touring an eastern Ethiopia town where naval members of the task force have built 60 tents in the past two weeks to house 2,700 people displaced by flooding."
Rep Hastert More Immigration Demonstrations Planned -, DC
"We want to make sure that Congress and this administration get a very clear message that the immigrant community is still paying attention to what's happening in the immigration debate and that we know that it's election time,"
This protest march brought to you by Miller beer - Marketplace - Los Angeles,CA
"A company spokesperson says it spent more than $30,000 on promotional signs and brochures. Salome Amezcua is with the Rainbow-PUSH Coalition's Latino chapter. She helped organize the march. Amezcua says Miller was their biggest sponsor."
Grappling Over Minimum Wage - Wall Street Journal
"House Republican leaders are cool to taking up the minimum-wage issue again. So far, they say they plan this month to focus on national-security matters. In pre-Labor Day prepared statements, House Speaker Dennis Hastert and House Republican Conference Chair Deborah Pryce, herself stuck in a difficult campaign in Ohio, pointed to recent evidence of job growth as proof that Republican policies are benefiting the economy. Neither mentioned the minimum wage."
  • Labor Day weekend edition...
  • Student/Stranger Encounter
    • "On August 31, 2006 at 6:59 p.m., a 14-year-old female was walking westbound in the 400 block of Cedar Avenue when a van approached her. The driver asked the girl if she wanted a ride. The girl refused and the van began to leave headed west, but then turned around. The girl ran to the area of North Fifth Avenue and State Avenue. The van was last seen headed west in the 400 block of State Avenue."
Sen Peter Roskam SENATE WEEK IN REVIEW: Aug. 28 – Sept. 1, 2006
"Renewed calls for gubernatorial appointments to a task force seeking a solution to the timberland assessment controversy, the release of a report on the potential value of Illinois’ 274-mile toll highway system, and a U.S. House Subcommittee meeting on state pensions highlighted this week in the Illinois Senate, according to State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton)."
City of West Chicago West Chicago Media Update
Information on nummerous upcoming events in West Chicago...
City Council Meeting
The regularly scheduled meeting of Monday, Sept 4th has been rescheduled to Tuesday, Sept 5th at its normal 7PM at City Hall.
City Council Meeting
  • Sept 17th Mexican Independence Day
  • Lions Club Kelly Miller Circus
  • Sisters Cities Sept 11th Concert
  • Oct 8th ABATE Annual Toy Ride
  • Economic Incentive Agreement with Tivoli Ristorante
Planning Commission Meeting on Sept 6th
  • Public Hearing Case PC 06-09 – Family Landscaping and Tree Care, Inc., 227 W. Grandlake Boulevard, Special Use and Variance.
  • Public Hearing Case PC 06-16 – Auto Zone, Inc., 106 S. Neltnor Boulevard, Amendment to the PUD Agreement and a Final PUD with Deviations
  • Public Hearing Case PC 06-32 - R.C. Soto & Sons, Inc., 872 Sterling Avenue, Lot Width and Lot Area Variances.
  • Public Hearing Case PC 06-42 – Jim and Melissa Devine, 1353 White Oak Lane, Rear Yard Setback Variance
Transportation Task Force
The regularly scheduled meeting of the Mayor's Transportation Task Force for Wednesday, Sept 6th has been cancelled.  It may be rescheduled for Sept 13th at 7PM at City Hall.
Immigration marchers get OK to pass through WC
"At a special West Chicago City Council meeting Aug. 28, the council approved the application for an Immigration Reform March/Rally authorizing the use of city streets, procession route and in-kind services."
At Home in West Chicago by Merle Burleigh
  • formal flag-retiring program
  • Historical Society's annual Ice Cream Social
  • Rotary Club's third annual golf outing
  • Town Hall meeting
Scout ceremony honors torn and tattered U.S. flags
"It is a good feeling to know that people care about the proper disposal of a much used flag." He said, "Flags can be dropped off at the Legion or VFW for next year's program."
[A collage of a previous ceremony can be seen at .- Bob]
By an 8-7 vote, WC to get new liquor store
"After almost an hour of discussion, the West Chicago City Council with an 8-7 vote approved the ordinance to issue a Class C-1 liquor license to Mr. A's Galleria Wine and Liquor to be constructed at 1400 S. Neltnor Blvd."
West DuPage park briefs
"The park district is taking registration now for the Fall Dance recital season. We have dance classes for all ages."
Immigration reform advocates to march on Hastert's office
"Although those demonstrations paralleled events in other cities across the country, the pro-immigrant reform movement has almost no centralized leadership, with most planning being done on a local level by committees of relatively unknown leaders.  Opponents of illegal immigration also plan to rally at Hastert's office Monday as a counter-demonstration, although likely a smaller one."
Credit union robber gets 25 years despite protest
"But a jury found that Reyes, a former employee of the bank, masterminded the scheme and provided the gun that was held to the head of an elderly, partially blind manager at the bank."
Marchers head to DuPage
"West Chicago Police Chief Stephen Kuhn said a portion of Route 59 will be closed briefly late Sunday afternoon as the marchers cross as they head west toward St. Mary’s Church at 140 N. Oakwood Ave.  Police will also close a stretch of Fabyan Parkway south of Roosevelt Road headed toward Geneva from 1 to 2 p.m. Monday because of a lack of sidewalks and a 50 mph speed limit."
High-octane fun
"I found this Ford and said ‘Let’s smash this,’” said Bill Sticksel of West Chicago, noting that he had paid $200 for the car and didn’t expect it to handle very well because the sway bar was broken.  Indeed, every time Sticksel came around the track it was obvious the tight turns were a challenge for the wagon. Nonetheless, despite a flat tire, it was one of the few vehicles still moving under its own power at the end of 25 laps."
Ex-janitor sentenced for molesting student
"A former West Chicago High School janitor, who tried to hug and kiss a 16-year-old student, has been sentenced to 180 days in jail, placed on 3 years' probation and ordered to register for the rest of his life as a sex offender."
Sen Peter Roskam Candidates Duplicate in AARP Survey  - Associated Press
"Nothing makes it more clear that Republicans stand for 'more of the same' in Washington than these plagiarized surveys," said Sarah Feinberg, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's press secretary.   Among the candidates who used the borrowed language were Andrea Zinga and Peter Roskam, both running in Illinois, ..."
Tammy Duckworth George Bush is coming to the Illinois 6th
"Just like Dick Cheney’s visit, President Bush’s is expected to raise big money for Roskam, possibly adding $1 million for his campaign war chest."
[One kind of has to wonder why this is emailed to Ms. Duckworth's supporters but is not up at Sen. Roskam's website yet.  Support by the president should be something to flount. - Bob]
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