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For Immediate Release

Alert:  Scams

There have been a few scams reported by homeowners in the area over the past few weeks.

One of the scams involved two men that went to the home of an elderly woman. One of the subjects waited in his car while the other went to the door to tell the woman that he would be doing landscape work in the neighbors yard. The suspect then asked the woman to step into the back yard so that he could show her what they would be doing. While they were in the yard, the subjects cell phone rang and he left abruptly. The elderly woman realized two days later that her church donation envelopes were missing from her home.

The other scam was similar to the first. Two men went to a house, one went in the backyard, the other rang the front door and offered chimney cleaning services due to recent fires in the area. The homeowner refused the services and told both men to leave his property. The subjects left and walked to the nearest busy street. No vehicle was ever seen or business paperwork provided or displayed.