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West Chicago to Celebrate 100 Years of Re-Incorporation
With Unveiling of New City Seal

WEST CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - September 26, 2006 - The City of West Chicago will be celebrating its 100th Anniversary of Re-Incorporation at the October 2nd City Council meeting. The public is invited to attend the meeting which will be held at City Hall, 475 Main Street, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Also being celebrated will be the unveiling of a new City Seal depicting the history and progress West Chicago has seen over the last 100 plus years. As the first Illinois community established by the railroads, it was decreed on July 12, 1873 that West Chicago's (then Village of Turner) seal "shall have as a design a locomotive engine surrounded by the words, Village of Turner, Incorporated July 12, 1873." Although the city no longer has the original seal press, there is evidence of this seal in the first Village of Turner ordinance book. The seal's impression can be seen in bright red. Placed within a circle was a side view of an early steam engine surrounded by the words Village of Turner, Ills Incorporated July 12, 1873.

When West Chicago became a city in 1906 the seal was changed. The City Museum retains the original seal press. The word SEAL is in a circle surrounded by the words City of West Chicago, DuPage County Illinois. This seal was used for 47 years. In 1953, during his father's term as Mayor of West Chicago, then high school student Thomas Fawell created the current City Seal. Again, the central element is a steam locomotive facing forward with the date 1849, the year of the town's founding. This seal has been used on stationery, flags, pins and other items representing the City for the past 53 years. It has been an icon, symbolizing West Chicago.

West Chicago continues to be a convenient transportation hub not only with three major rail lines, but also with Illinois' third busiest airport. As the fastest growing suburb in DuPage County, West Chicago has seen tremendous progress and is a city poised for historic economic development. Mayor Michael Fortner and the City Council, in 2005, requested a committee be formed to undertake the task of creating a new City Seal to designate the growth and progress that the City of West Chicago has made over the past 50 years. With the help of Bill Paetzold, of Paetzold Associates, a dynamic Seal incorporating elements representative and unique to West Chicago will proudly be unveiled on October 2, 2006.