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  • Hastert visits D. 303
  • changes to attendance policy
  • free concert
  • Student-Stranger Encounter
West Chicago
Police Dept.
"Two children were on the school playground when occupants of a Gold Jeep Cherokee 4door with chrome rims and center spinners yelled for the children to approach the vehicle. We do not know the intentions of the occupants at this time."
Immigrant group taking a long walk
"The march, which begins Friday, will be peppered with rallies in Chicago's Chinatown and Little Villageneighborhoods as well as Cicero, Melrose Park, Villa Park, West Chicago and Batavia. Supporters can join marchers along the route or go the entire distance."
“The agriculture disaster package announced by the Administration yesterday seriously shortchanges Illinois farmers,”
Sen. Obama Kenya: Raw Denials Won't Save the Country From Abyss -
"Senator Barack Obama spoke exuberantly, painfully, sometimes bluntly, if not guardedly, about what we have always known, with a fresh turn of phrase. Kenya can learn from this precocious man."
Rep Hastert Immigrant Worker Justice Walk to come through Lombard on Sept. 2 - Lombardian - Lombard,IL
"The Web site for the Illinois Coalition for Immigration and Refugee Reform states that Hastert is in a powerful position to either block or enact real comprehensive immigration reform."
Sen Peter Roskam Roskam vows to bring home federal money - Pioneer Local
"I don't think we should leave it to a bureaucrat in Washington, D.C., who has never been to Wood Dale to make fundamental decisions about the life and health and safety Wood Dale and other communities in the district,"
Duckworth Nowhere To Be Found Thus Far - Journal & Topics Newspapers
"She hasn't called for an opportunity to speak with readers of the Journal in Des Plaines, Mt. Prospect, Elk Grove and other communities, and our attempt to schedule a meeting so we can hear her views has gone unanswered so far."
Tammy Duckworth Duckworth to Roskam: Stop Ducking the Iraq Debate
“As I campaign across the district, the situation in Iraq is on the minds of many voters,” Duckworth said.  “Yet Peter Roskam has steadfastly avoided discussing the issue.  His position on Iraq doesn’t even appear on his campaign website.”
Aug 30 Elementary
District 33
District #33 Announces Family Night
"Taking Care of Your Family: A night about food and fitness, the first in the series, will take place on Tuesday, September 26 in the cafeteria at West Chicago Middle School beginning at 6:00 PM."
WC Public Library September Programs
  • Preventing Identity Theft
  • Preparing Your Landscape for Winter
New There's safety in Web-savvy parents - Chicago Daily Herald
"Brought together by House Speaker Dennis Hastert, the panel armed parents with tips to protect children online and to share the nation's efforts to address the increasing "parallels between the physical world and the online world," as one MySpace representative put it."
Nature's home forever
"In a rare move in DuPage County, the state has designated a 120-acre oasis of plant and animal life in the West Chicago Prairie Forest Preserve as a protected nature site, putting it beyond the reach of development forever."
The imperfections of man
"In a country ravaged by HIV/AIDS, where the stigma still stings and many suffer in silence, Obama and his wife showed up at a tiny mobile clinic in Kisumu to be tested. The message could not have been clearer for Kenyans. Know the enemy and you can defeat the enemy. You can help yourselves."
“The Waukegan airport is a vital element of the economy in Northeastern Illinois. Major corporations with private aircraft consider the airport a crucial link to the places in which they do business around the world."
Sen. Obama An Honest Government, A Hopeful Future
"I learned that my grandfather had been a cook for the British and, although he was a respected elder in his village, he was called "boy" by his employers for most of his life. I learned about the brutal repression of Operation Anvil, the days of rape and torture in the "Pipeline" camps, the lives that so many gave, and how my grandfather had been arrested briefly during this period, despite being at the periphery of Kenya's liberation struggles."
Obama Urges Kenyans to Get Tough on Corruption - New York Times
"Kenya is one of the more developed countries in sub-Saharan Africa and one of the closest to the West, but it is consistently ranked by international organizations as one of the most corrupt. Mr. Obama said this corroded its ability to attract investment, fight terrorism and provide security for its own people."
Rep Hastert Democracy Denied: Meet the New Boss -  - New Zealand
"Requests for a recount resulting from major problems with the election were deemed insufficient and the rights of voters to due process were cast aside in deference to Speaker Hastert or any future Speaker."
Hastert headlines Schock fundraiser - Peoria Journal Star
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert has traveled to 42 congressional districts this month to campaign on behalf of his Republican colleagues.  He also made time for one rare stop in Peoria to stump for a state representative candidate. "
Frist Medical License Renewal Questioned - Yahoo News
"Responding Tuesday to repeated requests from The Associated Press, a Frist spokesman said the Republican senator may not have done his continuing education after all, and had contacted the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners to see if corrective steps were necessary."
  • SAT scores
  • Board of Education meeting synopsis
  • new FOCUS
  • Back to School nights...
City of West Chicago West Chicago Road Closure
"The road closure will accommodate approximately 500 people participating in an Immigration Reform March en-route to Batavia."
[More information can be found at Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights's website or by downloading their Word document press release at their press release ( ). - Bob]
West Chicago Police Dept. Letter from Chief Kuhn: March on Immigration
"St. Mary’s has offered the group the use of Bowman Field, behind the church, for an inter-faith service, dinner and lodging. They plan to depart on Monday, September 4, 2006 between 9:00 – 10:00 a.m., en-route to Batavia."
County board candidate to remain off the ballot
“Mr. Chavez seems like a very nice man,” Kurzawa said. “I just think the party let him down. Whoever handled that paperwork should have caught the obvious insufficiencies.”
Obama delivers civics lesson
"I have to tell you, that as someone who lives outside of Kenya, the notion that at this stage in the nation's development there would still be politics primarily based on arguments between Luo, Kikuyu, Kamba and Maasi doesn't make any sense,''
Sen Durbin Durbin: Illinois schools could lose $130 million in Medicaid plan -
"Under the Individuals with Disability Education Act, schools must transport children who have special needs to and from class and tend to their health care at school. Since 1997, states and school districts have been reimbursed for these services for children who are on Medicaid."
Money needed to keep Asian carp from Great Lakes - Rockford Register Star
"We’re sure Durbin will remind his colleagues than Asian carp are not just an Illinois problem. So far, 14 states have been affected by these fish, and more states will be if the fish go unchecked."
Sen. Obama 'Obama-mania' greets US senator in Kenya - CBC Toronto - Toronto,Ontario
"Obama, who visited President Mwai Kibaki in the Kenyan capital, was later joined by his wife and two daughters at a memorial park built where the U.S. Embassy once stood. Obama laid a wreath at the monument, which lists the names of 248 people killed in a terrorist bombing claimed by al-Qaeda."
Throngs greet Senator Obama in Kenya - Washington Post
"Unlike his last visit in the early 1990s when he traveled by public minibus with chickens in his lap, this time Obama reached the verdant village in a motorcade with police escorts."
Rep Hastert the Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina
"We must continue to ensure that federal dollars are being spent wisely and aid is getting to the families, small businesses and organizations that need it."
["It looks like a lot of that place could be bulldozed," he said in an interview with the Daily Herald of Arlington Heights, Ill. - Washington Post]
August 29 Katrina Day of Remembrance in Illinois
"One year after the tragedy, we must remember those who died or lost their homes and keep in mind that there are thousands more who still need help to get their lives back in order."
Sen Peter Roskam Dems Benefit From Outside Contributors
"Duckworth, a National Guard major who lost both legs in a grenade attack on her helicopter outside Baghdad, has one of the highest national profiles among congressional candidates.  Party officials embraced her as a heroic symbol of the war's toll on the United States and put their money operations at her disposal."
Tammy Duckworth Roskam Health Care Reform “Plan” Exempts Big Drug Companies
“The fact is that U.S. taxpayers are shelling out billions of dollars more than necessary for prescription drugs purchased under the new Medicare Part D drug plan because Congress banned the program from negotiating for lower drug prices with the pharmaceutical companies,”
the Porkbuster Countdown - TPM
"So far, 59 senators have denied placing a "secret hold" on legislation to create a public, user-friendly database of all government spending."
Aug 28 Rep.Randy Ramey Ramey Dismisses Governor’s Self Credit for Increased Sexual Predator Laws
“I have a problem with the Governor taking credit for tougher sexual predator laws that were not even introduced by his own party. Cracking down on sex offenders was an initiative driven by the Republicans during this past session,”
W. Chicago man killed in car wreck
"Jannotti was pronounced dead at 10:06 a.m. at Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove Village, police officials said.  Tests performed after the crash indicate that alcohol was a factor in the crash, Illinois State Police Sgt. Theodore Whittier said."
GOP starts ads early for 6th District race
"The tax mail pieces blast Duckworth for “apparently” opposing renewal of the tax breaks for married couples and the child tax credit. Duckworth is on record as supporting renewal of both of those tax breaks, but Republican operatives took a partial quote from a news story where Duckworth indicated she “would seriously consider repealing” part of President Bush’s tax cuts."
Railroad bans photos on Metra platforms
"William Shapotkin, president of the Railroad Club of Chicago, says the Union Pacific is targeting the very people who are most likely to notice and report something wrong on the railway system."
West Chicago teen killed, girlfriend hurt in collision
"After Friday night's preseason game and apparently spending part of the night and next morning in the city with friends, state police said, Jannotti, 18, driving his 2002 Cadillac Catera, slammed into the back of a semitrailer about 6:20 a.m. Saturday. He was traveling west on Interstate Highway 290 near Elk Grove Village, about 300 feet from the Biesterfield Road exit, police said."
Obama listens to youth in Nairobi slum
"Every country that develops, develops because women are given opportunity," Obama said. He said Kenyan men need to change their mindset when it comes to how they treat women.  "Respect the girls," said Obama. Abusing or taking sexual advantage of women "does not make you a big man. It makes you a small man to do that."
“Recent studies of Illinois terrorism preparedness – both those done by the federal government and the self-evaluation done by the state – point to serious shortcomings in planning for mass evacuations."
Eight states to consider gay marriage - pride - Farmington,MI
"Illinois does not have a U.S. Senator up for re-election this year, but if voters approved an advisory initiative this year, it could pressure the state legislature to approve a constitutional ban next year, setting up the marriage conflict to be on the ballot in 2008 - when Illinois sits as a crucial state in the presidential election and when U.S. Senator Richard Durbin - a strong supporter of equal marriage rights - will be up for re-election."
Rep Hastert IMMIGRATION MATTERS: Labor Day Marches to Tell Congress ‘Give Us Comprehensive Reform’ - New California Media - San Francisco,CA
"This week of events under the We Are America Alliance, will kick off in Illinois on Sept. 2, where a coalition is planning a four-day march beginning in Chinatown and ending in Batavia at the home office of House Speaker Dennis Hastert."
Border govs blast Congress on immigration - United Press International
" In a strongly worded letter to House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill. and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., ... "In all of our states," the four governors write, "we face a crisis not of our making ... our states are flooded with illegal immigrants, our taxpayers are angry and citizens and non-citizens alike are losing respect for the law."
More on International Election Nullification by DC Politicians - OpEdNews
"Here's the answer, ahead of time: Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House, got the word that Bilbray was unofficially elected from Ms. Susan Lapsley, Assistant Secretary of State for Elections, California Secretary of State Office...". In other words, another assistant to a Republican official helps out."
Tammy Duckworth Duckworth asks Roskam if new stem cell technology will end his opposition to promising research
“Given the fact that this new process essentially allows for the extraction of cells from an embryo without affecting its viability, I am writing to ask whether you support this form of embryonic stem cell research,”
Aug 27 Cable Com
Channel 17
Channel 17 + WCCHS Wildcats = Great TV!!!-
"Community High School football fans will, once again, be able to watch all the action from every Friday night's game on Saturdays at noon. So, if you had to miss the game or just want to catch the action a second time, tune in every Saturday at noon through the entire Wildcat season. This Saturday (Sept. 2) we will be showing the tape of Friday's (Sept.1) game at Batavia High School."
West Chicago Sister City 5th anniversary of the terrorist attack
"Monday, September 11, 2006 is the 5th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the United States. Sister Cities of West Chicago is organizing a memorial service to be held at the Community High School Dist. 94 football field, on 9-11 at 7:00 p.m."
Rep.Randy Ramey Ramey Supports Legislation to Decrease Gang Violence
"State Rep. Randy Ramey (R-Carol Stream) is supporting a new 11-point legislation plan to adopt stiffer penalties for gang activity as part of an ongoing strategy to decrease gang violence in Illinois."
Obama goes to bat for TV crews after 'shakedown'
"We were fairly out front about the importance of reducing corruption and crime in this country if Kenya wants to see significant economic development,''
Hastert in defense of Congress on budget
"In Iowa, a theme to Lamberti's campaign is complaining about what he calls the "budget mess" created by Congress. Hastert found himself addressing those complaints Friday since Republicans control both chambers in Congress and the White House."
[Lamberti is an Iowa Republican. - Bob]
Uninsured call on Hastert for reform
"The uninsured residents and health-care advocates stood outside Hastert's Batavia office and demanded the speaker "use the power of his office to bring real reform to health care that is inefficient, unaffordable and unfair," said William McNary, co-director of Citizen Action Illinois and president of U.S. Action."
Sen Durbin Washington Lawmakers Stretch Pay With Shared Apartments, Oreos - Bloomberg
"California Democrat George Miller rents space to three colleagues, Senators Charles Schumer of New York and Richard Durbin of Illinois, and Representative William Delahunt of Massachusetts, all Democrats.  Delahunt and Schumer have cots in the living room. Durbin gets one of the bedrooms. Miller gets the other. "
Requiring Males To Sign Up For A Female Pregnancy Prevention Program -  Evening Bulletin - Philadelphia,PA
"Recently, a group of senators led by Senator Dick Durbin wrote a letter reproaching the FDA for the "procedural barriers" that have frustrated the various parties involved. This letter articulated their concerns about the program and expressed their hopes for policy changes."
Durbin probes nursing shortage - Edwardsville Intelligencer - Edwardsville,IL
"The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that in 2000, this country was 110,000 short of the number of nurses needed to adequately provide quality health care. By 2005, the shortage had doubled to 219,000 and by 2020, we will be more than 1 million nurses short."
Sen. Obama Obama starts a six day visit to Kenya - Kenya Broadcasting Corporation - Nairobi,Kenya
"US Senator Barrack Obama has arrived in Kenya for as six day visit.The plane carrying Obama touched down at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Thursday ..."
US Senator Barack Obama adds voice to AIDS policy - WIFR - Rockford,IL
"During an appearance in South Africa Tuesday, Obama said the government is underestimating the extent of the problem and needs to do more to prevent and treat the disease."
Senator Obama lands home - Standard - Nairobi,Kenya
"The climax of his welcome was his arrival in ancestral village of Nyang’oma Kogelo in Siaya District, to an emotional reunion with his 85-year-old grandmother."
Rep Hastert York: Famous last words or no words at all - Braintree Forum - Weymouth,MA
"Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House, had an attack of hoof and mouth disease when he told the nation, "Freedom is never free, and we must never be complacent in defending it."  How well the taxpayers know about the "never free" part. A billion dollars a week for over three years spent on Iraq and the Iraqis can''t get the hang of the freedom Rep. Hastert was talking about."
A Republican House Candidate Distances Herself From Hastert. - National Journal - Washington,DC
"VT-AL candidate Martha Rainville (R) wants a "moderate Republican" as speaker, not necessarily Speaker Dennis Hastert. Asked if she'd support another Hastert term, Rainville, at a news conference: "I don't know. Would I abstain? Would it matter?"
Congressional Election Nullified - Nobody Noticed -  - New Zealand
"There is some thing very wrong with this sequence. Elections are not complete, anywhere, until they are officially certified by local authorities. How can a citizen get sworn in as a member of the House of Representatives before his or her election is certified? Only Speaker Dennis Hastert, his team, and Bilbray have the answer."
Shamed Lawmaker's Wife Belittles Bribes - Washington Post
"Nancy Cunningham told The New Republic magazine that she didn't question junkets financed by defense contractors because other senior congressional figures, including Speaker Dennis Hastert, joined in.  "How can it be illegal or unethical if the most important man in Congress is doing it?" she asked interviewer Kitty Kelley, the celebrity biographer."
Ex-congressman's wife: Cunningham got greedy - San Jose Mercury News - CA
"Nancy Cunningham told The New Republic magazine she didn't question junkets paid by defense contractors because other senior congressional figures, including Speaker Dennis Hastert, joined in."
Aug 26 City of West Chicago Special City Council Meeting
  • Immigration Reform Rally/March Update
    • Procession Route
    • In-kind Services
  • Penquin Restaurant Liquor License
  • Tivoli Ristorante Liquor License
Dirk Enger Illinois Veterans shelter short on funds -
"The Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans is geared towards helping them get back on their feet, find jobs and reunited with family and friends. The House is ready. The mortgage payments are in order. So is the Staff. There's just not enough funding."
Rep Hastert Hastert Blog Inactive for 3 Months
The most recent item at the Speaker's blog is dated 05/26/06.  There are three previous postings this year, dated 01/19/06, 03/31/06, and 05/02/06, all named "House Happenings for This Week."  He seems to have dropped this poorly chosen title, but, when he takes his position against "net neutrality," he will not be considered one of those high volume users that the giant phone corps want to run out of business.  - Bob
Aug 25


Family Emergency Preparedness
"This event is part of West Chicago and Winfield Township’s participation in National Preparedness Month 2006, a nationwide coordinated effort sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to encourage families to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses and schools. "
Board of Education meeting...
A final, three-hour rant, but judge gives cop killer life in the end
"“He has no remorse for what he did,” said DuPage Circuit Judge Robert Anderson. “He blames everyone else. It reached a point where I was expecting him to say the dog ate his homework.”"
Power back at W. Chicago middle school
“A larger percentage of students had cell phones in their backpacks. We probably had several hundred calls go out (to parents) within minutes,”
Cops offer rewards in fight on graffiti
"The new Spray and Pay program is offering residents a $200 reward if they give police information that leads to the arrest and conviction of anyone spraying graffiti."
Judge puts cop killer behind bars for life
"Alvine was awaiting resentencing when the former governor acted to clear Death Row, so his sentence technically was not commuted to life at that time. Then, the Supreme Court ruled Alvine was no longer eligible for the death penalty."
GOP buses into Plano
"The reception was ice-cold lemon sorbet, courtesy of North Aurora dairy magnate and former gubernatorial candidate Jim Oberweis, plus a handful of local well-wishers and inquiring media types."
Sen Peter Roskam SENATE WEEK IN REVIEW: Aug. 21-25, 2006
"Enhancing Illinois prospects for a revolutionary power plant that would revitalize Illinois’ coal industry, taking a closer look at a state board that oversees the construction and expansion of health-care facilities, and determining the pros and cons of selling the state’s toll highway system were among issues Illinois senators considered during the week of Aug. 21-25, according to State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton)."
"This funding helps Good Samaritan Hospital take the first steps toward acquiring the next generation of technology needed to modernize its operating room,”
“Yet, for too many people living in small communities today, broadband access is still not a reality. When I travel in downstate Illinois, people tell me that they cannot wait to have broadband service, but that there is no service available to them right now. My bill will change that.”
Sen. Obama Kenyans greet Obama
"They uttered barely a word as the nightly news went on for nearly 10 minutes about Obama.  "Tonight, it was special. That's why everyone was quiet," the soft-spoken Nassir said when the broadcast moved on to another topic. "People will follow his every movement from today until he leaves. He is one of us."
Rep Hastert Release of Fox News Journalists
"We urge you to redouble your efforts to ensure their safe return and bring to justice those responsible for this heinous act."
Gov. Blagojevich applauds Illinois’ own Lemont Little League Baseball Team for success in Little League World Series
Tammy Duckworth Duckworth gets backing of big education unions
"She's phenomenal," Russell said after Duckworth spoke Tuesday to about two dozen teachers at a Bloomingdale middle school. "Having been a teacher herself, she understands everything about [the details of No Child Left Behind]."
steps to improve education:endorsements from two statewide teachers groups
“What happens in our classrooms today will hold the key to advances in science, medicine and technology for the country tomorrow.  In order to compete in the global marketplace, we must stand up and fight for our young people, to give them every educational opportunity they deserve,”
Aug 24 West Chicago
High School
English as a Second Language
"Adults who want to learn how to speak English can take tuition-free classes from 7:00 p.m. until 9:15 p.m. on Monday/Wednesday, and Tuesday/Thursday evenings at West Chicago Community High School District 94."
District 33
Early Release at Middle School
"After contacting Commonwealth Edison, the Superintendent determined that while this was not a crisis situation, without resources including air conditioning or fans, toilet facilities, lights, and even hot lunch, students would need to be sent home. "
City of West Chicago Neighborhood Block Party Celebrates Pride and Partnership
"Feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment in a community clean-up effort, neighbors on Clayton Street in West Chicago are planning a celebratory block party on Saturday, August 26th."
At Home in West Chicago
""Potential burglars, thieves and/or violent criminals may see the cameras and decide that the location in question runs too much risk and is not a good target," he said. Catching criminals on camera assists with apprehension and prosecution Kuhn added."
Lions roar a greeting to new WC teachers
"West Chicago Lions Club President Nanette Connelly welcomed superintendents, school principals, new teachers and staff members from school districts 25, 33 and 94 as well as Wheaton Academy on Aug. 16 at the 41st annual New Teachers Luncheon at the Courtyard Restaurant in Warrenville."
West Chicago man pleads guilty to church arsons
"Mark Giomi, 25, of West Chicago will be back in DuPage County Circuit Court for a hearing Thursday, Sept. 7, following an Aug. 21 guilty plea to arson charges."
West DuPage area briefs
"At its regular meeting on Aug. 15, Bill Brown advised the Board of Education of Community High School District 94 of his resignation as board member effective at the end of the meeting convened on the same date."
W. Chicago plans party for old depot restoration
"The West Chicago City Museum hopes to restore an old railroad depot, and will be throwing an 1860s-era party at a historic home to help pay for it."
W. Chicago launches anti-graffiti hotline with a reward
“We’re just looking at more of a comprehensive way of addressing the problem, and this is a way to do it,” police Cmdr. Bruce Malkin said. “It’s an eyesore. Gangs marking their turf — people don’t want to see that.”
CBS News Illinois Governor Develops Energy Plan
"The plan, expected to be unveiled Tuesday, calls for investing $225 million over the next five to 10 years to build as many as 20 plants to turn corn into ethanol, five soy biodiesel plants and four facilities that would make ethanol from plant waste like corn husks."
“It is the 46 million Americans without health insurance who most need this information. Not only are uninsured Americans often paying out-of-pocket for their care, they are paying rates far higher than insured Americans because they do not have access to the reduced rates negotiated by insurance companies.”
"The Illinois unemployment rate was 4.7 percent in July, falling lower than the national rate, which is 4.8 percent, for the second consecutive month. This is the first time this has happened in more than seven years."
Sen Peter Roskam Roskam pledges earmarks for intersection plan
"State Sen. and Republican Congressional candidate Peter Roskam said he will support the city of Wood Dale in its attempt to fix the dangerous railroad intersection at Wood Dale and Irving Park roads and would ask for federal dollars to do so if he is elected to Congress."
Tammy Duckworth Duckworth: the need for ending earmarks is “crystal clear”
“A museum of glass is a perfect place for Members of Congress to go and take a long look in the mirror,” said Duckworth.  “There, they can reflect on the fact that their failure to control spending is driving our deficit up, increasing our debt and leaving the American taxpayers paying the tab for years to come.” 
Aug 23 City of West Chicago Spray and Pay Program to Combat Graffiti
"The City's "Spray and Pay Reward Program" will give citizens up to $200 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of graffiti vandals."
Welcome back!
EPA airs concerns on thorium cleanup
"Residents had complaints and concerns about truck noise, dust, wildlife preservation and a large staging area for safe soil at the southeast corner of Route 59 and Mack Road."
Uninsured call on Hastert for reform
"The uninsured residents and health-care advocates stood outside Hastert's Batavia office and demanded the speaker "use the power of his office to bring real reform to health care that is inefficient, unaffordable and unfair," said William McNary, co-director of Citizen Action Illinois and president of U.S. Action."
"Congressman J. Dennis Hastert on Tuesday announced that he will bring together a panel of national experts for an August 29 Community Meeting to provide tips and information for parents to protect their children on the Internet."
Aug 22 City of West Chicago


Emergency Preparedness Night
"West Chicago Citizen Corps and Winfield Township Citizen Corps are pleased to announce that they will be joining together to host a Family Emergency Preparedness Night on Tuesday, September 19, 2006 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the West Chicago Fire District Office ..."
West Chicago Sister City September Concert
It appears that Sister City will be planning a get together at 7PM at the High School.  Some clues of what they are up to can be gleaned from  As I receive specifics of final plans, I will post them.
Cable Com
Channel 17
Channel 17 Schedule Change-
"Due to the length of Moday's (8/21/06) City Council meeting, 'Fun at Rydell' will not be shown at 9:00pm on Wednesday night to accomodate broadcast of the meeting tape. Also, the rebroadcast of the City Council meeting on Friday (8/25/06) night will start at 8:30pm. We thank all our viewers for their patience and understanding."
Roskam defends federal pork support
"The 6th Congressional District GOP nominee said he’d support continuing the so-called practice of “earmarks” if elected to Congress to make sure projects like fixing the dangerous railroad crossing at Irving Park and Wood Dale roads continue to get funded."
Sen. Obama US senator Obama not shy to speak his mind - Independent Online - Cape Town,South Africa
“There needs to be a sense of urgency and almost a clinical truthteller about Aids in this country for the problem to be solved. Not ambiguity,”
Obama among those supporting new Katrina Book
News1130 - Vancouver,British Columbia
"Illinois Senator Barack Obama has contributed a foreword and Norman Mailer a blurb to It Takes a Nation, a first-person history of hurricane Katrina compiled by the liberal activist organization"
Rep Hastert Bush And Bachmann Joined at the Wallet, But Does Minnesota ... - U.S. Newswire
"Today, the president will join 300 of his special interest friends for a closed press fundraiser to bolster Bachmann's struggling campaign. This follows similar fundraisers with the president's profoundly unpopular vice president in June, his deeply divisive Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove in July, and the leader of the Bush Republicans in Congress, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, in July."
ambitious energy independence plan
"The plan will help free consumers from the grip of foreign oil and gas interests by giving drivers and homeowners alternatives to the high cost of gasoline, stabilize ener gy prices, give Illinois farmers new markets for their crops, and create 30,000 new jobs."
U.S. government employs 7.7 million more people than does manufacturing. - Clearing House
"American economists are yet to face up to the fact that offshoring high productivity, high value-added jobs that pay well and replacing them with waitresses and bartenders is a knife in the heart of the US economy."
Aug 21 City of West Chicago Currier-Reed House Celebrates 150th Birthday
"Strolling the spectacular grounds of a landmark home in the heart of West Chicago with the likes of Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Lincoln will mark the 150th birthday celebration of the Currier-Reed House this Saturday, August 26th from 3:00 p.m. until dusk."
Cable Com
Channel 17
Weekly Agenda Posted
  • City Council LIVE
  • Dark Side of Cable
  • Disney Magic Music Days
Fire in West Chicago causes minor injuries
"The West Chicago Fire Department responded to a fire at about 8:20 a.m. at 516 Carriage Drive. Firefighters put out the flames within a couple minutes, said West Chicago Fire Department Lt. Jim Buenrostro."
Editorial: Obama focuses needed light on AIDS
"Sen. Barack Obama has a chance to use his fame and popularity to help others this week while he tours Africa. We expect it will be well worth his time and energy."
Senators wrong, late on thorium cleanup - (Letter to editor... scroll down)
"Come see what the Thorium Action Group, the citizens of West Chicago, the groups that have gone before us, and our concerned, hardworking federal, state and local elected officials have been able to accomplish — a safe and effective environmental cleanup of the largest radioactive contaminated site in the nation."
Obama 'humbled' to stand in Mandela's prison cell
"This visit to Robben Island, an important symbolic beginning of an Africa trip, is the first leg for CODEL OBAMA, Washington jargon for an official taxpayer-paid congressional delegation. Often, these "codels" have more than one lawmaker. In this case, the Obama trip to Africa is a codel of one."
Sen Durbin Senate Snakepit - Human Events - Washington,DC
"Payback time came Aug. 2, when the Defense appropriations bill was debated under management of Stevens as Appropriations subcommittee chairman. Durbin proposed his University of Chicago earmark to improve imaging of traumatic brain injuries. The hook connecting this with Defense was "adaptation of current technologies to treat brain injuries suffered in combat.""
Sen. Obama Obama visits former Mandela prison - Associated Press
"It is a reminder of the extraordinary struggle that not only Mandela went through but people all over the world go through to obtain things that we take for granted," said Obama. "To stand in Mandela's cell and have a sense of the incredible courage, resilience and hopefulness of these men puts into perspective the work we do back home."
Obama speaks on the issues - Paris Beacon News - Paris,IL
“I have never witnessed a flag being burned, and if I did, I would probably go over and hit the guy,” said Obama. “I don’t want a flag burning amendment, but that doesn’t mean I revere the flag less than others.”
US Senator Obama slams SA AIDS response - Business Day - Johannesburg,South Africa
"South African AIDS activists say Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang has created confusion by pushing traditional medicines and a recipe of garlic, beetroot, lemon and African potatoes to combat AIDS while underplaying the role of anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs."
statewide Back-to-School All Kids campaign
"We’re working with schools, libraries, and health centers across the state to get the word out to families about All Kids, and to remind parents to add healthcare to their back-to-school checklist."
Aug 19&20 City of West Chicago Agenda for City Council Meeting 21 Aug 2006
  • Fine Arts Fiesta Awards Presentation
  • Crown Recycling
  • Well Station 10 Repair
  • Pay Station equipment for Metra Station
  • Crossing of Dupage Unit II subdivision
City Treasurer Don Earley's Message to Residents
"For the past six years, the City has tried to maintain a constant rate between $0.42 and $0.45 per $100 of assessed valuation, relying on the increase in assessed valuation to offset the inflationary cost of our services; in fact, the City Council has reduced the rate by over 35% since 2001."
Lawn party to celebrate 100th birthday of house
"In addition to all she lists, there will be a tin type photographer available. I understand that he will have some costumes and a backdrop, and for a fee will take your picture and develop it on glass right there at the lawn party."
... from Becky Hall
W. Chicago man admits to arsons
"Giomi targeted Our Savior Lutheran Church, 1244 Army Trail Road in Carol Stream, and Good Shepherd Church, 751 Army Trail Road in Bartlett, on March 10, 2003.  He also set fires inside Poplar Church, 300 Schick Road, on April 2, 2004, and Living Lord Lutheran Church, 1044 Congress Drive, on July 1, 2004."
Senior center not closing, really
"“The program is going to remain status quo. It’s an excellent program,” Supervisor Bill Newell said.  Newell was responding to a widely distributed e-mail sent out by a woman whose mother uses the senior center."
animals & plants
"Kline Creek Farm, 1N600 N. County Farm Road, West Chicago: “Blacksmithing Demonstrations.” Blacksmiths repair equipment and demonstrate the tools and techniques of the trade from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. “Threshing Demonstrations.” An authentic steam-powered thresher processes this year’s oat crop into grain, chaff and straw. 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (630) 876-5900 or"
Local women take missionary tour of Africa
"A missionary from Africa who hosted the Ugandan visit of Ruth LaSure and Barb Retelny earlier this spring will return the visit when he speaks at 10 a.m. Sunday to the congregation at Church of the Resurrection, 1465 S. Neltnor Blvd., West Chicago."
West Chicago man guilty in church arson
"Marc Giomi, 24, of the 4N600 block of Turnmill Lane entered the plea before Judge George Bakalis, who found him guilty and sentenced him to 180 days in jail and 4 years of probation, and ordered him to pay restitution."
Search for body turns up mystery
"'There are millions of questions on this now,' Eder said. 'I mean, we started with some, and now we're swamped.'  All the caskets but Smith's were made of wood, and it is difficult to determine if they were buried about the same time."
Sen. Obama Obama enjoys hearty welcome - Olney Daily Mail - Olney,IL
"On the issue of minimum wage, Obama was equally firm. One of the reasons it has not been raised is worry that employers will hire fewer workers, but when the wage hasn't been changed in nine years, however, “That's just exploitation,” he said."
Obama to go to Africa for 5-nation tour - Seattle Post Intelligencer
"One of the messages I'm going to send is that, ultimately, Africa is responsible for helping itself," Obama said in an interview Wednesday."
reining in congressional earmarks
"Curiously, despite the calls for lobbying reform from Dennis Hastert and John Boehner, those seeking to rein in congressional earmarks are being punished."
Aug 18 West Chicago
High School
"The evening Adult Education program of West Chicago Community High School District 94 will conduct tuition-free classes which will prepare students for the General Equivalency Development Exam (GED)."
"The West Chicago Community High School Adult Education Program, 326 Joliet Street, West Chicago, will be offering FREE Citizenship Preparation Classes starting Monday September 11, 2006."
Lawn party to celebrate 100th birthday of house
"According to the West Chicago City Museum, the Currier-Reed house is believed to have been built in 1856. The original owners were William and Roxanna Currier, who arrived in DuPage in the late 1830s from New Hampshire."
John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)
Taking a cue from Ned Lamont
"It is good to see that the Laesch campaign is taking a cue from the Ned Lamont campagin in Connecticut. Laesch is going to attack Hastert over the Iraq war, which is good."
[It's hard to believe that this blog is left open/vulnerable like this. - Bob]
health and physical fitness priorities for the state
"Regular exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure while reducing stress and increasing energy. But the unfortunate truth is that a majority of adults in America, and almost a third of our children, are not getting enough exercise."
Anhydrous Ammonia Security Grant Program
"Governor Rod R. Blagojevich today announced a new grant program to help Illinois agricultural fertilizer dealers protect their product from thieves involved in the illicit production of methamphetamine. The $1.6 million initiative will provide grants to facilities to install locks on anhydrous ammonia tanks, to purchase video surveillance cameras or to blend approved additives into their anhydrous ammonia to render it useless for the production of methamphetamine."
Aug 17 ‘Virtually every state a border state’
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert plays a key role in determining changes to laws governing who comes into this country and how long they stay. This puts the Plano Republican at the heart of a fierce debate embroiling the nation and the suburbs. The cause took an emotional turn this week when illegal immigrant-turned-activist Elvira Arellano and her young soon dodged deportation by seeking refuge in a Chicago church."
West Chicago honors three of its military men
"Accolades were the order of business during public participation at the Aug. 7 West Chicago City Council meeting. Receiving standing ovations were U.S. Marine Corps Sgts. Jason Nathaniel Aramburu and Jason Neil Hernan."
Safety and security is the byword in West Chicago
"At the August 7 West Chicago City Council meeting, resolutions were passed for the purchase and installation of cameras for the Metra commuter train station and entering a contract with Twin City Security, Inc. for the provision of personnel for Crossing Guard services."
Facing deportation
"But I cannot sympathize with her and the millions of other illegal immigrants in this country who came here knowingly breaking our laws and now demand that these laws be set aside just for them."
Tony LaMantia
“I am honored to have worked with Chuck Scholz and wish him the best as he prepares to leave the public arena for private life. We will always be by his and Becky's side.”
Sen. Obama US Senator Obama Visits Wabash Valley - WTWO - Indianapolis,IN
"United States Senator Barack Obama continues his three day tour of seven counties in downstate Illinois.  Obama stopped by the Lincoln Land Agri-Energy Plant in Crawford County, Illinois, Tuesday morning and then he headed to Edgar County. The Senator hosted an hour-long town hall meeting Tuesday afternoon at Carolyn Wenz Elementary School in Paris. Obama took questions on the economy, fuel alternatives, and the estate tax for farmers."
Rep Hastert Judge Ruling of NSA Surveillance Programs
“We cannot lose sight of the fact that America needs this information to protect itself. If the courts of final review rule that these procedures don't work, we will find a way that does."
on the Capture of Mexican Drug Cartel Head
“All Americans should applaud this joint effort and the men and woman involved as they have dealt a serious blow to this narcoterrorist group."
Hastert: US can defend borders like it has Iraq's - Chicago Sun-Times
"I always say if we can protect Iraq's borders against Syria and, you know, Jordan, and everyplace else, Iran, we can protect our own borders,"
recipients of $5 million in new state stem cell research funding
“The promise of stem cell research is unlimited, and countless lives that hang in the balance.  It’s clear we can’t count on the President to support stem cell research, and lawmakers in Springfield have yet to act on a proposal that would provide $100 million over 5 years for research."
Tammy Duckworth Duckworth says “Outrageous Earmark” is a smelly deal for taxpayers
"Congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth today announced the winner of her “Outrageous Earmark of the Week” award:  $2.3 million for the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) which was in the Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act of 2006 (HR 3057)."
Aug 16 VFW Auxiliary Soldiers and Sailors Monument
"This veterans memorial was rededicated May 30, 2006
to honor all veterans who have served honorably
in all branches of the United States armed forces."
District 303's ACT scores reach highest level in five years...
Siemers, times five, in Fenton time trial
"Wheaton Academy’s Leah Fortune has been selected to the United States Youth Soccer Region II Girls Olympic Development Program pool team in her age group.  The West Chicago resident, selected in a regional camp in DeKalb, is an incoming sophomore at Wheaton Academy."
DuPage puts $68 million forest plan up to voters
"A late 2005 survey by the Naperville-based Conservation Foundation shows the referendum measure may be likely to pass. Fifty-eight percent of residents polled said they support a $50 million referendum measure. That number jumped to 68 percent after residents heard the measure's pros and cons."
Election 2006
Rod Blagojevich +6.4
Peter Roskam +2.2
No spread available on Hastert Race
Sen. Obama Obama Calls on President to Work with Congress to Implement 9/11 Commission
"From improving security for our rail and transit systems and our chemical plants, to increasing cargo screening in our airports and ports, the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission have been underfunded, or worse, ignored," Obama wrote. "Indeed, the 9/11 Commission gave the Administration dismal marks - 5 F's and 12 D's - on the implementation of the Commission's recommendations for homeland security."
John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)
Iraq War to be defining Issue in 2006
"As of today, only one anti-war military family member has met with the Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert to talk about the crisis in Iraq.  Georgia Stillwell used to live in Yorkville, IL and her son had Jean Hastert as a P.E. teacher."
Honoring Illinois' fallen
"The Department of Central Management Services has received notice from Governor Blagojevich's Office to fly the United States and Illinois flags at State occupied buildings at half-staff from sunrise to sunset on Wednesday, August 16, 2006 for: Army Sergeant Bradley Beste, United States Army."
Sen Peter Roskam First Lady on the Stump - Real Clear Politics
"Just how important is the race in Illinois' Sixth District for Republicans this year? Laura Bush's presence yesterday at a fundraiser for the Roskam campaign answers the question."
District in great fiscal health...
Board meeting synopsis, and birthday celebrations...
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Meet the Trinity School Staff
"Our staff has low turnover, so the children will usually see warm faces from the previous years which will enhance their comfort and feeling of safety.  We are proud of the fact that our teaching staff has remained for a long period of time."
Pro-immigration groups seek formal political power
"Convention participants plan to keep marching. On Labor Day weekend, for example, Chicago-area activists plan a four-day trek from Chinatown to the Batavia district office of House Speaker Dennis Hastert."
"We cannot fix the injustices of this system with private bills; only comprehensive immigration reform can permanently remedy this situation.”
Special to Huntington News Network - HNN - WV
"Another Democrat, Senator Dick Durbin D-IL said that the organization is "unusual in its extreme rhetoric and its associations with groups that are suspect.""
Sen. Obama Xavier University Commencement Address
"And so what this all means is that today and every day, you have a responsibility to remember what happened here in New Orleans. To make it a part of who you are. To let its lessons guide you as face your own challenges."
Leaders pledge bulls for Obama homecoming - Kenya Times - Kenya
"He said Obama was expected in Siaya on August 24, where he is expected to tour the Sh2 billion rice farming project undertaken by the American-based Dominion Group of Companies at Yala Swamp. He is also scheduled to visit the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga mausoleum in Bondo district."
“Energy independence means not being held hostage by OPEC every time you fill up the tank with gas. These new ethanol and biodiesel plants mean more homegrown fuel that can replace foreign oil and give drivers more options and cheaper alternatives,”
Aug 14 City of West Chicago West Chicago Police to Conduct Roadside Safety Checks
"The safety checks will be used to detect persons who are operating a motor vehicle with defective equipment, have no valid driver's license or permit, no proof of insurance or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs."
West Chicago Fine Arts Fiesta Winners Announced
"Winners of the 2006 Art Fiesta in the Park that took place as part of West Chicago's Heritage Days have been announced and will be recognized at the August 21st City Council meeting. The following individuals will receive an award: "
Cable Com
Channel 17
schedule Posted
Breakdance '01, Obama's Town Hall, Puttin' on the Ritz, City Council 8/7/06 ... and much more.
Rep.Randy Ramey Legislation to Keep Children Safe from Online Predators
"“At a time when teen chat boards like MySpace are gaining so much popularity as a way for youths to chat with friends and post information about themselves, we can’t be too careful in monitoring how these sites are being utilized,”"
Hampshire auto show features 652 classics
"The Watts bought their car in 1987 for $5,000 and restored it, giving it new glass, wiring and a new paint job. The car won a top award three years ago at the same event.  The car reminds Burgess, 65, of the red ’57 Chevy he borrowed from his dad whenever Burgess wanted to impress his dates.  “That’s what I drove as a teenager,” he said proudly.
Mind your elders
"The organization [The Northeastern Illinois Area Agency on Aging - Bob], which has offices in Kankakee and West Chicago, and serves McHenry, Kane, Lane and five other Chicago-area counties, "supports 100 percent" the state's effort to prevent elder abuse, Weakly said. "
DuPage Community Foundation seeks next generation of philanthropic leaders:
"This year, four of our longtime trustees – Betty Bradshaw of Wheaton, Cleve Carney of Glen Ellyn, Vince Naccarato of Darien and Joyce Van Der Molen of West Chicago – retire from the board with a collective 43 years of service and represent the last of our founding members,"
Sen Durbin When the majority doesn't rule - St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg,FL
"I ask the minority leader, in the month of June, when we wasted two weeks on the floor of the Senate on a constitutional amendment relative to flag burning, gay marriage ... could we have called up this bill, H.R. 810, if the Republican leadership of the Senate had wanted it?"
Sen. Obama Sen. Obama addresses Xavier graduates - Associated Press
"The easiest thing is to do nothing at all. Turn off the TV, put down the newspaper and go about your busy lives. Remain detached and indifferent," he said. "But, if you choose to remember what happens when responsibilities are ignored and the buck is passed. ... That asks more of you. Not only to pursue your own individual dreams but also to perfect our collective dream as a nation."
Obama Calls on FTC to Investigate Impact of BP Pipeline Closure on Consumers
"Nevertheless, last week, the President of BP America would not answer a direct question from a network reporter as to whether or not BP would pass along the costs of its mistakes to customers, despite the company recording profits of $22.6 billion last year."
Obama, Coburn Ask FEMA to Address Ballooning No-bid Contracts for Gulf Coast Reconstruction
"We cannot express to you in strong enough terms how serious this issue is to us and our Senate colleagues. On four separate occasions over the past year, the Senate has unanimously approved amendments to limit the use of non-competitive procedures in contracting," the Senators wrote.
Senior Help Line one-stop-shop for information
"Navigating the labyrinth of state government departments and agencies that offer useful services to older adults can be frustrating and confusing. We want to eliminate the delays and frustration of being transferred and put on hold by making information about all of those services available through a single number – the Senior Help Line."
Aug 12&13 Sen. Obama Grandma's meal of eggs for Obama - Daily Nation  - Nairobi,Kenya
"But for Mama Sarah Obama, the octogenarian grandmother of Senator Obama, his planned visit to her Nyang'oma village in Kenya's Siaya district later this month will be like any other by a grandchild.  "There will be nothing special. Like any other grandchild, I will expect to give him lots of eggs and that is what I will prepare for him!" the jovial woman says as she sits outside her newly spruced-up house."
Senator Barack Obama Speaks at Xavier University Graduation - FOX News
"He said he could give advice about overcoming challenges or about courage and perseverance but "you could probably teach the rest of us" about those things.  "Yours has been quite an education, an education in humanity brought by a force of nature," Obama said."
Rep Hastert GOP House: narrow win would bring its own problems - Wizbang - Washington,DC
"Republicans could find themselves in a scenario that in some ways is almost as bad as losing the House: holding on to power and the attendant responsibility but with diminished leverage for carrying it out. And Speaker J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois, whose often-stated goal is to “please the majority of the majority,” would have to decide whether that would still be a viable strategy for running the House."
Anti-trash bills await further action in Sept. - Lansing State Journal - Lansing,MI
"Members of Michigan's delegation have twice written House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., requesting that he schedule a vote on the trash bill. Hastert spokesman Ron Bonjean said it's likely the legislation will be brought up in September, after lawmakers return from a monthlong recess."
John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)
Iraq War is Defining Issue in Race Against Hastert
"'The Hastert-led Congress has buried an important PTSD reform piece of legislation in committee since April of 2005 and they have yet to hold an honest debate about Iraq,' said Laesch. 'We are going to take that message directly to the voters and let them know that this is a black and white issue; there is no grey area in Iraq.'"
Aug 11 City of West Chicago Cmdr. Lazaro Perez Graduates from Northwestern University's Center for Public Safety
"The West Chicago Police Department anticipates a variety of benefits from Cmdr. Lazaro Perez's attendance at this program. Many of the program's graduates, including Chief Kuhn, go on to achieve a variety of leadership positions within Law Enforcement. "
Building a sports empire
"When Butler received a letter in 1990 that the school district planned to reopen Monroe, he took the club to another level by building a dedicated four-court facility in West Chicago. That building opened in February 1991 and expanded to six courts in 1994."
Hastert puts $1.4 million toward Kane water study
"Water both above and below ground is a serious concern for one of the fastest-growing counties in the country, Hastert said at a press conference Thursday in Sugar Grove, and these studies will help ensure officials have good data when making decisions."
Sen Durbin Durbin delivers on STAG grant - Monmouth Daily Review Atlas - Monmouth,IL
"The purpose of the visit was for Durbin to announce that Monmouth will receive $400,000 in federal funding in order to update the city's wastewater treatment system, which has been in place since the 1920s. The funds will also aid with work that may become necessary on Monmouth's water mains,"
Sen. Obama Obama Statement on Bust of Terrorist Plot to Blow Up Airplanes Traveling from Britain to U.S.
"It also reminds us how important it is to have strong allies in this fight that can help stop these attacks before they reach our shores. The cooperation between British and U.S. officials and the subsequent precautions taken to secure our people are admirable."
Barack Obama cover man for Men's Vogue - United Press International
"Obama is featured on the cover and in an article to mark the publication of his second book, "The Audacity of Hope," The Washington Post reported Friday.  The September/October issue is only the third for Men's Vogue; it featured George Clooney and Tiger Woods on the previous covers. "
Rep Hastert Hastert Campaigns Hard, Raises Money to Keep House Republican - Bloomberg
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert is a man on the go, flying from Nebraska to Texas to Florida and 14 other states this month on a make-or-break mission to help Republicans defend their majority -- and keep his job."
Gov. Blagojevich kicks off 2006 Illinois State Fair
"Gov. Blagojevich and his family toured the grounds following the opening ceremony, stopping by the Governor’s and First Lady’s Tent in Main Street to view the exhibits."
Aug 10 West Chicago
High School
School Begins at Community High School
"The new school year will begin at Community High School on Tuesday, August 22. The cafeteria will begin serving lunches on the first day of school. The Learning Resource Center will also be in operation. School will be dismissed at 12:50 p.m. the first day."
Teachers…Summers Off!??--Who Are You Kidding?
"During the strategic planning session, the group prioritized the list for implementation in the coming year’s program as they put their goals into action for 'Moving FACS (Family and Consumer Science) Forward.'"
Board meeting, and much more...
West Chicago
Vacation for these WC youth was a time for helping
"The Corps has a presence in the urban areas known as Capitol Hill and Five-Points with the purpose of providing ongoing services and programs to the homeless, low-income and others who live in the changing neighborhoods in the area."
Around and About
"During the recent heat wave, West Chicago fared quite well. There were no major power outages. According to Greg Koch, assistant public works director, water usage was above normal, but there was no problem meeting the demands."
West DuPage park briefs
"Dance Classes" ... "Manville Bash" ... "Sponsors are being sought for the West Chicago Park District's 2006 youth football prgoram."
“FutureGen is the number one federal energy priority for downstate Illinois, and we are here today to work with local, state and federal officials to make downstate Illinois the number one choice for the FutureGen Alliance,”
Rep Hastert Speaker Commends British for Disrupting Terror Bomb Plot
"The British authorities deserve much praise for disrupting this major terrorist plot that would have caused massive loss of life and wreaked significant havoc on innocent civilians."
special response teams on alert
"While there is no known threat in Illinois, we are reaching out to airports throughout the state to offer assistance if additional security measures are needed."
Tammy Duckworth the need to end controversial spending practices
“We need to shed light on these special projects that are steering the budget in the wrong direction,” Duckworth said.  “Close to a million dollars has gone to a parking lot in Nebraska while the national deficit is spinning out of control at the expense of taxpayers."
Laura Bush to Visit 6th Congressional District
"The word about our campaign's momentum is spreading far and wide-- now, even reaching the folks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  As a sign of our impressive success, the National Republican Party and the White House have tapped First Lady Laura Bush to travel to the 6th Congressional District this Monday, August 14, to raise money for my opponent, Peter Roskam. "
Retroactive War Crime Protection Proposed - Guardian Unlimited
"The Bush administration drafted amendments to the War Crimes Act that would retroactively protect policymakers from possible criminal charges for authorizing any humiliating and degrading treatment of detainees, according to lawyers who have seen the proposal."
Aug 09 Elementary
District 33
District #33 Administrative Changes for the 2006-2007 School Year
"'The Domino Effect' sounds like the title of an action movie, but it well describes the administrative changes West Chicago Elementary School District #33 is experiencing prior to the start of the 2006-2007 school year."
Garden center employs and trains disabled adults
"'The disabled have the same needs as everyone else. They want the same sense of accomplishment through work and to interact with the community,' said Donna Jarmusz, president of We Grow Dreams and a founder."
Immigration march targets Hastert
"Participants will begin their walk Sept. 1 and culminate their journey on Labor Day, Sept. 4, at Hastert's district office. There, they plan to hold an immigration hearing, which they say will differ from committee hearings that Hastert has organized."
Official says group lulled on O'Hare
"'In the past, it's been an all-for-one, one-for-all thing, and we've supported issues in other communities that have no bearing on the residents of Bensenville,' Johnson said, citing West Chicago and its DuPage River issue and Hanover Park's Mallard Lake landfill as examples."
Sen Durbin USF Wellness Center will provide hope - Morris Daily Herald - Morris,IL
"The $2.1 million grant to operate the USF Health and Wellness Center was announced Monday at the Motherhouse during a press conference by Congressman Jerry Weller, R-Morris, USF President Michael Vinciguerra, and a spokesman for U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, D-Illinois."
Durbin announces grant for city - Monmouth Daily Review Atlas - Monmouth,IL
"Durbin conducted a press conference at Cerar's Barnstormer to announce Monmouth will receive about $400,00 0 from the federal government to use toward the new, expanded wastewater treatment plant."
Sen. Obama Obama Introduces Bill to Help Tap Power of Genomics to Find Cures
"Senator Obama's legislation seeks to spur innovation by allocating $150 million for research in genomics. It also provides a 100 percent tax credit for private research to develop of companion diagnostic tests that can improve the effectiveness or safety of certain drugs."
Rep Hastert Can Pence-Hutchison help save the GOP from itself? - Houston Chronicle
"No, those leaders, instead, are sponsoring a series of show hearings (yes, they're ludicrous, but I'll stifle the urge to use the adjective "Stalinesque") around the country, attempting to keep anti-immigrant sentiment at a now-to-November hard boil.  Shamefully, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., is baying at the head of the pack."
John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)
Forum brings together varying viewpoints
"He called for a "sweatshop trade ban," saying the United States should not trade with countries that abuse worker rights and pay less than a living wage.  He also wants to impose a $10,000 penalty on employers who hire undocumented workers; deport non-citizens who break the law; and provide undocumented workers with a way to earn citizenship."
Gov. Blagojevich urges the FDA to approve Plan B
“Plan B is a safe and tested form of emergency contraception, and women deserve access to it.  If the FDA continues to refuse to act, we, in Illinois, would be left with no other choice but to act ourselves and pass legislation making Plan B available without a doctor’s prescription, as it is in 45 different nations,”
Aug 08 Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Trinity Luteran wins Grand Marshall’s Trophy
"Our first school, known as the German School, began classes in the church basement. Morning classes were taught in German; afternoon classes in English."
City of West Chicago Planning Commission Agenda - 15 Aug 2006
Immigration meeting tonight at Geneva library
"John Laesch, Hastert's Democratic challenger in the November election, has organized a town hall meeting on Immigration from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. today at the Geneva Public Library, 127 James St."
"“At this delicate moment in U.S.-Arab relations, giving temporary protected status to Lebanon will send a positive signal about U.S. concern for the suffering of innocent Lebanese civilians."
Rural towns could soon have broadband Internet access - WHOI - Peoria
"We have our own Web site, obviously. there's just a lot of information out there they can use, especially the elderly. I think it would really help them a lot,”
Illionois Senators


Durbin, Obama visit AFSCME convention - THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
"The wind is blowing in our direction. The wind is at our back - and it's the wind of change," Durbin said. "The good news in Washington is we have less than 100 days before we see the end of this do-nothing Republican Congress."
Sen. Obama Exported mercury returns to haunt U.S.
"The federal government estimates that U.S. firms exported at least 276 tons of mercury last year. It moves overseas through a little-known network of purifiers and brokers that operates without government oversight and faces few questions about what happens to the silvery metal once it is sold."
Rep Hastert Leave My ID Alone - VARBusiness - Manhasset,NY
"By the way: After the FBI recovered the first VA laptop and determined the two teens who stole it didn't access the hard drive (not sure how you can determine that), House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) withdrew $160 million to provide credit-monitoring services for the affected veterans. Mr. Speaker, I think I want that money back. "
Contraceptives Rights Rule
"The new rule requires Illinois pharmacies to post signs outlining consumers’ right to obtain contraceptives, and providing information on where to file a complaint with the state if a pharmacy violates that right."
preparedness for nuclear power plant accident
“If disaster ever strikes Illinois – whether it’s a terrorist attack, a pandemic flu outbreak or an accident at a nuclear power plant – we need to make sure we have emergency plans in place to keep people safe,”
Illinois’ State Weapons of Mass Destruction Team
"The State of Illinois’ large-scale terrorist response exercise concluded Tuesday morning in the Metro East as the State Weapons of Mass Destruction Team (SWMDT) successfully demonstrated its ability to take down a mock terrorist group responsible for several simulated attacks staged during the exercise."
Tammy Duckworth Iraq War Vet Duckworth and former Navy Secretary Webb propose new Oversight
"Two war-time veterans, Sixth District Congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth and former Secretary of the Navy and Virginia Senate candidate Jim Webb, said today that, if elected, they will introduce legislation to establish a special committee to investigate the billions of dollars being spent on U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan."
Duckworth dusts off memories in bid to serve her country
"But before she could climb into her Ford F150 pickup to drive herself to Springfield for her role in operation Prairie Thunder, Duckworth needed the brown desert boots she'd left behind in Iraq in November 2004, when a rocket-propelled grenade hit the helicopter she was piloting and prematurely ended her tour of duty."
Aug 07 Cable Com
Channel 17
schedule Posted
Incidentally, the video of the Heritage Festival and Parade have not yet shown up, so those of you needing a fix, the Video of Alderman Kauth is still available.  But for tonight, just tune in the live broadcast of the whole City Council.
Candidate’s immigration debate looks one-sided
"Bennett said Laesch’s crew “made it clear we’d be more than happy to schedule something during the August (congressional) recess, but so far we have not received a response. I went ahead and scheduled it.”  The Plano Republican won’t make an appearance, Hastert spokesman Brad Hahn confirmed."
Immigration march targets Hastert
"The participants will begin the "Immigrant Workers Justice Walk" on Sept. 1 and culminate the journey Labor Day, Sept. 4, at Hastert's district office. There, they plan to hold an "immigration hearing," which they say will differ from the committee hearings that Hastert has organized. Immigrant advocates say Hastert has not allowed pro-immigrant speakers equal time to testify about the benefits of a legalization bill."
  State maps battle plan for ash borer
"'Anything that has the potential to threaten the health of hundreds of thousands--even millions--of ash trees has to be dealt with immediately and thoroughly,' Blagojevich said in statement accompanying announcement of the eradication plan."
Sen. Obama Kenya: 'I Will Support Kenya's Vision for Growth' -
"There is strong bipartisan support for this agenda as demonstrated by the fact that one of my first official acts will be to welcome Senator Barak Obama to Kenya.  The US-Kenyan partnership has been forged in common undertakings and in profoundly shared trauma."
Rep Hastert Tancredo Says No To New Orleans - Donklephant - USA
"U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., asked House Speaker Dennis Hastert not to send federal disaster aid to officials in Louisiana, calling state and local government there incompetent and corrupt."
Embattled Ohio lawmaker drops out of race - CNN
"In his statement, Ney didn't mention Abramoff or the investigation that led him, under pressure from House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Illinois, to relinquish chairmanship of the House Administration Committee in January."
Reform Jewish Leader Welcomes House Breakthrough on Campaign Finance Reform - Religious Action Center
"We applaud all those who lent their support to the discharge petition and we call on House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) to heed the will of his colleagues and of the American people by promptly scheduling a fair vote on this vital bill."
No taste for this soup - Daily American Online
"How else to explain why House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Co. would champion legislation that would both raise the minimum wage by $2.10 an hour over three years and reduce the so-called death tax?"
Gov. Blagojevich announces Emerald Ash Borer action plan
"The plan will utilize a $7.6 million commitment from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), earmarked for Illinois and Wisconsin to fight the destructive insect.  The Governor has also created a management and science advisory team charged with providing advice to the Illinois Department of Agriculture on EAB surveys, regulatory action, control and removal as well as outreach and education."
Tammy Duckworth Duckworth Calls Latest “Outrageous Earmark” a Real Turkey
“One of the easiest steps Congress can take to reduce the deficit and reform ethics is to immediately end the practice of earmarking,” Duckworth said.  “It would show real contempt for the taxpayers if this Congress fails to act on eliminating earmarks and real reform before adjournment.”  
Aug 05&06 Turning the corner
“What we’re seeing is the payoff for the work the city has been doing over the last few years,” West Chicago Mayor Michael Fortner said. “It clearly has the traffic that would warrant a strong retail presence.”
Rep Hastert Restaurant protest is meant for Hastert
"Members of the Chicago Minuteman Project will demonstrate Sunday outside a Lemont restaurant owned by relatives of U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert to "remind" the congressman not to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants."
Aug 04 Elementary
District 33
Gary and Pioneer Schools Earn Illinois Honor Roll Distinction
"Two schools in West Chicago Elementary School District #33 are in the spotlight, earning recognition on the Illinois Honor Roll. These schools are recognized for their accomplishments in making progress toward or maintaining academic excellence."
  • Supt. Coffee cancelled
  • new Annual Progress Report...
West Chicago Garden Club lawn party at the Currier Reed House
"The Friends of the City Museum is hosting a lawn party at the Currier Reed House on Washington Street, to raise funds to restore CB&Q depot currently behind the Museum on the library lot. It needs a lot of work, and we need a lot of money!"
Worshippers claim home is  a religious site
"Hersh Khetarpal and her husband, Mike, have spent much of the past year seeking a county permit classifying their property between West Chicago and Carol Stream as a spiritual training facility."
Teen clears brush to earn ranking of Eagle Scout
"For his Eagle project, Pat cleared about 30,000 square feet of brush and trees along Ferry Creek in Warrenville.  He also scraped and painted the bridge over the creek and planted trees. This was part of a larger, ongoing project by the Warrenville Park District to restore the creek and prairie area around the park near Johnson School in Warrenville."
Crash snarls traffic
"West Chicago Police Commander Spencer Kroning said a southbound 2003 Ford Taurus drifted over the centerline and struck a 2003 Ford F250 pickup head on."
“The Combating Autism Act takes a comprehensive, national approach to conquering this potentially devastating disease, and I was proud to support this bill."
“Broadband is an essential component of our lives, at work and at home. It has become an essential service like water, gas and electricity. Our homes and businesses need affordable access to high speed internet connections, in the same way our homes and businesses need traditional utility services,”
“The $24 million commitment from the State of Illinois and four new trains from Amtrak have put Illinois Amtrak expansion on the right track,”
Senate blocks minimum wage rise - BBC News - UK
""The Republicans can get 6.6 million Americans an increase in their basic minimum wage, as long as we promised that the fattest cats in America would get a great big bowl of tax cuts," said Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois, the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate. "
Sen. Obama Obama Statement on President's Speech About Immigration Reform
"After months of debate and many marches, our borders remain vulnerable, millions of people still live in hiding, and our immigration system is still broken. Failing to come together on comprehensive reform means continued insecurity and more illegal immigration."
Old Testament Republicans, New Testament Democrats - Political Gateway - Deerfield Beach,FL,
"Senator Barack Obama and other Democrats have recently urged the party to target "evangelical Christians" in order to win Congressional seats in November. "
Rep Hastert Job Creation
"This means that 113,000 more workers will be bringing home a pay check this month.  That’s money they can use to help pay bills, get their kids ready for going back to school or possibly a summer vacation. "
Economic Report: Job Creation Still Weak As Housing, Economy Slow
"The U.S. Labor Department says job growth for June was the third straight month that job creation fell short of economic forecasts.
Job growth averaged 108,000 a month over the past three months.
What this means is that job creation in the U.S. isn’t even keeping pace with population growth."
Groups decry lack of voice in immigration hearings - Arizona Republic - Phoenix,AZ
"Protests are planned in front of the state Capitol during a congressional hearing on immigration reform at 5 p.m. today, as religious groups and immigrant advocates question the validity of the event.  They say that although they have contributed consistently to the immigration debate in Arizona, they won't be allowed to speak during the hearing."
Aug 03 Cable Com
Channel 17
Video of the 2006 Heritage Festival Coming Soon
Although this video came, not from Cable Com, but a three letter federal entity that would send me to Cuba if I divulged their existence, this short (1.5 meg) clip should wet your appetite for the upcoming Cable Com production of the parade and festival.
Drugs killed former Cary-Grove coach
"But friends say he was getting back on his feet and hoped to return to coaching someday. He had earned accolades coaching West Chicago High School and Cary-Grove, where, under his direction, the girls team was undefeated."
West Chicago
West Chicago to recognize returning servicemen/women
"The City of West Chicago would like to recognize the community's servicemen and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other parts of the world, at the Monday, Aug. 7, City Council meeting."
Name the Kruse House doodads and win a prize
"Challenges await guests attending the exhibit, "Thingamabobs and Whatchamacallits," at the West Chicago Historical Society's Kruse House Museum, 527 Main St., West Chicago."
“With 11 percent of the world’s population, 25 percent of the global disease burden and nearly half of the world’s deaths from infectious diseases, sub-Saharan Africa has only 3 percent of the world's health workers.”
“The Republicans are offering a take it or leave it proposal – they’re going to take $750 billion from the U.S. Treasury to give to the richest Americans or they’re going to leave millions of Americans without a minimum wage increase,”
"Any federal action to increase fossil fuel production must be coupled with policies that reduce demand through energy efficiency, increase the use of alternative fuels and encourage energy conservation.”
Sen. Obama Obama to Take Seven-County Downstate Town Hall Tour
“These meetings give people the opportunity to tell me what’s on their minds and what I can do to help. They also give me a chance to talk about the issues I’m working on in Washington, whether it's giving consumers more access to renewable fuels like ethanol or helping improve services for homeless veterans.”
Rep Hastert US bishops support guest-worker proposals to up quotas - Catholic Online - Bakersfield,CA
"Instead, House Republican leaders requested a "long look" at the Senate version, including a string of public hearings.  Observers say House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) does not want to pursue an issue that splits the Republican Party during the midterm election season."
Republican Bill to Lower Wages in Seven States - Huffington Post - New York,NY
"Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) called the Republican scheme "the most ethically repugnant, intellectually dishonest, morally bankrupt ploy I have ever seen in a legislative body." He went on to say to House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) that "... apparently shame has become entirely irrelevant to you and your party.""
Letter: Please don't call me a Republican - Gallatin News Examiner - Gallatin,TN
"The top four four recipients of the $103.1 million spent buying votes: $1.2 million went to former House Majority Leader Tom Delay, R-Texas, $926,454 to House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., $1.2 million to Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Penn., and $1 million to Sen. Arlen Spector, R-Penn."
"We are also putting science to work in Illinois by taking discoveries and turning them into new companies, marketable products and high-paying, high-tech Illinois jobs."
Delinquent Taxpayer Names Posted on Internet
"The current delinquent Internet posting resulted from notices mailed in November that have, to date, resulted in payments of almost $1 million from 122 taxpayers while nine others have entered into pay plans that will produce $350,000."
Bush's talent: subverting the truth
"Now, we learn that while Bush mused about closing down the infamous facility, plans were being realized to expand the prison, the contract having been awarded to - who else? - a Halliburton subsidiary."
Aug 02 New church embraces all who enter
"This is Crossroads Restoration Center, a nondenominational Christian church in West Chicago pastored by Robert and Norma Rosado. We refuse to be your average church, because we serve a God that is anything but average."
Sen Durbin Durbin backs bill to help Lebanese - WHOI - Peoria,IL
"Senator Dick Durbin said innocent civilians are bearing the brunt of Hezbullah's provocative actions.  The Illinois lawmaker said at this delicate moment in U.S.-Arab relations, giving temporary protected status to Lebanon will send a positive signal about U.S. concern for the suffering of innocent Lebanese civilians."
Democrats Call for a Raise in Minimum Wage, Decry Republican ... - U.S. Newswire
"More than six million Americans, including 333,000 Illinoisans, would benefit from an increase in the minimum wage compared to 8,200 families across the country that would get an average tax cut of $1.4 million."
Sen. Obama Senate OKs gulf drilling - Chicago Tribune
""We're opposed to this bill," said Sierra Club spokeswoman Annie Strickler. She said better automobile mileage, as proposed in a bill co-sponsored by Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), would yield greater energy independence at less cost to the environment.  Obama voted against the bill and said the Republican leadership was being "dishonest" by believing the nation's energy problem could be solved with more drilling."
Statement of Senator Barack Obama on his vote against the Gulf of Mexico Energy Bill
"Unfortunately, we're not going to have a debate this week on how to reduce the demand for oil, because we weren't allowed to add any amendments to this bill that would focus on that problem. Because contrary to the judgment of every credible person who has examined our nation's energy woes, the Republican leadership in the Senate believes we can solve our energy problems by just drilling more. That's not only dishonest -- it's a disservice to our constituents who want us to work together to solve this crisis."
Illinois, Missouri Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Honor Legacy of Katherine Dunham
"As we mourn the passing of a legend who believed in the power of music and dance not simply to entertain, but to inspire and change the lives of thousands, we hope that this simple act will also help honor her legacy,"
Rep Hastert In reality, we're losing the war in Iraq - Centre Daily Times - Centre County,PA
"The House of Representatives received an even more emphatic declaration from Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., when he said, "It is a battle ... in which we ... will be victorious."  Tragically, the reality in Iraq contradicts the claims of the administration and its supporters. Instead of victory, the United States is headed for defeat in this war."
Republican Splits May Hurt Pensions Measure, Election Prospects - Bloomberg
"Before we can look at other immigration issues, we first must secure the borders,'' Hastert said ... Graff said.  "With the Republicans in the House and Senate hating each other it's getting pretty ugly."
The Truth Clinic - Frost Illustrated - Fort Wayne,IN
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert forged a compromise with his Republican mavericks by permitting the introduction of four contentious amendments to modify the reauthorization bill. Democrats had signaled through minority House leader Nancy Pelosi that they would kill the bill if any of the appeasement amendments were attached."
major emergency response exercise
“We need to know that our plans will work before disaster strikes and not once disaster strikes. This exercise will help us build on the lessons we learned during May’s successful pandemic flu and terrorism exercise, and further strengthen our emergency preparedness.”
multi-pollutant reduction plan
"Governor Rod R. Blagojevich today announced an agreement with Ameren, Illinois’ second largest utility, on a major pollution reduction plan that would establish Illinois as a national leader in reducing the three most dangerous power plant emissions: mercury, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides."
GOP Donors Funded Entire PA Green Party Drive
"That leaves only one contribution, for $30 (of $66K - ed), as a legitimate donation from a Green Party supporter. That came from the candidate himself, Carl Romanelli. He made it to his own campaign fund, not the local Green Party."
Aug 01 City of West Chicago Downtown Revitalization Efforts Gain Momentum in West Chicago
"The forum focused on communication, education and implementation of creative marketing efforts to build awareness and develop community support for the assortment of wonderful niche businesses unique to downtown West Chicago."
Construction Notice
"The City of West Chicago announced that construction due to the widening of sidewalks along north Main Street and Illinois Route 59 will continue until further notice. Motorists should proceed with caution when approaching the intersection. "
West Nile turns up in Naperville
"This year’s first known West Nile-infected mosquito in DuPage County was found May 22 in West Chicago.  The county tests mosquitoes at 70 locations twice a week. On Friday, the total of positive batches had reached 14. On Monday, the number more than doubled to 31."
Status of Superfund sites in Illinois
"Sites marked with an asterisk have recently been upgraded as having human exposure under control, but Durbin's staff says EPA has shown no evidence to justify such change in status...
   5. Kerr-McGee (Kress Creek/West Branch), DuPage County.
   6. Kerr-McGee (residential area), West Chicago.
   8. Kerr-McGee (sewage treatment plant), West Chicago.* "
"At this delicate moment in U.S.-Arab relations, giving temporary protected status to Lebanon will send a positive signal about U.S. concern for the suffering of innocent Lebanese civilians."
Rep Hastert A Comprehensive OCS Energy Bill
"Both the House and Senate are now on record supporting responsible deep ocean energy production to help lower gasoline prices for American consumers, and I’m confident a conference will allow members of the House and Senate to finalize details on this important issue."
National Guard Deployment Goal
"While Guardsmen are not involved in direct law enforcement activities, the Guard is working closely with border patrol agents to assist in the apprehension of illegal immigrants through surveillance and intelligence efforts."
legislation to protect seniors from self-neglect
“This new law helps us take care of senior citizens who can’t take care of themselves,” said Gov. Blagojevich. “It means that when a senior citizen has a hard time meeting their basic needs, we’ll now be able to help them.”
National Child Support Month;
“I am proud of the success we’ve had and we will continue to push for aggressive and innovative reforms that will help single parents gain the resources they need to provide their children the childhood they deserve.”
local war hero is Grand Marshal of State Fair Twilight Parade
“Sergeant Leech fought bravely and proudly and represented our state in Iraq.  By honoring him as this year’s Grand Marshal, we can say thank you to all the men and women who have sacrificed so much on behalf of our country,”
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