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July 31 West Chicago Police Dept. reminder about National Night Out
"National Night Out will be held at the West Chicago High School west parking lot from 6:00 PM through 8:30 PM on August 1st, 2006."
Cable Com
Channel 17
schedule Posted
Throw another log on the fire... curl up on the bear skin rug and watch "Let It Snow"  (a WCMS Concert and Cable Com exclusive) on Friday at 6PM.  Does thinking snow make you a full 3 degrees cooler?  I hope so.
W. Chicago event all about making good connections
“This is more of an event that brings people close to police officers and actually the city, the aldermen and city employees. I liked it,” he said. “We had good attendance last year, and we’re hoping for even better this year.”
“I am happy to see this long-overdue trade dispute resolved. Illinois farmers and businesses have borne significant losses in this trade war, and today’s announcement shows progress has been made,”
statewide cooling centers and energy assistance programs
“As the heat index hits dangerously high levels, we want to remind families throughout the state to take advantage of resources available through the Keep Cool Illinois campaign so they can stay safe and healthy during this intense and life threatening heat,”
legislation to make college more affordable for middle class families
“MAP Plus is the first grant program ever in Illinois specifically designed to help middle class families afford the high cost of college. Imagine if you’re a parent working hard, trying and struggling to afford to send your child to college.  Five-hundred dollars a year makes a difference,”
29&30 July City of West Chicago Agenda
The city website has not been updated ... but the PLAN COMMISSION/ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS meeting on Tuesday, August 1, 2006, at 7:00 p.m.includes:
  • PC 06-38 – Andy Patel, Southwest corner of IL Route 38 and IL Route 59, Variances
  • TCB Development, Crossings of DuPage Unit II, Minor Subdivision
  • Dunkin Donuts, amendment to the final Planned Unit Development (PUD) for Lot 9 in Franciscan Way Subdivision
Tech park ready for next chapter
"This month, West Chicago city leaders also endorsed plans for Cyber Continuity, a data storage firm, to erect a 62,000-square-foot facility at the park — the first development on the north side of Fabyan Parkway."
largest donation ever: $1.2 million
"Dudley D. Malone and his four children are giving the gift to honor his wife and their mother, Delores, who died last September of brain cancer."
Tech park ready for next chapter
"Tenison said the park has four buildings in progress or planned: the Pella location, Cyber Continuity, a 50,000-square-foot building that CenterPoint would build for multiple tenants and an Argonne National Laboratory research facility that’s awaiting final approval in Washington, D.C."
Robert H. Clifford: 1931 - 2006
" Several years later, through his work as a bank examiner, Mr. Clifford helped set lending standards, which resulted in fair and legal lending policies for minorities and women, family members said.  "He was proud of his career," said his daughter. "He was the right man at the right time to accomplish that kind of job.""
Sen Durbin Proposed study abroad program would have big goals for next decade - The Southern - Carbondale,IL
"U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and Republican Minnesota senator Norm Coleman this week introduced The Abraham Lincoln Study Abroad Act. The act would create a program encouraging low-income and community college students to spend part of their undergraduate careers studying in other countries, particularly Asian and developing nations."
Partisan Divide on Iraq Exceeds Split on Vietnam - New York Times
"Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, said, “There used to be some unwritten rules when it came to foreign policy.”  These divisions do not run across foreign policy."
Sen. Obama Obama's Africa tour takes him to five nations - Chicago Defender
"Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., the Senate's only black member and the son of a Kenyan father, plans to visit five African nations between Aug. 17 and Sept. 2 in what will be his first visit to the continent as a U.S. senator."
Rep Hastert lawmakers rebelled" against Voting Rights Act - Media Matters
"As Media Matters for America has noted, members of the House Republican leadership joined almost all Democrats to defeat four amendments to the VRA renewal bill. All four were offered by Republicans, and three had the support of a majority of House Republicans."
[I find it to Denny's credit that the bucked his party and voted with the decent people of the US who want everyone's vote to count. - Bob]
Estate Tax and Extension of the Tax Relief Act of 2006
"In addition, the bill reduces estate and gift tax rates for amounts up to $25 million (indexed for inflation) that will be subject to the 15 percent capital gains tax rate (set to increase to 20 percent in 2011 unless extended). Amounts above $25 million (indexed for inflation) or more will be subject to a reduced rate of tax of 30 percent that will be fully phased-in effective January 1, 2015."
" So the Republicans in the U.S. House stayed up until almost 2am tonight to give Paris Hilton some extra money (there's something funny about millions of dollars being showered on Paris Hilton in the dead of night, but I'll leave that joke for someone else to finish).  How much extra money? Try a cool $91,089,200."
Hinchey has a good word for the Times - Ithaca Journal - Ithaca,NY
"Hayworth's request to Hastert surprised many members of Congress who were unaware that he knew how to write. A television sports babbler turned statesman, Hayworth's political career reached its perihelion several years ago when a poll named him one of the 10 dumbest members of Congress, a distinction he has worked hard to maintain, despite strong competition."


Buy Wild Rice and Support Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture Among the Ojibwe People in Minnesota. It's Fair Trade Day on
Board of Education special meeting, and "Back to School" Coffee with the Superintendent...
Learn about safety during the National Night Out
"The music of De Ja Vu and free hot dogs and ice cream are staples of this year’s National Night Out, which will be from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday in the parking lot west of Community High School, Ann and Wood streets, West Chicago."
Private garden to open gates
"As part of the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program, Ball will open the gates to its 7¨-acre private and experimental gardens on July 30.  Visitors can consider the event a sneak preview of new plant varieties that won’t be on the market until 2007."
“Senator Simon had a vision -- to strengthen the role of the U.S. as a world leader by investing in the education of our young people. The international study abroad program we are introducing is based on his vision and advances his work."
Rep Hastert Hastert Blog Remains Unchanged for Two Months
While the Republicans in Congress spend time fighting "Net Neutrality", the tech savvy blogger, Dennis Hastert, has not added a single item to his blog since May 26th.  Is this related to his advocacy of a multi-tiered payment schedule?
new law strengthening private property rights
"In addition to the requirement that the government reimburse property owners for their relocation expenses and qualified legal fees, the new legislation also allows trial courts to reset the valuation date of the property if the trial begins more than two years after the filing. "
27 July City of West Chicago City of West Chicago to Honor Returning Servicemen/women
"West Chicago, Illinois - The City of West Chicago would like to recognize the community's servicemen and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other parts of the world, at the August 7th City Council meeting."
Women on the wing
"The foundation — which is visiting several area airports on its “Wings of Freedom” tour — has an open invitation for surviving WASP members and has flown about 30 so far this year. The tour recently stopped at the DuPage Airport in West Chicago and the Waukegan Regional Airport."
West Chicago
Area neighborhoods prep for National Night Out
"The city of West Chicago will join neighborhoods nationwide in hosting Night Out from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Aug. 1 at the west parking lot of Community High School, 326 Joliet St."
Benjamin chess camp a winner
"We tried to make it fun for the kids -to mix hard work and serious games with less intense activities such as blitz, bughouse and team chess. And, of course, a little physical activity to let the brain rest,"
Wheaton Academy auction
"The auction is a great evening of food and fellowship. However, the overriding goal of the event is twofold. The proceeds from the auction will once again be split between the Academy Fund and the Zambia Project."
D-33 registration begins Aug. 1 at local schools
"Returning students who did not turn in completed registration forms last May should register at their neighborhood school beginning Tuesday, Aug. 1."
Around and about
Crown refuse bills, Scholarship Foundation "Concert in the Park", annual VFW Steak Fry, St. Andrew Lutheran Building Fund Benefit Dinner, Faith Community Church, Life Line Screening


Sen Durbin


"This invasive species threatens both the native fish and natural wildlife of the lake and in turn, the economy of the entire Great Lakes region,”
How Illinois legislators scored on humane legislation - Rock River Times - Rockford,IL
"Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) not only supported all the applicable legislation and the letter, but was also rated as a leader in promoting animal welfare legislation. The Humane Society Legislative Fund gives him a score of 100+."
Sen. Obama Approval of Bill to Help Taxpayers "Google" Federal Spending
"All Americans deserve to know where their money is being spent. 'Googling' the government will not only help expose and eliminate waste, but dispel misconceptions about the scope of our commitments."
Signing of the Reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act
"As we move forward, I hope we can build on the success of this reauthorization effort and keep in our hearts the memory of those who sacrificed so much to fulfill the promise of American democracy."
Rep Hastert August Immigration Hearings;
"It is not a secret that terrorists and drug runners -who want to do us harm- are trying to find ways into our country and I believe we must first do everything we can to stop them."
US House leaders intend to split tax,pension bills - Reuters
" "I don't think they (the tax breaks) were ever in the pension bill," House Speaker Dennis Hastert, an Illinois Republican, told reporters in a Capitol Hill hallway.  Hastert said he was aware senators in both parties were upset by the change announced a day earlier and acknowledged that, amid the wrangling, neither the pension bill nor the separate tax bill were ready to go to the House floor for votes."
GOP to push immigration - San Francisco Chronicle
"Hastert made clear he will refuse to open negotiations on any legalization program -- which House leaders deride as amnesty -- until U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada are under firmer control."
26 July Manville Bash
"Bring the whole family for a fun filled day of food, including a corn boil, inflatables, an aerial circus, and live music featuring Hi-Infidelity 3-5pm, Red Woody 6:15-9:30pm and the Brooze Brothers 10-12am."
Dance Classes
"The West Chicago Park District is taking registration now for the Fall Dance recital season. We have dance classes for all ages. Call the park district office for more information at 231-9474."
Local kids to perform at county’s talent show
"Thirty-five contestants competed for the opportunity to be one of eight finalist acts in each division. Below are the eight finalist acts in each division ... Deanne Capinpin of West Chicago, vocal solo..."
Do mini-golf and beer mix?
"Ann Margaret Horist saw the potential of mixing Miller Lite with mini-golf when, as manager of Brian’s Charhouse in West Chicago, she asked the Carol Stream Park District about hosting a fundraiser at Coyote Crossings.  The benefit would help the West Chicago Fire Protection District raise money for local families displaced by fires."
Golf outing to raise funds for family hit with cancer
"The second annual Boland Family Foundation Scholarship Golf Outing will be Aug. 25 at St. Andrews Golf and Country Club 2 in West Chicago."
"We Grow Dreams Inc., a non-profit organization created to provide training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities, will hold a garden party and silent auction from 2 to 6 p.m. Aug. 6 in the Gardens at Ball, 622 Town Rd., West Chicago."
Sen. Obama Obama takes political spotlight on return to Africa - Associated Press
"What a trip like this does is it allows me to really target a wide range of issues that come up on the international stage and help Americans appreciate how much our fates are linked with the African continent,"
Congressional Earmark Reform
"“The House-passed lobbying and ethics reform bill includes a series of significant reforms meant to bring greater transparency and accountability to the congressional earmarking practice."
[Jefferson and the swarm of Republicans including DeLay, Cunningham, Ken Lay, Abramoff, Blackwell and Harris, are not accused and hounded because of a lack of laws ... but because of existing laws.  Get this stuff into the courts, not congress. - Bob]
Rep Hastert Hume failed to challenge Hastert's assertion that "disruptive" "foreign influence" in Iraq is "getting shut down" - Media Matters
"A separate report by Vali Nasr, an adjunct senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, has also discussed the continuing strength of the "foreign influence" in Iraq that Hastert sought to downplay."
[Includes video of Hastert on Fox News Sunday with Brit Hume. - Bob]
Hastert Applauds funds for Ash Borer
"Congressman J. Dennis Hastert on Thursday applauded plans by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to provide $7.6 million in emergency aid for the state of Illinois in its fight to eradicate the Emerald Ash Borer."
Border policies encourage crime rings - Arizona Republic - Phoenix,AZ
"Hastert advocates the shortsighted - and politically easy - enforcement-only approach to immigration reform. This tried-and-failed approach has enriched and emboldened smuggling operations without slowing illegal immigration."
House to Vote on Estate Tax This Week, Hastert Says (Update1) - Bloomberg
"The House of Representatives will vote this week on legislation that combines a reduced estate tax with a measure renewing two-dozen expired breaks for business including a research credit, Speaker Dennis Hastert said."
Judge Mikva as Chairman of the Il Human Rights Commission
"As a pioneer of our state’s efforts to make sure people are treated fairly in the workplace, Judge Mikva’s talent, experience, commitment and leadership will build on the outstanding work J.B. Pritzker did and the Commission continues to do in protecting the civil rights of people across Illinois,”
Tammy Duckworth Duckworth launches “Outrageous Earmark of the Week”
"The first winner is a $500,000 earmark added to the 2006 Transportation/Treasury/HUD Appropriations Bill (HR 3058) for the Sparta Teapot Museum in Sparta, North Carolina."
[see Sparta Teapot Museum for more info]
25 July Illionois Senators


"Finding cleaner ways to generate power using coal will help ensure our country’s energy security and address global warming."
“The Administration’s promised response on windmill construction is long overdue. It is time for a straight answer,”
Rep Hastert the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006
"We’ve all seen the disturbing headlines about sex offenders and crimes against children. These crimes cannot persist. Protecting our children from Internet predators and child exploitation enterprises are just as high a priority as securing our border from terrorists."
[I have sought Hastert's help to protect kids (see ) and would still welcome it. - Bob]
John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)


Laesch challenges Hastert to immigration debate - Daily Herald
"Laesch, among other Democrats, has criticized Hastert for scheduling hearings late enough that Congress won’t be able to reach resolution before the election. Further, Laesch chastised Hastert for not holding any in their home district.  “I think it’s pretty pathetic that Mr. Hastert has not held a town hall or debate since 1996,” he said. "
"We have the coal, the geology and the strong support on the federal, state and local level for bringing the world’s cleanest coal plant to Illinois. We are showing that Illinois coal can meet our future energy demands using cutting-edge technology that protects our environment and puts more people to work. For coal to be king again it has to be clean, which is why we are also offering the financial tools necessary to get this enormous public-private project off the ground here in Illinois,"
gasoline waivers to avoid fuel shortages in Metro East
"After everything these people have gone through, we need to make sure that enough gasoline is available for people to go to work, go to school and go to the grocery store as they deal with cleaning up from the storms that hit them hard last week."
Preschool for All legislation
“Study after study and basic common sense tell us that giving kids the chance to start reading early and learning early is the single most important step we can take towards helping them become successful students."
24 July Cable Com
Channel 17
schedule Posted
Sorry that this is a day late.  It was entirely my fault. - Bob
Sen Durbin NJ Senator wants complex free of tobacco - Hemscott - London,UK
"Lautenberg and Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., led the fight to ban smoking in the Senate. The two senators were joined in the effort to ban the sale of tobacco products in the Senate by Democrats Tom Harkin of Iowa, Jack Reed of Rhode Island and Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts."
WWII Army medals awarded posthumously - Alton Telegraph - Alton,IL
"His discharge papers listed all the medals he had supposedly earned, but we didn’t have them," Catherine Monti said. "So, I called (state) Senator Deanna Demuzio to see what she could do. She contacted (U.S.) Senator Dick Durbin, and boy, he went after them."
Rep Hastert Hastert may challenge court order allowing FBI to view seized ... - JURIST - USA
"Though Hastert said the House will not support Jefferson in an appeal of the order, Hastert said the House may separately challenge the order to voice its opposition to the congressional office search, which has prompted widespread separation of powers debate [JURIST report]."
Look up "Political Moron" and you'll find Hastertâ's picture ... - Questions and Observations - USA
"And what is that Constitutional division, Mr. Hastert, as it pertains to the Congressional offices of an indicted lawbreaker? Heck, the FBI, just to calm the waters, has instituted a "filtering team" to ensure only pertinent papers, etc. are seized. Unless you demand they do the same everywhere for everyone, this attempt is going to be seen by the public as another arrogant Congressional attempt at special treatment."
Lawmaker reports land sale profit - St. Louis Post-Dispatch - MO
"Reps. Roy Blunt, R-Strafford, and Kenny Hulshof, R-Columbia, sold long-held property, including family farmland. Ron Gladney, who is married to Jo Ann Emerson, R-Cape Girardeau, also sold property last year.  Another Illinois lawmaker, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, has come under scrutiny for making an estimated $1.5 million profit on property near the site of a proposed highway. The deal has been criticized, in large part because Hastert helped secure more than $200 million for the highway before he and his partners sold the property."
statewide Impaired Driving Safety Summit
"Impaired drivers account for 45 percent of the fatalities on our roadways. This summit will give our police and traffic safety advocates – those on the front line of this battle – the chance to learn about and to implement new strategies to make roads safer.”
I.R.S. to Cut Tax Auditors
“If these lawyers are not there to audit the gift and estate tax returns, then a lot of taxes that should be paid will go uncollected, and that impacts every taxpayer who is paying their fair share.”
23 July Teams get jets to fly, sort of
"The Special Olympics athlete from St. Charles and his team showed how it’s done at Saturday’s Plane Pull contest at the DuPage Airport in West Chicago."
Keeping Simon family’s traditions alive
"Simon’s great-uncle, who was a Lithuanian Jew, escaped Eastern European pogroms by emigrating to America in 1895. He set up a dry-goods store in West Chicago, saved up money, and sent for his three brothers."
"A young couple befriended a group of cats living along the railroad tracks in West Chicago, providing shelter, food, water and compassion and working with PAWS Chicago to make sure the cats were healthy and spayed or neutered."
Sen. Obama Kerry talks business, Obama gets look at post-Katrina New Orleans - KLFY - Lafayette,LA
"Obama chatted with volunteers as he helped work on one of the houses before heading to a meeting with some of the city's small business owners. He will be returning to New Orleans in a few weeks to deliver the keynote address at Xavier University's commencement ceremony."
Rep Hastert Hastert Aims to Solve Immigration Problem - Guardian Unlimited - UK
"Hastert's trip comes at a time when House Republicans are working to highlight shortcomings in Senate-passed immigration legislation that largely follows a blueprint that President Bush favors."
Hastert: House may challenge office search - Houston Chronicle
"But there has to be a procedure for the Justice Department to come in and start just searching any congressman's office," he said. "We may take a fine line depending on how the negotiations are."
A Conflict Viewed Through Very Different Lenses
"It's mainly civilians who are suffering from the continuing conflict in Lebanon between Israel and the Islamic Hizbollah movement," says Radio Netherlands.  Foreign online outlets seem more likely to run stories about specific incidents in which Lebanese non-combatants died."
22 July Hastert tours Mexican border, checks out troops
"I've always said you need to build a fence on the border, and you need to have military," Hastert said. "There are places the military can help, especially the National Guard."
[Check out All Immigration Votes of Representative Dennis Hastert.  I see a dependable vote FOR illegal employers. - Bob]
Learn how to cook with lavender
"Find out how during Herb-and-Lavender Afternoons today and Sunday at Kline Creek Farm on County Farm Road, just south of North Avenue in West Chicago. Demonstrations will be given on the hour from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m."
Chicago Red Streak Tree-killing beetle now found in Evanston
"The Illinois Department of Agriculture confirmed that the bug, which in the past two months has infested ash trees in Kane County and Wilmette in north suburban Cook County, was discovered at Lovelace Park by a park employee Thursday."
Sen Durbin President Bush vetoes stem cell research bill - WNDU-TV - South Bend,IN
"Democrats claim the president is trying confuse voters before November's midterm elections.  "They will not be easily confused," says Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois. "They will not be deceived, and they will not forget.""
Sen. Obama Senator Barack Obama Condemns White House Indifference to Poverty - About - News & Issues - New York,NY
"Whoever was in charge of planning was so detached from the realities of inner city life in New Orleans ... that they couldn't conceive of the notion that they couldn't load up their SUV's, put $100 worth of gas in there, put some sparkling water and drive off to a hotel and check in with a credit card."
Senator Barak Obama - A Unique Story - American Daily - Stow,OH
"Obama says that Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson exploit the gap by telling Evangelical Christians that Democrats disrespect their values and dislike their church, while suggesting that religious Americans are only concerned about gay marriage and abortion."
Religious Liberals Take Lead In Massachusetts Health Debate - Forward - New York,NY
"Obama chastised fellow Democrats for failing to "acknowledge the power of faith in the lives of the American people" and insisted that the party compete for the support of religiously observant Americans. He also called for liberals to moderate their opposition to faith-based initiatives and to some expressions of religion in public life."
Rep Hastert Lawmakers fight move to pull NY Times Capitol press passes - WSTM-TV - Syracuse,NY
"Some Republican lawmakers want to punish The Times for recent news stories regarding government programs that monitor telephone calls and financial records in an effort to track suspected terrorists.  Hinchey and five other members of New York's congressional delegation have written to House Speaker Dennis Hastert urging him to reject the request to rescind the newspaper's press passes."
Budget bills fly in border debate - Albuquerque Tribune
"Bingaman was expecting to be one of the Senate's negotiators with the House, but talks haven't even started, because House Speaker Dennis Hastert has not named House members of the conference committee."
Marriage-amendment politics - Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sarasota,FL
"But House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., and others weren't all that concerned about the tally. They just wanted to make sure they got everyone on the record in time for the upcoming elections.  Republican leaders and their campaign advisers are hoping voters will head to the polls in November with notes on who backed the GOP's so-called values agenda and who did not."


Gov. Blagojevich adds Clinton and Jefferson counties to the state disaster declaration
“Our state emergency personnel are continuing to work closely with county and local emergency service agencies around the clock in the Metro East area to help restore power and get things back to normal as soon as possible,”
21 July City of West Chicago


National Night Out To Give Crime and Drugs a Going Away Party
"The City of West Chicago will join neighborhoods nationwide in hosting National Night Out on Tuesday, August 1, 2006 from 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m., at the West Chicago Community High School's west parking lot."
Rep.Randy Ramey Governor Signs Ramey Identity Theft Bill
“This is a great victory in preventing future identity theft from occurring in Illinois,” Ramey said. “We’re establishing guidelines about how state employees should properly handle and destroy sensitive personal information.”
Ramey’s Bill to Track Sex Offenders by Satellite Signed
“We can now stay one step ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting our communities and keeping track of dangerous predators,”
Wheaton Drama play focuses on friendship
"The show is set to open today and runs through July 30, with Marge Elfstrom of West Chicago as Grace and Cindy Bolds of Wheaton as Gloria. Both have numerous experiences with Wheaton Drama."
Vintage planes highlight Community Days
“It’s really a good event to partner up with Community Days, and it’s an aviation event for a good cause,” he said.  The Collings Foundation’s Wings of Freedom Tour will land at the airport Friday afternoon."
Private garden to open gates
"As part of the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program, Ball will open the gates to its 7¨-acre private and experimental gardens on July 30.  Visitors can consider the event a sneak preview of new plant varieties that won’t be on the market until 2007."
Rep Hastert Speaker Hastert Announces Delegation and Press Schedule for Visit to U.S.-Mexican Border
"Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) and Members of the U.S. House of Representatives will visit the U.S. border at Yuma, Arizona, to get a first-hand look at our border security needs as well as how taxpayer border enforcement money is being spent. "
Speaker Hastert Sends Congressional Delegation to Middle East
"The delegation is the first and only congressional delegation that has been cleared to go to Israel since the current conflict began."
Hastert Applauds Federal Funding To Stop Emerald Ash Border
“We have seen similar invasion in neighboring states and Canada, and it has resulted in the loss of more than 20 million trees,”
Governor Blagojevich activates State Emergency Operations Center in Springfield to respond to Metro East storms; establishes Unified Area Command in affected communities
Governor Blagojevich declares Madison and St. Clair counties State Disaster Areas
Governor Blagojevich signs new regulations to make tattoo and body piercing establishments safer
Governor Blagojevich announces nearly 1 million passengers take state-sponsored trains during record setting FY 2006
Tammy Duckworth Stem-Cell Issue: Republicans' Undoing? - The Wall Street Journal
"The candidate, Tammy Duckworth, 38, is an Iraq-war veteran and double amputee. Her subject at the coffee this day is public funding for medical research using embryonic stem cells. She endorses it; her Republican rival, Peter Roskam, 44, has led the fight in the Illinois Senate against it."
major environmental endorsement from the League of Conservation Voters
“Clean water, clean air and healthier communities are goals shared by people across the Sixth Congressional district, regardless of their party affiliation,” Duckworth said.  “Families in this district want leaders who will protect our air and water and fight for real energy independence."
20 July City of West Chicago New Bilingual Exhibit Labels Now Available
"The West Chicago City Museum's newest exhibit, Immigration: Building a Community, has recently been enhanced thanks to a grant from the Illinois Humanities Council. The grant provided for the creation of exhibit text labels in Spanish, which are available in a portable notebook to Museum visitors. "
Merle Berle


Kwasman takes his bows as parade chairman
"After seven years as serving as chairman of the parade, sponsored by the Lions Club, Ward 5 Alderman Michael Kwasman said, "The parade this year was my last one." He certainly deserves the thanks of people in the community for the dedication of time that makes the parade a success and one of the highlights of Heritage Days, formerly Railroad Days."
West Chicago
Area's first Relay for Life steps off proudly
"Although it was extremely hot, they never lost their enthusiasm," said John Czech, chairman of the event.  He said some $20,000 was raised to help in the battle to beat cancer. "
Winners of all kinds
"We had a good crowd view the artwork and 500 persons cast a ballot," said Fredericka Howard, chairman of the Cultural Arts Commission. "There were 85 pieces of artwork by 66 local artists. All three of the winners in the amateur category were first time entrants."
Hastert mobile office coming to West Chicago
"The staff of the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives will be available to provide information and answer the public's questions or concerns involving the federal government."
Algonquin Countryside Be wary, don't panic
"That's the message the media has been sending about the emerald ash borer since it was found last month in Kane County. Then on July 13, the Illinois Department of Agriculture sent out a press release confirming another infestation was discovered in Wilmette. However, the media should also add, "But don't panic." Although the emerald ash borer is a serious pest, Illinois has weathered others like the Asian longhorn beetle and the gypsy moth."
"The legislation included $46.227 million for the construction of a new federal courthouse in Rockford. Additionally, $40 million was included to expand the CTA's Ravenswood Brown Line, and $6 million for bus replacement and bus facilities."
Sen. Obama Senators Introduce Legislation to Reduce Gasoline Consumption by Half a Trillion Gallons
"The true danger of America's dependence on foreign oil is best explained not by politicians or energy experts here in the United States, but by our enemies abroad," said Obama. "'[Oil] is the umbilical cord and lifeline of the crusader community.' These are the words of Al Qaeda."
In Support of H.R. 9, the Voting Rights Act
"I've often thought about the people on the Edmund Pettus Bridge that day. Not only John Lewis and Hosea Williams leading the march, but the hundreds of everyday Americans who left their homes and their churches to join it. Blacks and whites, teenagers and children, teachers and bankers and shopkeepers - a beloved community of God's children ready to stand for freedom."
Senators push fuel standard - Detroit Free Press
"The bill, spearheaded by U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., escalates the political pressure on automakers, which have fought any proposal to set targets for fuel economy improvements."
Democrats Press Bush on Voting Rights Act - Associated Press
"You don't just talk the talk, but you also walk the walk," Obama said. "Ultimately laws are only as good as the people who are enforcing them."
Rep Hastert Terrorist Attacks in India
"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their loved ones affected by this tragedy."
Bush's veto pen had many better targets - Denver Post - Denver,CO
"It is true that House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., spared Bush the need for some vetoes with his ridiculous policy to block any votes on legislation that wasn't supported by a majority of House Republicans. (Hastert waived that rule to allow the stem-cell bill to pass the House last year.) "
Saving face on voting rights - Toledo Blade - Toledo,OH
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert sensed correctly that it would not look good for the GOP in this election year for the chamber to scuttle a law that has protected the rights of minority voters for the past quarter century - even though that is precisely what many Republican lawmakers wanted to do."
Editorial: Congress' ethics rules should be strengthened
Appleton Post Crescent - WI
"Just months after Hastert pushed through the legislation to build that road access, he and his partners sold their property for $5 million, giving Hastert a $1.8 million profit."

Laesch challenges Hastert to debate on immigration
"As the election quickly approaches, you are protecting a Republican majority from casting a deciding vote and hiding behind pending 'hearings,'" Laesch wrote. "I think that you are simply trying to delay this issue beyond the 2006 mid-term election."

John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)


Laesch challenges Hastert to debate on Immigration
"It has come to my attention that you have purposely delayed a House/Senate joint compromise session that would hammer out details for a comprehensive immigration reform bill.  "
Hastert's Campaign Office
"Open Secrets does not list Ball Seed nor Ball Publishing as a leading campaign donor in his 2004 effort which (according to a Congresspedia listing spent about $5 Million."
Tammy Duckworth


Duckworth raises $844,000 in 2nd quarter - Pioneer Press Online - Glenview,IL
"Clearly, this will be a tight race and it's obvious that Tammy will have the resources she needs for this campaign. People look at the way things are going with the economy, the war in Iraq, high gas prices, the deficit and the environment and know that it's time for a change,"
$5 million from FY07 budget to stem cell research in Illinois
“President Bush’s action yesterday was a clear indication that stem cell research will get no support from Washington as long as he occupies the White House.  And the Illinois General Assembly has yet to back a plan that would provide significant, ongoing support for stem cell research."
new law to protect health benefits for service men and women
"Illinois soldiers, sailors and marines who are sent to protect our country deserve our support and help when they return. They certainly should not have to worry about losing their health insurance because they were called to active duty."
Metro East cooling locations identified
"The Illinois Emergency Management Agency, in cooperation with Madison and St. Clair County and Granite City Emergency Services and Disaster agencies and the local Red Cross, has established cooling centers in the Metro East area due to the extreme heat and loss of power."
19 July Police scholarship fund gets boost
"The community group presented a $5,449 check to West Chicago police this week for the scholarship fund created in honor of the fallen officer. The bulk of the money was raised during a speed-pitch game at the Heritage Days festival and from donations by city and county officials."
"Party boxes can be dropped off at the HSP center, 1425 S. Neltnor Blvd. in West Chicago. For more information, call 630-231-1542 or visit"
Cbs2chicago 51 Square Miles Quarantined To Stop Ash Borer
"The state Agriculture Department says the quarantined area encompasses a three and a-half mile radius of the yard where the bug was first detected last month -- just east of Lily Lake in the Windings subdivision."
"“We honored the legacy of our civil rights heroes by extending the provisions of the Voting Rights Act that were set to expire in 2007."
“President Bush’s first veto makes him the first president in the history of the United States to restrict medical research and the efforts of science to reduce suffering from disease and disability."
“These funds will help keep jobs at the arsenal and help the arsenal continue its work supporting our nation’s armed forces.”
"$30 million for operating and maintaining C9C aircraft and preparing for C40 aircraft that are scheduled to be delivered to Scott Air Force Base beginning in 2007."
Rep Hastert Hastert 2006 mobile office tour
18 July Elementary
District 33
Start of School Year Information from District #33
"Returning students who did not turn in completed registration forms last May should register at their neighborhood school beginning August 1, 2006.  Students new to District #33 may register at their neighborhood school Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:30 pm after August 1."
City of West Chicago Congressman J. Dennis Hastert's Mobile Office Comes to West Chicago
"The 2006 Mobile Office tour of Congressman J. Dennis Hastert will arrive in West Chicago on Friday, July 21st from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. at the College of DuPage (West Chicago Campus) located at 930 East Roosevelt Road. "
Hastert back to business after release from hospital
"Bonjean wouldn't speculate as to whether the decision to keep Hastert in the hospital for four days was related to the speaker having Type 2 diabetes, which requires him to take daily insulin injections and can make common infections more serious if left untreated."
U.S. seeks $1.6 billion Fermilab contract bids
"The Energy Department is seeking bids for a $1.58 billion contract to operate and maintain Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory for five years beginning next year."
What boundary shift means for Fair Oaks
"Both the Carol Stream village board and the city of West Chicago approved joint agreements shifting a boundary plan slightly west of the road, which borders portions of the western edge of Carol Stream."
Police put Illinois 64 on notice
"In the hope of getting drivers to slow down on one of the busiest roads in DuPage County, nine police agencies cracked down on a 17-mile stretch of Illinois Highway 64, issuing 265 citations in four hours--108 for speeding"
State maps out assault on tree-eating pest
"They also set the stage for a 51-square-mile quarantine area in central Kane County to be designated ground zero in a regional, multimillion-dollar assault on the insect."
Rep Hastert


Marriage Protection Amendment
"While the vote was 236-187 (an eight vote increase from 2004 vote,) it did not have enough support from 159 Democrats to clear the requirement that a constitutional amendment pass with two-thirds vote."
House Rejects Gay Marriage Ban Amendment  - AP
"Opponents, including 27 Republicans, argued that the measure was meaningless - the Senate rejected the amendment last month, effectively killing it for this session of Congress - as well as unneeded and mean-spirited."
John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)
Hastert's Highway scandal has huge impact in polls
"Our first poll was conducted days after it was revealed that Dennis Hastert made $2 Million from a $207 Million highway earmark.  Hastert who normally finishes each election year with 70-75% would only receive 55% of the vote if the election were held today."
law toughening penalties for driving without car insurance
"When there’s an accident and one driver isn’t insured, responsible drivers who do have insurance can end up bearing the brunt of the costs. It’s not fair to penalize drivers who do the right thing, and this new law makes it clear – if you don’t have insurance, don’t get behind the wheel,"
First Lady Patti Blagojevich announces July selections for Children’s Reading Club: Beverly Cleary’s The Growing-up Feet and Henry Huggins
The Return of the Draft - The Rolling Stone
"Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, in an Op-Ed blaming "conspiracy mongers" for "attempting to scare and mislead young Americans," insisted that "the idea of reinstating the draft has never been debated, endorsed, discussed, theorized, pondered or even whispered by anyone in the Bush administration."  That assertion is demonstrably false. According to an internal Selective Service memo made public under the Freedom of Information Act...:"
17 July Trinity wins the Grand Marshall’s Award
"The first panel is a picture of the first church building that was started in 1885 and completed in 1889. The congregation was formed in 1884.  In the basement of the church was the first Trinity school. Children cam by horse or by sleigh to attend the “Little German School” as it was known."
Durbin wants quarantines in 2 counties to stop tree-killing bug
"The discovery of Emerald Ash Borer in both Kane and Cook County within the last month is troubling news," Durbin said Monday in a statement, adding that "we need to move quickly to contain this infestation."
Great Lakes ship hunters seeking history--or spoils
"This is the golden age of shipwreck hunting [on the Great Lakes] but it's also the golden age of responsibility, too," said Cris Kohl of West Chicago, Ill., who has written several books on Great Lakes shipwrecks."
"One of the most effective control mechanisms is an ash tree quarantine which is now in effect for Kane County and will give the Department authority to remove infested trees and keep potential beetle host material, like firewood, from being sent out to or brought in from surrounding areas."
"Vetoing life-saving research would say to millions of Americans suffering from Parkinson’s, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and spinal cord injuries that their hopes are diminished so long as President Bush is in the White House,”
Sen. Obama


Statement of Support for Stem Cell Research
"Embryonic stem cells can be obtained from a number of sources, including in vitro fertilization. At this very moment, there are over 400,000 embryos being stored in over 400 facilities throughout the United States. The majority of these are reserved for infertile couples. However, many of these embryos will go unused, destined for permanent storage in a freezer or disposal."
India's Clout in US Congress Assisted by GE, Boeing, JPMorgan - Bloomberg
"Senator Barack Obama, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, says ``there appears to be a very coordinated effort to have every Indian-American person that I know contact me'' before the vote."
Rep Hastert Hastert Congratulates Shuttle Discovery Crew
“The American entrepreneurial spirit of innovation is alive and well. Our space program taps into that spirit to attract the best and brightest minds to explore the last frontier."
Speaker Hastert leaves hospital - CNN
"Ron Bonjean, a spokesman for the speaker, said Hastert was released at 2 p.m. "and is ready for another busy legislative week.""
safety belt use reaches all time high;
"These numbers tell us that people are getting the message. More people than ever are wearing their seatbelts and our roads are safer because of it,"
15&16 July Michael Browning Memorial Fund
 “Throughout the Heritage Days Festival, people came to our booth with dollars in hand, saying things like, 'I knew Michael in high school’, or' I remember that terrible night he died, it was such a tragedy.' Hearing those sentiments made the extensive efforts of the members of 4ThePeople even more meaningful”
City of West Chicago Agendas for Next Weeks Meetings


Cable Com
Channel 17
Community Access TV
City Council LIVE, National Night Out '03 & '04, Millner's Talking Points, Christmas in July Part 2, Carp Tourney '05, and others
"A young couple befriended a group of cats living along the railroad tracks in West Chicago, providing shelter, food, water and compassion for the animals and working with PAWS Chicago to make sure the cats were healthy and spayed or neutered."
Splendor in the wildgrass
"West Chicago Prairie Forest Preserve, Industrial and Hawthorne Drives, West Chicago. Some 300 acres of preserved and restored habitats, with several kinds of prairie including shortgrass and wet-mesic (damp, more or less). The site recently was declared an Illinois Nature Preserve to safeguard its future."
Wave petunias
""All tend to work better if they're in sun, like regular petunias, but you can use them differently," said Ben Walraven, director of sales and marketing for Pan American Seed Co. in West Chicago."
Almost like being home
""It's nice to be able to see them," said Bill Winter, 25, who left West Chicago for Iraq last November and was an Army scout until he was put in charge of the munitions storehouse on the base."
Sen. Obama The Further Misadventures of a False Frame - Political Cortex - New York,NY
"Wallis, Obama and their supporters have yet to name one liberal or Democratic leader anywhere in the United States who has ever behaved in the way they describe. Does it happen? I don't doubt it. But I have not witnessed such an episode in 30 years of experience in public life. And I am not alone."
Can Obama bridge the divide? - Montreal Gazette (subscription) - Montreal,Quebec
"Concerning the proper role of religion in politics, Obama cautions against extremism of both stripes. Believers cannot abandon what they believe; but in a nation that includes Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and non-believers, "democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal, rather than religion-specific, values.""
Rep Hastert Aide: Hastert OK After Skin Infection - Washington Post
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert was feeling well and doing some work Friday while being treated for a bacterial skin infection at Bethesda Naval Hospital in suburban Maryland..."
"There's a persistent myth, perpetuated by economists who should know better...that rising inequality in the United States is mainly a matter of a rising gap between those with a lot of education and those without. But census data show that the real earnings of the typical college graduate actually fell in 2004."
14 July Hastert hospitalized
"The speaker is doing fine," spokesman Brad Hahn said, adding that Hastert was disappointed he would not be able to attend the fundraiser picnic, scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m. at the Sandwich Fairgrounds."
Rte. 64 work slows St. Charles traffic
"Repairs to the highway, estimated to cost about $20,000, began Wednesday in West Chicago at the westbound left-turn lane onto Powis Road."
Is Roskam stepping into line of fire?
"Early versions of the electronic invitation to the “Mix n’ Mingle” asked attendees to “help Pro-Gun congressional candidate” Roskam, listing his name no fewer than 11 times. The second version, which remained on the group’s Web site Thursday afternoon, did not mention the Wheaton GOP state senator’s name once."
“The $1.5 million approved by the Senate committee will help Illinois officials meet this challenge and avert a potentially devastating situation. In the past few years, this insect has killed tens of millions of trees throughout the Midwest, and we need to get ahead of this infestation.”
“In airports all across our country, there are innocent Americans who are singled-out because their names either appear on a watch list compiled by the federal government or share the same name with an individual who is a real threat of committing a terror act,”
"U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), today announced that the Senate Appropriations Committee, of which he is a member, has approved $4.4 million for projects in the state of Illinois in the Commerce-Justice-Science spending bill."
Sen. Obama Amendment to Stop Abuse of No-bid Contracting Included in DHS Appropriations Bill
"The American people are sick and tired of their government wasting emergency response and reconstruction money on sweetheart deals for politically-connected contractors,"
Positive Step Towards Reducing U.S. Dependence on Foreign Oil
"Increasing the production and availability of home-grown alternative fuels is an important step in showing that the United States Senate is serious about reducing our country's dangerous dependence on imported oil."
Rep Hastert Voting Rights Act of 2006
“There is no more important power that our citizens hold, and that right must be guaranteed for everyone regardless of race."
Hastert Announces 2006 Mobile Office Tour
“From the City of Aurora to the Village of Atkinson, we will travel throughout the 14th District to meet with constituents and hear what is on their minds.”
Explaining Why People Are Pessimistic about the Economy - American Enterprise Institute
"Thirty-one percent had a favorable opinion of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), while 29 percent were unfavorable. For Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) , those responses were 26 percent and 29 percent."
Cunningham to be honored - The Hill - Washington,DC
"The disgraced ex-legislator, of course, can’t make the July 19 event or any other social gathering in the near future because he’s serving a prison term of eight-plus years for a bribery scandal you may have heard about."
Illinois to screen newborns for cystic fibrosis
“By screening newborns for cystic fibrosis, we can help babies get the treatment they need and the chance to live longer lives,”
legislation to protect wages for thousands of Illinois workers
“Workers have a right to be paid on time and in full, but there are employers out there who refuse to pay the minimum wage, earned overtime, or fail to give employees their final paycheck. This legislation will allow the State to help make sure workers recover the wages they’ve earned.”
13 July West Chicago
High School
Education Foundation We Go Calypso on August 11, 2006
"The Community High School Education Foundation will hold its fourth annual summer celebration, We Go Calypso, from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. on Friday August 11, 2006 at King James Restaurant in West Chicago. The end-of-summer event is open to the public."


Relay For Life of West Chicago
"If any of you will be available this coming weekend - Saturday evening, 7/15 to Sunday morning, 7/16, this is the first Relay for Life hosted by the
American Cancer Society in West Chicago."
Student art show, and middle school honor rolls...
2006 Heritage Days Parade
Completed, well behind schedule, we now have a collage of many of the floats, groups, and politicians that appeared at Heritage Days.  Thanks to Kwasman and his team on another great parade.
West Chicago
Heritage Days mixes a perfect recipe for fun
"An ideal blending of activities, carnival, entertainment, fireworks, parade and weather created a successful recipe for West Chicago's 33rd annual community fest held last week."
First Relay for Life steps off at 6 p.m. on July 15
"The 12-hour walk from 6 p.m. Saturday, July 15 through 6 a.m. Sunday, July 16, at Community High School, 326 Joliet St., raises money for cancer research, educational programs, advocacy initiatives and support services for patients and their families."
Fox Community Center looks to the future
"Another important item discussed was the marketing of the center to continue its importance, preservation and prominence in the community. "To this end, we are installing a telephone line specifically for the center," he said. "This will make it easier for persons who have inquiries or wish to rent the center for a special event or meeting.""
Around and about
West Chicago Community Center, Cultural Arts Commission, Faith Community Church, Lions Club, Rev. Gregory Skowron, and ReUseIt Center
Blagojevich signs River Edge Initiative
"Gov. Rod Blagojevich signed the River Edge Redevelopment Initiative on Wednesday, a measure which could potentially bring millions in redevelopment funds to Aurora."
“In some countries, girls as young as seven years old are forced to marry, dramatically shaping their lives, endangering their health and significantly limiting their access to education,”
“With 1.8 million people in Illinois, and millions more across the country who don’t have access to health insurance, we need to do everything possible to make sure that high-risk pools receive the funding they need,”
Rep Hastert Speaker Admitted to Bethesda Naval Hospital for Skin Infection
"The Speaker discovered the infection located on his lower left leg and applied a topical ointment to the area.  After a few days, he had the infection examined by his doctor today at Bethesda Naval Hospital and was diagnosed with cellulitis.  "
sweeping reforms to improve patient safety; reduce medical errors
"That’s why I’m proposing that we enable every doctor, every medical provider in Illinois to prescribe medicine electronically."
12 July Three teenagers charged with business burglaries
"Steven Glinka, 18, of 330 Natalie Drive in West Chicago, was charged with one felony count of burglary, police said."
Teens arrested in string of recent burglaries
"The men were identified as Tim Heckler, 17, of the 1400 block of Beaumont Circle in Bartlett, charged with two counts of burglary and one count of possessing burglary tools; Steven Glinka, 18, of the 300 block of Natalie Drive in West Chicago, charged with one count of burglary; and Michael Miller, 19, of the 100 block of Hillcrest Lane in Bartlett, charged with two counts of burglary and one count of possessing burglary tools. The teens were transported to the Cook County Jail and are awaiting a court date, police said."


Attendance at Heritage Days
In answer to the question, "How was the music at the festival?" one can watch this video and judge the turnout and the tunes for oneself.
[Sorry, the parade collage is not finished. - Bob]
"While most cities and states have evacuation plans, the lack of training drills makes it difficult to address miscommunications that can take place during actual disasters,”
Hearing stormy for judicial nominee - Richmond Times Dispatch - Richmond,VA
"Sen. Richard J. Durbin, D-Ill., said Haynes recommended to the secretary of defense the use of dogs to intimidate detainees at the U.S.-run prison at Guantanamo Bay. At least two service members were prosecuted for using dogs to frighten detainees elsewhere, while Haynes was getting "promoted" to the 4th Circuit"
Sen. Obama FEATURE-US road trip rallies for ethanol stations - Reuters
"The Washington, D.C.-to-Los Angeles trip will be launched by Illinois Democratic Senator Barack Obama and is geared toward creating more awareness among young Americans of ethanol as an alternative to gasoline."
Rep Hastert Statement on the Terrorist Attacks in India
“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their loved ones affected by this tragedy. Whatever the motivation for these horrible crimes, I hope authorities are able to move swiftly in their investigation to bring these terrorists to justice."
House of Representatives passed legislation against internet gambling in USA  - TechWhack - New Delhi,Delhi,India
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert spoke on this issue: “We must be wary of illegal gambling sites that offer fronts to criminals for money laundering, drug trafficking and terrorist financing. Internet-based companies must abide by US regulations that protect our children, citizens and the integrity of American business."
Bill To Allow Purchase of Health Insurance in Any State Receives ...
"On Monday, a coalition of health insurance, business and other groups in letter to House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) wrote that the bill would make health insurance policies more affordable through the removal of unnecessary state coverage mandates."
[Think: states prevented from having different minimal standards... a rush to the bottom. - Bob]
The Speaker's excellent touch - Toledo Blade - Toledo,OH
"If you believe aides to Dennis Hastert, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, the 19-year route from humble legislator with less than $300,000 in personal assets to political heavyweight worth more than $6 million runs through a series of small but fortunate deals that piggybacked on rapidly rising land values in his northern Illinois district."
innovative plan to power executive branch state buildings in Springfield with wind energy
“The Sierra Club and CWLP both deserve credit for working with us on a plan that could serve as a great model for other communities, and even for the rest of the country.”
"For example, the Texas Rangers, who should know, list their last serious concerns with Mexican terrorists as occurring nearly 100 years ago when "when authorities in McAllen, Texas, arrest Basilio Ramos, Jr. Ramos is carrying a copy of the Plan of San Diego, a revolutionary manifesto supposedly written and signed at the South Texas town of San Diego."
11 July Collage of Heritage Days Festival
The Park District, the city staff, the volunteers, the venders... there are so many to thank.  Heritage Days are now a pleasant memory.  If you folks send a few lines of high points or recognition, I will post them on Friday.  Just send a sentence or two to with the subject line "heritage days."
Impartiality, press issues raised as top judge sues paper
"Chief Justice Robert Thomas, a former kicker for the Chicago Bears, alleges in a lawsuit filed in 2004 that the Geneva-based Kane County Chronicle libeled him and damaged his reputation in a series of articles three years ago. "
Sen Durbin Durbin says Guantanamo should be closed by end of 2006 -|
"Senator Dick Durbin said today the United States should immediately begin phasing out operations at its detention facilities on the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba."
Sen. Obama


A Hopeful Sign: The Religious Left is Back - Tikkun - Berkely,CA
"I met privately with Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois). Though the content of our meeting remains off-the-record, I can say that I felt very encouraged by the degree to which he identified with the fundamental objective (though not necessarily the policy details) of the Network of Spiritual Progressives."
Rep Hastert Internet Gambling Reform Bill
"However, as more Internet-based companies add jobs and revenue to our economy we must be wary of illegal gambling sites that offer fronts to criminals for money laundering, drug trafficking and terrorist financing."
Lower Deficit
"All of this good news has come as a result of the House Republican plan for fiscal restraint."
[This is the 4th highest deficit in US history and part of trillions in debt during the current administration... hardly fiscal restraint. - Bob]
Hastert Thanks Community For Medicare Outreach
"This is not just good news for seniors; it’s good news for tax payers as well. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services has announced the net total cost to Medicare from 2006 to 2015 has dropped by $180 billion."
2nd Ney Aide Subpoenaed to Talk in Probe - Washington Post
"A second member of embattled Republican Rep. Bob Ney's staff has been subpoenaed to testify in the Justice Department's investigation of influence-peddling in Congress.  John Bennett, who works in Ney's eastern Ohio district office, notified House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., of the subpoena with a letter read Monday into the Congressional Record."
Gov. Blagojevich signs critical nursing law
“As baby boomers grow older, Illinois faces the challenge of providing for their growing demands on the healthcare system while also making up for the retirement of a generation of nurses. This law will help us train more nurses to fill the gap.”
10 July West Chicago Lions Club Parade/Fireworks Thank You
"The West Chicago Lions Club is happy to acknowledge the following sponsors for the this year's Parade and Fire Works."
Cable Com
Channel 17
Local Access Channel Schedule Posted
For those around the park and parade this weekend, the local volunteers got a lot of tape of the activities ... now they will be putting things together into programs.  As soon as they inform WegoWeb of the times and dates, they will be reported here.
West Chicago
At Home in West Chicago
"As you enjoy the myriad of activities and entertainment of West Chicago Heritage Days, take time to thank the many volunteers who have made this event possible."
About 6,000 gather for annual parade in West Chicago
"Michael Kwasman, the parade chairman, said about 6,000 people gathered on Ingalton Avenue and along the parade route for front-row seats to watch the hundreds of groups — ranging from local marching bands to Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert — travel through town."
Rebuilding homes, rebuilding lives
"To thank the girls, as well as Matt Reinhardt, 16, of West Chicago, Lois cooks a southern meal of breaded pork chops, mashed potatoes, pork gravy, salad and corn pudding pie."
“I commend the decision made by DHS to include Chicago, the third largest city in the country, in its list of “most critical seaports”, said Durbin. “Chicago can now apply for the funds it needs to secure its waterways and its residents."
“The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that in 2000 this country was 110,000 short of the number of nurses needed to adequately provide quality health care. By 2005, the shortage had doubled to 219,000 and by 2020, we will be more than 1 million nurses short,”
Durbin offers plan for addressing projected US nursing shortage - Herald & Review - Decatur,IL,
"We know the difference they make in so many lives," Durbin said of nurses. "We need more homegrown talent. We need to move young men and women into the medical profession so we don't have to take the medical talent from other parts of the world where it is also desperately needed."
Blood substitute to be tested on emergency room bleeders - Raw Story - Cambridge,MA
"The government's sponsorship of the study was promoted by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), the state in which Northfield is based. In a January press release, the Senator argued that he hoped the $3.5 million allocated for the study would help "Critically injured patients, such as soldiers grievously wounded on the battlefield... if the blood substitute, known as PolyHeme, can be used as an alternative to human blood.""
Sen. Obama trip to highlight U.S. interests in Africa
"The trip, we also hope, will help further establish and improve on important relationships the United States has with two of the continent's largest countries in South Africa and Kenya, underscore the importance of the biggest election ever organized by the United Nations by visiting Congo, visiting troops stationed in Djibouti to combat international terrorists in the region and finally seeing what can be done about the genocide in Africa's largest country, Sudan.''
MARGARET KIMBERLEY: Obama gets religion - Chicago Defender
"Obama was hopefully speaking for himself when he referenced “Our failure as progressives to tap into the moral underpinnings of the nation…”"
Sweet Column: Obama's Africa trip. - Chicago Sun-Times
"Sen. Barack Obama, whose father is from Kenya, travels to Africa -- and the village where his father lived -- in August on a trip designed to highlight the importance of the continent to the United States and the rest of the world."
Rep Hastert Speaker Hastert Congratulates U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson
“I want to congratulate U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on his new position"
Editorial Observer The Deficit Reduction Act? What Deficit ... - New York Times
"Instead, the leaders barged ahead. Mr. Hastert signed a statement with the president pro tempore of the Senate attesting that the act had been approved in identical form by both chambers when everyone knew that hadn't happened. As for President Bush, his hands are hardly clean. He was well aware of the constitutional defect but chose to ignore it and sign the bill anyway — a dismaying reminder that the president's instinct to cut constitutional corners isn't limited to the war on terror."
[See also ... Ruling in suit over budget snafu expected this summer from The Hill = Bob]
On Sale Now: the Wal-Mart Vote - U.S. News & World Report
"No negotiations. No talking," is how one insider sized up Hastert's approach. And with good reason: The White House is bending to Hastert. Meantime, look for a new series of border hearings next month to back the get-tough measure."
school district reorganization
“It will give local school districts much greater flexibility to consolidate, and voters, who know their schools best, will have much greater control over how their school districts are run.
09 July WegoWeb


Heritage Days Parade
In what Alderman Kwasman claims will be his last parade, the Homeschool band looks great, Speaker Dennis Hastert waves from his fire truck, and the Middle School kids make the show.  Thanks are due to all the Lion volunteers.
Preparing for a nightmare
“The hard part is the follow up,” said Lee Westrom, fire prevention officer for West Chicago Fire Protection District. “We can sit here and talk to kids, but how much is getting home?”
Fabulous Females
“You think you’re going to go work in a jail. You think girls in the jail are from the streets and they’re not talented. Some of them are more articulate than I am,” said 25-year-old Katie Graves of West Chicago.
08 July WegoWeb Heritage Days Festival Continues
The festivities continue in Reed Keppler Park... click on the links below to see short video clips.
Merle Berle At Home in West Chicago
"As you enjoy the myriad of activities and entertainment of West Chicago Heritage Days, take time to thank the many volunteers who have made this event possible."
Rep Hastert Suspected Terror Plot Targeting New York’s Train Tunnels
“The interruption of this suspected terror plot targeting New York’s train tunnels is yet another reminder that we must remain steadfast in our fight against terrorism."
07 July City of West Chicago West Chicago Police Make Arrest in Car Burglary Incidents
"During the course of the investigation Hernandez was linked to approximately 19 other unrelated car burglaries. Most of the burglaries took place in the industrial area between Route 38 and Route 64."
He built a career in leather
“He also designed his own White Sox jacket and another to commemorate the six Chicago Bulls championships in the 1990s.  Smith also loved to read, spend time with his grandchildren, and he was a huge Sox fan. He even got a chance to attend a World Series game last fall with his brother.”
W. Chicago kicks off party in the park
"One popular area was a $1 fast-pitch contest sponsored by 4 The People. The grass-roots activist group was donating proceeds to the Michael Browning Memorial Scholarship Fund."
Sister cities volunteers built lasting partnership
"Len Mahony, Don Smith and Georgene Werle will be inducted July 15 to the 50th Anniversary Circle of Distinguished Volunteers in Washington, D.C."
Once-a-century visit
"The Prairie Parkway is crucial for economic progress for Kane and Kendall counties, which happen to be two of the fastest-growing counties in the United States," Bush said in one of his few direct references about the area. "Good folks understand what (the proposed highway) means to the quality of life around here."
Rep Hastert June Jobs Growth
"The 121,000 jobs created in June tell the story that more Americans are working than ever before and providing a better life for their families.  American workers have more money in their pockets to spend because household wealth is rising."
Earmarks gone wild - - Hackensack,NJ
"During that time, the speaker intervened in negotiations over a mammoth transportation spending bill to get $207 million in federal funding earmarked for two nearby highway projects, including an interchange just 5½ miles from the Hastert property. Was the speaker taking care of folks back home -- or was he taking care of himself?"
Governor Blagojevich announces $3 million for University of Illinois’ Lincoln Hall
Gov. Blagojevich signs legislation providing law enforcement with funding to maintain safe and reliable squad car fleet
First Lady Patricia Blagojevich and DCFS present 48 full-ride, four-year scholarships to high achieving Illinois adoptees and youth in state care
06 July New name, more fun
“We just decided that the festival didn’t really have a lot that was related to railroads any more,” Bombard said. “That is part of our heritage, but we certainly have more than that.”
West Chicago
Gang activity up in many suburbs
"It is not just the gang officers that have been doing their job, but all officers have been working together to share information and keep the gang situation from growing,"
WC's downtown hardware store ends 32-year run
"For many years it was known as Grobe's True Value, owned by the husband and wife team of Lois and the late Vern Grobe, until the business was sold about 18 month's ago. The building and land is still owned by the Grobe family."
Heritage Days has a lot to like for everyone
"The committee has worked hard to put something together for the community to enjoy. We are offering good entertainment, have changed the layout to give people more room to roam and visit the different booths and a nice-sized parade,"
Hastert's wealth is grounded in land
" Hastert first began to reap substantial profits in 2002, when he moved from his Yorkville home and sold to a developer the surrounding land on Route 34, which has become a central corridor for growth in the region.  But his big winnings, responsible for most of his fortune, have come from the controversial tract associated with the freeway, land near Plano that he purchased in two transactions in 2002 and 2004."
Sen Peter Roskam National Blog Ups Bounty on Sen. RoSkam's Soc Sec Position
"... we're upping the bounty for a t-shirt and a mug to a TPM t-shirt and two TPM mugs.  So if you're up for a challenge, see if you can get a straight answer out of Roskam."
[In fairness, Opponent Tammy Duckworth, has no statement on Soc. Sec. on her website. - Bob]
Gov. Blagojevich urges Illinois college students to apply for $790 million in new federal grants
"The AC grants provide college students who completed a rigorous course of study in high school with additional funds of up to $750 during their freshman year and up to $1,300 during their sophomore year.  This is in addition to Pell Grant funds students are already receiving.  College juniors and seniors who are eligible for SMART grants automatically will receive up to $4,000 in additional aid next year. "
World Shooting and Recreational Complex
“After years of planning and hard work, this complex is the premiere shooting facility in the nation.  But, it’s much more than a shooting complex.  It has first class meeting and banquet facilities, a full-service restaurant, and a campground for families to enjoy."
05 July Reminder to Heritage Parade Participants
"The registration table will open at 11:00 AM; please check in and line-up by noon as the parade will step off promptly at 1:00 PM.   To insure an enjoyable parade experience for all of us, your cooperation is needed and appreciated."
City of West Chicago City of West Chicago to Host Blood Drive
"For this reason, the City of West Chicago will be hosting a city-wide blood drive for Heartland Blood Centers on Wednesday, July 12th from 4:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at City Hall Council Chambers, 475 Main Street."
Speed Pitch and Raffle to Benefit Good Cause at WC Heritage Days
"The grass-roots community action group, 4 The People, will host a speed pitch and raffle at their booth on the carnival grounds at Reed Keppler Park from, July 6th through 9th, to benefit the Michael Browning Memorial Fund."
Special Needs Guests Receive Special Invitation
"Individuals with special needs and their families are invited to the Heritage Days carnival to enjoy select rides and games booths for free on Saturday, July 8th from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m."
Sen Durbin The Senate does sarcasm - The Phoenix - Boston,MA
“I ask the Senator from Iowa, would we have a better chance calling the embryonic stem cell issue to the floor if we made it a constitutional amendment? It appears those are very popular.”
Sen. Obama That government is best which governs polluters - San Antonio Current - San Antonio,TX
"He was referring to the EPA, but he could just as well have been urging us to hold ourselves and local businesses accountable to the environment, and by extension, our communities. If we close our eyes and trust potential polluters to regulate themselves, sooner or later we all get the bill.
Rep Hastert Pet Projects - Washington Post
"But if the story of Mr. Hastert's excellent investment is not, at least as it has unfolded so far, one of political scandal, it is a cautionary tale about the potential for abuse. With the explosion of earmarks in recent years comes the temptation for lawmakers to use them for personal gain."
Oh, say can the GOP see way clear on voting rights - Houston Chronicle
"Let's assume that unless House Speaker Dennis Hastert wants to look like a complete turkey, he will eventually bludgeon through the Voting Rights Act extension. He lashed himself to that mast in an appearance with Democrats on the Capitol steps in May."
TPM Seeks Roskam Position on Social Security
State Senator Sen Peter Roskam, Republican, candidate against Tammy Duckworth for US Rep in the IL 6th, has always been a WegoWeb favorite for openness and sunshine in government, providing us with a weekly review of happenings in the Illinois Senate.  Tthis national blog is looking for what his position is on Social Security.  You could win a T Shirt.
WegoWeb Hurley Fireworks Were Fantastic
The Title links to a 15 second video of last nights fireworks at Lake Michelle in beautiful downtown Hurley, WI.  It is a 2MB download that can be viewed with a Quick Time plugin.
04 July Happy 4th of July Tree Bugs Could Devastate Chicago's Landscape
"It's going to be virtually impossible to hold the infestation back," she said.  That's why she and other experts have been peeling bark from hundreds of trees in the hopes of luring and trapping the bug.
Sen Durbin Durbin tours area affected by ash borer - WQAD - Moline,IL
"Durbin says he's secured support from the Senate Appropriations Committee for one-and-a-half (m) million dollars in next year's federal budget to help eradicate ash borer infestation.  Today, he toured Campton Township in Kane County, where the tree-killing beetle was first found in Illinois.
Congress takes prize for corruption - Atlanta Journal Constitution
"The corruption runs from lowly backbenchers, such as William Jefferson of Louisiana and "Duke" Cunningham of California, to the very top. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, already under state indictment and facing likely federal indictment as well, has resigned. And House Speaker Dennis Hastert has problems of his own with the revelation that he inserted a $207 million earmark for a major highway a few miles away from land he had purchased, turning a nice $1.8 million profit on property he had held three years."
03 July Hispanic Chamber leads bilingual workplace training
"The demand is virtually bottomless, he said, given how many local factories rely on immigrant labor.  Language takes a low priority in an industry that relies on quality and fast production to out-compete global rivals with lower costs.  "If we were to spend time on English," Enriquez said, "we could take a year before we got to any actual manufacturing processes."
Secrets of Little Rock Road
"Take a secret land trust, a booming real estate market and a long-sought nearby highway. Add a secret federal funding process known as a congressional "earmark," as in "let's earmark that money for this project." The result when all those elements become public knowledge can be embarrassing, as House Speaker Dennis Hastert now has discovered."
Sen. Obama On Right and Left, a Push for Government Openness - New York Times
"But Mr. Coburn's plan, hailed by conservatives, is also sponsored by a Democrat, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, and applauded by liberal groups that support activist government. The result is a showcase of clashing assumptions and the oddest of coalitions, uniting Phyllis Schlafly, a prominent critic of gay rights, with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force."
The real meaning of Obama's speech. - Slate
"But—and he is firm about this—conversion wasn't for him the end point. "Faith doesn't mean that you don't have doubts. You need to come to church in the first place precisely because you are first of this world, not apart from it," he said last week."
Rep Hastert Fundraiser raises eyebrows - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner - Fairbanks,AK
"... and several other members of Congress did not respond to questions about who paid for their lodging and travel, the report said.  They included Sen. Trent Lott, D-Miss., and House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill. ... A critic quoted on the radio program, though, said such charity events create a "marketplace in private access" to lawmakers."
With scandals aplenty, ethics bills await - San Jose Mercury News
"Back in January, House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois called for a ban on privately sponsored travel.  He may have been reading the polls. A Washington Post-ABC News survey a few days after Abramoff's guilty plea found that nearly 60 percent of the public said the case reflected "widespread corruption" in the capital."
Gov. Blagojevich signs bill to extend profiling study as state releases second annual traffic stop report
“Three years simply is not enough time for a study as important as this, so extending it is a step in the right direction,” Gov. Blagojevich said. “We want to take every step possible to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally during traffic stops.”
02 July WegoWeb Calls for Volunteers for Heritage Days Activities
Rep.Randy Ramey Governor Signs Ramey Bill Allowing DUI Fines to Fund Crime Prevention
"“I’m pleased the Governor has approved this initiative because it will allow law enforcement officials make purchases in their departments that will benefit their communities the most,” "
Cable Com
Channel 17
Access Channel 17
The schedule of programs for July 3rd to July 9th are posted.
City of West Chicago Special City Council Meeting on July 6th
  • Special Census 2006-2007
  • Approriations
  Planning Commission Zoning Board of Appeals on July 5th
  • front yard setback variance at 2894 Culver Lane
  • outside storage yard at 990 Willow Creek Road
  • Special Uses and Multiple Variances at 302 Sycamore Street
Our next citizens
"Activists have targeted U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, a supporter of House immigration reform proposals viewed as draconian by immigrant-rights groups, including HR-4437."
Sen Durbin Durbin hopes to secure funds to fight ash borer - WQAD - Moline,IL
"U-S Senator Dick Durbin says he is one step closer to securing one-and-a-half (m) million dollars in next year's federal budget to help eradicate Illinois' emerald ash borer infestation."
Sen. Obama Obama urges party to court evangelicals - Boston Globe
``Not every mention of God in public is a breach to the wall of separation. Context matters," the Illinois Democrat said in remarks to a conference of Call to Renewal, a faith-based movement to overcome poverty."
Rep Hastert Playing games in Congress - Cincinnati Post - OH
"... Republicans could lose their majority in both chambers of Congress if those who champion social issues stay away from the polls.  The "American Values Agenda'' is the GOP insurance plan to make sure they don't. Republican leaders plan to push the legislative package over the next few weeks "to protect the faith of our people, the sanctity of life and freedoms outlined by our founding fathers,'' House Speaker Dennis Hastert said in unveiling the agenda this week."
Political Theater - Standard-Speaker - Hazleton,PA
“There are members making killings in earmark transactions,” says Ornstein. Among them is House Speaker Dennis Hastert who bought a piece of rural property in his Illinois district and then worked hard to earmark $207 million in federal money for a major highway nearby. He sold the property for a $2 million profit. When news of his windfall made the front pages, Hastert blamed the “unrelenting Democratic media.”
John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)


Campaign trail heads into cyberspace - The Courier News - Elgin,IL
"As a result, Laesch is loading his sling with a new and emerging source of political empowerment: the Internet grass-roots movement, also called the "blogosphere."  "All (the lack of support) means is I have to find an unconventional way to do it," Laesch said. "The 'net roots' is certainly one place to look for support, and we've found it.""
01 July Heritage Days Parade Update
"The registration table will open at 11:00 AM; please check in and line-up by noon as the parade will step off promptly at 1:00 PM.   To insure an enjoyable parade experience for all of us, your cooperation is needed and appreciated."
Durbin lobbies to fight ash borer
"Durbin, who helped secure funds to fight the Asian long-horned beetle infestation in Illinois last year, had met with members of a state Emerald Ash Borer Readiness Committee weeks before the first ones were sighted in Illinois."
Two judges chosen for 16th Circuit
"Schreiber has worked as both a defense attorney and Cook County prosecutor during his 24 years litigating. He has also served as a solid waste district trustee in Campton Township and currently works for a West Chicago firm."
2 lawyers named to Circuit Court bench
"Kostelny, 45, of Elgin is a partner in the law firm of Zimmerman, Smith & Kostelny. Schreiber, 54, is a senior trial lawyer with the law office of Dale Sherman in West Chicago."
Before we hammer another nail
"They held the property in secret land trusts. Wouldn't want to give people the wrong idea about why Hastert has been pushing for a new expressway out that way, or why he's secured more than $200 million in federal funds to get the concrete flowing."
Sen Durbin More aid sought for high cost of college - Boston Globe
"``I hope that the election in November will signal a change in leadership and a change in direction so that our students and families have a fighting chance," Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois said..."
Common ground sought on three rail proposals - Rockford Register Star - Rockford,IL
"Amtrak executives and area officials are scheduled to meet at 11 a.m. Monday at the airport’s auditorium. The meeting, set up by Durbin, is open to the public.  But the question is whether Christiansen’s southern route proposal, which the Rockford Register Star made public for the first time earlier this month, makes sense matched up against the proposed commuter rail route from Elgin through Boone County and Belvidere to Rockford. The commuter group commissioned a study in 2004 that found the Boone County route is feasible. "
Sen. Obama Obama delivers personalized address on religion and politics - KHQA - Quincy,IL
"Obama -- now the Senate's only black member -- said he drew closer to the church, in part because he believed in the power of the African-American religious tradition to spur social change.  Obama also cautioned against Democratic or progressive strategies that would avoid conversations about religious values altogether."
Rep Hastert "Culture of Corruption" Is Real
"There simply is no ethical compass here. The fact that Hastert was responsible for the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre of the House ethics committee makes his own real estate actions even more wrongheaded."
GOP preying on most gullible with its 'American Values Agenda' - Salem News - MA
"... As your House speaker, Dennis Hastert, said, that American Values Agenda is going to protect, among other stuff, the "freedoms outlined by our founding fathers ..."
[The article went 404 this evening. - Bob]
John Laesch
(candidate for
 US 14th)
Candidate Laesch takes part in oil rally: Protest part of national ...
Dekalb Daily Chronicle
"Laesch this morning said the rally gave him an opportunity to talk to voters about gas prices, which he said are a big issue right now. He said he spoke to people who said they know of others who have to pawn items in order to get to and from work.  “It's something Congress should be addressing,” he said. “But as long as Congress and the Republican gang is taking contributions, nothing is going to change.”"
AP Embed Gets Scoop on Latest Alleged U.S. Atrocity
""The official said the killings appear to be unrelated to the kidnappings but that a soldier felt compelled to report the killings after his fellow soldiers' bodies were found."
[Are these seen as unrelated by the insurgents... or as revenge? I find this item scary. - Bob]
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