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Date: 29 June 2006     Martin Swinney

Key Communicator Message:
Preschool Modular Building Project

The District #33 preschool modular building project is moving forward rapidly; the silt fence was installed around the perimeter of the project site this week. I would like to take a moment to give you an update on the status of the project that will be completed and ready for occupancy by the middle of August, 2006.

As a reminder, the Board of Education approved this project as a means to provide additional classroom space at Currier, Pioneer, Turner, and Wegner Schools as these schools all hosted portions of the Preschool Program. Wegner School hosted 5 preschool classrooms and stands to gain the most benefit from this project. As build-out nears at the Prestonfield development, Wegner School needs these classrooms to accommodate new students in grades Kindergarten through 6.

The new preschool center will bring all District #33 preschool classrooms to one location. It will run parallel to the District #33 Office on Forest Avenue to the west, between the District Office and Gary School. An additional parking lot to the south of the District Office is included in the project as well.

The preschool building is being constructed using modular construction, with the building itself being constructed in a factory under roof. This allows it to be built to exact specifications then brought to the site in units for fast assembly. The life expectancy of this type of building is many decades; quite different from the typical mobile classroom. The project is being
built at a cost of $1.7 million. Taxpayers will not see a tax increase to pay for this construction. Funds to be used for the project include $700,000 from a bond sale in 2003 that must be used for capital projects, $500,000 in land/cash donation from the Prestonfield developers, and $500,000 from fund balances.

Please call or email with questions.