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For Immediate Release

Date:  June 19, 2006

Dear Editor,

Just last Wednesday, a story surfaced in the Chicago Sun-Times about how payroll records in Springfield containing Social Security Numbers of government workers were found in a state recycling Dumpster accessible to the public.

Located in an open loading dock, the recycling Dumpster area contained payroll voucher reports with employee names and Social Security Numbers, technical computer information and other confidential information. All of that was plain as day for anyone to see if they came walking past.

Imagine if all that information somehow made its way into the hands of identity thieves and other criminals who prey on taking the personal information of others?

It angers me that acts like these are still occurring where there is no disregard for people and their identities.

This spring, I introduced House Bill 4438 that makes it an offense to allow State of Illinois employees to knowingly discard records and databases that have personal information without destroying the items. All records, whether written or computerized, must be unintelligible or destroyed or employees could face both misdemeanor and felony charges for allowing the information to be accessed.

The bill has passed both chambers but is still waiting idle for Gov. Rod Blagojevich to sign. I’ve urged him in the past to make this bill a top priority so that consequences could be placed on those who do not heed the responsibility of protecting other people’s personal information.

Now that this story has surfaced, I hope the Governor will see the importance of House Bill 4438. We shouldn’t wait another day to take action.

State Rep. Randy Ramey
(R- 55th District)