Press Releases/Announcements from local sources

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31 May West Chicago Police Dept. POLICE NEWS ALERT
"The West Chicago Police Department is investigating a suspicious incident that occurred on May 30, 2006 at 8:15 AM in the area of the West Chicago Middle School."
End-of-year round-up, Part 1...
Sen Durbin Landmark Resolutions on Middle East Refugees Introduced in the US - PR Web, Ferndale,WA
“For any Middle East peace to be durable and enduring, it must address all outstanding issues, including the legitimate rights of all victims of the Arab-Israeli conflict. This resolution puts this critical issue on the international agenda,” said Senator Richard Durbin.
Durbin's mine safety legislation passes the Senate - Leaderland News - Ogden,IL
Safety inspectors tell me that the fines need to be higher when a company violates our safety laws and that we need to put more resources into training inspectors,"
Sen. Obama A Vote for MySpace - BusinessWeek
"In the social networking sphere, as in elections, you need all the "friends" you can get. By comparison, an unofficial site dedicated to Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.) has about 4,700 friends. The profile isn't endorsed by Obama's office."
Rep Hastert Hastert accused of 'culture of corruption' - Aurora Beacon News - Aurora,IL
"We all know that (former House Majority Leader) Tom DeLay and Dennis Hastert have been the ringleaders responsible for the culture of corruption fostered in America's Congress," Laesch said.  "And the recent story is just further evidence that this culture of corruption includes all leaders — President Bush, Tom DeLay and the Speaker himself."
Inside Out: The Abramoff Investigation and Speaker Hastert - ABC News
"ABC News stands by its story. Ross and his team posted a series of updates to the "Blotter" reporting that "federal law enforcement" authorities had re-confirmed to them that, although Hastert is not a formal subject or target of the probe, "ABC News accurately reported that Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is 'in the mix' in the FBI investigation of corruption in Congress.""
Greenfield: A house divided - CNN
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert has proclaimed a "majority of the majority" rule -- he won't even bring up a bill unless most of the House Republicans back it."
Congress wants to steal in peace - - Fort Lauderdale,FL
"Now they have enraged House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and many other members of Congress. Many of them are now afraid to steal from us. The FBI may be just around the corner. "
Our view: Where's outrage for the rest of us? - Rocky Mount Telegram - Rocky Mount,NC
"But the sad irony is that Hastert and Pelosi find the Jefferson case far more compelling than most of the ones that have played out beyond the Beltway.  Where's the outrage for the rest of us? "
Illinois State Fair Mega Pass To Go On Sale June 1
“Between the carnival Midway and Adventure Village, the fair has more than 100 thrilling rides, and the Mega Pass lets fairgoers ride them all as many times as they like.”
legislation toughening penalties against owners of vicious dogs
“Dogs can make great companions, but if they’re not trained well or restrained, some dogs can also pose serious threats – especially to children."
Student-Stranger Encounter Report...
Rep Hastert Letter from the House General Counsel to the Attorney General
"It is also vital to the well-being of our Nation that all branches of government safeguard the Constitutional system of checks and balances that were designed by the Founders to protect the American people from the potential for abuse of power by a single branch."
$5.2 million in additional funding for energy assistance
“This additional funding will go a long way in helping thousands of families who otherwise couldn’t pay their utility bills,”


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29 May 26 local teens receive Merit Scholarships
"Carl A. Johnson of Winfield, West Chicago Community High School, Bradley University."
Drive-in theaters are still treat
"So when the Geneva mom was headed down North Avenue last year and spotted West Chicago’s Cascade Drive-In, she just had to go.  “It was kind of a nostalgic thing. I really wanted to go check it out,” said Meadows,"
Sen Durbin Frist Breaks With Others in GOP Over Raid - New York Times
"Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate, said Sunday that the raid was the first time that the F.B.I. had searched a Congressional office. He said, however, that federal agents in the past had searched a judge's chambers.  "So it appears that there's been some precedent for this," said Mr. Durbin,"
Sen. Obama Durbin: Obama should consider run at Oval Office - The Southern - Carbondale,IL
"I've sat down with him and said, 'You ought to look at this long and hard,'" Durbin, the Democrats' No. 2 leader in the Senate, told "Fox News Sunday."  "I know many people are saying wait, and he may decide to wait," Durbin said. "But he ought to take a hard look at it."
Rep Hastert Nice House, nobody home -
"But if the Justice Department is going after Democrats, Hastert astutely surmised, it might try the same tactics exploring convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff's ties to Republicans and the scandal surrounding former GOP Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham from San Diego."
Senate passes immigration bill - Seattle Times
"The task may prove impossible. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., said this week that he would not schedule a compromise bill for floor action unless it commanded the support of a majority of the House's Republican majority."
[A long held Hastert position, this means 25-30% of the House could deny an "up or down vote" ... Call it a HASTERT FILIBUSTER - Bob]
Unconstitutional raid? `Absurd' - Chicago Tribune
"He [Bush] tried to appease Hastert and company by sealing the materials for 45 days, at the expense of delaying justice.  Apparently it comes as news to federal lawmakers that they are subject to the same laws as everyone else."
28 May Cable Com
Channel 17
Memorial Day program schedule
noon Unedited tape of the official Memorial Day Observance taking place at 10am at Oak Wood Cemetery
6pm Two programs sent to us by Bonneville Communications, provider of many or our holiday programs
7pm Past Memorial Day programs from our tape vault.
Sen. Obama Barack Obama Isn't Not Running for President - TIME - USA
"But somehow you get the feeling that Obama would not make a fool of himself—indeed, it is far more likely that he would bring a freshness, eloquence and thoughtfulness to Democratic Party politics that have been absent since Bill Clinton was in the hunt."
Rep Hastert Abramoff Considered Hastert ‘A Reliable Ally For His Clients’ - Think Progress
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) continues to deny he is under investigation in the Jack Abramoff conspiracy case, despite an ABC report by Brian Ross saying he is “in the mix.”  But Kim Eisler, national editor of the Washingtonian magazine and friend of Abramoff, told Think Progress that “Jack considered Hastert a reliable ally for his clients.” "
Hastert Blog Updated 26 May 2006
"In more than 219 years, the Justice Department has never found it necessary to use a search warrant to obtain documents from a congressional office."
Speaker Hastert Under Investigation By the FBI - Think Progress
"Some details on Hastert’s ties to the criminal lobbyist:"
27 May
Referendum survey, graduation, and more...
West Chicago memorial  to be rededicated Monday
“From a veteran’s standpoint, what they have done with this is a fantastic tribute to all veterans. I hope the community appreciates it. It’s going to last another 90 years.”
Sen Durbin


Senate passes landmark immigration bill - - UK
"Senator Dick Durbin, said he hoped the House would see the legislation as a rare opportunity. "We should seize this moment so America can move forward," he said."
Sen. Obama Order affirms tritium plan - Morris Daily Herald - Morris,IL
"Now, Glasgow said, he is working with U.S. Senator Barack Obama’s office on the prospect of federal legislation to give the Nuclear Regulatory Commission more teeth regarding temporary storage of radioactive materials such a tritium."
Senator Barack Obama Calls on Wal-Mart and Other Large National ... - All American Patriots
"It is clear that alternative fuels are our energy future," Obama wrote. "That market is up for grabs, and the resistance of conventional branded gasoline retailers to offering E-85 at their service stations creates an opportunity for companies like yours."
Rep Hastert There's a right way
"The issue that has concerned me, as Speaker, since Saturday night is not if the FBI should be able to search a member of Congress' office, but rather how to do it within the boundaries of the Constitution."
Hastert, Justice Dept. Dispute Inquiry Story - Washington Post
"Ross said in an interview: "I think our story is accurate. We've gone back to our sources, and they believe what we reported was accurate as they knew it. There seems to be some disconnect between what the congressman thinks, what the Justice Department thinks and what the FBI thinks. . . . There may be a semantics issue here as to what constitutes being under investigation.""
The Corruption Crackdown - LA Times
"Hastert, the top Republican in the House, was drawn into the swirl this week when ABC News linked him to the Abramoff investigation."
Hastert Endorses Corruption - Pardon My English Conservative News and Opinions- Salem,MA,
"It makes me wonder exactly what it is THESE guys have to hide. After all, if everything they are doing is above-board why in God's name would they be concerned about the fact that what Jefferson is doing isn’t and that he has been caught at it."
26 May
“With the state’s plans to provide additional service on all three of Illinois’ intrastate routes, full funding of Amtrak has never been more important."
Sen. Obama Statement on Senate Passage of Immigration Reform Bill
"The bipartisan immigration reform legislation passed by the Senate today is the culmination of months of good-faith negotiations by Republicans and Democrats who understand that our broken immigration system can only be fixed by putting politics aside and offering a comprehensive solution that strengthens our security while reaffirming our heritage as a nation of immigrants. "
Rep Hastert Controversy finds Hastert - Daily Herald
"The report, which first aired Wednesday night, cites an unnamed law enforcement source as saying convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff has given investigators information about Hastert that has broadened the scope of the investigation."
Letter from Speaker Hastert to Norton
  1. There is no question that the letter was sent.
  2. There is no question that it was shortly after a $75K fundraiser.
  3. The only thing under dispute is whether the money caused the vote. 
  4. Denying whether one is under investigation is irrelevant.
Hastert Named Hypocrit of the Week - BuzzFlash
"Denny has been a willing and eager enabler of the Bushevik subversion of democracy from the time that the Commander-in-Thief stole the White House."  (Previous Recipients)
[Tweeeeeeet ... Personal Foul.... Unnecessary Roughness... Fifteen Yards and a First Down. - Bob]
25 May Cable Com
Channel 17


Memorial Day program schedule
CableCom, West Chicago's Channel 17, would like to announce it's Memorial Day program schedule. At noon, we will broadcast the unedited tape of the official Memorial Day Observance taking place at 10am at Oak Wood Cemetery. At 6pm we will broadcast two programs sent to us by Bonneville Communications, provider of many or our holiday programs. Then at 7pm we will broadcast past Memorial Day programs from our tape vault.  We hope our program schedule will honor those we remember this Memorial Day.
D. 303 adjusts H.S. curriculum to ensure opportunity for all...
Sen Peter Roskam Senate Republican Week in Review: May 22-26
"Reactions to Governor Rod Blagojevich’s latest campaign scheme, a $10 billion education funding plan, have ranged from stiff opposition to skeptical at best, according to Illinois State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton)..."
Democrats find candidate for state House run
"Enger, a Marine Corps veteran and union ironworker, said, if elected, he won’t vote strictly by party line.  “I will reach across the aisle,” he said. “It’s more justice to this district to give people a choice. It’s time to look at the candidates for what they are, not the (party) label.”"
[Persons wanting more info on Mr. Enger can find his website at .- Bob]
West Chicago
Council steps up to replenish memorial fund
"On May 15, the council agreed to donate its May stipend, totaling about $1,800, to the Michael Browning Memorial Fund, which annually awards a $500 scholarship to a West Chicago college student working toward a law enforcement career."
Memorial Day honors 2006
"Starting at 8 a.m. Memorial Day, Monday, May 29, West Chicago observances begin at Glen Oak Cemetery, on Arbor Avenue, as members of the American Legion Post 300, Veterans of Foreign Post 6791 and their Ladies Auxiliaries pay homage to men and women, who served the country and now are in their final resting place."
West Chicago's Blooming Fest just keeps growing
"The increase in activities, vendors and the West Chicago Garden Club's annual plant sale has made this event a truly growing experience for residents and non-residents alike."
'Simply A Mom' continues to make a difference
"Thus receiving a proclamation acknowledging S.A.M. and its mission at the West Chicago City Council meeting on May 15 was a "huge honor and surprise. It recognizes that neighbors help neighbors."
West Nile virus found in DuPage
"State Public Health Director Eric Whitaker said the finding is not surprising. The sample was collected Monday in West Chicago. Last year, the first bird and mosquito that tested positive for West Nile virus was reported in DuPage County on May 24."
"We must strengthen border security, improve enforcement of our immigration laws, and deal with the approximately 12 million undocumented immigrants who are in the United States today."
“With the cost of law school continuing to climb, some of the best law students cannot serve as criminal prosecutors or defenders because of student loan obligations,”
Sen. Obama Senate votes to double fines for illegal hiring - Associated Press
"This is probably the single most important thing we can do in terms of reducing the inflow of undocumented workers, making sure we can enforce in a systematic way rules governing who gets hired,"
Durbin, Obama seek U.S. funds for 'Land Between the Rivers' - ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH
"Sens. Dick Durbin and Barack Obama asked Congress Tuesday for authority that could enable Southern Illinois to win federal grants to boost tourism and historical preservation."
Rep Hastert Speaker Hastert Praises House Passage of ANWR
"Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) today made the following comments regarding the passage of House legislation to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and eventually help lower energy costs in America:  “Yet again, House Republicans have voted in favor of opening ANWR..."
The Press Still Buzzing About Hastert Allegations:

The DeLay Defense (Partisans Are Out to Get Me)

abuse of cough syrup medication
"The idea that kids can go on line and easily get their hands on a dangerous drug is appalling. This law helps put to stop that, and that's why I'm signing it,”
80-bed addition to LaSalle Veterans’ Home
"With the expansion of the LaSalle Veterans’ Home we will be able to provide better care for more of our disabled veterans,..."
Illinoisans to “Light The Way Home” for Missing Children
"Turn on your headlights when you’re driving, switch on your porch light to symbolize your commitment to finding these children.  And throughout the year, let’s all remain vigilant and engaged in our communities and help us return kids to safe.”
24 May
2006 College-sponsored Merit Scholarship winners
"CAROL STREAM: Jackson, Gregory C., Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Wheaton Academy, West Chicago"
"Safety inspectors tell me that the fines need to be higher when a company violates our safety laws and that we need to put more resources into training inspectors,”
“Hope is a powerful medicine for millions of Americans living with Parkinson’s, diabetes, cancer and other diseases. Through embryonic stem cell research, the hope for a cure may one day become a medical reality,”
Sen. Obama Floor Speech in Opposition to the Amendment Requiring a Photo ID to Vote
"... overall 12% of voting age American do not have a driver's license, most of whom are minority, new U.S. citizens, the indigent, the elderly or the disabled. AARP reports that 3.6 million disabled Americans have no driver's license."
Employment Verification Amendment for the Immigration Bill
"That's why we need a better alternative. We need an electronic verification system that can effectively detect the use of fraudulent documents, significantly reduce the employment of illegal workers, and give employers the confidence that their workforce is legal."
Rep Hastert Officials: Hastert "In the Mix" of Congressional Bribery Investigation
"Federal officials say the Congressional bribery investigation now includes Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, based on information from convicted lobbyists who are now cooperating with the government."
ABC News Update on Hastert Story
"Officials said the next logical investigative step would be for the FBI to seek a wide range of documents from the members of Congress named by Abramoff, including letters and business documents."
Statement from Ron Bonjean, Communications Director for Speaker Hastert
“The ABC News report is absolutely untrue. As confirmed by the Justice Department, ‘Speaker Hastert is not under investigation by the Justice Department.’"
[Review of Speaker Hastert's website reveals no previous statement. - Bob]
Lawmakers question legality of Rep. Jefferson office search - KHON2 - Honolulu,HI
"It is not at all clear to me that it would even be possible to create special procedures that would overcome the Constitutional problems that the execution of this warrant has created,"
Governor Blagojevich calls on Veterans Administration to provide immediate protection to veterans whose personal information was stolen.
IDOT Gives Motorists a Break for Memorial Day Weekend
"In the greater Chicagoland area, all lanes on the Edens, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Stevenson, Dan Ryan, and Bishop Ford expressways, as well as I-80 and I-57 will be open."
Post-referendum survey, and Board of Education meeting synopsis..
Judge orders award in fatal DUI civil action
"A Sugar Grove man was ordered to pay $9 million to a West Chicago family. The judge’s order ends a civil lawsuit over a fatal DUI.  The default judgment was issued last week on behalf of Daniel Hummell, 45, who is currently serving a five-year prison sentence in the death of Julio Herrera, 41, a father of two."
“Southern Illinois not only played an important role in the history of the Civil War, it was a strategic meeting point for pioneers during the westward expansion of the United States."
"The Braidwood Nuclear Generating facility recently informed local residents that their plant leaked tritium 22 times since 1996, with significant spills in 1996, 1998 and 2000, totaling over 6 million gallons of tritiated water."
"If we do nothing, veterans who have already used their federally mandated, no-cost look at their credit report will have to use other services that are available from the credit bureaus, and cost approximately $10 to $20 a month.”
Sen. Obama Lugar-Obama Bill to Keep Weapons Out of Terrorists' Hands
"The Lugar-Obama bill will build on this success by helping other nations find and eliminate conventional weapons that have been used against our own soldiers in Iraq and sought by terrorists all over the world,"
Obama Introduces Bill Requiring Oil Companies to Invest 1% of Quarterly Profits in Renewable Fuels
"It's time for the oil companies to give something back to America by investing just 1% of their record profits into the cheaper, cleaner renewable fuels like E85 that can finally free us from our dependence on Middle East oil."
Rep Hastert Dennis Hastert Gave the Dems the House, If They Want It
""Hey, Marie [shown as a waitress, serving a ham and eggs breakfast], do you pay taxes? The Republican Speaker of the House says that you don't. He thinks only the wealthy need a tax break. Do you agree with him? Vote Democratic, because we know how it is to stand in your shoes. [shot of waitress taking off her shoes and rubbing her heels]""
Clueless in the House - The Capitol Times, Madison, WI
"But Hastert is the Marie Antoinette of American politics.  The fairest assumption is that he simply does not know who pays taxes in America.  Hastert, the dim bulb who was screwed into the speaker socket by Tom DeLay, lives in a world of managed spin."
[Readers are reminded that this was first posted here on May 20th and the scrubbing of the file linked on May 22nd. - Bob]
new plan to reform Illinois schools
"Building on the work of the previous four budgets and legislative sessions which saw more than $3.8 billion in new funds invested in Illinois schools, the creation of universal preschool in Illinois, and raising graduation standards to require students to take more reading, writing, math and science, Governor Rod Blagojevich today unveiled his new plan to continue reforming and improving schools,..."
First Lady Patricia Blagojevich celebrates the grand opening of the Kohl Children’s Museum’s two-acre interactive outdoor exhibit: Habitat Park
22 May Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
Senior citizens to keep assessment freeze benefits
"House Bill 4789 restores the Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption to ensure that seniors will be able to claim the exemption when they pay their property taxes this year."
Sen Durbin HHS Report Indicates Two Thirds of ICU Patients Receive Suboptimal Care - Yahoo! News
"The HRSA Report was developed at the request of the US Senate and the Critical Care Workforce Partnership looks forward to working with Senator Durbin, other members of Congress, and the Administration to develop solutions to the critical care workforce issues through legislative and regulatory changes."
Sen. Obama


Former president says health care cost hurting U.S. competitiveness
"Democratic Sen. Barack Obama recently introduced legislation in Congress that would help address soaring health care costs for automakers by defraying industry's costs of investment in more fuel-efficient cars."
Obama Statement on the Theft of 26.5 Million VA Records
"It is unconscionable that this breach of trust occurred, and the federal government needs to do everything it can to make it right."
Obama Calls on Wal-Mart and Other Large National and Regional Stores to Offer Alternative Fuels
"U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) today sent a letter to Mr. H. Lee Scott, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., and to other top executives of hypermarket chains, which include major national and regional merchandisers, club stores, discount chains and national supermarket chains, asking them to commit to installing alternative fuel pumps at all store locations that sell gasoline."
Out of gas - The Christian Century
"We need a national plan, not unlike President Kennedy's strategy for putting a man on the moon. As Senator Barack Obama put it, "Saying that America is addicted to oil without following a real plan for energy independence is like admitting alcoholism and then skipping the 12-step program."
Rep Hastert Wanted: One Copy Editor - Washington Post
""The press release writers in House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office may lose their performance bonus this month. Last week, Hastert left Democrats chortling when he issued a release with the headline, "Fiscal responsibility is not an option in this House of Representatives."
     The headline was pulled, a bit clumsily, from a quote by Hastert, which read in full: "Make no mistake about it: Fiscal responsibility is not an option in this House of Representatives. It's a mandate from our voters who have every right to know that lawmakers are being responsible with taxpayer dollars.""
[Wegoweb still uses the original headline of May 18th but the article goes 404. - Bob]
Jefferson: Probe won't force resignation - Cleveland Plain Dealer
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert questioned whether the raid of the congressman's office, believed the first in history, overstepped constitutional limitations on executive powers.  "Nothing I have learned in the last 48 hours leads me to believe that there was any necessity to change the precedent established over those 219 years," the Illinois Republican said in a statement"
town hall meetings to begin hiring process at Thomson Correctional Center
"These town hall meetings will help us inform residents about our plans, and about the job opportunities that will become available,”
Gov. Blagojevich signs budget
"Governor Rod R. Blagojevich today signed the Fiscal Year 2007 budget, making historic increases in funding for education and health care and allocating funding to make college more affordable, increase the number of nurses in the state, help seniors and veterans with more comprehensive assistance and continue to streamline state government. "
21 May Cable Com
Channel 17


Cable Com Schedule Posted
Probation for man who tried to kiss girls
"A West Chicago man was sentenced Friday to 30 months of probation as a sex offender for the aggravated battery of two 16-year-old girls in January."
The Best Bars in the Midwest - Esquire Magazine
"Until you crest a hill and see the old mining town of Hurley and its Silver Street: a quarter-mile-long stretch of road with twenty-five bars and half a dozen strip clubs. We crossed our Rubicon when we entered Nora's Bar & Red Carpet Lounge. "
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20 May Healing service to help deal with loss
"The community is invited to the new event organized by Hungry Souls, an interdenominational ministry directed by Karen Mains, who also is a co-director of Mainstay Ministries in West Chicago."
Rep Hastert

From the Truth is Stranger than Fiction File...

Hastert Declares Tax Holiday - TPM Muckraker
"Well, folks, if you earn $40,000 a year and have a family of two, you don't pay any taxes. So you probably, if you don't pay any taxes, you are not going to get a big tax cut."
tax bills sent back to homeowners - Daily Herald
"A technical glitch by the U.S. Postal Service caused several hundred property tax bills to be returned to their senders and marked “not deliverable as addressed,” Treasurer David Rickert said Friday."
Iraqi Parliament’s Approval of Cabinet Members
"I want to congratulate the Iraqi people, who have shown a determination for freedom and democracy even in the face of daily threats from terrorists who oppose it."
GOP mulls perils of immigration fight -
"When asked Tuesday to respond directly to Bush's support of providing illegal immigrants with a path to legal status, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., only reiterated his support for border security legislation."
House Conservatives Cut $500M Off Vet Bill - Yahoo News
"I don't know why they (the troops) should be stuck in the middle of a family squabble within the Republican Party," said Rep. David Obey (news, bio, voting record) of Wisconsin, top Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee."
Governor's sweeping pardon in hiring probe is valid, Kentucky high court says
"Fletcher had pardoned his entire administration – other than himself – for any charges that could result from a probe into allegations of hiring misconduct."
19 May West Chicago high school celebrates class project
"Thursday, students and faculty members celebrated the culmination of the school’s Community Leadership class project WeGo 2 Africa. The effort raised $10,000 to erect a new school in war-torn Angola."
Roskam Attacks Duckworth for Democratic ties
“While Peter Roskam was climbing up the political ladder, using connections to disgraced leaders like Tom DeLay, Tammy Duckworth was climbing into helicopters and serving her country,”
Cyberspace offers new turf for gangs
"West Chicago Police Cmdr. Bruce Malkin teaches about gangs around the country and surfs the Internet searching for gang sites almost daily. He keeps a cache of Web sites, though he discourages the public from visiting them."
“I hope everyone who agrees that this assistance is necessary will sign this petition and let the President know that he needs to support our family farmers.”
"The senators requested that EPA analyze the exposure threat and human risk factors at each site, evaluating which sites pose the greatest risk of human exposure."
Sen. Obama Veteran paid for wound from '45 - STATE JOURNAL-REGISTER
"Back in 1945, Springfield resident Dale Hunter was wounded by a German machine gun near the Rhine River.  A claim for disability payments was filed about a year later, but because of paperwork snafus, Hunter was denied compensation by the Veterans Administration, which later grew into the Department of Veterans Affairs."
Rep Hastert Bill to Fund Military Quality of Life and Veterans Affairs
"This bill demonstrates our commitment as we give them and their families our full support so that they can carry out their missions and continue to fight and win the Global War on Terror.”
Hastert hot over CIA chief's firing - Chicago Sun Times
"But Hastert's discontent goes beyond the CIA. The GOP mood on Capitol Hill, particularly the House, is poisonous. With pessimism rising over a contemplated loss of their majority in the 2006 elections, Republican lawmakers blame their parlous condition on Bush's performance."
law will prevent home fires and save lives
“Cigarettes that self-extinguish will help keep families all across the state safe from the kind of accidents that destroy homes and lives.”
hundreds of millions of dollars for Medicaid providers
“Medicaid providers across Illinois are providing critical healthcare to working parents, children and seniors and shouldn’t have to wait any longer to receive the payments they’re owed,”
How the GOP messes up the House - LA Times
"WHEN THE House passed the California Desert Protection Act in 1994, it was the culmination of seven years of study, numerous public hearings and more than two months of debate on the House floor.... By contrast, when Rep. Richard Pombo (R-Tracy), chairman of the House Resources Committee, rewrote the Endangered Species Act in 2004, it took just a matter of days."
18 May Nick
Simply A Mom pick up day
"If you want to donate any items this Saturday and you live in the Cornerstone Lakes neighborhood, please leave the items on your porch."
W. Chicago gardeners to hold plant, flower sale
"All of the plants for sale by West Chicago Garden Club members are grown locally in area backyards, meaning they’re accustomed to the soil and unpredictable weather of the suburbs."
Now showing - outdoors
"According to the National Association of Theatre Owners, the number of drive-in movie screens dropped from 2,084 in 1987 to 1,014 in 1989.  The numbers, however, actually increased from 640 in 2004 to 648 in 2005."
West Chicago
Wycliffe USA helps West Chicago touch the world
""West Chicago Touches the World" was the theme of Wycliffe North Central's 10th Anniversary open house celebration May 6. The facility, which is the home base for nine states, is one of the six regional offices of Wycliffe USA."
"In addition to eliminating the College Tuition Tax Deduction, the $70 billion tax bill will deliver to middle-income households an average tax cut of just $20. On the other hand, households with incomes over $1 million would get average tax cuts of $42,000."
US Senate rejects bill on border security - OhmyNews International - South Korea
"The president gets it," said Senator Dick Durbin, although he and other Democrats were quick to raise doubts about the commitment of numerous congressional Republicans to the approach Bush outlined."
Sen. Obama Hospitals Sued For Charging Uninsured Patients More Than Insured ... - KSDK - St. Louis,MO
"It makes no sense that people without health insurance pay more than people with insurance for the same operation," said Democratic Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.
Rep Hastert “Fiscal Responsibility is not an Option in This House of Representatives”
“This legislation outlines our spending priorities for this year’s budgetary process: reining in spending, reducing the federal deficit and continuing America’s strong economic growth."
Ethics Panel Starts 3 Probes
"Hastings and Berman added that other investigations could be launched against other lawmakers or staff members."
"Monkey on Back" Picture Retired
Originally scheduled for June 9th, Tom DeLay Resignation Day, the retirement of the satirical picture of Speaker Hastert has been moved forward because of the sighting of a  once thought to be extinct House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct. 
Leaders Appeal for Support of Carpentersville Youth Initiative
“You have been learning about the importance of getting involved in your community, in your government,” Hastert said. “This is no different. The Youth Advisory Board exists solely for your input – so make your opinions known.”
"Everyone deserves an equal chance and an equal opportunity to not only earn a paycheck but to chase their dreams. We are very proud to be supporting disabilityworks because it is bringing the public and private sector together to increase opportunities for people with disabilities so they can turn a turn dream into a reality."
Hey Millennials, Debt Becomes You
“I don’t think we can continue treating people as disposable, not providing them with health care or the means to save.”
17 May WC Public Library Adult Summer Reading:  CLUE IN . . . READ!
"Please register at the Reference Desk starting Monday, June 5, 2006. Our 8-week program ends on Saturday, July 29, 2006."
Dellora Norris fundraiser, and much more...
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
"Legislation aimed at protecting military families from disruptive funeral protests has been signed into law by the Governor, according to State Senator John Millner (R- Carol Stream), a sponsor of the bill. "
Survey: When it comes to clout, Hastert’s got it
"A new analysis of Capitol clout lists Speaker Dennis Hastert, perhaps not surprisingly, as the king of his House."
Flower planting event blooms into annual festival
"What began six years ago as a volunteer activity to plant flowers in the downtown area has blossomed into a festival. Most of the activities will be centered around the Fox Community Center, 306 Main St.."
"As the state’s third largest city, Rockford and its residents deserve to have convenient and affordable access to the city of Chicago and the nationwide Amtrak network.”
“We have a chance – maybe our last chance – to do two things: move seriously toward the goal of energy independence before our economy stalls and to begin to reverse the environmental damage that threatens our way of life"
"National Meth Prevention Week will help increase awareness of the growing problem of methamphetamine abuse in Illinois and throughout the country through public education programs."
“Whirlpool’s decision to close the Herrin, Illinois plant is a painful loss for Southern Illinois,” said Durbin. “We must do everything possible so that these 1,000 employees have the help they need to find new jobs.”
Sen. Obama Obama Helps Springfield Veteran Get $12,500 in Veterans Benefits Back-Pay
"Staff for Senator Obama contacted a representative at the Department of Veterans Affairs and discovered that the paper work for the remaining $12,500, which should have been entered months before, was buried beneath a stack of other claims awaiting processing. The final compensation was awarded shortly thereafter on April 29, ten months after Hunter received his first check."
Senate Call for an Across-the-Board Cut to Pay for Bloated Supplemental Won’t Get Heard in the House
"The Senate needs to throw overboard, unnecessary add-ons and help us get the needed funds to our troops in the field and our fellow citizens suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.”
Tax Reconciliation Enrollment Ceremony
"And that real truth is: unemployment is at 4.7 percent, there are more than 2 million jobs created in the last 12 months, we have record homeownership, increased productivity and improved numbers in areas like consumer confidence, personal income and factory orders.  But the numbers are just part of the story."
Gov. Blagojevich signs “Let Them Rest in Peace Act”
"Senate Bill 1144, the “Let Them Rest in Peace Act,” requires protesters to stay at least 200 feet away from family and friends as they mourn soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice."
Corrections Officers of the Year for 2006 Recognized
“These frontline employees are being recognized for their outstanding work ethic, professionalism and leadership,”
National Employee Health and Fitness Day
" ... officially launched a State Agency Walking Challenge as part of Governor Rod R. Blagojevich’s Fit 4 Life initiative."
16 May West Chicago
High School
West Chicago HS's We-Go 2 Africa Project Reaches Goal
"The Community Leadership Class at West Chicago Community High School will hold a special assembly Thursday, May 18 at 9:30 a.m. in the auditorium to celebrate meeting its goal of raising $10,000 for We-Go 2 Africa, a project to build a school in Angola, Africa. "
Tuesday edition...
Sen Peter Roskam Roskam to co-host informational pension seminar May 17
"Senator Roskam explained that in the spring of 2005, Governor Blagojevich and his legislative allies pushed through a massive raid on the state’s pension systems in Senate Bill 27 (now Public Act 94-0004). As a result, $1.2 billion was diverted from the state retirement systems last year."
Dist. 34 group to look at funding options
“Looking at consolidation doesn’t mean we’re consolidating.”
[Seems the only time Winfield Schools mention consolidation is when they want to scare community bigots into voting for a referendum. - Bob]
Lawmakers say keep toll money in suburbs
“This is a signal flare to suburban toll payers and suburban taxpayers that the asset of the Illinois Toll Highway Authority is at risk,” said Roskam. “We’re trying to protect the assets that have been created by suburbanites from being misused and misallocated.”
Sen Durbin


"U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) today met with Secretary of Interior Nominee, Governor Dirk Kempthorne (R-ID), to discuss issues related to the Department of Interior including the need for two National Heritage Areas in Illinois: the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area and the Land Between the Rivers Heritage Area."
Democrats Say Leadership Needed To Fix Immigration Issues - All Headline News
"Illinois Senator Richard Durbin says President Bush is proposing "a military solution to break a political stalemate."  The Senate took up the issue Monday, and Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin issued the official Democratic response after President Bush’s prime-time speech."
Bush tries to please all - Times of India
"It's amazing how tone-deaf this man is. This is the No. 1 issue that will lead to the takeover of Congress by Democrats," said longtime conservative activist Richard Viguerie. "The White House doesn't seem to have receivers. They only have transmitters."   Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois, delivering a Democratic response, said Democrats were "willing to support any reasonable plan." But, he said, Democrats would not go along with "a plan cobbled together to win political favour."
Sen. Obama Obama Statement on President Bush's Speech on Immigration Reform
"Whether or not the President can repair the divisions in his own party so that we can pass this type of reform will be the true test of our ability to secure our borders in the months to come."
Remarks of Senator Barack Obama at Emily's List Annual Luncheon
"It's a time where you can go to any town hall or street corner or coffee shop and hear people express the same anxiety about the future; hear them convey the same uncertainty about the direction we're headed as a country. Whether it's the war or Katrina or their health care or their jobs, you hear people say that we've finally arrived at a moment where something must change."
President’s Proposal to Use National Guard to Strengthen Security at Nation’s Borders
"These troops will help to protect our borders from terrorists, criminal gangs, drug runners and others who are crossing to harm Americans."
Former Kendall County committeeman gets 15 years in fraud - WQAD - Moline,IL
"The federal courts have also ordered Devine to pay two-point-nine (m) million dollars in restitution.  According to a federal complaint, Devine used tours of U-S House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office in Washington to persuade investors."
Bush bombs out with Republicans - Capitol Hill Blue - VA
"Bush‘s call for a guest worker program ... for illegal immigrants, drew no public support from top House Republicans.  Speaker Dennis Hastert , R-Ill., issued a statement that made no reference to elements of the president‘s speech other than border patrol. "
photo enforcement at railroad crossings
"Now that drivers know they’ll be photographed if they go around lowered crossing gates, hopefully they won’t do it,”
Gov. Blagojevich extends Illinois Cares Rx protection
“It would be wrong to turn our back on people who need their medicine just because they missed an arbitrary deadline. That’s why we’re making sure they can get drug coverage through the state’s Illinois Cares Rx program while they wait for the next opportunity to enroll in Medicare Part D.”
Feds Treat Us Like Common Criminals, House GOP Complains
"Congressional Republicans are complaining of "reports of wiretaps, searches on Congressional grounds, open-ended document requests and demands to interview committee aides" coming from federal prosecutors, Roll Call reports this morning."
[Would I vote for a prosecutor just because he nailed a public official for graft... of course ... "Bring 'em On!" - Bob]
Educator of the Year, and curriculum info at STC North PTO meeting...
“The Medicare Prescription Drug Savings Act would ensure that Medicare beneficiaries receive the benefits of their purchasing power.”
Sen. Obama Time's wasting: 4 ways to cut oil consumption now
"When it comes to reducing our dependence on oil, the resources are there. The technology is there. The demand is there. Now we just need the will to get the job done."
Illinois lawmakers call for hearings on phone record collections - GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL
"Congress should investigate these new revelations and Republicans and Democrats should agree that this surveillance program needs to be brought under legal oversight so that someone is watching the watchers and protecting the privacy of innocent Americans."
The labor debate - St. Petersburg Times
"The House already passed an enforcement-focused bill that would tighten border security and aggressively deport illegal immigrants. But in recent weeks, House Speaker Dennis Hastert gave the guest worker program a boost when he indicated his chamber would consider a bill with temporary workers."
Senate, House GOP increasingly at odds - Seattle Times
"... House Majority Whip Roy Blunt, R-Mo., said House Republicans will not agree to any plan granting illegal immigrants a path to citizenship that does not require them first to return to their home countries. House Majority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, dismissed Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's proposed $100 rebate for gasoline as "insulting" and "stupid." And House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., declared a Senate-passed, $109 billion bill to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, hurricane relief and a bevy of home-state projects "dead on arrival.""
Governor Blagojevich signs new law banning smoking in college dorms, sororities and fraternities
"Last year the Governor signed a bill that allows home-rule municipalities to prohibit smoking in public places.  Illinois joins several others states that have banned smoking in college dorms, including Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Connecticut."
NOLA Animation of Flooding of New Orleans
This is an animated timeline, showing what failed and when.  There after, FEMA claims that a bullet was dodged.
14 May Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Com Schedule Posted
There will be a WEGO Thru The Tube Marathon on Thursday.  Have you ever tuned in to see what is happening at the high school?  Kick back and check out the TV program about our students and by our students.
WC Public Library Events for May:
  • Backyard Birding  Wednesday, May 24, 7:00 PM
  • Auto Detailing: Do It Like a Professional  Thursday, May 25, 7:00 PM
A Century of Gardens and Porches
"JUNE 24: The West Chicago Garden Club presents "A Century of Gardens and Porches" in West Chicago and includes five gardens and five porches that illustrate the changing ways leisure time has been spent over the past century. Event begins at Fox Community Center, 306 Main St., West Chicago. Cost: $9 for porches or gardens; $14 for both by June 22; $10 for porches or gardens, $15 for both after June 22. Hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call: 630-293-7735;"
DeLay's resignation date is June 9 - Fort Worth Star Telegram
""As you are aware," the Sugar Land Republican wrote House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., "I have recently made the decision to pursue new opportunities ..."
Lest we forget...
Checklist of Action on Hastert's Colleague, the alleged felon, Republican Tom Delay. 
Admonished by House
Booked ... print and mug shot
Shame and Remorse
Additional Documents at Public Citizen
2 sides rally on immigration - Chicago Tribune
"The march and speeches in the far west suburb were symbolic, said organizers with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. Hastert's office was closed Saturday.  A second group, about twice as large and organized by the Illinois Minuteman Project, rallied about half a block away, also calling for Hastert's support, but for laws that would toughen illegal immigration policies."
13 May Sen Durbin Hayden may back spying law change - - UK
"Senator Richard Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, said Hayden told him in a private meeting he was concerned when he set up the highly secretive program that approaching Congress could reveal tactics, techniques and procedures used by US intelligence to track al Qaeda suspects."
Bush Says US Spying Is Not Widespread - New York Times
"It's sort of incomprehensible that that was done," Senator Specter said, adding that he was asking that the clearances be granted so the review could continue.  Senator Richard J. Durbin, an Illinois Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, called the decision "clear evidence of a cover-up within this administration."
US Lawmakers React to Alleged Collection of US Phone Call Records - CRI - Beijing,China
"On Capitol Hill, several lawmakers expressed incredulity about the programme. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin says the revelation needs to be treated seriously as it's related to civil liberties."
Sen. Obama Nation Building, Obama Style - OpEdNews
"“When George Bush said that he didn’t believe in nation building, I didn’t know that he was talking about this nation.” He challenged his Washington, DC, audience to dream the big dream, to imagine an America that includes everyone, rather than the fortunate few."
Hastert aids effort for Carpentersville youth
“There’s no fairy godmother out there that’s going to wave a wand and make things better.”
Politicians Target Social Sites For Restrictions - Slashdot - USA
"Wednesday top House Republicans announced a bill to make 'social' Web sites unreachable from schools and libraries.... House Speaker Dennis Hastert claims it's necessary to stop 'dangerous predators' out here on the Interweb.""
Immigration rallies come to Batavia on Saturday - Aurora Beacon News
"Police are expecting anywhere from several hundred to 2,000 or more demonstrators to attend what is expected to be a peaceful event outside Hastert's district office at 27 N. River St."
Demonstrators participate in immigration march -
""He is about to appoint pro-amnesty people to the immigration conference committee. It is a sellout of the American worker and American families deserve better," said Rosanna Pulido, Illinois Minutemen Project."
Poll: Clinton outperformed Bush - CNN
"When asked which man was more honest as president, poll respondents were more evenly divided, with the numbers -- 46 percent Clinton to 41 percent Bush -- falling within the poll's margin of error."
[Look, folks.  No matter how bad things are getting, he was still basically a child molester. - Bob]
  • Kane Educators of the Year, Latin award winners, and new author...
  • Student-Stranger Encounter report...
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
"Individuals who lie about receiving military medals could face criminal charges, under a new law supported by State Sen. John J. Millner (R- Carol Stream)."
Wheaton Academy doesn’t have to look far to find coach
"Wednesday the school and Warriors athletic director Tom Jamerson announced that Paul Ferguson, a former assistant to Euler at Wheaton Academy, would be hired as boys basketball coach and as a teacher."
Prescription Drug Program
"House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) released the following statement after passage of H.Res. 802, “Encouraging all eligible Medicare beneficiaries who have not yet elected to enroll in the new Medicare Part D benefit to review the available options and to determine whether enrollment in a Medicare prescription drug plan best meets their current and future needs for prescription drug coverage.”
NBC's Gregory misleadingly reported that Medicare drug program "close" to 39 million "enrolled"
"At the event, Bush said that 31 million seniors had "signed up" for the coverage, apparently combining the 19.7 million who are enrolled in Part D (of which only 8 million "signed up" -- the others either were automatically enrolled or receive coverage through a Medicare HMO or PPO) and the 10.3 million whose external prescription-drug coverage is being subsidized."
Speaker Hastert Defends Suspected Felon, REpublican  Bob Ney
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., told reporters after Ney had spoken to lawmakers that "it was a very heartfelt discussion," but declined to say more.  Others who were present said Ney received a standing ovation when he finished speaking."
expanded hours to help seniors sign up for Medicare Part D
“With time running out for Illinois seniors to enroll in a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, I have directed state agencies to do everything possible to help senior citizens with last minute applications, so they can get the prescription drug coverage they need,”
Today is a travel day as I return to WegoWeb's International Headquarters in beautiful downtown Hurley, WI.  Tonight's update may be a little late and a little sparse. - Bob
11 May West Chicago
High School
West Chicago HS's 'We-Go 2 Africa' Project Reaches Goal
"People have asked us why help Africa, why not people in the United States? We realize that there are a many problems in the United States, but here everyone has the opportunity to have an education."
Sen Peter Roskam Roskam to co-host informational pension seminar May 17
"Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton) along with State Senators Christine Radogno (R-Lemont), Dan Cronin (R-Lombard), Carol Pankau (R-Roselle), and Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale) are encouraging area residents to join them on Wednesday, May 17 to learn more about the changes recently made to the state retirement systems."
" The Illinois State Senate wrapped up the spring session last week, nearly a month after the originally scheduled adjournment date."
Rep.Randy Ramey More Borrowing, Spending and Raiding Pensions
“Of course, I’d like to see more money allocated to help residents in my district, but we have to look at the bigger picture and do what is best for the state right now,” Ramey said. “We’re in deficit. We have Medicaid bills that need to be paid and we have to replenish obligations to pension funds that were raided"
Hundreds nabbed on Rt. 59
"Motorists who were pulled over Tuesday along Route 59 anywhere between Joliet and Hoffman Estates weren’t alone in their misery."
Katrina devastation touches church members' souls
"The true impact of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast was seen firsthand by 22 members of Faith Community Church in West Chicago, who went on a weeklong mission trip in March to Ocean Springs, Miss."
Kline Creek honors veterans; both yesterday and today
"People covered veterans' graves with flowers, and ceremonies often included speeches by local and military dignitaries as well as recitations by schoolchildren and musical performances."
Laughter reigns as Tommy Cascio is remembered
"Laughter and some tears were the order of the day as family and friends remembered former West Chicago resident Thomas Cascio at a luncheon held May 5 in his old stomping grounds, St. Andrews Golf Club."
Special trash collection continues in WC
"If you are a resident in a single-family or two-family home, all you need to do is affix a total of eight "Refuse" stickers on your pile of acceptable items, and place at the curb on your regularly scheduled collection day."
New sergeants for WCPD
"West Chicago police officers Leonardo "Leo" Aviles and Christopher Shackelford were promoted to the rank of sergeant in a ceremony May 1."
“Instead of addressing one of our major challenges – providing affordable health care to all Americans – Republicans passed another tax break for millionaires that will offer little help to families feeling the squeeze of rising health care costs."
Defense Authorization; Bill
"This bill demonstrates our commitment as we give them our full support so that they can carry out their missions and continue to fight and win the Global War on Terror and keep it out of our cities and off of our streets."
Gov. Blagojevich honors fallen firefighters, recognizes 28 other firefighters for extraordinary acts of bravery
“Supermarket of Veterans’ Benefits” coming to Central Illinois on May 20
“Our Illinois veterans have been shortchanged by the federal government in regards to disability benefits for far too long. The ‘Supermarket of Veterans’ Benefits’ will inform veterans and their families of all the benefits they’re entitled to and have earned by fighting for our freedom."
Southern Illinois Fifth-Grader Wins National Award for Drawing Unique Vision for Transportation Safety
WSJ ignored disproportionate benefits for wealthy in GOP tax package - Media Matters
"The top tenth of 1 percent, whose average income is $5.3 million, would save an average of $82,415. Those in the top group would see their tax bill cut 4.8 percent, while Americans at the center of the income distribution -- the middle fifth of taxpayers, who will earn an average of $36,000 this year -- could expect a 0.4 percent reduction in their tax bill, or about $20."
10 May West Chicago
High School
"David is an Illinois State Scholar, a member of the National Honor Society, an Illinois and German National Honor Society. He is listed Who’s Who and was named the Most Outstanding Musician and Most Excelled German Student at the high school."
Danielle Romano CHS June Student of the Month
"Since the second grade, Danielle’s deepest desire has been to become a doctor. She loves taking care of people and knowing she can make a difference in their lives."
Rehberg named Elgin Wal-Mart's Teacher of the Year, and more...
Sen Peter Roskam Republican Senators to hold informational pension seminar May 17
"State Senators Dan Cronin (R- Elmhurst), Christine Radogno (R-Lemont), Carol Pankau (R-Roselle), Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale), and Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton) are encouraging area residents to join them on Wednesday, May 17 to learn more about the changes recently made to the state retirement systems."
"Our first responders and emergency preparedness officials back home need to know that the Department of Homeland Security will provide them with the tools they need,”
"Seniors are paying the price because drug companies are pulling the strings in Washington. What other explanation is there for the stubborn refusal by President Bush and Republican leaders in Congress to extend the May 15th enrollment deadline?”
“If we allow the Administration to lift the tariff on Brazilian ethanol, and increase imports, we may find ourselves as dependent on foreign ethanol as we are on foreign oil,”
Feinstein, Snowe, Durbin Call for Raising Average Fuel Standards - California Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA
"If passed, the Feinstein-Snowe-Durbin bill would save 2.5 million barrels of oil per day by 2025, the same amount of oil we currently import from the Persian Gulf; and 420 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions by 2025, the equivalent of taking 90 million cars (or 75 million cars and light trucks) off the road in one year."
Sen. Obama Nuclear industry adopts new detection, disclosure policy on ... - Team 4 News - Harlingen,TX
"The industry's trade group says it's starting a voluntary program to monitor leaks and inform state and local officials as well as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission...
But Senator Barack Obama of Illinois says watching for leaks and reporting them "shouldn't just be a courtesy. It should be the law.""
Tax Relief Extension Reconciliation Act
"Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) today issued the following statement at an event touting the Conference Report on H.R. 4297, The Tax Relief Extension Reconciliation Act of 2005. The House will take up the bill later today, one day after House and Senate negotiators reached a compromise."
House Passes Tax Cuts for Investors
"Democrats also cited a joint study by the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution that shows taxpayers with incomes greater than $1 million per year winning tax cuts of $42,000 under the bill while families with incomes of $50,000 a year would average a $46 tax cut."
[The above press release deserves a more balanced explanation. - Bob]
Speaker Hastert Unveils Suburban Agenda
“Another bill, offered by Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA), would put filters in schools and libraries so that kids can be protected from websites and tools that predators use online."
Democratic Critiques of Medicare Part D
"About 8,100,000 beneficiaries have enrolled in stand alone Medicare prescription drug plans, and estimates indicate that the average beneficiary will save more than $1,100 this year alone by enrolling in a Medicare prescription drug plan;"
Deadling Approaching For Congressional Art Contest
"Congressman J. Dennis Hastert reminds high school students in the 14th Congressional District that just more than a week remains to enter the 2006 Congressional Art Competition, and potentially win a trip to the nation’s capitol."
“By investing more than $400 million to prepare the Belvidere Assembly Plant for the 21st Century and beyond, the Chrysler Group is strongly demonstrating that the workforce and the business climate here in Illinois is a perfect combination."
veterans lottery ticket surpasses $1 million mark in first 3 months
“The success of this special ticket shows just how much Illinoisans support the brave men and women who have put their lives on the line to protect this country and our freedom,”
09 May
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
“In the event there is a backlog of cases at the county level that justifiably could be handled locally, this bill will ensure offenders are held accountable while easing the county’s caseload.”
“Sadly there is a real need for this bill because there are people out there using charity for their own personal advantage, and in some cases, to facilitate crimes,”
St.Charles Considerring a New Larger WalMart

[WC will not receive tax income, but can expect the problems associated with a big box. Will our residents of Cornerstone ever get to down town? - Bob]

Dist. 25 approves school air conditioning
"The school district, which runs Evergreen Elementary School and Benjamin Middle School in an unincorporated area between Carol Stream and West Chicago, is expected to borrow $1.5 million next month through a bond sale."
Gay ballot item could stir fall vote
“It seriously could hurt (Democrats),” said Rick Garcia, executive director of Equality Illinois, a gay rights group. “It clearly helps Roskam, because he’s one of the (conservative movement’s) drum majors.”
Sen Peter Roskam Roskam distances self from speech
"The state senator missed his scheduled speech last Thursday at a National Day of Prayer Program in Wheaton to vote in Springfield. Organizers substituted conservative activist Sandy Rios, who told the crowd that the Christian God is preferable because “he does not demand the blood of innocents to satisfy him.”"
“What’s good enough for members of Congress is good enough for American families,”
Sen. Obama City gets final payment from FEMA - ALTON TELEGRAPH
"It's great; it's icing on the cake," said Alton Fire Chief John Sowders. "I wasn't expecting any money last fall" when he OK'd two firefighters' rescue and body recovery trips to Louisiana. "It was our responsibility to help, we got so much help in (the Great Flood of 1993). It is great we got reimbursed."
Hastert pushes seniors to sign up
"Next week’s deadline to enroll in the government’s new prescription drug plan is carved in stone and won’t be extended, House Speaker Dennis Hastert told an audience of retirees in Aurora. “You need to sign up now when it’s very economical,”..."
college students celebrate new plan to make college more affordable
"MAP Plus will provide a $500 per student grant for sophomores, juniors and seniors from families with incomes less than $200,000 who attend college in Illinois, but did not receive MAP."
City of Chicago to lease Midway Airport
"The new law lists a number of requirements for the entity that leases Midway."
legislation to regulate professional fundraisers
“When people donate to a charity, they should feel confident that their contribution will reach people who need help,”
08 May Wooing Hispanic shoppers
"The atmosphere, foods and services are all designed to make the Hispanic customers more comfortable, according to Martin Sandoval, general manager of five La Chiquita supermercados owned by Alfredo Lenares. In addition to the Cicero store Lenares operates two stores in Chicago's Little Village neighborhood and one store each in West Chicago and Aurora."
"The Bush/Enzi bill will strip millions of Americans, even those currently insured, of basic health protections like mammographies, diabetes supplies, many cancer screenings and emergency health services."
“Disabled veterans should not receive different amounts of disability payments based on where they live. Americans have a fundamental dedication to fairness,”
Democrats to Join Leading Health Advocates to Rally Against Bush - U.S. Newswire
"The bill has strong, widespread opposition because it includes damaging provisions to repeal existing laws that make health care coverage more affordable for millions of Americans."
Sen. Obama VA Outreach to Disabled Illinois Veterans
"The VA today sent letters to more than 62,000 veterans in Illinois informing them of the historical trends in the state and the steps they can take to open new claims, appeal bad decisions, and get help from veteran service organizations."
Barack Obama Draws Ovation From Omaha Audience - Nebraska - Lincoln,NE
"He brought the cheering, applauding crowd of some 1000 at the Salem Baptist Church to its feet at least three times."
Senator crusading to change spending habits - Enid News & Eagle - Enid,OK
"Coburn also is working with Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., to block the government from entering into no-bid contracts in excess of $500,000. The provision came on the heels of numerous reports of bloated Katrina-related projects."
Counter-immigration rallies planned at Hastert's office - Aurora Beacon News
"With signs declaring "Equal Treatment Means Equal Law Enforcement" and with toilet brushes and brooms, two groups plan to stage counter-immigration rallies on May 13 in what could be the largest demonstration ever at the Batavia office of U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert."
Demands Review Of Telco Bill - National Journal - Washington,DC
"The measure, H.R. 5252, would permit the former regional Bell operating companies to quickly enter the video marketplace. It has been publicly supported by Hastert, who played a significant role in crafting the 1996 Telecommunications Act as a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee before he assumed the House speakership in 1998."
The Great Republican Rebranding - Washington Post
"Members of Congress who once eagerly showered tax breaks on the energy companies now want you to know they're tough on Big Oil. Last month House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) urged federal agencies to investigate possible price gouging by the petroleum giants."
Frist and Hastert Let Vaccine Industry Write Its Own Multi-Billion Dollar Giveaway - Think Progress - Washington,DC
"The legislation was “worth billions of dollars” to a small group of drug makers.  The provision was inserted in the dead of the night, after House and Senate conferees had agreed the provision would not be included in the bill. According to Roll Call, the brazen move was completely unprecedented."
Governor Blagojevich extends health benefits to state employee domestic partners
"Effective July 1st, 2006, same-sex domestic partners will be afforded the same health benefits as those married employees and their dependants receive."
6&7 May Step past crossing gate, risk a ticket
"County officials are working with other local leaders to secure federal grants to pay for improvements to several municipality-controlled crossings, including Irving Park and York Road in Bensenville and Roosevelt and Kautz roads near West Chicago."
Camp masterpiece
"The Arts Camp Benefit is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. today at Wheaton Academy, 900 Prince Crossing, West Chicago."
Resident pleads guilty in home invasion
"Craig Buzzell, 23, of West Chicago, convicted of the robbery and home invasion, was sentenced to 35 years."
WegoWeb Stan Lemon Graduates
My Son and My Money Went to Concordia University River Forest.  Stan cleared high school in three years and a BA in theology and Biblical languages in another three.  He will marry Sarah Pollert of Seymour, IN on June 17th. 
Friday potpourri...
Nick Dzierzanowski
Volume XV of Notes from Nick!
"Alderman Donna Abruzzo resigned as 7th Ward Alderman on March 31 in order to attend to some family matters. I will certainly miss my partner’s leadership and expertise. I want to thank her for her dedication and compassion she showed not just for the 7th Ward but for the entire City of West Chicago. She will be missed."
Sen Peter Roskam New budget highlights spending taxpayer money
"Spending keeps going up, but we still have the same problems we had going into the budget process. It is one thing to spend money. It is quite another thing entirely to spend money and have very little to show for it.”
Rep.Randy Ramey memorial for Alderman MErrion
"State Representative Randy Ramey would like to invite all of those that knew Alderman Tom Merrion, formerly of West Chicago."
"The $24.3 million the State of Illinois included for Amtrak in the Fiscal Year 2007 budget will lay the tracks for new jobs and new service for riders from Chicago to Quincy to Carbondale.”"
House Happenings for This Week
"Soon after we’ll deal with opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), which is in Alaska for those of you who don’t know."
Speaker Hastert on the Resignation of Porter Goss
"Director Goss brought a sense of stability to the CIA and helped reform the bureaucracy. I trust this will continue as America battles those who seek to harm our citizens and destroy our freedoms.”
First Lady Patricia Blagojevich rallies with Illinois Nurses Association to kick-off National Nurses Week in Illinois
04 May Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
"Senate legislation making the use of eminent domain in Illinois as open and fair as possible to property owners has been approved by the General Assembly, according to its sponsor State Senator John J. Millner (R- Carol Stream)."
WegoWeb St. Mary's School has Updated Webpage
The website for St. Mary's Church's school has been recently updated. You can check it out at .
Board: Roof can wait a year
"Reyes, who supported the roof delay, said the 17-year-old roof did not leak during last weekend’s heavy rains.  Board members Bill Brown, Gordon Cole and John Jensen also voted to delay the replacement."
Minorities pulled over at slightly higher rate
"Bucking the trend are such towns as Bartlett, Bensenville, Carol Stream, Glendale Heights, Hinsdale, West Chicago, Wayne, Wheaton and Willowbrook, where the number of traffic stops involving minorities fell under those ethnicity population percentages."
"Durbin said the provision, which allows families to deduct a large percentage of college tuition costs from their taxes, was partially paid for by eliminating almost $5 billion in tax breaks that favor Big Oil."
Sen. Obama Obama Amendment to End No-bid Contracts for Hurricane Katrina Reconstruction Passes Senate
"But in order to make good on the President's pledge to rebuild the Gulf Coast, we need to do more. We need to pledge to be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars. Unfortunately, we haven't done a very good job so far of delivering on this pledge."
Senate Spending Bill “DOA”; Disappointed by Out of Control Spending
"The House used fiscal restraint, but now the Senate wants to come to the table with a tab that’s $17 billion over budget. The House has no intention of joining in a spending spree at the expense of American taxpayers.”
“This will be an opportunity for individuals to share those experiences, and encourage those who have not yet explored their coverage options.”
Hastert: Road trips. Alternative fuel car shopping. - Chicago Sun-Times
"Hastert, an antique-car buff, is shopping for a alternative-fueled auto. The Speaker caught some flak when he rode a hydrogen-fueled car at a press event dealing with soaring gas prices — and then was photographed changing cars back into his standard-fuel vehicle to return to the fold of his security detail."
swift passage of critical nursing legislation
"It is time to train and develop a new generation of nurses so that patients can count on the high quality of care they're entitled to."
Preschool for All plan and college tuition relief plan
"With universal preschool, we become the only state that will give every three year old and every four year old the chance to start reading early, the chance to start learning early, the chance to get ahead."
Fire in sibling deaths declared accidental
“The fire never reached the second floor, but the heat and the smoke did,” Westrom said. “People just don’t understand how fast furniture burns in the house today.”
Now showing — outdoors
“The best thing is the entire family can go see a movie together because I can’t take Riley to (an indoor) theater,” Meadows said. “It’s a change of pace, but you can also see first-run movies on a big screen without having to wait.”
City throws a garden party filled with small lots and big ideas
"Flowers and other plants, including containers planted by Ball Horticultural Inc. of West Chicago, will be in bloom inside and out. Inside, front and back yard exhibits will be 25 by 25 feet -- chosen because that is about the space a typical Chicago homeowner has to work with."
“When energy prices cut deep into the profits of family farmers, it threatens their survival.”
Reid, Durbin Rip Bush Administration on 'Mission Accomplished' ... - AlterNet - San Francisco,CA
"Since the President made that speech, this is the grim record. Since that day, over the last 3 years, 2,262 Americans have been killed and 17,202 Americans have been wounded," said Durbin. "This occurred after the President announced to the world that our mission was accomplished"
Tammy Duckworth Ms. Duckworth Goes to Congress - New California Media - San Francisco,CA
"The district is majority republican, with about 8 percent APAs, and Duckworth is trailing in campaign funds. Yet, her story and personality have many projecting her to win, and playing an important role in determining whether the republicans may lose control of the House of Representatives."
Sen. Obama Senate OKs plan to open storm bids - Chicago Tribune
"Eight months after Katrina, there's no longer any emergency that justifies a no-bid contract that might have been entered into the days after Katrina," said Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), who sponsored the amendment."
Thousands of Americans march to demand halt to genocide - New Zealand Herald - New Zealand
"Clooney was joined by Democratic Senator Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel and Olympic speedskating champion Joey Cheek, who donated money to help projects in Darfur"
Immigrants stage strike, rallies across US - New Straits Times - Persekutuan,Malaysia
"... Senator Barack Obama, a Democrat who represents Illinois, spoke at the rally of the need to "lift people out of the shadows" and onto a path towards citizenship ..."
Efforts to Lessen Dependence on Foreign Oil
"Today we acted for real results by giving the Federal Trade Commission the authority to prosecute instances of price gouging in the market for gasoline, diesel fuel, crude oil, home heating oil and biofuels. Americans deserve to know that the price they pay at the pump reflects the true cost of gasoline."
Calling for reform - Northern Star Online - DeKalb,IL
"Kristin Kumpf, suburban organizer for ICIRR, also spoke about House Speaker Dennis Hastert's role in recent legislation.  "He works for us; our interests are what he should be representing,"
Local duo delivers petitions to Hastert  - Brattleboro Reformer - VT
" Tenney and Julia DeWalt, Dan DeWalt's daughter and student at American University, delivered the resolutions to a "straight-faced" aide in the office of Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., Tenney said.  The cameramen from an impeachment Web site,, who accompanied them were surrounded by Capitol Police and made to shut down their cameras, Tenney said. "
GOP rummages for energy fix - Houston Chronicle
"As House GOP leaders tried to map out their energy strategy, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., met in his office in the Capitol with Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson.  While the meeting was private, Hastert's staff made sure the news media were aware of the session."
Treasurer to release hundreds of millions of dollars for Medicaid providers
"The bill directs her [Topinka] to immediately release $250 million in fund transfers from fiscal years 2005 and 2006, which will generate a total of $500 million through federal matching dollars and reduce the payment cycle by 22 days."
school district reorganization bill wins final legislative approval
“This legislation is the most significant and substantive school consolidation reform in more than 20 years,”
02 May Aurora woman dies after accident in West Chicago
"Gladys Gonzales, 40, was pronounced dead early Sunday morning at Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield."
House Happenings for This Week
"We spent a lot of time talking about the gas crisis which is happening across America. And it really is a crisis. Gas is over $3 a gallon in many parts of the country. Our families are hurting. Our businesses are hurting. It’s placing a real drain on the monthly budget."
mine safety legislation wins approval in House
"Illinois’ coal and aggregate mines have been fatality free since April 2003, marking the first time in state history Illinois has gone three consecutive years without a fatality."
Small Businesses Reduce Energy Costs through Energy Efficiency
"There are important steps that businesses that are making long-term decisions, from building a new facility to doing a major rehab, can take to lock-in low energy prices by choosing an energy efficient and sustainable design."
Three-day exercise to test state’s ability to handle pandemic flu and terrorist events begins today
Student-Stranger Encounter...
Aurora woman dies after accident in West Chicago
"Gladys Gonzales, 40, was pronounced dead early Sunday morning at Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield.  The crash occurred at 8:48 p.m. on Route 59 at Conde Street, police said."
Sen. Obama D.C. rally condemns Darfur genocide - SUN-TIMES
"Thousands came together chanting "never again," the pledge born out of the Holocaust as the genocide, which started in 2003, continues. Clergy; lawmakers including Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), and celebrities, such as actor George Clooney, '60s-era comic and longtime activist Dick Gregory, and Olympic speed skater Joey Cheek, took the stage to keep the pressure on the United States and the international community."
Incomes Grow at Fastest Pace in Six Months
“We are also working to help keep Americans from spending their larger incomes on higher gasoline prices."
Illinois kicks off mercury thermostat collection
“Illinois is already a leader in taking steps to reduce mercury, and this new recycling program is another way we can help make homes safer and communities cleaner for our children,”
30 Apr Cable Com
Channel 17


CableCom Schedule Posted
Sen. Obama Historic Rally in Washington Delivers 3/4 Million Postcards ... - U.S. Newswire
"Rally speakers included: Academy Award-winning actor George Clooney, who just visited the war-torn Darfur region; Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Jendayi Frazer; U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), co-sponsor of the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act that would bring sanctions against Darfur genocide perpetrators;..."
When guys on Capitol Hill look like Beavis, Butthead - Houston Chronicle
"Having introduced Hastert into the discussion, I'll admit I was watching the House debate from my office, instead of the Press Gallery, because I was preparing to go to an event that had Saturday Night Live written all over it.  Hastert was to appear at a service station on the far side of Capitol Hill to bemoan high gasoline prices."
Pro-immigration rally set for NIU on Monday - Dekalb Daily Chronicle - Dekalb,IL
"Kumpf said Monday's NIU rally is important because it is in Speaker Dennis Hastert's district.  “It's in the heart of his congressional district and he has a huge role to play,” she said. “It's our responsibility to make our voices heard. This is a great thing to have right in his backyard.”
WegoWeb Fact Checking Needed for Speaker Hastert's Blog
I am sitting on linking to Denny's latest item... because I can't convince myself he wrote it and/or believes it.. The posting asserts, "Democrats opposed the forming of the Department of Homeland Security."  Does he mean all Democrats?  Homeland Security (much of which comes from non-partisan Hart-Rudman recommendations, was pushed by the Dems, in the face of a threatened presidential veto until union protections were removed
29 Apr City of West Chicago Agenda for City Council 01 May 2006.
Contract with Kramer Tree Specialists, Four Police Pursuit Vehicles, Fireworks Ordinance, Prevailing Rate of Wages for Loborers, Mechanics, and other Workers,
Agenda for Planning Commission Meeting on 02 May 2006
Cases PC 06-08A and PC 06-08B both deal with additional buildings planned for the southwest corner of IL 59 and North Avenue.
Church’s CareFest helps community
“We are so excited,” said Deborah Hervey, principal of Pioneer Elementary School in West Chicago, one of six schools in the district that will benefit from CareFest.  “This is just a great way to get things spruced up.”
Hastert confronts one crisis after another
"On one front after another, the speaker finds himself either flummoxed or at odds with members of his Republican conference.  On Thursday, the House had debated legislation to curb lobbyists and tighten ethics rules for just 25 minutes when Republican leaders yanked the measure from the floor, recessed the chamber and called an emergency meeting of its members behind closed doors. The problem: Not enough votes."
Speaker Hastert Praises Republican Action to Protect Homeland
"House Republicans understand that fighting the War on Terror effectively means ensuring that our intelligence capabilities are cutting edge."
28 Apr Sen Peter Roskam SENATE WEEK IN REVIEW: April 24-28, 2006
"Democrat leaders continued the Senate's hiatus, cancelling session during the week of April 24-28 and continuing budget negotiations with the Governor without allowing any input from Republican lawmakers, according to State Sen. Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton)."
"I strongly urged him to reconsider his opposition to the drought relief contained in the Supplemental Appropriations bill. If the Secretary designates most of Illinois as a disaster area, he must understand the need to assist Illinois farmers.”
“The Bush Administration has been asleep at the wheel and the White House has failed to demonstrate real leadership when it comes to protecting consumers from being gouged at the gas pump,”
"Sadly, when the camera lights are off and this bill gets to a closed door conference with the House, it is another story entirely,” said Durbin. “By passing the Reservists Pay Amendment today, we are giving the House one more chance to do the right thing and stand behind our soldiers.”
Sen. Obama Obama Joins George Clooney In Plea For Darfur -
"Actor George Clooney, with Illinois Sen. Barack Obama standing next to him, made a plea for international help in the Darfur region of Sudan."
U.S. senators talk Medicare - PIONEER PRESS
"Despite the efforts of people like Dick Durbin and many of my other colleagues, the bill ended up being a major giveaway to drug companies and insurance companies."
Hastert's short, hydrogen drive - USA Today
"... after being dropped off by his big Suburbans, which parked down the street. Under the pressure of publicity, Hastert got into one of the hydrogen cars to drive back to the Capitol, but got out a block down the road to return to the Suburban."
[Picture available at
uncategorized/042806hastert2.jpg - Bob]
initial results of crackdowns on unlawful mortgage brokerage firms
"Earlier this year, the Governor ordered the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) to begin a series of unannounced inspections of licensed mortgage companies in response to reports of growing instances of mortgage fraud."
Conservatives Bow to Industry, Block Amendment to Scan All Shipping Containers - Think Progress
"In fact, the plan is realistic: for well over a year, Hong Kong has been successfully using high tech screening machines to inspect every single container. Achieving that in the United States will undoubtedly take time, but it is technologically feasible, and should be our number one port security priority."
27 Apr Rep.Randy Ramey Ramey Bill Allowing DUI Fines to go Toward Alcohol Crime Prevention Sent to Governor
“Fines collected by police departments in DUI cases should go toward further prevention of alcohol crimes so officials can continue to keep their communities safe,”
West Chicago
3 arrested for alleged involvement in school break-ins
"About one week before Dimitrova's arrest, West Chicago police arrested Andrew J. Brummel, 20, and Michael J. Forman, 19, both of 214 Indiana St., St. Charles, at about 2:30 a.m. April 15, during an alleged burglary in progress at Norton Creek Elementary School,..."
Cantigny greenhouse open to public May 7
"Approximately 160,000 annuals, perennials and collections of jade, succulents and topiary creations will be on display."
European-style market on tap for Oliver Square
"This is the economic engine to bring this primary and viable area back to life," which has been dormant for sometime. "We are hoping the market is able to open by December of this year or early 2007,"
WC passes an improved solicitation ordinance
"I think this covers two of the most important aspects of the ordinance, sending a message to those that engage in the act of solicitation here and the issuing of a certified registration is making a reasonable effort to assure the solicitors are law abiding,"
Cinco de Mayo luncheon to benefit resource center
[To the best of my knowledge, this item was postponed... see the 20 April 2006 item WDCRC HOSTS CINCO DE MAYO LUNCH CELEBRATION ... "Due to unforeseen circumstances, West DuPage Community Resource Center's Cinco de Mayo Celebration that was scheduled for May 7, 2006 has been postponed."]
Sen Durbin Durbin and Gas Prices - WIFR - Rockford,IL
"Senate Democrats, especially Senator Dick Durbin, are ripped about the rising gas prices and they marched to a nearby gas station with the latest gas prices to prove a point."
US senate panel OKs plan to sue Opec over prices - - Wellington,New Zealand
"Without cutting rising US energy demand, "What we are doing here is complaining about price-fixing by the drug dealers instead of confronting the addiction itself," said Senator Richard Durbin, Illinois Democrat."
Sen. Obama Obama Praises IRS for Making Tax Credit Available to Help Expand Consumer Access to Renewable Fuels
"This tax credit will encourage gas station owners across the country to invest in pumps that can dispense alternative fuels like E85 and give customers a cheaper, cleaner option when they fill their cars."
Gas Prices Driving a Transit Boom - TIME
"It was a first step that many rejected as little more than election year politics, coming at the same time that such lawmakers as Illinois Democratic Senator Barack Obama are calling for investigations into perceived price gouging."
Editorial: Expensive gas, cheap politics - Waco Tribune Herald - Waco,TX
"This time President Bush, House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist called for the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice and Energy Departments to “open inquiries into possible cheating in the gasoline markets.”  The Republican leadership didn’t want to be out-demagogued by Democrats on this hot-button issue in an election year."
Update 5: House Republicans Postpone Ethics Debate - Forbes
"Grievances were aired at a closed two-hour meeting at which House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., and other party leaders pledged that the final bill that comes out of House-Senate negotiations will expand the earmark language to cover all bills."
Gov. Blagojevich announces large-scale exercise to test state’s ability to handle highly contagious communicable disease and terrorist events
First Lady Patti Blagojevich dedicates Illinois’ first Reading Park
WegoWeb Pictures of Railroad Bridges near Hurley, WI
Since it is now definitely springtime in the north woods and there are rail fans in WC, I thought some might be amused by this collage of bridges up there.  That stone arch bridge is 70+ feet tall.
26 Apr Summer Camp
"Summer is just around the corner and the West Chicago Park District’s Summer Day Camp has begun their registration."
Open House honoring 80 and over
"Old friendships are renewed, memories are revisited and smiles are all around. Cake and coffee will be served. If you know someone who is the age of eighty and has not received an invitation please contact the West Chicago Park District..."
West Chicago
High School
Elena Suarez April Student of the Month at CHS
"If Elena could have any job in the entire world it would be working with children. “I just adore children, seeing them playing and happy,” she said."
Board of Education meeting synopsis, STC North High musical, and Internet safety...
Wednesday potpourri...
For Scouts, the sky's the limit
"The girls stopped folding and flying paper airplanes, studying navigation charts and lessons on nutrition in space while everyone--even "Amelia Earhart"--watched the takeoff and snapped photos of the World War II vintage aircraft at the West Chicago airfield."
Sen Durbin


Gas Price Politics - KSBI 52 - Oklahoma City,OK
"Democrat Senator Dick Durbin, from  Illinois , says, "The prices at the pumps don't reflect our addiction to oil, they reflect a failure in leadership by this White House."
Durbin: 'Nothing secret or sinister' about earmarks - Peoria Journal Star
"I have an opportunity to help the state. I do it with earmarks. They're very open. There's nothing secret or sinister about them."
Sen. Obama


Demonstration to Save Darfur Takes National Mall -
"The demonstration, which will take place between 3rd and 4th Streets in front of the U.S. Capitol, will feature a number of prominent speakers, from Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.) to actor George Clooney and rap mogul Russell Simmons to Nobel Peace Prize Winner Elie Wiesel and Paul Rusesabagina of "Hotel Rwanda" fame."
Iran Freedom Support Act
“This legislation sends the message that the United States stands firmly opposed to Iran’s ambitions to acquire and develop nuclear weapons, and we urge them to stop participating in, planning, and pursuing international turmoil."
The GOP suicide gene - Chicago Tribune
"Given their party's devastating experiences with cronyism and insider politics, you'd think the Illinois Republicans in Congress would be careful about even the appearance of favoritism in choosing new federal prosecutors to enforce our public corruption laws.  But if you do think that, you're wrong. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, with an assist from several of this state's clueless GOP congressmen, has given President Bush the names of three candidates..."
Demagoguing gas prices - Washington Times
" In a letter that could have been written by Ted Kennedy, Messrs. Frist and Hastert beseeched the president to instruct the Justice Department and the FTC to "investigate any potential collusion, price-fixing or gouging in the sale or distribution of gasoline, petroleum distillates or ethanol in wholesale and retail markets."
school district reorganization bill wins approval in the House and goes back to the Senate for final approval
“Today we are one step closer to passing the most significant and substantive school consolidation reform in more than 20 years,”
Dem asks Legislature to push Bush impeachment
"In Illinois, it is uncertain whether Yarbrough's measure will make its way to a floor vote. House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) has not voiced an opinion on the legislation, and the session is winding down."
25 Apr West Chicago
High School
Mother's Day Community Pancake Breakfast at CHS
"A Mother's Day Community Pancake Breakfast will be held from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 13, 2006 in the Commons at Community High School, ..."
"More than 600 students from area high schools participated in the event, which is the oldest festival of its kind in the country."
WEST CHICAGO HS Sophomores Learn About Careers at Career Fair
"Over 30 speakers will share information on their careers ranging from company president to sales, from graphic design to engineering. The speakers are community members and parents. "
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
"Legislation aimed at protecting military families from disruptive funeral protests has gained the approval of the General Assembly, according to State Senator John J. Millner (R- Carol Stream)."
United Recycling Reports Success on Earth Day Program - Chicago Tribune
"For the third consecutive year United Recycling Industries, Inc. has teamed with Illinois Senator John Millner for an annual Earth Day Electronics Recycling Event."
Illinois 38-Kautz plan advances
"After five years of give-and-take over making one of DuPage County's most dangerous railroad intersections safer, a consensus has been reached on a proposed design for an estimated $20 million grade separation at Illinois Highway 38 and Kautz Road."
Kane County
Summer work set for Kirk, Route 38
"It will overlap, but I don't expect a lot of problems," said Dave Boesch, chief of construction for the Kane County Division of Transportation. "It's construction, so you're going to get some disruption of service, but we try to maintain as many open lanes as possible."
Sen Durbin Durbin Predicts Democratic Gains in Midterms - Georgetown University The Hoya
“It was a tenuous situation that I became a student at Georgetown and was able to finish,” Durbin said, citing the value of the 1958 National Defense Education Act in enabling students to receive loans for their education."
Sen. Obama A voice of reason countering Big Oil's clout - The Japan Times
" But there are reasons for optimism, and one of those is a 44-year-old freshman Democrat senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, who took office in January 2005.  Obama is not new to politics, having spent seven years in the Illinois State Senate, but he is new to Washington -- and he is squaring off against the Bush administration's energy policy."
Working to Ease Energy Crisis
“House Republicans understand that high gasoline prices are a real issue facing Americans.  That is why we have acted to deal with both the long term issues and short term prices to bring relief at the pump."
[Tax loopholes = $15 Billion ... Katrina relief = $20 Billion ...  Florida offshore leases = $7 Billion ... Regular at the pump = $3.... Spinning to blame it on the Dems... priceless. - Bob]
Granholm, Stabenow, Stupak demand cap on oil company profits - Petoskey News-Review - Petoskey,MI
"And Stupak, Michigan's 1st District Congressman, urged House speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., to allow a vote on his bill, the Federal Response to Energy Emergencies Act, which would instruct the Federal Trade Commission to define gouging and address the issue head on."
first Illinois agriculture laboratory certified to test for Avian Flu
“Although avian flu has not been found in Illinois, we can’t ignore the devastating reports of loss and major economic damage in other parts of the world where the virus has hit."
Equal Pay Day in Illinois
“Women doing the same work as men should be paid the same wages. That’s the law in Illinois. By signing the Equal Pay Act of 2003, we made a big step toward fairness for working women."
24 Apr Sen Peter Roskam


Senate Week in Review: April 17-21
"Republican lawmakers have been eliminated from the budget process, creating fear that the final Fiscal Year ’07 budget will be bloated with new spending initiatives while relying on a more than $1 billion pension fund raid. There is also concern the budget will do nothing to address the state’s nearly $2 billion backlog of unpaid bills or record-high state debt."
Obama and Durbin Speak Out on Immigration
"This week the federal government arrested about 1,200 people, including about 30 in Chicago.  The next day, the Department of Homeland Security announced an expanded enforcement plan and promised more arrests.  U.S. Senator Barack Obama calls the strategy piecemeal and says it could be politically motivated."
Coalition Wants Unconditional Amnesty for All Illegal Immigrants
"It's easy to be against something. But now we are stating really clearly what we want. And what we want is legalization for the millions of undocumented residents and workers in this country,"
Sen Durbin Reid Calls for Senate to Address Concerns of American People ... - U.S. Newswire
"I understand that Senator Durbin has a bill in committee that would provide small businesses with the same kind of options Senators have. Why don’t we bring this bill to the Floor as well?"
Legislating Integrity - Scientific American
"The provision, inserted by Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois, represents a tiny victory for critics of the Bush administration, who have become increasingly angry about what they see as the White House's misuse and abuse of science. They charge that the federal government widely dismisses or ignores scientific evidence or even, as one detractor puts it, manufactures uncertainty when the evidence challenges administration positions."
Investigation of Potential Gas Price Gouging
“Anyone who is trying to take advantage of this situation while American families are forced into making tough choices over whether to fill up their cars or severely cut back their budgets should be investigated and prosecuted."
Congress Poised to Kill Community TV - The Nation
"With the backing of House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and in exchange for some likely Tom DeLay-style quid pro quo that will give the GOP lots of "Baby Bell" campaign cash, legislation is being rushed through Congress. Local oversight is to be replaced by a "national franchise" that will permit the most powerful communications giants in the Internet era--large cable and phone companies--to operate without regard for local concerns."
The Diddly Awards - Mother Jones - San Francisco,CA
"Josh Hastert, who used to own a record store called Seven Dead Arson—a career path he attributed to the band KISS. He was hired by lobby shop Podesta Mattoon, which promises Josh will not lobby his father, Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.)."
$10 million in state stem cell research grants
“This is the first time Illinois is awarding state funded grants for stem cell research and that makes today an important day for our state.  The promise of stem cell research is unlimited.  We need to do everything we can to help our scientists and researchers make the most of it,”
23 Apr Ethics reform in name only - Birmingham News - Birmingham,AL
"Still, don't expect dramatic changes in the culture of corruption. House members, like their Senate counterparts, don't like the idea of an independent ethics office conducting investigations, and both House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., are among the leaders of the effort to keep outsiders from looking in."
Living in the shadows - Aurora Beacon News - Aurora,IL
"We want to remind (U.S. House Speaker Dennis) Hastert that we need his help to get comprehensive immigration reform," Gomez said.
22 Apr John F. Duriavich
"Whenever I get stressed out, I just think about my dad and I don't feel so bad," said his son David. "He survived a lifetime of pressures, of people depending on him for one thing or another, and he never let them down."
“New interest rates on student loans could make the price of a higher education unaffordable and cost students the opportunity to get a college education.”
US Senator Dick Durbin Questions Testimony of Justice Department ... - - Salem,IL
"U-S Senator Dick Durbin says the Justice Department should investigate one of its employees who testified at former Governor George Ryan's corruption trial. Durbin says it's troubling that former U-S Attorney for southern Illinois Ed McNally testified for Ryan's defense and somehow produced a written conversation that may have been illegally taped."
Sen. Obama Time to "Follow the Money"
"Coburn and Obama introduced earlier this month S. 2590, the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act. Their bill would establish an Office of Management and Budget website, listing all entities receiving Federal grants and contracts. Grants and contracts would be posted within a month of award. The recipient’s location, the dollar amount of its grant or contract, and previous grants and contracts would be readily accessible on the database."
TGIF edition...
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John


"The bill is aimed at setting stricter and more transparent guidelines on the use of eminent domain and ensuring property owners are fairly reimbursed for relocation and legal expenses."
DuPage sued over dump
"The vinyl chloride contamination affects about 80 homes with more than 150 residents in unincorporated DuPage southwest of the Mallard Lake Forest Preserve, site of a 534-acre landfill in Hanover Park, according to the potentially multimillion-dollar suit, which seeks class-action status."
Sen. Obama Keep tax returns private - Petoskey News-Review - Petoskey,MI
"Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., and other members of Congress have introduced bills that would ban the sale of tax return information to other companies. We stand with the senator, and say the whole of Congress must do the same."
Bush Explains Tunnell's Resignation - Orlando Sentinel - Orlando,FL
"Tunnell, a one-time Orange County sheriff’s deputy, dubbed Jackson "Jesse James" and called Obama "Osama bin Laden," during an agency heads meeting earlier this week.  Bush said Friday that during a meeting at the Governor’s Mansion, Tunnell offered to resign.  "His departure, I think, was the right thing to do," Bush said."
Hastert and Frist to ask Bush to probe possible oil-industry - Chicago Tribune
"One reason that Hastert is so disappointed is because he personally met with the heads of three oil and gas companies last winter to express his concern about rising prices."
"Due to unforeseen circumstances, West DuPage Community Resource Center's Cinco de Mayo Celebration that was scheduled for May 7, 2006 has been postponed. "
West Chicago
Fuesting is WC's new alderman for the 7th ward
"Fuesting is familiar with the community, Fortner said. Prior to living in the Cornerstone Lakes subdivision, he was a resident of Winfield. He and his wife, Laura, and their 8-year-old son, Matthew, have lived in Cornerstone Lakes for six years."
West Chicago police have new plan to battle graffiti
"The West Chicago Police Department has a new program for controlling graffiti in the community. The "Spray and Pay Reward Program," will give up to $200 to citizens for information leading to the arrest and conviction of graffiti vandals."
Singing in the Rain WC Chamber's fashion show benefits local charity
"It was a fun event. But best of all, we were able to donate almost $1,000 to the Humanitarian Service Project," Manna said.
West Chicago puts a moritorium on banks|
"Banks do not generate sales tax dollars" at key commercial intersections. Another perspective to consider is that if a bank does not make and closes its doors, the structure itself is difficult to retrofit into another business,"
Suburbanites sue over contaminated water
"The plaintiffs seek to be compensated for the cost of hooking up to "a permanent and safe domestic water supply," said attorney Shawn Collins, whose Naperville firm represents the families. He added that the proposed hookup likely would be to a public system that supplies Lake Michigan water. He estimated the cost would be about $50,000 per household, or $4 million total for the 80 homes."
Residents sue over vinyl chloride in groundwater
"According to Shawn Collins, attorney for the Cannatas, the same chemicals found in the drinking water are found in the landfill and not anywhere else in the area. The groundwater moves in a direction from the landfill toward the homes affected by the contamination, he said. "
Illionois Senators 2 senators ask feds to probe one of own - Chicago Tribune
"U.S. Senators Richard Durbin and Barack Obama have asked the Bush Justice Department to investigate federal prosecutor Ed McNally, until recently the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Illinois, for circumstances surrounding his testimony on behalf of convicted former Republican Gov. George Ryan."
Sen Durbin Durbin: Reverse raid on aid - Joliet Herald News - Joliet,IL
"Ask all of them to contact their congressman and their senator and ask them: 'How did you vote when it came to an increase of cost in student loans, and will you support legislation to change it and are you up for re-election'?"
Sen. Obama Senator says no military solution for Iraq War - The University of Hawaii Kaleo - HI
""There is no military solution for Iraq, but there is a political solution," he said.  An opponent to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Obama said an ideal situation would be to have a functional government there and a significant U.S. troop pullout by the end of the year. He said that likely it will not happen soon because no exit strategy has been set. "
Legislation Protecting Dignity of Military Funerals
“I have cosponsored this legislation because the brave men and women of our military who have given their lives in service to our country deserve to be buried peacefully and with dignity. "
Cocco: Why Congress won't get its act together - Salem Statesman Journal - Salem,OR
"The most egregious recent example of this legislative legerdemain came in December, when House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist quietly inserted a 40-page section into the defense spending bill. It shielded the pharmaceutical industry from lawsuits involving vaccines that sicken or kill patients. Lawmakers first learned of the drug-industry protections around midnight. The must-pass defense measure cleared the House about 5 a.m."
2006 Student Historians of the Year
“These bright and talented students dug in to Illinois history and produced thoughtful and insightful essays,” said Gov. Blagojevich.  “Hopefully their work will give other Illinois students a better appreciation of our state’s rich heritage.”
Flap over pet projects roils GOP - The Christian Science Monitor
"There's never been a single earmark anywhere near $700 million," says Ronald Utt, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank in Washington. Tuesday he released a report, "Deadly Sin: Larding up Emergency Appropriations," which details the CSX freight line relocation plan. "That's more than twice the size of the [$223 million] bridge to nowhere."
19 Apr WegoWeb Ask your kids how they celebrated 420
Tomorrow at 4:20 (on 4/20/2006) many youngsters will smoke marijuana.  Check out Urban Legends Reference Pages: Language (420)
Cable Com
Channel 17


Channel 17 posts revised schedule.
"Due to the length of Monday's (4/17/06) City Council meeting, our schedule has changed. There will be no other program shown after after the meeting's broadcast on Wednesday night. Also, Friday's broadcast of the meeting begins at 8PM instead of the usual 9pm start time. Thank you for watching Channel 17."
John Kruser
[Citizens from unincorporated WC along Rt 59 showed up to oppose commercial development south of Hawthorne on Rt 59. - Lemon]
Mid-week edition...
Former House GOP candidate to fill W. Chicago council seat
“I’ve worked with all of the aldermen on one occasion or another,” he said. “I couldn’t be around a more professional group.”
Tenant found to fill Dominick’s
“This is going to be the engine to bring life back into a shopping center that has been dormant,” said Alderman Mike Kwasman, whose ward includes the redevelopment. “It’s a win-win for the city and leaves our liability at very little.”
Two suspects charged in thefts at schools
"Police have arrested two St. Charles men suspected in the theft of nearly $65,000 in computers, digital cameras and other items from three District 303 schools in the last three weeks."
Library to sponsor storyteller’s British tea
"Storyteller Patrice Beal", "homemade, authentic Mexican lunch", "Run for Education"
Sen Durbin LA SALLE COUNTY: Senator stops in county - - Ottawa,IL
"Durbin promised the officials he would take quick action by making phone calls to resolve the problems, one of which was to be a call to State Rep. Frank Mautino, D-Spring Valley.  "The priority is to clean up these properties," Durbin said after the meeting."
Durbin tours area around Braidwood nuclear plant -
"I think we have a responsibility. If we regulate this industry it has to be, not just so we have electricity at the end of the day, but so the people who live near these power plants are safe," said Durbin.
Sen. Obama The Evil of Earmarks and Some Congressional Courage - American Daily - Stow,OH
"THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS in an April 2nd editorial noted that the amendment by Coburn and Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) to open up earmarks to true public scrutiny was thwarted by Senator Trent Lott (R-MS), who claimed it lacked relevancy to ethics legislation."
Senator Obama fields area students' questions - Pioneer Press Online - Glenview,IL
"After being introduced by Village President Paul Gattuso, Obama told of why he holds meetings all over the state.  "It's a way to stay in close touch with all of you," he said. "Some of the best ideas I get come from residents across the state."
Profiles in Courage--Not! - U.S. News & World Report
"Suddenly, with American public opinion evident, some sanity seemed to be settling in on the two top GOP leaders last week--Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and House Speaker Dennis Hastert--who said they would not pass legislation that criminalized illegal immigrants now living here. Good start, but not enough. And maybe too late for the Republican Party."
Let's have an honest debate - San Francisco Chronicle
"You can support converting unauthorized presence in the United States from a civil violation to a criminal offense -- an idea that was recently squashed by House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist -- without saying it should be a felony rather than a misdemeanor."


Bicentennial Commission to plan for Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday
“Abraham Lincoln’s humility, perseverance and loyalty to the Union enabled him to guide our country through one of its most turbulent periods in history.  While our entire nation recognizes his contributions to our democracy, Illinois can claim him as one of its own home-grown heroes,”
18 Apr West Chicago
High School


"WE-GO 2 Africa’s mission statement is to "provide the people of rural Angola an opportunity for a better life through education that will address literacy and healthcare issues, as well as provide an atmosphere for their democracy to thrive."
West Chicago fails to reassure residents about word change
"A vocal group of more than 65 people showed up at the meeting to fight a designation change from residential to commercial for the southwest corner of Hawthorne Lane and Route 59, where single-family homes now sit on wooded lots of several acres."
Local GOP looks to turn the page
"But Wiggins said he is concerned the party might not be able to shake the case through the fall, as Ryan's motions to set aside the verdict and possible appeals continue. In that sense, he said if Ryan had been found innocent, the case would really have been over."
Fast to strike at archfoes
"On Monday, the company led journalists on a tour of its West Chicago factory where McDonald's makes hamburger patties. It normally is closed to outsiders."
Sen Durbin Chicago has hot political summer ahead - Chicago Maroon - Chicago,IL
"It is the second largest county in the state, with a population that is much younger, more diverse, and more transient than in previous decades. Successful Democratic politicians such as Secretary of State Jesse White and U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, U.S. Senator, both put a significant amount of effort into this district on their inaugural campaigns and are still reaping the benefits."
Durbin: Fight increase in student loan interest rates - WHOI - Peoria,IL
"Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is fighting back against big cuts in federal college education funding.  Congress cut $12 billion out of federal student aid programs."
Sen. Obama US Senator Wants Bush To Review Relations With Nigeria - Nigeria Daily Independent - Ikeja,Lagos,Nigeria
"Senator  Barack Obama, the influential son of a Kenyan father who sits  on the Africa Subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,  urged the George Bush administration to review its relations with Nigeria  in the hope of forcing Abuja to embrace democratic tenets."
Is Congressional Record for sale? - Scripps Howard News Service - Washington,DC
"On three occasions, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., has honored donors in the record. He received more than $8,500 from them."
Speaker Hastert Congratulates U.S. Trade Rep. Rob Portman
“Republicans in Congress look forward to continuing to work closely with him to strengthen the growing economy, keep a tight reign on federal spending, and reform entitlement programs."
GOP feels the pain of its own tight grasp - Boston Globe
"After the GOP lost seats in 1998, Republicans ousted Gingrich from power: The lesson taken by the new leaders under Speaker J. Dennis Hastert was to maintain Gingrich's tight control -- and strengthen it with further rule changes -- while avoiding egotistical excesses."
"Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the cornerstone of the Illinois economy and critical to creating more good jobs, so it’s essential that we provide high-growth entrepreneurs with the resources they need to grow and flourish."
All Kids partnership
"Having health insurance means parents can take their children to the doctor for regular checkups.  It means having prescription drug coverage.  It means being able to afford necessities like eyeglasses and asthma inhalers.  That’s why we created All Kids,”
17 Apr West Chicago
High School
Wildcat Pre-School May 2 through May 25, 2006
"A few highlights of the evening include a mock wedding, a fashion show, homemade goodies, and a singing performance by the Wildcat pre-schoolers. "
Wildcat Pre-School May 2 through May 25, 2006
"Classes will be held from 9:45 to 10:40 a.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and from 9:35 to 10:50 a.m. on Thursdays."
City of West Chicago


West Chicago Media Update 4-17-06
City Council Update, April 17 Meeting 7:00 p.m., Chicago White Sox World Championship Trophy at City Hall, West Chicago Heritage Days – Talent Show Auditions, 7th Annual Blooming   Fest Downtown Garden Festival
Wayne Township Republican Organization LOCAL GOP ELECTS NEW OFFICERS
"Voters in Wayne Township elected Republican Precinct Committeemen at the March 21st primary election. These elected representative comprise the Wayne Township Republican Organization (WTRO) and met April 13th to choose party officers."
Sen Durbin


Bill introduced to cut student loan rates - PSU Daily Vanguard - Portland,OR
"U.S. Congressman George Miller (D-CA) and U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) wrote the Reverse the Raid on Student Aid Act in response to the cuts that many termed the “Raid on Student Aid.” This bill would reduce interest rates on subsidized loans from 6.8 percent to 3.4 percent and on parent loans from 8.5 to 4.25 percent beginning July 2006."
Time Magazine Names Colo. Senator Allard Among Nation's 5 Worst - - Denver,CO
"The top 10 list includes Senators John McCain of Arizona, Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, Jon Kyl of Arizona, Carl Levin of Michigan, Richard Lugar of Indiana, Thad Cochran of Mississippi, Olympia Snowe of Maine, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, Richard Durbin of Illinois and Kent Conrad of North Dakota."
Sen. Obama Obama discusses state, national issues in Carbondale meeting - CARBONDALE SOUTHERN ILLINOISAN
"The Democratic senator provided a packed audience in the Lesar Law Building auditorium with a brief update on his doings in Washington, D.C., noting it was a relief to come to Illinois for town hall meetings for inoculation from what he called "Beltway fever.""
Trying to put gold earrings on anti-immigration porker - Houston Chronicle
"As that enormity finally dawned (the day after another round of protests across the country) on at least House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, the two top Republican congressional leaders jumped in the nearest lifeboat and rowed away from the disaster at warp speed. Not a felony, not a felony, not a felony, the Hastert-Frist statement insisted."
Still standing - Brownsville Herald - TX
"The thoughtful legislation being sponsored by senators McCain and Specter — along with the energy provided by the demonstrations — is already providing results. Last week, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and House Speaker Dennis Hastert announced that they would no longer support the Sensenbrenner-Tancredo provision that makes illegal immigration a felony."
16 Apr Plumbing repairs lead to fire in home
"Firefighters cut through the roof to extinguish the fire. Damage to the roof, wall and attic were estimated at $50,000."
2 die, 1 hurt as car slams into tree in Kane County
"Shearer, who worked the late shift at a boxmaking company in DeKalb, was engaged to Walker's sister Marlene, said his sister, Dawn Keding of West Chicago."
White House changes Easter Egg Roll admit process; LGBT families 'moved from front of the line' - Page One
"In years past, with the exact same arrangement of invited guests, those that spent all night outside for tickets were given tickets to the event's opening times. When was the decision made, and by whom, to exclude those families from the opening ceremonies? This is the first time that no early tickets were distributed to those that waited the longest. Do you know why?"
[Sounds to me like Bu$h conspired to move the gays to the back of the bus... or did he just chose to leave their children behind? - Bob]
15 Apr It's birthing season for Fermilab's bison herd
"The mothers have given birth to 10 calves since late March, one as recent as this week, in secluded pasture away from the herd, where they now care for their young. Wobbly but staying afoot, the cinnamon-colored calves reach into their mothers to nurse. The mothers are attentive in bathing their babies."
Sen. Obama Obama discusses state, national issues in Carbondale meeting - The Southern - Carbondale,IL
"U.S. Sen. Barack Obama fielded the usual questions - health care, gas prices, the Iraq war and education - during a town hall meeting at Southern Illinois University Carbondale Friday.  It was his 47th such meeting since taking office last year."
Big bucks flow into key 6th, 8th District races - Chicago Sun-Times
"When it came to pending ethics legislation before Congress, Roskam did say he would back whatever proposals House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) wanted.  Duckworth spokesman Billy Weinberg seized on that Friday, saying in a release, "In a Chicago Sun-Times column about the race, he gave his proxy on ethics reform to House Speaker Dennis Hastert."
Cities could lose if cable bills pass - Napa Valley Register - Napa,CA
"The other, sponsored by Sen. Joe Barton, R-Texas, and House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois, would grant the FCC authority to grant licenses. Language in that bill calls for cable companies to continue to support public television, but would save the so-called Bell companies from needing to get municipal licenses."
Thursday night news...
Uncertain year looms for Dist. 94 after cuts
“Yes, we’re spending more than we’re taking in,” said teachers union President Barb Laimins, noting no administrator positions were cut. “But the district is not bankrupt. We have to remember that.”
Townships put Iraq war on fall ballot
"Shall the United States Government immediately begin an orderly and rapid withdrawal of all of its military personnel from Iraq, beginning with the National Guard and Reserves?"
Iraq withdrawal question could be put to voters - Dekalb Daily Chronicle - Dekalb,IL,
"... added that he plans to help organize public forums and debates on the DeKalb Township ballot question, hopefully with US House Speaker Dennis Hastert and his ..."
[I don't know the circumstances of its removal or movement, but this article is now going 404. - Bob]
Hastert could remove Lewis - Town Hall - Washington,DC
"It is time for House Leadership to roll Jerry Lewis after the Easter recess. Boehner may owe his position to chairman like Lewis, but Speaker Hastert most assuredly does not. The Speaker has 5 votes on the Steering Committee, the GOP body that decides who chairs and who serves on what Committee. Boehner has two votes, and the rest of the 28-man Committee have one vote a piece. Most of the other Steering Members vote with the Speaker. It is time to put Lewis and all the other subcommittee cardinals on notice. Change the way the you do business, change the earmark process to be more accountable, and change your hardball tactics—or be removed."
Illinois’ coal mine industry record 3rd consecutive year without a fatality
“Thousands of men and women go to work in the mines every day.  They work in dangerous and unpredictable conditions.  Fortunately, for three straight years, things have been safe."
new Veteran Service Officers have helped thousands of additional veterans in first quarter of 2006
“Our veterans put their lives on the line to defend our freedom.  They deserve every state and federal benefit and service available. The federal government has been short-changing Illinois’ veterans for years.  That’s why we’re expanding services at the state level, so veterans get the help they need,”
13 Apr West Chicago
WC City Council to review master plan on April 17
"The proposed amendment changes to the Comprehensive Plan will be voted upon by the full council at its April 17 meeting."
Fermilab must get new permits after radiation release
"After low-level releases in November and December, the lab must now revise its hazardous waste management permit to include tritium, which is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen."
West Chicago churches prepare for Holy Week
"...a schedule of activities and services to be held in West Chicago churches from Good Friday, April 14 through Easter Sunday, April 16."
We Grow Dreams 5K set to run Saturday, May 20
"If you haven't heard about We Grow Dreams, it's run by the non-profit We Grow Dreams, Inc. and provides employment opportunities and job training for disabled young adults."
Sen Peter Roskam Week in Review: April 10-14
"The General Assembly has missed its scheduled April 7 deadline, and now days after the scheduled Spring Session adjournment date, the State of Illinois is without a final budget bill and without a foreseeable date of adjournment, according to State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton)."
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
Senior citizens to keep assessment freeze benefits
"House Bill 4789 restores the Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption to ensure that seniors will be able to claim the exemption when they pay their property taxes this year."
Sen Durbin Justice Detained: The So-Called Compromise Bills - - Austin,TX
"Currently about 215 immigration judges hear approximately 300,00 removal cases per year. See Letter from Hon. Richard Posner to Hon. Richard Durbin (March 15, 2006). This caseload makes it virtually impossible for immigration judges to avoid frequent errors in deportation orders."
Sen. Durbin places hold on ambassadorship for official over role ... - WQAD - Moline,IL
"In a letter to President Bush, Durbin says it was premature to place McCallum in a new position of trust as long as the Justice Department is conducting an ethics inquiry into the handling of the tobacco case."
Sen. Obama


'It was just magical' - NAPERVILLE SUN
"Then on March 16 they received a $64,342 check in the mail from the Social Security Administration.  "It was just out of the sky," Joseph said. "We were overjoyed. God had smiled on us -- and (so had) Sen. Obama.""
Obama to address graduates - Daily Northwestern - Evanston,IL
“He’s someone who is familiar to many people here and has been extremely articulate and effective as a senator for Illinois,” Cubbage said. “He’s a rising star, an extremely good speaker.”
GOP Leaders Abandon 'The Rule of Law' - ChronWatch - Alamo,CA
"Besides engaging in sheer political stupidity, Frist and Hastert are also guilty of treason by abdicating their sworn oaths to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution.  Treason is still a felony, right?  Or have Frist and Hastert managed to subvert that law as well?"
US cuts down embassy operations in Nepal - - New Delhi,India
"The State Department said safety concerns also forced the cancellation of a planned visit by the US House of Representatives Speaker Dennis Hastert and a seven-member delegation to Nepal on Wednesday."
[The Nepalese Police opened fire on a demonstration by lawyers... which should not scare Denny.  He has been near Dick Cheney on numerous occasions. - Bob]
12 Apr W. Chicago cuts teachers, coaches
"After the vote, teachers hugged and cried. Anger and disappointment also prevailed among union members.  “It’s ridiculous,” said Barb Laimins, union president. “It’s a sad day for West Chicago.”"
“Giving Medicare the right to negotiate on behalf of seniors is old-fashioned free market economics: if one buys in bulk, the price will come down,” Durbin said. “Until the President reverses his position and Congress gives Medicare the authority to bargain on behalf of seniors, the current drug plan will continue to be a financial boon to insurance companies and a bad deal for seniors.”
“This is an alarming report. It shows that we face a global health crisis with profound consequences,”
Joint Statement on Border Security Bill
“In December, the House of Representatives passed a strong border security bill aimed at securing our borders and preventing illegal immigration.  
Republicans Planning Major Changes To Immigration Bill - The Moderate Voice - USA
"Hastert and Frist blamed the fact that the bill was so tough in these areas on....get ready for the surprise...Democrats:  They said an effort had been made earlier to change the bill to make "unlawful presence" a misdemeanor, but it was rejected mostly by Democrats in the Republican-led House."
legislation preventing condo boards from interfering with religious practices
"The legislation was prompted by several cases in Chicago where co-op boards and condo associations have attempted to pass rules that would ban the display of religious symbols in hallways."
Board of Education meeting synopsis and more...
April - May, 2006
"Open House honoring those 80 and Better, Dog Park Pass Renewal, Get Your Season Passes for the Best Place in Town., Season Pass Holder Appreciation Night, Reiman Publications, History of Lincoln Tour – Springfield, IL"
Rep.Randy Ramey Ramey Identity Theft Prevention Bill Sent to Governor
“I’m urging the Governor to sign this legislation because it restricts state employees from criminally tampering with citizen personal, private information,” Ramey said. “We’re taking a proactive step in fighting the war on identity theft.”
W. Chicago update ready for final vote
"“It puts on notice any current or future property owners any particular vision the city has for those areas,” said Pat Bond, city attorney."
Public pleas can’t save Collins indoor pool from permanently closing
"Programming at Collins has since shifted to West Chicago High School, and parks officials are working with the nearby Bartlett Park District to allow Carol Stream residents to use Bartlett’s aquatic center at resident rates."
Comments sought for long-term plan
"We are currently at the crossroads. The county is now built out, for all intents and purposes," said James Healy,  ... The following is a list of upcoming meetings: April 18 in Wayne Township Hall, 27W031 North Ave., West Chicago;
Sen Durbin Moustis to NRC: Shut Braidwood until station safe - Morris Daily Herald - Morris,IL
“I am renewing my call for the NRC to investigate this public health threat as quickly as possible,”
Sen. Obama Obama is right to take Bush to task on energy policy - DAILY SOUTHTOWN
"President Bush promised in this year's State of the Union speech to enact policies that would wean America from its "addiction to oil."  Skeptics said it was just a speech, that Bush had made similar promises in the past but never followed through. Once again, it appears the skeptics were right."
Rotary Club hopes to line up Obama for talk - Daily Mail - Charleston - Charleston,WV
"Senator Obama looks forward to visiting West Virginia in the near future to support his colleague, Sen. Byrd, but is unable to be there on June 2,"
Senator Hillary Clinton Criticism of America's Surging Economic Growth
“House Republicans understand that making the tax cuts permanent will continue to create new and better jobs."
Clinton Describes `Troubling Issues' in Economy - Bloomberg
"In an interview previewing a major speech she will give tomorrow at the Chicago Economic Club, Clinton cited ``skyrocketing'' health care costs, widening federal budget and trade deficits and the disappearance of middle-income jobs."
Speaker Hastert Commends NAACP
"“I would like to commend the NAACP for supporting the effort to get seniors enrolled in the new Prescription Drug Program before the May 15th deadline. "
As activists rally, priests show support by fasting - Chicago Tribune
"Rev. Larry Dowling, pastor of St. Denis Church in Chicago, said the idea for a fast among local priests arose out of the tradition of fasting during Lent. The idea picked up more steam last week after protests were held outside U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office in Batavia. When a spokesman for Hastert, a Republican, said he was unable to meet with them, the priests said they would fast until a meeting was scheduled."
Conservative Lawmaker Hopes Hastert Will Act to Block Amnesty ... - Agape Press - Tupelo,MS
"Representative J.D. Hayworth, a member of the House Immigration Reform Caucus, is pleased that so far, at least, the Senate has failed to pass a bill that would offer amnesty to thousands of illegal aliens. If such a bill is passed, he says he intends to encourage Speaker Hastert to block it by simply not calling for conferees to iron out a final bill with the Senate in a conference committee."
Republicans, progressive watchdog ask Democrat to step down from House Ethics Committee
"Working with fellow West Virginian Sen. Robert Byrd, Mr. Mollohan has steered at least $178 million to nonprofit groups in his district over the past five years using "earmarks" -- special-interest provisions that are slipped into spending bills to direct money to pet projects.""
[Mollohan appears to be linked with the same guys as Duke Cunningham, the convicted Republican rep.  One Dem, dozens of Republicans... I hope they all go down, including Denny Hastert's latest "ethics czar" Boehner, best known for passing out checks on the floor of the House. - Bob]
10 Apr West Chicago
High School
Community High School Summer School
"Community High School District 94 will offer summer school from June 12 through July 25, 2006."
"Socially aware, intelligent, and ambitious, best describe Amanda Bass who, if she could have any job in the world, desires a career in civil rights law."
CHS Booster Club Plant Sale May 6th – May 14th
"The Barn Owl will donate ten percent of purchases made between May 6th and May 14th to the Wildcat Booster Club when the purchaser presents a Wildcat Booster Coupon. "
Sen Durbin THIS AND THAT FROM HERE AND THERE - Decatur Tribune - Decatur,IL,
"SENATOR Dick Durbin called Monday to make sure there wasn’t major damage from the storm in Decatur. Kathy Harrington from Sen. Barrack Obama’s office also called for the same reason. The calls were appreciated."
Sen. Obama Poor Design of Built Environment Linked to Sick Kids - Environment News Service
"U.S. Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and Congresswoman Hilda Solis of California, both Democrats, introduced a bill in Congress to address the built environment’s health effects, such as diabetes, obesity and asthma, on the nation’s children. Among other measures, the legislation would provide additional support for research on the relationship between the built environment and health, as recommended by two Institute of Medicine reports."
Radio Actualities Available for Medicare and the Economy
[Rather than the normal text of the press release, his site directs the reader to the following MP3 audio clip... pretty technolologically hip for a  guy who updates his Blog every 3 months. - Bob}
Speaker Hastert Urges Enrollment in Medicare Prescription Drug Program - 4/7/2006
Campaign 2006 - The Issue of "Rot at the Top" - OpEdNews
"However, despite the public outcry, and the proposed reforms, the House and Senate ethics committees are quiescent. “The House committee is only barely functioning and has yet to launch a single investigation.” The House Republican leadership, Speaker Dennis Hastert and Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier recently introduced their own “reform proposal” ."
"We are also putting science to work in Illinois by taking discoveries and turning them into new companies, marketable products and high-paying, high-tech Illinois jobs.  Our state has been recognized as a national leader in this emerging science, and BIO 2006 is going to help us achieve things we haven’t even thought of yet."
08&09 Apr
Sen Peter Roskam


Senate Republican Week in Review: April 3 – 7
"Although lawmakers failed to finish legislative business by the scheduled April 7th adjournment date, the General Assembly was busy this week debating a $4.3 billion capital borrowing proposal, passing over 100 bills, and addressing a wide range of state issues, from Illinois’ sluggish job growth to the state’s veterans grant program."
Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Com Schedule Posted
Have you lever checked out our IL Senator Millner's program on Cable Com... designed to keep YOU up to date on what the legislature is doing for YOU?
Fermilab future remains unclear
"U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman gave a pep talk to Fermilab physicists Friday morning but could offer little new information on the potential for a new particle accelerator that is the lab's best hope of remaining at the forefront of science."
Endangered whooping cranes spotted in west suburban park
"The 14 whooping cranes, which hatched last year from captive parents, stopped for two nights at the East Branch Forest Preserve near Glendale Heights, west of Chicago, park officials said.  "It's a possibility they could stop in again," said Scott Meister, an animal ecologist for the DuPage County Forest Preserve District. "
Sen Durbin Someone please send Kay Bailey Hutchinson a Thesaurus! - News Hounds - Newport Beach,CA
"Gibson used the infamous "some say" ploy, and this time they're saying that these demonstrations signify a demand that we make laws that they would approve of - is that an unfair characterization? Durbin thinks it is, and says that as he spoke with people in Chicago he saw that all they want is the same chance that his mother had."
Sen. Durbin, Gov. Richardson to Hold Media Conference Call on ... - U.S. Newswire
"U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Governor Bill Richardson (D-N.M.) will hold a conference call with members of the media on the bi-partisan immigration reform legislation pending before the Senate."
Sen. Obama Tax Returns - Confidentiality, Not An Open Door - Accuracy In Media
"Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) criticized the proposed change in a letter to IRS Commissioner Mark Everson. Obama has introduced S. 2484, the Protecting Taxpayer Privacy Act, which would prevent the disclosure of personal tax information to credit-card companies, mortgage companies, insurance companies or database marketers that have no direct affiliation with the tax-preparer or the company that employs the tax-preparer."
Nuke deal has good support in Congress: US - Hindustan Times - India
"n this context, Mc Clellan also mentioned how the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Senator Joseph Biden and Senator Barack Obama (Democra, Illinois) and others have expressed willingness to "support this agreement, because they recognise the importance of moving forward on it to both our energy and national security interests.""
House GOP leaders pull plug on budget plan -
"House conservatives and appropriators remained apart on proposed earmark restrictions, which are not even in the budget but part of a separate lobbying overhaul package. Appropriators also chafed at the budget's proposed limitation on emergency disaster spending, another conservative demand. "We're not there yet on reform," said Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill."
Robert D. Novak: Torpedoing taxes, spanking Karen Hughes - The Union Leader - Manchester,NH
"SEN. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, on Thursday personally torpedoed Speaker Dennis Hastert’s attempt to get a tax cut extension bill through the House before the Easter recess began this weekend."
Frustration over issue filters down to Joliet - Joliet Herald News - Joliet,IL
"They gave the speaker's representatives 100,000 cards voicing opposition to the Sensenbrenner bill and supporting the compromise legislation.  "It was totally draconian," Lescher said of Sensenbrenner's legislation."
Kaptur weighs Congressional investigation of Noe - Toledo Blade - Toledo,OH
"E-mails obtained by The Blade from the Treasury Department through a Freedom of Information Act request show that House Speaker Dennis Hastert, an Illinois Republican, officially recommended Mr. Noe to Treasury Secretary John Snow for an appointment on the committee, and that the White House pushed for his selection."
Rainville pockets checks from GOP leader tied to ethics scandals - Vermont Guardian - Winooski,VT
"On top of the $10,000 from Blunt’s PAC, Rainville has also received thousands of dollars from House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-IL and newly-elected House Majority Leader John Boehner, R-OH, Rice told the Guardian."
Analysis | Squabbles, short days: That's Congress - Seattle Times
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., operates under a political rule that he'll bring legislation to the floor only if it has the support of a "majority of the majority," even if that means ignoring legislation that has broad bipartisan support."
07 Apr Rep.Randy Ramey Ramey’s Bill to Track Sex Offenders by Satellite Sent to Governor
“We’re always seeking ways to improve the system and this is a key initiative to keep registered sex offenders away from our daycare centers, schools, and other places they are forbidden from being near.”
West Chicago American Legion Post 300 52nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt
"All the children of the community eight years old and younger are invited to participate in this event at no charge. Several of the eggs will contain special surprises."
Late Thursday night potpourri...
1,000-teen MARCH
"For those who doubt how well teenagers can mobilize — more than 1,000 Aurora students, according to both police and school estimates, cut class for the rally Thursday morning.  Waving American flags and signs with handwritten statements like "We are not criminals," the students protested proposed legislation that would tighten borders and punish illegal immigrants and those who help them."
Sen. Obama Bill Requiring Public Disclosure of All Recipients of Federal Funding
"This bill would require the Office of Management and Budget to establish and maintain a single public Web site that lists all entities receiving federal funds, including the name of each entity, the amount of federal funds the entity has received annually by program, and the location of the entity. All federal assistance must be posted within 30 days of such funding being awarded to an organization."
Obama Helps Naperville Constituent Obtain $64,342 Social Security Back-pay
"We couldn't have done it without Senator Obama's help. We were going down the tubes fast and had no where else to turn. His office responded right away and helped us. We were losing our house, now we have a chance. I'm very appreciative to his office. It was a huge help."
Bipartisan Congressional Delegation Trip to India and Southeast Asia
"The delegation will discuss the recent initiatives between the two countries, including the importance of civil nuclear cooperation initiatives in strengthening the international nonproliferation system."
Latest Round of Job Growth
"House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) released the following statement in response to the Labor Department’s report on Friday showing that 211,000 jobs were created in March and unemployment fell to 4.7 percent."
Lincoln Academy Laureates
“These six people make all of Illinois proud.  They are Pulitzer Prize winners, medical pioneers, community activists, financial experts and world-renowned artists.  They now join the ranks of other famous Illinoisans, including Ronald Reagan, Walter Payton and Roger Ebert,”
36th annual mock press conference with elementary students
"First Lady Patti Blagojevich today hosted a mock press conference for 4th grade students from Harristown Elementary School at the Executive Mansion.  This marks the 36th anniversary of the event, started by Jeff Deremiah, a retired language arts teacher at Harristown Elementary."
Special Education Parents Group meeting tonight...
Pioneer Elementary students learn from tragedy
"“We decided we wanted to do something to educate our students to ensure this will never happen again,” said Kathy Grogan, one of three Pioneer teachers who worked with the student council to get the project rolling."
Kids, priests push for immigrants
"I work with kids, many of whom are undocumented," she told about 100 people, including about 15 priests, pushing for immigration reform in a march in front of Hastert's office in downtown Batavia. "They want to continue their dream, to get their education, to become doctors, lawyers."
Aurora students to march on downtown
"I think about it as a field trip," said West Aurora High School sophomore Jose Garcia, 16, who said he has been involved in planning the demonstration. "It's educational. We're trying to encourage kids to take action and to care about things that actually matter."
West Chicago
Donna Abruzzo steps down as Ward 7 alderman
"I believe I can no longer give the position the time and effort that is necessary to shoulder the responsibilities of the office and, at the same time, care for the necessities of my family. I thank all my friends and neighbors who gave me the opportunity and honor to serve them on City Council. I am sorry events will not allow me to finish the term."
WC's Herbert Anderson receives water award
"The Water Environment Federation, the premier organization for environmental professionals worldwide, recently presented the prestigious Arthur Sidney Bedell award to Herbert Anderson, City of West Chicago's wastewater supervisor. Anderson's volunteer contribution to the Illinois Water Environment Association resulted in the acknowledgment of extraordinary personal service to a member association."
West DuPage news briefs
  • "A Roadside Safety Check will be conducted by the West Chicago Police Department and the DuPage County Sheriff's Department during the month of May 2006."
  • "Representatives will be able to help you compare plans, enroll in a plan, and answer individual questions regarding Medicare Part D, Circuit Breaker, Illinois CaresRX and extra help from Social Security."
Sen Durbin


"Our Small Employers Health Benefits Program will give employees of small businesses the same kinds of health care choices Members of Congress already have, for less than they pay now, while making it affordable for owners to provide it.”
Sen. Obama Obama Calls on Energy Secretary to Let Stations Expand Access to Renewable Fuels Like E85
"It has now been eight months since this bill became law, and I am frustrated that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has yet to make the tax credit available to station owners who want to sell alternative fuels,"
House Action on Lobbying & Earmark Reforms
"With the remaining three committees expected to act later this week, we’re confident the larger reform package will be ready for House floor action once Congress returns from the Easter district work period.”
The Immigration Debate - WFIE-TV - Evansville,IN
"The House rejected a guest worker plan last fall. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, however, signaled Wednesday he'd consider one, if the deadlock can be broken in the Senate."
"The High Technology School-to-Work and the Teacher-Leader programs are preparing Illinois’ workforce of tomorrow for high-wage, high-skill jobs that require advanced technical training."
05 Apr Elementary
District 33
We-Go Run (and Walk) for Education
"District #33 Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTO's) are racing to the finish line planning We Go Run, a 5K run/walk (3.1 miles), 10K run (6.2 miles), and children's races (1-mile run ages 6 - 12 and 100 yard Kids Dash ages 8 and under). Parents and community members are encouraged to participate. "
"Summer athletic, music programs, and special Board of Education meetings..."
Fuesting’s Legislation Unanimously Passed
"When the Governor signs this bill, and it prevents the violation of even just one child, this effort will have been a success,”
No decision on firing teachers
"After nearly 2¨ hours behind closed doors Tuesday night, West Chicago Community High School officials delayed a decision on whether to fire up to 13 teachers by next fall to help plug a $1.4 million budget deficit."
W. Chicago blocks banks, loan stores
“We have to analyze the open areas we have right now,” said Alderman Mike Kwasman, who also leads the council’s development committee. “We don’t want an overabundance of banks.”
Priests to protest at Hastert's offices
"Larry Dowling, pastor of Chicago's St. Denis Church, said he will be joined by three dozen members of Priests for Justice, including some from Aurora. A handful of priests will not eat until Hastert agrees to meet with them and accept 150,000 postcards in favor of the McCain/Kennedy legislation that supports a gradual path to citizenship for immigrants who work in the United States."
"The student council at Pioneer Elementary School in West Chicago will hold a rummage sale to raise money to buy smoke detectors and batteries for area families from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday in the school's gym, 615 Kenwood Ave. in West Chicago. For more information or to make a donation, call Becky Koltz at 630-293-6000, ext. 201."
Sen Durbin


Immigration Bill Stalls in Senate - New York Times
"There were hints of a breakthrough when Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts, and Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the Democratic whip, negotiated with Senate Republicans. But after the talks, there was no immediate sign of a thaw."
The Dems' Make-or-Break Move on Immigration - TIME
"The strategy to go for all or nothing was hatched by key Democrats late Tuesday afternoon, between votes on the Senate floor. Sources say a group ... had feared that amendments planned by Republicans would transform the bill into something Democrats could not accept, by chipping away at so-called amnesty provisions that allow for legalizing some of the people who are currently in the country illegally."
Sen. Obama


Deep Rifts in US Senate Over Immigration - Voice of America
"The second provision is providing a pathway to citizenship. We have 11 to 12 million undocumented workers in the country. We want to regularize their lives."
Illinois senator hits administration's energy policy - WQAD - Moline,IL
"Senator Barack Obama (ber-AHK' oh-BAH'-muh) is accusing the Bush administration of a "stubborn refusal" to attack the causes of climate change.  The Illinois Democrat says tougher fuel standards, stricter curbs on oil imports and more investment in cleaner energy are essential to avert global catastrophe."
Editorial: Climate Change Mandates Regime Change - Berkeley Daily Planet - Berkeley,CA
"In a major policy speech on Monday, Senator Barack Obama got it right: “…there’s a reason that some have compared the quest for energy independence to the Manhattan Project or the Apollo moon landing. Like those historic efforts, moving away from an oil economy is a major challenge that will require a sustained national commitment.”
Former Hastert Aid on Why DeLay Cut and Run
"He needed to raise money for the defense fund. That was the bottom line," Feehery said. "He wanted to make sure he could take care of himself in the court of law."
Rare-coin dealer is facing a new probe - Cincinnati Post - OH
"Noe was forced to resign his position with the advisory committee about the same time, the newspaper said.  In May 2003, the White House and House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., recommended Noe for the 11-member advisory committee, the Blade reported."
Lobbying fixes from a lobbyist - Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA
"In one instance, Walker recounted, his lobby group was hired by a client but was told it had to subcontract part of the work to a firm "that had a direct relationship with a [Republican] member who was going to be essential to the process."  ... and Capitol Associates, which features many ex-staffers of House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R., Ill). "
SYSTEM OF A DOWN Members To Urge Congressional Leaders To ... - - White Plains,NY
"Congressional legislation recognizing this crime has broad bipartisan support, but has been blocked from coming to a vote by Congressional leaders, despite the fact that, five years ago, U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert promised to allow Members to vote on this human rights measure."
18 counties state disaster areas after latest round of severe storms
“As communities across the state struggle to clean up and get back to normal – some for the second time in recent weeks – the state is prepared to do its part to help.”
"Grandma" Now ID'ed as Military Flack TPM Muckraker
Ok, it's not topless Granny (but for almost empty crossing bandoliers burning her arthritic hands on the melting barrel of her M16 striking a Rambo pose in a ring of dead terrorist monsters, but she is military and she is in Iraq... and if she can find good news to report, God bless her. - Bob
04 Apr
Sen Peter Roskam House approves Roskam bill increasing the penalties for impersonating police officers
"The Illinois House Monday sent the Governor legislation addressing growing concerns about criminals illegally impersonating law enforcement officials as a means to commit crimes, according to State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton), the lead sponsor of the bill."
Door half-open for Sunday solicitors
"The compromise was suggested by Alderman Nick Dzierzanowski.  “I just wanted to make sure residents had control. The residents have to be able to say who and what and where and when people can come to their door, not the city,” he said."
“We have witnessed the genocide and have condemned it. Now, we must act to halt it before another innocent life is lost,”
"Today, Illinois farmers are a step closer to receiving the federal assistance that they so desperately need after suffering significant losses due to natural disasters,"
Sen. Obama


Leahy, Obama Secure Key Panel's OK for Much-Needed Aid for Elections and Military Reform in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
"If Africa is to achieve its promise, resolving the problems in the Congo will be critical. The country, which is the size of Western Europe, lies at the geographic heart of Africa and borders every major region across the continent. If left untended, Congo's tragedy will continue to infect Africa."
Speaker Hastert Comments on Rep. DeLay's Resignation
“Over the last 11 years, Tom DeLay has been a most effective Majority Whip and Majority Leader for our Conference, and I am sorry to see him leave the House of Representatives."
Making Sure Delay Supporters don't forget their friend and his crimes - Talking Points Memo
"That was Denny Hastert's line too. The DeLay Rule was necessary because the old system "left elected officials vulnerable to politically motivated attacks by partisan attorney's hoping to remove them from their positions of leadership.""


Gov. Blagojevich Encourages Communities Across Illinois To Nominate Outstanding Volunteer Efforts for the 25th Annual Home Town Awards
Governor Blagojevich announces IDOC staff, inmate work crews logged nearly 11,000 hours of clean up work after tornadoes and severe storms
Governor Blagojevich announces new hotline to help stop elder abuse in Illinois
03 Apr West Chicago
High School
"Fifty-five Community High School students were named Illinois State Scholars for the 2005-2006 school year. The award from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission recognizes the top 10 percent of graduating seniors in the state for their outstanding academic achievement."
CHS Seeks Nominees for Hall of Honor
"Nomination letters for the Hall of Honor should be sent to John Highland, Community High School District 94, 326 Joliet Street, West Chicago, IL 60185. "
2006 FBLA State Leadership Conference Winners
"We congratulate the FBLA students on their outstanding performance at the state conference," said CHS Principal John Highland. "We're proud of all of them,"
Public invited to comment on Fermilab hazardous waste
"Citizens may submit written comments on the proposed permit to the addresses below, during the 45-day comment period. Comments must be postmarked by midnight May 15."
Living in fear and hope
"Undocumented immigrants amount to more than 4 percent of the entire U.S. work force. About 25 percent of America's drywall installers, butchers, landscapers and dishwashers are illegal. And about one-fifth of all cement masons, laborers, farm hands, painters, roofers, cooks, maids and hand packers are undocumented, according to the Pew Hispanic Center."
Sen. Obama Energy Independence and the Safety of Our Planet
"All across the world, in every kind of environment and region known to man, increasingly dangerous weather patterns and devastating storms are abruptly putting an end to the long-running debate over whether or not climate change is real. Not only is it real, it's here, and its effects are giving rise to a frighteningly new global phenomenon: the man-made natural disaster."
Advisory post gave Noe voice in U.S. Mint policy
"Officially, House Speaker Hastert, an Illinois Republican, recommended Mr. Noe to Treasury Secretary Snow, but an e-mail from Ms. Marchessault to Kim Nickles, a treasury liaison to the White House, revealed that Mr. Noe was an “original White House recommendation,” whom she was “finally able to get on the committee through the congressional recommendations.”"
Illinois Cares Rx to avoid facing gaps in coverage
“We don’t believe that seniors should face gaps in their prescription drug coverage, and that’s why we created Illinois Cares Rx.  So far, over 240,000 senior citizens have signed up for our new program.  But for those who have not, now is a good time to enroll, so you don’t end up facing the gaps in the federal program’s coverage."
02 Apr Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Com Schedule Posted
Have you looked over the schedule lately?  Is there something else you wish Cable Com was broadcasting?  Could you be the volunteer they need to do so?
Sen Durbin Immigration fight unites Latinos - International Herald Tribune - France
"Senator Richard Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, spoke on CBS-TV of "a chasm" between the two. Sensenbrenner, without retreating, called it the toughest issue in his 37 years in office."
Immigration reform enters key stage in Senate - Financial Times - London,England,UK
"Reconciling the two versions of the legislation will not be easy, said Senator Dick Durbin, a Democratic member of the Senate judiciary committee also speaking on Face the Nation.   “There is a chasm between the House and the Senate on this,” he said. He said undocumented workers were “a major part of the American workforce”, and Congress would need to come up with “something smarter than a 700-mile fence”.
Sparks fly in migrant debate - Denver Post - Denver,CO
"You bet I'm worried about it," Tancredo said when asked whether Hastert might be wavering.  More than a dozen Republicans joined Tancredo and Beauprez in taking turns condemning the Senate bill.  "Anybody that votes for an amnesty bill deserves to be branded with a scarlet letter A," said Rep. Steve King of Iowa.
House Conservatives: Amnesty Threatens GOP Majority - Human Events
"Earlier in the week, when I asked House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R.-Ill.) if he would bring a floor vote on a final immigration bill that was not supported by the majority of Republicans, he did not give a clear answer."
Polarizing issues keeping Congress in political logjam - The Olympian - Olympia,WA
"That means members of Congress risk facing voters in November without having produced any significant legislation.  A group of 40 suburban Republican House members even met with House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., Thursday to ask for floor votes on a variety of bills with practical consequences for constituents."
McKinney with celebrities in tow defends actions - The Hill - Washington,DC
"You should realize the Capitol Hill police, the titular head of that is the Sergeant-At-Arms and the Sergeant-At-Arms of course answers to Speaker Hastert," Myart said.  "You should be asking... of them what role they're playing in this investigation because again I find it highly unusual that this thing has gotten blown so far out of proportion."
The Earth From Above
"The dream of OneWebDay is to show these kind of human-generated patterns online, in all their beauty, so that everyone can see them. Bouncing a big beachball across continents, using our 0wn laptops, is a kind of pattern — and it would also be fun to generate."
01 Apr Illionois Senators Durbin, Obama push chemical plant security - WQAD - Moline,IL
"At a joint news conference, the senators strongly criticized the Department of Homeland Security's version, which would pre-empt efforts by individual states to adopt even tougher requirements for security at chemical plants."
Sen. Obama Ethics Measure in US Senate Avoids Fundraising, Trip Rules - Bloomberg
"It doesn't address enforcement; it doesn't address travel abuses other than through disclosure,'' Obama, 44, an Illinois Democrat, said of the Senate legislation. ``I'm concerned that, based on what seems to be happening over in the House, it could come back even weaker."
Obama the author makes his return - San Jose Mercury News - CA
"In hopes of mimicking the success of his best-selling autobiography, Obama is giving a sneak peek of his new title to the sales teams of Random House Inc., which are gathering this weekend in Ft. Myers, Fla. His book already is being marketed as one of the top offerings on the fall sales list."
House Happenings for This Week
" There was one case where a smuggler hid 21 illegal immigrants in a Chevy Suburban. When the smuggler crashed in New Mexico, one person died. 12 others were seriously injured. That smuggler got only 37 months in jail.  Just 37 months for illegal behavior that took a person’s life. I think all of us can agree that this isn’t right."
Hastert appears willing to consider guest worker program - San Jose Mercury News - CA,
"We're looking at all alternatives and we're not going to discount anything right now," Hastert said. "Our first priority is to protect the border. And we also know that there is a need in some sectors of the economy for a guest worker program."
Chinese, US lawmakers to strengthen exchange mechanism - Xinhua - China
"At a meeting with the Chinese delegation on Wednesday, Dennis Hastert, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, said the United States and China shared wide-ranging common interests, and bilateral cooperation in various fields had brought substantial benefits to the peoples of the two countries."
"Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) and House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL)—recently sold the future of our children to Big Pharma for a paltry $4 bucks a pop. That’s the additional cost to produce a safe vaccine, a vaccine minus the mercury-based preservative thimerosal."
Pundits still dumbfounded, even as workers' share of gains hits 40-year low - Sirotablog
"In other words, the amount being pocketed by corporations - as opposed to being shared with their employees - is the highest its been in 40 years - a situation we already knew was occuring thanks to earlier stats showing workers wages are stagnating."
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