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Director of Communications

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May 15, 2006

Education Partners, good afternoon:

An early dispatch with two important pieces of information:

  1. Congratulations to St. Charles East High School guidance counselor Geri Shouba who won the Regional Superintendentís Award as part of Fridayís Kane County Educator of the Year ceremony. Ms. Shouba is very deserving of this prestigious honor.

    Click here for background information about Ms. Shouba and our other nominees, Haines Middle Schoolís Linda Burger and St. Charles North High Schoolís Mark Moore:
  2. And, a note of clarification: there has been some confusion about the ongoing changes to our high school curriculum, which are designed to improve academic achievement for all of our students by increasing rigor.

    Subsequently there has been some additional confusion about a meeting being held tonight to discuss these changes.

First things first.

Contrary to rumor, we are not eliminating the Honors program across all content areas. We are, however, making adjustments in specific content areas, to make the curriculum more rigorous as a means of improving student achievement.

Hopefully this does not come as new news, as Dr. Erwin has been talking about this and we've been working in this direction for two years.

For example, next year, in Social Studies, students will be able to take regular U.S. History or, AP U.S. History as the Honors option.

***In other words, AP becomes our Honors course.***

Similar adjustments will be made to Foreign Language. And, we did the same thing this year with English - what was the junior-level Honors English is now the AP Language and Composition.

However, this year's juniors (next year's seniors) will be able to complete their current progression. Administration did not want to "pull the rug" out from students who have already started work along a certain sequence. That would not be fair or helpful to the kids.

There are no changes in the works for math or science for next year. All current math and science Honors and AP courses will remain the same.


The St. Charles North High School PTO invited school and district administrators to speak to this issue at its regular meeting tonight (7 p.m. at North High.)

This invitation was an attempt by the North High PTO to answer questions coming from North High parents. We have not heard as many questions or concerns from East High parents.

That being the case, I decided (perhaps wrongly) to not promote/publicize the North High PTO meeting to the larger community.

Clear, honest, useful, open communications is always our goal. I sincerely apologize if I misunderstood the level of interest on this topic and missed the mark this time around.

All of that being said, please feel free to attend the North High school PTO meeting tonight at 7 p.m. for more information on this topic.

Have a good afternoon,
Tom Hernandez
Director of Communications