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Date:  April 28, 2006/ls

SENATE WEEK IN REVIEW: April 24-28, 2006

SPRINGFIELD - Democrat leaders continued the Senate's hiatus, cancelling session during the week of April 24-28 and continuing budget negotiations with the Governor without allowing any input from Republican lawmakers, according to State Sen. Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton).

The House of Representatives was in session April 25 and 26, approving Senate bills to protect citizens from sex offenders and protect families of fallen soldiers from hate-filled protests at funerals.

The Senate is scheduled to reconvene May 2.

Roskam says sex offenders are currently required to provide local police with their name, address, date of birth and the offense for which they were convicted. Senate Bill 3016 would require them to include the county of conviction, their age at the time of the offense, license plate numbers of any cars registered in their name, and any distinguishing marks on their body. Offenders would also be required to register every 180 days. Senate Bill 3016 also requires school officials to notify parents during school registration or during parent-teacher conferences that this additional information is available on the Sex Offender Registry.

Senate Bill 3016 returns to the Senate for concurrence with changes made to the legislation in the House.

The House also approved the ALet Them Rest in Peace Act@ to prohibit loud and inflammatory protests within 200 feet of all Illinois funeral services beginning 30 minutes before a funeral, during a funeral, and 30 minutes after the funeral. Senate Bill 1144 was inspired by the hate-filled actions of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, a fundamentalist group that pickets the burials of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Approved by the House of Representatives April 25 and by the Senate April 5, Senate Bill 1144 now moves to the Governor=s desk for consideration and will become law with his signature.

Legislation previously approved by the Senate and approved during the week by the House includes:

These bills now move to the Governor=s desk for consideration and will become law with his signature.