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Date:  April 21, 2006
For Immediate Release


SPRINGFIELD— Senate legislation that will make the use of eminent domain in Illinois as open and fair as possible to suburban homeowners has been approved by the House of Representatives, according to its sponsor State Senator John Millner (R- Carol Stream).

Senate Bill 3086 will, among other measures, reform the use of eminent domain for economic development purposes. The bill is aimed at setting stricter and more transparent guidelines on the use of eminent domain and ensuring property owners are fairly reimbursed for relocation and legal expenses.

Millner says the bill will offer the average homeowner legal protections they don’t have under current state law by putting the burden on a governmental entity to prove a property is blighted, instead of the current law which requires homeowners to prove the worthiness of their property.

This legislation is in response to the Supreme Court’s infamous Kelo ruling, which was handed down last summer. That ruling cleared the way for legally unprecedented seizure of private property for economic development purposes.

Sen. Millner is joined in sponsoring the bill in the Senate by Senator Dan Cronin (R- Elmhurst), Sen. Susan Garrett (D- Lake Forest) and in the House by Rep. John Bradley (D- Marion).

The bill passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday, April 19. Because the bill was amended in the House to exclude redevelopment projects already underway, as well as other specific changes, it will now be sent back to the Senate for a vote of concurrence. Once concurred to, the bill would be sent to the Governor to be signed into law.