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Spring Break edition...
Thank You
"I would like to thank all of my supporters in DuPage, Kane, and Cook Counties. It was a privilege and honor to meet so many interesting, and interested, people throughout Illinois’ 55th Congressional District. "
Sen Peter Roskam SENATE WEEK IN REVIEW: March 27 - 31, 2006
"Protecting the families of fallen soldiers, cracking down on criminals who impersonate police officers and firefighters, and withholding drivers’ licenses from students who are chronically truant are among the measures considered by the Illinois Senate during the week of March 27-31, ..."
Academy invites schools to its AIDS conference
"When students at Wheaton Academy in West Chicago express concern about an issue, they take no halfway measures in addressing it."
Sen. Obama


Obama Introduces Bill to Stop Tax Preparers from Selling Confidential Tax Information
"Every American should be able to trust that when their taxes are prepared that their personal information will remain confidential. Since the IRS won't clarify its rules to keep taxpayer information private, Congress will."
Media uncritically repeated Republican criticism of Democratic national security plan - Media Matters
"On March 29 and March 30, several news outlets uncritically reported Republican criticism of the recently released Democratic national security platform titled "Real Security: Protecting America and Restoring Our Leadership in the World,"..."
(Speaker Hastert did not use his government paid for website to do any sophomoric, negative, partisan campaigning today.  Keep up the good work, Denny. - Bob)
First Lady Patti Blagojevich rallies with Illinois Campaign for Better Health Care, U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, and hundreds of medical students for affordable, quality health care for all Illinoisans
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Cites Illinois as Top in Midwest for Safety Belt Zones
Photographer: Herald got it right
"“It’s inaccurate and deceptive of him to say there was no vulgarity in the moment,” said Peter Smith, the Boston University assistant photojournalism professor who made the shot.  Despite Scalia’s insistence that the Sicilian gesture was not offensive and had been incorrectly characterized by the Herald as obscene, the photographer said the newspaper “got the story right.” "
30 Mar Billboard battle to continue
"Municipal leaders cite aesthetics and safety concerns over what they call “eye pollution” created by billboards.  Several of those efforts — in Lombard, West Chicago, Addison, Evanston and downstate Galesburg — have led to lawsuits."
West Chicago
Failed ballot measures seek new life in the fall
"Jedlovic said the referendum initiative rejection (3,406 no to 1,722 yes) will just slow the projects. He said the district will eventually get to the projects as funds become available.  "And we will be back on the ballot come November," he said. "
Fortner still has much local work on his agenda
"Voters recognize it helps to have backgrounds in areas that affects people on a daily basis. Through all these different position, I have been responsive to the needs of the constituents."
West DuPage news briefs
"Take Off Pounds Sensibly, a non-profit weight control / support organization, which had been meeting at St. Andrew Lutheran Church before its fire, is now meeting at The First Congregational Church of West Chicago, l525 N. Neltnor Blvd. (Route 59), just north of the VFW Post."
"Through their hard work, Community High School in West Chicago took first place in three of the seven divisions and third place in another."
"This Presidential disaster declaration will now start the process of matching needs with money,”
Sen. Obama Legislation to Drastically Improve Security at Chemical Plants
"There may be no greater failure of our government than the fact that we have done almost nothing to secure one of America's most vulnerable targets - the 15,000 chemical plants in America,"
Republicans Make College Education Top Priority
"The bill passed 221-199 with approximately 180 Democrats voted against the bill. "
A Missed Opportunity to Make College More Affordable - Magic City Morning Star, ME
"I believe that it fell short in several very important ways - failings that hurt our students.  To begin with, the bill freezes the level of Pell Grant scholarships at just $200 above current levels for the next six years. This is particularly troublesome because when the Pell Grant was first created, it covered 72% of the average cost of a four-year public college, but today it pays for only 30%."
Hastert Offers Seniors 'Rx For Savings'
"... the informational workshops will include counseling to help seniors asses their medication needs, weigh their options, and enroll in a plan that offers the most savings."
First Lady Patti Blagojevich helps with pre-registration at multi-ethnic All Kids event; hundreds of children signed up for comprehensive health coverage
First Lady Patti Blagojevich joins the Women’s Business Development Center to celebrate two decades of advancement amongst women entrepreneurs in Illinois
29 Mar Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
"Sen. Millner is the Senate sponsor of House Bill 4717, which allows municipalities to charge an offender with a municipal misdemeanor for “felony driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or intoxicating compounds.”"
"Senate Bill 2372 waives specific Illinois license requirements for foreign educated nursing students as long as they have acquired certain other qualifications through another certified program. The House of Representatives approved the bill unanimously on March 29."
(I have no idea what the WC link to this is or why this senator sent it... but until I do, I thought it was safer to post it.)
Dist. 94 might cut jobs to save cash
"West Chicago Community High School could employ 11 fewer teachers and three fewer administrators by fall as it looks to close a $1.4 million deficit.  But those cuts won’t come without protests from students, parents and colleagues."
"“The equation is simple- if Amtrak covers the cost of four new trains, the state will cover the cost of operating them. That will result in additional roundtrip service for residents from Quincy to Chicago to Carbondale."
“Americans feel less secure today because the Bush budget shortchanges our police and firefighters; refuses to provide the necessary resources to secure our ports and chemical and nuclear plants; and fails to offer a plan for victory in Iraq,”
The Battle Over Immigration - WSFA - Montgomery,AL
"That bill is cruel that bill is wrong and yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee on a bi-partisan decided there is a better," said Senator Richard Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois.
Sen. Obama Obama Statement on Senate's vote Against Creating An Independent Ethics Enforcement Mechanism
"We can pass all the ethics reforms we want - gift bans, travel bans, lobbying restrictions - but none of them will make a significant difference if there isn't a nonpartisan, independent office that will help us enforce those laws."
Business, education, and the poor - South Carolina Headlines - Greenville,SC
"Last week during a speech at an education forum, former Harvard Law Review editor and US Senator Barack Obama provided insight to his “Innovation Districts” legislation that embraces a both mentality for more money and more reform to ensure that America and its citizens retain a competitive advantage in education."
Speaker: Republicans Support Strong National Security
“America has a rich immigrant background. It is part of what makes our nation great, and a great nation protects its citizens. We must be constantly vigilant about strengthening our borders ..."
527 reform stripped out - The Hill - Washington,DC
"Republican leaders hope to inoculate their party from Democratic charges by passing a reform package as soon as possible. Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) told members of the House Republican conference in February that they should work quickly to reach consensus on lobbying reform so that a reform bill could be brought to the floor by the end of March. "
Tougher penalties for police impersonation win final legislative approval; Governor Blagojevich pledges to sign
"The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Harry Osterman (D-Chicago) and Sen. Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton), would toughen penalties for anyone who impersonates a police officer or fire fighter while committing a more serious crime and would broaden the definition of Peace Officer to include local, state, or federal officials."
Two lawmakers demand Bush obey laws - The Boston Globe
"ut after Bush signed the Patriot Act reauthorization on March 9, he issued a signing statement ... asserting that he had the authority to withhold the information from Congress if he decided that disclosing it would interfere with foreign relations, national security, or executive branch operations."
28 Mar City of West Chicago controlling graffiti
"The “Spray and Pay Reward Program” creates a partnership between the police department and the residents of West Chicago for controlling graffiti in the community."
Leaders want vets' needs addressed
"The stories said the Labor Department ranks Illinois last in its ability to help veterans get jobs, and that many veterans in Illinois complain they have been fired or laid off after they are deployed."
Suburban Catholic leaders stand together
“I haven’t a clue who’s documented and who’s not, and I don’t care,” Dumke said. “I guess whatever they pass is not going to change what we do because we’re going to continue to serve people in our community.”
Wrestling club makes name for itself
"He said he wishes to just take 32 kids at a time. Gomez will move his academy into a new facility in Carol Stream April 1 that could accommodate about 10 more wrestlers."
"There is physical courage, which is rare enough. Then there is an even rarer moral courage. Once in a great while, you find someone who is both. Lane Evans is that sort of man."
Girl uses lesson to save her friend's life - Edwardsville Intelligencer - Edwardsville,IL
"Spizzirri, who is from Illinois, encouraged legislators to pass an Illinois State Mandate requiring all police officers and firefighters to be trained in life supporting first aid.  She also worked with U.S. Senator Dick Durbin to sponsor a federal appropriations bill to pay for the training."
Sen. Obama Obama Statement on the Retirement of Illinois Congressman Lane Evans
"He was one of the first in Congress to speak out about some of the health problems facing Persian Gulf War veterans and has fought for benefits for them ever since."
Speaker Hastert Comments on Rep. Lane Evans Retirement
"As a former Marine and ranking member of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, he has fought tirelessly for those in the armed services and advocated on behalf of those who bravely serve to protect our country."
Speaker Hastert Commends Andy Card for His Service
“I commend Andy for his faithful service to the President and the American people."
The Oval - Newsweek
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert ripped Card and presidential counselor Dan Bartlett for poor communications with the troops on the Hill, according to Congressional Republicans in attendance. Hastert said the White House had “blown it” with Congress after a year of failed Social Security reform, Hurricane Katrina and the doomed Harriet Miers pick."
House Republicans target Bean but K Street backs Dem - The Hill - Washington,DC
"Some lobbyists were fearful early in the cycle that they would offend the Speaker if they supported Bean, whose district is in Hastert’s home state. But those concerns have largely dissipated, lobbyists said, especially with Bean’s CAFTA vote, which earned her the praise of House Republican leaders."
27 Mar Until Then
In these days of incessant complaints about the lack of positive news from Iraq, perhaps these inspiring pictures will help. 
West Chicago Police Dept. Police Alert - Triple C's
"We are investigating some individuals that explained what is refered to as triple c's. Triple C's are over the counter medication that gives individuals a high."
“A domestic violence shelter should not be forced to decide whether the government would regard a situation as “an emergency” before they protect a battered mother and her children."
Senate Panel Backs Protection of Groups That Aid Immigrants - New York Times
"However, the committee eventually approved a relatively broad measure sponsored by Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, that would cover people and organizations providing food, shelter, counseling, transportation and other services to people in the country illegally."
Speaker Hastert Welcomes Chuck Clapton As New Policy Adviser
"He was involved with drafting and negotiations that led to Medicaid and Medicare provisions included in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. He also served as a Committee health counsel for then Chairman Billy Tauzin during the drafting and subsequent conference that led to the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003."
Hastings, Mollohan Try to Break Ethics Deadlock - RollCall
"... the top lawmakers on the House ethics committee have been quietly trying to figure out how to break a partisan deadlock and begin proceeding with the sizable backlog of cases facing the panel."

(Hard to believe that with all the Repbublican scandals this year, due to Denny's rules changes,  this committee hasn't even met.  Hopefully Denny will get them working and be cleared on the late Abramoff retaurant tab, the Abramoff related donations, the half million bucks from Turkey, and the Kane Co. lobbyist. - Bob)

For now, it's money; issues later - Mobile Register - Mobile,AL
"On Wednesday, Bonner pulled in $147,000 at a Bienville Club fund-raiser featuring U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., according to a written statement from Bonner's campaign consultant, Randy Hinaman."


Governor Blagojevich introduces new rule to ensure women’s access to prescription contraceptives after new tactic to deny women access to birth control services
26 Mar Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Com Schedule Posted
Sen Peter Roskam Roskam gearing up for 6th district fight - Daily Press
"On Friday, for the first time ever, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, Ken Mehlman, showed up in the 6th Congressional District to stump for a candidate."
Tammy Duckworth 6th District Democrats rallying to defeat Roskam - Daily Press
“The Republicans are losing their stranglehold on this district,” said the party’s nominee, Tammy Duckworth. “The middle-class lifestyle is in jeopardy. We need to take care of our families.”
Dirty Harry DeLay is nosed-up against a roadblock
"At the request of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Republican Justice of the Peace Jim Richards signed an order suspending Thomas Dale DeLay’s license to carry a handgun in the State of Texas."
(Texans still live in fear of Dick Cheney's shotgun. - Bob)
25 Mar WC Public Library April programs at the West Chicago Public Library
  • Myths, Types, and Stereotypes:
  • Tai Chi (Back by Popular Demand)
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
"The College Illinois! program is completely tax-exempt in Illinois and its designation as a 529 plan ensures that contract earnings are also exempt from federal income tax."
Sen Peter Roskam SENATE WEEK IN REVIEW: March 20 - 24, 2006
"This week, the Senate focused on wrapping up Committee work as the deadline to get House Bills out of Senate Committees was Friday."
Sen Durbin Durbin meets with local first responders to discuss homeland SECURITY - Marion Daily Republican - Marion,IL
"According to Durbin, critical law enforcement programs funded by the Justice Department have suffered steep and steady declines since Sept. 11, 2001."
Sen. Obama Will your tax return information soon be for sale? - Ars Technica - Boston,MA
"The proposed new rule largely slipped under the radar; the comment period expired in early March without generating much interest. The issue has kicked up plenty of interest in the last week, though, as people like Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) weighed in against the new rule."
Making US manufacturing work - Boston Globe
"A plan by Senator Barack Obama of Illinois would relieve automakers of the ''legacy costs" of retiree expenses in exchange for Detroit's commitment to put serious money into state-of-the art hybrid cars."
Oglala Sioux Tribe on the South Dakota Abortion Ban
"I will personally establish a Planned Parenthood clinic on my own land which is within the boundaries of the Pine Ridge Reservation where the State of South Dakota has absolutely no jurisdiction."
24 Mar West Chicago Police Dept.


Sex Offender Alert
"Bloomingdale Police are investigating a Robert Istok, a male white about 56 years old who was masturbating in his vehicle at Life Time Fitness."
West Chicago
High School
Community High School Offers eNews94
"We also encourage community members who are interested in the high school to subscribe."
West Chicago HS Drafting Students Score High in Regional Competition
"On March 3, 2006, 15 Community High School drafting students competed in the 29th Illinois Drafting Educators Association regional drafting competition at the College of Du Page."
Community High School to Celebrate 25th Anniversary
of German Exchange Program
St. Charles North High bomb threat...
North High bomb threat and referendum follow-up...
“It’s not just the drugs themselves and the users,” Durbin said. “It’s the clean-up of dangerous chemicals, the theft of anhydrous ammonia from farmers, the retail theft of cold medicines in bulk. The sheriffs are left to fight meth on several fronts and we need to provide the resources necessary to effectively combat the problem.”
“"Homeland security begins with hometown security,” U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) said today during a meeting with local fire and police chiefs."
Speaker Hails Enrollment of 27 Million in Medicare Prescription Drug Plan
“This is great news for America’s seniors. They recognize that this program will provide them with much-needed prescription drug coverage at a lower cost they can afford, and I’m pleased that so many will feel the benefit."
("...brings the total number of those who have signed up individually over the past four months to approximately 7.2 million." - US Newswire)
23 Mar New GOP House nominee must win in fall and decide a good time to resign
"But the timing of Fortner’s anticipated resignation could determine the next chance voters in West Chicago will have to choose their next mayor."
Tense relationship thaws some after primary
"His closest opponent, Carol Stream Trustee Pamela Fenner, pledged to support Ramey “because it is my responsibility as a Republican committeeman.”  The third candidate, West Chicago attorney Matt Fuesting, pledged to use his experiences to become a better public servant."
Head Start to hold its fundraiser on Friday
"Nationally acclaimed Ballet Folklorico Quetzalcoatl will perform the folk dances of many regions of Mexico in beautiful, authentic costumes."
West Chicago
Wheaton Academy's Winterim opens new vistas
"During the two-week period, there are classes held on or off-campus during the day, internships, trips or tours."
WC man pleads guilty
"If his plea is accepted at the sentencing hearing on Monday, April 17, he could face five years in prison. He is currently being held at the DuPage County Jail, in Wheaton, because he is unable to make the $200,000 bail."
“Help is on the way for Illinois residents who are facing a terrible choice – heating or eating,”
“In the State of Illinois, the drought significantly lowered yields and the value of the year’s harvest. According to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), the value of Illinois’ corn crop decreased by more than $1.1 billion..."
"The best investment we can make in our nation is in our students and in access to education.”
Durbin blasts aid cuts - Edwardsville Intelligencer - Edwardsville,IL
"Durbin said the final bill includes many of the items the banks pushed for including increased loan limits and elimination of origination fees. Students will no longer be able to take advantage of historically low interest rates which are currently around 5.3 percent for student borrowers and 6.1 percent for parent borrowers."
Sen. Obama Senator Richard Lugar Drives A Prius - Might Be a TreeHugger - Treehugger - New York,NY
"There is still more work to be done to tilt our energy balance toward alterative fuels. That is why Senator Obama and I will soon introduce a new bill that will promote other means to move these fuels into additional markets and make them widely available."
Budget Reconciliation Law Unconstitutional, Public Citizen Says - Kaiser - Washington,DC
"A spokesperson for House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) said that Hastert asked the Bush administration to delay the enactment of the legislation, but despite those concerns Bush decided to sign the legislation on the advice of White House attorneys. The "budget consequences would be huge if the court were to rule against the administration," the Wall Street Journal reports"
Lest Denny think that we have forgotten ... there is still work to be done by the ethics committee.  Why isn't it meeting?
Admonished by House
Booked ... print and mug shot
Shame and Remorse
Additional Documents at Public Citizen
victims’ families, advocates urge lawmakers to pass statewide assault weapons ban
“Assault weapons don’t belong on our streets.  They don’t belong in our state.  And anyone who doesn’t understand that just has to look at the tragedies we saw in Chicago earlier this month."
22 Mar

Rep.Randy Ramey

Rep. Ramey Thanks Voters and  Workers
"Thank you to all the voters and to all my great volunteers! I am honored by the victory in the primary yesterday. It is a victory for all who worked so tirelessly throughout the campaign."
St Charles School Referendum Rejected
  • 6,664 people voted for the referendum;
  • 6,798 peopled voted against.
  • That's a difference of 134 votes, or 1 percent of the 13,462 votes cast.
Post-referendum statement from Board of Education president...
Chamber has Winners
"Congratulations to Mayor (and soon to be State Representative) Michael Fortner on a landslide victory bringing in 58% of the vote."
DuPage County Election Results
Daily Herald Election Result Coverage
Sen Durbin Durbin introduces mine safety bill to protect Illinois miners - Leaderland News - Ogden,IL
"The Mine Safety, Enforcement, Reporting and Training Act of 2006 will dramatically increase minimum fines for safety violations while creating a system of accountability for payment for those fines. The bill also doubles current funding for education and training grants."
Durbin visits Aurora - Aurora Beacon News
"Sen. Dick Durbin spent Tuesday morning dabbling with wide-eyed preschoolers who played with colored rice and sand, cut triangles from construction paper and danced with miniature maracas."
Wi-Fi Canopy for Downtown Rockford ... - Houston Chronicle
"Nomadix, Inc. (, the leading supplier of intelligent network devices and interconnect services for guest access, digital cities, and carrier HotSpots, and ROC-net Services, a co-operation of local private businesses providing Internet connectivity and other high-tech solutions in Northern Illinois, launched a Wi-Fi canopy for an 8-square-mile area of downtown Rockford."
Sen. Obama IRS May Alter Some Privacy Protections
Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., said in a letter last week to IRS Commissioner Mark Everson that taxpayers often hastily sign documents and tax forms prepared by commercial firms without reading them.  With the proposed rule, personal income and demographic data could then be easily sold with that written consent, opening up greater risks for identity theft, he said."
The World's Shame for Doing Too Little in Darfur - Bloomberg
"Republicans such as Senators Sam Brownback, Dick Lugar and Representative Frank Wolf have joined Democrats like Senator Joe Biden, Senator Barack Obama, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, and Representatives Donald Payne and Nancy Pelosi in calling for a stronger military response."
Curb the Recesses - Dallas Morning News
"GOP Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert could fight that stereotype – and do the rest of us a favor – by cutting down on the number of breaks. Maybe that way, Congress could stay in session long enough to knock more significant items off the national "must do" list."
Watchdog group sues to reverse spending-cut bill - ABC News
"Shortly after Bush signed the bill, the Senate passed legislation that Republican leaders hoped would clear up the confusion. The legislative fix stated that the version signed by Bush reflected "the intent of the Congress in enacting the bill into law." The House never took up that bill."
(Come on, Denny!  We've seen America Rock I'm Just A Bill
Facing an uphill battle - Elburn Herald - Elburn,IL
"But Laesch, a former U.S. Navy intelligence analyst in Iraq, recently met in Washington with 40 of 55 Democratic U.S. veterans running for Congress in this election."
Laesch soundly beating Zamora - Dekalb Daily Chronicle
"“America is hungry for change,” Laesch said Tuesday from a victory party in Plano.  He named as his issues the “four pillars of the Democratic Party”: affordable health care, education, a “made in America” economy and an exit strategy for Iraq."
Gov. Blagojevich urges the U.S. House of Representatives to reject legislation that would roll back critical Illinois consumer protection laws
“The Financial Data Protection Act, which places the interests of corporations ahead of the rights of consumers, would put personal information at a tremendous risk,”
Governor’s Drought Response Task Force convenes first meeting of year
“While we can’t control the weather, our drought task force continues to meet to keep close watch over weather conditions to make sure we’re doing all we can to prepare for the summer months.”
21 Mar WegoWeb


Today is the Primary Election Day.  Polls opened at 6AM and close at 7PM.  It is not just a right, but the duty of every American to vote.  Both parties are having primaries and Winfield Township has a referendum to increase your taxes for roads.
Board of Education meeting synopsis...
City of West Chicago


West Chicago Media Update 2-27-06
Talent Show Auditions, 7th Annual Blooming Fest, Gallery 200 Features, Laughter League,
WeGo seniors vie for Mr. Wildcat title
"The school’s cheerleaders sponsored the 12th annual Mr. Wildcat contest last week, where 10 seniors trotted out their talents, looks and charm in hopes of grabbing the Mr. Wildcat title."
Man admits trying to kiss 2 teen girls
"Juan Carlos Perez, 21, of the 200 block of East Blair Street pleaded guilty to grabbing and trying to kiss the girls, one at the city's commuter train station on Jan. 2 and the other at West Chicago High School on Jan. 19."
Duckworth in Spotlight as Primary Day Arrives
"Tuesday’s Democratic contest in Illinois’ 6th Congressional District has drawn unusual attention for an early-season House primary — largely because of the striking personal story of one of the contenders. Tammy Duckworth lost both of her legs in 2004 when the helicopter she was flying in the Iraq war zone was hit by hostile fire."
Media Avoids Covering Vote on Permanent Bases
"Washington -- The House passed a $92 billion emergency spending package Thursday to pay for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and for Hurricane Katrina relief operations. The House, in approving the spending bill 348-71, also gave anti-war Democrat Rep. Barbara Lee of Oakland a rare victory by accepting her proposal to bar permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq."
20 Mar
Fuesting knocks on his 6000 door
"Caption:  Matt meets future constituents as he rings his 6,000th doorbell while campaigning in the final days of the race.  March 19, 2006"
Rep.Randy Ramey Have a great Election Day
"As Republicans, we must remember to get behind those who are elected and fight against those who will oppose us in November."
Election Day Eve edition...
Sen Durbin Democrats Lead by 15 Points in US Congress Ballot - Angus Reid Global Scan - Vancouver,BC
"I think that the political leaders in Washington have failed when it comes to our policy in Iraq. They misled us into believing there were weapons of mass destruction and connections between 9/11 and Saddam Hussein. None of that existed."
Sen. Obama Rep Boosts Bid of Patrick '78 - Harvard Crimson - Cambridge,MA
"McGovern, who first backed Patrick’s bid last June, was one of the first in a series of high-profile figures to endorse Patrick, a former Dunster House resident. Senator Barack Obama, D-Ill., and two former Clinton administration labor secretaries, Robert Reich and Alexis Herman, have also backed Patrick’s candidacy. Patrick served as the top civil rights enforcement official in the Clinton Justice Department."
Rep Hastert Hastert Comments on Belarus Election
"We have set ourselves on the course for freedom and democracy, and our goal must be that the people of Belarus can free themselves of their Soviet past and participate in free and fair elections without fear of intimidation.”
Political demonstrations in Batavia have increased since Dennis ... - Aurora Beacon News - Aurora,IL
"Though political demonstrators have been coming to Hastert's office at 27 N. River St. for more than a decade, the most recent war protests marked the first weeklong demonstration in the city's history."
Report: Louisiana more insured than any other state for flooding - Times Picayune - New Orleans,LA,
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., questioned whether the federal government should spend money to restore sections of the city below sea level, and members of conservative think tanks urged Congress not to put any money into rebuilding properties that lacked flood insurance."
19 Mar City of West Chicago Plan Commission/Zoning Board meeting on March 21st
"Public Hearing Case PC 06-03 - ... The City of West Chicago is proposing amendments to the City of West Chicago General Development Plan adopted in 2002, to discuss modifications to the future land use designations."
(The significant item is changing areas along Rt 59 from residential to commercial.  This does NOT change their zoning.  It only tells developers what kind of proposals they wish for the property in the future. - Bob)


"Over 75 supporters joined Matt Fuesting in the St. Charles St. Patrick’s Day Parade."
"The campaign flyer from Mr. Ramey states that he defeated the transfer station proposed for a site just a stone’s throw from my home in West Chicago. Mr. Ramey had nothing to do with that defeat."
Rep.Randy Ramey Letters from the March 15, 2005 Examiner. 
  • Glenn Auble
  • John Wood
  • Greg Fenton
  •  Personal Note From State Representative Ramey
Mike Fortner Mike Fortner's Election Night party
Sen Durbin Mood lightens at city's emergency operations center - Springfield State Journal Register
""In every organization, you have showhorses and workhorses. Senator Durbin is the showhorse. Bill Houlihan is the workhorse," Caldwell announced to the room before asking Houlihan, Durbin's point man in Springfield, about efforts to open up vacant Springfield Housing Authority units to storm victims.  Durbin laughed, and Caldwell added, "The mayor is probably going to scold me for that joke.""
Sen. Obama Cantwell, Obama hold rally calling for wider access to quality ... - Northwest Progressive Institute Official Blog - Redmond,WA
"Senator Barack Obama followed Cantwell with a powerful and inspiring speech that was filled with wisdom and common sense. He also condemned the Bush administration's inexplicable, outrageous cuts in education funding."
Obama fights to save meth task force funds - Monmouth Daily Review Atlas - Monmouth,IL
"It's one thing to cut a program that's wasteful or doesn't work," said Obama. "But Byrne Grants have made a real difference. For State Police, they pay the salaries for the officers who patrol our streets. In smaller towns with limited resources, the staff provided by these grants partners with local task forces and serves as the town's only chance to fight rising drug use and violence."
Duckworth raises much money out of district - Belleville News-Democrat - Belleville,IL
"The district also is virtually in the backyard of Chicago Rep. Rahm Emanuel, who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and House Speaker Dennis Hastert, the Yorkville Republican who would lose his position as the most powerful member of Congress if the Democrats win a House majority."
18 Mar Ramey/Zay Campaign Flyer
" In this flyer, they claim that they stopped the siting of the proposed Waste Transfer Station in West Chicago in 2003.  This is simply not true!"
House Dist. 55 candidates talk transportation
"The three candidates in the Republican primary for the 55th House District all agree the Western suburbs need a more sophisticated public transportation system."
House District 55 GOP candidates tout education plans
"Those issues are exemplified by the ongoing debate in Bartlett and parts of Carol Stream over possibly breaking away from the state’s second-largest school system, Elgin Area School District U-46."
Rivals differ on school funding
"West Chicago Mayor Mike Fortner said the first way to find more money for schools is for state and federal governments to fund any mandates that go beyond basic education requirements."
“It is out-of-sync with the priorities of Illinoisans -- doing virtually nothing to make education, health care and energy costs more affordable. It also fails the test when it comes to providing real security from terrorism and ensuring our veterans get the care they need when they return home."
Sen. Obama Obama Supports Call for Charles Taylor to be Transferred to Special Court
"Taylor has been accused of committing war crimes by international prosecutors in Sierra Leone. He was given political asylum by Obasanjo in August 2003 and has been living in the Nigerian city of Calabar."
Comments on Chairman Boehlert’s Retirement
"In his role as Chairman of the Science Committee, he has been at the forefront of promoting science, technology and American innovation, and he has championed the need to improve math and science education in our nation’s public schools."
Supplemental Spending Package to Provide for U.S. Armed Forces
"It provides funds so that American troops can get much-needed supplies and equipment, like armored Humvees and tracked combat vehicles. It also provides nearly $2 billion to prevent the improvised explosive device attacks that are targeting so many of our troops."
"All Irish Day" edition...
City of West Chicago Agenda for March 20th meeting of City Council
  • Streets in Preston Field Subdivision
  • Zoning Ordinance Revision
  • Go Tane Service Station Liquor License
  • Professional Services Agreement with D33
  • Borrow from Public Benefit Fund for East Main Improvements
  • Right of Way Maintenance
Sen Peter Roskam SENATE WEEK IN REVIEW: March 13 -17, 2006
"Nearly 15 months after their terms began, the directors of many state agencies had their appointments approved by the Illinois Senate this week, according to State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton)."
Rep.Randy Ramey


Ramey Endorsed by Joan Mruk
"Rep. Ramey is committed to protecting us from identity theft. I will be voting for him on Tuesday, I hope you will be too!"
"Apparently, even she is ashamed of the ad, as her name and picture are noticably absent from the mailer. And, you need a microscope to find the legally required disclosure that her campaign mailed this piece."
Sen Durbin Gas Prices On the Rise, Again - KSBI 52 - Oklahoma City,OK
"Senator Richard Durbin, (D) Illinois, says, "Clearly there's profit taking, the most massive profit taking in the history of American industry.""
US Senate Budget Reignites Arctic Drilling Debate - Environment News Service
"This is a debate we have been through over and over and over again," Durbin told colleagues. "There is no way in the next fiscal year, even if we approve drilling in ANWR there will be proceeds that can be contributed to the Energy Policy Act funding. This is no way to fund energy policy and ANWR is not the answer to our energy prayers."
Sen. Obama Obama and Lugar introduce 'American Fuels Act' - Grist Magazine - Seattle,WA
"Obama and Lugar's bipartisan legislation, the American Fuels Act of 2006 (S. 2446), would take a four-step approach to reducing America's dependence on foreign oil."
The lobbyist quandary - The Journal - Westchester,NY
"Not surprisingly, ethics reform itself is not shaping up as initially advertised. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., who recommended banning meals and gifts from lobbyists and privately funded travel after Abramoff's guilty plea in January, has backed off. "There's been a lot of mincing and parsing as we go through the process," he said. Indeed. So much for leadership."
Lobbying scandal grounds jet set - Chicago Tribune
"... Although House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) has not adopted an official policy, his office has consciously cut back on privately paid travel  ..."
Governor Blagojevich asks for federal assistance
"The damage assessment found that more than 60 homes were destroyed in the six counties, including 40 in Sangamon County.  Nearly 130 homes in those areas received major damage, meaning repairs are needed before residents can return to their homes."
Gray wolves take a big step
"In addition to Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan, the new plan would lift protections in parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio."
(Just being a smart aleck but I think somebody should be doing something to protect West Chicago's wild fray wolf population. - Bob)
16 Mar WC Public Library CHECK IT OUT
"...the West Chicago Public Library is able to offer free brochures, new books to check out and reference materials on the subject."
"They're predicting snow" edition...
Rep.Randy Ramey Ramey Endorsed by Rich Trzupek
"Randy always tempered his remarks with good humor, acknowledged the opposition with grace and ultimately pushed to do the right thing."
Ramey Endorsed by Kathleen Flaherty
"He is a thoughtful, intelligent and committed public servant, husband, father and community leader."
West Chicago
CHS honors 11 teachers who 'made a difference'
"Attending were Steve Arnold, David Dean, Ronald "Butch" Hansen, Steve Kimery, Patti Kozlowski, Robert "Bruno" Owens, Winifred "Wini" Thomassen and JoAnn Sargent, accepting the award on behalf of her husband William, who died in July 2000. Not present were Ronald Benner, Joseph Dichtl and Jean Thomassen Smith."
Education, sex offender laws top 55th House race
"The battle for the Republican Party nomination in the 55th District of the Illinois House of Representatives features three individuals with different ideas on the issues and on what taxpayers locally and statewide are looking for."
Cutting taxes on minds of 95th District voters
"If there is one thing Pamela Mitroff and Michael Fortner have both learned in their quest for the Republican nomination in the state's 95th District House seat race, it is that the voters are keeping a close eye on their pocketbooks."
“The funding level proposed for Amtrak is inadequate. It’s as if a man was drowning 50 feet from shore and the Bush administration has thrown him a 25 foot rope,”
"“We have more than 3,500 miners in Illinois. We owe it to them and to their families to ensure all 25 mines in operation in Illinois are being held to the highest standards of safety.”"
Sen. Obama Senate Approves Obama Bill Providing $40 million for Homeless Veterans and Veterans Employment
"Each and every night, more than 200,000 of our nation's veterans are homeless," said Obama. "More than 400,000 will experience homelessness over the course of a year."
Obama Is Smart, Likeable and ... a Contender? Margaret Carlson - Bloomberg
"Occasionally, an over-hyped star proves he's not all hype. That's what happened with Senator Barack Obama at this year's dinner. He had the right mix of skewering the opposition and himself."
Google hires DC lobbyist with a friend in high places - San Francisco Chronicle - CA
"That the House speaker's son is a lobbyist with the company certainly doesn't dampen Google's influence on Capitol Hill. Neither Google or Hastert returned calls seeking comment."
Speaker Hastert Applauds House Republican Accomplishments
“Let’s face it folks. What we have here is a real ‘A Team.’ We’ve got an agenda and real accomplishments."
Annual St. Patrick’s Day Irish Luncheon
"So I want to challenge all of us, after the laughter and the fun and the good times of this holiday celebration, let’s each go back to our respective jobs renewed for that common goal of a better world."
ISBE adopts Gov. Blagojevich’s proposal to ban junk food in Illinois elementary and middle schools
“But despite the obvious reasons to eat healthy, for children, the temptation to eat junk food can just be too great.  Today, the State Board approved rules to reduce this temptation for kids to replace nutritious meals at school with things like candy, soda, pizza and chips.” 
15 Mar City of West Chicago Audition dates scheduled for West Chicago Heritage Days Talent Show
"To schedule an audition appointment, call Great Events at 847-480-9500. A registration form will be available at City Hall the day of the audition and a parent’s signature is required on the form for minors."
Ides of March edition...
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
"Senate Bill 2372 waives specific Illinois license requirements for foreign educated nursing students as long as they have acquired certain other qualifications through another certified program."
Rep.Randy Ramey Rep Ramey Takes Campaign to Television
Persons with Windows Media Player can see the television ads by clicking Video #1 or Video #2.  They are large files and take a while to load.
95th District GOP hopefuls big on business
'Neither Fortner nor Mitroff has run for office outside their communities. Fortner, an associate physics professor at Northern Illinois University, is mayor of West Chicago. Mitroff is a GOP precinct committeewoman in Wheaton and secretary of the Milton Township Republican Party."
Candidates focus on education, ethics in state government
"In House District 55, incumbent Republican Randy Ramey of Carol Stream is trying to fend off challenges from Pamela Fenner, also of Carol Stream, and Matt Fuesting of West Chicago."
"Seniors deserve a simple, affordable and guaranteed Medicare drug benefit, and Democrats are offering a prescription to fix the Part D fiasco. It is time for the President to start listening to America’s seniors, not to Washington drug company lobbyists.”
"Durbin and Obama say that the City of Springfield is prepared to begin helping families move into the HUD properties as soon as the waiver is approved."
Sen. Obama OnRequest Images to Sponsor Museum of Contemporary Photography ... - Market Wire
"OnRequest Images will be one of the major sponsors at the 2006 Museum of Contemporary Photography Benefit in Chicago. The Museum of Contemporary Photography houses one of the premier fine art photography collections in the world and this year's honorary co-chair will be Illinois senator Barack Obama."
Will Scalia Blow the Whistle on This Constitutional Farce - American Enterprise Institute
"This was not simply a transcription error, a misplaced comma or a misspelled word--something that would be plenty serious--but a $2 billion discrepancy that arose over a last-minute compromise between the two chambers over the time allowed for the rental of medical equipment for Medicare patients. After the House had passed its version and the discrepancy became known, Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) unilaterally changed the House bill to match the Senate’s and then sent it on to President Bush, which he signed to great fanfare.
     But a seventh-grade civics student who has done his or her homework would immediately know that what the president signed is not a law. Laws, as Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution makes clear, must pass both chambers of Congress in identical form and then be signed by the president. "
AMA Honors House Speaker Hastert With Top Awar - U.S. Newswire
"Speaker Hastert was one of eight honorees chosen this year to receive the Dr. Nathan Davis Award for Outstanding Government Service."
Gov. Blagojevich asks U.S. Secretary of Energy to include State of Illinois in upcoming meetings with major oil companies about the lack of availability of E-85
14 Mar West Chicago
High School
"Nationally acclaimed Ballet Folklorico Quetzalcoatl will perform folk dances of many regions of Mexico in authentic costumes."
Community High School Wins 1st Place in State LifeSmarts Competition
"LifeSmarts, a program of the National Consumers League, tests high school student’s knowledge of financial management, technology, the environment, health and safety, and consumer rights.  Our students spent a great deal of time preparing for this event. “The knowledge these students gained will help them make wise choices and better understand their role as consumers,” Zabelin said."
Rep.Randy Ramey Karpiel - Legislator’s remark taken out of context
"Rep. Ramey said he would do whatever the residents of U-46 that lived in the district wanted him to do, his responsibility is to them."
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
"A bill to regulate the practices of car donation middlemen and ban felons from being able to take advantage of charities gained Senate approval Tuesday March 14, according to its Senate sponsor State Senator John J. Millner (R- Carol Stream) "
Air conditioning gets Dist. 25 OK after all
"Benjamin Elementary District 25 school officials decided Monday to install air conditioning throughout its two-school campus, just months after turning down a similar proposal."
“The skyrocketing costs of gasoline and home heating oil have hit working families and businesses hard,” Durbin said. “And the antitrust division of the Department of Justice has been a lapdog in a room full of energy pit bulls."
Sen. Obama Obama To Introduce Legislation to Help American Students Compete in a 21st Century Economy
"America is in danger of losing this competition," said Obama. "We now have one of the highest high school dropout rates of any industrialized country. By 12th grade, our children score lower on their math and science tests than most other kids in the world. And today, countries like China are graduating eight times as many engineers as we do."
Attempts to Censure the President
"... there are some liberal Democrats who have taken the extreme viewpoint to propose censuring or impeaching the President ..."
(Speech introducing the resolution the Speaker is referring to - Bob)
President Bush's Job Approval Ratings Continue to Drop - PR Newswire - New York,NY
"In the House, Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert has seen a slight up tick in his approval ratings. This month they are at 26 percent positive, up from 22 percent in November, while his negative job rating is at 49 percent, down from 50 percent."
Monday, March 13 edition...
Nick Dzierzanowski
Volume XIV of Notes from Nick!
"Christmas in March?, West Chicago on TV, Election 2006, Everyone Loves a Parade!, Motorized Scooters "
Part of West Chicago’s past, future
“Back then, everyone in West Chicago worked at the pickle factory at one point in their lives,” he said, “including teachers, coaches and students from the high school.”
Regarding state’s financial health, immigrant services
"In House District 55, incumbent Republican Randy Ramey of Carol Stream is trying to fend off challenges from Pamela Fenner, also of Carol Stream, and Matt Fuesting of West Chicago."
(This one article appears three different times on the Herald's website. - Bob)
Sen Durbin Medicare prescription drug plan becomes political football
San Jose Mercury News - CA
"We think this is an issue that Republicans ignore at their peril," said Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, the assistant Democratic leader. "Senior citizens know their feelings and they have long memories. At this point, they feel betrayed by a plan that is entirely too complicated and doesn't have their best interests in mind."
Senators call for president to ignore 'wasteful' projects - Evansville Courier & Press (subscription) - Evansville,IN
"But Durbin agrees with a bill co-sponsored by Bayh and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill, which would bring more scrutiny to inserting earmarks when House and Senate negotiators are hammering out compromises to produce a final bill. "
Sen. Obama Obama's high profile makes him special guest at California ... - Chicago Sun-Times
"Reflecting his status as an instant Democratic superstar, freshman Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois was the main attraction at California Sen. Dianne Feinstein's fund-raiser last Monday."
`Yes' vote on CAFTA is a winner for 8th District rep - Charlotte Observer - Charlotte,NC
"That June, Hayes' campaign got $35,000 from the leaders' PACs -- including $10,000 from House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill.  It was Hastert who approached Hayes the night of the House vote -- at midnight, in the House Cloak Room -- and told him they needed his vote."
Speaker Hastert Welcomes Heidi Armstrong As New Deputy Press Secretary
"U.S. House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) today announced the hiring of Heidi Armstrong as his new deputy press secretary. Armstrong will assist in promoting House Republican message strategy."
(As you read this, figure out whether she is paid by the government for doing the people's business, or just promoting Republicans... Enquiring minds want to know. - Bob)
Governor Blagojevich directs state resources to assist communities damaged by storms
Governor Blagojevich Offers Clean Up Assistance to Storm-Ravaged Springfield; State Continues to Assess Damage
12 Mar Rep.Randy Ramey Members Pressed for Time During Budget Hearings
"The entire process is a disservice for the people of Illinois because we can’t properly discuss how money will be allocated and what the needs of the state are in this kind of time crunch.”
Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Com Schedule Posted
The Academy Awards are over.  Again this year Channel 17 was overlooked... but they still deserve a well earned thankyou.
Sen Durbin Congress' Push To Tighten Lobbying Rules Loses Steam - Free Internet Press - New York,NY
"Abramoff made it topical and personal," said Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, "and as time passes people start thinking about Dubai port deals and the future of the war in Iraq."
Gambling on short attention spans, GOP bails on ethics reform
BTC News - USA
"But neither Democrat quoted in the story said anything of the kind. Illinois Senator Dick Durbin said only that “Abramoff made it topical and personal, and as time passes people start thinking about Dubai port deals and the future of the war in Iraq.”"
Sen. Obama To packed house, Obama issues call to action - - Burlington,VT
"People want to have honest leadership that cares about them and thinks about them first," Obama said. "Government can't solve all their problems, but it can help."
Obama introduces nuke disclosure bill - Morris Daily Herald - Morris,IL
“It’s good for public safety, it’s good for the public’s right to know, and it’s ultimately good for the nuclear power industry,”
Some Republicans wary of Bush ties before election - Brocktown News - NV
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert , an Illinois Republican, dismissed as inaccurate the perception that congressional Republicans are bailing out on Bush."
Lawmakers to go ahead with vote on Dubai firm ports deal - JURIST - USA
"... a spokesman for House Speaker Dennis Hastert says that a vote in the full House would take place Wednesday or Thursday."
Jury Rigged - Alert traveling the internet from Scopes
"Identity thieves trick the unwary into revealing their personal details by telling them they've failed to report for jury duty and warrants for their arrest are being issued."
11 Mar Two challenge Ramey in state House 55 primary
"In House District 55, incumbent Republican Randy Ramey of Carol Stream is trying to fend off challenges from Pamela Fenner, also of Carol Stream, and Matt Fuesting of West Chicago."
Hopefuls discuss plans for future
"The primary race for the 6th Congressional District involves Democrats Lindy Scott, Tammy Duckworth and Christine Cegelis. The winner will face Republican state Sen. Peter Roskam in the November election."
Sen Durbin CDC Media Study Bill Passes In Committee - Broadcasting & Cable  - New York,NY
"The bill, which would look at the impact of television, films, DVD's video games, the Internet and cell phones, was introduced last October by longtime video game critic Senator Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) for Senators Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) and Richard Durbin (D-Ill.)."
Sen. Obama Obama Visits Vermont To Support Sanders - WNNE-TV - White River Junction,VT
"Politics has become a business, not a mission," said Obama. "Power is always trumping principle. We have a lot of self-appointed leaders who are long on rhetoric and short on substance."
Cost Estimates for Medicare Prescription Drug Plan
"... the Congressional Budget Office announced that the new Medicare prescription drug plan would cost $5 billion less than originally predicted."
Zamora, Laesch vie for fight vs. Hastert - Elgin Courier News - Elgin,IL
"But both candidates are charged with what they say is a grass-roots cry for change in this typically Republican district. Democratic groups in Kane and Kendall counties have boasted of a stronger Democratic presence in recent years, as thousands of new residents pour into the area."
(For more info try their websites... Laesch or Zamora - Bob)
10 Mar West Chicago
High School
CHS Students Inducted into Foreign Language Honor Societies
"Membership in these Honor Societies represents outstanding achievement in at least two years of study of a foreign language, academic excellence in all other classes and the intent to continue the study of a foreign language."
"On March 22, 2006 the students will fly to France where they will spend ten days living with French families in Grenoble as part of a school-sponsored French Exchange Program. They will also attend classes at the local high school."
District 33
Key Communicator Message
"Kindergarten registration, for children who will be 5 years old by September 1, 2006 and live within the boundaries of West Chicago Elementary School District #33, will take place during the month of April at each neighborhood elementary school."
Elementary School Student Council Turns Tragedy into Action
"The goal of the Student Council is to raise $3,000.00 to provide smoke detectors and batteries for all the families at Pioneer School. "
West Chicago Chamber of Commerce Fashion Show: "Singing in the Rain"
Selects the Humanitarian Service Project as the Fashion Show Charity
Sen Peter Roskam SENATE WEEK IN REVIEW: March 6-10, 2006
"While the House of Representatives was in recess this week the Senate was moving legislation that more closely monitors sex offenders, protects charities from fraud, and offers financial assistance for hate-crime victims, according to State Sen. Peter Roskam (R- Wheaton)."
Winfield United Speaker Program for March 20th.
"The program is made up of "stereoscopic" slides photographed by Winfield resident, Jed Skillman, over two trips to the Canyon in the last few years."
Seeds of resentment follow spotlight on Duckworth campaign
"Duckworth, who lost both her legs in the Iraq war, is a decorated Army officer with national media exposure. She raises money at lightning speed and counts U.S. Sens. John Kerry, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama among her supporters."
Dist. 94 balks at hiring freeze plan
"“If we have no revenues come in, in 30 days, we’re out of money,” school board member Gordon Cole said.  And the early budget for the 2006-07 school year shows a deficit of nearly $1 million."
Hastert Praises Jobs Growth
"House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) released the following statement in response to the Labor Department’s report on Friday showing that 243,000 jobs were created in February."
e-government expansion to make it easier to do business with the State
"By making it easier for people to work with the state and eliminating more red tape, we can save taxpayers and government time and money,”
09 Mar Rep.Randy Ramey negative advertising by primary election opponent Pamela Fenner:
“It is unfortunate that one of my opponents, Pamela Fenner, has chosen to attack my family in this campaign. This campaign is about all of the families in the 55th District, not the candidate’s families.”
Crowd divided on best Democrat for 6th District
"If the mixed applause during a Wednesday forum was any indication, Democrats are still deeply divided when it comes to picking which candidate to vote for in the 6th Congressional District primary."
West Chicago officials consider banning solicitors on Sundays
"City leaders still also are debating whether to change local solicitation laws to include mandatory fingerprint checks when solicitors register at the police department."
GOP Senate foes target Democrats during debate
“This administration has decided any time there’s a budget crisis they treat businesses like an ATM,” state Rep. Randy Hultgren of Winfield said. “The governor has swept out all these fees and used them as a Band-Aid for the state’s budget problems.”
West Chicago
Townships sponsor job fair
"Wayne and Winfield townships are partnering in a free Job Fair from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday, March 14, at the Wayne Township Senior Center, 27W031 North Ave., West Chicago. "
Quick thinking by all saves CHS student's life
"Another physical education teacher, Kristi Hasty, started administering CPR. The nurse brought the automated external defibrillator (AED). Within three minutes of receiving the call, the West Chicago Fire Protection District paramedics were on hand and used the AED, not only saving Ryan's life, but also preventing permanent neurological damage."
Residents can vote on District 303's referendum question
"Illinois is one of 32 states that allows early voting this year, according to Kane County Clerk John Cunningham."
“These recommendations were made over two years ago and still haven’t been fully implemented. If we continue to drag our feet on this, far too many soldiers with PTSD will go undiagnosed and untreated."
"Instead of making Americans more competitive in the global economy, this report makes clear that the Bush budget would do just the opposite by proposing cuts that would hurt workers, students and entrepreneurs,”
Sen. Obama Senate votes to ban free meals from lobbyists - USA TODAY
"It's not just the meal, it's the perception," said Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. "It's the access that the meals get you."
Senator Obama's Floor Statement on Meals Amendment
"In cities and towns all across America, people pay for their own lunches and their own dinners. People who make far less than we do. People who can't afford their medical bills or their mortgages or their kids' tuition."
What Culture of Corruption? - Yahoo! News
"Already the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee last week voted against one of the few good proposals--introduced by Senator Barack Obama--to create an independent ethics enforcement agency that would compliment and bolster the pathetically inactive ethics committee.L
Speaker Hastert Names Pension Reform Conferees
08 Mar West Chicago
Bible Church
Internet Safety Presentation
Presented by: Officer Leo Aviles
Extreme late-night edition...
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
"A bill that would regulate the practices of car donation middlemen and ban felons from being able to take advantage of charity gained Senate committee approval Wednesday March 8, according to its Senate sponsor State Senator John J. Millner (R- Carol Stream) "
Adviser: Poor scores for Hispanic students are W. Chicago’s issue
"Yet only one in three Hispanic juniors met or exceeded state standards in reading, math and science on the Prairie State Achievement Examinations last year."
Supply and demand
"Pilots can taxi to the store — the only one of its kind in the state — from any of the runways at DuPage Airport in West Chicago."
"Last year, nearly 600,000 Illinois students benefited from the Perkins program, but this year’s budget makes deep cuts in education and eliminates this critical vocational education program."
"The Senate leadership must decide whether they want to stand with the Administration or whether they will stand with the American people against this terrible Dubai Port deal.”
Children’s Safety and Violent Crime Reduction Act of 2005
"The Children’s Safety Act improves the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Program. This bill ensures that sex offenders register and keep current information on where they reside, work and attend school."
Speaker Hastert Applauds PATRIOT Act Passage
"We have seen in recent months that Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda network continue to plot to do harm to American citizens, so we must remain vigilant. This is a good, bipartisan bill that will go a long way towards protecting American families."
Washington's new attack on immigrants - Socialist Worker Online
"Hastert was targeted for supporting House Resolution (HR) 4437, which brands many undocumented immigrants and permanent residents alike as “aggravated felons.”  ... If it becomes law, the measure would criminalize not only undocumented immigrants, but also any individual or organization assisting them, including social workers, nurses and doctors."
Batavia picks new top cop - Aurora Beacon News
"Schira acknowledged that he is not used to the frequent demonstrations House Speaker Dennis Hastert's downtown Batavia office attracts, but he does have experience with picket lines."
Row over hospital charges heats up - The Hill
"Forbes bragged that his relationship with Rooney got him a private audience a few years ago with House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) where they discussed hospital pricing for a half-hour."
Illinois Governor Calls Opponent an NRA Shill - GunGuys
“And I would urge her to forget about the NRA, stop pandering to the right wing and join us and help us pass a ban on assault weapons.”
Gov. Blagojevich rallies support for his $1,000 per student college tuition tax credit proposal
“For many families – a $1,000 tax credit is equal to a mortgage payment or four or five car payments.  It can really make a difference.”
Procedures for applying for the Board of Education vacancy, and more...


Fuesting's Legislation Unanimously Passes Senate
"I am concerned that these individuals are not complying with our current registration laws. If this bill becomes law and prevents the violation of even just one child, this effort will have been a success."
City of West Chicago


Traffic enforcement initiative begins March 20
"The West Chicago Police Department will be actively enforcing traffic laws such as DUI, speeding, seatbelt violations, and others. The enforcement period for this mini-grant alcohol program is from March 20 to April 2, 2006."
Fortner highlights census in State of West Chicago speech
"Fortner, in his annual State of the City address, said business vacancy rates dipped to 8 percent, the lowest level in 10 years. He predicted more growth and businesses along North Avenue and at Tower Station, a retail development off Route 59 and Hawthorne Lane."
Candidates open up on health care, reform, war in Iraq
(The same article was so good on 04 March they seem to have run it again with a different title.)
"Small business owners in Illinois and across America are trying to do their part to help provide their employees with health insurance, but they are struggling with annual double-digit premium increases. This bill helps solve that problem. ”
Sen. Obama Senator Obama's Opening Statement for Floor Debate on Ethics Reform
"As factories multiplied and profits grew, the winnings of the new economy became more and more concentrated in the hands of a few robber barons, railroad tycoons and oil magnates. In the cities, power was maintained by a corrupt system of political machines and ward bosses. And in the state of New York, there was a young governor who was determined to give government back to the people."
Democrats see Obama as face of 'reform and change' - USA Today
"It's testimony to the symbolic appeal of the Senate's only black member, and to his political precociousness. "Our party stands for reform and change and he embodies that," says Rep. Rahm Emanuel, a fellow Chicagoan who heads the House Democratic campaign committee."
Congressional Black Caucus blasts Bush's budget - - Chicago,IL
“Never before have Americans paid so much for a budget that does so little to keep them safe, secure and prosperous in a 21st century economy. After years of shelling out billions in taxpayer dollars to well-connected and well-financed special interests, the President is facing a debt so large that he cannot afford the promises he’s made to the American people.”
House Republicans Slate Legislation to Block Dubai Ports Deal - Bloomberg
"We believe the U.S. should not allow a government-owned company to run American ports,'' said Ron Bonjean, spokesman for House Speaker Dennis Hastert, an Illinois Republican. Bonjean said the measure would be aimed only at the DP World deal."
Lawmakers demand a cut of wartime funds for vets’ health care - - Springfield,VA
"The request for extra money was sent to House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., who would influence the outcome. The House Appropriations Committee plans to amend the administration’s supplemental budget request on Wednesday night. There is no money in the administration’s request for the VA."
Congress backs away from ethics reform - Capitol Hill Blue - VA
"In the House, there's increased talk of imposing a one-year moratorium on private travel, a far cry from House Speaker Dennis Hastert's original proposal to ban all free private trips in response to the Jack Abramoff scandal."
How Congress benefits from corporate flights - USA Today
"The most frequent flier with BellSouth in 2002-04 was Hastert, who traveled aboard the company's planes nine times, company documents show."
06 Mar City of West Chicago Local artists exhibit at Gallery 200
"The Gallery 200 art center in West Chicago is continuing its successful featured Artists Weekends. The second weekend in March will feature acrylic paintings by Nancy Voss."
District 33
Minutes and briefs
"The minutes from the February 16 meeting, and Board Briefs from the March 2 meeting are now available"
Rep.Randy Ramey Ramey Honors Congressman Hyde with Resolution
“Congressman Hyde has established a great legacy by his role in Illinois and U.S. politics,” Ramey said. “He has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life with his ideas and I believe he should be remembered for his dedication as a public servant.”
Kane Co. Chronicle News vet addicted to life, Chicago
"Aging was the focus Tuesday when Callaway performed part of his play for an audience at West Chicago's Prairie Landing Golf Club. The play is a major part of his second autobiographical work, "Life is ... Maintenance.""
Sen Durbin New Anti-Intelligence Leak Initiatives Adopted by Gov't - American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA
"Durbin actually took to the Senate floor to deny accusations that he disclosed classified information on Iraq after CIA Director George Tenet briefed the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in 2003,"
Sen. Obama Political advancement - Kansas State Collegian - Manhattan,KS
"These are Americans who still believe that anything is possible, they just don't think that their leaders do," Obama said. "These are Americans who still dream big dreams, they just sense that their leaders have forgotten how."
Line Item Veto
"Waste is waste, and all of us have a responsibility to help root it out and protect the American taxpayers’ dollars.”
Comments on Chairman Thomas’ Retirement
"And as we recently witnessed with the successful passage of CAFTA, he has led the way in opening international markets to expand trade..."
Military nominees praised - Elgin Courier News
"This is always one of the best parts of the year, that we get to speak to the men and women who make a run at nominations for the academies," Hastert said before congratulating the nominees and their parents."
UAE provisions recall another recent deal - Pasadena Star-News - Pasadena,CA
"Just before Christmas last year, in a spectacular example of a straight power play, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and House Speaker Dennis Hastert pulled off a backroom legislative deal to protect pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits."
The fading glories of globalization - Palm Beach Post - Palm Beach,FL
"The word didn't work, and the rhetoric shifted to accusing critics of bigotry against our friends in the UAE.  By then, it was too late. Even landlocked constituents of House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., who didn't know a buoy from a gull a week earlier, suddenly knew all about seaports."
05 Mar City of West Chicago Agenda for March 6th meeting of City Council
  • Adopt Annual Budget
  • Water Rate Charges
  • In Kind Services and Event Route OK for "We Grow Dreams" 5K and Family Walk/Run
  • In Kind Services and Event Route OK for Care Link 5K and Family Walk/Run
Health care, war unite Democratic newcomers
The primary race for the 6th Congressional District involves Democrats Lindy Scott, Tammy Duckworth and Christine Cegelis. The winner will face Republican state Sen. Peter Roskam in the November election.
the Cunningham Sentencing
"This sentence should send a strong message that no one is above breaking our nation's laws including, the Members of Congress who make them"
News from the Gulf Coast
Actually, Speaker Hastert's office has issued nothing on his trip nor mentioned it in his blog (Last updated Jan 19th.)... but my daughter, Becky, spent last week there working with a church group and and she was awed by the destruction.
04 Mar WegoWeb WegoWeb will be going back to having access to archival pages.  The access will again be at the bottom of the front page, allowing you to click on a month and see what appeared in previous years.  Expect links to go 404 because newspapers often rename files as THEY archive them or charge fees for access to THEIR archives.
Sen. Obama Saudi Oil Situation Set to Create Uncertainty for Foreseeable ... - Resource Investor - Herndon,VA
“In this year's State of the Union address, President Bush told us that it was time to get serious about America's addiction to foreign oil,” said Senator Obama at the very start of his speech.  “The next day, we found out that his idea didn't sit too well with the Saudi Royal Family. A few hours later, Energy Secretary Bodman backtracked and assured the world that even though the President said he planned to reduce the amount of oil we import from the Middle East, he actually didn't mean that literally,” he added.
Sen. Obama speaks at annual Democratic event - Topeka,KS
"We meet here tonight at America's heartland, at a time when we find ourselves at a crossroads in American History,” Obama said.
Checklist of Action on Hastert's Colleague, the alleged felon, Tom Delay.  Denny, reps are getting indicted without having been investigated by YOUR ethics committee.  Is something wrong here?
Admonished by House
Booked ... print and mug shot
Shame and Remorse
Additional Documents at Public Citizen
Video refuels Katrina debate - Concord Monitor - Concord,NH
"And in a sign of congressional concern over the fitful recovery, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, an Illinois Republican, and Majority Leader John Boehner, a Republican from Ohio, were leading a bipartisan delegation yesterday on a three-day tour of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region."
E-mails undermine Reed claim - Atlanta Journal Constitution
"In a letter to House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), the religious leaders said they were willing to accept "minor" exceptions to an Internet gaming ban, for such things as dog racing and horse racing."
Congressional chorus takes ex-colleague to task - San Diego Union Tribune
“It is my hope that . . . Cunningham will spend his incarceration thinking long and hard about how he broke the trust of the voters that elected him and those on Capitol Hill who served with him,”
Ga. Congressman Stumps for Wakim - Wheeling Intelligencer - Wheeling,WV
"The committee has yet to form during this term of Congress, as Mollohan and House Ethics Committee Chairman Doc Hastings, R-Wash., debated the rules of the committee and what staff should be hired.  “House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) has been patient,” Westmoreland said. “If I’d have been him, I’d have thrown them off the committee.”"
CD From Minnesota GOP Also Gathers Data
"To watch the video, a person has to go to an Internet site and punch in an ID code that tells the party who is viewing it. Once the video is going, viewers are asked questions on subjects like abortion, gun control and party preference."

(I wouldn't give them this kind of access to my computer, just to be allowed to watch a political ad. What other kinds of snooping are they doing? - Bob)

03 Mar Matt


Letter to the Editor
"Matt felt that heading back to the voting booth for more binding and non-binding referendums was a complete waste of time, money, and effort. He plans to carry the will of the 12,000 voters from the advisory referendum down to Springfield in the form of legislation he plans to work on."
Rep.Randy Ramey House Democratic Budget Process Lacks Professionalism
""It's like we're in light speed mode to hurry up and pass this budget without really analyzing what we're getting into,""
Sen Peter Roskam Week in Review for the week of February 27 – March 3, 2006
"Legislative initiatives designed to set stricter, more transparent guidelines on the use of eminent domain and make the state contract process more open and equitable are among the hundreds of measures that were approved this week by the Illinois Senate, according to State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton)."
 Library book sale wraps up Saturday
"Theresa Czajka, Friends of the West Chicago Library board member, said the organization has collected thousands of books that run the gamut of literature: adult fiction, all types of nonfiction and plenty of children’s books."
“Mr. Ferguson was a distinguished public servant who worked tirelessly on behalf of postal workers in Southern Illinois,”
"With heating bills up 41 percent in the Midwest this winter, many people face the choice to heat or eat,"
Parade of the Elephants - Memphis Flyer, TN
"... House speaker Dennis Hastert will be around to do a reprise of the O'Neill part. After his fashion, of course ... The Republicans this year are beginning to reel from the same sort of developing malaise that would overtake the Democrats within months of their leaving Memphis."
Gov. Blagojevich praises Illinois House for passing mine safety legislation
“As coal mining re-emerges in Illinois, we need to make sure that the men and women who go underground every day are safe,”
02 Mar West Chicago
High School
"The courses will cover basic computer literacy topics such as Windows OS, Word, basic Internet, email, etc."
Game Show Competition Teaches Local Teens LifeSmarts
"...LifeSmarts, a program of the National Consumers League, is a consumer education competition that tests teens in grades 9-12 about personal finance, health and safety, the environment, technology, and consumer rights and responsibilities."
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
"Senator Millner’s bill was passed unanimously by the Senate and will now be sent to the House of Representatives for consideration."
Sen Peter Roskam Senate approves eminent domain reforms
“Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle worked hard to get a bill that would be more than just a good press release,” Roskam said. “This legislation will codify some common-sense reforms when it comes to eminent domain proceedings – reforms that without this legislation would not exist.”
West Chicago
West Chicago Middle School announces honor roll
"West Chicago Middle School teachers and staff would like to congratulate the following students who made Honor Roll for the second quarter of the 2005-2006 school year."
Townships to host job fair
"To this end, the townships will be co-sponsoring a Job Fair to be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday, March 14, at the Wayne Township's Senior Center, 27W031 North Ave., West Chicago."
Sen Durbin Durbin measure would help protect Illinois seniors from ID theft - Leaderland News - Ogden,IL
"The Senate's overwhelming bipartisan support for this concept has made it clear that protecting our seniors needs to be a top priority for this Congress,"
Illionois Senators Disclosure legislation advancing - Morris Daily Herald - Morris,IL
"Democratic Senators Barack Obama and Dick Durbin of Illinois are joining Con-gressman Jerry Weller, R — Morris, on legislation requiring nuclear utility companies to inform state and local officials of accidental or unintentional leaks of radioactive material."
Sen. Obama Senate Considers Independent Ethics Office
"House and Senate Democrats have a bill that would create an office with auditing and investigative authority. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., has proposed an ethics enforcement commission to receive complaints from the public on alleged ethics violations by lawmakers"
Hastert heads to Gulf Coast; protesters to Batavia - Aurora Beacon News - Aurora,I
"Greg Galluzzo (right), of the Gamaliel Foundation, talks as Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now members (from left) Denise Diaz, Latrelle Smith, Sam Gonzales and LaShonda Brown, all of Chicago, rally in front of U.S. Rep. Dennis Hastert's Batavia office."
school district reorganization legislation wins Senate approval
“Our proposals will give school districts more flexibility to consolidate and reduce administrative burdens on school districts and teachers,”
Late night Tuesday edition...
Special bulletin - Board member resignation
District 33
Kindergarten Registration Announced
"Kindergarten registration, for children who will be 5 years old by September 1, 2006 and live within the boundaries of West Chicago Elementary School District #33, will take place during the month of April at each neighborhood elementary school. "
Club boot preceded fatal crash
"A Wayne man charged in a deadly drunken driving crash near Elgin was kicked out of a DuPage County strip club after he vomited in the bathroom about a half hour before the wreck, court documents say."
FDA Shields Drug Companies From Lawsuits - OpEdNews - USA
""We are concerned about the process that supports FDA's decisions to waive conflicts of interest rules for scientists with financial ties to the manufacturers of the products under consideration, or their competitors," said a letter to the GAO, signed by Senators in September 2005."
Senate Rules Committee Backs Earmark Reform - The Moderate Voice - USA
"... as well as one from Senator Durbin which "bans activities such as the 'K Street Project,' a GOP-backed effort to pressure lobbying groups to hire Republicans or those who supported the GOP agenda."
Sen. Obama EPA Involvement and Progress Made in Cleanup of Unsafe Cairo Hospital
"I am pleased that EPA officials have come to Cairo to work with state and local officials to determine how best to move forward and cleanup this unsafe facility,"
Rep Hastert High Tech Working Group Agenda
"This Republican Congress has delivered a number of key legislative victories on items central to maintaining our leadership position in high technology: CAFTA, which promotes free trade by reducing tariffs; Class Action Fairness which reins in frivolous lawsuits; and a “Hard Date” for return of valuable spectrum."
Republicans tout high-tech agenda - ZDNet
"At the time the Democrats' agenda was released, Hastert issued a statement accusing Democrats of voting against legislation considered important to tech interests."
Port flap shows US side of world clash of cultures - Decatur Daily Democrat - Decatur,IN
"Domestically, it shows how politically weak President Bush has become that GOP leaders like Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (Tenn.) and Speaker Dennis Hastert (Ill.) leaped to distance themselves from Bush on the port incident."
legislation to protect rape victims from being forced to view videotape of the crimes committed against them
“Judge Kennedy made the right decision when he ruled that the woman who was raped will not have to watch the video of her own rape.  But it came too close."
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