Tom Hernandez

Director of Communications

  (630) 513-2593

March 24, 2006

Education Partners, hello:

St. Charles North High School received a bomb threat via telephone at 7:11 a.m. today.

Per our safety protocol, the St. Charles Police immediately investigated and found the threat to be unfounded. As a further precaution, they brought in a bomb-sniffing dog, and concluded that the building was safe.

The building was locked down to facilitate the dog search. All activities resumed as normal once the dog search ended at 10:30 a.m.

All students and staff and secure.

We apologize for any concern and inconvenience this procedure might have caused.

However, please be assured that our protocol for this kind of event was created in conjunction with the police and is designed specifically to protect the safety of everyone in our building.

We have no information about possible arrests. That would have to come from the police department when they have such information.

We alerted our North High community through our “Connect-ED” recorded message system both at the beginning of the dog search and at its conclusion.

We’ve also posted this same information on the front page of our website.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
Tom Hernandez
Director of Communications