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March 7, 2006

Education Partners, good late evening.
As promised, bushels of news – with, believe it or not, lots more to come.


From the District 303 FAQ’s:

Question #24. Will District 303 need a third high school?

No. Two major studies indicate that District 303’s high school enrollment will eventually top out at about 5,200students. Given the way high schools are used today, two high schools holding about 2,600 students each are sufficient, and better meet today’s educational needs.

Check out the entire list of “Frequently Asked Questions” about the March 21, 2006 Building Referendum. Several new questions were recently added. Feel free to email your questions so that we can answer and add them to the list.

  • Did You Know… You can now vote before Election Day through March 16, 2006? Click here for more information on this important change to state law: We’ve added links identifying locations for early voting.
  • Calendar of Events: The public is invited to attend any of these events to hear more information about the referendum:
  • Absentee Voting: Qualified voters expecting to be away from home on Election Day can vote absentee before the March 21, 2006 election:

Visit the District 303 “March 21, 2006 Building Referendum” website for more:


Have a good night/morning.
Tom Hernandez
Director of Communications