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Date:  March 2, 2006

House Democratic Budget Process Lacks Professionalism

Springfield, IL.State Rep. Randy Ramey (R-Carol Stream) is calling the House Democrats' decision to hold simplified budget hearings away from the State Capitol in Chicago next week a "lack of professionalism."

"Some people think this is a game and not something that needs to be taken seriously," Ramey said. "We're talking about billions of dollars of taxpayer money and the Governor and the House Democrats are moving these hearings to Chicago for their convenience without reviewing what would be good for the people of Illinois."

In addition, Ramey questions how legislators will be able to review spending procedures if several budget hearings are being squeezed into a few days time, instead of separate hearings being held in both Springfield and Chicago over a period of time.

"It's like we're in light speed mode to hurry up and pass this budget without really analyzing what we're getting into," Ramey said. "We're dealing with money that funds various important services like road work, health care, public safety and it affects everyone in this state. Our youth. Seniors. Working people. We can't just lump everything into a few hearings without giving each line item a fair discussion."

Appropriation committee hearings are held on a number of topics to generate input and discussion from members of the General Assembly, service providers, and agency directors who have an impact on directing the financial direction of this state. Hearings have been scheduled to begin Monday, March 6, in the James R. Thompson Center in Chicago.