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31 Jan Elementary
District 33
"The agenda for the February 2, 2006 meeting of the District #33 Board of
Education has been posted"
Visitation and Funeral Arrangements for Natalie and Noe Alanis
"Visitation for Natalie and Noe Alanis, the District #33 students who lost their lives in a fire at their home last Sunday, is scheduled for Wednesday, February 1, 2006 from 3:00 - 8:00 pm at Norris-Whalen Funeral Home, 132 Fremont Street in West Chicago. "
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
"Senate Bill 2402, requires judges to base the amount of time an offender has spent in jail on the actual days spent in confinement rather then the duration of their term. Currently, in some cases of parole violation, even though an offender may have served as little as eight out of thirty days in one month, they have qualified for a full month of credit served. "
2 West Chicago schools grieving
“Fire and smoke prevented (us) from getting upstairs to find the children. The children were found together, one embracing the other,”
Children's fire deaths shock neighborhood
"The children are in heaven together," an exhausted Alanis said Monday through a Spanish interpreter at Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield, where her husband, Noe Alanis, remained after suffering minor burns and complications from diabetes. "The times [we] had with them made [us] very, very happy."
“We were all saddened this morning to wake to the news of the death of Coretta Scott King, a champion of justice and human rights,”
“As Chair of the Federal Reserve, Dr. Bernanke’s challenge will be to maintain a growing economy at a time when our nation faces record long-term debt, increased competition from countries like China and vulnerabilities in our pension systems.”
“These young Illinois soldiers have given so much in service to our nation. I think it is only fitting that they come here tonight and be a part of that special moment in our nation’s history – the State of the Union address,”
“Today, Judge Samuel Alito received more “no” votes than any confirmed Supreme Court justice in United States history other than Clarence Thomas. I cast one of those “no” votes.”
Sen. Obama Statement on the Death of Coretta Scott King
"When I think about Coretta Scott King, I think about the little girl who walked five miles to school on those rural Alabama roads and felt the heat of racism each day she passed the doors of the whites-only school so much closer to home."
Rep Hastert Comments on the Passing of Coretta Scott King
“I will be bringing a resolution of condolence before the House later today to enable all Members to formally express their appreciation for the life of this courageous lady.”
Meehan to GOP: Hands off my bill - The Hill - Washington,DC
“We know how much money comes into campaigns and where it’s coming from, and all that’s obfuscated by 527s,”
Going in reverse on ethics - finally - Vallejo Times-Herald - Vallejo,CA
"However, it is mind-boggling to see the likes of House Speaker Dennis Hastert carrying the flag for reform, since the recent abuses have come on his watch. In the Senate, Rick Santorum - the GOP liaison for the K Street project, no less - is helping lead the push for reform."
"The Critical Skills Shortage Initiative is training hardworking men and women to take advantage of great career opportunities, while it also helps ensure that the manufacturing industry remains strong and viable in our global economy."
Under the Radar
(An interesting but under covered story)
Untimely removal - Toledo Blade
"LAST Wednesday President Bush removed Noel L. Hillman, the chief prosecutor in the Jack Abramoff lobbying and bribery scandal, from the case. Mr. Bush's action came as the media and his critics swarmed around the problem of trying to pry publicly owned photographs of Mr. Bush with Mr. Abramoff from the White House."
30 Jan Elementary
District 33
Memorial Fund Established
"A memorial fund has been established at DuPage National Bank in West Chicago for the family of the two District #33 students who perished in a house fire yesterday."
tragic house fire
"We have asked our parents to please take extra time being with their own children - sitting with them, talking, reading, eating supper together as a family - so that they can provide them with the opportunity to ask questions."
Referendum websites...
Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Com Schedule Posted
There is a new broadcast of Senator Obama's recent town hall meeting on the schedule.  There are things happening at Comcast... and you could be a part of it by volunteering.
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
"Senate Bill 2347 would keep courts from excluding witness statements in court proceedings if the witness was murdered by the defendant in order to prevent them from testifying."
Fire kills two young children
"Police said paramedics proceeded to take Natali Alanis, 7, and her 3-year-old brother, Noe, to Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield, but it was too late. Both died at the hospital, the West Chicago Fire Protection District said."
Time for board to straighten up its act (second editorial... scroll down)
"Neither Ray nor Gaffney are more to blame with the pall of uneasiness they’ve created over the board. Right now, they share equally, until one or both is able to rise above all of this nonsense for the good of the district."
“American consumers are paying the price for an energy policy that rewards the greed of oil and gas companies and is too dependent on foreign oil. Offering consumers immediate relief from the rising cost of energy is only a first step. We must make energy independence a national priority..."
"In a bipartisan letter to President Bush, more than 30 Senators called on the Administration to expand its efforts to help end the “continuing genocidal violence in Darfur, Sudan.” The letter was spearheaded by U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)."
Sen. Obama US Sen. Barack Obama to appear at annual Democratic dinner - Newsday - Long Island,NY
"U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, touted as one of the Democratic Party's new stars, will be the keynote speaker at the state Democrats' annual dinner in March."
Ney's ability, support aided his rise - New Philadelphia Times Reporter - New Philadelphia,OH
"He was the first member of his freshman class of lawmakers, elected in 1994, to ascend to a leadership post when House Speaker Dennis Hastert appointed him chairman of the House Administration Committee in 2001."
Congressional leadership a mixed blessing for home districts - Akron Beacon Journal - Akron,OH
"But that is always more chancy than giving money directly through legislation. House Speaker Dennis Hastert went to Treasury Secretary John Snow in 2004 to advocate for a $1.6 billion federal loan guarantee for United Airlines, which is based in the speaker's Illinois district. The company's application was denied."
Abramoff Scandal Forces Republican Reversal on New Ethics Laws - Bloomberg
"Dreier's Rules Committee in 2001 proposed bringing to the floor Shays's legislation banning unlimited corporate contributions to the parties under rules that would have made it harder to pass. Dreier's proposal was rejected by a vote on the House floor, the first time such a proposal from the Rules Committee had been turned down under House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois."
Reynolds raises funds lavishly - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Rochester,NY
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., took in $1.5 million last year for his committee, Keep Our Majority. He spent $1.1 million, or about 76 percent."
mine safety legislation
“Coal mining is re-emerging here in Illinois.  As we bring more mines back to life, we have to make sure that the men and women who go underground every day are safe and secure”
Under the Radar
(An interesting but under covered story)
Palace Revolt -  Newsweek
"Comey thanked "people who came to my office, or my home, or called my cell phone late at night, to quietly tell me when I was about to make a mistake; they were the people committed to getting it right—and to doing the right thing—whatever the price. These people," said Comey, "know who they are. Some of them did pay a price for their commitment to right, but they wouldn't have it any other way.""
ACLU Georgia Uncovers Pentagon Spying Files - American Chronicle
""The protests that we have evidence of spying of, are all peace groups, those who oppose the Administration’s policies," Weber responded to a press question from APN. "We have not heard of a case where a pro-war group was spied upon.""
29 Jan Coke has taste all its own in Mexico
"A Coke might be Coke anywhere on the planet but not in the United States.  In Mexican enclaves and neighborhoods locally and across the country, Coke is not the real thing unless it’s from Mexico."
Sister, brother killed in West Chicago fire
"The house fire, which eventually involved fire companies from 12 different municipalities and districts and shut down the Union Pacific West Line for more than two hours, was reported by a passerby on the 100 block of South Aurora Street just after 2 p.m., West Chicago Fire Chief Ron Ackerman said in a news release."
Sen Durbin US Lawmakers Call On Rice To End Ideological Attacks On Funding ... - Medical News Today
"... and U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) sent a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice today to protest attacks by right wing organizations and Republican members of Congress on effective programs to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and to call for a funding process based on merit and science, not ideology."
Sen. Obama Obama says he supports filibuster to block Alito - WQAD - Moline,IL
"But the Illinois Democrat also says his party relies too heavily on procedural maneuvers like filibusters and Democrats could do a better job of persuading the American people directly."
"With heating bills up 41 percent in the Midwest this winter, many people face the choice to heat or eat,"
NHA: no apology for alleged racism - SikhSangat News - Brampton,Ontario
"Community groups were outraged that the Nutritional Health Alliance (NHA) would be engaged in the production of such a racist flyer that serves to perpetuate an increased environment of prejudice and hate against the Sikh, Muslim and Arab American communities."
Rep Hastert Oswego toasts water system - Aurora Beacon News
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert visited one of Oswego's well stations Friday to dedicate the village's state-of-the-art radium filtration system with a check from the federal government for $950,200."
Fortenberry supports surveillance review - Lincoln Journal Star - Lincoln,NE
"Fortenberry also asked Hastert to consider a rules change that would eliminate passage of major legislation without allowing House members at least three days to review House-Senate conference reports."
Under the Radar
(An interesting but under covered story)
Health Care Confidential - Paul Krugman, The New York Times
"Last year customer satisfaction with the veterans' health system, as measured by an annual survey conducted by the National Quality Research Center, exceeded that for private health care for the sixth year in a row."
27 Jan Annual Meeting
"The Chambers annual awards banquet, held this past Wednesday was a tremendous success -- nearly one hundred members and guests attended this event, which honored Thomas O. Marziani with a Lifetime Achievement Award. "
Seeking CEOs, Presidents, CFOs for leadership group
"If successful, other pear groups or industry groups will be formed as a way for the chamber to provide additional benefits to its members in this ever-changing business climate."
Rep.Randy Ramey DUI Fines to Purchase Crime Prevention Equipment
“This bill removes those restrictions and gives the departments authorization to spend fine collections in ways that will better protect their communities from violence.”
Man accused in train station assault
"West Chicago authorities arrested a man suspected of a daytime assault at the city’s commuter train station and kissing a high school girl against her will."
Fuel sales propel DuPage Airport forward
"Riding a wave of record fuel sales, the DuPage Airport is set to end the coming year with a $1.04 million surplus.  Airport commissioners expect to collect $34.58 million in 2006, while spending $33.54 million."
Man accused of trying to grab girl, kiss student
"A 21-year-old West Chicago man was accused Thursday of trying to abuse a young girl at the city's commuter train station on Jan. 2 and attempting to kiss a female student at West Chicago High School on Jan. 19."
"Firefighters, police officers and emergency health care workers still can’t communicate with each other in times of crisis – whether it’s a terrorist attack or a natural disaster. And the administration continues to call for cuts in programs to help communities hire new police officers and new firefighters – our first line of defense."
Sen. Obama Investigation into Whether Corporations are Restricting Consumer Access to Alternative Fuels
"And if big oil companies are standing in the way of consumers who want to fill their vehicles with cleaner alternative fuels made here in the United States, then I believe the American people deserve to know why."
Floor Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the Confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito, Jr.
"But when you look at his record - when it comes to his understanding of the Constitution, I have found that in almost every case, he consistently sides on behalf of the powerful against the powerless; on behalf of a strong government or corporation against upholding American's individual rights."
Illinois officials seek probe of oil companies' handling of E-85 - WQAD - Moline,IL
"Obama wants the congressional Government Accountability Office to look into the issue. He says an oil company memo shows that franchise gas stations face strict corporate rules making it difficult to offer alternative fuels."
on the Recent Palestinian Elections
“The citizens of Palestine have just completed a democratic process that has elected Hamas as the majority party in the Palestinian parliament... Hamas has shown that it prefers terrorism against innocent civilians to pursue its political aims, and the United States should play no role in assisting a majority terrorist parliament.”
The Harder They Fall - Rolling Stone
"Standing next to Dreier, nodding with mild approval but also scanning the crowd cautiously, was the boarlike House speaker, Dennis Hastert. Hastert had kicked off this presser with similarly inspired oratory -- the highlight of which, according to my notes, was this line: "It's not acceptable to, uh, break the rules or the law.""
Gov. Blagojevich launches Keep Warm Illinois Spanish language website
“The Spanish version of the Keep Warm Illinois website will help even more households learn how they can weatherize their homes and take certain energy saving steps to help them significantly decrease their utility bills.” 
Under the Radar
(An interesting but under covered story)
Today host  Couric chided Dean for accurate statement This article has video.
"Well, we will obviously have to look into that and clarify that for our viewers at a -- at a later date."
26 Jan Matt
Sex Offender Tracking Bill Introduced in IL Senate
“This legislation is an incredible step toward more accurate tracking of convicted sex offenders. In addition, there is no cost to the taxpayers of Illinois.”
West Chicago Police Dept. arrest of Juan Carlos Perez
"The six count complaint charges Perez with three counts of Aggravated Battery, one count of Unlawful Restraint, one count of Attempted Sexual Abuse, and one count of Criminal Trespass to State Supported Land."
West Chicago
West DuPage park briefs
  • Pool passes for the 2006 season
  • Kindergarten Kamp
WC residents can make a difference in emergencies
"Situations in which the Corps will be able to assist are acts of terrorism, natural or man-made disasters and enhancing local emergency management strategies."
If weather is right, have fun at local forest preserves
"When conditions permit, trails at the following forest preserves are groomed for classical and skate-style cross-country skiing: Herrick Lake and Danada in Wheaton, Blackwell in Warrenville, Waterfall Glen in Darien, Greene Valley in Naperville, West DuPage Woods in West Chicago and Fullersburg Woods in Oak Brook."
Sen. Obama Veterans Administration Denied Health Care Services to Nearly 9,000 Illinois Veterans in 2005
"The VA denied nearly 9,000 veterans in Illinois health care services they earned last year. This is an offensive and misguided way to balance the budget on veterans' backs,"
Pork and scandals Hobbling the lobbyists - Economist - UK
"The Republican Speaker, Dennis Hastert, suggested a similar package of lobbyist-bashing reforms, equally sensible but equally beside the point."
The Speaker Adds to his Blog
"I used to teach government classes to high school students and I know that confidence in the integrity of our government is essential to our democratic system.  So it makes me both angry and sad when a Member of Congress or former staffers betray that trust."
Gov. Blagojevich recognized by Families USA for outstanding commitment to healthcare; Speaks to national health conference about landmark All Kids insurance program
25 Jan West Chicago
High School
"Having an impressive academic resume is only one third of what makes her accomplishments astounding. Kelly has been a three-sport athlete for four years competing in swimming (as captain), basketball (as captain) and track."
Chamber of Commerce Fashion Show: "Singing in the Rain"
"In addition to bringing flowers, this April will have us "Singing in the Rain" at the West Chicago Chamber of Commerce Fashion Show and Luncheon to be held on April 12 in the St. Charles ballroom at Pheasant Run Resort from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m."
Killer of half-sister gets life in prison
"In 1977, Gonzalez was convicted of aggravated kidnapping after he commandeered the car of a West Chicago woman at knifepoint and forced her to perform a sex act. The woman escaped after struggling but her hand was cut severely, she testified."
“Those of us who have worked on the Lincoln Presidential Library for many years owe a special debt of gratitude to Richard Norton Smith for helping in its historic launch."
Democratic Senators send letter to Bush on domestic spying program - WREG - Memphis,TN
"Illinois Senator Richard Durbin calls the spying program "troubling" and asks, "can any Congress limit this president's power?""
Sen. Obama Kidman, Suzuki, Obama Among New Biographies in World Book - Business Wire
"What do Academy Award winning actress Nicole Kidman, U.S. Senator Barack Obama, and Japanese baseball player Ichiro Suzuki have in common?"
Checklist of Action on Hastert's Colleague
Since there is nothing good about the Republican Congressional Scandal, I thought you might like to review this "to do" list.
Admonished by House
Booked ... print and mug shot
Shame and Remorse
Additional Documents at Public Citizen
24 Jan New Officers Elected
"At the January 21 meeting, the members of 4 The People voted to accept the nominations of new officers. The following members have agreed to serve in the executive positions of 4 The People."
District 33
"A Dual Language Open House will take place at Gary School on February 22, 2006 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm. In conjunction with the Open House, class visits and information sessions will be available."
Minutes of Meetings Posted at the District Website:
Board of Education meeting synopsis
City may make drivers hang up
“Our position as a police department is there’s no doubt in our minds that cell phone use while driving is hazardous,”
Sen Durbin Durbin votes `no' on Alito - WQAD - Moline,IL
"Alito, a federal appeals judge, was only up for consideration as President Bush's choice to be the successor to retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor because support had fizzled for his first choice, the president's White House counsel, Harriet Miers."
Sen. Obama Obama to Vote No on the Nomination of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court
"Yet, in examining Judge Alito's many decisions, I have seen extraordinarily consistent support for the powerful against the powerless, for the employer against the employee, for the President against the Congress and the Judiciary, and for an overreaching federal government against individual rights and liberties."
Sen. Obama To Oppose Alito - KSDK - St. Louis,MO
"The Democratic senator says fears Alito would not be an independent voice for all citizens."
Governor Blagojevich thanks Richard Norton Smith for leading the opening of world class Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Complex
We don't know if Denny Knew Abramoff, but Abramoff Knew Denny
“[Speaker Denny] Hastert [R-Ill.] is very confident, very organized and even-tempered. It’s a stable environment there,” he said. “I think it was a little less so with [former Speaker Newt] Gingrich [R-Ga.]. The DeLay operation also has ripened into a very mature ground operation.”
FEW IN DC DARE TO SAY EMPEROR IS NAKED - Canton Repository - Canton,OH
"Blunt, Boehner and Speaker Dennis Hastert are talking reform, but mostly of the cosmetic variety. Some among the House GOP’s idealistic class of 1994 talk of challenging the whole leadership short of Speaker Hastert. Count that as unlikely. Too many House Republicans have grown addicted to the system of spend and elect."
Shaw takes gloves off; says Klein is "lobbyist" - Boca Raton News - FL
"If Republicans think they can turn the page on former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) by sticking with Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), Blunt as Majority Leader and Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) as Majority Whip, they must be wearing rose-colored glasses," Rothenberg added."
Under the Radar
(An interesting but under covered story)
On BullS##T
"First, we have the president of the United States running around the country defending himself on a matter no one – absolutely no one – is debating. He smirks and grins and proclaims he just can’t understand why his opponents don’t want him ferreting out those nasty terrorists."
23 Jan Rep.Randy Ramey Ramey Files Bill to Allow DCFS to Promote Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act
“Too often in the news we hear about newborn babies that are being left in trash cans and vacant buildings because they are placed there by scared parents,”
Mid-Year State of the State report, Literature Festival, and more...
Metra extends service to western suburbs
"A depot will be built later this year, and there have been major track improvements and construction of a commuter train storage yard just east of the Elburn station, replacing a coach yard in West Chicago."
Sen Durbin Illinois titanium powder company gets $2.8 million in federal ... - WQAD - Moline,IL
"Senator Dick Durbin announced the funding for International Titanium Powder today at the company's Lockport headquarters.  Among other things, the money will help the defense contractor expand operations in Lockport, where it has ten employees."
Sen. Obama CLEAN UP Act to Increase Transparency in Government, Decrease Lobbyists' Influence
"My bill would give the public access to now-secret conference committee meetings and allow them to easily find a list of all pet projects in appropriations bills. This common-sense legislation would make it impossible for legislators to anonymously slip in special interest giveaways in the dead of night, and would ensure that lawmakers never again vote on legislation without having time to read it."
Cleaning up a mess - Elmira Star-Gazette - Elmira,NY
"Led by no one less than House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., the House effort to reform lobbying rules last week was a classic example of foxhole religion. Whether the speaker's move will protect Republicans in the fall elections is anyone's guess, ..."
Under the Radar
(An interesting but under covered story)
The Honest Leadership And Open Government Act
"Democrats offer an aggressive reform package to reverse Republican excesses and restore the public trust. Our program for change embodies the following provisions:"
22 Jan Cable Com
Channel 17
Cable Com Schedule Posted
$1,000 per student college tuition tax credit
"In his State of the State address on Wednesday, the Governor proposed a $1,000 tax credit for every child an Illinois family has enrolled in any college in Illinois, public or private.  The tax credit applies to freshmen and sophomores who maintain a B average."
Sen Durbin Transcript: Sen. Dick Durbin on 'FOX News Sunday' - FOX News
"When Senator McCain reaches across the aisle to find Democrats to support efforts to make America stronger, he finds plenty of us standing, willing to help him and many other Republican leaders."
Sen. Obama McCain Says Congressional `Earmarks' a Source of Corruption - Bloomberg
"Democratic Senator Barak Obama of Illinois, who helped introduce his party's lobbying proposals, said in a separate interview that while the influence of money in politics is a problem for Democrats and Republicans, the current scandal reflects ``very particular problems of this administration and this Congress.''"
Reform is not enough - - Ocala,FL
"Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert was first out of the box with a set of measures prohibiting most lobbyist-paid travel, meals, drinks and entertainment. Sounds good, but it's nothing but a giant CYA. "
Don't DeLay, clean House - San Francisco Chronicle - CA
"Under Hastert and DeLay, the GOP leadership has betrayed Republican principles. Deficit spending has been the leadership's crutch, and fundraising its addiction. It's clear DeLay and his cronies would still be living large and skirting rules if uber-lobbyist Jack Abramoff had not pleaded guilty to defrauding Indian tribal clients, conspiring to bribe members of Congress and evading taxes. If the GOP is calling for reforms, it's not because the party saw the light. It's because the leaders got caught."
Bush, Abramoff photographed together - Science Daily
"Three other photos show Bush with Abramoff and the lobbyist's three sons.  A sixth picture shows several of Abramoff's five children with Bush and House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill."
(Denny, what about those comments that nobody knew him? - Bob)
21 Jan Winfield subdivision vote delayed again
“I’m sitting back and waiting for the circus to end,” Reyes said. “Every time they delay this, it impacts the budget of (Winfield Elementary) District 34, which is in a world of hurt, and District 94.”
Sen Durbin Senator opposes Alito for Court - Bloomington Pantagraph - IL
"Sharing the concerns of fellow Democrats on the committee, Durbin also said he fears Alito would not be willing to oppose a president "who is determined to seize too much power over our personal lives.""
Sen. Obama Coming Soon: a Play On Obama -
"A play based on Senator Barrack Obama's autobiography will be staged at the Kenya National Theatre in a month's time."
Big Macs for legislators? Horrors! - Myrtle Beach Sun News - Myrtle Beach,SC
"Don't be fooled by the chorus shouting "The Democrats did it too!" - from Tom DeLay's multiple troubles to Duke Cunningham's antique commode to Abramoff's spider web of tainted links, this is a Republican scandal, period. There's no indication that Abramoff, who had a habit of making lavish campaign contributions, gave any of his own money to Democrats - he seems to have written checks to Republicans only."
Hastert's 'shock' at bribery should stretch credulity - Royal Gazette - Bermuda
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert wants you to know he is shocked – shocked! – to learn that fellow Republicans have been running a den of iniquity right under his nose. It has come to Hastert’s attention that some man named Jack Abramoff, never heard of him, who apparently is something called a “lobbyist”, whatever that is, has confessed to purchasing the vote of at least one GOP congressman and is singing sweetly to prosecutors about others.Hastert says we shouldn’t worry, though, because we’re not sure anything really happened, and anyway he’s going to make sure it never happens again, and blah blah blah blah blah, just move along, folks, there’s nothing to see here."
Under the Radar
(An interesting but under covered story)
Leading Republican strategist criticizes spying operation; media yawn
"On Tuesday, January 17, a group called Patriots to Restore Checks and Balances issues a press release titled, "Leading Conservatives Call for Extensive Hearings on NSA Surveillance; Checks on Invasive Federal Powers Essential.""
20 Jan West Chicago
High School
Community High School Wins Best Buy Te@ch Award for Bilingual Science Video Project
"Students select experiments, research them, write scripts, produce storyboards, shoot the videos, create graphics and art and edit the videos. They share copies of the DVDs with Spanish speaking students at West Chicago Middle School. "
District 33
"Classes meet Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m. or 12:15 p.m.-2:45 p.m. The fee for the 3-day program is $155.00 per month and $185.00 per month for the 4-day program."
Update on Building PreSchool facility
"Last evening the Board gave Administration the authority to engage an architect firm to begin the bid process seeking long-term modular classroom space to house the preschool program."
New Bell-Graham and Ferson Creek principals, and photos...
"This week Senate committees began looking at hundreds of pieces of legislation introduced for the Spring 2006 legislative session, and Governor Rod Blagojevich delivered his fourth annual State of the State Address to citizens and lawmakers, according to State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton)."
Rep.Randy Ramey State Needs to Prioritize Spending, Create New Budget Plan for Future Initiatives
"“But we need to come up with a fiscally responsible plan to pay for them. We shouldn’t be relying on forms of gambling to pay for education and for capital repair projects.”"
W. Chicago looks to trim heat costs
"With heating costs on rise, West Chicago leaders want to give residents and businesses some relief by suspending the city’s tax on natural gas."
He used to do relay with his wife; now, he’ll walk for her
“I’ll have to bring a hanky this year,” he said. “We lost a good soldier this year, but I’m going to keep marching on.”
Story of sacrifice spurred many others into service
"Those were standard home videos for the West Chicago woman, now 26.  “I grew up knowing (Jim Elliot) was my grandfather, and he died for a cause he truly believed in,” she said."
Upgraded charges pondered in BB shooting
"Jeremy Dekruyff, 23, of 80 McKinley St. in St. Charles, and Daniel Clarke, 22, of 2417 Elm Road in West Chicago, have been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon."
Sen Durbin


“Thousands of low-income and disabled seniors have been told by pharmacies across Illinois that they are not eligible for the low-income program, or that the drugs they need are not available on their formulary. These are our most vulnerable seniors, yet many have walked away without their medication.”
More Senators Announce Opposition to Alito - Ms. Magazine - Beverly Hills,CA
“In the record, the writings, the words, and the life of Samuel Alito, I searched for evidence of his caring heart – evidence that for the next two or three decades he would use his position on the Supreme Court to enlarge our freedom, protect our privacy, and respect the delicate balance of power and responsibility our Constitution creates,”
Sen. Obama Can Congress Stop Another Abramoff? - TIME - USA
"... close to one hundred congressional Democrats stood together in the Library of Congress as Senator Barack Obama talked about the importance of the reforms his party was introducing."
Denny's Long Time Aid lobbying for Kane County
"Kane County, Illinois, the largest county in Speaker Denny Hastert's 14th congressional district, is another local government that can't get its voice heard in our nation's capital."
Republican leaders say they're reformers! - New York Observer
"Actually, what the Speaker has done over the past several months (and years) is pretty much nothing, except for his assiduous efforts to cover up for Mr. DeLay -- who ushered him into the top leadership post in 1999 and was universally regarded as the brains and muscle behind Mr. Hastert."
Hastert Announces Rep. Vernon Ehlers as Acting Chairman of the Committee on House Administration
"He is a well experienced member of this committee and has been instrumental in the creation of the Thomas website (, a portal that allows the American people access to copies of legislation and other government documents."
19 Jan West Chicago
High School
WCHS Education Foundation Seeks Nominations for Favorite Teachers
"This is our chance to show our appreciation for those who went above and beyond the call of duty to make a difference in our lives," said event chairman Ruben Pineda. "We want to celebrate and honor these great folks, some of whom have changed the course of our lives."
District 33
Agenda for Meeting of Jan 19th
"The agenda was delayed this week due to illnesses."
Post Bears loss edition...
Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
Capital Bill Must Be Fiscally Sound
"He has borrowed more against our pension systems in his first three years in office than the previous three Governors had borrowed--combined. To pay off our bond debts, every person in the state would have to come up with more than $2,000. Little more than four years ago, that figure was roughly $1,000. "
Teachers worried  about  staff cuts
"The school board has decided to eliminate the high school’s bilingual coordinator by August, replacing the post with a bilingual department chair who will teach and help coordinate the program."
West Chicago
Community comes together in time of need
"Concern for the victims of an unprovoked attack that still has one of the victims in serious condition. And concern that the local Hispanic community might all be branded for the actions of one individual."
West Chicago works to ease residents' gas bills
"At the Jan. 16 City Council meeting Mayor Michael Fortner directed staff to prepare an ordinance temporarily suspending the gas use tax. "It will help mitigate the costs," he said."
18 Jan Photograph of  Representative  John                 J. Millner            (R)Sen John
"Today’s State of the State address was long on glamour and short on substance, according the State Senator John J. Millner (R- Carol Stream). "
Agenda for meeting at January 21, 2006 at 10AM
   Political Action- Televised debate for State Rep. races
   Elections of Officers and Directors
“Democrats are coming forward with specific proposals, not vague notions, to restore honesty and integrity to Congress. It is a real reform initiative that addresses the abuses of power the American people have witnessed in the past ten years,”
“The fraudulent acquisition of records needs to be punishable as a true criminal offense, subject to jail time and fines. The sale and transfer of this information needs to be clearly prohibited by law.”
Sen. Obama Obama Defending Sen. Clinton - CBS2 Chicago
"There's been a consolidation of power by the Republican Congress and this White House in which, if you are the ordinary voter, you don't have access," Obama said. "... That should be a source of concern for all of us."
"It has shaken the faith of the American people in a government that looks out for their interests and upholds their values,"
Rep Hastert Backlash against earmarks gains steam -
"Republican leaders are not ready to do away with the practice of earmarking, and Hastert defended members' right to direct federal resources to their constituents as a matter of congressional prerogative."
Time to really clean House - Roanoke Times - Roanoke,VA
"Hastert also participated in neutering the House Ethics Committee after it cited DeLay three times for ethics violations."
Governor Blagojevich lays out ambitious agenda in 2006 State of the State Address
"Governor Rod R. Blagojevich today delivered his 2006 State of the State Address, outlining the significant progress made over the last three years to help working families. The Governor proposed several major new initiatives to create even more jobs, improve education, increase access to healthcare and continue to lower the crime rate."
17 Jan Agency wary of opening refund spigot
"If state lawmakers give the commission the ability to give sales tax dollars to West Chicago, other municipalities not getting lake water, like Warrenville and Wayne, might want a similar arrangement."
Obituary of Marilyn Noelte Newcomer
"The couple married in 1972 and briefly lived in Wisconsin and West Chicago before settling in Wheaton."
Sen Durbin Durbin's staff moves on ethics front - WQAD - Moline,IL
"The top aides _ including his chief of staff Ed Greelegs and Mike Daly _ say that effective tomorrow that all Durbin staff will voluntarily comply with the Senate Democrats' ethics proposal _ The Honest Leadership Act and Open Government Act."
Illionois Senators The end of Sharon means big trouble for the Bush administration. ... - The American Prospect - Boston,MA
"Senator Dick Durbin, Obama’s Illinois partner and the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate, has no doubt about the future of his state’s most popular politician. “He’s an odds-on favorite to run for higher office,” Durbin predicts. “If you are a personal investment banker, you certainly want to invest in the Barack Obama IPO … It is a solid investment in the American political scene.”"
Sen. Obama iraq, united states: 'No money without progress', lawmakers say - Monday Morning - Beirut,Lebanon
“Ultimately, the Iraqi government has to take responsibility for making sure that if we pour that money into various ministries and reconstruction projects then it is not simply going to be dissipated”
Rep Hastert Critics call ethics group in House a failure - - Tacoma,WA
"The committee has not launched an investigation since House Speaker Dennis Hastert declined in February 2005 to reappoint Rep. Joel Hefley, R-Colo., as chairman, and replaced him with Hastings. Hastert also removed two other Republican members of the committee who along with Hefley had twice voted to admonish DeLay for ethics lapses in 2004."
Abramoff scandal snares one Republican after another - Village Voice - New York,NY
"It is "no secret that over the past several months, our reputation as a governing majority has taken a beating," Congressman Jeff Flake, an Arizona Republican, told Speaker Dennis Hastert in a letter. "It is clear that continuing indictments, possible indictments, plea deals, tainted campaign contributions, etc., [have] severely eroded public trust.""
Governor Blagojevich, Mayor Daley renew call for state assault weapons ban
“Every sane person would agree that machine guns and grenades should be illegal. Their only purpose is to kill large numbers of people. The same is true of military-style assault weapons.”
Under the Radar
(An interesting but under covered story)
The Pacifist `Threat' - Hartford Courant
"Last month, NBC News broke the story that the meeting of Quakers in Lake Worth, Fla., was one of about 1,500 allegedly suspicious incidents included in the Defense Department's secret TALON (Threat and Local Observation Notice) reporting system. Recent reports have said Quaker activities in Ohio and Vermont also may have been scrutinized under the program."
16 Jan Rep.Randy Ramey Higher Education for Disabled Veterans’ Families
“We need to provide opportunities for those families who have suffered hardship because their loved ones were hurt while serving our country during times of war.”
Victims' families tell toll of speeding
"The main thing is, we want to raise awareness about the dangers of speeding. I don't want to have other families go through what we're going through because it's something that's avoidable,"
Sen. Obama 2,000 At Annual Rainbow-PUSH Martin Luther King Scholarship - WBBM780 - Chicago
"U.S. Senator Barack Obama, Governor Rod Blagojevich and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley also spoke at the breakfast -- which also honored four people including U.S. Senators John McCain and John Kerry whose work over the past year has been in the King tradition."
Lugar, Obama may help save millions of lives - - Kendallville,IN
"“A thorough, multi-faceted non-proliferation strategy is essential to fully defend the American people,” Lugar and Obama wrote in a joint letter to the administration. “We urge you to keep these critical initiatives foremost in importance and funding allocation.”"
Rep Hastert Hastert's challenge: Remake GOP's image heading into election - San Jose Mercury News - CA
"There is real discontent," said Rep. Anne Northup, R-Ky., who is pressing for new elections of virtually the entire party leadership, though she excludes Hastert. "There are some that are very angry."
Critics call ethics group in House a failure - - Tacoma,WA
"The House Ethics Committee, led by Rep. Doc Hastings, has sat idle over the past year as Congress faces what could become one of the worst scandals in its history."
Under the Radar
(An interesting but under covered story)
 Old, blind, crippled - and fit for execution - The Independent, Britain
"With Allen legally blind, hard of hearing, confined to a wheelchair by the debilitating effects of diabetes, and barely able to speak above a whisper, his judicial killing is being denounced as an affront to human dignity."
15 Jan Cable Com Schedule Posted
The schedule for local access TV is posted.  Have you checked out Millner's Memo... it is listed for Wednesday and Friday?
Sen Durbin Durbin says nation deserves new, honest leadership - KLAS-TV - Las Vegas,NV
"Durbin said in the Democrats' radio address that the nation deserves honest leadership to replace the current G-O-P-dominated government. He says the concentrated Republican power has created "a culture of corruption" that hurts the ability to deal with the nation's needs."
Bill O'Reilly & Sen. Lindsey Graham - Part I:  - News Hounds - Newport Beach,CA
"The tape FOX aired of the original crying incident was cut in such a way as to give the impression that Sen. Richard Durbin, a Democrat, was speaking to Alito when Mrs. Alito started to cry and that Sen. Graham came to Alito's rescue like a knight on a shining white horse. Those of us who actually WATCHED the hearings know that it was mean ol' Lindsey what made Martha-Ann cry."
Sen. Obama An Invitation for Barak Obama - International Solidarity Movement - Palestine
"Barak Obama began the conference by saying how surprised he was that it was cold and raining in Ramallah, that it went against his preconceived notions about the climate in the Middle East."
Balancing the past to change the present - Chicago Maroon - Chicago,IL
"If Americans do believe that they are not their brothers’ keepers, then why would a speech by a relatively unknown senatorial candidate in which the man unabashedly asserted an American interdependence catapult that man to national fame?"
Rep Hastert Everyone's a Reformer - The Nation. - New York,NY
"On the House side, Hastert enlisted Representative David Dreier, a close DeLay ally who was instrumental in trying to overturn House ethics rules last year."
Delaying DeLay's successor - The Union Leader - Manchester,NH
"Dennis Hastert turned down a White House request to elect a permanent successor to Tom DeLay as majority leader in advance of President Bush’s State of the Union address on Jan. 31. Republican House members simply did not want to return early to Washington after their winter vacation."
Rep. Sweeney, reformer - Albany Times Union - Albany,NY
"The House, actually all of Congress, is engulfed in its biggest collective scandal in a generation. How different would things be, then, if Mr. Hastert remained in power but all the lesser positions were open to change?"
WASHINGTON WIRE - Wall Street Journal
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office late Friday emailed Washington reporters a news bulletin from Roll Call reporting that Hastert was considering removing the scandal-tarred Rep. Bob Ney as chairman of the House Administration Committee. Some reporters received the email ahead of the Capitol Hill newspaper's own email of the story."
14 Jan Neighbors seek comfort after brutal attack on pair
“The people that live in that complex are the heroes,” said West Chicago Police Chief Stephen Kuhn. “They’re the ones who called (911), and the calls came in English and Spanish.”
Rep Hastert Hastert Still Has Scandal Problems - Talking Points Memo
"Which raises the question -- as the House tries to clean house, how come Hastert's head isn't on the table? Admittedly, he's not implicated in criminal activity the way Tom DeLay is, but in theory he's in charge of the House Republican leadership operation. At a minimum, one wouldn't say he's been very proactive 'lo these past several years in rooting out corruption not just inside his own caucus but inside his own leadership team."
GOP Contest Guided by Lessons of Battles Past - Washington Post
"But while Cox was in the studio, J. Dennis Hastert was winning the cloakroom. With powerful backing from Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), Hastert -- a decidedly untelegenic, nuts-and-bolts pol from small-town Illinois -- was working the phones, cutting deals and forming alliances. Within hours, he locked down the most powerful job in Congress."
Citizens for Excellence in Education, and much, much more...
Sen Peter Roskam Senate Republican Week in Review: January 9 – 13
"Lawmakers returned to Springfield Wednesday and began the 2006 spring legislative session by launching a proposal intended to further develop and expand the state’s renewable fuels industry, and responding to the Governor’s $3.2 billion public works capital development plan, "
High school students aim to help kids in Angola
"Of the money raised, $10,000 will be used to build a school in Angola. Any remaining money will be used to buy books and other items needed for a child to attend school."
‘A flash of red’ as fatal crash unfolds
"The only thing I remember is seeing a flash of red cover my entire windshield and, the next thing I knew, I was off in a ditch,”
Agency wary of opening refund spigot
"The commission, which provides lake water to 25 communities, levies the quarter-cent sales tax on a countywide basis to help fund its operations.  But West Chicago doesn’t need lake water because it has a new plant that treats supplies from underground wells."
West Chicago
WC attack victim still in critical condition
"In what West Chicago Police Chief Stephen Kuhn described as "the most brutal beating I've ever seen," a 71-year-old West Chicago woman clings to life, while the suspected assailant, a 21-year-old man, is facing multiple felony charges."
West Chicago man arrested in shooting of STC woman
"A St. Charles man is facing at least five Class X felonies after police arrested him for allegedly shooting a BB pellet into the heart of an 18-year-old woman during his New Year's Eve party."
(The Headline not agreeing with the story is not my fault.  See the Tribune article bleow. - Bob)
West Chicago Lions offer scholarship
"The West Chicago Lions Club offers a $1,000 scholarship for a 2006 high school graduate who resides within the 60185 zip code and plans to pursue a career in the area of human services (teaching, social work, medical professions, etc.)"
Dance spectacular grooves at CHS
"The evening will feature a variety of dances set to music of the '60s, '70s and '80s as well as what is popular right now.:
75 years ago ... 50 Years ago ... 25 Years ago ... 10 Years ago ... 5 Years ago
Victim confronts rapist at sentencing hearing
"Both of Jones' co-defendants said they had no plans to commit a sexual assault. Craig Buzzell, 23, of West Chicago pleaded guilty to crimes associated with the attack and was sentenced to 35 years in prison."
Speed a factor in fatal crash, inquest is told
"Investigators could not tell how fast Matthew Lane was driving when he struck another car carrying a mother and her 4-year-old son last October in West Chicago, killing all three, but they say it was faster than the speed limit."
BB guns not toys, doctors caution
"Two men--Jeremy Dekruyff, 23, of St. Charles and Daniel N. Clarke, 22, of West Chicago--were arrested by St. Charles police and charged in the incident. Dekruyff was accused of firing the gun and St. Charles police said they discovered several real firearms as well as cocaine at his home."
Sen. Obama Obama meets with Arafat's successor - CHICAGO ABC 7 NEWS
"Senator Obama will head into the final day of his Middle East tour having met with top leaders of the Israeli government and now with the head of the Palestinian National Authority."
Rep Hastert Schemers in Abramoff case belong in jail - Kennebec Journal - Augusta,ME
"As Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty Jan. 4 to charges of conspiracy, corruption and tax evasion, and plea-bargained to name those public officials he'd bribed, politicians from President Bush to Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert scurried to donate their money from Abramoff to charity. (Hastert's donation was nearly $70,000.) "
12 Jan Yahoo News
Illinois' Gang of Four Responsible for Savage West Chicago Beatings Says IRSA
"Of course, blame for this inhuman attack lies clearly with the perpetrator. However, the Ellbergs' inability to defend themselves lies squarely with Illinois' "Gang of Four"..."
(How dare these old folks go to feed the birds without a semi-automatic 50 calibre sniper rifle with a night scope and armor piercing bullets? - Bob)
Further Information on Incident that caused misleading Trib article yesterday
Sen Durbin Alito Refuses to Say Roe is 'Settled Law' - Ms. Magazine - Beverly Hills,CA
"In questioning yesterday by Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL), Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito not only refused to say whether he believed the Constitution protected a woman’s right to choose abortion, he also would not say whether he considered Roe to be 'settled law.'"
Over 100 Organizations Join ADC and SALDEF in Opposing Racist FLYER - - Washington,DC
"ADC, SALDEF, and 101 national and local organizations (see full list below) are strongly opposed to a recent flyer campaign launched by the Nutritional Health Alliance (NHA) depicting Senator Durbin wearing a turban with the words, "Keep Congressional Terrorism at Bay.""
Sen. Obama Obama visits remote Israeli town with Chicago ties - CHICAGO ABC 7 NEWS
"Three hours from Jerusalem, as far north in Israel as possible, just before Lebanon, this is the town of Fassouta, and this is where the village worships. All 3,000 residents of Fassouta are Israeli, Palestinian and Catholic."
Rep Hastert Speaker Hastert has not updated his blog since Dec 19th... that's firve entries since Halloween.
Lobbying Reform Won't Include Ear Mark Changes - National Journal
"More importantly, Hastert has decided to postpone the roll out until after the Alito hearings conclude.  What won't be included: earmark reform. But that's because Hastert has signaled a willingness to delve into the complex issue in early February. "
Our View -- Lobbyist reform alone not enough - Mankato Free Press - Mankato,MN
"Tougher restrictions will do nothing to reduce influence peddling if there is no enforcement mechanism. Clearly, the enforcement should not be left up to members of Congress themselves."
Gov. Blagojevich recognizes Illinois mine rescue crew for response in West Virginia
Governor Blagojevich announces emergency measure to ensure no low-income Medicare Part D beneficiary is turned away at pharmacy
Under the Radar
(An interesting but under covered story)
"In proclaiming a paper entity to be a person, Judge Alito, was the court faithful to the intent of the framers of the Amendment and to the intent of the people who ratified it?"
11 Jan West Chicago
High School
"Sergio Sanchez won first place in Collision Repair. Ryan Foytik placed first in the Firefighter category, and James Erikson's Television Production team placed third. Over 200 high school students from seven northeastern Illinois Skills USA chapters competed."
Driver charged in deaths of 2 adults, unborn child
"The charges were based in part on evidence gathered by police through a search warrant and interviews at a gentleman's club in West Chicago, authorities said."
(Anybody for telling the Trib that the facility is in WAYNE TOWNSHIP... especially since the perp is from WAYNE?)
Sen Durbin Democrats Attack Alito's Refusal to Disavow 1985 Abortion Memo - Bloomberg
"Durbin drew a contrast between Alito's reluctance to state his view on Roe and his willingness to endorse high court rulings that outlawed racially segregated schools and let married couples use birth-control devices. Alito replied that both the school desegregation and contraception cases were unlikely to be challenged before the Supreme Court."
Durbin portrays Alito as establishment's man - Chicago Sun-Times
"The crushing hand of fate here seems to always come down against the workers and the consumers and in favor of these established institutions and corporations,"
Rep Hastert Lobbying reform a leap for Congress - Whittier Daily News - Whittier,CA
"Special care is advised in evaluating the actions of those whose record does not command respect. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, for instance, was Tom DeLay's deputy before DeLay helped promote him. Hastert also tried to neuter the House Ethics Committee two years ago and did not make it function last year."
A sorry bunch controls Congress - Daily Breeze - Torrance,CA
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., benefits from a team of smart whips who keep the trains on time. But he often seems an ideology-free figurehead who welcomes both DeLay's pay-for-play, lobbyist-friendly mentality and his party's tragic abandonment of its trademark fiscal conservatism."
House Republicans Considering Travel Ban - Forbes
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., asked Dreier to come up with an overhaul of lobbying ethics rules after lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty to felony charges involving his influence-peddling activities in Washington."
Record Number of Small Business Owners Won State Contracts in 2005
“Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy.  But for too long, small businesses lost out on the opportunity to provide services and goods to the state because their size and lack of resources in comparison to bigger companies left them unable to compete."
Under the Radar
(An interesting but under covered story)
Pension 'crisis' is a myth - NY Daily News
"But they never tell you that employer contributions to all city pension funds plummeted steadily for more than 20 years, until they reached nearly zero.  In 1981, 24% of the city budget went to pay for pensions. By 2000, that figure had dropped to less than 1%!}


Board of Education meeting synopsis...
Rep.Randy Ramey Ramey Co-Sponsors Bill to Improve Sex Offender Tracking
“This bill will allow the state to keep meticulous records of each state offender as well as track them so they are not lurking near schools and playgrounds or other places considered off-limits to them by law.”
2 start-ups get state boost to fight terrorism
"West Chicago-based RiverGlass Inc., which started at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, received $150,000 and Naperville-based SSS Research Inc. received $175,000. "
$2 million bail set in couple's carjack
"Bail was set at $2 million Monday for a West Chicago man charged in a bizarre and brutal attack on a retired couple feeding birds Sunday morning."
Local firms win grants
"RiverGlass Inc. of West Chicago will get $150,000 for a product intended to help law enforcement agencies share information about suspected terrorists."
Sen Durbin Northfield Laboratories Inc. Reports Second Quarter Fiscal Year -
"The Company was notified it would receive $3.5 million in the 2006 Defense Appropriations budget. Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois, the Assistant Democratic Leader and a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, secured the funding."
Alito Almanac: Biography as Destiny - The Nation. - New York,NY
Sen. Obama


Lugar and Obama Press Administration to Secure Loose Weapons
"A thorough, multi-faceted non-proliferation strategy is essential to fully defend the American people,"
Journey to the Middle East -
"Senator Barack Obama marveled at the Illinoisans' war efforts when he visited our roundtable troops in Iraq last weekend."
Rep Hastert Good riddance - Louisville Courier-Journal - Louisville,KY
"Nearly two dozen Republican House members reportedly are lining up lawyers. Some alarmed GOP lawmakers were signing petitions demanding new leadership elections. Speaker Dennis Hastert was edging away from Rep. DeLay."
US needs real leaders, not ethics students - Arizona Republic - Phoenix,AZ
"House Speaker Dennis Hastert, after giving back his tainted money, indicated that he would seek a program of ethics instruction for legislators. To Hastert I say: We teach children right from wrong; if any person holding an elected position is trying to say that he or she doesn't know the difference, they should resign. We need leaders of character. A child of 8 knows the difference between right and wrong."
09 Jan West Chicago
High School
West Chicago HS Dance Spectacular: Dance! Is it in You?
"The evening will feature an exciting variety of dances set to music of the 60s, 70s and 80s as well as what's popular right now."
71-year-old run over in botched West Chicago carjacking
"David Martinez-Villareal, 20, of the 800 block of Main Street in West Chicago, was arrested sometime after 8 a.m. near his home and charged with vehicular invasion, aggravated vehicular hijacking, six counts of aggravated battery and two counts of aggravated battery to a senior citizen police said. He was taken to DuPage County jail and awaits bond call."
Man stole truck, then ran over passenger, police say
"A West Chicago man was in the DuPage County Jail on Sunday after attacking another man to steal his pickup truck and then running over the vehicle's 71-year-old female passenger with the stolen truck, police said."
“The same company that operated the Sago Mine in West Virginia, also operates a mine in Williamsville, Illinois known as the Viper Mine. According to the Mine Safety and Health Administration, that mine has incurred a number of serious safety violations in the past year."
Durbin's opening statement challenges Alito - Chicago Sun-Times
"The burden of proof is yours, Judge Alito-- the burden of demonstrating to the American people and this committee that you are worthy to serve on the highest court of the land and worthy to succeed Justice Sandra Day O'Connor,"
Illionois Senators Obama steps out of spotlight - Newsday - Long Island,NY
"The next morning, Obama (D-Ill.) was standing beside his home-state colleague, liberal Democrat Dick Durbin, urging officials to spend the $12 million the two had snagged to bolster protection of federal judges after a Chicago judge's husband and mother were shot to death earlier this year."
Sen. Obama Obama visits troops in Iraq -
"Senator Barack Obama was among four members of Congress Sunday flying to areas outside the safety of the green zone to meet with American and Iraqi military commanders on the ground."
Liberal Leaders, Black and White, Prepare Vigorous Opposition - Black America Web - Dallas,Tx
"He said he has not decided whether to support the nomination of Alito but added he is "disturbed with the pattern of his case law.""
statewide water supply study
"Last summer’s drought demonstrated to us that careful management of our water must be a priority so we always have enough supply for people to drink and use, for our industries like agriculture, and for our fish and wildlife habitats."
New Head of the Illinois Commerce Commission
"It’s critical that we have an Illinois Commerce Commission committed to making sure consumers are getting reliable service at fair, affordable and reasonable rates,"
First Lottery Ticket to Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer
"Director Dr. Eric Whitaker to unveil a new Illinois Lottery game called Ticket for the Cure - the nation’s first lottery ticket dedicated to helping fund breast cancer early detection, education, research, and patient services throughout the state."
Rep Hastert Hastert promises speedy ethics rules reforms
"Hastert, an Illinois Republican, did not give details on the reforms he would seek but said he would "move forward aggressively and quickly.""
Ethics in Government - Common Cause
"But right now, Congress needs to clean up the mess by passing real reforms.  Ban gifts and travel, shine a light on lobbying, radically change the funding of congressional campaigns, and get credible, independent oversight of ethics."
Howard Dean: 'This is a Republican Scandal' -
"He added that Dreier "will be reaching out to all the members of the House seeking their ideas for reform.""
News Roundup - Monsters and - Glasgow,UK
"The move is seen as an effort to distance the Republican Party from a growing corruption scandal, The Washington Post reported."
"Elect politicians who practice what they preach. Isn't it odd that all the "good morals" and "family values" politicians are usually the ones with convictions or secret sexual fantasies? Use common sense. Although fun, ideology hardly goes anywhere. It's not practical, and it doesn't work often." - Dave Thomas
Sen Durbin Senators remain guardedon Supreme Court pick - Bloomington Pantagraph
Of those, O'Connor was the swing vote in 148. As a result, the choice on who will replace her is "pivotal,"
Sen. Obama Democrats urge Iraqi leaders to cooperate - Boston Globe
"... unless Iraqis can start showing visible signs of progress by creating a broad-based government and security forces inclusive of all of Iraq's ethnic and sectarian groups, Americans will lose patience,"
US soldiers question use of more armor - KPLC-TV - Lake Charles,LA
"Democratic Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, who was in Iraq today, says the military hopes to gradually transition to an improved armor."
Rep Hastert Push for Lobbying Reform
“Over the past several months, I have spoken with many members about the need for such reforms. I have been encouraged by the breadth and boldness of their ideas. Now is the time for action."
Text of Letter From DeLay to Hastert - Forbes
"... and of my belief that the best interests of the conference would be served by the election of a new leader as soon as possible."
Matthews trumpeted comparatively small Abramoff client donations ... - Media Matters for America
"Despite repeatedly noting Clinton's receipt of the donations ($2000) from Abramoff's clients, Matthews virtually ignored the $6,000 and $69,000 in campaign contributions received from Abramoff and his clients by President Bush and House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL), respectively..."
More Lawmakers Drop Abramoff-Linked Funds - Washington Post
"A spokesman for House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., said Friday that Hastert will donate about $77,000 in Abramoff-related funds to charity."
(This number keeps growing.  If the Speaker would send me a complete list and where the money would go, I would post it. - Bob)
07 Jan Architect of change
“He was the driver of it all, the champion,” says arboretum Trustee Anna Ball, president and CEO of Ball Horticultural Company in West Chicago. “He had the vision of what it could be. He could see the final result, and he was very consistent in getting us there.”
Scottish society to toast poet Robert Burns again
"The Elgin Scottish Society celebrates its 102nd Robert Burns Supper and Dance from 5:30 p.m. till midnight Jan. 28 at St. Andrew’s Country Club on Route 59, a half-mile north of Route 64 in West Chicago."
Sen. Obama Obama visits Kuwait day before Baghdad -
"The beginning of Senator Barack Obama's trip to Baghdad Saturday morning comes at the end of one of the most violence weeks in Iraq since the war started."
Rep Hastert on Rep. DeLay's Decision To Step Down As Majority Leader
"In consultation with House Republican Conference Chairman Deborah Pryce, we will determine the date for the election of the majority leader vacancy."
(Readers are asked to notice that Speaker Hastert no longer has the little monkey on his back.  We hope that investigations into the Abramoff scandal and Turkish contributions further brighten 2006 for him. - Bob)
06 Jan Elementary
District 33
Board Briefs
"Administration presented a recommendation, as directed by the Board of Education, on the purchase and installation of an eight classroom modular unit to be available for use by early August, 2006; including the approximate costs, a sample floor plan, and a sample site plan.  This unit would be installed on the grounds behind the Educational Service Center and would house the preschool program."
West Chicago
High School
CHS Education Foundation & Alumni Association Announces Alumni Scholarships
"The Community High School Alumni Association offers a $1,500 scholarship for a 2006 Community High School graduating senior."
"The West Chicago Lions Club offers a $1,000 scholarship for a 2006 high school graduate who resides within the West Chicago 60185 zip code and plans to pursue a career in the area of human services (teaching, social work, medical professions, etc.)"
2 held in woman's beating, shooting
"Jeremy Dekruyff, 23, of McKinley Street, St. Charles, and Daniel N. Clarke, 22, of the 2400 block of Elm Road, West Chicago, were identified by the victim and arrested Tuesday, police said."
Editorials on Jack Abramoff's guilty pleas - Fort Wayne News Sentinel - Fort Wayne
"So how will the Republicans answer? Maybe people will be warmed by Hastert's sudden charity. But they are more likely to remember that the House Republican leadership made every effort to defend and protect DeLay before he was compelled to step aside as majority leader."
Hastert Facing Pressure to Take Firm Stand on Replacing DeLay - Bloomberg
"U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert is facing growing pressure from Republican lawmakers who want him to encourage former Majority Leader Tom DeLay to abandon his drive to return to party leadership."
Latest Unemployment Numbers
"Unemployment is at 4.9 percent. Economic growth is at its fastest in a year and a half. American workers are taking home paychecks and creating better lives for their families."
(Denny, if you want applause, tell me when your buddy Tom Delay IS unemployed.)
Doolittle won't return Abramoff money - Sacramento Bee
"Doolittle believes that following the lead of President Bush, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., and House Majority Whip Roy Blunt, R-Mo., would only make him look guilty of doing something wrong."
First Lady Patti Blagojevich and Miss Illinois team up to prevent child abduction and exploitation
Gov. Blagojevich proposes legislation to prevent the unauthorized sale or release of phone records or other private information
  • Board meeting
  • CogATs
  • websites and more...
Rep.Randy Ramey Coat Drive a Success
"I would like to thank the generous people of District 55. The coat drive I sponsored was a great success."
West Chicago
Railroad Days switches to Heritage Days
"Although the original name depicted the historic origin of the community, there has been less emphasis on railroading at recent fests."
Dist. 33 teachers receive top certification honors
"Elementary School District 33 teachers Karen Brogan, Stephanie Drake and Tina Steidl earned the teaching profession's top certification with the achievement of National Board Certification in 2005."
Area news briefs
  • Adult classes at D-94
  • Park District is honored
  • WC scholarships offered
Sen Durbin West Virginia Mine Blast Kills 12; One Man Survives - Bloomberg
"U.S. Senator Richard Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, called for congressional hearings into the cause, regulations and inspections involving the accident."
Sen. Obama Obama making 1st visit to Iraq
"There have been hints by the administration about drawdowns of troop levels, but there hasn't been anything very definite,"
2005 Year in Review, US Biomass Energy Policy - - Peterborough,NH
"Furthermore, the Health Care for Hybrids Act, introduced by Rep. Inslee (D-WA) on the House side (H.R. 4370, S.2045) and Senator Obama (D-IL) on the Senate side, would provide incentives to the auto industry to accelerate efforts to develop more energy-efficient vehicles to lessen dependence on oil."
Take Security Back from the Insecure - The Baltimore Chronicle
"Now Lugar and Senator Barack Obama are seeking to expand the program to include the detection and interdiction of WMD."
Abramoff plea could bring renewed scrutiny of Hastert letter - San Jose Mercury News
The guilty plea by lobbyist Jack Abramoff could bring renewed scrutiny of a letter sent by House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois to Interior ... "
Bush, lawmakers returning and donating Abramoff-related ... - Gainesville Sun - Gainesville,FL
House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill. A spokesman would not say much money Hastert received or planned to donate."
This story hit all the major news outlets and all have about the same thing... Hastert took money and is giving it to charity.  Few sources are mentioning the restaurant bill.  Nobody is predicting indictment.  A lot of this would be cleaned up if Denny would get the Ethics Committee up and running again.  It has not met since it admonished Tom Delay and was demolished. (from Bob)
mercury emission controls for Illinois power plants
"The state standards will reduce toxic mercury emissions faster and more thoroughly than new federal restrictions adopted last spring and will achieve the largest overall amount of mercury reduction of any state in the country."
First Lady and Illinois Poet Laureate encourage young authors to participate in statewide writing contest
04 Jan City of West Chicago POLICE NEWS ALERT
"The suspect is described as a light skin male Hispanic approximately 19 to 22 years of age. He is approximately 5’04” and 140 pounds. "
First of the New Year edition...
W. Chicago authorities  seek train station attacker
"The girl broke free and ran into the station, which doesn’t have a ticket office or attendant. The man followed her and attempted to put his hand down her pants, police said."
Man allegedly tried to fondle teen at Metra station
"Police in the western suburbs are looking into an attempted sexual assault at a Metra train station."
"“I have no relationship – either personal or professional – with Jack Abramoff. I've never met Jack Abramoff; he's never been in my office; I’ve never had a meal with him or played golf with him."
Hastert seeks to shed Abramoff ties - Daily Herald
"Hastert held a June 2003 fundraiser at Abramoff’s restaurant in Washington, D.C., collecting at least $21,500 from Abramoff’s lobbying firm and his tribal clients. A week later, Hastert signed a letter urging the Bush administration to block a proposed tribal casino in Louisiana that Abramoff’s clients opposed because of the competition it would bring."
There were numerous other articles about Rep. Hastert returning thousands of dollars.  Readers are reminded that no charges against the speaker on either this or the half million in Turkish money have been filed.  Furthermore, even a crook is allowed to give campaign contributions to his favorite Republican... it is the bribes that we should be watching for.
03 Jan West Chicago
High School
Proposed textbooks for 2006-07 school year
District 33
Agenda and Minutes posted
Key Communicators: Strategic Design Feedback Requested
"Please read though this information carefully. The Board is interested in your feedback/comments before the final document is adopted at the January 19, 2006 meeting of the Board."
Child Lures prevention program materials arriving in Illinois’ 3,200 elementary and middle schools now; Program intended to prevent child abduction and exploitation
Gov. Blagojevich announces more Keep Warm Illinois Home Energy Workshops to be held at community colleges statewide
02  Jan City of West Chicago Gallery 200 opens and hosts watercolor class
"Adventures in Watercolor” classes will be offered on Saturday afternoons (January 7 and 21, and February 4 and 18, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.) at the newly opened Gallery 200, located in the historic Ripley Hotel building at 200 Main Street in West Chicago."
Cable Com Schedule Posted
The schedule for local access TV is posted.  You can always find the link to their current schedule by clicking on "Local Access" button underneath the advertisers in the far right frame.
Sen Durbin THE YEAR OF THE MONIKER - Chicago Tribune
"After Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) compared Islamic prisoners at Guantanamo to the victims of the Nazis, critics labeled him "Senator Turban." When Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) urged a pullout from Iraq, Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) hinted that he was a coward, solidifying her own nickname of "Mean Jean.""
For nominee, a hard act to follow - International Herald Tribune - France
"Senators of both parties have said it will not be easy to follow Roberts, about whom Senator Richard Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, said "they retired the trophy" for an outstanding performance by a judicial nominee."
Hastert seeks House trip-approval process  - Science Daily
"The problem with private travel isn't the rules. It's that members weren't following them."
Wiretapping plan bypassed National Security Council: Report - Press Trust of India - New Delhi,India
"But the information we were given was more technical and less substantive. We were told we were being informed and not consulted."
Checklist of Action on Hastert's Colleague, the alleged felon, Tom Delay.  Denny is delaying the House returning to Washington until there is movement on this...
Admonished by House
Booked ... print and mug shot
Shame and Remorse
Additional Documents at Public Citizen
01 Jan

Happy New Year!!!

Tragic crash prompts laws on supervision
"In October, Matthew Alan Lane lost control of his 1995 Ferrari, triggering a three-car crash in West Chicago that killed himself, a young mother and her 4-year-old son, according to police reports."
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