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Local Pols Shown to be Right on Transfer Site

I noticed the following item this morning in the Daily Herald (http://www.dailyherald.com/opinion/index.asp):

"Great recycling rate:
In DuPage County, 36.8 percent of garbage that would otherwise go into landfills is being recycled. That is far greater than the state expectation of 25 percent of waste being recycled. And thatís great for the environment."

I immediately thought back to the flap about garbage generation and the placement of a second waste transfer site on Powis Road in West Chicago.  In that case, the applicant insisted that using a state average of 7.7 pounds per capita per day of garbage generated was an appropriate estimate.  They argued against using the empirically measured 5.5 pounds for Kane County.  The Kane County number could be accomplished by recycling an additional 29% of DuPage County's garbage.  This might well be the case with the DuPage number now at 36.8% overall.  This would mean DuPage county needs on a capacity of 2858 tons per day in 2025.  With our current site licensed for 3000 tons per day, recycling has brought us to levels which mean our existing facilities will easily serve our need thru 2025... for the next 20 years.

Usually it is an admonition to point out that "hindsight is 20/20," but, in hindsight, I wish to point out that the efforts of 4 the People and our local politicians, particularly our board members, Jim Zay, Pam Rion, and Linda Kurzawa, have proven to be right.  There was no proven need.  The transfer site should not (and was not) placed in West Chicago.

I wish to take this opportunity, the "I told you so" moment, to again thank these public servants and 4 the People.


Robert Lemon