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Lottery Scams via Mail or E-mail:

The West Chicago Police Department has taken numerous reports of victims, victimized by a lottery scam recently. The way the lottery scam works is as follows:

You would receive a letter with a check for a large number amount of money payable to your name. Attached to the check would be a letter explaining that you have been selected as a winner of an even larger amount of prize money. The letter explains that you would need to call a number marked on the letter. Once you call the number, a subject would instruct for you to send a check or money order to a specific location, usually a different country. They promise you that if you send a specific amount of money, they would mail you the remainder amount of your prize money to your home.

The checks you receive look very real; they have fictitious information, wrong routing numbers or account numbers.

The elderly and the minority seem to be the targets. If you receive any letters like this one, please be aware that it may be a lottery scam. Please feel free to contact the police department to attempt to verify the information. I have not seen a real check issued to anyone for a large amount of money reference any of these letters.

Please pass this information to anyone and everyone. Again, my job is to assist you in not becoming a victim.

Any questions or concerns, please contact me at policenews@westchicago.org

Leo Aviles
Crime Prevention Specialist
West Chicago Police Department


* The material contained in this Bulletin is for information purposes only.  Do not attempt to take law enforcement action of any kind on matters of a criminal nature. Please report any information you may have directly to the West Chicago Police Department at 630-293-2222 or if it is an emergency dial 911.

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