Tom Hernandez

Director of Communications

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July 08, 2005

Education Partners, good afternoon.

Here’s hoping you’re enjoying summer so far. As a fan of Chicago’s best baseball team, I sure am!

Some news for a July Friday:

Finally, stories have popped up lately around the country about a little-known element of the No Child Left Behind act, which requires school districts to provide student information to military recruiters upon the recruiters’ request.

This provision is, as you might expect, controversial because many parents know nothing about it until the phone rings at home and it’s a recruiter on the other line. Nor do they know that they can fill out a form to refuse the schools’ permission to provide their child’s information to the recruiters.

District 303 is no different. We must comply with the law.

But we also are sensitive to parents’ concerns. We’ve been working to make sure the proper paperwork is available, systems are in place and parents are aware of the issue and their rights. We will be sharing this important information with parents later this summer through our Connect-ED telephone system and other media.

Meanwhile, we’ve posted a special page on the front page of our district website ( which provides the form that parents can complete to refuse information about their children to military recruiters. Please click here for more information and instructions, and share this information with anyone who might be interested:

Have a great weekend,