Jerry Marchese
Wayne, IL
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  June 28, 2005

Letter to the Editor:

It is not only here in Illinois that President Abraham Lincoln is held in the highest esteem as an extraordinary statesman and great emancipator of the black slaves brought to our Country by others before our unfortunate War Between the States. Rather, this humble and true believer in the Republic, Lincoln has been revered in every part of the world that is free and those places on the planet that still thirst for freedom and justice.

In a self serving essay, Senator Obama has culled himself from this pack of Lincoln admirers in stating that Lincoln was ‘limited’ on his views of race and that the Emancipation Proclamation was merely a military document more than it was a clear call for justice.

How dare this Senator from the Land of Lincoln say this of the President who freed the blacks from slavery and by doing so reestablished the United States to be a true republic? Even his kind remarks he made of Lincoln were, at best, patronizing and quite reminiscent of Mark Anthony’s oration about Brutus.

Read the Senator’s essay about Lincoln. Follow his other commentaries, listen closely and carefully dissect his rhetoric while he constantly gropes at the media for time and attention. Frankly, I am tired of hearing about his rise from poverty, his constant struggle to overcome adversities, his immigrant father. Hey Senator, that’s the same story that most of us Americans can tell. You are far from special in that regard!

But, to make (Republican) President Lincoln out to be soft on racism and to dilute that powerful Proclamation to a mere military document shows that this, hopefully, one time Senator from Illinois is all about ‘himself’.

His essay was not about his own people, certainly not about his white constituents, only about himself and demonstrates that he will stop at nothing to achieve his lofty ambitions that this one Illinoisan believes will go absolutely downward.