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Date:  July 1, 2005/tia

Senate Week in Review: June 27 – July 1, 2005

SPRINGFIELD, IL – New laws taking effect, a new program to photograph drivers speeding in work zones, the signing of a new child support laws and a law prohibiting the state to do business with the Government of Sudan, highlighted this week in the Illinois Senate, according to Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton).

July 1st of each year generally is a date on the calendar for numerous new laws to take effect, but this year there are relatively few such laws. The most notable new law taking effect is actually a law that was approved last year. House Bill 752 requires all public and nonpublic children in Kindergarten, 2nd and 6th grades to have a dental examination. The new law requires parents and students to provide proof of a dental examination that has or will take place.

Also this week, the Illinois State Police will begin a new program to crack down on traffic safety violations in work zones. Beginning on July 1st, the Illinois State Police will start using specially equipped vans to photograph drivers who exceed the posted speed limits in work zones. Signs will be posted when work zone speed limits are being enforced by camera, and photo enforcement vans will be equipped with cameras designed to record a clear image of the vehicle and driver, its speed, and the car’s license plate. The registered owner will not be liable if someone else is driving the vehicle. Offenders will subsequently be sent a ticket via mail. First time offenders will receive a $375 ticket and a second time offenders can expect to pay a $1,000 fine.

In addition, the Governor signed several laws this week improving child support collection in Illinois. The following is a breakdown of the child support laws signed this week:

In other news, the Governor signed legislation this week preventing the State of Illinois from doing business directly or indirectly with the government of Sudan because of that government’s poor record on human rights. Senate Bill 23 prohibits the Treasurer from depositing funds into financial institutions that have loaned money to the government of Sudan or any other entity connected to the government of Sudan. The legislation also places restrictions on pension fund investments as a means of preventing the state from investing in companies with ties to the government of Sudan.

The following are other bills the Governor signed into law this week:

Drug Coverage (SB 973) – Replaces the Circuit Breaker Program with the Illinois Seniors and Disabled Drug Coverage Program, and ensures that no senior or disabled person using SeniorCare or Circuit Breaker is hurt by the new Medicare drug benefit.

Immunity (HB 950) – Allows dentists to provide free dental care in their own dental offices and offers them immunity.

Kidney Disease (SB 1461) – Provides that the Department of Public Health conduct a program to promote awareness of chronic kidney disease.

Hate Crime (SB 287) – Provides that a person can commit a hate crime through electronic communications.

License Plates (HB 386) – Allows the surviving spouse of a Purple Heart recipient to be issued Purple Heart license plates.

Court Reporters (HB 2260) – Allows court reporters to unionize.

Human Rights (HB 917) – Provides that it is a civil rights violation to coerce, intimidate, threaten, or interfere with any person who is seeking to negotiate a real estate transaction.

Business (HB 1569) – Allows the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to create a program to assist Illinois manufacturers and other businesses in becoming accredited in approved international standardization.

Benefits (SB 2032) – Allows private school students to receive benefits through the Children of Deceased Veterans Act.

AIDS/HIV (HB 3420) – Allows local health departments serving more that 1 million people to disclose results of a positive HIV/AIDS test.

Counselors (SB 1676) – States that certified counselors will be eligible for the annual Master Teacher incentive payment of $3,000.

Police training (SB 189) – Authorizes a certification course for retired police officers who are able to carry concealed weapons under federal law.