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Apr 08, 2004

Monthly Newsletter

Volume XII of Notes from Nick!

Development Plan for Foxfield

The St. Charles Development Committee voted during the June 13 meeting to keep the 30-acre site on Foxfield Drive zoned for business use and not for residential use. The City of St. Charles wants to see what becomes of the Charlestowne Mall, which is currently for sale, before making any zoning changes to this 30-acre site. Thank you to those of you who were able to come to the meeting, and especially to those who chose to address the Committee. I appreciate the support.

Crime Prevention

Recently, there has been a rise in property crimes in our neighborhoods. If you park your car in your driveway over night, please lock the car doors and remove any valuables, as well. To date, no car windows have been broken to gain access, but many people have had valuables stolen from their unlocked cars. Also, please keep your overhead garage door closed if you are not in the front of your house. All of us have service doors from the garage into our home, and it is very easy for a thief to gain access to our homes if the overhead door is open and we are in the backyard. The Police Department has been out patrolling, but the best way to prevent crime to is to take away the easy access that unlocked doors provide to thieves.

If ever you see ANYTHING that either looks suspicious or makes you feel nervous, please call 911 and report it. You do not have to give your name, just the information and the Police will investigate. We all can be good neighbors by looking out for each other.

Motorized Scooters

The following memo from the West Chicago Police Department is posted on the City web site: Please feel free to phone the Police Department at 293-2222 with any questions you might have about this policy.

West Chicago Information Bulletin
Motorized Scooters and Pocket Bikes

Purpose: Educate residents about the danger and laws regarding unlicensed motorized scooters and pocket bikes.

Action required: Read the following bulletin, ensure you and your family are demonstrating safe behavior and obeying the Illinois Vehicle Code and report any unsafe or illegal behavior.

Contact information: West Chicago Police Department at 630-293-2222.


With summer coming and more children out playing, there will be an increase in complaints coming into the City regarding unlicensed scooters and pocket bikes being driven on the streets, sidewalks, parkways and on private property. The Police Department would like to educate the public that these vehicles are illegal to drive within the City of West Chicago and the State of Illinois.

The Secretary of State will not license these vehicles because of there size and lack of safety equipment whether the driver has a valid drivers license or not. These vehicles are very dangerous to the driver and other people using the roadway and sidewalks. The Police Department plans on taking a proactive approach by educating residents and attempting to remove these unlicensed vehicles from the City streets, parkways, alleys, park district property, etc. Effective immediately, officers coming across these vehicles will have the following options:

  1. Ticket the driver for "No Valid Drivers License" and tow/impound the vehicle and attach a $500 Towing Administrative Fee and/or
  2. Ticket the driver's parents for "Permitting Unauthorized Person to Drive" and tow the vehicle for safekeeping with a hold on the vehicle stating only to be released to the driver's parent(s). Towing fee for the vehicle will apply.

The following laws under Illinois Vehicle Code pertain to individuals operating motorized vehicles:

  • Certificate of Title Required - every owner of a vehicle shall make application to the Secretary of State for certificate of title of the vehicle.
  • Operation of Vehicles Without Evidence of Registration - no person shall operate, nor knowingly permit to be operated on a street without proper evidence of registration in Illinois.
  • Drivers Must Have License - no person shall drive upon a street unless such person has a valid license.
  • What Person Shall Not be Licensed as Drivers - who is under the age of eighteen years of age except that an instruction permit may be issued and to a child who is not less than fifteen years of age if the child is enrolled in an approved driver's education course.
  • Special Equipment for Persons Riding Motorcycles, Motor Driven Cycles, or Motorized pedal Cycles - drivers shall be protected by glasses, goggles, or a transparent shield.
  • Driving upon Sidewalk - no person shall drive any vehicle upon a sidewalk.
  • When Lighted Lamps are Required - a light lamp showing a white light for at least 500 feet in the direction of travel.
  • Horns and Warning Devices - every motor vehicle when operated upon a street shall be equipped with a horn in good working order and capable of emitting a sound of not less than 200 feet.

Under the City of West Chicago's Code of Ordinances, the following apply:

  • Contributing to Delinquency of a Minor - any person who shall knowingly or willfully cause, aid, or encourage any minor under the age of eighteen years to be or to become a delinquent child.
  • The only vehicle authorized to drive on the street and/or sidewalk is a motorized wheelchair/scooter for persons who are disabled and/or handicapped.
  • The police department wants the children to enjoy their summer vacation but at the same time obey and respect the laws of the State of Illinois and Ordinances of the City of West Chicago. These motorized scooters and pockets bikes are very dangerous to ride, dangerous for the pedestrians and other children using the sidewalks, and playing in the area.

Any residents who have further questions may contact the police department and talk to an officer at 293-2222.

West Nile Virus in Wayne Township

The DuPage County Health Department found mosquitoes infected with West Nile Virus in Wayne Township in May. Several people in Cornerstone Lakes have reported finding dead birds in the neighborhood. Please take the appropriate measures to protect yourself, and your family. The drought conditions so far have kept the mosquito population in check. The West Chicago Mosquito Abatement District has not begun spraying yet because the dry weather has kept the adult mosquito population at bay, but will begin their abatement process when the mosquito population (larvae) increases with some significant wet weather.

Railroad Days

Mark your calendars! Railroad Days is Thursday July 7th to Sunday July 10. The Railroad Days Parade will be held on Sunday July 10 starting at 1 pm. This is one of the largest parades in DuPage County! For more information, go to

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you again!

This Letter to the Editor appeared in June 30, 2005 Daily Herald.

For the past 15 years, a small group of dedicated individuals have hosted a Carp Tournament where the proceeds have benefited the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association. The 3V Fishing Club plans and manages this event from start to finish, and its members do so out of the sheer goodness of their hearts and the passion they have for the WDSRA mission: the development of individuals through recreation. None of the 3V Fishing Club members has family members or friends who participate in our programs, but they believe wholeheartedly in the important work that is done by the WDSRA.

The WDSRA provides recreational opportunities and services for individuals with special needs. It is because of the dedication of groups like the 3V Fishing Club that we are able to continue to provide the important programs that we do. Members of the club solicit sponsorships, secure fishermen and women, collect prizes and spread the word about the work done by the WDSRA. Everyone wins! Thank you, 3V Fishing Club, for your hard work in making this year’s event another huge success. I also thank the sponsors, those who fished and the donors for supporting this effort.

All who participated had a great time. The weather was perfect, the fish were biting, food and drinks were free, and there were prizes for many … what more could one ask for? Well, the proceeds will benefit many individuals with special needs in our communities.

The WDSRA offers more than 1,000 recreational programs for those with special needs. Those we serve have cognitive impairments, physical limitations and in some cases, individuals are challenged by both. Programs offered range from art and drama to Special Olympics training and adapted sports.

WDSRA programming has a tremendous impact on those who participate. Socializing with peers, increasing self-esteem, promoting independence and learning new skills are all results of participation in WDSRA programs.

Thank you, 3V Fishing Club. Thank you, West Chicago Park District, for providing the venue. And thank you to all who attended or donated to this event to make it such a wonderful success!

Lee Jackman
Western DuPage Special Recreation Association
Carol Stream

Allow me to add my thanks to Alderman Greg Kauth and the 3V Fishing Club for hosting this great event and keeping us informed of it each year (and helping to rid the Cornerstone Lakes Pond of the carp!).

Traffic, revisited

With Summer Break upon us, please watch your speed and be very attentive as you drive through the neighborhoods. We have many, many young children amongst us running in yards, riding bikes and playing nearby. Some of our neighborhoods have an inordinate amount of traffic, and we can do our part to keep our children safe by driving diligently ourselves.

Please have a happy and safe Fourth of July. Happy Birthday, America!

As always, if you ever have something community-related you would like me to send along to all of our neighbors, please let me know. Also, do not forget my offer to talk about anything, anytime. Call, write, or stop by.

Nick Dzierzanowski
Alderman, 7th Ward
2456 Lehman Drive

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