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Date:  June 29, 2005/tia

Roskam’s measure prohibiting state business with Sudan becomes law

Springfield, IL – The Governor has signed a new law preventing the State of Illinois from doing business directly or indirectly with the government of Sudan because of that government’s poor record on human rights, according to State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton), a co-sponsor of the legislation.

Senate Bill 23 prohibits the Treasurer from depositing funds into financial institutions that have loaned money to the government of Sudan or any other entity connected to the government of Sudan. The legislation also places restrictions on pension fund investments as a means of preventing the state from investing in companies with ties to the government of Sudan.

“It is no secret that Sudan has an abysmal human rights record,” Roskam said. “Christians are dying in that country by the thousands and those that survive have no place to go because their homes and villages are being destroyed. As a government body, the state of Illinois should not use public funds in such a way that those funds could be used to financially benefit the Sudanese government.”

President George W. Bush has publicly described the situation in Sudan as genocide. Human rights groups have accused the government of Sudan of arming Arab militiamen, the “Janjaweed,” to blow up villages and take on rebels. In Darfur, millions of people have been displaced from their homes and tens of thousands have died.

Senate Bill 23 will take effect in January of 2006.