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Date:  June 16, 2005/tia

Governor signs Roskam measure providing better protections against identity theft

Springfield, IL – The Governor today signed into law several measures aimed at providing Illinois residents with additional defenses against identity theft, according to State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton).

Among the bills the Governor signed today is Senate Bill 1799, which Senator Roskam sponsored to require the Illinois Department of Revenue to provide notification whenever it is discovered that two individuals are using the same social security number.

“Currently, the Department of Revenue is not required to do anything when it is discovered that two or more people are using the same social security number,” Roskam said. “But by providing notification in circumstances involving more than one person using the same social security number, the Department of Revenue can provide an important service to Illinois residents. The sooner people know criminals have stolen their identity – the sooner they can do something about it.”

Senate Bill 1799 was signed into law as Public Act 94-0041.

The Governor also signed House Bill 2696, making it unlawful for a business to deny credit or reduce the credit limit of a consumer who has been a victim of identity theft. In addition, the Governor signed House Bill 2697, prohibiting anyone from secretly photographing personal information during a financial transaction. The purpose of this new law is to go after not only the people using personal information illegally, but also the individuals who gather the information because usually these people are not the same.

Finally, the Governor signed House Bill 2699, which increases the penalties for identity theft and aggravated identity theft by one class higher than the current law.