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What WE Know about Administrative Raises for 2005-2006

This item contains an error and
persons interested should read the
June 16th revision.

The following items were apparently approved after the Closed Session at Thursday night's school board meeting:

  1. The total bill for administrators' base salaries for 2004-2005 was $1,498,880.00, ranging from $45,046 to $125,000 with wide variations in education level, experience, number of days per year and per diem rate.  The median household income for the state of Illinois is $46,590 according to the 2000 census.  However, it should be noted that compared with administrators in other DuPage schools, District 33 administrators are paid less.
  2. On the base, the board has approved a 7% raise.  This will be the average for the administrators.  Some will receive more... some will receive less. 
  3. Administrators, like the teachers, will be required to pay 10% of their health insurance. To compensate for this, all administrators will receive a 1% increase in their base salary.  Please note, the 10% is calculated on the cost of their insurance.  This depends on whether they have family coverage.  The 1% is on their base.  It could be more than the insurance cost, but for most will not be.
  4. All administrators will receive a 17% increase in their travel allowance.  (In fairness, I do not know when that was last increased.)
  5. All administrators will receive a $400 allowance for cell phones.  This is new this year.
  6. Prior to this year, administrators who had 17 years of service, after announcing their retirement, have been given a 20% bump in their salary during their last year.  This increases the basis for their retirement (average of best 5 of last 7 years of earnings) which raises their retirement income by approximately 4%, which could be around $2500 per year for the rest of their life.  Apparently we will have an administrator or two retiring this year or next that have not met the 17 year requirement, because this is being lowered to 5 years.  For that person or persons, it will total a 20% raise this year. 

This amounts to a 8%, $119,910.40 (+ telephones + travel) expenditure (plus $30-40K for a couple retirees possibly).  Remember not that long ago when the board was talking about raising class size and attempting to save $1.2 million?  Remember when I was still on the board and asking that the number of administrators be decreased by one or two?  Remember this $120K when those decisions come up again next year... or a few years from now when the school asks for a tax increase.  Remember it next year year when they lay off three or four rookies.  Remember as they plead that they need money for repairs and tell you it is "different funds" and can't be transferred and they have maxed out their levy.  Ask very specifically, "Could money used for administrative raises have been levied into Working Cash or the Ed Fund and then transferred into O&M?"