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Letter to the Editor

Date:  May 20, 2005

Dear Editor,

The tax and spend crowd gave it the old college try, but for the moment, their efforts to pass a $6 billion tax hike (HB 755) have come to a screeching halt. Proponents of this proposal have been working virtually non-stop to promote this massive tax increase as a so-called “tax swap.” It almost worked.

The public, though, began to see right through the ruse. In a small way, the commercials I ran warning about the dangers of this proposal helped spark some interest. Once taxpayers saw how much this was going to cost them, support for this proposal evaporated.

House Bill 755 is a Pandora’s Box that should not be opened. The bill calls for modest property tax breaks on the education portion of property tax bills, but does not guarantee permanent property tax relief. Proponents genuinely want to help Illinois schools, but ultimately this legislation is nothing more than an elaborate scheme to fill the state’s coffers.

This legislation would drain a struggling Illinois economy. It is built on the false premise that the only way to reform our education system is to put more money into it. Certainly, our schools would benefit from more money, but money alone does not necessarily guarantee better schools.

House Bill 755 is stalled for now, but this is not the last we will see of it. For those who want to continue to fight, log onto and see how.

Peter Roskam
State Senator
48th District