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May 25, 2005

Bodwell, Kairys, McCarter and Mueller Successfully
Complete IMSA Internet Skills Course

Four staff members from Community High School in West Chicago successfully completed the 21st Century Information Fluency Survey course through the Illinois Math and Science Academy. Learning Resource Center Director Eric Bodwell and Librarian Dianne Mueller took the rigorous online course designed to help school librarians, teachers and students to locate, evaluate and use Internet information resources in the classroom. Social studies teacher Candace Kairys served as the offline course partner for Mueller, and English as a Second Language teacher McCarter served as Bodwell's course partner. Each of the teachers will now implement the projects that were developed into their classroom.

During the course, Bodwell and Mueller used an array of web-based learning materials and software tools to learn the secrets of effective search strategies and assess the value of search results. The Internet has changed the rules of student learning and research. While library shelves are stocked with publications from reputable sources, anyone can post information on the Web. The course provides useful tools that students can use to evaluate the credibility of articles, data and reports found on the Web.

As part of the IMSA program, Bodwell, Kairys, McCarter and Mueller become members of an online network of Illinois educators dedicated to bringing online resources to their libraries and classrooms. Mueller and Bodwell will coach Community High School teachers and students on the effective use of online resources

"The 21st Century Information Fluency Program, funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, is led by IMSA's Project Director Robert Houston. "To continue to serve teachers and students in the 21st Century, schools need to support the development of libraries without walls, providing access to digital multi-media information," said Houston. "Through its participation in this program, Community High School is a model in developing Information Age skills that teachers and students will use in the classroom, on-the-job, and at home," he added.

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