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Date:  May 18, 2005/tia

Media website confirms
Roskam’s prediction on how tax hike impacts area residents

Springfield, IL – As the controversy continues to swell around a school funding proposal to swap a partial reduction in property taxes with a state income tax hike, area residents have an opportunity to see for themselves how the proposal would affect them, according to State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton).

For the last few months, Senator Roskam has paid for advertisements to encourage area residents to get involved in the fight against this legislation (HB 755). Now, Roskam said local residents can see just how much this legislation will cost them.

The Chicago Tribune website has posted information on how to calculate the exact cost of the proposal for each taxpayer. Area residents can also type in their zip codes and the site automatically calculates the average property taxes and income taxes in that particular area and provides an average cost analysis. To link to the calculator, go to Next go to the “Local News” section on the left side of the page and from there is a link to the calculator next to the link for a story entitled, “Tax plan would shift school pain.” The website may require computer users to register an e-mail address before accessing the calculator. Registration on the site is free of charge.

“I have been talking about the dangers of this legislation for months, but now people do not have to take my word for it because they can see for themselves what this legislation will cost them,” Roskam said. “I would encourage area residents to take some time to go this site and see the true cost of this bill.”

Roskam said he welcomes any input from area residents once they have calculated the impact House Bill 755 would have on them. Residents can call his District Office at 630-690-4500. They can also find out more information on House Bill 755 by logging onto Roskam’s website:

“I will continue to fight this legislation,” Roskam said. “When people see how much this bill costs, they will see why I am working so hard to defeat it.”


Direct Link to Calculator